The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 26, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 26, 1944
Page 6
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BLTTHB7ILL1I MlWB WEDNESDAY,- JULY 26.. 36 Negro Clubs Plan 4-H Rally .12th Annual Event i To Be, Held Friday At Grider Park More than 1,000 members of 38 Negro' 4-H clubs In Mississippi County are expected to attend the 12lh annual 4-H club jally Fildnj nt CSrider, A rk ' The annual event, sp-^nspicd by U. P* Gllgsbj', County Negro, Extension agent, and Maiy Banks, Negro home 'demonstration ngent, will .beeUi at lp o'clock, with a pot-luck lunch lo ue seived at noon "> Features of the program include talks ,by the extension agent and the' home '.demonstration agent, nnd the special guest, H C Ray of Little Rock, state supers ism of Negro extension agents. Three playlets by the Clear Lake, Chelford, and ' Caison Lake 4-H clubs,will be given, and the communities will participate in group singing The day's activities will be climaxed with a thentei party gl\en. by Miy Emma Cox, nt the Gem theatci In Oscola Fi!da\ afternoon. , Dream Of Pan-American Road Hears Fulfillment As Bridges Are Finished one °f Parents Invited To., Playgrounds Here On Friday Friday will tie n special day til the Dljtheulle Plajmounds when parents linve been Invited lo visit the childieu and inspect llieli Vvqrir A program is planned at Lunge playground nt 4 o'clock Friday afternoon in horor of the visiting parenU,, nnd^a party will be given nt 7 o'clock Friday night for the parents at Walker Paik Friday morning's activities featuie the commando tactics clnss at* the Legion hut arena Boys of the .Harrison Negro playground are being taught woodwork by, A E Lester, and have completed toy wagons, bird houses, inn decorative-birds which are on exhibit Other, activities of the Harrism gioup Include two coftball s directed by M J Shiveis, ant! picnics sponsored uv Cecil Horn and wife. v Tom Wncx'sile, Andio\ Jackson, Ella Stion;, Olive Rockrtt Dora Muipliey and Jinnes WJilli and wife LOOKING AffSAt t UNION of America's Ft?e tcin as owning pr«p«rty Whet* The Job? Are Not many years ago competent workmen often quit their Jobs with big corporations to go Ihty b.uslnc4$ for themselves. They ,c!ld It, riot because they were i au/i to earn more. In- fact they knew tray eye-', C m pct I ClTlcol J , | familiar, "Plaloop Sergeant Sleverw vol- Olio VANISHING JOPS day In the outskirts On Bougainville Marine Platoon Sergt, Ernest . Stews, json of H. E. Stevens ot I unleored lo lead' the rear element [rom its perilous position. He skillfully guided the group through enemy Infested Jungle and succeeded In reaching his battalion lines without casualties among his men. While BO engaged, he obtained data which enabled Ah artillery bat might earn less. They did It tor Blythevllle, has been awarded the lallon to fire effectively on Japa- llljerly to use their -own.Ideas. h, ronze s t ar medal for "heroic nese positions. His aggressive and ot They had self confidence arwI M- achievement In action" as'a mem- ,, P i: lleved their plan* would prosper. j^ r „[ ft reconnaissance patrol on skillful leadership was In keeping with the highest traditions of'the United States Marine Corps." | Platoon Serjeant Stevens has been In service for the pa-st three years. . U. S. airlines will buy U070 new' transports within two years after the war, according to the Aeronautical Chamber of commerce. . children playing The citation, signed by Admiral the street and injured llm pain- . Kunnlnjf your 9*" Business is \ mnm P . HaUey, reads: "Pla- I lly. Playmates scattered In ex- no fun now; more like *M^he. toon Sergeant Stevens, a battalion cited disorder seeking the boy's U»d thk sad fact s «!°sftf he t|w Wcf> accompanied 1 rarcnts a doctor, a policeman, doors of many one-time • hrlvlng c nnalwan e patrol rtwp , child tried to do 'what he Wile enterprises. Sev«t\ty-flve P" »nese-|nfested territory and necdrf ra«t to be C6ne. cent of .11 American workers are , uable ,„,„„,«,„, The father a hairy specimen, was engaged m 1 Duslneas, If, "Uheiv troop dispositions. the i first ''help" c arrive Uho post-war period, small employ- " Afl er several members of the the fhst lie p to ai rive. I I afe i lopel?ss . lf u, ey f ln d no at , , d i . - -^ — • ,- u,.™i-^«^ .- a - nn i r . . „ c | eai , ing ,„ E No sooner had hi* dark eyes Ink- rw^'lp «t»y • In business see no £$' ^ene,, y blwac en In the situation than he began c | lanc(! f 0 W cel, get no fun from the' Japanese ouen ii «„ W |, to scold the injured boy. He did- petition, Jobs will be really &L ^ rllk)" and nl actually cuff his son but he scf i, ce . ' ' snld some really harsh things for I 'Thinking T'rn* ic patient to bear along with his w —, in this jury/ <ll turned out to bcr a ™ a %%£,j y looking out for I route rySMooVso^o?^ —' ' Ififf WPBI ftllih Haft! She'* ft disease-carrying DEMON! imnosslble for J^"?, % r retl)rn to lhel ' own lllles ^ the with which the men were vltli profanity In thick dialect. Docsn'l iMuke Sense The Ai my, Navy and Marin Corps collect and ship lo dctin • nlng and shredding plants nboi 3,000 toils of. tin cans each month siwns'tlic I.empfi Itlvisr In EL Salvador longest; suspension liridsc In Central America. V« cn[c Cuscullon c. .Janeiro, but bridges are still c.edeU In southern Mexico, Nlcara- ua, Cosla Riea and northern Panna, ns well as In South America, -ilcnnwhilc, bridges arc being onstruoteil along the Inter-Amcr- •nh Hlfhway route In Costn Rica y. th c Public Roads Admlnlstralton f the United States Federal Works \gency xnidcr the inter-American oopprnllvc roiul-bulldlng Hy NBA Service WASHINGTON.- — International bridges now 1'nk 10 .Anierlcan ie- public.s nlong the new Pnn-Amerl- can Highway, accelerating production and transportation of crlllcn.1 war materials. Latest of the international bridges to be completed is the -ISO-foot Rig Cioascorn highway bridge connecting El Salvador and Honduras. To provide Improved land communications south of the border chiefly,, in Mexico nnd Central America, U. S. Army Engineers pushed road Ihrousli in the Pan-American Highway route through '18 countries. They withdrew from the project on October 31; 1943, be'cnuse their services wer< urgently "ceded elsewhere. War-'cxpnnrtcd bridge nnd ram construction bus reduced the mini ber of unspanned rivers on the highway route, between Laredo Tex., mid ,Buenos Aires and JAY'S GARAGE Opening Wedniesdayj July 26th Next To Camp Moultric Mr. Jay was formerly employed by Seay Motor Co. . bigger small I they farms or fw miere. Is no assuranco In tlic words lories. What good Is all the oratory of thf |xiiui<;lan getting tough with about schooling dtschnrged ienlce crippled ImlustryVpaying, "pig Hus- .meii; to'lit'thein'for certain Job;, | ne{>i must pllt t |, etn a u'to work Maybe some learned expert, on If most' qf the Jgbs are (loomed, to or support a gigantic WPA. to em- niman behavior could have ex- vanish, leavlp? l;Wo mefe .w&HIng for pipy (hem" It-'Is like-the. voice >la!ncrt tliftt father's actions. A every pofiltlqn th»V s W' of the ben' 1 -I I—1-- l»-_i IU-...™l\.l_—~l . constituted authority did a loud Job I to' c ini>toy servipe inp^i'and" (pnnerlNext week we will • outline those ol attaching blame without-Inves-1 W n r •work«(> In' pursujts,of peace, steps llgnllon. Understanding this might 1 ' help explain why people openly I commuted to the Interests of labor,! work so effectively making Jobs | scarce. Destroying Jobs .does not help I labor. Workers are never so well I off as when there are plenty of I Jobs.'An employee's right to quit I s Job and take .a better one makes'] good also working conditions. niployers.whp are liberal aml.con-l derate of their employees'get the I est men and head the best or-'l anlzatlons. This Is as much a parti QuUkl 0«t th« FLITi 5»v« yourislf from »1 » bit» th»t bjinj« burning-chilllng rniieti«l «t malaria. Vejl Flit klllf Anoph«l«i, th» maltrla mosquito, M iui«ly u it mowi dgwn Common Jiomehcld mowuito««. So why t»k« • chahc«? H«lp protect your family from tbii winged acourg* . .-. buy a big lupply of Flit, today! FLIT kills flltt, wrtf, ^"| moth*, b»dbug» and. ' all mo«quito«i. •—* to..:-™*! /, A BE SURE IT'S FLIT! ASK ;0« *H( YdlQW. CO>iTAIHfS wttH FHI fltAC program n South America, bridges still re- iinln to lie built in several imrts if Pan-American Highway sys- em to provide all-weather, nll- ear travel. Tills Is, of course, par- Icularly true of sections where the nn-Aincrlcnn' Hlehway route I: itlll impassable. One of tlic most notable of llv ncdern highway britiges Ls til $100,000 Ciiscnllnn Bridge spnnnln; he Lempn nivcr in tl)C inlcrior o El Snlvndor. Pucnto Ctiscnllnn .lie longest suspension bridge lentral America. rilE-FAHHICATEn BUIDGES Because of scarcity of prope innterinls, fabrication ccmlpinei nnd skilled local labor in certai localities in Central America, considerably portion of tlic'.bridg materials'' ('nine fioin the" Unite States. In 'addition to prefnbiica cd 'parts.used in construcloii.of the railroad 'bridge'on the Mexicnn-| Guacmnian border, 93'prefabricated limber bridges and eight abandon* cd steel bridges were bought In the United States and shipped to Central America by Army engineers. The prefabricated timber bridges ranged in 'length from 50 to 100 feet and were designed as one-way structures with a 15-foot clear road- and 11-15 loading. The steel ridges that were dismantled and, ^conditioned for shipment had pans of from 80 lo 184 feet. After the war, when wide-spread ravel is possible again, lremerid- BUS benefits for the good of,sail .ho Americas will undoubtedly irev suit from tills great highway's' completion, in Central • A one of the chief barriers to a- better standard or living will ^have/ teen, •cmovcd. To almost as grcat'an'e"- .cut, the highway can perform' the same service for South America. The new highway bridges arc .vitally essential in making •'. this 'dream or a century"—us the Salvadorans put It—come true., .• : Insulate Your Attic wllh BALSAM WOOt FILL YOUR COAL BIN NOW! E. C.Robinson Lbr. Co. I found THE WAY to an amazing NEIV VlMllTY..PfP. 1 It's Miss Mildred Jackson speaking, chief stewardess of Chicago and Southern Air Lines. And all Chicago and Southern planes rely on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil exclusively because this oi! saves wear, helps costly airplane motors last longer. Now that the riiocor of your car must last longer, too, give it the same protection against wear. Get Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil from 'your Sinclair Dealer. It stands up longer and lubricates better because it's both de-waxed and de-jellied. *< • PWie 2985 \ LEN >T*HESE two Important steps may -*- help you to overcome the olsconi-' forts or embarrassment of sour stom-; ach, jerky nerves, loss of appetite, undervreight, digestive complahits, weakness, poor complexion! A person tybo Is operating on 01117 a 10 to 15% healthy blood volume or & stomach digestive capacity ot only $0 to 60% normRl Is severely handicapped. So with ample stomach digestive lulcoa PLUS RICH, RED-BLOOD you should cn]oy that sense of wett-being which de- not« physical ntncss ... mental alert- ncssl If you arc subject to poor digestion or suspect deficient red-blood as the causa of your trouble, yet have no organic complication or focnl Infection, SS3 Tonic may be just what you need as It U especially designed 11) to promote the fiOW Of VITAL DIGESTIVE JUICES In the slomncli and (2) to butM-up BLOOD STRENGTH when deficient. Build Sturdy Health anrf Help America Win Thousands and thousands ot users hav< testified to the benefits SS3 Tonic ha- brought to them and scientific research chows that U gels results—that's why BO many say " SSS Ton Ic builds sturd y heal th —mftXes you feel UXe yoursell again." A drug stores In 10 &nd3Qo&slzcs.CS,S,S,Co ~ Af eit —i Ilytkenlle, Ark. TOMIC STURDY HEfclTH f J. W. (BILL) FULBRIGHT The result of your votes'in Txiescl-y'j orl «-rj- how deeply you "ccl ihc vital necessity of a lasting peace. i It sh'ows, too, that b'eyon'd your heart-arid-soul desire for an end to the tragic cost of war and slaughter, you understand why our beloved state cannot prosper as it should, or our cltbens escape from recurring regimentation, if we must endure another war 20 years from now. : . Having pffere'd myself as qiialifie'd by training, experience and ability to work for lasting peace as your U. S. Senator with every hope of success, you Have 'answered with yo«r ballot "go ahead." i To you whose vote said that, I thank you from the bottom of my Heart. To yo_u who voted otherwise for reasons of your own and whose candidate is now elimi- pate'd from the race, I invite your serious consideration of my qualifications. t If th'ere are questions you want to ask me before 'deciding How you will vote, I will be gja'd, to answer them personally. My itinerary for the remainder of the campaign will b'e announce'd promptly. I want to meet : and talk with" as many of you as possible. If your community is not on my schedule, write your questions in a letter addressed to me at State Headquarters, Capitol Hotel, Little Rock", or ... better still... come and see me there either Sunday afternoon between now and August?. i Yours for Arkansas an'd th'e Nation, . CANDIDATE , Fo?x .UITITED; STATES CENATO?; Campaign CommlH**

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