The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1947
Page 6
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PACE SIT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS U. of A. Teaching DispufeUnsettled Academic Freedom Argument May Go to President of School PAYETTEVILE, Ark., May 28 IUP>—A dean of the University of, Arkansas and one of his resigned associate professors hoped today to dump-their argument over acad-| emlc freedom inlo Ihe lap of Uni- , versity President Lewis [Webster Jones. I Dean Paul W. Milam of the College of Business Administration, 1 met with Dr. R. 15. Melton an-i three other resigned instructors yesterday-in what appeared to be 'a futile effort to iron out their differences. The instructors demanded that Dean Milam retract what tliL'y said was n statement accusing Di Melton of teaching Communism. What happened in Ihe conference is not clear, since reporters were barred and both Dean Mi lam and Dr. Mellon refused to comment awlerward. It was learned on reliable authority, however, Hint Ihe dean said he had no reason lo believe that Communistic doctrines arc being taught at Ihe University. He was reported lo have denied saying that Dr. Melton was teaching for- ciEn Ideologies. He was said to have offered to retract tile Impression of Dr. Mellon wouulci cease criticizing the University to the pre»!s and public as stifling academic freedom. 'Dr. Mellon refused. Later, however, he agreed to say nothing until he had conferred will) Dr. Jone.s u-lio was expected to arrive on the campus todny. Newspicture Changes Despair to Joy ^ WEDNESDAY, MAY' 28, 11147 Cdunfy Officials See Danger in Untaxablc Land WASHINTON. GMny 2«. (UP)— County officials charged yesterday that the estimated 500,000,000 ncrcs of federally-owned, untnxablc land • scattered throughout the country is "a dangerous threat to local government." They endorsed a bill by Rep. Clan- EngJe, p.. Cnl., to create n federal commission to determine ho^- much the federal government should pay local- communities In lien; of taxes on public lands, Englc's bill Is endorsed by the National Association of County officials. Keith Sccgmillcr, Washington ' representative nf the group, said, a similar measure was p;>- poscd by his organization. - Called Back Patterson Says UMT Would Shorten Wars WASHINGTON, May 28. (UP) — Secretary of Wur Robert P. Patterson said yesterday that Univeisal Military Training now v/culd shorten any possible future war. Ttio era of push-button warfare, ha said, appears to be "many years away." Patterson made a lenjthy defense of the DMT program 111 ;i nu'mo- ramlum prepared at tlin request of Sen. Henry Cabot Lodje. R.. Mass., us :i reply to argumeii's raised by Hanson W. Baldwin, 'military ^analyst for the New Yort Times, "No one. can foretell when the methods, weapons and techniques of the present will finally be replaced," Patterson said. "Revision is a con- limilng' process. Our best advances are Hint« push-button war/nrfe Is many years away. "We must do everylhmg we can now to prevent n long war—if war comes. UMT offers a sun? saving in lime. No reasonably nnd practical alternative has boon tug- ycstcd." Some water storage tanks at Aden. British port on the Red Sea no said to date back to before he birth Of Christ. You'd Ivirdly know it wns Iho same woman in the photos nbove. At left Mrs. Luona Sayre, with lear-filled eyes, is pictured with her 17-monlli-oltl son. Sltippy, in Cleveland, Ohio, facing an apparently hopeless future after her husband, Italph, deserted her for the fourth lime in three years of married life. Mrs. Snyrc. who expects another b:iby soon, Is pictured at right otter hearing thai scorns of ncivsptiDor readers who learned of her plight-were oilering shelter and jobs. Influence of Communist Parties In Europe Exceeds Membership (EDITOR'S NOTE—The following dispatch, based on Iho United Press world-wide survey of Communist slrcii{;Ih, reveals tnal the Communist Party wields political rmcl electoral strength In Kurojie far in excess of its active membership figures. The dispatch nnnlyxct; actual Communist Parly influence in the major countries of Enron.) By HARRISON SALISBURY * (United I'rcss Foreign News ICditnr) (Copyright. 1947 by United Press) The vole-getting ability and Influence of European Communist parties far exceed their coinp»rn- tlvely small membership, a Uiijted Press survey' disclosed today. Communist parties dominate seven countries in the so-called Soviet sphere of influence, constitute a major factor in the three [;r(|t Industrial nations o\v Western Europe—Germany, France nnd Il'it'y— and ho)<] a balance of power position in at Jenst. two other nations— parative figures were available were France, ftaly. Western Germany and Berlin. Denmark. Nsr- way, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. fn the most recent elections in these countries Communist tickets amassed a total of 19.li82.05fj voles. The II. p. Communist parly membership total for the same countries totalled 8.092,000. The highest ratio of votes to membership was found In the N f Finland and Austria. therlands where it was 8 to 1. The Comparative voting and Comn|i- ' lowest, was in countries such uist party membership figures are available only from 12 of the 21 European nations Included in the United press survey of Communism- These disclosed lhat in Earope Czechoslovakia where the Cotn- 'nnintst party has become a mass organization since the war. Here it wns about KG to 1. For Germany Hie figure the fi- Communlst voting strength rang-, (jure was 4 to I, for Italy a little Faced with one of .its worst political crises since the war, Italy has colled on 88-year-old Villorio Orlando, "Victory" premier of World War I nnd sole •urylving member ol the Versailles trealy "Big Four," to • v form a cabinet. !<l i»s high as eight times its < bershlp Vital with an average ru- tlo of almost 2'i to 1. better than 2 to 1 and in France about n to 1. Tn (his group of countries Cnm- NOTICE OK ADMINISTRATION Notice is hereby given that lel- lers of administration were granted to the undersigned upon the estate ot Albert E. Bennett on the 24th day of May 1D47 by the .Pro- bale Courl for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. 'All persons having claims agnlnsl wild estate arc required to exhibit Ihcm, properly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance within six monthc from the date of the first publication or this notice or tliej shall be burred forever and precluded from any benefits in such estate. Tin- definite address of the undersigned admin- islrntlx is Koute 3, Blytheville, Arkansas. Dated this 27lh day of May 10-17. Willie I,, Bennett •Administratrix Heed and Roy, attorncvs. 5!28-'IC!4-ll The 12 countries in wlitcht com- munlst voting strength ranged from a high or 54 per cent or the total' elcctrorntc In Bulgaria to a low or about 3 per cent in Sweden. The> next highest percentage wns thai of the Soviet /one or Germany where the Socialist Unity party, a torccd merger ot the Communists and Socialists, polled 44 ]>er cent ot the vote. In the Western zones or Germany the Communist vote averaged n-' bout 10 per cent. ' :-' NOW at— Liberty Cash Grocery tost t*t for •r*akfdft ( .Top off on dl-Ancrkan breakfast ot Injn" |*it», eggi and colttt wilh t«mpling. loily Don'uti. TFicy're mode on Ihe jpol by the »acr,in«-trt,h-hol- ttniCMMAOC AT.... Pfain Donufs Dozen Sugared Don at s Dozen . Glued or Frasted . Dm. •*.'.-. 30 35 C 40 Tltis land is yours—boy :iml girl ^vitdualc.s ol! the Cliiss <it 'M. Kich in opixivlunily niu! rich in its appreciation of youthful effort, the United States is able to add many lifetime gifts lo those' you'll receive from fond friends and relatives . . CoiiKralulations to you one and ill—with every sood wisli for a I'uturo filled vvith happiness and achievement. Blytheville Water Co, BERNARD ALLEN, Huufer "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!* NOTICE _ ^ Notic-e i s hereby" given~ihat the iiHtcr.s-igncd will within tjie time Ixed by a law apply to the Com- nissioncr of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell >eer at retail at 501 W. Main, Bly- .hcvillc, 'Arkansas, Mississippi The undersigned states that he is .1 citizen ol Arkansas, of good noral character, that he has nev- ?r been convicted of a felony or oUier crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer (he undersigned has been revoked within -five yars last past and that the undersigned has lever been convicted of violating he laws of this state .or any oth- ;r state, relating to the sale of ilcoholic liquors. R. B. Bailey Liberty Cash Grocery Subscribed and sworn, to before ne this 27th day of May, 1947. Mrs. Marshall Blaekard ISEAT.,) Notary Public My Commission expires March 9 ma - -till WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOK THE CIIICIASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. J. W. Goforth Plaintiff vs. iNo. 10.080 Truln Josephine Goforth. Defendant Tiie defendant. Trula Josephine Goforth, is warned to appear in the Chancery Court for for the Chlck- usawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plain- lift, J. 'W. Goforth. ' Witness my hand as Clerk of said Courl and seal thereof on this 19th day of May, 1B47. <SEAiL HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Betty Smith, deputy. Shane & JVndler, atlys. for pltf Jame s M. Roy, ally, ad iilein 5I21-28-G-4-11 DR. MILTON E. WEBB OpioatlrM 138 Fast Main Blytheville, Ark. Listed Below Are Prices of Nash Cars #* Delivered to You F.O.B. Blytheville THE 25 to HO MILE PER GALLON NASH "GOO" SUPER SERIES TWO DOOR BROUGHAM (C pass, cpe) 1<180.-10 4'DOOR SLIPSTREAM SEDAN M85.I4 '1 DOOR TRUNK SEDAN, 1529.14. Above prices include the following Stnmlnrd equipment: NASH FAMOUS WEATHEKEYE FOAM RUBBER SEAT CUSHIONS OIL HATH AIR CLEANER . CHROME WINDOW REVEAL-MOLDINGS ' MOHAIR UPHOLSTERY ' CIGARETTE LIGHTER • • : • ELECTRIC CLOCK ARM RESTS BOTH FRONT DOORS ASH RECEIVERS FRO-NT & REAR CARPET INSERTS FRONT DELUX STEERING WHEEL- DUAL DELUX BUMPER GUARDS DUAL SUN VISORS . DUAL W.-S WIPERS GRAVEL PADS ON REAR FENDERS NO-DRAFT VENTILATION WRAP AROUND BUMPERS TWO-TONE COLORS AND OTHER ACCESSORIES AT EXTRA • CHARGE AT YOUR OWN OPTION. . ^ NASH AMBASSADOR G SUPER SERIES TWO-DOOR BROUGHAM 1775.79 4 DOOR SLIPSTREAM SEDAN 1791.79 4 DOOR TRUNK MODEL SEDAN 1833.79 CRUISING GEAR & AUTOMATIC OVERTAKE IN ADDITION TO ABOVE LISTED STANDARD EQUIPMENT AT'NO EXTRA CHARGE. ALL PRICES QUOTED INCLUDE FULL TANK GAS & MOTOR OIL SHELTON MOTOR 121 W. Ash St. COMPANY PHONE 438 Again Wards lead the way> „ LOWER PRICES Come to Wards for savings on "Cannon Towels For Kitchen... For Bath... Add Mill purchai* to your monthly Tim« Payment Account ot Weudt. Attractive color-stripeJ borders on snowy-while "Cannon" towels. Regularly priced at 79c. 20x<10". R. 57c We've reduced these colorful washcloths... so stork up nowdur- ing this event! 12 by 12 inches. t We Thousands of tiny llnck loops on regular C3c Cannon bath towels. rastelsivithh-fjileboriJers^O.vtO". O. 57c Regular 33c collon dish towel made by Cannon Mills. Multicolor stripes against white. 17 x 32 in. 26c v !

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