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The St. Louis Star and Times from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 11

St. Louis, Missouri
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ST.LOUIS STAR-TIMES WEDNESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 5, 1936. ST.LOUIS STAR-TIMES ELEVEN Big Guns of the Presidential Campaign LARGE GIFTS OF STOCKS ARE MADE BY ST. LOUISANS BASS VOICES IN BABIES CAUSED BY TINY GLAND were based on experiments running through five generations of white rats. Using an extract from the gland, the experimenters worked on four different pairs of albino rats. Injecting the extract and observing its effect on growth and development.

They obtained the "Hercules iri miniature," said to characterize the clinical picture of pineal tumor. FOR FOOD BARGAINS 0J 410012701 N. Sixth I Easts I I iti 7X5 Experimenters Tell of Tests Made on Albino Rats. CHICAGO Feb. 5 (U.

mm I sf '-Wr Jell 'Hi Science today reached the conclu St sion that the rare individual who develops a bass voice, shaves and smokes cigars while still In baby- SHELL COKE PRICES The rrtcra ta Dralrra en SHE! CORK (In St. Laata) ara net brine lacraascd. Tha pranrnt ralail prim af FHFIL COKE aatr ay responsible dralrrt in SI. Levis are SHELL LUMP $10.75 SHELL EGG $10.50 SHELL IN BAGS $9.50 The Modern Clean Fuel Net Taa. T.a, ar Mare, t.le Ter Taa Cask Dlseaanl.

Na htrreaaa ra tba prteea ta eantemplatea' at the preent time. It Taa eanii.t bay at thru prirea, notify aa and a will taraith names at dealers that will apply yan. E. J. WALLACE COAL CO.

CHestout Insurance Exchange Bldg. St. Louis, Mo. There la a fairly faoa af SHELL COKE in nut Sealers yards. nooo, owes his peculiarities to a tiny gland high in the rear nortinn Land an Ra evelt Brah Haover Talmadge Kae-x Vandeaberg of his skulL The pineal gland, they call it.

The findings. reDOrted in tho cur MAYOR AND FOES rent Issue of the Journal nf th York, purchased 855 shares of the company's common stock, while the John F. Oreen. estate, according to the report, disposed of 3.990 shares, thereby reducing the holdlnes of American Medical Association by Dr. i u.

Kowntree, Dr. J. H. Clark and Arthur Steinburg of Philadelphia and Dr. A.

M. Hanson of Faribault, the estate to 155 shares. LIKELY TO RENEW PEACE OVERTURES John B. Strauch. aother director of American Credit Indemnity Is listed as purchasing 100 shares ef common stock, and boosting his holdings to 500 shares.

Howard V. Shinkle. officer and Discussion Expected at Meeting director of Johnson-Stephena-Shln-kle Shoe Co, bought three ahares of common stock in December, and How Agents of Gestapo Carry On Hitler's Propaganda in America Activities Furnish the Grist for Publicity Mill at Home Efforts to Win German Societies' Support. BY RUDOLF BREDA and GUY a HICKOK. This is the sixth of a series of articles on Adolf Hitlefs spy system, the Geheime Staatspolizei.

Nazi Secret State Police, tchlch is more commonly called the Gestapo. "Would you like to sign this paper?" Jewish Americana looking at the document, in petition form, may find it a little silly; but their emotions tempt them to write their signatures below the words: "We, the undersigned, favor" for a list of excellent humanitarian reasons including love of democracy and religious freedom "the establishment of an independent Rhineland republic raised his total holdings to 21.073 Today on Plans ftr Farley Dinner. The "peace pact" proposed for re fehey R. Baer Heads List With 4,000 Shares, SEC Report Discloses. Officer in several St.

LouU corporations mads large gift of stock to reaves n- friends during December, the latest report of the Securities and Exchange Commission reveals: The largest recorded wm that of Sidney R. Baer, officer and director cf Stlx. Baer Fuller who pre away 4,000 shares of the firm 'a common stock, and at the end of December his holdings were reported at 19,058 shares. J. O.

Rand, director of International Shoe la listed as making i gift of 2,525 shares of the company common stock, thereb reducing his holdings to 27,131 aharea. Thomas R. Akin, officer and director of Laclrde Steel la listed At having reduced his holdings of common stock of the firm to 11.000 shares by a transfer of 4,000 ahares in transaction which was classed neither as a gift nor a sale. rank D. Seward, officer and director of National Candy made a gift of 1.000 shares of the firm's common stock, and reduced his holdings to 3,000 shares.

Fred Hume, another director of International Shoe, made a gift of 1,000 shares of common stock, and at the end of the month his holdings totaled 3,500 shares. Fielder Gives Away Shares. C. H. fielder, also a director of International Shoe, gave away 700 thares of common stock and 300 shares In July, and his holdings totaled M00 ahares.

)E. J. Hopkins, still mother director of International Shoe, made shares. TRADE IN YOUR OLD SET and storing harmony to local Democratic Teas of Millions Given Away ranks probably will be further dis By Wealthy Men of America Washington; reb. 5 (U.

cussed late today when leaders of the Dickmann and anti-Dickmann factions meet in the mayor's ofiice America's wealthy men gave away tens of millions of dollars in De to discuss plans for a dinner here soon for Postmaster General Farley, cember Just prior to the deadline for higher federal gift taxes, reports to chairman of the Democratic Na tional Committee. To "favor" a Rhineland republic little more than official titles and the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed today. The principal difficulty seems to means little. The Jews have signed empty halls. Walter P.

Chrysler, automobile For propaganda purposes in Ger be over resentment of Mayor Dick mann's ward key men against a pro manufacturer, reported the largest gifts last month, disposing of 40.000 shares of Chrysler Corp. caDital vision to surrender control of ward patronage to anti-Dickmann men on the Democratic City Committee. There also has been discussion of I'll II lilaVi aSti Id 1 aa rf -fcaaMTaw whether State Senators Michael stock worth 83,760,000 at current market prices, reducing his interest to 107,972 shares. Walter P. Chrysler, severed his stock interest with the company by sale of 100 shares.

The recipient of Chrysler, gifts was not disclosed. Kinney and Joseph H. Brogan, supporters of the mayor, will be opposed For Homo Demonstration Without Charge. Call GA. 5900, Sta.

626 for renomlnation in the August pri mary. The mayor today reiterated his be lief that the agreement will be ac James A. Gray, an executive of the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco gave away 30.000 shares of Class stock cepted, although he admitted a few details are still to be worgea out.

ft gift of 328 shares of the firm's General Electric A-53 Radios the common stock and his holdings ag-treated 3 W3 shares. William K. Norrla. officer and director of McQuay-Norris Manufac many however, the struggle has not been in Tain. Reports of occasional mass-meetings strongly attended, and photographs of youths in Nazi uniform in American cities have enabled Propaganda Minister Goebbels to convince credulous Germans that.

America is rapidly going Nazi. Thus he has enormously strengthened his party's position In Germany. The distance of the United States from Germany, a wide ocean to cross, the fact that the United States is not an immediate military problem as are the continental powers, and the absence of a large concentrated colony of exiles to harass causes Nazi activity in America to differ widely from activity in countries contiguous to Germany. These factors do "not, however, make it any more prepossessing. The American government Is fully aware of most that tias happened and is aware of the Identity of Nazi agents in the country at this moment.

Until the next congress votes laws resulting from the Dick-stein committee's Investigations the government meets the problem, inadequately by declining to "extend" known agents' passport visas. That gives them six months each to work the country. connoisseurs turing listed as making a gift 934.95 Llttl of 3,000 ahares of common stock choice end his holdings were reported at 12.344 shares. II HIP if Harry J. Burkart gave away 1.300 shares and H.

W. Hagnauer 1,763 shares of F. Burkart Manufacturing O95 Co. common stork. worth $1,740,000.

reducing his holdings to 40.000 shares. Cyrus H. Mc-Cormlck gave away 24.000 shares of International Harvester Co. common stock worth $1,584,000, reducing his holdings to 244.266 shares. Joseph M.

8ehenk gave away 46.000 shares of Twentieth Century-Fox Film Co. common stock and 13.000 shares of preferred stock, worth 81.43 1.000. Charles W. Nash, founder of Nash Motors gave away 50.000 shares of Nash stock worth $900,000, reducing his holdings to 196,000 shares. Alvan MacAuley, head of Packard Motor Car gave away 21,000 more shares of the company's stock, reducing his holdings to 318.245 shares.

Mofit of the gifts were believed prompted by the new and higher gift tax rates that went Into effect January 1, 1936. The higher levies were voted last year by congress at suggestion of President Roosevelt as a step In paring down large fortunes. The gift rates were raised to per cent from per cent on net gifts up to $10,000. They increase progressively to a peak of 52 '-j per cent on gifts of $50,000,000 or more, compared with a previous maximum tax of 33'i per cent. Harry A.

Wainwrlght. a director of McQuay-Norrla Manufacturing gave away 500 shares, thereby petitions before. Nothing ever comes of them. But sent back to Berlin to a little man known as "minister of propaganda and enlightenment," and expertly exploited in his controlled press, "this paper" becomes documentary evidence of an "AMERICAN JEWISH PLOT TO DISMEMBER GERMANY." It enables Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels to revive the myth that the "November1 Revolution" of 1918 which established the German republic was a Jewish plot to ruin the fatherland. It "convicts" American Jews, by name, of being in a conspiracy to bring about the riots, civil war, hunger -and general chaos that would Inevitably accompany an attempt to separate the Rhineland from the rest of Germany.

Fight for Germs Societies. Pyrotechnics such as this glitter above the real Nazi drive in America like rockets above a battle. Down below, the outcome of a struggle begun in 1932 Is still uncertain. Its aim is to capture and control as a political block the approximately 20,000,000 persons who by birth or ancestry have a racial tie with the Third Reich, and who by their penchant for organizing themselves into bunds, vereins, klubs and Teutonic fraternal societies make it easy for the Nazis to get a hand-hold. Well, before Hitler's assumption of power, Nazis from Germany were scurrying over this country, wheedling German-American organizations to accept the Hitler gospel.

It was Inevitable that what was happening in Oermany should reverberate tremendously through the German-American bunds and vereins. After Hitler's accession Nazi agents and agitators poured into German-American circles in New York, Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Louis, and as far west as Los Angeles and San Francisco, commanding adhesion to the Hitler program. Epic battles raged for control of the Germanic bunds. The Hitler agents were for the most part young.

Chaotic upheavels threw the German societies into a succession of uproars. Many of the older men. eager to be at once good Americans and good Germans, stepped out of the societies altogether. Other societies reducing his holdings to 754 shares. X.

Lansing Ray, officer and director of Globe-Democrat Publish ing Co. Is listed as participant in i And yetir Old Radio! gift of 218 shares of common stock, while Mary Burkham Ray, benefi Great Britain Is using somewhat the same procedure. On November 12 His Majesty's Government de etai owner or tne company, made a gift of 218 shares of common stock clined to extend the permit to remain In the British Isles of Dr. and at the end of the month her holdings were reported at 2,032 w. -most, ostensibly in London as a German newspaperman but so ac shares.

Bay Credit Indemnity Stock. tive otherwise that he had earned IJ A 5-tube table model that provides excellent reception of standard, and some shortwave transmissions at an unusually large saving! Its walnut finish cabinet possesses a distinctive charm that has met with widespread approval. Hear it Thursday Schieffelin Nfw vo cttv sou u. s. agi nts iMrotrm sinci itv John R.

Oreen, director of Amer for himself the unofficial title of "Hitler's envoy." ican Credit Indemnity Co. of New for Missouri iCnmaHilf rr (En. NEXT The "Meanest Man story of the Gestapo's campaign. A man who betrayed the most sacred Tt FaMla la lnHS Mmn4 rlr a4 railnf 5th Floor, Mart St. Louis.

Mo. MAln 2560-61 human trust. Copyright. 1J. A-53 General Electric A-75 Radios 102.0O List! siD4V acavtrr at all mi amt.

a. m. txtirr TSJiao cmi ich, a. m. laaaa Iv.alag torrtrr: Firs.

Tnlrn rift ana Sill P. M. rr1k. 1 P. M.

ha4i Sfkmit In Sit faarrlM. fa Pnplla Tl ml Aga Fsllowinf Church of Chr1e. K-inttt. Ara All Branch? ef Thf Mother Cnurch. Tha Ttrnt Chureh of Christ.

Sciential. Boston. Mki. CHURCHE FREE READING ROOMS rtMT a WrlmiaMr VMM Ralrnar: Saa. OH 4l A.

lMf kwar. Imm tarn la 4. TBISn XV! Rnwll Itl.d. a.r.a aif: It ta daily, roi r( M. VWI faaa- la ta la la S.

tin Arkaa aa aa4 rnm: Im aarrk I4U'a: nam I Sally. IIXTM TM Nalaral Brla. har V4lfWa: 13 la 4iU. MVtOTrt TaaaMpa. 1 Caarra tdiflaa: Oa I la Sail.

tH.aUtklnkr anS Wi4aa. I (barfh I4lf Oaa I ta Sail. .95 ysia.fl 69 -AT? UiU And your Old Radiol hmtan ilia. Ik. la WrS.

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4 successfully resisted the Nazi agents. Nazi "Ambassadors." Nazi agents boasting direct authority from Hitler came and went in strange disguises. One of them entered the country as a traveling representative of a German commercial house. Once here, he proclaimed himself to the German organizations as "No. 7 Nazi" with full powers.

In the guise of a Journalist he gained entrance to the congressional press gallery, and even attended the President's press conferences at the White House. After him came a "clergyman." To German-Americans he gave another and more impressive identity; he tried, unsuccessfully, to bully the papers of New York into line with Hitler; and took over a paper by pure intimidation, converting it into a Nazi organ. Then, before a federal Indictment for falling to register as a representative of a foreign government, he fled to Germany in another dis ill i f-r jt General Electric A-87 Radios $127.25 List! $11 X50 ri iP'-'ai Dally through jn'jSl CaUifomia Limitad lllWn Can Be Bought for (This price will be increased February 15) and your old fireplace I rat a $00.50 89 A-75 A-87'p! Inn. When you come inside from winter weather you like the bright, cheerful glow of a gas radiant heater and its quickly penetrating heat. Right now, while the special price is still in effect, is an excellent time to equip your home with one of these And yew Old Radio! (To the Right) Four -band console for those who demand above-the-average reception.

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guise, to be succeeded by another envoy. American public opinion was somewhat aroused when the agitation took conspicuously visible form in summer camps under Swastika banners. Children giving the Nazi salute, shouting "Heil Hitler" and practicing the difficult goose-step are a strange enough picture in America to catch the most unobservant eye, and German enough to caue a subsidized German language paper to say: "Storm troopers of the future sre being trained in the New York organization as well as in other cities in the so-called Hitler Youth group." An eastern leader of the Nasi movement stated that boys between 9 and 14 marched through a bitter winter night, passing singly through a cemetery In Westchester County. New York, at 3 o'clock in the morning to test their courage. His heart "leaped with Joy" as the boys engaged "in military battle." some of them with blood stream tag from their face and heavy bruises on their arms and legs and as they sang the Horst Wessel song (Nazi official anthem) in the forests of Bear Mountain.

Vaefal Propaganda Though the battle for the control of the German-American population is unfinished there are aigns that it is not altogether successful. Many German-American societies have fought "co-ordination" and won. And thousands of older members, reared in the democratic tradition, have resicred from those captured by the Nazis, leaving the young Hitlerites in possession ef Du3 Ranching in Winter is just as fin tport just relaxing and healthful and comfortable as Dude Ranching in the summer. It has been all these things ever since Dude Ranches ptaad down into Santa Fe country of New Mexico ad Ariiona, where the sparkling tunshine is Ideal lot aa out-of-doors winter. AND THE NEW ALL-METAL TUBES, OF COURSE radio's latest scientific development, invented and perfected by General Electric! yxadiM glf ath flMT anS Baaeaitiit gcanamy Bale.ny AIR CorrditiornVtJ Trains rPA rAVl (lejo) A Ir5lf5 (T These ranches differ widely in rates, accommodations, elevation and location.

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PAT.T.AS. Aal SANTA FE RT. Koom Arrada HM. ST irriS, Fhonta: Cbtitnut MO. 7 i.

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