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The St. Louis Star and Times from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 3

St. Louis, Missouri
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TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 2, 1939. ST.LOUIS STAR-TIMES THREE ST.LOUIS STAR-TIMES The Drama in Kansas City U. S. INVESTIGATES DISAPPEARANCE OF in Kansas City in 1899. He was one of the leading lawyers there within a few years and when in 1910 he defended Dr.

B. Clark Hyde against a charge of murdering his millionaire father in law. Col. Thomas H. Swope, his local reputation became national.

The case was one of the most fa- FRANK P. WALSH, RENOWNED LABOR ATTORNEY, DIES mous in Kansas City history. Dr. Hyde, who was charged with poisoning Col. Swope, was tried first in 1910 and convicted.

The supreme court reversed the case and it was tried twice more before the charge finally was dropped in 1917. On the state's side in that case, as special prosecutor, was James A. Reed, who subsequently became a United States senator. Walsh obtained his early education in old St. Patrick's Academy ill St.

Louis. ACE K. C. WITNESS NOTED LAWYER DIES Missourian Is Stricken by Heart i i Schneider Reported Seen Alive illslillllll After Car With Suicide Notes Was Found. BY HARRY T.

BRUNDIDGE, Star-Times Staff Correspondent. KANSAS CITY, 2. A Pension Plea Derails House Derby Special JEFFERSON "CITY, May 2 (U. After the house today had adopted a resolution calling upon the state to pay expenses of all members of that body who desire to attend the Kentucky Derby at Louisville Saturday, Representative Frank If frig Jumped to his feet and told his colleagues: "It's a shame to pass a proposal such as this when we aU know that the old folks in this state have not even received their May pension checks." The proposal, which had been Introduced by Representative Don Grafton, was then reconsidered and voted down on motion of Representative T. J.

Walker. The original resolution had passed by a vote of 52 to 30. The house has 150 members, but tslxty-eight were not present when the vote was taken. Washington U. Commencement.

Dr. Gordon J. Laing. dean emeritus of the division of the humanities of the University of Chicago, will deliver the Washington University commencement address June 6. Dr.

Iiang will address a graduating class of approximately 700. His subject will be. "A Liberal Education." leaders in the legal battle for the release of Tom Mooney. Defended Communists. He was chairman of the Taft Commission on Industrial Relations.

In" 1923 he successfully defended a Communist group accused of criminal syndicalism in Michigan. As chairman of the St. Lawrence Waterway Commission, he made many Important recommendations to the New York State Legislature while Franklin D. Roosevelt was governor. It was while working with the commission that the New York State Power Authority was created and Mr.

Roosevelt named him to head the new group. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Katherine Walsh, and seven children. The latter are Jerome, Kansas City attorney; James, secretary for the Securities and Exchange Commission; John, a resident of California, and four daughters, Mrs. Cecelia Bradley and Miss Virginia Walsh of Kansas City, and two nuns of the Order of Loretto at the foot of the Cross, St.

Louis, Sister Francis Marie and Sister Catherine Louise. Physically active despite his advanced age, Walsh's favorite diversion was dancing. He came to New York in 1920 from Kansas City, after par-tlcipiating in many local political and legal battles there. Leading K. C.

Lawyer. Walsh was admitted to the bar thorough investigation was under way here today to determine wheth er Edward L. Schneider, who turned government witness against "Boss" Tom Pendergast, is dead or still BITTER FIGHT OVER BURIAL SOCIETY BILL PORTENDED JEFFERSON CITY, May 2. (U. A preview of the battle to come over a measure to regulate burial societies was flashed before the house yesterday.

The bill, introduced by Representatives Willis Lane, Stone, Republican, and Wayne V. Slankard, Newton, Republican, provides for cash payments of burial insurance and free choice of undertakers. Representative Clarence Reed, Barry County, Democrat, heatedly denounced the measure as one that would ruin the burial societies. A motion to adjourn stopped the debate. Attack in Front of New York Supreme Court.

NEW YORK, May 2. (U. Frank P. Walsh, chairman of the New York State Power Authority and a veteran labor attorney, died of a heart attack today in front of the State Supreme Court Building. Walsh, 74, was walking alone and had reached the corner of the building when he fell.

Notebooks and papers in his pockets established his identity and police called his law partner, Harold Stern, who confirmed the identification. Walsh was a native of St. Louis, and was an independent Democrat. His legal practice largely dealt with labor cases, although he gained additional prominence in 1936 when he defended Judge Hal-sted L. Ritter of Florida against impeachment.

Many of his associates said he had more legal encounters involving national and state affairs than any other lawyer in the country. He was one of the alive. The theory that tb former right 0 hand man of the political chief may be alive based on a number of farts, the most important of which No. 1 Tom Pendergast was in a thoughtful mood as he sat in federal court at Kansas City yesterday waiting to be arraigned on two indictments charging him with income tax evasion. is that United States District Attor nry Maurice M.

Milligan has been 4 I. i fJU LJ Packard Cuts Prices. DETROIT, May 2. (U. The Packard Motor Car Co.

today announced price reductions on all 1939 models ranging from $100 to $300. Frank P. Walsh, noted labor attorney, who died of a heart attack in New York. 1 i 4 1 ff 4 1 m. i EXTRAORD i '4 -'71 (i A TTh TIN T1 TTL.

XJ 4U A A 7VV in JLJJL jkc JLL -U-ALT 1 I I informed that a younf man of unquestioned integrity, well acquainted with Schneider, has asserted he saw Schneider at Alameda and Pennsyl- Tinii drives in the exclusive County Club Plaza district in Kansas City at 19 a- m. yesterday, one hour after Schneider's automobile, with two snicide notes in it, was found abandoned on the Fairfax Bridge over the MiMoari River. The pU dl-trirt ts ten mile from the bridge. Although first noted at 9 a. the car was not identified and turned over to Kansas authorities until 11:30 a.

m. The sheriff's office at Kansas City, was called because the spot where the machine was found is on the Kansas side of the bridge, which connects Kansas City, with the section north of Kansas City, Mo. Combined forces of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Intelligence Division of the Treasury Department are searching for Schneider, who would have been the government's star witness in the prosecution of the income tax evasion indictment returned last Saturday against Pendergast. The search is predicated upon the fact that as yet no body has been recovered from the Missouri River and upon a formal statement by Milligan in which he asserted it was difficult for him to believe that Schneider committed suicide. Million requested the FBI and treasury agents to ascertain whether tochneider's disappearance "is a hoax or a suicide or whether he met with foul play.

Are Sleuths on Case. More than a score or G-men and the T-men. centered here in connection with the Kansas City crime investigation, have been ordered to drop all other work and find Schneider or his body. The FBI staff Is headed by E. P.

Guinane, an expert investigator: the T-men by Rudolph Henry Hartman of St. Louis, the agent who traced the Lindbergh random money to Bruno Hauptmann. AH are working under the direction of Mdligan. Government agents since late yesterday, following a conference with Milligan. have been checking the passenger lists of every train, plane and bus leaving Kansas City.

Scores cf other agents throughout the United States are checking transportation lines. A close watch is being Anticipate Your Needs Months in Advance in this Dig Annual Sale Event. Buy Now for Mother, the Graduate and the Dride. Check the Values Delow! 1 No. 2 Two others indicted by the federal grand jury in its sweeping investigation of conditions in Kansas City are shown here leaving the Federal Building shortly after Pendergast was arraigned.

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$157.50 kept at both Canadian and Mexican border towns, particularly the latter, because Mexico has no extradition treaty with the United States involving Income tax cases. The checking of Schneider's last known movements in Kansas City are being dated back to 1 p. m. Saturday, when Schneider left the Federal Building. That was only a short time after the indictment against Pendergast which was based on testimony and records furnished by Schneider was returned by the grand jury.

Schneider, every one knew then, had -given up" after days of grilling in the grand jury room. It is no secret that Schneider, secretary-treasurer of eight companies in which Pendergast was financially Interested, had been of-' frred hi choice of telling all, or being indicted for perjury. Nor is it any secret that when Schneider departed from the Federal Building Saturday afternoon he knew he was immune to any federal prosecution. He was a government witness. If Schneider is dead, the transcript of the evidence he gave the grand jury against Pendergast cannot be presented when the case goes to trial.

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3 Two hours after the political boss pleaded not guilty, the automobile of Edward L. Schneider, one of his business lieutenants, who turned government witness, was found abandoned on a bridge across the Missouri River. In the car were two suicide notes. The one above was addressed to Philip K. Abry, a Kansas City business man and friend of Schneider.

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5.00 Hollowware $3.85 $10.00 Hollowware $7.49 did not know. "Will you be able to find the body?" she asked. Zimmer told her the river was being dragged. Kansas City, firemen, in a boat, continued dragging the river today. Mrs.

Schneider took the suicide notes and demanded financial data, also found in the car. The sheriff declined, saying the data had been ordered held by the Treasury Department. Mrs. Schneider declined to make any statement to the sheriff as to when she had last seen her husband. She said she was not sure if he was home Sunday night.

Schneider's friends say they are certain that he did leap from the bridge into the river and that his body will be recovered. They point to the fact that Schneiders' farewell letters to his wife and his friend were dated April 27 the Thursday which marked Schneider's most gruelling day before the grand jury. It was on that day he was told that if he continued to withhold information about Pen-dergast's income, he would face a perjury indictment. Friends believe Schneider wrote the suicide notes the night of April 27 and planned to end his life then, but. weighing his love for his wife and his daughter, against his loyalty to Pendergast, decided to go before the lurv the next rlav.

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the currents of the Missouri, have informed agents that if Schneider had jumped into the river from the spot at which his car was parked in the middle of the Fairfax Bridge the Airrent could not possibly have carried Schneider's hat to the spot on the south bank, less than two miles from the bridge, where it was retrieved by a WPA worker. The experts asserted it would have been necessary to toss the hat into the river from the south bank, half a mile from the spot at which Schneider is supposed to have jumped, in order for it to reach the point at which it was recovered. The federal agents also ask these questions: Why. if Schneider wanted to commit suicide, did he pick a lit-tk-used bridge, instead of any one of several from which his leap would have been observed by eyewitnesses? Why did he leave his "personal" letter to Philip K. Abry, divisional manager for the Frigidaire Corporation, with his request for secrecy on the seat of the automobile instead of mailing it to Abry? Wife Won't Talk.

Mrs. Schneider has persistently refused to thro any light on the disappearance of her husband. All efforts of this reporter, and other investigators, to interview her have met with failure. A man who lden. tified himself as "a brother of Mrs.

Schneider" told this writer the family had no statement to make. Mrs. Schneider appeared at the ofrice of Sheriff Frank Zimmer of Wyandotte County (Kansas) at 1:30 p. m. yesterday, soon after Zimmer had telephoned her, informing her that her husband's automobile had been found on the bridse.

"Did he run off the bridge, shoot himself, or what?" Mrs. Schneider asked, according to Zimmer. The sheriff explained authorities 3 i I 'I Retrial Motion Bill Is Advanced Again JEFFERSON" CITY, May 2. (U. Senate backers of a bill to extend the time for filing motions for new trials in criminal cases from four to thirty days, are refusing, to give up.

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Save $1.50 day, and make a clean breast of it all. Over the week-end. following the indictment of Pendergast, Schneider brooded over his disloyalty, his friends believe, and knowing that without him Saturday's indict first Introduced such a bill. It passed the house, was defeated in the senate. A motion to reconsider the defeat was overruled on a point of order.

Senator L. N. Searcy, Eminence, Democrat, who moved the reconsideration, reintroduced the bill. Today the Senate Criminal Jurisprudence Committee approved Searcy's bill for passage. MAin 3975 Locust at Ninth MERMOD-JACCARD-KING ment of Pendergast was just a scrap of paper, decided to make good his letters of Thursday night and jumped over the bridge rail..

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