The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1966 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1966
Page 10
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Page l>n - Blythevlll* (Ark.) Courier News - Thursday, Jaiy «, 3i—Rendezvous and dock- 'ing with Ageno. Attempt to maneuver docked ve- . hides into second rendezvous with Gemini-8 target jVehicle, in orbit since last 'March. ^4 I^^AflWfl fflPdOT VOTICW ^s^ launched by Aflat booster •^ into lU-mili-high orbit. —• Gemini-10 Gemini-8 2—Gemini-10 spacecraft otop Titan II rocket blasts off one hour and 40 minutes later into elliptical orbit from 100 to 168 miles high. 5—Astronaut opens capsule stands up for 55 minutes of photographic, other experiments; 7—Splashdown in Western Atlantic recovery zane at beginning of 44th orbit. 4 —Try for new altitude record of some 430 miles using re-ignited Agena engine as booster and passing through portion of Van Allen radiation belt. Previous record of 308 miles set by Soviet Voskhod-2 March 18-19, 1965. 6—Collins, linked to cop- ' 1 sule by 50-foot umbilical : tether, takes 55-minute, space walk using hand j maneuvering unit. « 3 The flight plan of Gemini-10 astronauts Jofin Young ond Michael Collins calls for a three-day space ride dual rendezvous with target vehicles and a space walk. They may also try for a new manned space,_ _ _ T ••.-.. . v craft altitude record. Rendezvous with the Gemini-10 target vehicle is set for some five hours after blast Zv*., AnSradtaHon belt. In his first extravehicular experiment, Collins will stand on h, w, h h «K^.^"<£" Ml> * h " """"*' * open hatch. The second will take him on a space walk to evaluate maneuvering in :tpaet,wHi o """^^^.l"""^^?™ 1 collection experiments. Two more flights remain in the Gemini program-Gem.m-11 in September and Gemmi-12 possibly by late GEMINI-10 micrometeoroid October. MANILA NEWS W. M. DAVIDSON Big Lake Country Club Ladies Golf Association participated in Ladies Day at the Blytheville Country Club July 12. Those attending were Ruby Thurmon, Dee Mitchell, Winnie Edwards, Vernell Ray, Letha Whited and Velma Bunch. Following the games in which Winnie Edwards won low net -,-score and Dee Mitchell won sec' ond, a luncheon was served. Gerry Donner accompanied the Boy Scouts of Dell to Camp Cedar Valley Sunday to spend .'.the week. Carrie Capehart of Holland spent last week with her grand-•parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Donner. Pinnell Capehart of Holland and Gerald Donner spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Rosebud, ''. HI., visiting Mr. and Mrs. Oliver L. Ratz. . Mrs. Stephen Powell of Chattanooga is visiting her parents, .-Mr. and Mrs. Leo Donner, while Mr. Powell is attending the Naval Training School in Great Lakes, Mich. ' Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Davidson returned Thursday from a week with Iheir son-in-law and daughter, Rev. and Mrs. Norris Steele, in Little Rock. Their '•"grandson, Billy Sleele, accbm- • panied them home for a visit. T- Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Phillips ^.of Kaw, Okla., visited her sis'. ter, Mrs. Pleasant Mobley. ; ' Mrs. Everett Adams was call• ed to Dyersburg Saturday to be .with her nephew, Vernon Osborne, who was seriously injured in a car accident. She was accompanied by Mr. = Adams and Mr. and Mrs. George Adams and son Greg" ory who returned home Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Gordon. Another grandson, David Countess of Memphis, is spending a week. Eddie Mobley spent last week with his father, L. E. Mobley at Oxford, Miss., where he is attending Ole Miss. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Donner, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Donner and Mrs. Stephen Powell attended a golden wedding anniversary reception in Blylheville Sunday afternoon in honor of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hagan. Miss Bernice Davis spent the weekend in Little Rock visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Davis. Mrs. Jack Wagner and Mrs. Lamar Edwards spent Friday in Memphis. Mrs. Bud Wortham and Mrs. George Farmer spent Friday in Memphis. Mrs. Bud Wortham and Mrs. George Farmer visited Mrs. Walter Cullum at Doctor's Hospital in Blytheville Wednesday. The Flagg family held a reunion at the home of Mrs. George Flagg July 4. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Flagg of Poplar Bluff, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Flagg and daughter of Blytheville, Mr. and Mrs. McCann of West Mem- Mr, and Mrs. Frank Flagg, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Alvarez and son Jack Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Noel Storey and children, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Flagg and daughter, Mrs. Lorine Baugher, Mrs. Bob Veach, Mrs. Minnie Bassett and Mr. and Mrs. Larry Flagg and children, all of Manila. Weekend guests of Mr. anc Mrs. George Farmer and family were Mr. and Mrs. Bob Campbell and daughter Becky and Miss Bethie Ann Vazant of St. Louis, Mrs. Mildred Milton of Memphis, Dennie Farmer o; Millinglon and Mrs. Sarah Hopper of Keraelt Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Byrd and children, who recently moved to Wynne lo make Iheir home, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Byrd, Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Edwards of Corning attended the funeral of Willie Matthews Saturday. Mrs. Roy Veach visited her sister, Mrs. J. R. Shacklefdrd, in Wynne, Ark., Thursday and Friday. Mr., and Mrs. Gregg Holmes of Storm Lake, Iowa, spent last week with his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Holmes. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Foster and son of Flushing, Mich., Mr. and Mrs. James McCann and children of North Little Rock", Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Flagg of Elaine; Mr. and Mrs. Von Ray Bassett and children of Wentzville, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. Danny Bassett of Memphis, Miss Manon Wilson of Pocahontas, Mr. and Mrs. Lecil Collins of Huntsville, Sammy Flagg of Bowling NEW SUPERINTENDENT-L. N. Kinder Is .new superintendent at South Pemiscot County schools at Sleele. Mr. Kinder is replacing Riley F. Knight who relired this year after 17 years as superintendent at Steele. Mr. Kinder has served as superintendent at Holland 15 years before the two districts were reorganized two years ago and has served as associate superintendent since. (Courier News Pholo) Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Samples and Mr. and Mrs. Leon Lycke of St. Joseph, Mich., are visiting Joe Samples this week. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Jolliff and sons of Osceola were Saturday guesls of Mr. and Mrs. Bud Jolliff and Mrs. Emily Jolliff. J. P. White and children of Selisbee, Tex., spent last weekend with his parenls, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. While. Mrs. Roy Veach spent Monday and Tuesday in Corning visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Veach and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Edwards. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy McCain and daughter of Albany, Ga., are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Harris. Mr. and Mrs. Lockard Benson accompanied their son John and Preston Tate to Fayetteville lasl week where Ihey al- lended Hie basketball clinic al the University of Arkansas. Mr. and Mrs. Carey Tale and family spent the weekend of Ihe 4lh of July in Sf. Louis visiling Mr. and Mrs. Hoover Dilbridge and attending the Cardinal baseball game at Busch Stadium. David Edwards of Corning, is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Veach. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lawhorn spent lasl weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Ranee Perkins in Catron. Mrs. Howard Perkins, who spent Thursday and Friday with them, accompanied Mrs. Lawhorn home Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Horner and family of Springdale and Mr. and Mrs. Steven Johns and family of Blytheville were weekend guests of Mrs. Ida Horner. Thursday dinner guests of Mr, and Mrs. Willie Chestnut were Mr. and Mrs. Jack Burgett and children of San Jose, Calif., Mrs Walter Carey of Elaine and Mrs _/v00(f.. M Deal Offers Many Benefits Van Syndicate Inc.! DEAR ABBY: There are so many people in their sixties alone and lonely for companionship, and I know why. I am a man, nearly 65. I am retired and on Social Security. I own an old car and work a few hours to keep it running. For the past three years I've been trying to find a lady to go steady with, but I've given up. I can't afford it. I have mei a lot of women near my age, and they are wonderful company. But Ihe trouble, is they all expect a man to take them out a couple of nights a week, wine them and dine them, go to drive-in movies, and for drives and lunches. One of them said, "My company should be worth that much." Well, how about MY company? I wouldn'l expecl a woman to share car expenses, but if we both have aboul Ihe same incomes and slrelched a dollar, we could have a wonderful time if we shared expenses. Neilher one of us is a prize package anymore. Why act like il? J. IN SAN DIEGO DEAR J.: You'd be surprised how many women in their sixties would buy the deal you propose. Why don't you lay all your cards on the table? You could draw a queen. iBjiMiainiffliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiniliiwiiHiiinaMHi 1111 ' 11 ' where their money goes. H not, the financially independent young People should have the privilege of privacy. DEAR ABBY: How much do you think parents should know about Iheir married children's financial affairs? I would appreciate a published reply. The interested parties might recognize themselves and take I',-.", hint. Thank you. "YOU.;'J MARRIEDS" DEAR "YOUNG MAR- RIEDS:" This depends entirely on whether or not the parents of the young mar- rieds contribute in any way to their support. If they do, they have a right to know Guy Whitney of Paragould. Mr. and Mrs. Carey Tate and family visited relatives in Fay- elteville and Springdale last weekend. John Benson and Preslon Tate, who had spent the week at the basketball clinic at the University of Arkansas, accompanied them home. Mrs. Richard Gates is visiting her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. D e w a y n e Scott, at Searcy. Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt Spencer and Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Spencer of St. Louis visited Mr. and Mrs. John Perkins last week. Dr. and Mrs. Terry Lynn Ballard and children of Grand Rapids, Mich., spent last week with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Ballard and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Robbins. DEAR ABBY: I was married last Sunday in the chapel i of our church. It was a small but beautiful wedding. Everything was perfect. We opened our gifts and then left for a short honeymoon trip. When we returned all was in a state of turmoil. My father had proof that my husband had been married before and had not been divorced. When confronted with this accusation my husband denied it, and said he was going to get a lawyer. Then he took off and never came back. My problem is what to do about the wedding gifts. I started asking people if they wanted them back, and they all said no. How about the initialed tea towels and so on? My mother said she doesn't want to see one w ed/ding gift around the house. What should I do? BRIDE WITHOUT A GROOM DEAR BRIDE: Under the circumstances, the gifts should have been returned to the senders with a brief note of thanks and explanation. It is not customary to ask if the donors want their gifts back. Initialed or monogrammed gifts can be given to the needy. ELECTION (Conttnaed from P«|» One) gett, Ernest Hayhes, Charles W. Short, Mrs. William Whittaker and Mrs. Dale Dunlap. ' W. F. King and Mrs. E. B. Spaeth, alternates. Ward 5-B, Baldridge Garage: Lloyd Kc%ek, Floyd White, Bus!? jaco, Mrs. Imo Blankenship and Mrs. Lou Gonzales. Mrs. C. L. Stark and Mrs. James England, alternates. Ward 5-C, Doyle's :s e r vice Station: Robert Knipple, Leon Oenhing, E. B. Spaeth Jr., W. F. O'Neal, and George Narx. Max Koonce, Dan Stewart and Kenneth Poff, alternates. Blytheville Absentee: J. P. Garrott, John Mayes, Maureen Norris and Christine Grady. Yarbro Precinct S, Burnham Store: George Dillahunty, Gerald Wheeler, Bill Joe Nelson, Eugene McGuire and Robert Thompson. Mrs. David Miles and Mrs. Marjorie Brister, alternates. Cttckasawba Township Precinct 7, Courthouse: Bill Bracey, W. H. Caldwell, Foy Etchieson, James L. Gurley and Tommy Young. Jerry D. Halsell and Mrt Utho Barnes, alternates. Number Nine Langston Store: Mre. Dorothy Langston, W. T. Metzger Jr., Jerry Hollingsworth, Bill Stovall Jr., and Mrs. Reese Moore. Mrs. Elma Lane and Charles Langston, alternates. Hickman Township 40 & 8 Store: Gerald Cassidy, Mrs. Elvis Robinson and Mrs. Eileen O'Neal, Marvin Elliott and Elvis Rob- mson, alternates. Canadian Township Armorel Planting Co.: Marion Dyer, Bud Harshman, W. L. Hetzger, James Thomas and Mrs, Nettie Nichols. Lewis Ashmore, A. J. Mitchusson, George Cassidy, Tharree Galloway and Mrs. Lear White alternates. Clear Lake Township Home Gin: Charles Roy Lutes tra N. Koonce, Brad Shearin, Russell Eubanks and Billie Crosskno. Jimmie Permenter, Murray WcHaffey, Joe A. Gurley, Preston Goff and Preston Ramey, alternates. Bowen Township Gosnell High School: Roy Mc- 'Cay, Woodrow Cook, Odell Mc- ^ormack, Carl B. Ledbetter, J. W. Rea and Tom Grimes. Odell McCormack, Lee Hill, Vick Hyde, Robert Earl Davis and Robert L. Maxwall, alternates. Half Moon Township Richardson Store: C. W. Garigan, Claude Duncan, E r v i n Alexander. Hector Township Dell City Hall: Bobby Cooper, .-H. Prewett, Arthur P. Tus- ng, Mrs. Lois A. Crawford and ilrs. Crystal E. Crawford. ' Noble Dixon, Curtis Duncan, larl E. Russell, Mrs. Mamie Jriffiri and Mrs. Ella'Mae Tale, ilternates. Dell Compress: Charles S. irmslrong, Mrs. Bertha V. Harin, F. G. Lewis, Mrs. Annie CONFIDENTIAL T 0 "TAURUS" IN SAN FRANCISCO: There is no substitute for brains. But the next best thing is silence. Troubled? Write to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. For a personal reply, enclose a stamped, self - addressed envelope. For Abby's booklet, "How to Have a Lovely Wedding," send $1.00 to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. Laura Cook and Rose DiCiccio. Mrs. Donna WILD TURKEY CHARGE WILLOW SPRINGS, Mo. (AP) — Bob White had no more than sounded his turkey call when a big torn headed toward, him over the hill about 100 feet away, coming lickety split. White said the bird's onrush caught him unprepared. The wild gobbler thundered by so fast and so close the hunter's turkey call went one way and his gun the other. "I was five minutes finding my turkey call in the brush, 1 ' While said. "That doggone torn must've heard some hen, and he was going to beat all the other birds there." Floyd G. Mooney, Mrs. Verda Newsom, Bucey Owens,. Eudell Rogers and Mrs. Elfriede Simpson, alternates. Neal Township Leachville, Ward 1: Darrell E Blocker, Rufus J. W. Church, Billy W. Fields, Alberl J. Bandy Homer L. Bridges and George F. Hudson, Jessie L. Johnson, Garland Lavon Newsom, Norman F. Kennett and Benny Wayne Malheny, alternates. Leachville, Ward 2: Rob e r t Lynn Bearden, John P. Hanni, Thomas D. Marshall, Carl B. Selby, Jimmy L. Nettles -and Albert R. Powres. Allen G. Taylor, Lee E. Blackwell, Louis Weinberg and Luther W. Covey, alternales. Leachville, Ward 3: HersheU G. Johnson, Robert G. Lee, Thomas W. Middleton, John E. Johnson, Bobby H. Looney and Odis K. Miller. Floyd Selby Jr., Walter i Wayne Taylor, Herbert V. Smith and Floyd E. Williamson, alternates. Neal Township Box: J o h n F. Bearden Jr., George W. Cagle, Jerome 0. Edwards, Millard Cleo Croom, Snowden Clay Hawkins and Ronnie D. Kennett. Douglas Fortenberry, Ike Mi- nirth, Bernard E. Milligait and William C. Neely, alternates. , Box Elder Store: Donald W. Brewer, G. B. Galyean, Willie Gunter, Herman Hill, Clyde Metcalf and Joel W. Hauls. Marvin Hanners, Raymond Hicks, Jan Weinberg and Johnny W. Cude.. Big Lake Township House of Music Building Jamei Luther Bellinger, David Phirnourt, Dtvid C. Wrl|ht, Ctl vlnta Halficr* tnd Loreni Baugher. ' Maizie Robbins and Dorothy Lee Wright, alternates. City Hall: Floy Jo Jolliff Thurlo Lee, Raymond Dudley Lorene Ballard and Bernice Smith. Betty Samples and R. A Croom, alternates. American Legion Building Barlow L. Alexander, Henry C Wright, Trigger Wall, Ruth Hoi sclaw and Maie F. Pierce. Doris J. Berry and Omega Decker, alternates. Fire Station: L. K. Holt, E W. Robertson, Edd Griffin Hugh Miles and Elizabeth Sha neyfell. Clola McCormick and Vernon Shaffner, alternates. Farmers Tractor & Truck Bob Routon, Gerald Costner Raymond Scott, Carroll Waddel and Tillman Wells. Harvey Fowler and Elton Still alternates. Lost Cane School: Aaron Wit lianis, J. B. Lorren, Lewis Baugher, Ferrell Harris and Helen Veach. Freddie Veach and Gene Workman, alternates. ' Burdette Township Burdette School Office: S. W Chun, R. M. Ay cock, James P. Sullivan, C. F. Tampions anc Hermon Hart. G. A. Hale, Elmer Cole, E. L. Thornton, Charles Singleton anc Terry Chun, alternates. Swayne Township Langston Gin Office: Howard Ulark, Logan Rozelle, R o b e r I Torsythe, Mrs. Leonard Ellison arid Ed Permenter. D. B. Shaw, Willie Dillard, ffoodrow Chafin, Edwin Stubble field and Cleo Hanna, alternates. Fletcher Township Doctor's Clinic: Herbert Smith Mrs, Sani Bowen, Cecil Howell, ;. McCain and Leroy Brown":e. City Hall: Luke Wyatt, Mrs. Ilizabeth Silliman, T. C. Johnson, Mrs. J. D. Hughes and Julia B. Owen. Luxora, Ward IH: Gerald Chafin, Mrs. G. A. George, Pal Hunter, Mrs. Harry Slahford and Mrs. Lem Slanford. Luxora Absentee Box: Fred ieorge, Mrs. James McGarrity, iyman Kerlz, Jimmie Lee Stevens and Mrs. G. A. Gregory. .East of Interstate 55, Luxora •in: Willie Dillard, Cleo Hanna, Sarah Moore, Ed Permenler and Mrs. J. A. Tankersley. Wesl of Interstate 55, Victoria Store: Johnny E. Pay, Fred Taylor, Robert Slovall, Mrs. J. E. Raper and Mrs. Alice Ellis. Victoria Store: Johnny E. Pay Fred Taylor, Robert Stovall, Mrs. J. E. Raper and Mrs. Alice Ellis. Monroe Township Osceola, Sartain's Office: R. E. Prewitl, C. E. Dean, Nathan Weinberg, C. B. Driver, and Elizabeth Balloue. . J. S. McCants, V. E. Harlan, D. S. Laney, Mrs. Ed Wiseman and Mrs. W. E. Hunt, alter- nales. Osceola, Buchanan Chevrolel: Tommy Bannister, D. D. Cash, Leo Schrieck Sr., Emmetl Dunn and Charles Cannon. Guy Robbins, Pleas Huckaby, Monroe Maxwell, Ernest Ingram and Elizabeth Rose Black, alternates. Osceola, Wiygul Motor.Company: Riley, W. N. Thomas, E. H. Palmer Slanton, W. 0. Frazier and A. A. Cowan. Lloyd Godley, C. B. Wood Jr., James Harl, Benny Hays and G. L. Waddell Jr., alternales. Easl of Interstate 55: Courthouse: Harry Matlock, P. D. Johnson, Clyde Whislle, Mrs. William V. Alexander Jr., and Ann Edrington. K. J. Kearney, Elizabeth Brewington, Mrs. P. D. Johnson, Mrs. Milton Pope, and Myrtle Holthouse, alternales. West of Interstate 55, Reiser (out): Paul Hunkapiller, C. B. Jarretl, Russell Gill, Harold Senler and Joe Veasman. • Ted Parnell, Clyde Barnett, J. T. Lloyd, Rodney McLean and Lewis Wilbanks, alternales. Keiser Cily Box: Henry Mills, J. C. Hunl, W. W. McDonald, Alton Hall and E. N. Rooks. E. W. Watson, Ted Bixler, Troy Bolick, Ellen Mills and Mildren Boick, alternates. Carson Township Driver, Lowrance Bros. Store: C. J. Lowrance, HI, Carolyn Nicholson, Jl L. Tranum, J. R. lullom Jr. and Collie D. Lowrance. Nell Tranum, Inez Kincaid, J. D. Rankin, Jerry Cullom and Sarah Rankin, alternates. Carson, Cromer Brothers Store: Millard C. Smith, II. A. Segraves, Richard Cromer, Dixie Lee Goble, Eugene White and Paul Goble. Murray Richardson Jr., Woody L. F1 e m i ng, C. W. Bowles, Marion C. Segraves and Dawn H. Goble, alternates. Golden Lake Township Golden Lake Township Wilson Cafe: Gilbert Lynch, Mrs. Doris MeDinlel, A. E. Orwnwtll, Mn. M.ry Cornelia McRte and Mri. John Crain Jr. ( Melvin Shannon, Mrs. Rutn Nelson, R. E. Westbrook, Miss Sally Crain Denton and Mrs. Lois Sano, aternates,, ,,.,.. _ Wilson, Ward I, Wilson Theatre Lobby: 0. E. Sadler. C. A. Lewis, Charles Ford, Mrs. Ruth Germany and Mrs. Martha Harold Clemens, Ray Merritt, Elslner Beall, Mrs. Mary Hogan and Mrs. Paul Bussey. Wilson, Ward 2, Wilson Implement Office: J. A. Trammel, James Cook, Jim McCullar, Mrs. W. L. Powell, and Mrs. Etta Davison. Charles R. Griffin III, T, J. McAfee Sr., J. B. Gwyn, Mrs. Reba Brigance and Mrs. Jesse A. Lawrence. . , Pecan Point, Branch's Office: Henry Wood, R. C. Branch Jr. and Mrs. E. B. Chiles Jr. Mrs. Henry Wood and Mrs. Betty B. Johnson, alternates. McGavock Township Joiner City .Hall: Sam Key, Malcolm Koonce, C. D. Gwaft- ney, Mrs. Dick Wilson arid Gladys Akle. ' Don Fletcher, W. E. Eddings, John Curtis, Mrs. Vera Miller and Mrs. Joan Ford, alternates. McGavock Township, Joiner Farmers Gin Office: Bob L. Smith, C. J. Ryles, C. R. Eubanks, Mrs. Nancy M. Trimue and Mrs. Mary Miler. Gus Gill, James E. Terry, Mrs. W. B. Burkett, Fred Alexander, and Richard Akle, alternates. Whitton Township Wihitton School: Morris Wright Trey Denton, Bill Smith, Bobby Tacker and Phillip Forrester. C. L. Denton Jr., Leon Coff' man, Leslie Price Jr., R. E. Pugh and Bobby Gammill Jr., alternates. Dyess Township Dyess, Agricultural Building: J. J. Alen, Vernon Greer, Kenneth Matthews, Mrs. H. 0. Haile and Mrs. Edwin Bledsoe. .Carl Craig, Coley Johnson, Mrs. Gene Williams, Mrs. Robert Vaughn and Mrs. Lynn Cox, alternates. Dyess High School: Luther Warhurst, A. A. Garey, I. B. Leathers, Mrs. Page Carmichiel and John Wallace. Charlie Frisbee, Raymond Henard Sr., Mrs. Carl Appling, Mrs. Blily Garey and Mrs. Cecil Johnson, aternates. Little River Township Little River Co-op Gin: Floyd R. Anderson, Virgil J. Ashley Sr., Harold E. Cook, Russell J. Girdley and Wilmer C. Smith. Reven N. Creecy, Harry Me- Ginnis, Edgar Poe, Lawrence Woodard, and Joseph C. Veasman, alternates. Milligan Ridge, Caudill Gin Office: Calvert E. Bel, LeaJun ". Barker, Calvin D. Jackson, Amos E. Holt and Dewey W. Blake. William Eugene Shelton, John A. Vail, Robert C. Barker, Billie L. Sparks and Belly Jean Shelton, alternates. Etowah Store: Allen Metheny Melvin W. Girdley, William Minor Taylor Jr., Anderson A. Wil- moMi and R. P. Kennedy. Carl Heard, Grover Jackson, Royce 0. McDonel, Clinton Sharp and Chales Wildy, alternates. West Ridge Store: W. B. Tyer, L. C. Sbelton, A. A. Norton, Dennis Garner, and Mrs. Eddie Ray Hattle. V. J. Ashley Jr., Basil Bowman, Verl Hughes, B. W. Carter and Leon Spears, alternates. Bondsville, Arthur Bonds, Everett Young, C. 0. Lee, Bryan Bonds and Juanita Rider. Mrs. Arthur Bonds, Loran Brizendine, D. B. Brannon, Mrs. Bryan Bounds and Kirby Anderson, alternales. Scott Township Bassett Township: Garland Marvin Barnes, Mrs. Betty Elter and Mrs. Johnny Fells. Dewey McKinney, Vernon loyce Lloyd and Mrs. James McFalridge, alternates. Bassetl (out): Hugh L. Adams Taylor Wadsworlh, John A. Hill, Urs. Sarah Cisseli and Mrs. iugh L. Adams. Billy Russell, Alfred Bennett, D. W. Bennett, Charles Elkins and Mrs. Eddy Adams, ater- nates. Frenchman's Bayou: J. M. Ipeck, Bill McCain, Billy Ward Geneva Speck and Martha lark. R. L. Speck, Marshall Speck Mrs. L. E. Speck, Mina Crook and Ellen Henry, alternates. Absentee Box, Osceola bis- rict, Courthouse: D. N. Morris, Ira Wright, Judy Smith and Neal Sciioessel. In 1965, drug stores in Wesl Germany accounted for 20 per cent of sales of photo products second to full-time photographic retailers wh accounted for 60 per cent. Pholo goods are fifth among the principal ty pes of merchandize carried In drue tones. *

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