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Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan • Page 1
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Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan • Page 1

Battle Creek, Michigan
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ENQUIRER NEWS The Weather Frosty Tonight; Warmer Wednesday Casper Wins at Greensboro Page 15 Serving South Central Michigan BATTLE CREEK TUESDAY, APRIL 9, 1968 PHONE WO 4-7161 26 PAGES 10 CENTS LINE Sports Coodby Vice President Leads Mourners Havt a question, a problem, atj opinion? Try it on Action line. Coll between 4 and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, or writ WRITE: P.O. BOX 550 BATTLE CREEK 49016 Dial 365-1243 ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) An audience of America's famous said goodbye to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in formal funeral services today while thousands thronged outside. Senators, governors, civil rights leaders, religious figures and others all led by Vice President Humphrey, representing the White House came to Ebenezer Baptist Church. And as the invitation-only audience of 1,300 persons listened to the quiet, dignified services inside, a crowd esti- on a farm wagon drawn by two Georgia mules. For a time the crowd was so dense that the faded old green mile cart couldn't get to the church. King had planned to send mule trains to Washington during a demonstration this spring to dramatize his demands for jobs or income for the poor. His friends deemed it appropriate that his body be moved by mule-drawn wagon to the 2 p.m. public service in the quadrangle of Morehouse College. mated by police at 50,000 stood, outside for blocks around. Occasionally they had cheered when such notables as Mrs. John F. Kennedy and New York's Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller arrived, being escorted through the pressing crowd by police. Even as the service continued. State Adjutant General George J. Hearn announced that National Guardsmen from throughout Georgia were being airlifted to the Atlanta area. "We intend to be ready" for trouble, he said, adding that none was expected. But inside the church the mood was one of solemnity and peace, with only an occasional hint of the world's troubles outside as one minister prayed that "this country will not be rent asunder by the dained a fact pointed out in the services by the Rev. Ralph Abernathy, new head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Long before the service was over, a funeral march had started from the church, its thousands weaving past the State Capitol where the flag waved at half staff. Later the march would include King's casket, resting black masses" in King's name. Mrs. King, surrounded by her four children, listened with composure to the services, which included the 23rd Psalm and passages from the New Testament. It was in Ebenezer, the church that the 39-year-old Nobel Peace price winner co-pastored with his father, that King was baptized and or- Pas iih "imti ii I'm i An Editorial -V" or the past few years I have paid a $10 a year (ce to the Friend of the Court in connection with my child support payments. Now I get a letter saying the fee will be $18. When was this bill passed and why? And why should it affect me since my divorce dates back to 1957? Also, I would like to know why the Friend of the Court will accept personal checks from some people and not from others? It's not always convenient to get to the office and money orders cost more money. The $18 fee bill, urged by the Friend of the Court was passed by the state legislature and went into effect last Jan. 2. It calls for $9 fee payments twice a year. Incidentally, Calhoun County's Friend of the Court Richard Greene opposed the association's recommendation as being too high. Rep. Gustav Groat was among those who voted against the bill in the House. It is expected, however, the increase will provide more help in the local office which handled $921,525 in 1961 but $1,765,028 in 1967, with only two additional persons being employed during that time. By court order it was ruled the increase would apply to everyone regardless of when a court had ordered payments to begin. True, Greene has made exceptions in accepting checks but not often because if one "bounces" it comes out of his pocket. He was once stuck for a $450 check. -as mum lis Violence Hits Part Of State By the Associated Prast Firebombs smashed into the homes of Benton Harbor's mayor and a municipal judge Monday night. At Niles, a crowd of Negro youths, chanting black power slogans, broke windows in 28 business establishments. The outbreaks were among a number of disturbances in Michigan. Other incidents occurred in Ann Arbor, Flint, Detroit, Jackson, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and Lansing. Today, Gov. and Mrs. George Romney led a number of prominent Michigan civic, governmental and reb'gious figures to Atlanta, to attend the funeral of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The assassination of Dr. King last Thursday in Memphis, sparked disturbances in Detroit and other cities across the nation. At 10:30 a.m. today, thousands of Michigan residents Turn to Page 2 I would like to know a good place to fish for enho salmon within a four-hour drive of Battle Creek. John Hayconk, Battle Creek. Everyone is looking for a good place to fish the coho, John. Right now the conservation department agrees the best bet is in Lake Michigan between New Buffalo and South Haven. But as the season progresses, the coho will move northward. The Vj pounders now being caught will be in the 20-pound class by late summer when they reach the Manistee and Platte Rivers, both about four hours from Battle Creek. Kool Should Stay As Mayor Tonight the Battle Creek City Commission elects the city's mayor. Until yesterday, it was a foregone conclusion that Mayor Preston J. Kool would be reelected. But Kool, deeply concerned by the racial unrest here in the past week and by the criticism he and other city officials have received for their efforts to maintain order, has declined to serve again. We believe Kool has been a progressive and tireless mayor, who has sincerely striven to relieve racial tensions. It is too soon to weigh all the results of the city's recent decisions on racial matters, but Kool has acted promptly, responsibly and moderately. Whatever else, Battle Creek has been spared serious strife. We urge the mayor to reconsider and accept reelection. And we urge the city's citizens, black and white alike, to support him and his fellow commissioners in seeking reasoned and just solutions to Battle Creek's most pressing problem. See another editorial, "A Hopeful Sign for Nonviolence," on Page 4. In January, 7, we were involved in a traffic accident In which I was injured as were some others. Our car was a total loss. My husband was given a ticket for disregarding a traffic light, which those of us in the car are positive he did not do. Me pleaded not guilty and the case was to come to trial last June but the other driver was not in court. We have never heard anything more about the case. I have been suffering physically since the accident and want to put in a claim against the other driver's insurance company but can't find out the name of the Insurance company. Mrs. J.M.V., Battle Creek. Action Line obtained the name of the insurance company through the Secretary of State's office at Lansing and is sending it to you. As to your delayed trial, cither you or your attorney, if you have retained one, can call Assistant City Attorney John Bothwell and a new trial date will be ATLANTA Mrs. Martin Luther King Jr. arrives at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta today for the funeral of her husband, assassinated civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. At right is the Rev. A.D. King, Dr. King's brother. Woman at left is unidentified. (AP Wirephoto) Hanoi in on Peace Talk Site I sent a subscription to a young woman's magazine last November and when I got the bill paid $3 in cash. I received three issues and then another bill for $3. Now they have sent a letter threatening to take action ir I don't pay the $3 within five days. If I don't pay another $3 what will they do? D.S., Battle Creek. They will give you the lyenefit of the doubt that you previously sent $3 in cash which should be a reminder not to send cash in the maii but to send a check or money order. The company's records show no payment but it is going to honor your subscription, credit your account and hope you will continue to enjoy reading the nfagazine. and George Christian, White House press secretary, also were taking part in the talks. Johnson met the helicopter bearing Bunker, Rusk, Clifford and Wheeler as it sat down on a Softball field at Camp David. The party went immediately to Aspen Lodge and began discussions over breakfast. There was no indication how long the conferences would last. They were set up after cancellation of Johnson's trip to Hawaii last weekend follow Touch outside Washington. "I am just here to consult with the President." He said he did not know how long he would be staying as he switched to a helicopter to come directly to Camp David. Johnson spent the night at the remote complex. Rusk and Clifford accompanied Bunker on the chopper trip this morning, along with Gen. Earle G. Wheeler, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Walt W. Rostow, a key presidential adviser on Vietnam, man. 111! .3 iS 'H i 4T: II Ml iLr i'lt'i; t'lt1 i aw M'i' meeting with Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker and his top cabinet advisers today for a second round of high-level talks on Vietnam. Bunker flew in from South Vietnam early today to join Johnson, Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Defense Secretary Clark M. Clifford at Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland's Catoctin Mountains. "I have no statement to make," Bunker said on arrival at Andrews AFB, just liiSiiiiifM m)OhsL-Aaf ii ii J-? m'tm IE i jil 9 Reconsider Decision, Kool Urged by Officials I read your item about the lady and the weaving course. I think this is the same company to which I sent $5 to receive the course. After examining it I found it too complicated for me so I sent everything back. I didn't even ask for my $5 back but the company wrote and said I was under contract to pay $90. They added they had a deal where the account could Ih squared for $15.60. Next, I received a letter stating I had five days to pay or the whole thing would be turned over to their attorney. Except for sending my name on a postcard saying I was interested in the course I have never signed anything. C.C., Marshall. The company changed its mind. It has marked your account "paid in full" and no further payment is expected. The company told Action Line it was an error that you were asked to make a further remittance. 83 ill I i i 1 1 tl I Mi i i i is 'i 1 1 1 'i I WSJ i.r.-n- if Jil. il'iii i i ill if -W- iia 3iW Hi1 i ii.v.: niiiiisiiiiiiiiirasiraiM mmmmMMmm ful to note that the United States was keeping its war allies fully informed on the diplomatic exchange. Any hint by the United States of anything other than solidarity with the shaky South Vietnamese government could bring about the Saigon regime's downfall. Thus it was expected that Bunker's conference with the President would be more in the nature of an overall review of the situation in Viet-Turn to Page 2 pressions of support for Mayor Kool were being prepared today by the Rev. James Jackson, pastor, and members of the Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church; the Rev. Earl Young, pastor, and members of the Macedonia Baptist Church, and the Rev. Harold W. Speights, pastor of the Upton Avenue Original Church of God. In addition, requests to the mayor to stand for re-election tonight, and expressing support for his leadership in community relations, were submitted today by County Clerk Marcus J. Gray, and Milton J. Robinson, executive director of the Battle Creek Urban League. The Battle Creek Rotary Club Monday adopted Turn to Page 2 Stiffen "Leaving the room or building without permission, or failure to follow good citizenship in their attitude toward teachers and fellow students will bring about their dismissal for the remainder of the year." The board also ordered the addition of personnel at both schools, "to help get the buildings back to normal." No unauthorized individuals will be allowed in the buildings except after receiving a visitor's pass at the principal's office, the board ruled. The Battle Creek City Commission is being asked by the board to consider adoption of an ordinance patterned after those in Flint and Lansing, making a wide range of misconduct by outsiders around Turn to Page 2 ing the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. Johnson disclosed Monday that he had received his first formal word through diplomatic channels from Hanoi on preparations for preliminary talks leading to peace negotia-' tions. "We shall be trying to work out promptly a time and place for talks," he said. U.S. officials indicated that a reply would be sent to Hanoi very soon. In announcing Hanoi's reply, the President was care from the Rev. Gilbert L. Jackson, pastor of the Second Baptist Church, was accompanied by a petition signed by 22 members of the church, supporting the Rev. Mr. Jackson's appeal. The telegram stated: "We have heard of your decision not to seek re-election as mayor. "We thought immediately of the work and spirit of togetherness you have injected into the community during your term as mayor. "I do not sincerely believe you are now a quitter, nor that your concern has waned. "I therefore urge you to reconsider your decision and seek re-election as mayor." Similar messages and ex Rules building, administrators reported. In addition to taking steps towards restoration of order, the board issued the following formal statement: "The Board of Education and school administration recognize the emotional strain that has gripped our community and nation since the unfortunate assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "The Battle Creek schools will remain closed Tuesday (today) out of respect to I.r. King and the cause for which he stood. "Beginning Wednesday, as we return to normal conditions, students will be expected to remain in their classrooms and leave only by permission. THL'RMONT, Md. (AP) President Johnson said today the United States Is in touch with North Vietnam about alternative sites which could be convenient to both sides for preliminary peace talks. "We are in agreement with our allies," Johnson added, "and are prepared for ambassadorial contacts just as soon as arrangements can be completed." THURMONT, Md. (UPI) President Johnson was Damaging Winds Hit In Area Area fire roundup and additional pictures on Pages 18 and 22. Strong gusts and driving winds caused several thousands of dollars worth of damage in the Battle Creek area Monday. Widespread wind and fire damage was also reported throughout the southern half of Michigan's lower peninsula. The most costly damage in this area occurred at the Federal Building in Battle Creek where Army Communication Center officials told the En-quirer and News a long-range, mult i-frequency radio antenna, valued in thousands of dollars, was destroyed. Officials pointed out, however, that the loss did not impede Civil Defense operational capabilities. Weather officials at Kellogg Regional Airport clocked the strongest gusts at 64 m.p.h., Winds did not subside in the area until soon after 9 p.m. and gusts continued at 25 to 35 m.p.h. up to that time. Winds affecting other state areas included Pontiac and Grand Rapids, 63 m.p.h.; Kalamazoo and Pellston, 58 m.p.h.; Detroit, 50 m.p.h.; St. Clair Shores, 65 m.p.h; and Midland, 57 m.p.h. Public utility companies in the area were particularly hard hit. Michigan Bell Tele-phone authorities reported over 100 calls from the Battle Creek area to replace wires downed by falling trees and branches. Consumer Power Company kept crews working into the early night replacing wires, blown fuses and dam-Turn to Page 2 mssst: Evening Prayer God, let us be aware of the meaning of our work and the purpose of our existence. As You watch the fall of every sparrow, so watch the downtrodden, the ill, the hurt, the hungry- Amen. WUmwwtM INSIDE TODAY Slaver of Dr. Martin Luther King reportedly being hunted In Mexico, r. 22. Township studies surplus property sales. P. 3. Ital Baillie signs new contract with the Battle Creek Civic Theatre. P. 19. Lake view will mail dismissal notices to 52 teachers. P. 3. By NATE WOOD Widespread efforts were reported today urging Mayor Preston J. Kool to reconsider his decision not to accept return to the mayor's job when the new City Commission reorganizes tonight. The mayor announced Monday that he felt events of the past few days concerning race relations had made it impossible for him to continue as mayor. The new commission, following last week's city election, will select a mayor and vice mayor at meeting at 7:30 p.m. in City Hall. A telegram delivered to the mayor's office this morning School Incidents of violence and un-ruliness at Central High and Northwestern Junior High in recent days have prompted stern action on the part of the Battle Creek Board of Education. Meeting in special session Monday night with administrators, including school principals, the board discussed at length the tension that has existed in the two schools since the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Several instances of pushing and bumping in restrooms and halls were reported. Injured were two students at Central and one at Northwestern. Much of the difficulty at Central was caused by outsiders who had no business in the Page Page Comics 21 Deaths 14 Crossword Puzzle 21 Radio and Television 20 Contract Bridge 21 Regional News 18 How Smart Are You? 19 Sports 15, 16 17 Births 14 Women's News 6, 7 IlllHlilll II IliMMMMMMM JBBBM 36 Killed in Crash saw the plane dive toward the base of Emperor Mountain, heard and explosion and saw flames leap up. Rescue workers reached the wreckage late Monday night and reported finding the charred bodies of the victims, all Chileans, and a large area darkened by fire. SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) A Chilean DC3 airliner crashed into a remote mountainside in poor weather Monday night, killing all 36 Chileans aboard. Air force officials said it might have been caught in a downdraft. A farm worker told police he Army Communications Center officials here today estimated damage to this radio antenna, background, in the "thousands of dollars." In the foreground is the top portion of the 100-foot structure, which stood east of the Federal Center. It was blown down Monday by winds which reached 64 mph in intensity. Additional picture Page 22. (Staff Photo by George Vallillee)

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