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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
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Saturday, August 4, 1855
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LATESfIHTELLIGENCE ijTclcsnpk U thi It.lTfc Billy Timet. Fewd Mill Bsptoetoa as WIIhM Dab ts rstseaa Killed u4 rnr vVsodeV riiuiimit, Frtdty, Aaj. 1. Tire of Gabbcbb' powder nuM, r Wir iilM, DcL, exploded this stoning, )vut 8 'clock, with most disestroes eovaeqaeace. six ftnni kavisg bees killed sad Bve wouafed. WiiWNna, Friday, Aag. I. TV dryieg bouse of OiltrHi'j powder work at Eden Park, wkiek exploded this morning, contained about one ad a ka)f toaa of powder, and lb fate of lha explosion wa tremendous. The aaaa bad Vera la operation for forty year with a eerwiflent. aad was' considered the s fmt heaee is tka works All tka men connected with it operation wer kBled at once, being blown la atom aad fcmnd at verion distances from OO o 200 yard frara tha eea of the disaster. Tare of tka killed were Frenchmen, named Ec-Psbbbb. Jostra Dae Psabb. and Fbawcis Flsnsa. A boy named Joan Pcen was also aanong th killed. The si plosion of the drymg-boons canned a mill, situated about 300 yard dis- alaa to espied. In this mill six ware dangerously hurt. One of them. PsTBB McGiLBT wa thrown a distance of 40 (set. aad it ia feared will not recover, while Pit-Sick Bdik, wba waa running from tka mill, had ki akaD fraetarad by a piaea of lights ing-rod, and hi reoevsry is alaa doubtful. Thomas Mcllbb ksd ki collar-bone broken. Mr. Mitchell, the eagiaeer, sepd with Net light bruises. QAaether saan, who a ante could not be ascertained, wa ranaiag beside Parties Beans whea th latter wa knocked down. He stooped to pick np ki fellow work rasa aad escaped injury. The engineer, W. ItlTCBBLL, was seated at ki pt reading a newspaper whea the explosion took piece, lie saw a banal of powder explode ad started to secure hi safety behind the chimney stack, when a second exploded which blew dowa a brick wall over hi head. Hi head waa eeaght by some portion of the. wall, aad bruised, aad he also received some slight scratches on hi cheek. Patbicb Gutbbib and Michael Gothbib, wba were oa the outside of the mill, escaped with alight injuries. The engineer ears there were three separate explosion ia the mill. To those at a distance it ' enaed like single prolonged explosion. Dr. Auriiw, Bdsh, Whitb, Wilson and Dba- rea, from Wilmington, were at the scene soon after the occurrence, rendering all the professional aid ia tbeir power. There were about fourteen hundred pounds ef powder ia the mill, which wa less than eaaL Th tree around the drying-house were tons up by the roots, and one or two bene were . killed. One other maa is said to hare been killed, bat thi seem doubtful. Mr. Gabbchb say the xploaioa must hare been caused by one of the Frenahmea, who was addicted t smoking ki pipe, although he had been forbidden to do so. north Carailaa Election. Kicbmors, Friday, Aag. a. The First District, North Carolina, Halifax County ; give Shaw, Dem., a majority of 6 over PaI-B.K.K " la tka Second District, Edgecombe aad Wayne Counties give 3.0C0 majority for Rorrm, Dam , over Latbab, K. N. The Third District, a far a beard from, ha given Wihslow, Dam., a large majority ever R bid. K.N. la the Fourth District, Granville County gives JO, Franklia County 330. , Warren County 700, d vYak Ceanly 450 atajority Cm Bbacb. Dem. Tha impression ia that tha Democrats bars elected a majority of the Congressmen. There is a Democratic gain everywhere. Balttmobb. Friday. Aag- The Richmond DUpmtck kas a fuw words in re-' gard a the North Carolina election, namely, that th veta of Gasten up to noon was : Shaw, Dem., for Congress la the Ftrt Diatrict, 64; Pains, Know-Nothing, 14. Toaa Kleettee. Locirviu., ly., Friday, Aag. I. Thirteen- Counties in Teanaaee have beea beard from, aad ia them Gbbtby, (K. N.,) for Governor, gains 2,460, while Jobrson, (Dem.,) gain 537 thus giving Gxktby an aggregate gaia ofl,23. Nasbviixb, Friday, Aag- Davidson County has gone at least 1,200 for Gbbtby. The Kaow-Nothinga will, doubtless, any tha State. Losisvills, Friday, Abb- B. Tweaty-av Countie give a act gaia for Gbn-ivBTofabout 1,500 vote. Only two Counties ia East and three ia Wert Tennessee have yet beea beard front, but they all show gains for Gbntbt. "e laaekosa CoavaatSaa at L'tle. Ovica, Friday, Aag. 3. la the Teachers' Convention to-day a reoolatiatt ia favor of aholishiag tha Bute Agency waa adopted after considerable discission. Th following persona ware appointed to prepare a communication, to be read at the next annual session : Oliver Avery, of Buffalo ; Truman H. Bowea, of Albany ; James H. Partridge, of New-York; Mrs. H. B. Hewa, of Syracuse Wm. . Raid, of Newburg ; P. II. Curtis, of Rochester ; Jamas Crailtshaak, f Belfast ; Marcioe "Wilson, ef AUenahill ; Mary D. Tenaey, of Bmrhamton ; L. F. Little, of We-tortowm; A. 8. Palmer, of Utka; John W. Back-ly, Brooklyn ; Mis Henrietta B. Hewe. of Syraease ; Miss Jaaaette L. Douglaaa, of Oneida. Agreeably to an iavitatioa, the members of the CoavenUoe this foreaooa visited the State Lunatic Aevlam, aad thsif, after resolutions of thank to th fteeta of tb Cooventioa bad beea adopted, aad vtadry ppvanriato remark hsd beea debvered, the Coaveattoa adjourned nar eh. TUw Tore M Narvaskt, Poatesaoatk aad ' Ooaaavt. " r BAtTtaoaa, Frlaay, Aag. 3. The official statement give th foUowin as the total umber of case and death from yellow fever at th points named. Norfolk Cases, 84; deaths, 6. Eight cases now nader treatment. Partamwoth and Goaport ease 100 ; death 41. Yesterday, ia Poftaaaoath, tha deaths since sanest f Wed a day ware 7; ia Go port 4, and lOaew Tb disease at th various point is all traoeabla to Goaport, Tb Secretary of the Navy has raatad the on of ue Navy Hospital to which tk sick kav beea removed. . 'V Attassated Salcddo m ?Oacara TmOm. ' BsrvAia, Friday, Aag. 3. Wy tyil at tb FaDa f Niagara, Vf,,to had excited suspicion, was follow- i j"1 P"0" Table Rock up to tha ZIj14 wUb ,h kmi n distance a vjddealy plaaged imto the rapids before her eouid reach bar. One of them, however, Baakand wading late the water, wa Md tosaalck kr from the rapids as she waa 7J T toarards th brink of tha Falls. She ia aadasthe wu,aMaaifaaaameaitTwithharkae. for the rash act. . .i i . - m, . "aishstss, rnaay, aag. x. Hbitobicks, of Iad waa spmstsJ A) Land Ot&M. aad MaaaaT tCewaBxr, af Fifth Auditor ef the Trea-"7JAba amk ago, bat M reapoase af WTaaca la, at beea njti fiom tkem. ' ' ' .. , V.f .:- it. V ... J.-yiS- i: W.-W V j ' i jl jl 1 3j VOL. IV no. 121a So also of Dawsoti, appointed to the Governorship of Kansas. Tkraw Mrs Arrested for Dasadaetas; tha RaJltend rime ssar Hyrwraeo. Itsacosb, Friday, Aog. I. Three maa, named Jabb Rtan, Micbail Drrry and DaBIBL Ddoab, ware arrested last night at Chanton, Oaondaga County, charged with displacing the railroad track, west of this crty, two weeks since. Two of them had beea discharged from the service of the road. Their exaaiaatioa will take place on Monday. Mar tee Disaster. Boston, Friday, Aug. S. The ship Adawu, arrived here this morning from New-Orleans, touched oa the Rose and Crown shoal, near Naatacket. oa the 31st alt, and after throwing overboard ISO bales of cotton, got off without assistance. The ship leak about elevea inches per hour. Ceveraar Reader's KawjovmL Iastoh, Ps., Fridsy, Aag I. The friends of Gov.Rbbdbb are highly incensed at th reason pat forth for hie removal from office, namely speculation in land and demand to know what act of Congress he ha violated in hi purchase. Tka Canada Oatward Baaed'. Halifax, Friday, Aag. . The steamship Cmttsdm arrived here from Boston at 6:46 thi morning, and sailed again for Liverpool at 8 o'clock, with very favorable weather. The Ceaewa of Boelae. Boston, Friday, Aug. 1 The Census of Boston, now about completed, is stated to be, as near aa possible, 160 000 an increase of 20 000 during the past five years. FROM WASHINGTON. The MmvtTrdesH af Keeder-IIla Laiad Se-alatfcsas The Cast of Maatesaery- roe Wboeler SteYoe Soetaera Iavaaaea aad Nartkera k agate. Csrrsspeadraee mf Uu Ntv Ymrk Daily Timet. VYAsaiBSToa, Wsdaaaday, Aug. 1, 155. The Martyrdom of Rxbdeb ia complete. He was first officially denounced, then placed on bis purgation ; then accused ; then tned in the Cabinet Star Chamber ; then convicted ; then executed. Nothing could have been more in the spirit of the Adminstiation than the whole proceeding. Reedeb has been victimised simplr because he waa a Northern man ; and I do not perceive how Daw. sow can possibly get along with the sort of peopln among whom he is seat, otherwise than by promptly consigning to StiiWctellow all the powers of ths Administration. It ia s-tid that Dawson will be acceptable, becsuee he was an ardent friead of the Nebraska bill. Upon that point I can undeceive the small section of the Derrocra:y who still believe they can escape the consequences of the Nebraska blunder by rigidly adhering to the d ocwine of non-intervention. Mr. DaWsoh was originally opposed to the repeal of the Missouri Compromise, and never, at any time, gave it toe sanctum of his judgment. He was whipped into the suppoit of the measure by various potential considerations. H hoped to be United States Senator from Pennsylvania, and the pretended principle of tbe bill had been accented by the party there. He also wished to conciliate support to the Homestead bill, and to that end consented to buy Southern votes by betraying bas constituents. Aad again, ke might have had in prospect something like what has occurred. That hope together with actual promiiss of reward, was the lever by which the integrity of Pennsylvania, New-Hampshire and Illinois delegations was overthrown. But a desperate attempt will be made to deprive .RbbDIB of the honors of his martyrdom. Erery big and little dog that bays through the party press will be vocal for a month to come with Rcedcb's land speculations. It appears some new ones bsve been tiumped up since those of which the public were" advised through the virtuous Atehi-soniaas who have been on duty in Kausas. upon which the Governor has beea convicted, after a moat laborious and conscientious, though secret, investigation by the President, assisted by the Missouri prosecution. The most flsgrant case, after that of the Delaware reservation lands at Fort Leavenworth, was tbe Pawnee City speculation at Fort Riley. Before referring to thi caae I should premise that Gov. Rebsek's defence was received but a week or two since, and that no delay has beea suffered to vex the spirit of hi nmiea. The two judges, Lecomftb and Elbobe, have replied to tbe charges against them, admitting their share ia the land operation, bat pleading ignorance of the law and regulations forbidding them. Whether this plea will save their judicial bacons is doubtful, but as they are Southern men and have affirmed the a fidelity to Slavery, the very question Which they were to decide sa disinterested aad impartial judges, by taking slarss a property into the Territory, it ia probable that any excuse will be laid hold of to secure to them immunity for that for which Rbbdbb i condemned. There are several counts ia the Pawnee City indictment. In th first place, an attempt waa made to lay out a town upon lands well known to be a military reservation. Then one of the features of tbe scheme wa that andemocralic contrivance of a eocopary. The President of this Company was CoL Mohtsobbbt, commandant of the post, and the entire Territorial Government were members. Next it is charged that the oaly mode of getting title to the lands covered by the town plat was to procure preemption right by false oaths. Not content with thia damning piling up of criminality, Rbbdbb called the Legislature together at Pawnee City, to increase the value of bia ooraer lots, and wkea expostulated with, replied that ao reasons bis "bl lie against him for aa doing, because be was equally interested in all the places where it area suggested or imagined the seat of Government could be located. Everybody will perceive at a glance that the ma. tenah are afaaadaat fa. a log aaJ variegated tale of vaiatny .gaurt Kit.., . sack . oa a. will satiafy every jood Nebraska Democrat that slavery and politic could possibly have aothmg to do with his removal, aad excite ki aatosuahmeai that saoh a corrupt adventure could have imposed apoa Gea. Piebce, particularly with Jarraaaoa Dsn at his back. I may meation tkough that ia pure surplusage ia a case ao clearly made out thai Gea. Clabkb aad Gem. Cbcbcbill wre sent out oa a vita of inquiry a to Momtoobbby' participation iataa Pawae City affair, sad. that they reported against If 0XTS0MBBT. Oa the statement of facta Tendered by them, a court martial kas beea ordered, which ia perfcape new ia progrese. Ualocky Mokt-oobebt, to get est tbe same aids) with Rxesbb ; ke ught to kava tpeculatod agaiast him. The PhilacSelpkia slave ease present another of those wsntoa judicial outrages which are rapidly driving the North oa to the adoptioa of eaergetie xoeasurea of defence agataat federal aajcchaaeat. The United Sums Federal aad Circuit Courts af ; V7)Ti aart become famous, fat tatir sb NEW-YORK, SATURDAY. AUGUST 4, 1155. erviency to the demands of tbe Executive power at Washington. Ia their sanction of the doctrine of constructive treason, ia the protection of Fede ral officer against th State Court, and now in the nullification of the law of Pennsylvania ia behalf of those of North Carolina, the trihanala named have shown themselves active and efficient enemies of the peace and dignity of the Coraraia-weslth. While a pure and independent judiciary is the shield of liberty, there is no power m the State which can be more easily converted into aa ally and instrument of tyranny. The corruption and cruelty of the judge were the immediate cause of the English re volution of 1688. Tbe same cause may effect a light result. It is certain that the doctrines of Judge KAWE'sdecisioa against Williabson ssp all independent legislative powers in the Northern States ; give Southern State laws on Slavery and why not oa all other subjects ! full force and effect at tbe North, aad, in short, point out a dissolution of the Union as the only remedy for the intolerable evils of a foreign jurisdiction. What eitixea of Pennsyl-vanis with the soul and mettle of a freeman would not declare for an instant severance of the connection, if the principle is to prevail that North Carolina laws give her citixens power to hold slaves for a single hour in Pennsylvania, when that privilege ia denied by ber statutes to himself. The mode of appointment makes all ths Federal Courts packed juries as betweea the North and South. The principle is perfectly settled and airsys eted upon in the Senate, tbat no Northern man shall be confirmed for any judicial1 appointment whatever, until he shall first hsve approed himself Southern in his views of the laws aad the Constitution. I remember a very remarkable ease in point. When Judse Sxitb Thompson died, Mr. Tyleb norninsted John C. Spencb to he Justice of the Supreme Court. He was rejected, thoutb regarded as the ablest lawyer of Nea-York. Tbe caue of rejection was nadisguieed. He waa too firm and too conservative to be trusted oa the Slavery question. Next Chancellor Walwocth was nominated. Hie nomination lay in tbe Senate fear or five months, and wonld have been rejected because of a casual extrajudicial remark not favorable to some certain pretension of tbe South. He was withdrawn. Judge Nelson was sppnin'ed because it was known that he could be rehed upon as a Northern Judge with Southern principles. The lime for bereg mealy moutfced on this subject bas gone by. Tb hope of justice for the No th, or for any Northern citisen, in cases involving Southern pretensions aa to Slavery, ia utterly fallacious And it is just aa certain that the time for richUug such a monstrous snd unendnrable evil is now present. One word as to Wb celeb's slaves. She waa asked if she could leave her children, and remain in a free State. Now she had been sold to the South only a year gn. without her children, from this District, and if she had gone she would never have seen them acain. Affected by an act of sach horrible ciuelty, the lsdy who sold the woman entreated Mr. Whseleb to buy her before sue set out for the Georgia plantations, which he did. The transsctien is honorable to all concerned ; but the woman well knew, from what she had seen a thousand times, that on her master's first reverse she would be sold again to the South, and separated from her children forever. Aqdioat. Mr. Bsekasaa! Waeeeeser Tk Okie Else, tloa The ralaa aad tka Wheeler Slave Case. omtpndec the JVes Tor Detfy Timet. Wasmlvstoh, Tkarsday, Aag, , 1H5J The President bas not yet determined upon the suecesw to Mr. Bccuanah. He -win, probably, be a Southern man, to compensate the substitution for the fiery Soplb of Louisiana, of the very moderate Dodob of Iowa. But it is thought expedient to wait for the very latest dispatches from the present Minister, aa he has a habit of changing his mind, one of tbe privileges of politicians of which Mr. Buchanan ha made tbe mot during hai public career. He may cone lade at the eleventh hour that the quieter is the better part. Tbe British mission is at this time about the pleas ao test sinecure under the Government, and so is likely to continue during the present war, which wUl, doubtless, outlast Mr Pibbcb's Administration, and perhaps several succeeding ones-Mr. Btjchanan is coming home, it is understood-if at all, upon a Presidential excursion. I know of no Democrat, proper, who will occupy a more advantageous position in the coming party struggle tbsn the favorir son of the Keystone. The party ia much inclined to atone for the blunder of 1852, by a return to the old fogies who wer then se contemptuously spurned. Mr. B. is oa the shady side of sixty, though ia 1842, ia his celebrated tilt with Mr. Clay, he owned to only thirty-six. To be elderly and a fogy is now nothing mose abas an amiable weakness, if aot a merit of tke negative kind. Fortunately for ki standing with the country, Mr. B. has been absent daring tbe recmt scandalous derelictions of his party from its pledges and professions, and he will not be held responsible for the Nebraska episode and its train of infamies. His time-honored competitors, Cass and Mabcy, have beea placed by their years upon the retired list, and ara not therefore in tbe list ef competitors. Thia will secure to Mr. Buchanan the undivided support of Pennsylvania, and with Pennsylvania at his back, Mr. B. could have extorted a nomination from the last Convention. Gea. Pibbce will be ia his way, because he ess sppoint, a ke ia doing, all th delegates from the great cities. But tha rural districts are yet in an invincible majority, aad I regard the Cunvea-tiongameas almost ia Mr. Buchanan's bands. But, according to present appearances, that is the very game which is certain to lose before tka people. Since noticing the nomination ef Cbasb, Fob asd BBlKKXBBorr, as the Republican Fuaioa candidates for State offices ia Ohio. I hare received very different account of tb prospects of the party there. It is now th general epinioa that Cbasb will be elected by a crushing majority, that ke will carry eighty out of the ninety counties, and that not a relic of Silver Grsytsm or Hunker Democracy will be left ia the State. The fosailiferous remains of the Whig party will be represented in the canvass by Hon. John Scott Habbisor, ai candidate for Governor. The raise teem with article denouncing th people of Pennsylvania and tbe Free Skates tor the liberation of Wbeblbb's slaves. I ahauld not be forgotten that this organ af the Executive Government is paid for work of thia hid at the rateof nearly aae thousand dollars per dsy, mora than two-thirds of which is paid by people of the North. Without the stipend it receive from aha Treasury ao suck journal could exist a month ia this District. Aad yet this pampered court favorite yslpa dsy after day with the flippant taenia ace of it tnbe about ' Northern fan tics, "'aegTO steal i era of the North." " Northern agitators." " North-era disunion is U," ravaging tbe purlieu of BU lingagai for terms of obloquy aad vttuperatiaa with which to insult Northern feelings, aad to aa- l Northern society, not sparing from k saalig-Bant aenaDriatiorts even tke pulpit or the beach of the North. From the local prase of the 8outa. ia ewppnrted by the asoeey of ha Southern wa eaa tolerate aay asaoant ai ytrnl bitterness, but tbat we ahauld be reviled by crea-w kiving mpea mu beauty, ia aa oarage upoa fcurnaa patieace almost to great for kamaa nduranee. If the bitterly malignant sectional press which sends forth its diatribes trass this District eaa ealy bve apea tka spoils ad the Federal Treasury, it ought to pat off its aateM aad aaemave th virta af neutrality a betweea North aad Soath. ar it ought to die. ; There a oe important point in rAk east wi!c kas not beea noticed Oa hi fret exeraiaatioa 'W rkblbb teaiified that tke woman protested her aaxioaa, slaaost fraatie desire to samaia with ana, bus whea testifying agaiast the minted persons ea-Taged ia her release from hie illegal detention, he Idmitied by the clearest Hrplie ihm that she wished to escape from hie custody, aad did aot resist. Ia sa Abolitionist this would be perjury, la Mr. Whseleb it ia aa excusable discrepancy. A gain, is net something due to the outraged laws of Pennsylvania f Was he not feloniously abducting from tbe State persons made free by the operation of her laws f If he waa, he has wantonly disturbed tbe repose of a whole comeraaity. hazarded the peace and even the existeace of the Unioa, and deserves the severest punishment. Aquiday. CASTLE GARDEN. Bsw Emigrant are fretted on Ltadinj. Honored is that house which for generation after generation has served aa aa ornament, aad in its old age commences a aew career of practical use fumess. Aad our venerable Castle Garden is very highly honored that, after half a century of service a a military rallying place and a fashionable resort for the seekers of amusement, now whea it wail are cracked aad crumbling and all its early glory departed, it ia vouchsafed the privilege of granting a boon to all humanity, aa well as to tke City, of which it is tbe gateway. In the old time, New-York received Lapaybttb in Castle Garden with its most profuse hospitality ; to-day hundreds of the brothers of Lafayette come over from vine-clad France, and in Castle Garden receive the first welcome to America. So, after all, tbe charure is aot so very great. Instead of one ovation a year to some distinguished foreigner, henceforth there will be s perpetual ovation to thousands of sover-eiins. And, whereas only straggling couples have beretofote promenaded the balcony aad pledged their mutual troth, henceforth it ia utterly givea up to young and old, lads and lasses, old men and crusty maids to wander at will throughout it, talking of the good old times snd plotting for future reunion on Western prairies, or arranging for the services of the clergyman, and the quiet cottage and the bairns that are to be bora. The new order of things is fairly inaugurated. We went down yesterday to see bow it works. Three ships loaded with emigrants arrived up from Quarantine, and it was a busy time all round. Compose yourself, reader, while we tell about it : A high board feaee, through which the eye cannot peep, nor over which the most curious boy can climb for it is thirteen feet high shuts in tbe proper inmates and shuts out intruders ; among the " out " are all emigrant runners. On Thursday several of these hopeful gentlemen dressed themselves in emigrants' clothes aad tried to gain admittance under the pretence of having been landed m company with those juat arrived. But the dodge did not work. Others pleaded earnestly to get in to see a father or a brother, a sister or other relative, who was among the passengers. But they were too well known to palm themselves off on tbat pretence. Yesterday a few did aot scruple to manifest their dislike by open demonstrations of hostility. Besides continually hooting at the employes of th Commission, aa they passed in snd out. they attacked one or two of them with stones. They went st Commissioner Gabbigue so fiercely that he ealrad the Potieeto his aid. Commissioner Ktf-nedy drew a revolver upon them, which had the effect of cooling them somewhat. It is feared, however, the end ia not yet. The Commissioners, and those under them, will go armed for the present, and will be ready for any emergency. These runners hsve sucked the life-blood of erra-rrants so long that they think they have a right to it. And now, when upon a sudden " their occn-patinn' gone." they feel as melancholy and dissatisfied with the world a do the liquor-dealers where a Maine Law is honestly observed. A policeman waved the leeches aside, and we presented our face at the grated opening of a narrow door. A word assured the porter, and we entered, registering our names where some score had preceded us, sa is tbe rule for all visiters to do. Now passing the heavy door of old Castle Clinton tbat waa its name until 1923. let us push straight through to the opposite aide and out upoa the wharf. Here ia a busy time. A heavily-loaded emigrant ship has just anchored in the stream, aad the barge Pilgrim, towed by a steamer, is now just fastened to tke pier with all her company and their luggage. The ship is the Mary, of Havre, and her passengers are of the better ciesa. atout, clean looking Hollanders, hopeful and hearty peasants from France men who have a trade In their heads, skill in their brawny arms, and money in their pockets, and women who promise to be helps meet for industrious aad intelligent men. As they leave the barge, they are examined with reference to heir health, and to discover if any of them should be conveyed to the Hospital. Then they enter the Garden and present themselves immediately at the desk ia the centre of the room. Tnere their names are registered, and the names and number of their family, the ship tbey come in, their point ef destination, the route they prefer taking to reach it, the amount of money that they bring, dtc. The folio wing ia the number of emigrant arrived these last three days, aad the amount of money that they brought with them. By the Attart 240 passengers 415.000 By tbe JjrufgMArr. ...450 paasengers 4,753 By the Ii 12 families 238 By the Mary 300 passengers 14.434 If any are ignorant of the routes west an officer points out the peculiarities af each, shows the nearest cut to distant places, and informs them of the prices of tickets. Map of the State and of the route are hung about the toom, aad if the officer does his duty, no intelligent man need deside until he knows the general features of the lend that lie between the promised land and Castla Garden. This information is what almost every emigrant deeds ; and the officer charged with the duty should be one of the best of men. The moment that he recommend one route above another or nrgei to the selection of this one ot the other, ke has violated a rule of the establishment and is worthy te be kicked oat. Next, tk emigrant is shown to tha baths. Wa jcin tbe crowd of aaalee that flock ia to the right. Here we find a Urge room, La tk centre of which bang sevt-ral coarse roller towels, aad along th aide ia a deep trough of running Crotoa. Thia ia the wash-room. Soap abouads we hope ao sao-tives of niggardly economy will ever make it lea plenty. Behind a screes that reaohe across the room is th basin for bathing. A desen or two caa be accommodated in it at tha same tixoa. Indeed, every facility ia granted tbe aew corner, whatever may be ki eondiuoa oa entering it, te leave Casli Gardaa persoaaly clean. Tk fimti bath aad wash-room were tke counterpart of the mala, bat aa it wa ia aae at the time, wa eaaeatod to take tka statement of eu ecaafactor aad forego a per eonal iavaetigatioa. . Back bow to the Weigkmaster oa the wharf each bead of a family wast go, paint oat ki log-gsge, aad receive a c ittficBto of it aggr gate waight. ,. i - "' . New, if the sanigTaat desires to stop ia tka City, he aaay leave ki bxggaga, to be caCad for wke PRICE TWO CUNTS. wsated, and issuing oat at the narrow front gate, auater up Broadway, aad sqaat, at reat, er iy and build as suits his ewa sweat will, he is already a prospective Aatericaa citisea aad has tha freedom of the City or tke land. But few by this arrival elect te stop hats f they are wise enough to push oa where they will be welcomed to the West. All suck are directed to the Clerk ia aa office at the front part af tka building, where they exhibit their tiokets. if aW purchased them ia the old country, or purchase aew oaee if unsupplied. If the nartv elects lo stsv a Am in tk fiiftw ine ia sichta and eettiss a imm ct( ttm mtunwkAm k. is at liberty to do ao, bat there are no beds in the Castle, and he most take his ekanee with ths kna. phable or craven, the honest or the aharky af th metropolis, for the night. Moat prefer to go oa at once. And such need not wait long. The barge is soon reloaded with the baggage, and the steamer again fastening on, tbey are borne to the several depot they are to go by without eost, and deposited just ia time to take be next train onward. So does the honored old Caatla enshla tka sioners ef Emigration at least to fulfill their fnAesu tion of dispatching ths business of the Board promptly, protecting the Vity from the annoyance of an immense horde of straacer utterly ianeraat of the name of a street, and eartirely at th matey of heartless runners acid leadlords. We cannot judge, of Course, haw soon eamintinai asav unuu in at the narrow entrance to the Castle, snd villain ous tyranny beein ita abuses, but it will maha tfc eves of tbe lover af kia I i mA ar,. wik il- tO see the improvement already effected in behalf .. . .. oi me poor emigrant by the removal into Castle uaraen. The large hall of the Garden is a capital place for young Europe to enjoy itself in, duriagt the brief hours of his tarry in our City, oa his route westward. A tall fountain feeds a noble basia of water aear the SDOt where the old ataaa araa mnA cools the sir even at tbe nooa of the heated term. lbs children were rollicking about it. sailing their psper boats, and full of unrestrained glee. The women sat in groupe, talking in some of those Crooked old-countrv Lnffn&aa that n.L. w der how any talking can be done them until the , ... people come oi age, some knilBng, some cutting and eating slices of rye German bread aad cheese, some patching and fixing up tha wardrobes of their family. They would not have cut a very fine figure in the ball-room of the Yaoht Crab last night, but la view ef their healthy forms aad faces, we would like to see them matched in the dairy, the kitchen, or the field with as many of our pale New-York beauties. The prevalent head dress resembled sach cushions as the ladies construct of drugget snd stuff with hay, set upon the crown of the bead, fastened by a broad belt over the head and under the chin. They wore abundant woolea skirts, and some were of no meaner breadth about the hips than our Newport aaeens when girded with a couple of the " corded "but for a different reason. It was a strapping dame, we ssw, who having eaten no more than the mere nubbin of a long German loaf, proceeded to pocket the big balance. She lifted up her frock, aad into a sack sowed fast to her petticoat that more than half a city bushel might be stowed in dropped it as one might drop her thimble. As the pocket iasonly htevd,om vrttiiar w who newrr bet will wager our inkstand tbat no pickpocket ever-lightens her of the load. The whole castle is theirs to ramble in. and none hinder any, wherever they choose to stop in it. Tbe best seats are free, and numbers that at Jenny Lino's Concerts sold at fabulous prices, were open to the poorest. In a comer, a lad sella bread and cheese, and milk, at what seems a high price, bat is really cheap when it is remembered that a franc is always taken there for a shilling. Sorry are we te add that there is a shadow of danger thai the Commission mar aot be able to retain possession of the Garden for its present excellent uee. But there is a little cloud in tke Councilmen's Chamber. Castle tiardea la the Canadian aas (W mlttee. On Friday afternoon the Committee on Public Health of the Board of Couricilnven present. Mcaara. Rannby. Slevin and Smith) met in the City Hall, to consider the report from she Board of Aldermen as to tke use of Caskle Garden for an Emigrant Depot, and to hear parties in relation thereto. Messrs. Cocinhoven and Coorca were absent Mr. A. J. Pebby appeared on behalf of the remonstrants. He quoted largely frota the comma-cattoa from the Comptroller, in reply to a reaoka-tion relative te leasing Castle Garden to the Com-mtasteners of Emigration, preasated tu ths Boards AMenasa, May SI, 1155. After reciting the history ef the various eevenaMs te which Castle Gardea had beea s ejected, as folly sad explicitly set forth in that affl-etsl deeaiasat, Mr. Pebby said It lieiaii a qaestiaa whether tbe present use and apeUeattoe rths pise is eat a viola-tlea of tbe as as framed by ths Stale te tk City. He eanleadsd that th tax-payers havta paid far im-rvesaeatoean,saeisJlytaaddiacM Us arse, the Crporsiiaa, sa Trasrus, hoead ' at for pabrie bear it, sad aot, after a snack expanse, allow tha prsaetty te ge hack ar reran to th State. The act ef March 16. 1790, provide that a property Is thenceforward sad far ever reserved, sad shall as as eldersr-)lrsdeeaypyyvateas wnsMver.aad aadar Tresses ft the pahiie, sol, is prostrty . Afsla, as 18x1, IA LaftaUcava, h sassssarm and eaadittoas, aad for th seat surpass, had ftvaa ths power sftks eeastrasttea ef a aah-U walk without any pewsr ef alieaatrof the araaerty se asad by sals. Csstia Caries, built hi WOT bythi United Stales GsvsrarassH. by saraaiseiea ef the Cay aad Saataarsasa." whea a-t aaesssarya a work efd-fcaea," waa te revert ia Us paopta. sad as, Mr. Sn, aalj lla Sa IImiiImlI -J , " . by the Cetperattoa aad Mr. Cosauw, the traaaeotiees ef Uia, the Brat day W the -tbeMv. aa 4 CeatieGar. dea, weald vrtists aad reads Illegal th waste traa "S""f, ai aa wins 1st BBS) r aneree, aa las sxtstier had iihua. Ha tasa draw tbe atteasiaa at the Caeaaustss te th sigBiscaaey af fcuas which appeared ia tk Times aad ber paper aa to Ue rath af ateeaa to smivals. Dariag last yaar (IBM) tasa Ka oral naa as essigraBSB tha port ef New-Tsra. Of the isv,suetaaf snd tha 1st resaoadtastv isfth number. sstl. Diesass is araeh mar thaa twts as mat. Ths aasabs f th sash ara toss by sea kswsis asa af twBty-avshaadrsd,whMUs sraaBhsr arrtvla an is. r - - - - - i , mmwmm I u II SI I SI IB Bias laid. Tbe Darter, who. eaeardjaw statist sat, psewlad thraagk the ehapat Qeereataae. wish hi dark I sat ara sad tallow Madia, ara to ber Uerederths satlrs r up i asrt Jtty thars Was te be aa- Oas af Us Soasssrms bare tsssivsd that than !7?f?,-lw,rrtli avte ef the Isaae, the ant wa she ininwis if tk mto a dock, erlaadtag piaea, tke ass-ad tat aa theaeoeraBeea at tvraaty aarta. haearta eaid aiy htr.Baar directed th srtoackaa aftks Casasasnss te tks Cast st psaa U, ia tke easy r the tBhstar bat wasa the Meyer aad Aiur, as spoeafymg - ao right ef way araagaa, a eaaer vekislss wettssirsr apea -n r. irkmsat lit ij ma harraar tteeaooafthe Mayer far Ik ttss bstiif' at wrtttaa. aae aiui waa te have -aeexalaetv rigkt to esoapr av. end a saw aa ligUf -Marara stUsr -mW.-tr. Faaav than withdrew wUh Mr. WbvmvvS te IWtvetoly as Us Ckaarsaaa m van aw a asa the 1st ef Jaaaarv. 1KSA af Aaraat-la -- - - r- I umm a niw . Bat datease daaa eat iiaahsiah w ,k. Eaufratiea Cflietiswi.ts shaw that taaa W7en w aa seea sapaaasa last year, ha payaMos te sevaral Counties la this Stat far msdissl aad ether Btfadaaee te seaiiUBl who had passed rr-atlas. anar ssrosaisg tan esse sassuy waa hubs usSisiSi snag Wat teas sis aa tkree. v . - c .-..,.v;. - Taaaday Boat, aasfseet UKOSSTJTH. , v- arc mat atsx - . . Tk Awstriaui Cifeaao' '4 1 Brittak ktetot. ' --w , . Us-aw. rrvaa. My ta gfaa, Sib: Lord JobkRvmbu. rimrmitehmtj . tbe debates oa Sir B. LvTTOB'a irntini k depriviaf Her Brstasate Usjeaty of tke aV vantaire of hi furtber rvicee. tbe tebele could of eearse aot leaj to ayhjoaeeale diale- eatioB of tbe Mmiatry. Tbey Kave taken rare to publish taat so toack froot tke archives of Becret diplomacj, as wr&14 show that what. ever may have passed ia the private circle ef the happy family, the freveraateat has, after an, rejected tbe RasarsO-Asatriaa krepeeal ; a it would have beea indeed U Vrra( , mae te the whole Crovenatoeat a palpabie ta the faflt i Lord Job v. The aerm ppeaaed by tkrovrtag Joaah overtaard. The Oppitioa apprared rather aafry at seemi the epportaatty pjip treat their haaus. and they had good tea, ft . The eessiea draws fast to iu cleae t the eetaxbtts of easy power during the recess, uhoUMw4 by Far-hameBtary bearing, await tamksteva wass ever they aaay be. There at a period M temptinffor Her Majesty's Ofpoaitoa f be-, sides everythiag goes ao much the wrosg; wsy, that it would eertamly hare beea very odd if a new Mini try, aot fettered by the antecedents of their predeceaeors,' eoali tvot have managed matters so as te treat Parliament after the recess with something, hew-ever small in real value, still affording mm satisfaction when compared with the absolute meagerness of the present. It was very-tempting indeed. There has also beea sos-sidersble exertioa used to force tbe Gevera-ment, by personal attacks, iato some indiscretion, which wonld have brought heme te them tbe fact, that the Govenuaeat was very-near acting up to the advice of Lord JmrL and woald have fiaished by accepting ths) disgraceful proposition to which Lord Jean- had pledged his word and mflaeace, were it not that they got orders to the eenirary from Locis Napolbok Dobapabts, orders started 'irrevocable" by tbe discharge from erlce of Dbovyn bb Lbdys, the worthy eoBeagn. and accomplice of Lord John; which 'of coarse rallied them all to passive submission, snd enabled Lord Classroom te write, on the 8th of May, a clever dispatch is tha negative, for which great credit is givea to ban. The fact of tbe said " circumstance " admits of no doubt ; it is universally knows, and aa attentive comparison of the dates would convince the iaeredaltty ef the veriest Thomas -, but it is one thing to know, another thing to substantiate a fact officially ia Parliament ; and there was no possibility of wringing a word from tbe Miaisters to convict them. They love honor well, bat they love their places more. So they preferred to "eat dirt," as the Turks would say 1 they swallowed everything rather thaa rhtk tha tenantry of ths treasury bench. First, the elegant literary Baronet (Bclwbb Lyttos,) tried aa "assault" by individaalixJag tha merits of the Clabbitoos dispatch, drawing a difference betweea him who is hat responsible for his own opinion, and the Premier as ' responsible for the whole Cabinet. Nesr that would not do, of coarse. However true the argument tn private, ia official form, it was a mistake. Lord Palbbbsto did not fail to take advsntage of k. Up he started, and retorted by saying, bow can yea be s ignorant, or so insincere, as to pretend that the Foreign Secretary could write' avtbing but the decision of tbe Cabinet t The aobio Lord felt tbe advsntage of his poaitioa ; ha grew quite bold, and seasoned his answer with personal invective of the gravest kind, quite in a Billingsgate style. He had, haw-ever, to rue his boldness very soea. Mr. Disbabli gave it back ta him with sach ft pulverizing usury ; he aeeoapaaied the lashing with se confidently throwing ft in their teeth, that there was a period whea tha disgraceful Austrian terms were cordially accepted by the Govern meat m how&tm ha spoke with sach confidence of tbe highness ef his information, and looked se pugnacious,! that the noble Lord dared absolutely aot sa' much as wince, but accepted tha flageQatioa with aa impassivity of silent indignation, sach ' as ao man with hie conscience elear aver has1 mastered ia any Parliament aa earth. :Dis-" Baku seeing his aatagoaist shrinJc, weuad aphis eastigatioa ia these very words:' -Tha' First Minister af tha Crew, has shewa te ma 1 to-night, that if tha honor aad tnteresta af tha ' country be aay loager intrusted ta sis ear,' the first win be degraded, aad tbe last wH -be betrayed." The House put a big poiat oa 1 the I," with a loud sheer; aad the Minis- terl be remained seated aad mate! "' Now, Sir, I have some experience ia. ' Parliamentary life ; it has beea ay lot ' to lead aa OppMititnv-to be a Mia-! ister, aad ta hsve to aoraiaata Mia-' inters aad I deliberately say, I oeubfaot7 have imagined H possible that a Mmhrter, aa- cused publicly ia Psriiameat of degrading tha : honor and hctrtyiag the bterests ef kill eaaa- ' try, could let pass ana naiauta aster ' saaat a ' charge, vnthaat ealiag aa tha House to av' cide, by a formal rote, betweea him tad his accuser t I ceuld aot have imagined it peesi- '1 ble for a Miaister ta keep his seat, unless tha L acemsatioa were either retracted, ar declared 1 a calumny by the vote of the House I ant erfecty confideot that If a Minister la fena- gary would bare beea aeea pocketing sack an .aecusation, the Bouse weald aot have besP ' tated for a momeat ta send him ta plead for J" bis life before judge ; eni se much I knew, J tbat if a Miaister e say aacniriitioa had left the Asaeinbry with sack a charge ewaOowad a silence, be would aot have remained Mia- kter a moatent longer. Bit here b Englaai f nobody appears ta have aa ebjeetioa ta heixg . ruled by anen accused af treason ia PaxCa-aieat. ... - , t ' Alter Disbabu came Mr. KeaavcK, aad addressed the Ceverameat ia Uese wards : -lp LETTniSTROXl r .. I- ' a - i i.- 1

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