The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1947
Page 2
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<«* FACE TWO BLYTHBVILLE (ARK.V COURIER NEWS 48 Nazi Butchers Die on Gallows WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, MJ-17 '^Crimes Victors in War , May. 28. .(UP); — Twenty-six Mauthausen 'Concentration 'Camp offlcAis'aml'iloilOTs. were hanged by tlie U. S. Army .today in the two-day mnss execution pi 48 professional Nnzl imiiilerors. One 'of the 27 men scheduled to hang today won a >teiniwrary i reprieve at- the >ast moment ami was save<i" from the single-tile niarcn to the. twin black gallows of I.aiids- •••'• Return of the .o na'zis Vere hanged yesterday.- Tha two-day ' hanging was the greatest mnss execution carried, out by the U. s. Anny ,in Germany; • ' • \ The reprieved man wag Olto Strlegel. He hail been scheduled to die at noon, but at 10 a.m. he was notified or his reprieve. All 48 men hanged yesterday and lo'dny were convicted ot murders and' tortures nt the Maulhausen Canip. • . S. S. ocnernl August 7.;gruber ot Linn, Austria, cnce flic gavil- elter of Ob'erdcinnu, was Hie most prominent on today's tteath list. During the trial at Darhnu he WAS quoted as saying of Russian prisoners at Mauthausen, "all these swine will have to be rinishcil." Medical ExpeHs In Group Five Mnuthaiisen inrdicnl experts convicted of gruesome experiments on prisoners wore executed today. Bodies of those, executed today were placed In plain wooden cof- iins.- ns were trip 22 who died yesterday. The five medical experts oxe- . culed were Dr. August Blel, :,3: Dr. Fricdrick" End-ess, 32; Dr. William Henkel,.37; Dr. Edward Krpbs- bach. 52 nnd Dr. Will demur Woller, 38. Ariiong the charges' on which' tlicy were convicted \verc sextua!/ perversions, costcrallon, forced Intercourse, lethal' Injections' nrid "experiments" .to do flVay with their victims. ' . The men will be-builcd liS n'fco'm- i mon. trench rtiij; by n ••bulhfoxer I outside the 20-iooL prison . wnll: ! The-prison wing where Adolph Hit- i ler 'wrote "Meln 'KflmpD" stood ' close beside the gallons. Stfiegel's 1 only comment when he .was r reprieved was -'"why?" - Eigruber's>. last "words': were: ;;'! regard It nh honor lo he hnnged by the'jndsl brutm of 'air victors.'" Only: Henkcl- completely Ipjt^hir, stiff, "•hecl-cHctlng i <!o'nip6suTe:'H8[£ filibustered for three .minutes .on the gallows • crying f6K : "n- reprieve; "in th> name of mv American rein- j tives'^He asked for Htn'e to'giU*" witnesses to"proip )<ls Innocence ' Capes return lo hu;h favor In summer fin- styles. Y'lelured iicumsl New '£^/K'A historic Washington Square arcli are., three nulstiimlimj Cushions. The blue-frost nili'ik bniero rape, left, lias a wesklt- lilic front with jiatch jmckols Hint tan ilouble us a nuiff. Ki|iph>il and llared. the cane-stole, lower right.i of silver-blue mink lias lonij K«\rf ends tlial n-v*- nlmuM lo tlic hemline. Inset is ii bich-style c-nt;\\vay of tawny Indian broailtiill \vliicli boasls cniic-slyled Kltievcs, . , Five Youths Get Sentences /or Ball-Bat Killing , POWHATAN, Va., May 28. (UP) —Five young linmales of Beaumont State industrial School today faced prison terms for their part In tbejjlnphig of n supervisor who was beaten to death with o base- brill bat. " ' . Judge Garld Jefferson, Jr., sentenced the youths after their attorneys entered pleas of guilty In the ratal beating of clarence E. Hubbard, 22. Iliibbard died last year. Ciarwowl Trenor, ifi, drew a 10 year sentence, the longest of the lot. Ills father, W. O. Trenor, Ron- noko attorney, told the judge he had warned the State Welfare Department two months before the attack that liis son was a psych*- pathlc case. No action was taken, lie snld. Pour youths were sentenced to five-year terms with two years sus- ixmded. They were Freddie Caves, 16, Uoanoke, Va.; Richard Ilnrlow, n. nrislol. Va.; Robert nawson, 17, Massncliusetles; nnd Carle Wll- burn, 17, Alexandria, Va. Samuel Winston, 17, Richmond, received a five-yea r suspended scri- aiid was placed on probation. won by candidate supported by the Pendergast organization. "It is our beliet," (he Brand Jury said in H.s report, "that llogcr C. Slaughter In tills race was deprived of the nomination by a fraudulent miscount of votes and Ijy other types of fraud," Axtell defeated Slaughter by a narrow margin and was, in turii, defeated by the,' rU'pulmcan n'mii- nee, Reeves, three iiiuntlv; later. Slaughter «i!d h<: -,vould witli- holii cotnment until the official volt recount was made. "Any statement at this time should cjmt; from Attorney General Clark i-on- cerning the liilluri! oi tile nepurt- Thrill-Seeking Lad, Who Admits Killing Four, Expresses Sorrow VFW to • Hunt-no5d*'Post 2276~of the Veterans of Foreign Wars will |iold 'its weekly meeting a l 1:30 tonight 1 at the Wetenkanifr Cotton Co., off I a here. Farly Ruler • Hndispuied ruler of the animal kingdom .on this earth .for more Umiv ICO.fCO.O-) years was a luzy. little shell-covered crab-like stav- enger known as a trilobitc. 0 Movtni wut. Al» I?*nr»d Oimtrmc* HaaUoJ (tarrtK^ mtm h ni Pkon< IBOi Ml'EEU, Miph., May, 28. (UD —Oliver Terpeiilnir, jr., lli-ymr-Utl farm boy who confessed he mur- dered'four playmates lor n thrill ••iJd today he'vfcK.dis.-ippomted with •'I dlfhi't ge^.thc ; (hrlH"l expected put* oavft;" ToVfliynlng tola p.- _ who bfp'yght ''hitii v ;(b the. Hapccr jad 'Tin sorty now that I killed them."- ' • The "slender, narrow-faced youth facetl life imprisonment if convicted on the first degree murder charge filed by Circuit .!iid[;c' George W. dcs: Jardlns. Michigan docs not have the death penally. •Terponing calmly admitted to officers nt" slate police headquarters in East. Lansing Hint, hs de- llberalely. shot ;md killed four neighbor' children of one family late Monday as they picked flowers in the \vnods ncnr his farm home. Tlie victims were ISarb.irn Smith. 1C. Stanley. 14. Gladys. 12, and Janet..'2. Young Barbara war, considered bis "girl friend " "I always kinda wondered what It would feel like to kil! somebody." he told Dr. Le Moync Snyder, Mich- igan .slate medical-legal expert. "I even thought a lot about kil > <K my .Htcpinuthcr. but never went throughout with II." A curious but orderly crowd ol ' Of .them Heel In his before the bodies »of father's car before the bodies »of his youthful victims were found. The car was found abandoned m I'nrl Huron. Mich. , The farm boy told police he didn't. want lo nilend tile muss fiin- i'1-iil lo Ijo held inniorniM' ;it Inl-.y City for the four children. "I would i)i> afraid lo lace MM 1 .' family," ho sn id. Pi-awcntor Kenneth Smith s-dd diction and bring the case direc'.ly to circuit court. Police a:iid Tnrpciilng showed no remorse and was not not nervous during their long questioning, lie posed readily for photographers, stnring .steadily into the cameras. UshiR a .22 caliber rifle, the farm uoy had fired one bullet each in:o the back of the heads of Barba'a nnd Gladys, -lie shot. Stanley twice, and pumped four bullets Into th.; baby, Junel.- ' v Prosecutor Smith said the farm boy had a crush on Barbara and had given her a birthday present, last Sunday. The prosecutor said ppiiiDg had n good school record but was known as a problem child and had run nwtiy from home several times. Tim youth's father nnd mother were divorced when he. Was six, Texan Sentenced To 10 Years for Arkansas Thefts I1ATESVU.LE Ark. May 23. (L. —Claude C. Clifton. PostofNce bmnlar from Dallas. Tex., started a 10-year-prison term today fol- lowinK his sentence by Judge Thomas Lomley In Federal Court here yesterday. Tie pleaded gulltv to burglarizing rostotfices at Oil Trough and Bcedeville, in Jackson County, late in 1845. On parole from the Texas Penitentiary where he was serving M years for armed robery, Clifton faces extradition to the Lone Star State at the completion of his Arkansas term. Nathan E. Davenport of Newport, iow serving a sentence in the Arkansas rjonlttmtlnry. told Judge l.em- ley that he acted as lookout for Clifton In the mail robberies Edgar Baker, former Independent! Comity sheriff, wns-fined $500 and 1 placed on two-years nnsupervlsed probation after he refused lo enter a pleading to a charge of violating Interstate commerce regulations. Owner of a truck line, Baker was chained with failing to remit within a reasonable time payments made by consignees to consignor's on shipments. nient of Justice to take cognizance of the matter," he S (iiU. Axtell .said lie had not red tlie grand jury's ra^ort, but "I will say I was under the impression I go', the nomination legally."' He said nn official of the Kansas City Star, which instigated the current investigation by publish; in;: retails of alleged- vote fraud, had informed him that the Star's im-i'sthiUTion showed that he was itojninatpd and "(hat 11CO fradulenl volra tliey unlove red" did not af- kcf. his vic-tui'y in the primary. "A :,ij',nl!ic:int fact," tlie grand j jury ivpurU-d, ."is tliut wlitre n • .•,-^(-aJj(o niJscount of found the count invariably was In favor of. one factional slate of Democratic candidates." Axtell and the other two winners in the primary races under Investigation were supportcd^tty (ho amlent Pcmlcrgast orguniwition which showed surprising strength in the primary. It apparently was on its way to a comeback, when the nepublican candidates upset its candidates in November. The machine: !fd by Jumes Pnn- <lpi';;ast, .1 nrpliew of lli« late 'J'o:n Pcndergast, publicly- surj-cudercd c-ontrol ol the county party :i:/iliun 'in' a shaken;) two :i£;o. -*-. I IN JUST Factory parts pert repairmen reasonable prices and speedy swvke- are four good reasons lo bring your .W!*tch to us for repairs, i-iosci-uior ivcimciii .smith siKi "c grew i ir would pirsi'nt a molimi in pp>- accused I late court to waive juvenile jurii- product. Provcil Point Sir TUonms T.iiilon once nuctlon- ;i pnuncl of toa Tor $180 in fn- ous Mincing Lane just lo prove he fc, r rcw t.ootl ten wluia competitors accused him of selling nn inferior prutUiCil. PHILLIPS 66 IS CONTROLLED* FOR UNIFORM, HICH-QUAUTY PERFORMANCE! • It takes real control to Jiang up ringer, and it Cukes real control to produce a gasoline that gives you uniformly powerful performance all year 'round! That's what Phillips Gfi docs! By soluctivo blending,; cl° high-quality gasoline components! yon got n fuel designed for top-notch performance on the hottest dnys or the coldest! See what this famous Phillips G3 "Control" does for your car! Stop at your nearest Fhillipa GO Station for a ML Y£AR'ROUND! MACHINE ! Conllnurd from Page 1 Clark on tlic same points. In il-s report the grand jury "strongly" urged that the Justice Department and the .FBI enter the investigation Into the 5th District Democratic Primary and two county contests in that primary, all AU WORK FULLY n it i: i r i s DODGE AUTOMOBILES COMPLETE (With Accessory Group "B") , F.Ci.B. Blythevillc, Arkansas Deluxe 3 Passenger Coupe $1,448.45 Deluxe Two-Door Sedan 1,522.20 Deluxe Four-Door Sedan 1,56420 Custom Club Coupe (6 Passenger) 1,611.70 Custom Four Door Sedan 1,616.95 Custom Town Sedan (Four Door-Four Window) 1,674.95 Custom Convertible Coupe 1,904.65 Custom Seven Passenger Sedan 1 990 45 PLYMOUTH' AUTOMOBILES F.O.B. 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