The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 5, 1950
Page 10
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FACT TEN m.TTTTFVTT.T K fAflK.Y NKW8 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5, 1950 Taxes Fall Short, Snyder Claims U.S. Revenue Called Below Expectations; Will Net Hit Spending WASHINGTON, April 5. f/n — Secretary of the Treasury Snyder •aid yesterday that tax revenues have fallen below expectations, but It will mean no marked change In the prospective $5,500,000.000 deficit spending because spending also Is below estimates. Discussing the situation at a ners conference shortly after release of complete government financial datfl for March, which showed revenue receipts down sharply, Snyder said: ,1,-The point of decline was in Individual income tax payments outside 'of withholding — meaning those of farrncrs, doctors, lawyers, etc.- and higher bracket salaried people. 2. Receipts from withholding taxes and from cornoration income taxes lived up to exnectattons. although the corporate payments were below last year. This had been exacted | n v j cw of lessened profits. '3. No chantjc in the administration's tax pronos?>l« seems rem'irod since the budget defirit outlook — measiirino the excess of snrnrlinq over' receipts—d**es not apnear different from . when the nroposals were submitted to Consrcss. Those proposals called for cllHing excise taxes by $650000000. offsetting that loss by" nlurei"e "\ncm- holes." and then n-idinfr Ai.OOO.nio.- 000 extra revenue from hfeher taxes on corporate Incomes and on estates and gifts. iThe treasury's final statement'for March showed budget receipts for the first nine months of this'fiscal year .about 4.5 per cent below last year.- Indicating a drop of Sl.OOO.- 000.000 or more l-ilow the $37,800.000.000 receipts estimate. 'Expenditures for the period also .were off about. 3 ,per cent, giving promise of falling below the C43.- 300.000.000 estimate .by about the same amount as reccints. This wouJrt leave a deficit'of 55.500,000.000 this fiscal year to be followed by another .estimated .at $5.100,000.000 for the fiscalyear beginning July 1. Retired Miner Plans Anti-UMW Campaign UNIONTOWN, Pa., Aprifs. (AP) —Retired coal miner George M. Livengood, evicted from his home for back rent, yesterday planned what: he called "a soapbox tour' flganlst United Mine Workers welfare fund trustees. Livengood, 55, has a federal court *uit pending In Washington, D. c In which' he : charges the trustees of the welfare and pension fund with "wrongful dissipation" of the group's money. He plans to air the charges In his"tour of the country's coal fields. Livengood, who was expelled from the union after filing the suit formerly receiving a pension from th'e UMW. Pension payments were .sus- .pended last year by the fund's trustees because reserves droppec to & ''dangerous point. The victim of a heart ailment Ijivengood took hLs wife ami two, children! to a Uniontown hotel las tight with what he. said was his focrn Crawford Takes Long Honors on Cheesecake DOWN TO THE SEA IN AIRSHIPS—Looking like a now-fancied goiuloln or the latest type submarine, a section of a Brilish "Ambassador" pnsscngcr is put through its water lesls at Southampton. Eng. Center area and fuselage of the planes are checked for soundness of construction. Twenty of the-now airships are on their way to British airlines. Western Powers Organize in Berlin BERLIN, April 5. (AP> — The*.— vcstern jwwcrs in Berlin have or-1 eanfzed nn allied general staff to ! spring into action in any emergency.* This was disclosed in an intcr- i-icw by MaJ. Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor, U.S. commandant in the divided city. , Tn seme respects the new Ameri- cftn-British-French staff resembles wartime SHAEF—Supreme Hcad- riiiarters of the Allied Expeditionary Force. There Is no overall com- ninnrlcr but the. post is reserved for such appointment In the event of genuine aggression. Tay)or said there had always been a need for such a generat staff and that the attitude of the East Gorman Communists had stepped up its organization. He said the staff's primary task Is to plan the suppression of any "Putsch" tactics that might be forthcoming from the cast. The staff came into being after the Conumhts threatened to use youth march of a half million East Germans to .storm the city May 2730, and spread disorder and fear. Since then the CommiinhsU hnve a milder lone in their plans for the end of next month. Britain to Start New Atom V/orks LONDON, April 4. (/V|—Plans for construction of an atomic energy works 1 *of• a -secret type were disclosed yesterday by the British Ministry of Supply. The mst alia tion—Btitain's thin —will be built at AldermasLon, near Reading. . The ministry spokesman declined even to hint what kind of experiments will be carried on at the last 57. "I guess' we'll be -sleeping In our old cur from now on," he declared EDSON Continued from Page 6 •ear and in the highly developed countries it is S4Gl' For the U. S. ilonc it is $1400. In the underdeveloped countries, the food supply averages 2150 cal- orics a day per person,- as against 3040 in developed countries. The average person has a life eJcpcct- incy of 30 years in the underdeveloped countries, as against 63 years in the developed countries. Raising the standards in these underdeveloped countries can b« done, it Is claimed, at reasonable cost. This is no UXRRA or Marshall Plan that will take billions of dollars. The measure of Point IV, as now conceived, is I nlerms of-millions—not billions. The plan Is based on actual experience and past mistakes of UNRRA, tho Marshall Plan, the Export-Import bank, the Institute of inter-American Affairs, nnd the U.S. government's little-known Interdepartmental Committee on Scientific and Cultural Co-operation. But- the Point IV plan is no short- term .iffair. To raise the standards of any ccnmt.ry just n little takes a generation or more. In this period the underdeveloped countries must must go through nil the industrial evolution that the U. S. has gone through to reach its present position. The crusado for the minds and sympathies of tho, people in the.s underdeveloped countries is th struggle that will decide whethe the 'great mass o[ world populatio goes communist or democratic. Th two worlds—Soviet Russia and th Western democracies — arc no\ more or'less balanced as to power Whoever wins over the people n tlic underdeveloped countries w the world. NEXT: business." new works. He indicated that it will be a huge enterprise with the statement that construction will require several years and a "substantial labor force" will be kept at work on it. Great Salt.LaKe City was renamed Salt Lake City in 1868. Get "Reddy "for Kite Flying Time By Observing "Reddy Kilowatt's" Safety Rules 1. KEfP KITES WAY FROM ELECTRIC WIRES 2. USE DRY COTTON STRING ONLY 3. NEVER USE METAL ON KITES ., 4. NEVER CLIMfi POLES (t Presented as a Public Service By Ark-Mo Power Co "Point IV" as "good By Rob Thomas HOLLYWOOD, April 5. OTJ—Joan Crawford was at it again this week —posing for cheesecake, 'In fact, she calculated that she was posing 'for leg art for the ,000th lime. I don't .know how she rrivcd at this total, but, as any ihoto editor will loll you, that's a ot of cheesecake. "As long as the p"blir, wants it," the Volunteered, "I'll give It to hem." This has boon golnc; on since Miss Crawford arrived in Hollywood back n the day's when the Charleston ind Ihc uki'lrle were going around ;he first time. "I was posed being shot out of firecrackers for the Fourth of, July,' she recalled between scenes ol 'Lady of the House." "I was a female Santa Clai's coming out of a chimney. I was In a track uniform running ' the 100-yard dash, i thought T would never get before a movie camera." She finally did make the movies although she wa.s sometimes scantily clad as she was in the publicity pictures. She became the symbol of the flaming flapper. Now, many years and an Academy Award Inter, -she is still willing to display her form. And with mei who know cheesecake best, she's a. good as ever, Miss Crawford ponh-ponhed Lh glamor girls who have been turning i'p their noses at leg art. She in dicatcd there must he somethinc wrong with them, and adr'eri: "Le the public decide." So far the publi demand fnr babes in bathing suit, has not ebbed. Since she is an experienced h (or should I say leg?) at cheese cake, I asked her If there are an tricks to the trpde. •' "No." she replied. "1 just pull i ly tummy, throw out my chest, and >t 'er go." v However, she did demonstrate « ew helpful hints. A gal should not tand with her legs too far apart, xcopt when .wearing sporty clothes. vliss Crawford added that a gal vith knobby knees (hers aren't) or, bwed legs (hers don't) should hot je photographed .from the front, but from the side. "Actually, there are two kinds of cheesecake," she expounded. "There s the upstairs kind, which can be shown in cost 1 .'me pictures, and here Is the downstairs kind, In musicals and comedies." Upstairs or downstairs, la Crawford can still hold her own with the starlets of today. Says pint-sized Mickey Rontiey: It's no handicap to be short in the movies." "It's a lot easier for them to make you look taller on the screen thnn shorter." he reasoned. "Why, I look a lot taller in pictures than I really am. "There arc Just as many short (?uys on the screen as tall ones— Alon Lndd, Jimmy Cagney, Bing Crosby. Gene Kelly, Humphrey Bort. to name a few." ~-*-rv M^ore; Rioney's co-star tn "Frrdilte the Great/' Is Just his hcMU "It's the first time she has had a lending mnn under six feet "It's nice to look someone in the PVR "-M not stretch my neck to do It," she commented. Hollywood Continued from page * bed, saw none and decided thai the Hodlaks weren't on the verge of anything but a nice chunlc of dough. Pour members of Spike Jones' band will become papas around Sept. 1. . . . W. Albert Lee, the Hou.ston rodeo baron, will lake a U. s. rodeo troupe to South America. , . . Walter O'Keefe to an all- female radio audience: "Gosh. I feel like I'm in Tommy Maiu-ille's reported yesterday. They were Identified mostly as rural officials and grain collectors objects of pensant ire. . attic." . '. i. The Modernalm, )u«( signed for ih«lr first full-length film feature, Columbia'* "When You're Smiling," Just waxed a record album for the kids, "The Gloobjf Game." cracky 'cwry Math'? Are you troubled bj dlstreM «f remlle functional periodic disturbances? Doe« thla mate you feel to ttived, high-strung, nert'oua—at such 'tlihes? Thtn DO try Lydl» K. Plnk- hnm's Vegetable Compound to itilev* surJi Kymptomsl Finkham's Com- f ound is mad* especially for icomfn. t Also has what Doctors call a stomachic tonic eBectl Any drugstore. E. PINKHAM'S Peasants Butcher Rec/s HONG KONG, April 5. M>J — Wounded Reds — including men with ears or fingers cut off and women with breasts slashed—were brought ID Canton from Kukong. the independent sing Tab Jih Pao ADVfR' I LIFE SPRED SATIN wall paint dries in 20 minutes. Comes ready to use. Synthetic rubber emulsion base makes it waterproof; easy to use. 14 beautiful colors that are guaranteed washable! $4.49 GAU.ON $139 QT Blytheville Glass & Paint Co. 51 5 R;ist Main Phone 4906 HAUUKG FOREST GIANTS FOR NEWSPRINT For rugged, dependable hauling, for low-cost operation and maintenance no ofhef truck compares with this Ford F-8 Big Job with its powerful, yet economical 145-h.p. V-8 engine! It has me long-lasting brakes you need (rear—16x5 inches!) and it hoi the strength and power you need because it's Bonus* Built throughout. "Test Drive" it at your Ford Dealer's this weekl DELIVERING CITY PAPERS ON TIME For stop-and-go rural and city traffic no other truck compares with this Ford- F-2 Express with its thrifty, 95-h.p. Six engine! It's strong and dependable because it's Bonus Built.. '. easy on upkeep, light on gas and oil because it'$ Economy Engineered. "Test Drive" it at your. Ford Dealer's this week! HERrS WHY AMERICA'S NO. 1 TRUCK VALUE DOES MORE FOR TOUR DOLLAR -^ A choice of two V-8's and two 6-cylinder engines in over 175 models saves more by fitting the truck to the job better -^ loadomafic ignition saves gas -fa Aluminum alloy pistom save oil -^ Engine-top setting of accessories saves on maintenance -fr. New price reductions save money'.. . up to $80. , Ford Trucking Costs less Because— FORD TRUCKS LAST LONGER Using lit,st registration dtta on 6,S»2,OOO irvcft*, Ht» imwMK* •ifwrti fr»Y» Ffr* Tr*c*i tart *»n<w* PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Fifth & Walnut Phone 4453

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