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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, May 28, 1947
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VOL, XI,IV—NO. 50 BlythevlUe Calls BJytheville Courier BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS ™«DO>"NANT NEWSPAPER OF NGRTHEAffT ARKANSAS AND «»«•««»,««,,« ^ <- -« " T *^ Blylhevllle Herald Valley Senate Rejects >lcClellan Move To Aid Taxpayer Colleagues Vole 44-27 Against Increasing Exemption Figure WASHINGTON, May 28 <U.P.)— The Senate today voted 4'1 to 27 against increasing per.somi) income tax exemptions. \ The vole came on ;m amcnd- nienloffered by Sen. Jolin L. Mc- Cleltan, D., Ark., ID the Republican bill to cut, personal inco:ne taxes 10 tn 20 |icr cent oi\ July 1. HP proposed to increase Die individual exemption from $503 to $750. He also would have given a "head oi family" a $1500 exemption. 'A "head of family" does not !:et on yincreased exemplion under present law. but may net ?5K) for his wile as a dependent. McClcllan sal,i the increase in exemption would have given more tax relief to the "low-income wage earner who has to struglc to earn the necessities of life..*' Second Proposal Killed, Too Driving loivurd passaij:; or' the Republican tax reducing bill, ihe Scn- ^e also defeated 54 !o 24 another ^ncndnicnt offered by McClcllan jiticli would have permitted rest•Pils of the 38 non-community properly states to pay federal income taxes on a family-partnership basis. The amendment was similar 1u most respects to onn he offcrsil yes- tciday which would have extended to married couples in Uin 3K ncn- conunounity property stares the privilege of saving on their taxes hy splitting their IncornD. Today's amendment would hav.; permitted members of a family to divide tho husband's income nin-wi;; nil members for tax purposes. Sen. Walter P. George. D.. Ga., joiincd Republicans In ar<;ninL; that McC.lellan's pro|x>sal for family- partnership taxes should be left for consideration in a gcuei'kl lax revision next year, Republicans hoped to send the income tax reduction bill nt Prcfi- cteiit. Truman by next WcdntiicUy Arkansas Banker Raps Politicians Of Peanut Variety HOT SPRINGS, Ark., May 28. (UP) — Bankers of Arkansas will, .•ompletc their three-day conven- .ion here today alter hearing El- I Ban C- Robertson of Mariaiina state yesterday that it wll take good leadership durim; |J )C next 100 years "to keep our economy sound and to liquidate our enormous debt." Robertson is president of the Arkansas Hankers Association. Robertson told the bankers that If d«niocracy is to continue the day of the "peaut politician" in Washington will have to end. Taber Endorses Hoover's Ideas Former President in Pica for Making "Separate Treaties" WASHINGTON. May 28. '(UP) — Chiiirman John Taber of Ihc H.-JIKC Appropriations Committee today urged tlic State Department to adopt former President Herbert Hoover's 'separate peace" formula as Ihc best way to reduce the American relief burden abroad. At the same time, Tuber made public a tabulation slxnvlnq that tills country's prospective foreign aid costs for the coming fiscal yenr will total approximately $<!,8Y6,(JOO 003. The New York Republican said the basis of Mr. Hoover's Jg^OOMiNANT NEWSPAPER OF NOBTHEAgT ARKANSAS AND BOUTHEA8T MI8SOUR! HLVTIHOVILUO, AH KANSAS. WKDNKSDAY, MAY 28, 1<M7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS — ^ ... ^ ___L v»vyrjc*o nyrj \jC4nio Seaway Project Vault Holding Elation Ballots KidnapedBanker HAIKP VM« 11A 1HO Onto lawrAnr* Rlfled ' Comm '«'oner Reports , .,, , , |»OUSC ¥ 0165 110-1117 Wll Jl. LUnlClltW WASHINGTON. Mliy 28. (ll.l'.)-( lalrmim ll,.m,r tw.... 1*01 IDfl I mH AITftPfl * VI •». * ^. _ - _ " ^ ' Ford Employes (fed Pay Hike Production Workers Tendered 15 Cents Per Hour Increase DETROIT, May 28. (UP) -The Ford Motor Company today offenxl its production .employe's a" 15-ccnt hourly wage increase and announced a 10 per cent pay boost for all salaried workers carnio;; less than $1.000 ii month. The provision for s.ilarit-d em- ployes. however, excluded 3.80U stvik- ing foremen since the Foremen's Association of America ha:; terminated its contract with the company. Jolm S. Bu!;as, Font vice prcsl- clelH and head of the firm's negotiating committee, said the company haci offered to renew ils present contract, amending it only to provide for the IS-cenl hourly increase. The pact would become effcclivr- May 31. As an alternative, In- said, the mpany orreretflo make a inw con- .ct effective June 15 and insert Jn the current part, ony nmer.i!- i:itpts agreed on thrt>ui;;i coll"c- livt bargaining by tb.u lluvj. Bi^y said three ana a iialf cents of tij^irolTered increase would be in the form of .six pai-l holidays a year. It followed the pattern set for the industry by Gninrai Motors and Chrysler Corporations. BURKS said the proposed Increase would add some $43,000,000 annually I:: the company's pay-.-o;i. own view, "there isn't any question Ihat the State Department has mks- cd Hie hoat" in brineing relict problems to a head. Mr. Hoover, who blamed Russian obstructionism for the delay In rebuilding Ihe economics of c'm- miercd countries, urged immediate steps toward making i> separate peace witrh Japan. He also .<»•_•Bested consideration oi a separate pence with that part uf Ocrnmny now occupied by Britai'i and tlic United States if Russia persists in her present tactics. After hearing 'Mr. Hoover detail his views at a Hoiiio Appropriations Subcommittee hearing yesterday, Taber said: "Immediate steps shomd be tr,k™ by the Department of Stale to cet peace and ,tc set up a method fc.r putting Japan nnd Germany on tlrcir foot so that .we would not have to go on feeding their people. WnuM Cost Hillion? TTic former president urged the subcommittee to approve: a S125.-1 1 000,000 appropriation i-canes; by Ihe War Department for fcvrt and ether relief in American-occupied Gcr- nin'ny, Japan and Korea. But Taber said he was unwilltui; to commit himself on this request unlil "a)! the information and evidence is in." "When the American people realize tlic demands tha- are being made on them for the administration's foreign aid prop;rnm, they're not be happy," he added. He said an unofficial tabulation of the prospective needs fjr the fiscal year ahead showed: (In Million:;' Relief in occupied areas General foreign relief Greek-Turkish aid Korean rehabilitation International refugee organization 73 Export-Import Bank for loans RJO British loan installment ... 1200 International Bank 1.200 Total ,j 87 |; Mr. Hoover disclosed Ihat he was making an independent survey of the nation's economic asset.', to determine to what degree the U. S. could continue to spend lor foreign nfd. His project was expected to spur demands for a cuuRrcsMdiiBl study of the same subject. On St. Lawrence Advocated Anew Hoover and Marshall Urge Development as Aid to U. S. Defenses WASHINGTON, Mliy Jfl. (UP) — Former President Herbert Hoover and Secretary/of State George C. Marshall today asked early con- Eressloiial apprcval of the St. Lawrence Seaway project to strengthen tho nation's defense niid its peacetime economy. Mr. Hoover and Marshall told a Senate Forcgln Relations Sub-Committee that the long-clcunlcd project should be pushed to completion to provide a subnmiiie-frco waterway from the Mid-West to (he Atlantic, and | 0 serve as nn important source of electrical power In both war an<l peace. Hoover said fears of the railroad industry that the seaway would reduce mil business appeared ^o bo an "entirely unnecessary alarm." He said the railroads now have all the traffic they arc able to handle under existing rate schedules. He added that the interstate Commerce Commission should afford the carriers "more reasonable treatment" .in the matter of rates. Marshall told the subcommittee that completion of the project would niiikc possible construction and repair of RO per cent of the world's ocean-going vessels on the Great Lakes. He added that the St. La-.v- rcnce route, for at least one-third of its length., would be safe Irom submarines. The secretary asked early approval by Congress of a 1941 Cana- clian-U. S. 5eawa s agreement. He said it would: 1. Make possible construction and repair of vessels of 25-foot draft an ( | 10.000 (ons of the Great Lakes and provide a "vital new line of communication" between Ihc Mid-West and East Coast. 2. Provide a line of communication safe from submarines for at least one-third of its length. 3. Assure a "tremendous srftirce" of electrical power comparable to the Tennessee Valley Authority.- 4. Aid In "overall economic arid Industrial" development of the country's natural resources 'and strengthen Canadian.^!. S. plans for hemispheric security. <•„„. K on- hearings Io drlrrmlnu whiMlivr i of ullrcrd rtriitlini friiiiits la The siibruttimltlrv wants In ii»tlilii{ ubuut them. Oonimlssiom'r Kf|unls Thefts KANSAS CITY, Mo., M:iy :«. (V.I'.)—A vault hsillols iincl records of yom-'s in'inmvy mid cluclioiw was rifled ut elpdioii board ..,' 1> .< 11L ,-,., Here hisl njjrhl, 1,!!(]«jjr Graves, chjiiniinn of (lie Klccliuu "innm.sioii, .s;iid l.oday. * The vault, a lar«c room in II- setl, contained .scaled boxes of bolli ballots and records turned back to Hie commission for safe kecp- InK by a uranrt Jury which yes- (erd.-i.v cninpVlecl Its invcstlt,-a(io:i of alleged vote frauds. That Ki-and jury cliai-Rcd WASHINGTON. Mliy 28. (IMM-Cbulrmim ...... ,or »Vr M is«ii Imll- -alrcl (iHiiiy his- hVnale .fudU'l»ry SulK'nnunlll™ win im'rsll S iilc th,' llwft of ballots cast In a dls|i»le<t Missouri omu-n-sslonal pilmi.r.v The .siibroiinnlltrc Is holiliii B Io ask lh« Senate fw n I nil liiVTslluallo, Missouri's Fifth Congrvs.sional Dlslrloi. know why Ihc Justice lV|arlmrnt lu, In Its linal renort Hint President Truman's choice In the Democratic "DUI'RC" primary last Anj>nsl won (he nominalion because votes were stolen. The Jury recommended a complete recount. It also ui'Kcd that (iniher Brand Juries study the situation. Graves said of tlic night's ballot raid: "Whoever it was clearly indicated what they were doing. Whoever broke In there was trying to steal records In the vole fraud proceedings." Any such recount, however would not affect the status of Rep. Albeit L. Reeves, Jr., who defeated Eiias A. Axtoll, Mr. Truman's rhnlce, tn the November election. licuardinu Hie grund Jury's rc- liort rClmbroll K idd "we're sliuoi- l"« lor a federal grand Jury investigation; tills Jury report should I'i'l it." The Kii'iul jury iilrrudr hwi indicted "iilwiit «o" precinct workers on charges of vote fraud. Kimljiel] said they would lv> ar- rc.Med und ju-ralijncd, beglnniiu; today. Klmbroll said the imrjiose ol the recount was to show "Hie exlent of Iraiirl" nnd show that the Jus- lice Department "failed to It should h.ive" on the basis of fraud reports studied by fed Will JlRCIlts. Tlic grand Jury made Its report late yesterday nn the ovc or a congressional subcommittee's (|iii'.i- llonlny ol Attorney General Tom Continunl nn rui;u :i D/onne Quints Teenagers Now Observe Birthday in Callander OALL'ANDER. Out.. May 28. (UP) —The Dionnc QuintupleUs entered 1 (he Rolden '(ccn-agc today, but to the residents of this villacc It tcoiiied only yesterday dint n,c famous little girls were born. The nuinls. Yvonne, Anncllu, Ccclle, -Emilie and' Marie, .scheduled no extra-S|>ccial .celebration to J.nake; -their 13lh 'birthday. Thov took n holiday from sohpol and Pljinnctl n dinner at home with the rest of tlic family, followed by moving pictures and a miniature concert. - ' Although Hie (mints have reached the bobhy-sox tiKc, thev doii't Co In for jive or .Jazz music, bill Instead arn stmlybij: serious nmslc. Prowler Suspect, Draws $100 Fine; Case is Appealed A fine of S100 and costs was assessed Jess Moore of BlyUicwIle this morning f n Municipal Court on chantcs of disturbing the peace which followed his arrest Saturday after a prowler had been re- iwriccl in the Frank Doss homo on South Franklin. Defense attorney Claude Cooper requested and was granted an appeal for his client, which will take the case Into Circuit Court. Nolhing was taken from the bouse .Mr. Doss said. A preliminary hearing for Moore was held Monday iiinrninR and continued for Jtidg- mcntentil today. Walker Park Building Damaged by Vandals Vandals, believed Io be children. broke out 35 window panes on the West side of the dressing rooms at the Walker Park swimming pool sometime Monday night, «. a. Redman, president of the Chickasaw Atliclctic Club, reported today. Mr. Redman slated that large rocks were used In breaking the panes and that they were thrown from oulsklc. Police were notified, Jie said, and arc investigating, Burdette Pupils On Sight-Seeing Tour to Florida •Members of Ihc junior and senior classes ol the Burdcltc School today were en route to New Orleans. an<| then a trip along the Gull Coast to Florida. The 40 students left this morning on a two-week trip, nccompanlcd by I,. H. Autry, superintendent, and Mrs. Ai'.try and Lloyd Koontz. who drove tlic bus. The first major stop will be in New Orleans, but. the pupils will make brief tours o! cities rn route. They then will go to Florida. IA11 expenses for the trip will be paid from the clas s funds. To Enforce Truancy Law BENTONV1LLB, Ark.. May 28(UP) — The Benton County Board of Education has moved to er,rorcu the state's compulsory scV.ooi attendance law. The board yesterday announced the appointment of Mrs. Dorothy Gambill. principal of Maple Grove School at Rogers, as school attendance officer. N. Y. Cotton NEW YORK, May 28. (UP) — Cotton closed firm. ' Mar 2637 2884 2S33 2871 May 27DO 2838 2791 2825 July 33S6 3440 3391 3428 Ocl 2072 3008 29G7 29.17 Dec 2882 2928 2882 ' 2920 Spots closed at 36S6, tt:> 32. ; $695 is Added To School Site Contributions A total of $13,513 wa--, on hand today in the school fund drive to Jbtain 550,000 for the purchase of i new Blythevllle High School site [is Sfi95.G7 in contributions weie uided to the fund y-isccrday and this morning. Donations of $100 or more were •cceived from the Two States Produce Co. (E. M. ncECiuid niirt C. A. Hlndmnii), who gave $232, and Mrs. Clara Davis, who contributed S100. Another out-of-town gift to the Blythcvillc school drivj also was received. It was a donation of S25 from L. R. Bowman .if Sikcston, Mo. Other contributions reported follow: Mead Clothing Co. $45. o. E. Kmidscn $10. Hob Burns S10: Dr. J. E. Beaslcy. $50; Wiley Smith, $20; Mrs. F. o. Reichel. $10; J. fj. Moore. $5; W. E. Aulcn, $2; D. C. Neal. SI; Roy Smith, $5; Mrs. J. w. Cathcy, .SO; Mrs. E. R. Alley. $:,; w. A. Edwards, $15; Alien ElliaU, SI; Wakefield Service Station, $2. Moore Brothers, $50.0'i. Byron E. Moore. $10; W. 13. M.iya, $10: Grover Wren. $5; O. S. Wren, 01 .1 o Huey, $15; T. o. Hucy. $10; Freeman Hitcy, $10; Orlan-lo McDowell. .25; R. L. Freeman. $23. J. E. Johnson, $5; Forrest Moore, $b; Mrs J W. Hardy, $1. And. tile Is - at, the present Hogs in City New Prey Of Memphis Health Group MEMPHIS, Tenn., May 28. (UP) -The Memphis am | Shelby County Health Department was on safari today to run hogs out of tlic city. Several weeks ago, ihe prey was chickens. Dr. Ix M. Graves, health officer, said his department hoped to rid the town or its estimated 3,000 pigs before hot weather sets In He said there Is an ordinance against keeping p| gs m Memphis and said he had received a number of complaints. The previous anti-chicken crusade ended in a compromise, with chicken-raisers allowed to keep their fowl provided they maintained clean surroundings. waltz. The hisrhlight O f the day was the hlessine; of the staluc' of the blessed Virgin Mnry by the lii'v. Alexander Claude Vrichon. archbishop of Ottawa. The 1 statue was erected in a grotto near their home. •When HII- quints cnnic down for brcakfaSit this'ihornnic, 'pach found a yellow gold wrist watch and Bold chain and rclluious.medal . the table. The watches. were gifts from their father. Tile chains we given them by their mother. All five pirl.s dress alike, usually In flowered print, dresses and Krcy flannel blazers, with red bobby sox nnd paddle shoes. The (minis were identical girls in that they camr from the same cell, but thov already have developed' in- riiyidnal traits. Emilie is probably the most different of all. She's left-liandcd. 'Allhonuh the five cirls became world celebrites the day Ibcy ivcre born, they live in comparative obscurity now with their parents and six brothers and sislers. It wn.s 1.1 }-e«.-s nrrn today, at 1:3(1 a.m. (hat Oliva Dionne rushed (o Ihc home of Madame Don- aldu I.^L'ros. a midwife, and smn- mr.iicd her to attend his wifo. Elzlrr, 24-vear-old motilcr ol five children. Mine Lcgros is an aunt of Mrs. nionnc. Mine, 1,-nros sent Father nionno to cet M'ne. Ben -Lebel. another midwife. At that timn. both women were known to hackwoods molli- crs as "administering ann-ls." Bach had delivered scores of babies and many women preferred them to doctors. While Dionne ran to eel Mine. Lebcl, Mime I.cpriw knelt by thn sitle or Mrs. Dlonne'.s bed and prayed. 'After Mmc. Lcbel arrived. I.ith- - Dionne was sent to summon Dr. All.-in (Roy Ha foe. now deceased. ----,., the first-born, arrived 4:10 a.m. Mmc. Lecros said She, weighed in at a. little more than two nnuntls. Mine. Lcaros said she breathed into Ihe child's month until its own lungs began functioning. Then r am e Kmllic and baby nnd drim-lng Us brent li until we heard a weak cry. we rim- bed It with oil and rolled It In a warm blanket. It then was placed In a basket nt the foot of Mrs niomie'.s bed." 'None of bin children lookerl us If It would live very lone. Mine. I.cmos s-ild, and c ach was |;lvrm conditional hapUsin soon alter delivery. Dr. Dafoo ni-rlvcd nt. Uie little, four-room collaue In time to deliver' Ihc last two babies, Kinlllc anri Marie. II,. gave Mrs. Dionnc a liypodci-mlc but her condition was so serious that he .summoned a |:ricsl. Mine. Ixigros, now S7 years old still treasures the iiluin, small rjmhcs basket which first was n-.ed to hold the qiilntnnlcls.. It served as a makeshift. Ineulmtor until one was rushed from a Toronto hospital. FoundUnharmed; Robbers Foiled Victim Left Bound To Tree Following Abduction From Home TRACY CITY, Tc'lin.. May :•«. I U. P. I -Two or more men kidnnp- od A. 1-. Henderson. cnsUli'i' of the Mrst National H:inl(, In. in his Homo here early today, but a line lock In llu- bank b.ilked Ihclr •ffoi Is In « b the Imnl:. Tin- l;l(lnn|nus later tied lii'n- IIM-SOII Io :i IITI- tn a woodc.l i.put <cvcral miles from lo'vn :ii;d hi; frrrd hlmwi;. Mi'iinwlil?.*, licnv- evcr, from MO Io 'KID cul/.i'iis, roused from their slei>|) by ihe lown fire iilnrni, had bi-iiiiu :-c»ur- inn tho urea In scarcAi of Iho ishliii- mill his kidnapers. C'.rundy Couiify slierllfs deinilk'.s mid slate hluliivny piiKr.'iwn lilwked rinnls In the v'.ci'i'ly as soon as (hey wore ulorli'd to' Iho kidnaping and attcmpl..;;! roblii'iy. Hc'iidererai Kiil<t u uiwliiu ToReslorePMAFunds Cut From Farm Budge) WASHINGTON, Muy 28.'(U,J>.)—The House tentaliw- , l.v put buck $a,600,OQO of Iho $38:1.427,742 wh! c l, it* Ari ' Commll.ti-0 hud cut lYom tho Agriculture DC<L,..,,l i i.... ,*.«i^ i^^ "s a nnliililHir, knocked dour of hl.s house t .he It I ,'JO "pulled uponccl Truman Plans Early Return . To Washington Mo.. May 2H. (Uf) — -President Truman's mother his made such n remarkable rally Ihat the chief rx"culivc is plannim' to return to Washington, thn While House staff announced today. <Prcss Sccretarv Charles O. Ross paid the President's 04-ycnr-old molber bomiccri hnc-k so strongly that the President was preparing Io end his Inm- vlfll here and return to thp White House. Ross would not disclose Mic time fet for the President's return but it was understood to be plannid for the verv near future. — Hie Mnehlcbncli Holcl in Kansas city for his mother's hou-.c shortlv bcforn 8 a.m. lodav. th-- Prcsidcnl said she was "feelliif,' prrlty cood." He Rot nil early ami limdc Ids usual telephone check with his sister, Mary Jann Truman. "She's holding her own," the Prr.sidcnt said. "In fart she had the best night since I have been here." Lost Cone Man Pleads Guilty to Reckless Driving L. E. Cox- of Lost Cane \y?.-, fined $25 and costs in Municipal Court this morning on charges of 'reckless driving, after earlier charges of leaving the scene of an accident were dismissed on motion of the state. Fox was arrested May 9 in con- ncclion with a. hit-and-run accident nearthe Little River a;May 8 which resulted in rib and hip Injuries t o Ronnios Jones '40 of Lest Cane, wlio was drivhic a tractor at the time. 5 born Cecile. The children were about 15 minutes apart. "They were all olack from i£ and so delicate appearing it scorned a s though the first s had been removed." Mine l.o:;ros recalled. "After massaging each Mrs. H. J. Bunn Dies Home West of City Mrs. Lucy Bunn. wlf« Bund, died todav at H. J .1 her home west of Dlythcvlllo in the Lone Oak Community. Funeral services will be conri»cl?'l torrid-row at 2 p. m. .\t Jfoh Funeral Home Chapel by the Rev. E. C. Brown, pastor of First Baptist Church. Bnrla! will fotiov/ at Memorial Park. She was 02. She is also survived by four sins. John Bunn. Ben ton H«!-b,>r. Mich.; Orover Bunn, Stcelc. Mo.. II. D. Bunn and Clarence Buu.i of Illythc- vllle. and three daughter, Mrs Wilnia Hubbanf, Miss Clnrn Burn and Mrs. Ella Vcnion, all oi BiyilicviHe. Funeral Rites Tomorrow For Miss Ruth Jane Saliba Mi.w Ruth jane .s,i:ttu. ;>i daughter of Dr. and Mrs. .1. A Saliba, died early this irioniin-. after several years illnei-,. Funeral services will be held to- niorrow at •] p. m. nt I'iist PITS- bytcrian Church wilh tl'e KO" Allen D. Stewart, pastor of Firs Methodist, offlclalinp:. V.iulal wil be at Elinwood Cemetery. Miss -Saliba was born April 12 1926. She attended Blythcvllte schoolsl She is survived by her paicnU,- three brothers. Eddie fialibn of Wichita Falls, Texas; Albert Saliba. connected with General Electric Company, wiio'e licu'l- quarlcrs arc In Chicago, and J<K Sallow, student at Louisii'ivi Slalo University. Baton Rougo; and two sisters. Mrs. George ravi'ti of El Paso and Miss Alice Galtba of ISlylhevllle. Pallbearers will be Fre I Salibi. Mitchell Snltte nnd Sam Johns of BlythevlUe, Louis George of Osccola. and Cliarlcs Saliha and Philip Koury, both of Stcelc, Mo. Tliis Hinnll KOlhiick iii the CIQI It. will bo Christian Premier o'clock this , morning and gun" on him when lie Iho door. Mother Glvrs Alarm The bandit (hen held Henderson at pistol point while hi; tied up Hie cashier's inoUin-, MIS. Ida llcnder.'icm, with :-.!.: lp-i lorn from a lirid-shcel. He also lorcud i'iidi'1-son to dress. Tin' bandit then had Hcmlorson drive Io Hio tank In luiidercnirs iiutomnbliu and open Ihc bank doors, the Henderson cur beiiui followed by anolhcr' »u.< 01 more iiermiin Inside. Tho time lock, however, prevented the mini from robbing the hank. The bandit then forced Mcjiilei 1 - KOII to drive four or five mlli»i Intn the i-onnlry.sldc on n sldi: mini toward CliattiincioHa and tic.I tin 1 imliler In u (rcc. Thu band.t fled In the other ear. Mi.-ariwhile, Mis. Ileniloriio-i lu.i freed herself and inn .'.crc.imln.i; into hei- front yard. Neighbor'.' called Sheriff II. R;, whi iimiH'diatcly had the flr'i ularn tmni.'d im nnd orjtmtliml \m :i :,i;. After freeing hliusi'lf, llcntle.' son tool; off his. coal nn.l threw It Into ih,. r,i, u |, hiding In nearby bushes In (car Ids kldnaiwrs miglil "cturn. I^>r. .W. A. IX'II, ii iiemlnr of : muching jinrty. rlroi'o mi;t 111, :onl and slipped io l)ivi.;iii|iii'.r lleiHleison rccoi;nl/,ed Hie physl •ian and came from his hliluii ilncc. 'Tracy city, situated ^Irout an nllcs northwest of Ch.Uhmdo^, ins' a population of about 2,000. Nebraska Snow Stalls traffic Over Wide Area Hy United I'ri-ss A snmv.Moim blew Into the Mlcl- :!!(-' West today only .|B hours iilicud nf Hie first Summertime holiday. A foot of snow fell on the street •it Alliance. Nnb.. slallinu traffic. Tree branclir.H cracked under Hie weight of the wet snow md Alliance natives said they nev- •-V bail scrn iinythiiiB like It. The Sprinu snow blew down from Canada. nn t | it threatened Io nrir the Memorial Day holiday lor millions In (.he MliiWest. The U. S. Weather Hiircau at, Chicago .said 11 woiild remain cold In n lo North Centnil States until Snturday Snowfall ranuliiK from a trace In 12 inches at Alliance was reported In Nebraska, inwa. South Dakota W.vomlnit nn,i Colorado. Th,. foot of snow fell at Alliance In 12 hours. "There has burn not Mini; like Iliis In my memory, nnd I'vr- been hero 30 years." s aid lien ,1 Sallows, editor of Din Alliance Times- Herald, The (/. S. Weather linrcaii said today was the coldest Mav 2K In Des Moiiics, in., .,|n nL . i|j M . rllc mercury dropped Io H.-) dcurrY. there, and Ihc snowfall over near ly the entire northern section o the state was the coldest In low. history. At 10 a.m. a heavy snow was tallim: at Sioux Falls." S. n. .Snow also was si; read over Northern Nebraska and Northeast fowa. The temperature at Sioux Palls had dropped to 24. Snow was 'predicted for most r,f today and tonight for moat of tho storm area. The overwhelming ilijcllim of Katnyama as fli'M prime minister under Hit! new .lapanuse cun.sntutloii murks the Mr.-t. tlinoju history that Japan wll) be li:d hy u Christian, Throujjluiiit his lite, Kataynma, head of tlm .Social Uc-moiaiillc 1'urty, tnw bi'on. a member of the I'ni.-.bvlu-lan Church. <NHA Tclevholo. i 82 Degrees Recorded Summer weather returned once again to Blytlicvillc yesterday as the mercury climbed to 82 degrees, six degrees Iwlow the years' record. Last night's low was recorded as 62 degrees, according to Robert E. Dlaylock, official wcfith- 'cr observer. Weather All KANSAS—Scattered lluinder- .sbowcrs today nnd Thursday. Not tiuitc so warm Thursday. N. Y. Stocks J-'inal Slock 1'rircs: A T .fc T ms 1-2 Amor Tobacco 67 Anaconda Copper 3G Drill Slecl 711 7-3 Clu\vs!er too Coca-Cola 152 1-2 Gen Electric 341-8 Gen Motors 55 MontBonicry Ward 52 N Y Central 135-3 Inl Harvester gi Noilh Am Avlalloil 71-2 Republic Steel 245-8 Radio « Socony Vacuum n &.fj Sludebaker 13 Standard of N J '/o 3-4 Tcsns Corp , 60 1-1 Shell Cut-Backs Figure in Trial Former Congressman, • Accused of Bribery Calls Scc'ty Marshall \V'A8|IINCITON, Mliy 2fl.' IUP) — Secrnlary of Slate Gcorne O. Marshall testified today In the Mny- Garsson bribery trial that there were "very heavy cutbacks" in contracts [or cli-hl-lncli shells In 1015 u time when former Copi;re.w- man Andrew J. Mly had testified Hint the army was "screaming" for such jjhells. ...(; wartime army chief of staff was called by May a s a defense May was wartime chairman of the powerful House Military Affairj Committee. Co - defendants an son. proprietors of munitions firnu brollieiii Henry and .Murray aar.i- Dial KOt millions of dollars In wai •onlracls. The government charges tha May accepted at least SM.OTO frion Ilie Onrssons In payment for po- ItlTral ami contract fave-r.-i. Testimony has been produced at Ihe trial and at a Senate Investigation last. Summer to show that Mny Interceded with Hie War Oc parlmcnt In an effort Io block mlbiirks In Oarsson firm contracts lor elcht-lnch shells. Cluirlcs J. M-irKiottl, counsel for '.he Gnr.';.';ons, conducted the dc- Icnst? Interrogation of Marshall. He n.ske f ] MurshaU when bo first came in contact with May. Marshall replied that he believed the first contact v/as in lfl:n, after ho became chief of staff.- He said he saw M:iy "very fmiiicnl- lv" when he appeared before the House Military Afliilrs Committee and also met him on several oc- r.islons al. Ihe W.-ir Department. Marshall I hen iold of two secret dinner mrctinus hi 10-M m which congressional leaders were Invilc-i to meet Cicn. I)wii;ht n. Eisenhower and On. Mark Clark, who bad been rclnriipd secretly from the war fronts for strategy conferences. Maridotll asked if the needs of Ihe war department had been dls- niiKfrd at Ih,--,-" morlinirs. 'Marsh-ill replied '.;i.u he recollected they had. "Did you discus,^ Ihe. eichl-lnch shell Mr. Mav?" Clilef Prosecutor William A. Paisley asked In cross-examination. "I have no recollection of such a tti.scus.slnn wilh Mr. May directly. I have discussed the ciuht- inch shell before Rronns in 1(111." "Did you dismiss it in tfMo wilh Mr. ,Mav or any groups?'* "I tlon'l think so." May had testified that he telephoned war department personnel c<irlv in 1!H5 Io nas s on com- plai'ils from the Garssnns about a cnl-back in the cisht-inch shell cotilrac.t of their Batavia Metal Products Co.. May said he acted l>ccausc "Elsenhower \\as scream- Ins for shells." Marshall fhld lie recalled that m 1£44 "there ivcrc probably sonic discussions before a dinner Rroup between March and May about artillery needs." He said that In October, 1944. "there was an urgent increase In the requirements." Mny completed a week of tesli- rncny In his own defense yesterday. 'After his character witnesses have economy'driv- was -nV t'l to a roll aUI Tot. on flllMl DilHSIUfc of till! bill. 1IOUSK VOTES :i-48 .. . ;, The $3,r>OO.OtO would, be restored, Iho RC.ICIIITII mid MarlceCiim I'OBi'nm which Is designed to find ew oiillet;; tor farm produce. Chalrmiin Clifford it. Hope .of the AKrlcullure Committee, a fw- uibllcan said hi- hoped to uet bank in Hie bill neary half the amount nit out of a. Before he can rlo that, howcvcv, he will have to win a test of strength wllh his leaders of Ihc aproprlullons commit) ce, Chairman John Taber and Hep ICvorcU M. Dlrkscn, n., 111. Olhcr coiujresslonal develop iiieins: * Tuxes — Senate Republicans thought they had a chance of gct- tlnt their $4,000,000,000 .(ill income tnx reduction bill to the White House by ncxl W(;dpes<lay. If they do, they will beat their original direct dtilc by io diiys. Whllj, House "I'rrssure" Fuunil CommunlsLs — A House ITn'Amt, rican activities slilicoinmlttea'-said Hollywood hud praduccd "flagrant Communist, propaciinda Minis" i\s a result of ('While House pressure.!' H based Us climnc on cvldcjncc obtained In recent hearings In. Los AiiR.elcs. The.jjitrjcommltlce did not eliiliornle Its charges • apnlnst the White iiluse. nut U snld "there Is no ([iiestlon as to the serious Inroads communists have made In the motion picture industry." fa'lce! — Two handwriting ex- perls addcil foi-Rcry to tlio list of offenses which a Senate Kubcom- mlltee has heard about )u Its bi-> vesllgallon of a "isray market" In steel. The ' witnesses were'called to look at a letter which a Pittsburgh sleet liroker had received promising delivery or 1M8,000 tons of hard- t»-Kct, shrjct steel. 'Hie oxjrerts. looked at the slgnal,ure. compared It '.with one known c to he genuine, and agree,! on their verdict: forK- cry,, _ ,.;'' .,_ .,_" '•. - . Sbll" —' Rlujilii'd Sle|)hcffs,' iow.i farmer, told congresEmcii that the' coimlry's soil (s wcntlAK out. He said fiinncrs want the Kovcrmnco/ to set up n national soil fertility program. . Labor — House-Senate conferees on labor legislation snid Ihcy hoped' Io roach filial clcclsloiw on a compromise bill tomorrow. At the moment, however, they nre hi formal disagreement on two key issues: What workers shall bo guaranteed rights under Hie labor re- lullens act, find what rules of evidence shall be followed by the national labor relations board and by courts In ruling on NLRB decisions. New Undersecretary — The Senate unanimously confirmed-Robert A. I./jvctl to succeed Oea'n' Achesdh next tnoiilh as undersecretary "of state. testified, attorneys sor.s will present, testimony, for the Gar. 1 , their rlcfcme Four to Attend j ;: Red Cross' — Acquotic Schools;. Four Mississippi Colimatns will lteiKl aquatic schools lal.bc'lielil by the American Red Cross in Texas and Oklahoma next month. Io receive training In water safety for tho purpose of tcnchinp; water safely classes in Ibis county. John D. McDowell and Miss Muriel Kmidscn, of Blythcvill"), will attend the Red Cross scluiol to be held at Hern Camp. shall. Tex.. May 29 to Jiina 8, am Canton Langslon and Henry F Griffin, of Osceoln, will allcni the scliixii to be held jt Lak Murray. Adrmore, Okla., June 1-K Upon complelion of Ihe watc safety courses, the four instructor will conduct swInWing classes n Ihc municipal i»ol in Blythcvill and Osccola for all person; do siring to learn to swim. Holland Farmer And Merchant Buried at Poyen Funeral services for William'Da vlrt Nichols. -18. who died Monda' night at Walls Hospital, were con' ducted today at 2 pm. nt Poyen near ATalvcrn, by the Rev. J. N TCelley, pastor of Poycn Bantis Church. Burial was In New Hopi Cemetery In Poyen. IA farmer and merchant. M Nichols owned and managed store on Highway 61 North nca Holland, Mo. He is survived by his wife, 'Mr: Maudie Blanche Nichols, four bro tlicrs. H. Nichols of Portland. Ore Ernest Nichols of Poven and Lu Ilier and James Nichols of BW tnevlllb; five sisters. Mrs. Ros nurrow of Poven, Mrs. Vemo Phrect of Sl«»le, Mo., Mrs. Eai Archive ot Carlisle, >Irs. Ethel Hsr rls of Stee'e and Mlis' Doroth NirhoJ s of Pavelleville. Holt Funeral Home charge. was !

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