Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan on March 4, 1949 · Page 25
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Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan · Page 25

Battle Creek, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1949
Page 25
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By Walt Ditzenl "25! Haltle ( rrt'k, I n., Mar. 4. I!i4!l FAN FARE AUTOMOTIVE REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE Houses for Sale ' v. u:,!il. ..cii TELEVISION .y GRILLS - FENDERS FOR MOST CARS Batlle Creek Upton Ave. Body Shop, Inc. 2 1 -1 tour Wrtilii Srnice Esi.iMihptl I'lM !(U ( jit. m An' REAL ESTATE General Real Estate H-tiririuueo 72 j vvk n.v;- lu it o H A SNA '.tiOK, I K. M- Wanted Real Estate 73 We Need Listings ! eed and screens We are sHUna !!; ? rL-itt tmd ! An v.e.:iiv-r eve hfatcr, ovt-r-and r.etd m.if.y ir.oie t' Kt-op our! erne and heater. Lcm than 35.IHM) ir.eii bajy. j Lrxik.- like NEW, nr.e d'Aiier. - I TR.IET? TO J 7 A HOCKEY 5AV, 1 7X y VHILE MY tT WATCr WRESTLERS AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles tor Sale 73 1'! V ! :47 rHKVi'.ns.KT '' s: . it.-,. Ilfr! n HI-WAY MOIOH SALES j 27 Vef Columbia Pnone 3-4501 I buv .t'ii i ruue , ; j j ; t.a t.ri--. ar.ii 1-uNTi ! I: 1 DO. '11 Si I' N. i.l 'AN I'.A M"l Til til gUi'U ..VNNjLTli 2 LOul.. ('.'Wl. ; N ri.fcKj TO CllO' FK'jil CALHOUN COUNTY MOTOR & IMPLEMENT SALES Your K.o - 'nLW- "i'i'K.n Art. IN'. O.V.I : .NASli 'Null IN.iiJM. A J : : r TsTt Ns. ,.,.! ! NASH I.AI'i ,'i:Kr.K I O . CAUi'il N Al Til 1'Ai: Columbia L'SKl) CARS 30 '.".tor Sales HIT A.NI'i M .. !. 2 Truck Specials 1 0 1 Ford F-S ('al. and Ctlassis. - nil fiiKc. IVrlVct coliditiiiii will) fl.ot'M- JL)JJfJ Furd Truck, -(iuip-pi'd v. itii commercial lime spreader u nit . SI. 195 HOLMES Annex INC. l.Vi l ast Mirhican Ave. I'll. lilM8 Opposite Holmes Midor Sales QUALITY USED CARS PRICED TO SELL 1941 Pontine S.reaini'iner. A car with plenty ol miles iel; m it. Black, 2-door. Economy special S900 1941 Willys 4-n.w Sedan, finish itl excellent eol.fntion, tires above averaite. most economical car. Previous owner says "23 miles to the '.alien." We price utilon." We price &m"7m hi.- car at OD I 0 Thi.- 1941 Oidsmobiie "CO" Club Sedan. Heater, very good snape. Good tires, tTC' ulterior clean . . lOli'J Citevroii t Town Sedan. Mechanic's Special. Thousanus oi miles of umu-ed Q 1 f transportation t3-40 4941 Oicismobiic. "7K" Club Sedan. Standard shift, heater, .seat cover, one owm r. Real clean and OQ ready to eo ijWO 1348 Chevrolet -ton Pick-Up, color green, deluxe cab, heater, very low miieaee, just like new 194o Crievrolel Fle.'i master 2-Ior. verv nk1 finisfi. rr:.1 si260 1933 Ciievroiet Sport Coupe, rumble seal, not much to lo'ik at but verv dependable Cushman-Brown Inc. OLDSMOBILE PI Main Street I'd. 2-5538 AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles for Sale 73 V.Ki". Fui.n T:..-.0 S V" f!uy - roTk!-t'i.i...s 1 i "1 Wn! 'I'll". u.4 Ol i.' i iKVK' 'LK i :ivr.' Midwest Motor Mart -THE CLEANEST USED CARS ! IN TOW N" i 22 SOUTH DIVISION j PHONE 3-1812 I Trucks Trailers 78 A LOOK Willys Pick-Ups 4 Wheel and 2 Wheel Drive Willys Station Wagons With Overdrive Willys Station Sedan With 6 Cylinders and Overdrive IMMEDIATE DELIVERY COM I'l.ETF. GENERAL REPAIR ALL CARS and TRUCKS BURKE MOTOR SALES 311 S. Elm Ph. 2-6812 BEAT The SPRING RUSH To These Better USED CAR VALUES We have a fine selection, priced right and guaranteed, too! 104S Hudson "S- Commodore- sedan. U a d i o. heater, spot lijrht. fojr lijrhts. white sidewali tires. Actually 11.000 82095 l'J-17 Buick convertible coupe, b 1 a c k finish, black top. white side-wall tires. Low mile- $2095 custom 4-i, radio and S1595 and heater 1917 DeSoto custom 4-door sedan, radio and heater ... 19-17 Mercury 4-door sedan, radio ClOTA and he 1917 Hudson "8" sedan. 9,000 actu SL695 al miles 19 10 Plymouth c o u p e. Nice clean little unit . S650 All cars will be sold with 1949 Plates Plenty more to choose from Robt. H. Holmes, I N C. Your BUICK Dealer 151 W. MICHIGAN AYE. Phone 2-5149 ! Trucks Trailers 73 A fiTCck lihAugC'AiirERS Trucfc.s- lor A: !-:) .s u; VV-'.rk Ds NOOVEi: BliOl Hi I-;? Trailei C.-oini.1 79 l-'iso'tAt:'! rOLUMKiA K:-;('':ri.:v. 0 t ;i i . i.-.rer. 3 Hi ONI) IKiiHL .i v si-7''7'K-jr : :;y ;, R. & H. Trailer Sales 79 Upton Ave. Phone Sol 2 Wanted Automobiles 80 Have Your Car Ready fcr Spring A Complete Du-Luxe PAINT JOS On All Small Cars BUMPING & METAL WORK ADDITIONAL FREE ESTIMATES Budget Plan Available QUALITY SERVICE Cushman-Browri inc. OLDSMOBILE 91 MAIN ST. Ph. 3-5538 9 INC. Kea.dquarters For Finer USED CARS 4 '"J ft TT5! EVENiN Make Arrangements With Us for EASY BUDGET PAYMENTS On All Repair Work Including New Motors YOU MUST 3E SATISFIED If 1711 si J T i V . fl. I fin il W i 1 INC. STUDEBAKER Sales & Service L orner J;i' and Fountain PHONE 2-X5S1 Houses tor Sale 70 Lakeview District j- ir ,(t .-..-- : : i r; 1. .-i to t!: GEORGE W. BOND ,., . ...... ..r,-r-:. a.- .'-.N Hrlte . ll.:" tVVONS r'.r.AL s T r. j-ls NOP.TH SIDE ...:.-.- I- .5 lit., i WM. MILLER Realty PHOTO I.isTlNoS ELDRED STREET A. J. CARPENTER, Broker :: I'n--' T"l7 or ;,-'!'.: --:n:cs Veterans Attention Ii-it-rev. -Hi in livn'.g in Mar.i'.ul. New fAo-btdrom h::i. Weller Built Homes INC. 7(18 Pit BIt:s. Sfhr.xtcr, 2-l'"21 Of:i-e --3733 i Wei:, r. 3-371f ; tu special notice o LAKEVIEW REALTY CO. u --- "T-r 5-R0om Bungalow . . , Lo'.eiv ciniiit room. 2 bedrom fill! bath, nue k:K-he:i witii piei'.'y of cunturd.-. Ail iv.eeiy iecoiat:. Garage. Full ijae-ment. Goik; uirnace. Storm window and .m.tthr. As loa as SLWiO down. B. A. KNAPP REALTOR 132 North Ave. Phone 8323 POST ADDITION GEO. ROBINSON, Real Estate orc 2 hi t'.-s VEP.y t:i.oj hun t i- p. t Ml:' sjiiiTed ar.'l aji- on r.-. 5i.i:'".l. .-:av r-r'v mp.mi;r: t.ealty co. f-;K 2.i U' Hi-.-.m-:: live HarKin? NEAKIN'tl co:r.;.l:i:. - r. hr:.:k a:..l .-ar'i.T.ur.e no:::t. i.ut.t Ijr coMiiur'aii.f i!'. :r.g. Your :r.i.;i' t:o'i tordlR.'y ir.vaed. 2-FAMILY INCOME NEAR POSTUM N ee n- Kt.oorr:'-..'-!. down. Over JI.-l-.O McCAMLY Realty . Keaito-s Phor-e "''74 KrN.-.Af.ou-. r:f.i fL;rn;i-e, ;tt..i av r:.-y 'rriiiii- yiifit riitt jr-J't y and S jiiiI.i y i iff Ort-fi.w.'.d . i"' Good 7-Room House One bedrjum and bath down. Extra room with separate entrance. 3 bwironirLS up. Ail r.ewh- decorated. Oil iuriiace. Double tsaraije. Larue 4-;8 l-M. C!i'.-e in. Income po!:o:Uti;5. As 1 v. a.- S2.100 cowu. B. A. KNAPP REALTOR 132 Ni.r:h Ave. P!i-ne 8323 IF YOC INTEND TO BUILD now j :s ihe time to arranue tor needed I ma'erials. Let ils lieln you witii yo:;r .Hi ivr-O-.i. zrrt f.nretmr",in n'n ,H. I lems. Plans av iiaal. GENE GIDDINGS Contiac ir Phon- -4o70 General Real Estate ARMS & SON R-E-A-L-T-O-H-S l:-li:an .N-':os.a: l:.i'-. COBB BROS.. INC. I'.T' : ;k Mi NS KKWlf'KNT: l. I" I'HI-N,'. S. V. IN FARMS AMD EVERETT S. TITUS REALTOR - INSI-RWf-Tr 3o.-,-t; Mt,-h;an N..;'I Har.i: Bltic. ph. ,- tth. 2-2w..: h...-!..... 2-..5W EARL B. DAVIS :: r. l t o .: LOOK Willys Pick - Up's 4 Wheel and 2 Wheel Drive Willys Station Wagons With Overdrive Willys Station Sedan With 6 Cylinders and Overdrive IMMEDIATE DELIVERY COMPLETE GENERAL REPAIR ALL CARS and TKl'CKS lURKE MOTOR SALES 311 S. Elm. Ph. 2-6812 j I 70 I FOR SALE OR TRADE . ' nn : . il :n ; , rv- m. "... v !' f r. -.-... JieariK-n..- 'v;!t fV. '. I''! ; -,:r'-.R.'f ;(! ! h.: a a:-r r. "-r s" ir'.i ot, term !r rra. fr r.":T.e. II ytn; ;::t it ? :r--l-?''.i'' end us. 'ON BENNETT tjoc 7 -room i' MODERN BUNGALOW fo'ir rocrr-j "! fu'.i n . p. 1 bas;nnt. oil rum-1 at!- .'.;:'-.;-t'.on rvrr. Oc-ci ".vim i -. .i Vr'.ce JT.TOO. Kar- tem.s 4-:r.!r-rBt. Paymsr.'.s J ; month. SALE OR TRADE Six roon'.ft -3-b'lr'tim h":i.r n Ncrh did. Cioff to luk. vs'ui triple for smaller on a-:"nutit of lliriess. t.'a . for ;a rt vu.-i r-. CARNES for HOMES and FARMS REALTOR - PHONE IN 4 9 Let us show you this line DUPLEX on Meachem Ave. Very convenient location. 5 nice rooms dow n ami ba'h for owner. 4 -room upper apt. for income. For further ir.!ormati'n kindly call us. Bohanna Realtors-81 61 S'oencer 6324 T-wsley 8773 Davis 3-3fi45 U-12 FRONTAGE n T'.v.. '- NfK B'Miv- ! WM. MILLER Realty PHuTO LI ;-;7 K;st Mlc":.;?" iil PRICED TO SELL . v ..,.i"T: H-rO'T!! t--K:i- I .loss 3 - A m"1'" .o'a '"' -irr t.en-.. "'v 3-K-tom M'-dern B.itrt.-"" t urr;.ce or..v J-.o'.'vf on ternia O-.s Si.-S-x-rcoin Tavern 1 K'.i.'i.i St. H.x-i-oo:i: modern uon'.t, t. -l air oniy J-T-o L'jitM.'i Av. Kour-futi: .i;'.irtmet.t In li.v v -r""m n-.oil- S.Mtn Wattle K-tai. - A ! -r V.,,II. With '"'Kr - , iv varil with sfiKd. T ' r-1' 1,1 :.,t;.i. I..u..;e r.ut. JM.7.V or. Ttt.s. L- l a Han.lle Your na: K.itatt r' C. L. ULRICH, Realtor HaT'k H'Ad J. ri. Tl.-mib NtAK WIKt U. r-uvi S-rnom modem nouse ui s'oker. Storm windows, garage. Paved street. Price $4,750. Terms. Phone 8161. Bohanna Realtors 1 East Michigan Ave. Toxsiey 8773 Davis 3-3645 Spencer 6324 Or. -It - Kr'. f.r rr.t"trr. : r-':i.jona:j":e HOMES FOR SALE fr-VaSNrra r: u i:r.y-' ne-.:s. ; LISTINGS walilu i sfil. Ke.tu.tK, not promises. EARL COVELL l.W Kast A'.f.. Nt-rtB Piion z-aia il EAL T O K silMl-Bl'NilAI O'.V - B.-n k i-ir.- I,.'! !,r.:,rf. CI.-1 t" i'.'.''Uri". ttll'l hr- r'i n',om.'Ku4iN rirf:-: c. Ilsw :..,.:, n.i i'ti up. G-.'4 rn-. 1 a- t.; retail- naist '-e RAYS. MILLER i:, K.t:. POST ADDITION GEORGE W. BOND RXAI.T'.K :,i:n sn 1" r.- I - ; BUNGALOW ' "4 BEDROOMS r-- n-. i::.:r; r... .rr, i..r.- ! ROBBINS REALTY CO. i:...iirii:;''e U-jt.bir.s. s-lt--, I., I. Hur'-:.-.,-i! ! I-ana! LAKEVIEW TtTiNF::. Hi 4t -. j WM. MILLER Realty j -H,V : lsT:N":,r, ,, : i-', i: '- :-ic,' N. WABASH AVE. Verv well built i.on.e on tius i.ue iiiiilii sicie .--tree.. Ei nr r'-"ii.v dov r. and 4 rooms up. Gas i-.i-a: L:.r:e lot. yara-ie. Owner will trade t;.r -Ijiinnaiow in inxxi ligation. Let's 40 see it. Bohanna Realtors-Sl 61 Tousle;. S773 Ds.-.L- 3-3645 Spencer 6324 SEE THE EMMETT STREET LUMBER CO. For Your Building: Nwds F. II. A. Terms We have a carload of Windows and Doors. All sizes. 2:8x6:8 No. 1 Doors. $11.00 each. Other sizes iced accordingly. Combination jim doors. $15.95 up. Fir 2x4's. 572.50 per M up. Sheathins $80 to $100 per M. 6-inch gnrace siding. $135 per M. Overhead sarage doors. S55 complete. Paints and roofir.c; of ail kinds at new low prices. Plywood and White Pine for cabinets. 15c per ft up. Wailboard and Plasterboard and trim of all kinds. Prompt Delivery Service For Savings Sake See I s At Once 850 EMMETT STREET Phone 3119 i I ! ! 1 j ! AUTO ELECTRIC Ignition - Carburetor Generator - Starter Valve Grinding If You Believe in Saving Money - You Are at the Right Place. It's Nul Ulu-lr Inn II:te It Dene, lis Wild !', It 766 WEST MICHIGAN PHONE 548S New or Rebuilt t x r. t Vi- J i VI -- - . Now Available FOR ALL V-Ss On i.chan.m: COME IN And See Harold Tousey We Also Have a SPECIAL OVERHAUL and TUNE-UP FOR $49.00 INCH. U l( I !IL I'OLLOUING Ntw isms tinii ;;;ii::ie- trie rcis ijcar.r.- instaoed new oil. 4asKi-ts, ana r.ew oil fito.-r ctirt-ndae Check all o'-,.::;:;s ind itmaia -''t't Kerinve cariy.ti Che' it cat't'NreT''! a:in iv.rl iv np 1E OUt in iX.r.l PLAN No Down Pavment Necessary 149 Fast Michigan I'liuue tilsl FORD PRODUCTS GUARANTEED 3 -n-nV USED CARS AND TRi THAT YOU CAN DEPEND UPON Satisfaction All-Ways 19-!') Chevrolet S-Uour Sedan. D'ack finish, radio, h.eater, jioc.d tires. A :' qoo.; buy at .... f ; i-' O 1947 Chevrolet 1-lJ'jor S.- ish. w hii esii.te v.'ai! i.7o low prt'sssire tires, radio, sr-otiiifhr. hotiior. 1947 ClieU-olet Club Cs.e. Very '. I liivs low miU-ajre and I'usish Hive new. 19-K) Chevrolet Aero Sedan, black finish, low mileage, jrood tires. r;i-uio and heater. 19 12 Ihikk Sedan-eile. Uadi", healer. ;j,,o.i tires. QOk A btu-jrain at i5oJ;'J 1941 lltiick Super -l-Dooi-Sedan. Two-tone llti'si:. radio, healer, 'jond lne. Price O u -J 1941 Chevrolet Town Sedan. Very tioi.d motor and tires, ioti the t.-'iy rouph .... K3J O tJ 1941 Plymouth Ciub Cpe. Has radio and h.eater. euod motor, excellent body and eO finish .... tit it? 1938 liiternati'.nal 1 -.-Ton Panel, if you need a. cheap truck, look tit one U t O 19 10 Chevrolet luilyr wheel base Cab and Chassis lias 8:2")- 'i ply tires. 2 speed rear axle, ami a brand new motor. Drive in and Look No Obligations Phone 2-521 346-380 W. Michigan Ave. Chevralet Sale; &. Service AUTOMOTIVE Accessories Tires 77 Automobiles tor Sale 78 Q47 WAsH A ,UR AADOR A BARGAIN AT S1.700.. NO SALES TAX Can lp ieen at Pluilips Garage CALL 7S51, ASK FOR BUD HICKS IT h: t :: rn FOR "SALE ! r ; LVluxe Co!;;;e. Extra i:ood condition. Pr.onc 2-333K. OLDSMGBII.E 2-i)xr, Tin: Ex-ra C! an. Gl FNN H. AI I.EN 3H2 Mii-hijjiin '.. J. ALWAYS A GOOD PLACE r. zriKsv- TO BUY USED CARS TRADE - TERMS j o Jim Hiii.n.ih'.s "Si,!-:;e ; is" at 6 P. M. over WBCK ! Stan Lassen, Inc PONTIAC - CADILLAC 32tt Wi-st Micnit.oi Ave. (Mi MsH HAT- OUR USED CAR SALE IS NOW IN PROGRESS Be sure to ice our fine st-Iections of ail makes and modeX low ooun pir. n.ent and h'l.K ea v terms available. iHORNERCOPPINCO. "Chrysler - Plymouth. 194 We.-t Mirhisan Plione 3-1571 K'"'K;.'i!u..! .--si S! S'ri'i:! 1948 HUDSON HENRY AUTO SALES TRY STUMP'S Before You Buy 19iS Ford Convertible Coupe, Super Deluxe, radio, h c nt e r, v e r y sharp, low mili-a'-'e. one owner car. 1946 Chevrolet Coupe, radio, heater, runs and looks like new. 1946 Ford Tudor, a heali-tiful one owner car. 1946 Chevrolet Town Sedan, radio, heater, new tires. This is a sharp one. 1942 Chevrolet Fleetline Arrow,, radio., heater, new tires, very clean inside and out. See this one. 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe, 1 door, radio, heater, very nice, one owner car. 1941 Ford Coupe, radio, healer. prood tires, ok in every way. 1940 Buick 4-Door Super, radio, heater, new rnb-her, completely overhauled, al! ready to o. 1940 Chevrolet Town Sedan, a nice little car inside and out. 1939 Chevrolet Town Sedan, radio, heater, jrood lubber, very clean inside and out. Come in and look them over, drive them, see for yourself. All of these cars priced far below book. Also we have some bargains in cheap transportation. WE BUY - SELL AND TRADE STUMPS MOTOR SALES 32 S. Division at Jackson A. TAIT BUCK r; 2-- . tit:.- ;-;:.T4 a-i6': iT'-per" Cui 1 i i! f.i l. 1 Y U FRANK KARAS. Broker i WANTED I VanSyckle; r :: i. to i: ! "Siv v;.n ; I We Have Listings a. Vofil ;-j-.rt: . s ROBBINS REALTY CO. .Tons - ins'tia; "l iT"lirY""-Ti.;..r:; Tlr 31.0 . l '.vir.L pay C!Tv tH aJii Tyl-r a! il: f ' . i' Mr j-.l.N.' or AU . u.v'lOl IVfc i 7 ; , . . : Accessories Tires CiK.NTirii: HI'.AKK .-ji. ii.t l'r.f tin '.:!.-' CO '-SON' S I'lTuB N Sr. "IV It'!-.. ''-' A'. p. ,- i USED A C TO PA RTS Wrec; .: 2 . r .p' 11 'nr. i-i; .... v.rit v- -1 . Pl-:.?c :l vE-Kta Terr-,.- "Ir voj N-e Nr-il or ("i-c -.-.a Ujn't r;- r -.v- - . ! '.r .r A"" c;, ;' CL't oal " lu He' V-ft piei.-.-. t uo-.-c. ie fi:. a AE - : '' s. rt a--y. "'--i -'If c SEE STEVE FIRST S'lFAh S AITi'i I'.:-.; eKK!;S 6- ! ' " f .: ATTRslTinNJ MR FAPMFB FIRESTONE STORES est Mi'i..,a" I-.:.:.. SPRING Is Just Around The Corner BUY That USED CAR NOW AT Winter Prices l&4'i I.(:c 4-D.ior Cu. iom Sedan, heater S14H5 1647 Clie-.iolei Club Co!;;n . ra-:o, ii eater. ;,.w miie-a-e s1.3:m 1943 Ford Tudor Suptr Diiuxe. iauio and he, tor ...,.$1295 1941 Plymouth 2-Door Seiian J795 1941 Ixkc Club Coupe, l.-diu and lit .iter .f;;95 19411 Ford Til ior Deluxe, r.ttlio and lu .i',( r $.- 194- Will., 4-Di.or IVi.Me Sedan $475 19JS Chevrolet 2 - Door t,;nmi-ard $495 1937 Chevrolet 4 - Door Sedan s37o 1937 Plymouth 2 - Door Sedan s273 1934 Ford 2-Door Sedan, has new motor and s-oori tires. . .$295 1932 Plymouth 4 - Door Sedan, clean 5i95 1949 Plates Furnished FREE with All Above Cars TRADE - TERMS A.C. BAKER INC. DODGE-PI.Y.MOI TH DODGE TRICKS ls-12 AT MAIN Phone 7181 ; I i u I

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