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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 5

New York, New York
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Monday, October 16, 1893
Page 5
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GERHAHTS FINANCIAL NEEDS TEE GOVERNMENT CONFIDENT THEY WILL BE MET. IHMill for w hkrmet of Taxation ireaiva ny id nuift Arwj Bill Th Rttrptlti of th Ranlui at Towloa Ignored by th Iterltsi Btatrs--CoMt TMh'i F.lectoral Reform Bill for Aastrla N Satisfactory to the Gernaa Party. BERLIN. Oct 15. Peml-ofnclai newspapers she.- that Kea MWinUU fl rt a r-l- I rriW iHTl 5 H of fK ,. HIV a, V i a, " v !, as.sua - ' - the Government alll be laid brfor the Reichstag when the Ooputles reassemble on Nov. t These proposals are said to be such at will command the majority obtained for tbe Army bill. After they ahall have been passed, the Doputien will be expected to con-aider several social reforma which the Km-peror has long had at heart. Tol confidence In future successes la really entertained in Government circles, although every week brings an Increase of power to the Agrarians. Clericals, and Radical who form the opposition. The associations of tobacco manufacturers, wine growers, and wine merchants are holding meeting after meeting to protest against the Impending taxes, and are subscribing funds to sustain the popular ferment against the Government Conservative organs like The Kreuzzeltung proclaim the fall of Chancellor on Caprivi to be inevitable, while the na tional Liberal dailies admit that the fate of the taxation bills is doulnful. The strength of the Government ultimately will rest only en the Impossibility of the Opposition agreeing on aay financial policy whatever. The Army bill having become law, the Deputies must find tbe supplies, and it Is difficult to ay where the revenue can be found, unless at the sources suggested in Dr. Mlquel's scheme. The chances are that after a protracted struggle with minor concessions here and there the Government will, carry the financial measures substantially unaltered. The outburst 6f French Chauvinism during the Toulon reception has been ignored her as empty noise. The Government undoubtedly has some Information which en-' ables It to treat the Toulon fetes with contemptuous Indifference. The Foreign Office maintains silence as to the reported renewal of the entente between Franca and Russia The conviction of the highest quarters here, however. Is that Russia prefers to revive closer relations with Germany rather than to risk an alliance with France, whether the commercial convention now in hand be signed or not. The negotiations for the convention are proceeding smoothly, but are likely to last until midwinter. The prospects of a political repprochement with Russia are regarded now as better than before In many years. The Emperor will attend a banquet, to be held at the Kaiserhof Hotel on Oct. 27, to celebrate the anniversary of the capitulation of Metx He Is expected to make an Important Fpeech on European politics. Chancellor von Caprivi has returned from Carlsbad, where he has recruited his health for several weeks. He and all the Prussian and Imperial Ministers will be present to lend sieniiicance to the ocoslon. As the Germans here- are directly interested In the ascendency of the German Party in Austria, Count Taaffe's Electoral reform bill absorbs public attention, to the partial exclusion of home politics. Not a voice has bex-n raised in Prussia for the Pleasure, ex.ept among ..the Socialists. 'Jaane has never been a trustworthy friend of the Austro-German alliance, and has been distrusted by both Bismarck and Caprtvl. His SUffrAfA hill is t-.0-nn1ai a u nlim. . , I blow at German influence in Austria. Its Intent is said to be the subjactfjn of the German population to Slav masses. The bill has not a chance of coming to a final vote during the present session cf the jteicnsrath. Meanwhile, the German Liberal IVputles in Vienna can force an early dissolution by coalescing with the existing opposit'.on, for Instance, the Young Czechs, or can take tira to prepare a measure extendi ig the franchise on lines safeguarding the Gcnran Party against loss of power. It is proposed to convene a National Conferen.-e of Ai-s-tro-German Delegates, who vlll decide tion a course of action. The Frankfurter .titling and other Radical dailies in Germany ore keenly excited over TaafTe's polity. They urge the German Austriaus to reflect calmly before acting against proposjls u mcuu me sunrage, ana iecom:nend rather, an effort to modify Taaffe'B rtoiect' Gen. Klrchhof. who triwi m ah " t-- Harich of The Berlin Tageblatt. will be tried behind closed doors hv m,. m.i tribunal consisting of ten Generals The newspapers express the public dlicontcnt with the special privileges granted row. as ever, under the law to military offenders not even excepting those guilty of i.iur-oerous assault on civilians. Nevertheless. Klrchhof is obtaining much public sympathy, as Harich' s reflections upon Kraeuleln Jon Kirch hofa character are believed to cone ueyuna me uounas or decency The-anti-Semites have taken i.p th- cause of the General. At a mass noting In Rpandau on Friday, they passed a resolution to the elTect that, although rt-Trttlng tolearn that Gen. Klrchhof had violated the wwiicti mw. mey regaraed his sense of honor as truly Germanic Not he they said, but the Jewish editors who li.silted the honor of German Gentiles, should be punished. The meeting condsmnd all Jewish editors as scandalmongers, who shcuid be expelled from their offices. . Dr. Schweninger h..s e,,ne to South Germany for r of two weews. Tie "'"l return to Friedrlchsruh on Oct. 8. His absence from tut KismarcK household is he.d to be the best sign of the Prince's convalescence. At his orders Bismarck receives cow only his most Intimate friends. Actor Bamay has sciatica and has gone to W lesbaden for treatment. The Sen Her eer peasants' theatrical company will make a tour of the United States next Spring under the direction of Konrad and Dreher. Herr Dreher was the first manager to engage natives of the Schller-eer and Tegernsee districts to Illustrate peasant life, and at the Wallner Theatre In this city he has scored an enormous success. WILD ENTHCSIASM AT TOULON. '-- Boaaiaa Sailors Carried on th Shonlders of tbo Populace. TOULON. Oct. IS.-Few persons slept in Toulon last night. The streets were almost as crowded at 3 o'clock this morning as at I o'clock yesterday afternoon. The Illumination of shops and private houses did not tease until daybreak, and the thousands sang and caroused under the electric light without a sign of weariness. When the officers" ball at the Arsenal Closed, shortly after C o'clock, the dancers came out upon a scene of delirious enthusiasm. Bands playing the Russian anthem and the Marseillaise " were parading the streets, the throng was alternately singing and cheering, and shouts for Russia, the Russian officers, and the Czar rang from very side. At 8 o'clock the crush was worse than at any time since the celebration began. Everybody was shouting ms ne nuesia: aong live the Csar! Mayor Ferraro gave his luncheon in the me ot the municipality at 11 o'clock. The Playground of the college had been covered "ita a great tenty spread between double of plane trees, and under this the ta-were laid. The Russian officers bowed their appreciation of the fine wines by drinking themselves into a state of Bushed excitement. When the luncheon was ver the Mayor made a rather bombastic whi t the alliance of sister nations. " ,b-"aid. ought to be regarded abroad r" , peace and not as a threat of Admiral Jenlw' old champagne cup to tSrMh!S ku a "llver champagne cup UoTEL? Rlan officer. The presenta-no corMsnM7i!Tr" flueive. but they evoked ns jTdmir- f "Ponae from the Rus-brtetty.idlSiy1"1 expressed his thanks anpl "kSSSI; Russians followed his U politics. llW!tn mde any allusion ' 'wrJhroatL 1 lhe maJn tnor Admlral Aveian ud1 frm wall to walL eyed lo oien -i,rrt.. ocers were con-pbwe. .hto the Place d. U tfke Place. The V?f "wers was to nors could procJ . a?n" tnat and often had J04w0,Uy "l "low fctuslans weref,!? 'topped. The confetti, and piTer Sffi!"lHn flowers. their capi"to tne people carrU wh i. Vi? Jcted uu t- .k rrUgeVhelT Ai ti't1 W the .ion of fioau a!, rnoZlX" things iiuZe.i ImM,1 than"an7- --i uia- or landed. French sailors and civil U:s formed In nrocepslons, nolst(Hl th mon to their shouioiK. and onrrled litem thivuRh the street. Vo-r. enibravti ;mil them. Wherever the Hi-lsn RRilors ,n-Iared. deafening sliouls lor HtiU and t'.e Cear filled th nlr. Until evening the demon! r.-'t km wns r"-niaikaHe fr the alseiiov of drunken men. After ilnrk. however, wine bhj tlven out in enormnm iiiantities. Stuwrlm sail-ir wore to tx n.s'n every where. - an.l (lie t..iil. iar manirtstRiions i-f cnt'.iustii 'in degt-ii-cratel Into maudlin embraces ari-1 drunken howling. A dinner was given at thf Pref.-cture this evening to the Kusl'n oflli-cri nnl the hirjh French omclnls who li'.ve coin-.' fr'm other cities, letter then- was a sahi performance at the Grand Theatre, which the KusxUns attended, at the Invltntion of the Municipal Government. The chief feature of the performance was a Franco-Kusslun ballet. Victim of t'holer In Ktirnpe. 'LONDON. Oct. 13. Three cases of choleraic disease levelojel to-day In the Greenwich workhouse, where l.V) sueli caseu hud been previously reported. The total number of deaths In the workhouse from this disease Is eight. ROME. IhM. 15.-There were twenty-six fresh cases of cholera and thirty deaths In Leghorn during the twenty-four hours ended at 6 o'clock this evening. In Palermo there- were eight fresh cases and seven deaths. ST. PETERSBURG, Oct. 15. There were twenty-nine fresh cases of cholera and forty-two deaths here from Oct 9 to 12. There were nine fresh cases and five deaths n Moscow from Oct. to 10. A general decrease of the epidemic is reported from tbe provinces. Lets Silver Going to India. LONDON, Oct 16. The Simla correspondent of The Times says: " The closure of the mints Is now becoming operative. Exchange has gradually risen in the last ten days to U'-d., and it is believed that Council bills will be applied for on Wednesday at or even over Lord Klmberley's minimum. The imports of silver seem to be declining. Dealers who lately have been doing a profitable business, and were filled up with money, are now distinctly short The Bank of Bombay raised tbe rate last week, and the Bank of Bengal is expected lo do the same on Thursday." The London Times on the Debate. LONDON. Oct 16. The Times says in a leader concerning the Senate debate on the repeal bill: " We fear that no result will be reached speedily, and that no mere diminution of the amount of silver purchases, as suggested by the advocates of compromise, will remove the existing financial uncertainty or replace credit on a secure basis. At the same time, the prolonging of purchases under the Sherman act. which obviously will result If the compromise be vetoed, will perpetuate all the causes of tbe recent disturbances." Crlspl Talks for Peace. ROME. Oct 15. A banquet was given In Genoa to-day to celebrate the anniversary of Garibaldi's military expedition to Sicily. Ex-Premier Crispi. after eulogizing Garibaldi, declared himself to be a fervent believer in the need of peace. He regarded the men who clamored for war. he said, as dangerous fools. He himself desired to see such a federation of all nations as would establish the peace and tend toward the greater social and material development of all peoples. A War of Extermination by the Moors. MADRID. Oct. 15. The Oovemmcnt re ceived this morning a long statement from! ine governor or Manila. The leaders of the Kabyles, he said, had Just concluded a conference at which the representatives of thirty-one tribes had sworn solemnly to fight as allies in a war of extermination against the Spaniards at Melilla. In view of this information the Government ordered this evening that an additional artillery force, with thirty-six guns, embark for Melilla. A Fight Expocted in Sooth Africa, CAPE TOWN, Oct 15. The Fort Salisbury and Fort Victoria columns of the Chartered Company have met without serious Interference from the Matabele warriors, and are now marching along the High Veldt in the hope of drawing Lobengula's men out from the bush into open ground. a ngm is expected dally 1. A New Heir to Royalty. BUCHAREST. Oct. 15. The Crown Princess of Houmania. formerly the Princess Marie of Edinburgh, gave birth to a son today. Both she and the baby are doing well. Dr. William 8. Playfalr, physician to the Duchess of Edinburgh, Is in attendance. The Princess was married on Jan. lu last Dr. Talmage on Helpful Churches. The Rev. T. De Witt Talmage preached yesterday morning in the Brooklyn Tabernacle on " Helpful Churches," taking hla text from Psalms, xx,, 2: " Send thee help from the sanctuary." Dr. Talmage emphasised the point that if churches are to live they must adapt themselves to the times. The old methods must be put aside and new pleasures adopted that will interest people. Before the sermon Dr. Talmage read the following nominations for Trustees: Leonard Moody, John Hanscom. James W Blrkett, Theodore D. Dimon. Andrew W Kendrick. Tertullus G. Mathews, Thorna Pitbladdo. and Alfred E. Coates. A.RMY A0 XATY. Army New. -C Frank c. Grairss, wosd Artillery, ana , r. ' w ry, AMUlmui o .rxeou. fori Sehuy-'' "re orlsrsd to proceed to fort Colambut. . y-Dd r irt tct. 18 iu Lieac W. i-.a(. ,rr 7- rlrsl Ariiiirr. Ja1 A.lvuctis of Che n. rl ouart-mai iiai lo aloa al lui p,i. to Zlwm testimony b.;or ilie eouru - TTTb.ulM Bi Dua. Adjutant Third rTiry. is rellcTed irom dntr lueut ri-cr.iiUsc oitlror if utiHtnu k.ahutna. aud w,il irsn.tor pruuarir ..Vi!,"KJo.,, ', ''. Rimn al muter, i niru Cavalry. ho it pjini.d In bis ntL i ":J!BfintrJr Tr'r Ttia tollowmc trass ar . " Taty-luunli laUniry are ordered! Lleu Juhn R. berbnra. from Crnmiur E lo Ii Lieut Hunter a. S sjo. frjm Conptaj I to Joml pauy k. Vri' coo'tiaartial ha hkn deUlled ai raaideot. and Ueat. . J. SlBtondm. aWTenth Cavairj. Judge Advocale. -Troop K, 1 nlr.1 Carairy. bo at Pod(I Creak. Okls, honis. aud CompBy u.. itairteealh infatrr. imw at l-tirry. uk.atiouia. will retura to aruaer Tuonu U. Adams Firth Artillery, la detailed aa recruiting oituer at Aiulrax lalaudl al . Ticeoual UeuL Wllmut K. Kulu. t Ulh Ar! ULr. Tbo la rellsTe l. ,T,,ot- "'t'er Wood. Fifth Artillery, detailed a res ta ting uu.r. r at Kurt Muoa. CaL V'lo iiJ.e,o.l'L' W- Uaor1,n- Arilllerj. -Ma'or J W. Bcnliy, Qnartermaattr. Is ordered te pr.lio ton St l-tiinp. ua uu.nea uuoa itulmu,u ui he iu return w Ni.utltui, iiLI?- W' Cloman Flrat Infastry. la re-llered Jrcm iiuiy as a uiruii.. r of tne general Ouuri-niarliml at ran rauilcu, Cal. Kran Miln.. Tweatteta Iafantrr. I aaicu-i t'.datr a Aollnx-.a.pector Ucuera of the Ueii tmenl of Ca lloiolt a!.U,lFMKi:!"ot, flf,h Caralry.tarellavadas a tcem .rr er lh seueral cvnrt niarui aupvlalod at alclBtuau, i tiM. f.r eaa montti. to take eferi Nor. 1 la a-ranied Lieut K. A. Urewa. r'our.a Ca alry. -1 of Abanca.-Csit. a. K. Wood, ronrth Cavairy, two niuaiiia exwuaioa. 'avy X.wi. Tr".T,.'rd JTnm B"n.-ComniaBda V T. Iy la ordered home aud iaie.1 ea w,iun ordera I leot. Coaitoai.lM s. W. Very .D,l NursooS A K Msk ruder are proaled two tnoaths tear, lima lM'. Caariea Laird. tcla lf. Hertoirti tl hrnvUf I. i.. riobbe are created three nioailie leave. faael Auiiun .x IT : aim u fkmrnmr iv. m. . aVPss etderwl to the Isaepes 01100. 7 Eaalca H B W1L00 la detach! from the AL balroM and trained three aiontua' lea re -t Lief tsameer Karld bmitb U to Phua. aeluuia, The Providence imci Stonlnston Steunialilp Company have withdiawn tor the tV inter the paanger service of Ita Providence Line. The fctunlne-ion Llna will run s heieti.fore ihmush-out the year, leaving ucw M North River at e f. at. ditily, ncepi .Sunday, and connecting at Hiuiilnsun with Hire- eipress irame ft Providence and Boston. The flrat exprea dua at Boston at 6.W A. M . haa through i.uri.j-' ru,. fiTjm etoninirton whurf to Boeton. Th Si-.nlng- .ju wu. vmkw wic iiuiuv douqij Toui. and Ita atearuers are new ai.d equal lo any In ium service. A. J. Hider of Trenton. X. J . Secretary of the Amwlcan 1'rantM.rry Aiuoclation. auld fjr Europe Haluidit)'. lie wtil try to lnirxiuee llie A me; lean cranberry abroad, and thus eat rid of a portion of the surplus of this year s crop. wmrn ia one 01 tne utrgeec ever gT'jwn. Wary Tnuary. thlrty-Ove rears old, who was burned while Irvine to save her staler, whoa clothing caught ore from an eiuludina lamn at 21 Morton Bireei, Saturday, died in Su Vincent's Hoapilal yesterday. The steainar Heckskill was badly dajnaevd by Are at Pcekakill durmc the aux-rn Kridav night Her cargo had not beea reoiovod and was almost destroyed. t Cecils Lodge. No. Ml. f. and A. M , will confer the first degree to-morrow afternooo at 13v o'clock la Tuscaa Koom. Maaonjo Uaii. i DISTRICT FIGHTS SEVEEAL THE IjlVELY 0HE3 ON FOE IXY CAMPAIGN, Republicans Seven III, X oncful of Snocra til tllfl ilith, Deventli. Twenty-Brut. ly-tlilrd IWnnao of Three- aud Twen l.rnered t ntesls Arising from Bptlla in the l)r Inocruttc Ranks Tamuiauy Loudera Ai luorniw -Nl J (onlldent, Uuwerer-To-ht's Convention. Now tbat molt of the nominations for tbe Aa enililj have n made by uoih tbe Ueino-hllaans. the Kepui licans are crais and l.ep hard at work tl kurln 00 dlatrl. ta they tbink they e n . arry i4 tins city, in tbe present A-seiu ly tbe enint-New-York Ity deleg tlmi Is enty-ulns m . m be rs are Tatn- raauy men and due is an anli-1 amtnanr Demo- t rat. McMauas iir tbe tixuteeniu District. Kepuhilo n pi as are laid to carry four of the ets-tbs ninth, tbe eleventh. thlity city dlstd, the twenty first and tbe twenty-tblrd. Tbo l.epubhckiis think tbey mar have m chance also In (vto k emptier dorslug aleupoi Itbe BeventU District with tbe row 00 there. Borne favor In fer the Assembly In tbat dis trict, while othets Insist that tbo party should try to win tberb with a straight Kepublloan Tanim ,ny baa nominated Jobn C. bu m In tbe dleMlot. and loslau tbat be will be elected, no mattfr what sort of a combination kirn. There Is a vastly better cbanee for an ' Inter esting contest iul tbe Mulh Aiseuibly District, and it looks as ifllir. MoDerinott. who has been nominated by Tdinmany, would have a lively struggle for elmslion. Leader Jatues W. Boyle. who is lu chara-elof tbe Tauiuisny forces, insists that be will be e ected drsptlo the independent candidacy or X W. I'.ahan. tbe present Assemblyman. hose plurality in the district last year aas ab ut l.-toa Mr. Boyle refused to permit tbe rei lomln.tlon of iir. Baban, and bis friends notnl lated him aa an Independent. They olatm about 1.4UO members for tbe Walter w. Baban Association, and II they noil that many votes for tbeir candidate they will make trouble ior Mr. Muueriueit. KepubUeans are delighted wltb tbe situation in tbe district, for whenever there is a Democratic spilt In tbe Ninth it is jseiuio to electa, KepuDiicau Assemblyman. Mr. Bahan's friends would Ilka verv much to get a Kepablloan indorsement of biin. but this does not soetn probable now. because the He- pnlilleaus think bat tbey can elect one of their cautiously adiourned their As own party. They sembly Convention in tbe Klotn from Saturday nlgbt until lo-nliuL lbs ehanoes are that ex- Aiaerman jamaat A. Cowle. tormerly ot tbe TbirteeatU Dlalflot and now of tbe .Ninth, will be nominated. Leader Boyle, tiowever. has added materially to tbe streagtb or tbe latnmany organization In the district sln e the last election, and he does not admit tbe ussinilliy of defeat. Ills bis Crst campaign as a Tammany leader, and be has bis spurs on. In tne Lievent 1 Assembly District the Republicans are very h pefal. They have nominated Jamea K. bhedle d by tbe advice of tiood Oov-erumeal Club D and tbey figure 00 winning wltb him. Tbey bad tbeir hopes Increased yesterday when tbe. found tbat tbe anil-snappers of tbe district w -re going to nominate J amee A. More bead by :ertllioate as an Independent Democrat. boi Berliner, w 10 was a Republloan in tbe la-.t campaign, li one of the prime movers in bringing aoout l ua nomiuatlon, and be is authority for tbe statement tbat ttobert Urier Monroe is beuli d Mr. Morehead. There Is no fiosalulllty of an I ndependent Democrat winning u the Lleventb . Lss.muly District, but Kepublloan obanees of tuooesa will be materially enhanced by a thli d ticket. Tbe tbree-eornered flgbt will pieasi Tbouias C Piatt very much, l'eroltal Fariut sr. tbe present Tammany Assemblyman from tbe district, was elected by a plurality of onij 'U voles. Frederick M. Mo-Cloy, who uaa I een nomluated by Tammany, has a hard flcnt c n bis bauds, bat be has lived In tbe dlstriot fo fifteen years, has a very large number of personal friends, and will get tbe votes of many Republicans. Tbe Tammany organlzaton la tbe Eleventh District was nev ir stronger than It Is now, and Leader Jobn J. bcannell. President of tbe Mre Commissioners, Ii certain tbat Mr. MeCloy will be eleoled. In tbo Twenty- Irst District, wbere tbe Republicans always he o hop-s ot winning, they nave nominated Otto Irving Wise, a recent convert fsoin Tammany. 1 or the Assembly, but Tammany will not plaee a 1 isn lu tbe held until to-nigbt. Assemblyman I ablo. the Tammany man who represented tbe 1 1-tnot In tbe last two Legislatures, declined a renomluatiou. Although prepared for a bard tlgat. Leailrr James J. Alarila. t'realdenl of the 'olice t'ommissiouera. believes that the Tain 111 a 1 y candidate will carry the district. Tbe declal in aa to who will be nominated will be reached e iny to-day. In tbe Twenty bird District George C Coffin has been nomlnuitcd by Tammany for tbe Assembly to succeed 1111am B. j-.llison. tbe present Assemblyman, wbo was elected by more tban l.'iOO plurality. Tbe Republicans have nominated Judsoo lsviod, and tbey are going to make a hard tight to carry tbe district. Tbey believe tbe Deiiiooraotle plurality there lat year was dne tb tbe great popularity of Mr. Cleveland. I John li. Bextoi. the Tammany leader of tbe district. Is conbdent tbat there Is a disappointment awaiting this kepaulicase. Upon tbesuriste things were very qnlet with tbe politicians y aster d ay. and there was no apparent change li the local situation. Leaders conferred, of oou rse. In the retirement of private residences, ind doubtless an amount ot slate making wsi indulged in. Prominent Tan many men said tbat tbe slate was far from being made up for to morrow night's Coaniy C invention In Tainroaiiy Ua L There waa taik ol Ueury D. Purrov for Controller and of Civil luailce Cbarlea M. Clancy lor Sheriff or Judge ( f the CUytourt. but It was talk so far an yes erday went and nothing more. t-eretary i)e k -eeit of the Demooratio Ptate Committee said mat l.ient Uov. hbeeban would return to this city from Burlalo this forenoon. and tbat Senator aaurpuy uau leiepnoUFd irolU he would not be over until Washington thai early in tbe week. Chief Clerk Kd ' On L Fox of the Rennhlleen rtate Commiltei- kead tbe papers In Ibe Keput.- lleau Heatooarie and said there wfc nothing going on. i" in tue ruin Avennx iinu HAVE MO T8E IOK TAMMANY. Labor Men KJect Overtures from Croker. Tbe delegates the Trades and Labor Con-organized on Tuesday de- ferenoe tbat was elded yesterday aid, tbey would to go Into politic, bat. tbev bothave anything to do wltb Tauimauy Ball or any other old party. d Labor Party was flrat nr. When tbe Cm ganlzed It adopted a plank in Its platform a.ainst any de parties. Mben and the Reuub with the old! US ie party polled a large vote '"ha BDnrOaelind tlia I - l.n lieu mien ike no deal plank waa cvureuieutiy for- golteu. The avowed pnrpose of yeMerday's meeting of the delegate as to nominate an.u dates for ueiega s to tbe Constiluiieuai Con- veatlou. Tbe t ommittee m Ways sad Means reported it advances male Ity one of 1 parties to mi. ti,. ........ thai it bad reirc the strong pontic) men two raiidlii 'OS OB III lui.t It..,-.. ouiu.eutled tne a "Itlou of three planks in the murui lo bo aubln.tled to tue uveutloo. These were the re- Wuralugmeu'a ul oualnuiioiial ti peal of tbe Cous iraoy laws, tbe Introduction of a new system J : making laws, an 1 the giving ity of aw-1 org to liudd ita railroads. oi power lu til own ri!d-tran.l Delegate lieu y t.eiamann tald: "At luuilttee of Ways and Mean ..Isd Has am Pnlir. anlnlina . meeting o; tbe cu a Joseph Miner c Richard Croker ti pie desired he wo elates were placet is. ;. ewuiBllTr V say that If tbe laboring peo-ld en thai two of the.r oandl-on the Tainiuanr Hall n.,t.i of aa aelegatea ie the btate t.onaiiititional Coa-er ad'leil thut he would i vention. Mr. tsti tbe committee u n&il frldar to think over the proposal "After Mr. Stl Dr bad withdrawn, the mm. tnltw-e bold a . eonau Itailon and decided te have Mr. Croker or with the oriran. Dotblug to do wli lzatlou whlcb be eOOtrOlS. '1 ha UtliSr III Jt 111 Itmwm Of tbe committee then directed ma to write to Mr. Miner and In lorai him tbat era-seized lain.. preferred to pat 1 lore tbe people w la elaieaa a I. rl K.n,lH.ij.. 1. jthoat tbe aid ef Tammaor Ball." '1 be meeting In orsed Ibe romLrittee'a report ! a full ticket In thai n.M in. and decided to pu aelegatea 10 the I voaiiLuiioual 1 on ventlos. Tbe 1 . names will be pi 1 n led on IB ticket of Ibe i copies early. . labor men noin onowtug are tbe names of tbe nawiu ior allegata to tbe iventlon.- Constitutional t o Mrjer iiaiupf, I Davie. 4eha a. 1 u Wuldera. M. firowo, Bernard L4 Barry While. Dan riarrla. iuii.ta. u..ti.i.i. ' " aai'va. nuu.ri Aaihoujr iteicliert. 'liariee t. i.rlunera 1 hanae 1 of. lauil. M. KOIF Hki S-ll luana. U 'P C......H. Joan lb Taokrr. T. eaaiuel Biper, oiiarlt. C. W 'H alab. l utl, M iiut.B.l W. ban aal. a. .1 j.ui..un a.' . Hiaiy vte .mano. n. 11 anion, w Ma iilrer Leula Uulilateia. T. B. J. ti lairr, Urorge fnae, a.uBiiiB Mliaim. Morris 1 ioid. r, J..s,ll tare. Weil, W. V. , J. W. Ji.oaa. Ii.r a Horfoian, urk . and riauk karred. Jol.a kellr. Matth Jiei r Hooeit v iu raiuuel Kaufman, here. ' eyt-r I ev Kao'la. Oe- is Mar J. While, lueu W. Haabattao V 1S.OO Eieursloas Via West Hbore Railroad. Chicago In charge ef attend-ere Railroad 10:00 A. M. lbar.ay. Oet 18 and lit. Tbroegb ears tej ant via West Wednesday and Tickets goad te morning of 'el. V retura to New York until Ibe f-aeurslon tl kets v lid for teu dais t f!7 Thors lar, Oot la, 111 be good en train running Last 917 exsursioa Monday, Oet. M-eui. ASSEMBLE NOMINATIONS 15 HEW-TOBZ STATE, Candidate, fer Asseafcly, sen ate, and '-ai Offieea. . kTrVi' ' ' 1ThK nli-PnaPP.r Idlers i Hr.t Assembly Ululrict il HUM.bon . omity .ame Into to-day's Assembly Content..... uud surrendered to tn. machine ....condltiona ly Antl-Bnapper. t'harles F. Kln-sley g. (oor w ,,eck am(( the delegates from Hath. They occupied front seats ,, applauded Controller Krank t nmi.lH-ll. wt.o opened the convention with a nii-h Itcyal c. VUrkt a Ilalh farmer was t.jti.Si.ate, for n.einlK-r of Assembly by u.cUr.intlon. Mr. Clark Is at present Highway Commissioner of Bath, and has thrice been electud to the office by majorities rangltif.' from to 150 ln of'' naturnl ru-puMIcan majority of io In the town. Ills nomination Insures a fair ou-iionunlty for carrying th district for the Democracy. The First School t'ommlssloner District Democratic Convention renominated Clark W. Holllday for School Commissioner by acclamation. WALKS CKNTUK. Oct. U.-The Populists of the Thirty-first Henatorial District held a convention here yesterday and nominated lUinlen Cole. County Lecturer of the State Alliance, for Senator, and I. V. Gall Vice President of the Alliance, for delegate to the Constitutional Convention. The County Committee was authorized to fill any vacancy In the ticket. Afterward conventions of the Fifth und Sixth Assembly Districts of Erie County were held. In the Fifth District Sheridan Moore was nominated for Asemlilvman. nnd in. the Sixth District J B. Thompson of Morton's Corners. BATA VIA, Oct. 15. The Democratic Convention of Genesee County, held at Batavla yesterdav, nominated Daniel B. Albert of Bergen for School Commissioner, J. J. Kel-eher of Pembroke for Sheriff, William Farmer of lroy for Superintendent of the Poor. Joseph H. Robson of Batavla for Sessions Juatlce. and Dr. C. V. Oray of Elba and Dr. Benjamin F. Showerman of Buta-via for Coroners. ROCHESTER. Oct. 15. -The Republicans of the Twenty-eighth Senatorial District have renominated Senator C. R. Parsons. Watchfulness the Best Insurance. Ex-Preeldent Andrew 1). White. In his letter to tbe Bremen's convention in this btate. said: "The 1 Ire Department of M. Petersburg seems on tbe whole eilertlre. being manas-eil on senil-mllitarr pi sua. anl one or two mm in higb positions, among them eipeolslly Count hherenetrlfT. taking a very great tntereat in It. In spite or tbe great severity of the Winter, and the large part of the year In which tire and llgbt are used, conflagrations seam lobe very effectually prevented. Although there are many building of wood. I have never seen a Bre during tbe two Winters of my residence lu tbe Russian capital, never beard a fire alarm, and have rarely seen any aoeouut of a tire ln tbe newspaper This would seem to be all tbe more strange for tbe reason tbat when tbe thermometer falls 10' below zero great Area are kindled all along the streets, sometimes very near tbe lmllnings. The explanation of this tromnnlty from nre is 00 doubt to be found ln the foot tbat tbe provision of watchmen is so very large." THEATRICAL GOSSIP. The boxes at Talmer's Theatre to-morrow night will b? occupied by members of the Medal of Honor Legion, who have la-en invited by Managers PalmiT and Rice tii witness tbe performance of ' HSr.." The lefrlim is composed of heroes of the war who were decorated by the Uov-ernmcnt for some consph uous act of bravery on the battlefield. Amone thowo who will be present areUen. Daniel Kutterfleld. (;en. Alexander S. Webb, ("resident t.f the College of the (Ity of New-York; Col. J. Madison I'utts of Washlns-ton. Col. H. M. Iletts of l'hlladelphia. Oen. V. R. Vesoy of Philadelphia, and Gen. Ueorga V. Mimlel of Brooklyn. A. M. Palmer has decijed to egin his management of the Garden Theatre with the production of " Morocco Bound." the burlesque which he secured abroad Summer. This will ne cessitate the postponement of Augustus Thnmrs's new play. Blue rllood." and the extension of th traveling season of the I'aimer stock company. " Liberty Ball."although It Is to be withdrawn from the stage of ine Kmplre after this week, is to be seen here aeatn this season. Charles Frohman's st.-w-k company Is to appear In a repertory of Fmhnian plays to wind up the season at the Empire, and " Liberty Hall " will be one of them. A new comedy by Clinton Stuart, founded on aociety life in Newport, and entitled " Commodore Cobb. tah," has been accepted for production by Nat C. Goodwin. MARINE INTELLIGENCE. Miniature Almanac This Day. aa rtsee...e 13 I San sou 19 yfeoa sets. HirjH WATlii T - if. AMI AMI lastly Hk.ll 60 j Oev. 1st. ..11 ST j Rail Sate. I- Ml p 1 I Sandy H'k.11 5s Oov. Isl...l2 11 HsU 6ata. LoW WATga T r .,Ar. AMI AMI aasoy H'k..6 3d I ev. Ial....6 OS HeQ Sate. V I r t I aaay U'k..8 12 I Gov. Ial....8 63 I HoU SaU. A M ..y 41 A M .1 50 1 31 .2 04 A U .7 SI J M .0 31 Outgoing Steainahipa. TO-PAT. (HONDiT.) OCT. 16. JfatU Clot. r't af. 3 :00 V M 2 rtlii P M 3:00 V at 10:00 AM Cltr ot Birmlarham liolliBgalde. L'nracoa x'einaosee .12:00 at TUESDAY. OCT. 17. Lab a, Bremen 7:00 A If WED.tgSDAT. OCT. IS. Britannic, Liverpool 8:00 AM Ity of Vaab.ugloB. Uarana. 1 :ttii i af Pr.ealand. Auluerp 8:HUAM at iran, ta, Uouilurae aociiee, savannah Paris, atouibatnpton 8:00 A M bemi.iole. i liarleeion 11:00 A M a :IH) f at 11 ISO A M StOii't M 11. -.10 A at H :UU f M aauaaui, Amsterdam. .. 7:30 a M THL'KSUAT, OCT. 19. Il'lsm. Rotterdam 10.-00 A af 11:00 at Fi.rsi liiaitiarca, tkiuinip. ton tt:0i A U VJ-.vO M Ma iiaiia, bt. Tiiumaa lMPa :ou f M aiaripoaa, Lonilon.... ...... tlnaaia, Hamburg 2:00 f it liiioiuio; Steamshl n. DfK To-Dat. (Mosdat.) Oct. 16. Caribbee, Kt Croix, ii. t 2: Ctrcasaia, I.Iuluw. on. 6: liu.l. Kepi. m ; t ms. Brmien. oet. 7: Oreclan 1'riuce. ulbraltar. jcL 1: .Viiiimaic i-lvt-r-pool. dot t: OriZHlia. Havana, "ct 12; .-.tate of Caiiforula, G.aigow, Oct. 0, Wells City. Swansea. Oct. 'i. Tl x.M'AV. Oct. 17. Adirondack. Kingston. Oet 12; HesMrla. Gibraltar. ict Olxtaui. Holierdaui. Oct. S: U ialaud. Antwerp. Oct. 7. WnwniiUtv, our. ls.-Oiijr al Alexandria. Havana, Oct. 14: Uavel, rlremeu. oof. In. PtiliaUeipuU, 1a (JDarra, uou 12; reutmie. l.lerpojH iclII. Thi h-Iiait, Oct. 19 croma, Uaudoe, Oct. 5: Olin- da, l.iebon. Oct. 3. Arrived New-York, Sunday, Oct. 10. S El Kod. H gglna. New-Orleans, with mdse to J. T. Van Sickle. fc-t Kanita. iiiuin .na, l'hlladelphia, wltb mdse to W K Clyde dc Co. KM MietiniuBd. lole. Wet Point with mdao to Old iMinila.wn Meainerilp Company. IBM Naoooehee, builth. riAvaunah. wltb mdse and paanrngers Ui K. 1- W'aiker 8 ouyandutte, Wairer. Norfolk, with mdse and passmigers io old Ooiu.ulou Sii-amablp Company. 6 Atlios, (Br..) Low. barauilla. Ac .-opt. -B, alth mdxe a .1.1 passengers to I'iui. for wood dfc Co. Arrived at th oar it I SO r M 8t frii.s Wlilem ill., (liulch.i Cnrr. Parsmtribo, erpt 'il, wilb muse, and uassenrers .o Kun hard i A Co. Arrived at the HM at .10 P M. K ou.iddo, Krans. ttaives'.ou. with uidse Bud passengers to (') 11 Mallory s Co. D r p in I'rliire. iDr.i Arnuli, Trlolflat. go., Mepu 5, w ill nnlse .aid iiaseiiirers to John C. beater. Arrivad at the liar a 3 I M. Bn B, aeon (Hr . ) ai d. raon. Bressea ropt. 20, In bAliiaa. t ueepci e Truoe. ArrireU at the Bar at H P at Uih. Sn Cyril, (Br..) ollphant, ktsnsos. As.. Bept V4, win, mine io Bootii t Cu. Arrived at the liar at 11 P M 14IO. Sx El Kin. gulck. New-OrleauA with mdse to J. T. Van Kick In. Ss w jranoke. Rnai, Richmond and Norfolk, with mdae and passengers to old Doudnloa Mteaniahip Co oi pauy. Bark America (Hal..) Ferrt. Smyrna Jnly 2a, with ei-lee to order ve-sel to John C. Seaicer. Brig i. .ha ale Her tue t, tof Port Jeilrraoa.) Tooker. Aueklaad. N. S... KB .la. with n.aae to Araod, beaey aV Co vessel to Ablal Abbott. WINU-HnPM al bandy ilooA. W BW, strong uresis, clear. Sailed. BH al ota via. for Hamburg: Storm King, for Sou lb A ricau ports) Pi nam a for Bordeaux; Htrslio. for Kio JauenO: Mss.aoil, for AVuumoutb K. W. Briiue. tor Baltimore: ' .olilaU'iro. for Philadelphia-Oeorga W. i-iyd . for Haiti. UrlltaatA fur LiTar pom. Argoaaut. tor aiuovego Bay; Ludgate UuL fi r London. Ships t anurbary, for Melbourne; bruaieltaa, lot i-naogiiai. Bark IL u. John son. for Singapore. Ily C le. Ixrvrxrv, Oet 16 -achlcsft (Br .) Cspt Watson from Antwerp lor New-1 ..rk. passed Uuvor toils . US Hindoo, dir . i fapL Ion rlaa. frem New-Tork ct 1 ior Hall, t.asael Prswls Pola. to. da tB erkeiolam. ib loli. I t'aot. rai Rc. icrtam for New-fork. paaseJ ine ls.e ef Wight to say. 8M oa alo. (Br,) rant alalel, sld. from Bail for New. v.ik yesterday North Oermau Ui.y.l H El lie. Capt. von OoeasoL iruia areaitiu. aid from boaUiauiploa for New-tors W-uay. Oen oral 1 r-uaatlaatte I. lee Kg la Bret ag a a. Cset. her. front Mew Terk OeL T arr. at Havre to. dsy Worth nerman Llerd 8H eaala. Cant Rtnrk, from New. Vera ot. 7 for, arr. at raibamntoa te-day. Galon Line Sn A task a Capt Mnrrar, frtim Uvar-fool. aid frem yneenstowo f r Now Vrk to-day Cnnard Lluo n") t aejiaaia Capt. Ham, irum i.i .er boot, aid. from tueeasiowa fur Mew-iyra to-day. $15 to World's Pair and rrtnrn. Oet 18 and 11), by Asvloit CealraL bps vial trains, aus. SCH1EREN WILL HAVE NO "BOSS" WILL ACCEPT THE BB00KLY5 MAYOEALTY NOMINATION. Ha bays Ue la Oolng Into tb Coatwtt U TTIn-lr II Is Elected lie Will He Ns Hta'i Maa" and "Wear Ke Collar"-tTllllain J. Gaynor Hays Mr. He hi ere si Is an Able and Honest Maa sad Fit te be Mstyor of Brooklyn Bepablleaa Convention Scenes. Charles A. Schleren. Republican cajidl-dato for Mayor of Brooklyn, will accept the nomination of Saturday nlgbt. and will work for success. To a reporter for Tbe Now-York Times, he yesterday said: " I would not have accepted tbe nomination if it was going to create discord In the ranks of those who are oppoad to the Democratic ring, but, as It was tendered unanimously, 1 shall accept It. And I Intend to work for election. . I will not be a passive candidate. I am going into this contest to win. If I am elected. I wlU not be any man's man. I will wear no collar,' and will not b subservient to any body or ring." The politicians of both parties were busy yesterday. Secret conferences were beld between " Boss " McLaughlin and a few of his intimates, and also between the Republican leaders. , The Republicans expect It wlil be necessary to hold another Judiciary Convention to-morrow, aa It wu understood yesterday that William J. Gaynor had written a letter declining the nomination. The ' turning down " of Jacob Worth in the Republican Convention was, next to the nomination of Mr. Schleren. the subject most talked about yesterday ln Brooklyn. Worth was popularly believed to have everything- ln his own hands. The delegates to the County Convention, which met ln the afternoon, were certain that Francis H. Wilson would be nominated. The" work of that convention showed that Worth owned It. Buttling. Michell, and Matthews are all Worth candidates. I'p to the hour the City Convention met. It was believed that Worth would control It also. A. M. Gleason's speech, attacking boss-Ism and bosses, was the first blow at Worth, and brought out wild applause. The galleries howled at Worth, who sat calmly stroking his beard. The next note of opposition was struck by Worth himself, when he voted for W. C. Bryant. Hisses and groans came from every part of the house. Willis sat almost directly ln front of Worth, but betrayed neither pain nor pleasure at the demonstration. When it was seen that Mr. Schieren waa beyond question the nominee, two-thirds of the delegates Jumped to their feet and shouted. From the galleries came a tempest of cheers. Then somebody on the platform shook his fist at Worth and yelled: " Down with Jakey Worth! Down with the traitor! " Galleries and delegates applauded the sentiment, and the Chairman vainly rapped for order. All kinds of epithets were hurled at the dethroned leader, who kept his seat, and wiped the perspiration from his face with his hand. Some one in the gallery shouted. " No more Willoughby Street! " and the cheering was renewed. Worth arose, and was greeted with catcalls and hisses and cries of " Sit down! " " You ain't in it! " " Take your seat! " It was fully a minute before he was allowed to speak. Then he said, with evident passion t " I have a right to speak on this floor. I had something to do with bringing this body together. 1 helped reconstruct the Republican Party." Tnis was received with cries of " So you did, Jakey!" "Good for Jakey!" and applause. " When I took hold of the ship," he continued. " It was a rotten old hulk. It was a disgrace. You talk about bosses. I never was a boss. 1 never professed to be a boss. Hut parties must have leaders. Just as armies must have Generals, to direct and command. I will work for the Re-puolican nominee, (ch?ers and I move to make the nomination of Mr. Schieren unanimous." It was an exciting scene, the ex-leader defending himself against the taunts and Jeers of his former followers, and everybody, even his opponents, applauded him for his pluck. William J. Gaynor was found last evening at the Montauk Club by a reporter for The Nc'-York Times, who asked him what stand he proposed to take ln regard to the nomination of Charles A. Schleren for Mayor by the Republicans and if he would not accept an Independent nomination. " You know." he replied, " that I have objected to doing so all along. I cannot prevent the people who are getting up a certificate to nominate me from doing so if they are bound to do it, but I request tnem not to. to. " I told them the Republican Convention would not adopt me, but Saturday evening they seemed to think I was standing In the way, nnd I gave them a short letter of acjuk scence, which they seem to have distributed to the delegates. I see one newspaper says it was distributed on my letter heads. This is untrue. I learned it was printed and distributed. They cannot now say I stood ln my own way. That Is why I gave them the letter." " What do you think of Mr. Schleren s nomination for Mayor? " the reporter asked. " I have known Mr. Schleren for some years," Mr. Gaynor replied. " He Is an able and honest man. The City of Brooklyn Is to be congratulated that a man was selected who, if elected. Is fit. both by his intelligence and his honesty, to be Mayor of Brooklyn." ...r. Gaynor to discuss the Judiciary nomination question. flXB iiAA'.Va A SPECIALTY. tbeicrat Pradaet of the Leosa at Jaaaoa McCatcaceu dc Ce.'e htero. Lovers of fine linen will find an endless variety at the store of James McCutcheon A Co., H West Twenty-third Street. Recent Importations from Jrela.nd. tieotland. Franre, Qermajiy. and Belgium nave brought to this firm tbe finest products of the loom. None but pur linens are handled by it. In the handkerchief department there Is a display which includes everything, from the hand-wown, hand-embroidered handkerchiefs from Switzerland, each one of which represents months of labor, down to the more substantial goods for every-Uay use. All other departments are equally well atockrd- Noticeaole. anions other thiug, are the tal'le linens mud ati-r desittns controlled exclusively by this firm. Beside tile general line of table cloths and napkins are dainty lunch sets of solid linen, white and in colors, pinks, yellows, and bluet.: also of silk and linen, wmte and In colore. Here. too. are tea cljtns in variety, with napkin to match. i n Mosars. MrS-utcheon A Co. have also a full line of pechtel embroideries. Including centrepieces, scans, and tea cloths, and choice Importations of new designs ln Mexican and Vayai drawn work. Towels, among which are those of Old Bleach linen, bleached on the grans, bed linens and furnishings, and stamped good and embroidery siias are among the other noticeable Items of this comj4aieiy-eiUipped establishment. UXJC DATS flHES i.V SEtr-XOMK. (From 12 A. M. Sunday to 1 :U A. af. Monday.) 12 :W A. at. in Korarth Street; Flshel BerkosIU; damage, 1m; Insuied; cause unknown. 1:1s A. at. i36 and tl West Tenia Street; Herman Thalrnann; damage, fcl.uuu; Insured, cause unknown. 3 A. at- One Hundred and Second Street between First Avenue and East Hlver; Harlem Market; E. alajo; damage, fit,; causa unknown. I:J' A. M. -Fleetwood Park; stables; owner, William H. Morris. 7ol Madison Avenue; damage, stock. $i,0UO. buildings, IliiM). cause, ua-' known. i M.-tOl East Eighteenth Street; John a. ieser; damage, trifling; cause unknown. P. U aw i West Seventy-ninth Htreet; fence, owned by '. hi. l. mokes, tw Weet Seventy-ninth Bireot; damage, Kv. cause, boys set nre to li. 4:1a . M. HO and 2o4 Canal fltreeti P. Darby - damage, trifling; cause unknown. :6o I'. M.-l'i Eases Street; Solomon kUinkl damage, inning; cause, oil stove upset. : K M.--1.2M Hroadwsy; Frederick Nelson damage, contents, fl.VuO; building. fcjQ: Insured : cause unknown. ' T:0J H. M -36 Attorney Htreet; Israel Feideibaum- damage. trifling; cause unknown. ' s.U 1. U.-J.S boring atieet; Wing Lee; age, liJd. cause unknown. Eirorsloas ta Celaanblaa aCgpexltlon, Meit papular Pennsylvania tail read tea day SIS eeaeb eisardua Oak 17. luciaalag Manhattan Day. pedal Mau baits Pay ack senrsusas UL IS and Ism fit for round tria. Iirkata guad to rs. torn not. as and t4. Tourist agent oa trala. a via coeenea ior ibiis ssa taadtee. Alleskaa M..aa am r risriigbl only eueTigat "n 'riV Leave Mo.. york A. U.. arr'w. I'hliSa lal-swU. Aay nr. H. Last na evaaa xsuislea iZil UlIuuZ Tm Oafi nitfs for rw GanVoats. BbU for the construction of Ui threw new gunboats for the t'nlted State Kavr knowa as No. 7. t, and will be opened at th Navy Department to-morrow. An unusually large number of bids la expected. There Is ll.SW.OO'i available for the- three craft. In addition, there is a bonus for speed on each at the rate of tao.WjO a knot obtnlned over the contract requirenvnt. itf th three new gunboats, No. S and are later craft. So. llm distinct type. It Is generally expected that Nob. 8 and will go to the one builder. The Khapr. plans, and patterns for No. will also serve for No. . Nos. 8 and 9 will b 1.313-ton craft- No. 7 will to a 1,261-ton vessel. TUB ITB A THER. WASHINGTON, Oct. lt-l I. XI. Forecaat for Monday: NEW-ENOLAND and EASTERN NEW-TORK. fair, preceded by showers in north portions of Maine, New-Hampshire, Vermont, and Eastern Near-York, cooler near the roasts of Maine. New-Hampshire, and Massachusetts, wi-st winds. I131RICT OF KJ1.CMBIA. EAa I ER.N PENNSYLVANIA. NEW-JEK8EY. liKUWAKE. UAHlLA.N'li, and VIKUiMA. fair, weal winds, becoming varlaole. NORTH CAROLINA. SOty'TH CAROLINA, and GEORGIA, (air, warmer la Northern Georgia, north winds. EASTERN FLORIDA. WESTERN FLORIDA, and ALABAMA, fair, warmer In Northern Alabama, winds shifting to southeast. MlrieljalFI'l. LOUISIANA. EASTERN TEaaS. OKLAHOMA. INDIAN TERRITORY, and ARKANSAS, fair, warmer, south winds. TE.NNEsoEE an 1 KENTUCKY, fair, warmer, southeast winds. WEST VIRGINIA. WESTERN 1'ENNBY.L-VAN1A. WESTERN NEW-YORK, and OHiO, fair, warmer, variable winds. INDIANA. ILe-LINOIS. LITER MU HiuAN, LOWER MICHIGAN, and Wldi.-ONSIN, fair, warmer, southeast Winds. MINNESOTA. IOWA, and MlbOl Hi. fair, warmer, southeast wind'. NORTH DAKOTA. SOUTH DAKOTA, NEBRASKA, and KANaAS, fair, warmer in eastern and cooler ln western port line, southeast to south winds. COLORADO, fair, cooler, west winds. MONTANA, fair, cooler, west winds. Tbe barometer has risen rapidly east f the Miasiaslppl River. An area of high barometer occupies the central valleys, tbe lake regions. and the Oulf ...aies. in-., t.i w. , t,l River the barometer has fallen, and a disturbance of alight energy occupies Montana. Tbe temperature has fallen In tne Atlantic coast Slates, and has risen from tbe Mississippi River over tbe Rocky Mountain plateau region. Rain hss fallen over the lower lake regirm. and thence over nortnem portions of New- fork and New-England; elsewhere the weather has been fair. Generally fair weather is indicated, except over Northern New-York and Northern New-England, where rain will be followed by clearing weather. tVoler weather, with frosts Monday msrnlng. will be followed In the Middle. South Atlantic, and Oulf Slates by slowly-rising temperature. The temperature will also be higher in tbo central valleys and lake region. The following shows the sheaesa ln tb ten per, tnre for the pa.l tweaty-four hoars, 1b corn psrieon with the eaue dale of last year, aa Iodic .led by the tberiasmemr ai Hudaai s yuaruiacy, 'il Broadway: 18B-4. ltd:!.. lsua. lbwi. 3 A.M. CO- - g JO P. M...73' 61 A.M 67J 47 8 KM 7o t3 A. M tilJ ti ip. M 64 44s 12 it "U5 tiAl'2 P. li 61- 4 Average le pe rat nre Tesleraay 4ea Averags for Same dale last year ...B4 . Average lor aania Uale last atieea Ysara. ss3 Flint Ca of 14th M. and 6lb Av. now ar th only boos showing new. eiegan designs .n l thai delight tue snopers. AUr. Allen. Dr. Charles S. berg-teiu. August. Biuwu. rarah Van V. lit. is. i, Janiea H-. M. IX CoBkiLi. ary. Eaxie. fcaaiuel L. Sherry. Elrtr.dge. Clark Oslrom. ! ormao. Eslhsr A. Iieuu. Euid. Houlg. Minry. McKibbiB. Ueorge., ataiy n.. P. El.raoelu. ALLFN Sudden y, on Fnmlay, Oct 15. Tr. CHa..Lks sl i tk ALLkS, la tbe Sjiu year of nis age. ronaral services al bl. ueor.o s Chuiia, Astoria. L I.. ct 17. ai a P. au. BKBOt-TEI.V. tin r-atitrdsy, Oot 14, ACOC.sT Bkhtisriix, lu bis 71 year. Relatives ami inends are respectfully lavitelto altead the funeral services al his la is real.leace, tjl East 141. t ct, oa Mea-lar. oet. 10. at o P. M. BROWN. Die . in Norwich, loan. Oct 15, Sasah Va.i Vscurkx. widow ot Rev. baauel UU-man Brown. Nonce of funeral hereafter. Ctica (N. Y.) papera please oopy. BRUSH. Entered into rest, atureeawiea. Cena Oet. 14. lsi'3. Jims H. Bkt.-n. 11. 1). raheraieervieeaat Cbrisl Cburcu ou Monday. Oct. lb. al a:30 P. M. Carnages win meet tbo l .Oi P. M. train lross oraud Ceutrai CuMkLlK.-tn Saturday. Oct. 14. 1893. Mabt Ci SkLXM. widow ef Ueorgo M. Conklin. oi ;eua of age. Funeral from bcr late resilience. St. SioLolas Av, coiurroi lttilb oa Veubeaday, Oct lb, at 'I o 'slock P. M. SAhLK On Saturday. Oct It, 1893. Sajiuex 8. KAkLk. son of ibe late Abraham U Earle. iu tbe 6ULb year of lua age. Funera. service at his late residenoe. 7.14 St Av.. near West 147lh St. ou mesday. Oct 17. at 4 o'clock 1'. M. Sl.liHlU.Jr,-suddsnlj. at Klitgway. CoL. on Friday, oet 13, lnwi. clabK oTg.ii, soa of Julia H. aud the is is Thomas If. r Idridga. Nollca of luueral hcreaiter. FoHMA.V At sing smg. N. Y, Snnday. Oct 15. bVX EMHkk A., wu of Wai.or o. soiman. Funeral acrvlces ti Tuesoay. i ct 17. at 11 o'clock, from the residence of her brother-la- law. r-aniuei C KlDp, No. 'tb Highland Av. ping Slug, N. Y. Ialernient at Fair tit luge Cemetery, cbappa-qu, N. Y. HEIM. EMIT On Oet 13, after a prolonged Ul. aesa ib tbe 54ihyearef liU aga Fnoeral aervioea will take p. ace Monday. Oct 16, at 1 P. M., at his late residence, l' Weal ai7tb at BoNIG.-Oa Sainrtlay. Oct 14. Hg.xar Hosto. aged 71 years. Fuaerai from hla lata reaiJeaoe, 13d Wei: 4slh t-t on'luosuay, Oct 17. at :j0 A. ji. Please emit nowera McKIBBIN.-8nildBly, on Friday. Oct 13. ot pneumonia Oiouos MtkiBBf. ln tb Bid year of his age. Funeral services will be held Tuesday, Oct 17, st 4 o c.ock P. M . at bis late residence. No. 40 eet 51st bl liileimeut al Wovdiawn. Pieaee etui; flowsra -MOHGAX.-At Aoburn, N. T.. Friday afterBoon. Oct l. IBtfi. Mabv E. P. MfkuAv. relict of ChrUlo-fhe Morgan, aged BO fears 7 mouliia aud St7 da; a. UHERRT On .-under, Oot It, loss. Euzabstu aaagbter of lue lale NSLUam and Jan H. Mead. Relatives and friends ar Invited to attest tbe fuaerai services al her late residenud. Mo. 177 gasl 1 ct, v euaeeOa, Oot la. laaj. al 1 e'oleog P. M. WOODUWN CEMETERY. Woodlaws auuoa. UUh Ward.) Harlesi aailrosl OOice. No. 20 East iid St OfficiaL OF MATl d;pa IPARTMENT OF t-1 rE. WASHINGTON oot 1A 1WA In oraiatleB bas been re- celveil at this oeparuueal irvui Mr. Lewu Baker tue asiai ter oi tue laiiea Ola lea at baa Jose Cuaia Rioa. that suit bas beea brvngki la tbat eity to have the estate oi v udam Hoej. a tioceaaed Aaencan c.tli, a, escheat to tbe luuDioipalitr. Mr. Boer died in ibWl, ltrlug coualderabls piupertylnCost R.t. and ao far uo hairs have appeared to claim It. Nothing la known of his tonuectl us ln this eeuntry. em-cept the. Be i- sai.i to ijave had a Urvtnsr living ta New-kork or Paris and lust his mother, whuee ni alilea naiuo waa Collins, lived in Hvbokea. Ibe legal leprrsentatives ot the deceased csa obtain lurtbr lulorwalion by applying te this departaant Per diapaieh No. 97. Dated sept a. 10A ,5prrUl lc1icf5. NO PAIN OBUmPIKu AFTER TAKING l ARTE MB LlilLt LIVE.. PILLS. ViaBU Wltb pa a. oo.orless .aoes should use CAB i Eit'S LlTlte. LIVER PILLS. Women who feel weak and discouraged shocld as CAKUHs l.llTi-A l.lVr U PILLS. All receive both mental aad lx dl.y vigor by astag CAR 1 Ett a LiriLS El V Eat PiELS. lfw I'MtUratiow. Fat A. Mi. LEMLlat'ei P0PV7LAB M0.KTULY FOB NOVEMBER. OCT TO-DAT. Cob lata a amongst Its leading Ulaatratod arusleai ELECTRICITY CP TO DATE. By Arthur V. Abbott Wllh UiasUaUoDs of U atieeinelty Eg hlbtt at tb World s Fair. YOUNOCR AMERICA WOMEN IN ABT. By Frank Llasi- Whit. Wltb many lilaslrsUoas I tbir work. IX THE LAKD OF iiOBWHITE. By Martha Me-CuUoea-William. POLICE, AMERICAN AND FOBEION. By WlUum U. Uarriao With sketch of the Gaarulaas of th Peace of ovary u,auy. HOW A PLAY 18 PRODUCED. By Arthur Horn-blow. With IS UlualraUaas ef view beea ad ih aoehea, Ao. THE AIM OF THE KIBOEBOAkTEX By Fredsriqas Sba SERIAL STOUT. SHOBTSTOBIE8. POEMS. Ae, Pn,li. M .. Aassal seorlUs. f E0. Caal Seleetto f standard Books a Frem lama la eombtaatioa with sabaertstioas te POP U LAB MON i HLT. &4 fat- glvtag tali sasorip-tie ana prtse. Mrs, FRaRK LESLIE. PaklUtar, 11 Stk Av., awYk. ! A TMaTiaiwst Pimm luai. mti! j. Kellsr, twenr-tlir yr ttISm living at S23 West Twenty-third BtrL aa Agent of th New-Tor Transfer Com pany. at 415 Broadway wa charged ht th Tomb Police Court yewterdar br W. J. Orant, manager of tb conptuir. wJtkj having ollectl small sum of snonsry t differciit times and appropriated tb mxam to hi own use. It is estimated that la this wsy Kellsr bad stolen ov?r poo from th company. Jiurtio Ma4 held hla la l&OS bhlt for examination. Host's Wife Ha as alia x. Mra Urri Mt, tb wlf of Jkaas Mm. th Aaareklst and floial!st agitator ad dlto of Ir Frelbelt. wa takes t th Rivsrstds Uoepltal. Narth brother 114. y tarda y, searing irons smallpox, lira. Meet I Gormen, thlrtv-tbra roar old. and ha bees living wltb Moetaahi wt:slx years. Tb ourt llv Is eomfertabi partnU at 2od W id lata bireet KEW BOUSVS. P0PCLAB EDmOM OF PABKMAWS STKW WoMK. COMPLETiMO HIS HISToBIBA A HALF CKXTCKY OP CaMFLICT. Bf FraBSt Parkma. With Vbrs amapA S !. lSiuo. cloth, x A VOLIMK OF SHORT STORIES BY THI AUTHOR OF "WIT a FIBE AKD SWOBD." YANK't THE ULICIA!. ASH U11ICB HIIIKIEia. Translated frem tb PUa g Hearyk Klsnk'.ewiei by Jnranah Cnrtia. Ilia, trated by Ed ooad U. Garrett lorn. Cast. UUt, glit tp. SL2S. KEARLY READY PtXMICHAPL. A seoaal to - With ac4 .swerd and Th Deiage. By Hearyk Sleaklsvier. Crown Sv. etoth, tX SHAUESPEABE'S LIFE BRIEFLY TOLO FBOM THE BEST SOURCES. THE LIFE OP !.I1AKEiPEAHE. Copied fr eta the Beat Soarce withoot Comment By Iaail W. Wilder. lSmo. cloth. tL XIKOrHO.VI ABT OP HOBEMASSHIP. TUE ART OP IIORHKMANSUIP. Ry Xasa. pbon. Translated with Chapter on th Greek Riding Hers, aad Notes, by Morris H. Morgan. With several foil-page pistes and anmereo llloatrations from the aatlnne. 1290. cloth, gill top. f 1 40: half ei:f. ottra, or halt moroce. extra, g.ll l. p. is. -6. day morecco, gilt tdge. (3.75. ELIZA BETH AK SCSfGS. NEW AND BEACTI FL'L EDITION. ELIZA 3 ETHAN tON(; "1 notOCE Of Li VK Atl) BtlDIIE." Collected aad ills, tiated by Ed mo ad If. Garrett Wuhaalalro. ductioa by Andrew Laag. Ex-aiaiirly prtated at tbe I'blv. rltr . rera. with b act letisr b-ad. lng.. initial letters. ..a. aa, I U.Lsiraird wllh A vignettts and 7 full page pliotugiavui pate from wa'er-color draw Dsa. : o badiaga aad tali pieces, and aa etched title ail.iv sue tc portrait of Vfueeu tilts. Ui. lmo. cl .1 .. e -.ra gl t ton. S'J: watered silk, : luup aiorot.CA, xtTa. A0. THE WORLD'S BEST HYMNS. NEW IDL TION, WITH ADL-ITiON AX. UYMNS. THE VV OR .il II f iHMH. Wiih aa is, UoducUoa by Irr. J. W. CbarebilL Audarer Theological seminary, and lurly beautiful pirt-ures by Lou K. llar.ow. New Edition, lom. detoraud cloth. $LH; China lla, hand palates, wilb designs ot towers. t-eO. LITTLE. BROWN Si ta. Pub lis here, i64 WASHIXGTOX ST, BOSTON. P'lII.LlP-.'r ELITE DI lEtTOSV (1 went:h anonail is puMisbet and la a stylets Jut.,y la tbe fuLesl lis rlji, us to th high apureciniioii and patronase oi te i sulia it 1 aa luipioremem on all prevuma eoittons. II ta hardly neceasarr to repeat ine same old al-jrv, t t. that it too talus 6l. Ooo names of what nsldsrert lb beat oi i. ople. whose means al oir them to grsuiy all lliey esii. 1 lis names are -.a-sliiel aecorrttng tostrie aa .it printed in numerical order, which, rocdsrs it invaiuslile 1 forwsrtli.ig iuvitatica no. tieea. Price. d Braniano and a I noosseUers. W. PHILLIPS ds i. ari the onglnai aothorA pna liahrrs. and eole Jj-opr.etors. Jio. 81 Nassau St KI:2LEI'-iY. KPI. PY. A aeconnt of the oaly rallonal mJde of treatment, l'aatpiilel ediUoa. lt. Address THE WILLIAM-b(J. OA.M1AHI 1 11, New Loadoa. Ceao. rOsT OFFlt'E NOTICE. iShouli be rad daily by til Interested, as ch.tnei may occur at any time, i Foreign mails for the week-ending Oct. H will close (promptly in ail casea al this office, as f..ll?ws: MONDAY. At 12 M. for Venexuela and Curacao, also SavanilU. via "urac-ao. per ateajnshl Hollinside, (letters for ether Colombian porta must :.e dir.i-tel per Il. lU.iside " : al p. M. for Belize. Puerto O.rtex. sjtd Guatemala, pec Suliwater, fn.ra New-Orioana. TfKSl A Y. Ai 7 A. M. f.rt- Eumfie. per steam-ship Lahn. via Sou'hamiaoa and Bremen; at S I. M. f-r Guatemala, per su-amsblp Fuunbora ough. from New-orlesns; at I l M. fr Bluoa fields, per steAitshin Gu.tsli:. from New-Orleans. WEINKjjOAY. At 7:S A. M. for Netherlands direit. per stt-am-ihip Zaandam. via Ann stevdam, (letters must be directed " per "ui. dam";) at A. M. (supplementary : A. M.) tt Europe, per stearahlp ilrltannic. via Queraf own. (letters must 1 dlrecteJ " per Britannic " ;) at I A. M. (supplementary lu A. M-) for Europe, per steam-hir. I'aria. via Southampton; at :) A. M. for 4eU-ium direct. rr stewniahtw Friealand. via Antwerp, (letters must be directed "per Frieslacd"; at 1 P. M. for Cuba, per steamship City of Washtngton. via, Havana; ag 1 I". M. for I"uerto C ortes, per steamship Wta derer. fro-n New-Orleans. THI RmjAY. At A. iL (sur elementary 10 JS A. M.) for Europe, per stearic. n Fuerst Bismarck, via Southampton and lijruou.-g: at 1 A. M. fnr Netherlands direct per steamship LhdjLB. via Rottenlam. (letters must be direvted - per Ot dam"; at 1 P. M. (supplementary 1 : P. M for St. Thorruis. SL Toix. and Windward Ist-ands, per steamship Madiana, tlelle-a for Grenada. Trinidad, and Toliago must be d recLed orr Mad!iina";i at 3 I'. M. for Uluenelda, am atearnsnip Ames, from New-Orleans. FKI1JAY. At I A. M. (Kuppiementary It A M.I for Central America (excei t Costa Rica) an4 Kouth Pacific ports, per steamship Colombia, via Colon, (letters fjr Guatemala must be directed "per Colombia";) at 11 A. M. for Progreeo. por steamshlp i '. Coodavl. (letters for other parte og Mexico must be directed p--r C. Ooadal " . sA 2 P. M. for Porto Klco duect, per steanisBia t'traJir. . KATlllDAT.-At t A- II. for Para and Cears, per steamship Ltsoonense. frjin lialtbnur. (letters for other part of Brazil and La Plate eou-trie must be directed " per Lisbtenaw " : at 4 A. M. for Oermany. Ik-nmirlt. r-weden. Norway. (Chrirtlanta.1 and Russia, per iearahlp Era, via Bremen. lcttr for other parts of Europe, la louUutmpton. must be dlrevrted " per Ems " ; at A. M. (suppiementar- ;3:10 A. M.) for France. Switzerland. Italy. 8pain, Portugal. -".f Turkey, jier stTirualiip La Ti.uralne. via Havre; at 10 A. M. (supplementary lt):J0 A. M.) for Fortune Island and Jai.iai -a. jwr steamship Adirjo-dack. ik-tters for Jncmrl and Aux-Cayes must oa directed "per AdlroiuiH K ': at Vi.Z A. M. for N-rway direct pr steamship Island, tlettera) must lie directed "per l.sland '.) at 11 A. kt, f.H- c'ampeachy. Chiapas. Tabasco, and YiMmtan. x-r s'.eams'.ilp Orisat-a. (letters for other Mexk-c:tn States and Cuba mum be directed " per ; at II A. M. for Haiti, fumana. and Cm rupano. pvr steamaiii Prlns Wlilem IL, (letters for other Vrtirxuel-n ports and for Curacao. Trinidad. Rritish and Dutch Guiana must be dire- -ted "tier 1-rins Willtm II." ; l 11 A. M. (nupplementary p. M. for Europe. las a;eaninip Ktruria. via Queenetown: at 113 A M. lor Net her tan is direct per steamship Ovdam. via itjtierdain, (letters uiist be directed " t Obdam".) at 13 M. for Genoa, per steajnafala Kaiser Ulihclm II., tletters must b directed "per Ka:-r Wilhelm II." : at IX M- for oot-lnnd din-ct. er steamship fti r seals va Ulaa-U. (letters mast le directed " per Ctrvaata ' J at 'J P. M. for HlurfWlds. per TSTfttp- J. WU-on. from New-Orleans. Mails for Australia. New-Zealand. Hawaiian.. Fiji, and Saraoaa lstanl. per ateaurathlp Mart-poa. ( ban Feaaclsco.) cloee h-re dallv ttm to tct 14 at . P. M , (or on arrival al New-VjtI of steamship Etruru with British cnalla for Australia.) Mails for China and JapanTnar steamship Cty of New-York, (fruni SeusPraa-c laco. ) rluse tier daily up lo Oct tt at 4.2 F ship Australia, (frnsi 8an Franciaco.l rloa bee daily up lo Oct TH at : p. m. Mall for th ocey lslinda, par ship City of Papeiti. ifroaa San lYanclsco.) d jse her daily up to Oct. a :w P. M. Malls for China. Japan. Hawaii, and Australia, via V aaoaaver. ( specially srtilltwsi 1 only.) close at this office daily at p ij" Mails for Newfoundland, by rail to Haitfax.' and thence by steamer, tlos at Oil ofac dauvI S P. M. Malls for MtoueJon. by rail to Boi! too, ana tnence oy steamer ctoee at thi oBcs daily at W P. M. Malls far Cuba, by red tl TsJiu-a. FU.. and thence by BWamer (sail I war Mondays and Thursdtys.) clcsve at this ortol dally at 2:M A. M. Mali for Mukw. -!7 uiiiei em. a pec tally jdros.d for dispatch by rTsisT rbiae at this dallv at 1 a m " er, TranapaciSa made are f a-warded ta daw cisuo dally aad tb schadule of ceoairvg ks as, r angel on the preeusnplloa of their unlaierruptod oveiland transit ta haa Franclaoo. Idaula tnmm. the East arriving oa time at aaa FTaaoiaco o the day at eaiuhg of ateaanars ar f irratrhaul thenco the same day. . 'Heglatered malt cloaca tl I P 11 ptl baga After th cloelag of th upplratarT tr atianltc 1U named above, eatdlUoosd nwto mentary mail are ooeoed aa th pi era oCthas Amerwaa. Enghsn. French, and (.Wsaaa MaaursT era, aad re ana la epea anitl within tea I th hour of saliina oi steajnee. at-a CHARLES W. DAYTON, s-i-m- Pt OAV. Mew-York, K. Y Oct U , f 1

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