The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1946 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1946
Page 12
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Published Every Friday in the Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. FARM NEWS-FEA1WRES Sharp Increase In Farm Prices Economist Says '• Production May Not ! Support Valuations. ' Prices of farm land In Arkansas arc now almost double prcpar levels, according to c. P. Lund of the ..University of Arkansas College ol Agriculture. Up D3 per cent above 1935-30 average, Arkansas land prices have increased more thim Die average throughout the nation which Is a 71 per cent galu over prewnv values. "An Important point for prospective buyers ami farmers of Arkansas to keep in mind is that In most instances the net income of farmers has probably reached it.s peak," the Extension economist In county land nse planning cnulioii- ed. "They should consider, even more carefully than before, future debt repayment ability before buying high-priced land or taking on any other debts." The end of the war has had liltle effect on the farm land market, Mr, Lund said, ns the development of food shortages has caused a continued demand for farm products. While no indication is seen (hat farm land prices have reached their peak, the pressing demand for fann products is likely to be temporary, the economist believes, and may not support the continued high laud prices. Army of Worms Often Plagues Cabbage Crop Worms offer strong competition to Mississippi County gardeners 1:1 the cabbage crop.' There arc the cabbage worms with the velvety skin and dark green color, the piilc green cabbage looper thnl humps up In the middle like a measuring worm when in crawls, and the Inrvnc of the diamond back moth, corn earworms mid others. Spraying or dusting with lead nrseimte or calcium avsennle arc recommended bj Miss Cora Lee Coleman, home demonstration ngcnt, to obtain good control of the worms. The recipe she (;«ve for the spray was one ounce of lend nrsennte in one gallon of water, plus n wetting agent to make the spray stay on the leaves. For the wetting agent, either one lablespoonful of yellow laundry soap, one level tcnspoonful of soybean flour, or one-half pint of skim milk to one gallon of spray mixture. Calcium or lead arsenatc is vised without mixing for dusting, she pointed out. These arc poisonous, she warned, stating they should not be used on cabbage within two weeks of harvest. If heavy spraying orjdusting is done when worms at- tafck the ,• small plants, treating Champion Bull Is Political Issue A real bull has become nil Issue in the oklnli them within two weeks of harvest usually is not nccjessai'y. if U. :loes become neccssnry lo trait, for worm control nt Ihnl lime, ro- :cnoue should )je used, ns It is not :x>lsonous. Hotenonc will kill nphlds, or plant Ice. ns well ns worms. A dust nlnlii K llnee-fourtlvs of one per •ent of rolcnone Is prctcrrcd, she slalcd. If this strength cannot be >«d, a dust contnlnlng onc-lmlf of one per cent cnn be used. "A rotcnunc sway cnn bc.mnde rain caUln grub dust, provided the dust is made' fro» KfUnblc t'4.- iliur and rotcnanc," Miss colcmi.ii nid. "Two ounces of cnttlc grub dust In one Enllon of water is the >trenglh. i[ the cattle grab dust, loes not conlnln wcttablc .sulphur, however, it may not, mix with vnler." New Diets Made To Conform to Food Shortages Both the overweight nnd (he un- Ici-wcleht person may hnvc u .suit- iblc diet qtul'still Ijclp the nation's drive to conserve food nml fight Nbw^imietoUse ATLACIDE to kill JOHNSON GRASS For Sale By \ E. C. Robinson Lumber Co: Phone 551 Blytheville, Ark. famine, snys the u. S. Department of Agriculture. Food specialists of the Department's Bureau of Human Nutrition uud Home Economics offer the followint! brief suRin'sUonc: "If you \vc-lnh ns rmieh IIK 15 pounds more I him average, mv ,v is the time lo reduce. u\\i do not reduce except under u |>hvsiclmr>: giiidnnci! If you arc under 20 years old. or nrc a 5'oimr; mother, or have organic coniplicution.s. "To key „ reducing diet lo tlv: times, eat almost no grain road. A thick slice of bread or :m average serving of cereal counts above 100 calorics. Substitute fruits and custards for baked desserts, such as pie ami cake, lo trim olf 100 lo MO calories. For every tnhlp- filioon or fnt omitted, ns in fried foods and salad dressings, you can cut 100 calories. One the imsilive -side, eat plenty of trulls and vcpu- Inulcs rcgnlnrly, Including poln'.o?s. For enough of Ibc B vitamin, oat, seed-type vt'BCtablcs oflen—such as peas, limn beans, and corn. Usr plenty of protein foods, such as milk, cess, poultry. "On the oihcr hand, if you are move than 10 pounds urtderweiylit, do not lower your caloric totals, or try tbc low-caloric meals. You may cat less grain food and fats, however, if you eat more (•eiicrous- ly of other, foods when in, plentiful supply, 'especially milk. cii!!s, minis, iruits, and such vegetables as: po- •.lalpcs,,, 1 cpr!!,.npas,. and beans. "Finally, whaCe'vcr-yolii'— vvS'^lit. remember—yon helji fij;ht famine when you cut food waste." Farmers Mow Pastures, Add fertilizer More than 50 per cent of the Pulnskl county farmers who have made up their plans -show intentions to mow their pasture.". Nearly GO per cent intend to apply nho- plmtc to their pastures and meadows. County Agent Stanley Car- pouter inii'rpiTi.s this us au liuli- calton of the farmers' concern aver the feed outlook and interest in increasing roughage production Need for increased production ol Iced and food was the major problem set forth in (his year's plans of work, he said. To help atlevia'c (lie problem, the Greater Little ncc-k Ohnmucr of Commerce divided to sponsor a pasture ami feed contest. The plans were worked out by nil groups in tht! county interested in agricultural education before the idea was presented lo fanners curly in the year. So far, 12 community meetings and two county-wide meetings have been held. The county Production and JVhukclini; Administration has issued 3,50(1 bugs of phosphate Mr. Carpenter expressed the hope of having at least 50 entries in the pasture and feed contest. Tile German v-2 bomb, which weighed 12',; tons, reached a velocity of 3500 milrs per hour within 71 seconds after take-off with itsjet propulsion rocket engine- Kitchen Ware Returns to Store Shelves . Kitchen utensils arc rcLiiriiini; it, I'.he .shelves of local stores afl.'r four and onc-lnilf years of servliu on land, on sen and In u lc n ir (Materials used for pots and pain lire again released for their (null- uonal Homcmakcr.s In North Mississippi •-ounly have, like all liomcinuk-n everywhere, made their ,,ld kiteho'i ;Hcnsi!s lust, throughout the war period. They !lrc now asking for In- onnatlon which will help them lo elect serviceable kitchen utensils Jhiit will be easy to handle lasy to clean, according to Miss flora Colcman, North Missis- U'pl county home demonstration gent. ' "The; important Ihini; lo rcincm- er when selecting kitchen mei- us is that somcdiing is needed to fuok In, not just to look good on the helves. The cooking dualilies of a cssel depend primarily on its abt -y to absorb, conduct, reflect nn'l elain Jicat," she added. Miss Coleman advised homemak- |-K U> check the folloivlng six ,,oln,s ••hen se ecting all kitchen vessel,: 1. Uulancr. The pim and its audio S|10HW he wll _ b;l!aucc ' ' £ >">t the Dm, stands steady cvan <vhon empty. TCK, hcnvy „'U ( Me ,nake.s a tipsy , )an Ul . a ls nwkwa ,,, nil h or"/, '"7 Cilllso (Ii "'««w pulls of hot water or food. 2. Surface. The smoother the pan—Mint is, the fi.ver llic cracks ill. Jolnlngs-llic mi e durable nnd easy to clean It w be, 3. HuUinii. A II I bottom helps keep :i pan steady ml means fnsl- cr liealliiK and nun ocmmmicul use of fuel on eluc-lrii coal or wood;es. Pans for sc on cleclric sloven should have aill-flni'iiicd bnt- tomu to save fuel. I dull finish nl>. isorbs heat In conSast to a shim' linlsli, which reliefs it. FRIDAY, JUNK 28, 19.16 Published Every Friday in l!ie Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. Handles. Ilai covers should be grasp and insulate (i. Cover. A do; essential for many cs, so buying a pi Bclher is often \ money. lies of pans and con.forh.ble »o i against heat, •-lilting cover is coking process\ anti cover to- orlh the cxtf.i NOTICK OF ClltANTIN<; OF UQ1JOU |>i:itMlT Notice is lieix'ljy uiven tlint ihe C»niinis.sioncr of llevi'iiups cif the Sli.le of Arkansas has issued ;i por- niit, No. 181, to Phillip A|i|jlebaiiiii lo sell nnd dispense vinous or ppir- llumis liquors for bi'vcnise at retail on (he premises desci iljod :\s 1TJ Norlh 2nd Street, niytlicvillr This permit issued on the' 1st day of July, law, and expires tin ihs 30 day of Juno, 13-17. Philip Applclximn Permittee. 0 28-7 ; r> i CITY GARAGE & Welding Shop Auto Repairs, Weldiii" >[l - 87.1 -100 K. i\lain Floors Rcfinishcd New I'loors Laid and Make Your Old Floors Look New— Modern Saiuliiif IJiuipincnl Usci!. Call 1GU for Tree i:sliiua(c. Deal's Paint & Wallpaper Store Paints, Wallpaper, Slats-O-Wood Awnings IM So. First "We Clean and Wax Floors" Phone «6t) DELTAS NEWS Published «y The Delta Implement Co, Blytheville Vol. 4 Friday, Jim c 2S, IfliC No. -11 TERMINIX ,; TERMITE j CONTROL . i 1 Triple Guarantee il.-Cjuaraufccd by llrncc ' Terming Company. . giiiirairtecd by i:. j,V8riice'CiJ ,3. •guai-uiilecd. by; Sun ' BRUCE TERMINX CO. Licensee of K. I,, iiruce Company Hox 1270 Memphis, Tenn. futknitat FARM LOANS Fair Appraisal / Prompt Swrlo* RAY WORTH INGTON ScrvinK This Section for 21 Years Ha So. 3rd, !%thcvil!e. Ark. i :,„, Tune in Prudential 1'rogram Sunilay ; .i 3 p.,, ()Vcr WK |. :t! IF IT'S INSURANCE °° «<""«. b«< tbey CM', do » r« I'or Complete Protection • ACCIDENT ,<t HEALTH • HOSl'ITAUZATION • FIRE • AUTOMOBILE • LIABILITY • BURGLARY • PLATE GLASS tTORNADO • SURETY BONDS FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 N. 2nd (iiplement Co. YOiru" SAfl INSTEAD or sour. We want (o coiiffi-itlulale C. G. SmiUi and Jienfon Km K or (heir S ;ile of vvulldn;; horses here hist Thursday, even llum K |) il is ;i lijlk- lafe. What we want („ cull (J le people's allenfmn lo j. s thai well bred walking horses or any well hrcd live slock will "demand l»Kh priees and you are wasting your money when you are feeding seriihs A( (his wile last week, as many "of you know ( horses sold very hi K h and every letord was broken in priees that horses hrouglil. It just shows what perse- verent-e and sticking to (he job will do 4% FAUM I'ann loans made to fit your individual nced.s Our re-pay nient nrivilegu jri'antcd all borrowers Let U" explain our J'ru-Paynient KL'.servo Plan. NO EXTRA CHARGES— NO APPLICATION, APPRAISAL, ATTORNEY'S or CLOSING FEES and NO COMMISSION If we aiTjiiitfc a loa,, w ilh you it is good business for us to make it lit your needs because farm loans are a j;ood investment only when they are good 1 for the iarm owner. NOBLE GILL AGENCY GJencoo Bids. Phono 3i 31 -DI- Key Games, west of Blyllicvillc on .„.«„way IS, hits a model II John Deere Tractor ami Cultivator i'or sale. . ^ TjT : . .,*•'->. r^A-j. ' ..-'^'vl 1 .- S.l,<>hnsoii,.of; Manila.; wants .;t;o:-seir it' fJVlc'Gorniick 'Jiccriiiif i\Id<!el 02' C.'6'mbine, v ' :^^i'^fr:Mr?^T'•. '•' • '.':'• 1 'JVaclor with a Eush and Bog Uisc liar- W i rii- ^.••.i]/\ row for sale. -Di~\J i H. S. Simmons of Dell has a practically new Admin Haled Hay Loader for siile " DI From all indications thuris will be a I a rue soyhcaii crop to harvest liiis fall. \V 0 .suggest that all of you who conlcmplate a ai-Rc crop ol soybeans, that you wmsidor their handling ana storage. We have in .stock lor immediate delivery several 1000 Inishc metal «,•;,!„ bins that can • ho purchased lor considerable less than a woodi-n bin can he built. Not only are metal j/rain bms (ihcaper, they i,re much more lo'nycr !i?', TI , p ™ l . cclio » «B«"wt i'«l« :md i me. I hey facilitate convenience of han- dlnijr and assurance of a safe storage- in- U-l.n.tely. li.member the trouble >'ou had -i>>l vear in hnding a buyer to take your UCtUIS, DI . We have on display on our lol. a ferlili/.cr .1 f.ichment for a two furrow fh.l bottom pow Anyone interested in nsiny fcrlili/cr should see this new attachment. DI . Check your combine now for repairs There is delimlely ;t shortago of new comldnes A good many of you are going to have to i.ike ont with your old combine. It isn't too eaih to place pour order now for needed repairs. It may take some time to get the repair parts you need. I v GIVE YOU* TRACTOR A CHECK. UP This Is YOUR. Chance ISO Head Faf Steers end Heifers 100 Head Fine White Faced Cows (70 With Calves by Their Side) These animals will be auctioned off at Stewart, Arkansas (5 Miles South of Hardy) iday, July 5th This Ls YOUU chance at a fine herd of Whilefjieed Cat lie for breeding purposes. The steers are ready for Ucef NOW! There are also 3 of the finest -1-year old Nulls you ever looked at These cattle arc owned by JESSE WEBB, Blytheville, Ark. -- NOW AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Suitable for Sawmills, Unloader Fans, Irrigation Pumps, etc. HO PRIORITY REQUIRED -: ELLIS IMPLEMENT CO.

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