The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1947
Page 12
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!f54GK, TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.y COUIUEU NEWS Wallace Warns That U.S. Coins Cannot Kill Off Communism May 27. <UP)—.Henry •BfcTIlJE, May 26. (UP)--Henry A. Wallace warned here that the Tnanan Doctrine" will set up two and American — drive Britain Into the Soviet Omtlnuing hi s bitter attack on a policy of lighting Communism •bratd with foreign loans, Wallace oyer 'the week-end declared: t>irope is not going to give up Socialism on orders from President Traauin, Arther Vandcnberg, or John rosier Dulles." He told a capacity paid-audience of SjKto persons that the "Truman Doctrine" will lead to perpetuation of t*e civil war In China and erentually drive France and Britain under Russian influence. > The President's Aid-to-Grecce- »nd-Turkcy program, signed into law last Thursday, is a "bribe of 4COM3.00 American dollars," Wallace said. "Europe will have "one or a fearful, boastful America that tries to bay off the attraction of Communism oy sheer force ot dollars," he declared. President Truman's defenders, Wallace told his enthusiastic audience, "work to undermine democ- wcy" by by-passing and weakening the United Nations "to drive Russia into unyielding opposition and create a rigid pattern" of non- cooperation which one days will lead to war." Omnmimsm, lie said, will not he beaten by force of dollars or arms, but "only by a democracy in open competition with any other system. The former vice president repeated his plan for foreign aid based on need rather than politics, and his plan for democratic prosi»rlty, which includes reducing prices hy 10 per cent, raising wages, maintaining high tax rates on those who can afford to pay, nnd nationalization of the coal industry. Decommissioned A! roblu In Omaha ,Ncbr., ;iu: a U. S Army command car out of IN HE PROBATE COURT FOR THE CIIICKASAWRA DISTRICT OP Mississim COUNTV, ARKANSAS. In the.Matter of the Estate of OSOAR SALES. Deceased, Pearl Caston, Administratrix. No. 1767 NOTICE Notice is hereby Riven that the undersigned, as Administratrix of the Estate of Oscar Sales, Deceased, will on the Slh day of June, 1047, offer for sale nt public auction, at the South door of the Court House, in Blylhcvlllc, Mississippi County, Arkansas, to the highest bidder, upon a credit, of three <3> months ,thc following lands belonging to the .mid Estate, to-wit: Lot Throe (3), in JJlock Six (6) of the E. W. Robinson Addition to the City of Btytheville, Arkansas. Said sale Is made for the purpose of paying Hie debts of snlrl Estate, and purchaser at such sale finger-prints will be required to give note and picked up a with approved security, for the purchase price. Attacker Caught TUESDAY, MAY 27, 1!M7, Dated this the 13th day ot May, 1047. Underslierlfr Clmrllc Trimble.' of Hobbs, New Mexico, right, taker: the of Oi-vlUc K. Blackmail, who Trimble said ndmULcd lie liitch-liikcr and Mr, wite near Abilene. Texas, Kci-inlt, Texas, and there forced the husband on', of Uic drove to car si-id n i- lacked liis wife al gimixjint. A day-long manhnut in Hobte resulted Pearl Caslon Administratrix 5113-20-27! sc| . vlcc ill the cuplure of Ulnekmim. Ho lias been returned to Kcrmlt where clinrgcs me to be riled nuiilnsl, him. <NEA TclephoLo.) for weeks. Wlicn a ©•V MATECLMOWC rAMMIMf; Ry MATEFL HOWF 5TKHUTID 11 »c< SISVICI. INC. ' """'"*- "OWE •THE STORYl I Trn« alt In ivhvn (>(MPKI> f rxrltvmrnt 4i»lo » dlthrr the fnneml li - I'olllvei", who hnd e*im- 4 •ulrlde rtftrr rjiHtliiK a d rkrck. IT|t to Ihnt llmr, I ftmd nevi*r hcnnl nf Ilnltrrt or t the other Tulllvrr* vrhn to bccumc our InirM"* moMt IIM r«mUr. Father wrote >vrre itrnnlTe** newcomcrn lK-rrK mother and bad niich le (uncml fur him the vrhole n tunica out for It. Thl* nnMlcnHH ivnn notv kmiMit un Tolllvrr p-lcl«' debut lat« : in • • • EN. I came home to Otsego my brief Easter vacation I thai our next-door nc*igh- and dear friends the Carstcns ! moving very soon lo Califor~-Iua. As I remember it, the whole |V*cation was taken up \vilh parlies jior the Carstcnscs. N'dturnlly 1 'asked first thing what had hnp- •pwiied to the Tollivcrs. But to my jsurprise no.: one now wanted. to italic about fhem. Father explained ittai the town had a guilty con- 'science. ^', *But • hasn't anyone called on ••Vhs. Tollivcr?"-I asked" hotly. f "No one you know, at least none ,(0? your friends." i *^"t they all went and had .. • fgrvnd time at the funeral nnd sent [flowers and everything. I think !jt*s outrageous.** .^ Fatner agreed that it was out- TI^ROUS, though natural, atid cn- coutagcd me in my expressed dc- (teinir.ttion to go and see Mrs. jTaillver *nd Amy. But somehow |the vacatic-i slipped by and I could jhaVe kickeo. myself later, lor 1 [neither made tli&t call nor so much \>s laid eyes on a k'^lliver f I had not been rack in school two weeks before-I heard (hat the ToUivers had rented the Carstcns handsome eleven-room house. Hubert, the town found out, had carried a life insurance policy in his mother's favor lor five thousand dollars. Mrs. Tolliver leased Carstcns house for two years *i fitly dollars a month. Of course here were other and cheaper louses available, as Mrs. Tolliver cnew very well or could have ound out. In two years they would lave pnid out in rent nlonc twelve uindrcd dollars. And they had only five thousand, not a penny norc. Olsejjo was scandalized— not only scandalized, but up In inns. I wrote Father thnt it seemed lo me that what the Tollivcrs did with their own money was their own business. Father replied that Olsego did not think so. Otseso protested shrilly that Mrs. Tollivcr and her daughters were silly, addlcpatcd, and rattlebrained, if not just this side ot weak-minded, and thnt something ought to be done about it. As he put it: "Our Olsego matrons have met in the arena nnd as one woman turned their thumbs down on the whole family." * * * '^ T DON'T know just how soon it occurred to the good ladies of Olsego that possibly they had done Mrs. Tolliver and her daughters an Injustice, that perchance there was method in the Tollivers' madness. For just across the street from (lie Carstens house, in a foursquare gray-stone mansion with a cupola, Forbes lived my coiiain Sam and his cousin Nelson Forbes, Otscgo's aging, but, from a monetary point of view, its most eligible bachelors. Nelson owned our largest wholesale dry-goods store, and Cousin Sam was our leading wholesale hardware merchant. They would eacli cut up for a good hundred thousand. And thirty years ago in the Southern Tier a hundred thousand dollars was real weiilih. Father wrote: "Sam has straightened himscl two inches and forgotten all about his dyspepsia. Nelson can hardb utter a sound without purring an<' is cultivating a positively kiltcnisl humor, very becoming lo his gray hairs. I dropped in on the Tolli- •ers one evening last week ami ound Flornbcllc, the little blonde, n the library silting on the floor \isting books, while Sam arranged hem on the shelves. In the back parlor, the lovely Annabellc was jcrched on a ladder Hint Nelson vas steadying. "In the dining room, where Miss Amy and Mrs. Tollivcr were \m- lacking china unassisted, 1 was nadc as welcome as the (lowers n spring. H was very pleasant. L.nter my heart skipped a bent vMicn in the mirror over the fireplace mantel I caught Mrs. Tolli- cr regarding Amy and mo with i shrewd and calculating eye, obviously weighing the advantages igainst the disadvantages of an alliance for her oldest with a pot-bellied middle-aged widower, not very well olT and seriously cncumljcrcd with an extravagant ind strong-minded daughter. * * * "MRS. TOLLIVER is faded brown all over, brown h.iir, jrown cyej, brown skin. 11 is hard .o toll what she was like in her youth. Now she is a beaten woman, :\nd nil she asks of Fate is security for herself and her daughters. She means to gel it by marrying Ihe Iwo youngest to Sinn nnd Nelson. She has risked every penny she hns on the gamble, and I take oil my hut to her courage. "The girls have won Leah's susceptible heart"—Leah was our colored servant—"mid run in nnd out of our house «i dozen limes a day, borrowing, returning, bringing samples of cakes or pies or conserves. Leah, needless to say, retorts in kind, and I have never lived belter." To me it \vas nolhmg short of disgiisling Hint young and pretty girls should even consider marrying old men like Cousin Sam and Mr. Nelson with one loot practically in the grave. Cousin Sam was -15, only Uu-C'J years younger than my father. Mr. Nelson was junior lo my cousin by a couple of years or so. As for Father's hint that Mrs. Tolliver aclually had had the effrontery lo consider him as a possible husband for her oldest daughter, that was sheer outrage. How clnretl she? How dared she? (To Be Conlinued) containing baby birds was Jo'invi anchored ng.ilnst the.break pedal, orders were Issued not to move tiia vehicle. RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. oun . MOWERS DONT Acr UKE THAT. • DO THEY ? 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AN IRRESPONSIBLE PEESOM, CAPTAIN, THAT'S DOWMKISHT THOUSHTFttl WEIL BE A BIT CROWDED \MES, CAPT'IM, TILL WE REACH CLEO'S BOW I'M GETTING AMD SET IT AFIOW...BUT /MMOUS ABOUT WE'tSGOTTOHUEES! X WZ..PETrrrER.'. ftET) Watch Him, Sheriff RtrtUDA'S TOUGH OfS HIS Hoss, A^ID ,_so"5 THAT "TINHORN NAMED •DOLLAR KY V. T. HAM1JN L M5SiVAK5S,fH!5 15 rtR. PR£5!DES!1 Or TriE Rl.^ROCX SC BOARD: '"MSS EVAKJS WANTS To B=THE f-!£vJ ALLEY OOP Missing (he I5n:il Nifty Is Confident T?he next day... LIKE I WAS SAYIN.'CONNIE FIGURES ll'lL TAKE TIME TO BRING BAT DENVER AROUND. WHEN SHE MADE t A CRACK lAST NlfiHTABOUT THROW- IN'IHE B6HT, HE IT'S TO AT DAM6 OF HIS. SHE'S GOT HIM AS JUMPY AS A » HY MICHAEL (VMALLEY and RALPH LANE /'MAYBE YWR PI AN AWT SO HOT AT-UR AU, NIFTY. DON T WORRY, GANSOH, COS'WE AIN'T REALLY STARTED. DENVER'S IM THE BAG, ONLY HE DON'r KNOW IT/ By V. T. HAMLIN KV X 5UOt CQWM HfW ^PvCK-i, OND 60 f«WNG;fiND CUMB UP OM TUt BARN > ftNO RIDE P\G5> ,^, PiMO VJVWf DOt'b UE 00 •> ^O Ht\.P Mt,,, „ HftVt TO IK>

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