The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 2, 1949
Page 11
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBKR 2, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN __^ ^^^^ Our Boording House with Moj. HoopU FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRJLL BLOSSE8 ftUttweu. ESS6B.T/ VISIT ^C'TVPORMfe A S70NC VASE/ ALLV* MSED YEARS STAMP COLLECTORS HAVE BEEN RAIWN' TH 1 Hit Him Again HIM MAD rrs euz THEY DtDWT 8OTMEK A STOW* VA&E X CAfWEO FOR /MlSSOS AMD SLACK BIRCH LEAVES FOR PIATO TO So YOU AND SOSAM WFRF JUST WAVING E WHAT THAT HAS WMA 1 I HA I HAS TO DO WITH A BOOK ? FOR SALE Concrete culvert* 12 uickt u» U inch, plain or reen forced Al»« Concrete Buildint Klurk» cheap ei than lumher foi barns ehirkn houses pump houses tenant houses tool sbtdi We delirer Call at for free eattauU Phone 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. " BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS: That's why you'll save yoursell many a dollar by having your shoes repaired bj our expert workmen. Neit time try ua. H-fl LTCRS QUflL-ITY SWOC SHOP - For the Finest Prescription Service 'I . Wilh flower* THE FLOWER SHOP Mil M Steps i*> it* M< Ck, H»«,.. C,H, !«.; BMhkM V, N«A ««VIC!, INC THE STORY, c.,,.| T».r,. ... ftclrt kr krr B.lbrr Ball; <» *"* rr ' B»pry • •{•bridge, * ?•••£ e ^ vr * c '• lake. AJlk»*fk GarB»i »I»1 ** ^*" T ' -k * •"•««• '»• KK »" 7 »•••«. r«»-J.Tt.. »r[i> frrc.*M«B. Bat Gar»«l kt Ikv ".V" 1 ""' •' k « <«-lli. .." "~.~ir.~r''.*»e fc " *•" " *•*•«•* kt I. .. k,.k XI 'THEY found some cold chicken and vegetables which Gaynel fixed into quite a delectable salad rncluding greens and one plump tomato. "You know, this Is quite domestic," Gaynel dimpled at him, her eyes laughing, over their spread. Like everything else done with Fritz, this had been a lark. Somehow she knew she would always remember this evening, see FriU >i he looked now, bio shirt ""nUf 1 " **"' Mck ' '"« «leeve» rolled up. He might show disdain regarding dress, but he was enough to make any girl's eye 'sharpen set her pulses to racing. "Quite," Fritz agreed. He allowed her to lean across and strike a match to his pipe. "Though you misjudge me, gorgeous. I didn't say I hadn't the necessary tendencies for matrimony; aU I lack is the tenacity—and treasury. All we need now, however, is for the baby tojwake and squawk." "I do hope he sleeps until we get the dishes done." Gaynel looked anxiously, and yet resigned Dishes, nothing! Candy will do them in the morning." "Candy?" -The lady what Q0 « by the day tor this establishment." He rebuked her with husbandly fortitude. -Candeline Hild egard Jones." •But I-B «Uck them," rix fa- sisled, "while you have your smoke. 1 wish to goodness, Henry, you wouldn't smell up my parlor with that nasty old pipe of yours." She found an apron in the kitchen. "Felch my slipper., .Miranda, that t my good gal.- He pushed back his chair, pulled up another 'or hi« fett to nst on. Q.AYNEL knelt down to unlact his shoes for him. "You're the laziest, most good-for-nothing husband I ever had," she scolded severely ,nd looked up from this compromising position on bearing 1 smothered chuckle from the h«ll- * ay ..*" <"s«>ver • young man standing looking at them. 'Don't get up.- Fritz's hand kept ,,_". from scrambling to her f«t. This pleases me more th»n 1 can i y « OU ; *° have Johnn J come In and find a young woman on her knees to me. Come on in, Johnny, my lad. Miranda, my love, this is one of the chaperons I was telling you about" Johnny advanced and held out na hand. Gaynel let him give her » lift He was a friendly looking young man, bright red hair, green eyes, the map of Ireland indeliblr impressed. . "There's just on* bottle of be«r left, Fritz said hospitably But with Gaymrl's batk toward him r>e shook his head in a vigorous nega- :we and motioned for Johnny to »ke himself off in, a jiffy,, or "No, thank you," Johnny returned politely. "It has b«n a pleasure, though, to me«i the Missus," he assured them. "He'll think we're crazy," Gaynel giggled, after he had gone on upstairs. 'He knows I am," Fritz reassured her. "You'll find my slip- >er» m the front hall closet, my ove." . He picked up the newspaper, settled back. The dishes stacked and rinsed ' made hrm put the ' Paper down. "You've always cot your nose buried in that old paper." she scclded. "And me slav- '"« aay-in day-out in this house, "hen night comes 1 need a litlle recreation. Besides. 1 thoughl you en/^ *" r ' '" * Ulk '" g mood ' She curled herself up on the studio couch, an enormous shabbr affair, heaped with a number of oddly assorted cushions. Every- thinE in The Goat's Nest was shabby and had been chosen for durability and comfort rather than fitness. There was an ancienl grand piano in one corner, but arj- Parently it was also used for a desk, as it was loaded with books and papers, pictures and magazines. * "What will we talk about?" Fritz asked. He switched off the lamp » that only the one near the piano was on and the ihabbines, and dust merged into « rosy radiance. Now that you've fed me so well my love, my talkative mood has deserted me. I feel much more like a little nap." "It's because ifs so terribly close, Gaynel said. She covered a yawn with her hand. "A little nap wouldn't go badly, though at that.' She patted the place beside her. beckoning him. He strelceh out, pillowing his head in her lap. • • • JJER fingers played in his thick blond hair. She wished his eyes weren't » blue, or so disturbing. It was not much more than a moment before Fritz had closed his eyes, his breathing becoming even and steady a> her hand smoothed his forehead. Her own eyelids drooped ... she couldn't remember when she had felt so fagged out ... such a hectic week the office ... at home, too l elt her head nod ' • • Pwnapi she dozed a short while, too then ier head came up with a jerk. She had heard something. Someone was staring at them—a strange young man. . "•""«» • • •" 'he shook him, tried « make him sit up, shook him, hard, again. "Go 'way," Fritz murmured. Then: "Oh, 'scuie it . "He rubbed his eyes, lilted his heed. (T. B« In England It's the Chemist Shop In Franc* It's Hit Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service Mote than a hundred kinds of birds have become extinct In the last, 200 years. RENT A CAR l>rive Anywhm YOB Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 •Vou will enjoy using Plate Class full length Door Min-ora. . . Htld they re priced much less than you would think at BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. W. H. Pease J. Wilson Henry S<wlh Hiwmj n Phone MM PIANO TUNING VV'ith the world famou. Mroboconn". The only 100% perfect tuning Not available elsewhere in this area. RADIO REPAIR . All work done by n government licensed operator and every job guaranteed. Why t«k« Inr lhan (he best? PIANOS for SALE NEW AND USED Sheet Music, Records, Supplies Everything in Music BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main Tel. 811 SHRUBBERY We one' a complete line ol Stark landscaping plants and trees. Order now for Fall planting Slark's 131 years experience In this field assures your getting the most for your money Allow us to give you » free estimate Telephone 554 today BLYTHEVILI.B WILLYS SALES COMPANY "That plctur. taught me a lesson, dear—w« ought to bo mor, compamoniblt! Will you com, along with me to! morrow on a shopping trip?'" .1 »*•_ ^^4'] 7 ' x sa«a^ T U D E B A K E R Have You Seen The 1950 STUDEBAKER Brilliant New Styling Increased Luxury No Increase in Price You'll Agree U't the Car for You Chamblin Sales Co. PRISCILLA'S POP What Kver.v Husband Knows BY AL VERMEER MAYBE A TWFLE AROUND THE WAIST WOULD N . HURT TO LOSE A LITTLE J /OU'RE NOT AS SLIM AS VOL) WELL.. MAYBE JUST A LITTLE 15Y M'CHAETFftlALLEY and HE GAVE A PACKAGE SCOWL, BASIL CHBI5 TOPHEECHANSfO HIS NAME TO KKY, A PHONETIC/«MM N6 j. MENTOf HIS INITIALS. HE KJUED JOSf BECAUSE . JOSE MESSED UP THE •; f,.8USIN6SSOFTHE / SK&- NOTES. ^rS , E N HE GAVE A PACKAGE C* THE BIS BILli TO HIS DAUGHTER TO DELIVER 7O J?APP "" 1HATS RIGHT. I SENT LUCY HOME WITH TACKY THOMAS. NOW WE CAN CALL ON CHRISTOPHER-- FOR THE LAST CHAPTER, USUAL FL YOU DOWM II ALL PARK ;EATS AWAY t ROM TROUBLE WASH TUBES Sara Hides Out BY LESLIE TURNER HEW AROUWD MIDWIOHT I'LL TEACH JMJ TO ACCUSE ME OF M^^cl^JG PLM FOE 6IGt SHE CMJ WONDER FROM HOW OM Vf HE WAS WITH W 10UIGHT! • „ GO TO HER ROOM BUGS BUNN\ Joke's on You, l!ud TSAMATTER WITH YA, DOPE? GET GOIN'/ WHERE V VA LEARN r PRIVE, n MALL6THEAP ? vipe/ HOW COOLP SO MUCH GUV SET OUTA SO LITTL.6 CAR NO SENSE O' HUMOR/ BY V. T. HA Ml. IN AT THIS 5PEER WE'D BURN TO CINDER THE INSTANT Vvt HIT THE ATMOSPHERE.' THOSE - ._ FLYIN, 5/\UCEES. LOOK <?UT THIS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Vacalion's Over BY EDGAR MARTIN .-*! .... WW>'s \<=> ft vtwow Of WCRV ^0 HOV^J ' DOWVi - <=,O POUR TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL Beware of fraudulent *peratorB! Use the protection afforded b; the State and demand a licertfted •peralnr. Experienced, Reliable. Termitei Household Pest*. Bljlhrvilk'j onlj licensed •perator. WALLS CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE Rte. 1. Bon «-W. East Main St.

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