Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan on July 9, 1936 · Page 3
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Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan · Page 3

Battle Creek, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1936
Page 3
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BATTLE CREEK, MICH, THURSDAY, JULY 9, ISM THE ENQUIRER AND EVENING NEWS S DISCLOSE PLANS IE Objective of Attacking Force Will Be to Capture Battle Creek and Custer. WILL BE HELD AUG. 8-22 FOR Ml Brig. Gen. C. D. Herron, chid ol staff of the second army, announced loday the detailed program for the huge "war" maneuvers which will concentrate 24.0CO troops in western Michigan next month. The entire operation, from the start of mobilization to the demobilization, will cover the period from August 8 to 22 Inclusive. The objective of the attacking" force will be to capture Camp Custer and Bat-tic Creek. August 8 and 9 has been set aside for mobilization and concentration In the 30,000 acres on which the rent and claims section has acquired trespass rights in Allegan county. August 10, 11 and 12 will be given ever to divisional and separate unit training and the first forward movement of the attacking elements the 32nd and 33rd divisions, national guard will start August 13. On that day the troops will move to concealed bivouacs preparatory to the movement of the troops to defense positions before daylight August 14. Defensive Action A defensive action will be "fought" on the night of August 14, continuing until the afternoon of August 15, the enemy being represented by the 12th brigade of regulars, according to the Associated Press. All exercises will be suspended from 3 p. m. August 15 to daybreak August 17, although certain units. Including the horse drawn artillery batteries of the 33rd division, will start moving toward Camp Custer on August 16. Among the troops moving out that day will be the famous motorized 14th cavalry. The entire 33rd division, which consists cf Illinois national guard units, will move to Custer August 17 and spend August 17 there in unit training. While the 33rd is moving across two counties to Custer by swift mo-toi transport, the 32nd will take the offensive against the 12th brigade. Move to Coster The remainder of the troops will move to Custer by sundown, August IS, and from then until August 21 there will be divisional and unit training at th!s reservation. One of the features of this training will be a demonstration by the 14th cavalry of an attack by mechanized forces. - Ail troops at Custer will be marched to Harbord hill to witness the , demonstration. The demobilization will be completed August 22. . Bids were sought by the war de- partment at Allegan today on enormous quantities of food for the troops who will participate in the maneuvers. Among the items on vhich prices are asked are 89,000 quarts of milk, 105,000 pounds of beef, and 152,000 bushels of potatoes. LANTERN GARDEN NOW HAS AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM Installation of an air conditioning system of the latest type, capable of reducing the temperature of a room over 20 degrees, has just been completed at the Lantern Garden. 7 West Michigan avenue. The conditioning system was built by the Oarage Fan Co. of Kalamazoo, and installed by Shoul-dice Brothers of this city. It is thermostatically controlled, and automatically raises or lowers the temperature of the room according to the number of people in it. The warm air is drawn through a large intake at the back of the room. It passes through cold water In a penthouse located on the roof, and then through filters. After it has been cooled and cleaned, it passes back through piping to the front of the restaurant, where it emerges through small grilled openings. It was necessary to drill a 78-foot well to provide water for the cooling system. Four weeks were required for its installation. BIBLE SCHOOL CLOSES CERESCO At the close of the two weeks' daily vacation Bible school a program and exhibit was given last week. An average of 31 attended, with an enrollment of 44. Those having perfect attendances were: Doris Frohm, Mary Jo Cross, Lillian Frohm, Pattie Hall, Phyllis Jenson. Clifford Lutz and Paul Hough. Those receiving a prize for memorizing the names of the books of the Bible were Clifford Lutz and Barbara Campbell. HOLD CHAPMAN REUNION BRONSON Descendants of Thomas and Jane Chapman held their thirteenth reunion at Waterworks park, Cold-water, Sunday. There were 33 present. Howard McKale of Find-lay was elected president; Alfred Chapman of Bronson, vice president: Mrs. Laurence Holtz of Stur-gis. secretary; Miss Neva Bell of Cold water, treasurer. They will meet next year at the same time and place. For Sale New & Used Clothing Always Bargains American Cleaners C. A. Lybarger, Mgr. 86 S. W. Capital Streamline Train Makes Stop in City In the blistering heat of 102 degrees yesterday, over 400 people gathered at the Michigan Central depot to see the Mercury, new streamlined train of the New York Central railroad system. Although the original schedule did not rail for a stop at Battle Creek, a slow freight preceding it permitted the flier to pause here for five minutes long enough for a hundred people to clamber through the engine cab and car entrances. This "train of tomon-ow" will be used on a Detroit to Cleveland run after finishing an exhibition tour. The train is 641 feet long, and consists of seven full-dimensioned light-weight, steel cars. The locomotive is a streamlined Pacific type driven by steam. The cars, from front to rear, consist of a com bination passenger and baggage coach, full-length diner, kitchen pantry car, a lounge car with semi circular bar, and parlor and parlor observation cars. Outside, the cars are of turtle-back construction, with windows and doors set flush with the exterior walls. Space between the coaches is entirely sealed by a new method, devised especially for the Mercury. Vibration is prevented by fabric fads and rubber buffers between cars and over and under truck springs. All wheels on the train are roller bearing. Vapor heat and the newest air-conditioning system, adapted to year-round use, provide for comfort and adequate ventilation at all times. !EDi OF SCHOOL May Be Obtained at Board Of Education Office in Willard Library. Students of Battle Creek junior and senior high schools who are expecting checks from NYA headquarters in Lansing, may get them now at the board of education office in the Willard library, it was announced today by school officials. For the period from May 28 to June 28, $59550 will be paid 122 local students for clerical work and other assistance in summer session classrooms. The age limit for this type of NYA work ranges from 16 to 25. A maximum of six dollars a month is paid to students engaged in the work, and each person works 20 hours a month. The payroil for Battle Creek, since the inception of the program here, is as follows: Students Payrolls October 38 $138.60 November 83 402.30 December 90 503.25 January Ill 580.65 February 143 77655 March 180 975.45 April 164 915.00 May 152 864.60 June 122 59550 $5,75150 BANKER IS DEAD KATONAH. N. Y. (JP) William Fahnestock, 78. New York banker who was head of the stock exchange firm of Fahnestock and company, is dead here. SURGEON DIES PORTLAND, Ore. Ph-Dr. Samuel Slocum, 60, noted surgeon and president of the Nation? 1 Hospital asoclation, is dead here. ALLOWANCE Save money on this Introductory DOUBLE TRADE-IN offer. Get TWICE the usual trade-hi value for your old washer regardless of its age ex con dltian. Own a new EASY Washer with the new EASY Super-Safety wringer with the new quiet lifetime gear drive with the new, big capacity ""Flexor" tub with the faster washing, agitator. It s easy -Just phone us and age of your old Wall JeH you its DOUBLE TRADE-IN value at once. LOCAL MSN QUALIFIES FOR PRIMARY IN FILL Paul W. Shafer Is First Congressional Candidate; Cav-anagh Petitions Out. Paul W. Shafer, candidate for the republican nomination for congressman, qualified to have his name placed on the ballots for the September primary when he filed his nominating petitions at the secretary of state's office in Lansing Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Shafer became the first qualified congressional candidate in the district. Though Rep. Vemer W. Main has taken out his petitions, and some are in circulation in behalf of Howard W. Cavanagh. as a democratic candidate, theirs are not yet ready for filing." Mr. Shafer had this statement to make: "A life-long republican. I shall base my campaign upon the necessity for united opposition of the republican party to the new deal. I shall also stress the necessity for the third district to elect a congressman who. will represent all the people, all the time, rather than one who is pledged to carry out the mandates of an organized minority. "If successful in my campaign, I shall join those in congress who advocate sound, constructive legislation, including that pertaining to old age pensions, which I heartily favor. I have no criticism to make of any of the organized minorities, or their purposes, and will lend my support to any constructive legislation offered by them. "I pledge myself, if elected, to pay strict attention to the business of my district in congress and to do my utmost to give every man and woman, young or old, a square deal." PRICED AT ONLY You'd generally pay lots more to get the same Kg food storage capacity, broad shelves, smooth running mechanism, ice-making power and low running cost this Grunow brings you. Don't miss this opportunity! And remember, too, that Grunow is the only household refrigerator using super-safe Carrene, the magic refrigerant The biggest refrigerator buy of all! We are an Authorized Grunow Service Station n re 1 71 TRADE I uotVt out utaA&ev -jjj jVMW JIIIIIL n T new EASY the name washer. Torrid Weather MakesThemHop At Alarm Office Gosh! Wasn't it hot? No one knows that better than the men at the fire alarm office. It seems that every time the weather goes on a rampage either hot or cold the city's residents' turn first to the city's official thermometer, guarded by the firemen at number three station on Cliff street.' So they call the firemen rather, they call the switch board operator at the fire alarm station "Fire alarm office. Temperature? One hundred degrees. You're wel come, j "Fire alarm office. Temperature?! One hundred and one degrees. 1 You're welcome. "Fire alarm office. And so it went Wednesday all day and most of the night. The switchboard lights twinkled like the ftars in an unclouded night sky. And with each twinkle, the operator sang the same song. The operators, who work in eight-hour shifts, have no idea how many calls about the temperature they answered. At one time five outside lines all but the emergency line v. ere busy. And. although the temperature business was excellent f n day and all night, the real rush Complete v- .-3 tisarei Modern K? CM Staaoe- Ou racjlilia TL Moderate fm PHONC 21225.. .. WHAT A BUY! AND IT'S SAFE! SO DEMODE UNO V J II. L I, ( periods came from noon until 3 p. m. - This morning, the operators said, the demand for temperature readings was not as great as Wednesday, but still-in-all, there were enough calls to keep them busy. R SHOP AT 1- nJ j 1 1 THE REXALL DRUG STORES Jj sihiqi? m A Cool Drink! Fresh Limeade Rubbing Alcohol 25c Ex Lax .... 17c 25c Carter Pills . . 16c Aspirin 5 gr. . T . 19cl 40c Castoria . . . 23? 30c Bromo Seltzer SUN GOGGLES For AU Sports For motoring and beach wear. Protects the eyes. 5-Way Magnifying Mirror Assorted Colors 29c 19c AND UP AVf A Genuine THERMOS BOTTLE Handy for auto trips. Aluminum cup, collar and cap Pint Size 93c VACATION SPECIAL! One Adult Size PROPHYLACTIC TOOTH BRUSH and one- UNIVEX CAMERA $1.00 Value dLt BOTH FOR O7G UNIVEX FILMS 6 Exposures GEM MICROMATIC BLADES Singledge Gem blades never irritate the (ace. 5's 10's Dr.SchoITs ZINOPADS Instant relief for corns, bunions and callouses. 19c 24c 44c M K Week'End fjj Speciall SB! 'GRAPE iiy juice LIFEBUOY SHAVING CREAM Softens the toughest beard for a smooth share. 25c Tube lie Represents super quality and unusual value at WANTS A DIVORCE Ha Marie Wyman sued Roy Henry Wyman for a divorce in circuit court here today. The Wymans were married in May, . 1929, at South Bend, Ind., and have a six-year-old son. T. 9c 'Hill Worthed Cfa in ccniXaftt 20 . . 21cV GOING Take a Modarne TOURIST IRON WITH YOU From 2 to 2J lbs. Chrem. ium Finish Sturdy Con. struction Complete with Cord. A.GorD.C $1.49 KEEP COOL with this ELECTRIC FAN During the hot summer days. A.C. only. $1.19 40c Bost Tooth Paste 27c 50c Kolynos Tooth Paste 27c 50c Fasteeth 34c 60c Glyco-thymoline 34c $1.00 Lavoris 63c Woodbury's Soap 8c Packer's Tar Soap 19c Ivory Soap, medium 2 for 11c Lifebuoy Soap 5c 1.50 Goldman's Hair Restorer 1.19 50c Marchand's Golden Hair Wash ..34c 50c Pepsodent Tooth Paste . . . 33c 50c Glostora 39c 50c Watkin's Mulsified Cocoanut Oil Shampoo 39c 50c Conti Shampoo .39c 35c Amolin Powder 29c Lilac Vegetal, 6 oz 19c with the . ( -"if GgjjSjiip purchase VT CAFEX GLASS COFFEE MAKER One Pound Tin of MEAL-TYMZ COFFEE NAME TRAFFIC DIRECTOR LANSING VP) The Michigan State Chamber of . Commerce has announced the appointmentvof John C. Graham, of Jackson, as its state traffic director. . . Bayer's Aspirin, 100 39c Mi-31, 50c HINDS Honey Lyon Tooth Pbwd. 28c caotei Vz5c Feenamint . . . . 16c AWAY I Gillette Bostonian Gold Plated Razor with 5 Blue Blades Gold Plated Container, all for Special Offer! BEVERAGE SET Consisting of 6 tall 10 ounce Glasses and an 80 Ounce Ice Lipped Pitcher to prevent ice from falling out. Your Choice of Rose or Crystal All for 1 2tek tooth brushes and one Extra Large MOIRE TOILET BAG with Patented Closure. All for 29C STb. Tin NATIONAL DAIRY MALTED MILK A palatable body-building food. Children love it with milk. Plain. $1.39 NATURALIZERS Talked About Wafted About Dont spend your life two feet from h&pptness. . . Qffgtt.ftP3Rg FOR YOUR Fresh Lemonade Made from Fresh Fruit U(fl)c pint ...... 49c Aqua Velva . .Mc. . 34c & Almond 39c Moderne OUTING JUG Keeps foods and liquids hot or cold for a long time. Gallon Size $1.19 89c Liggett's VITO- ATHLETIC SUPPORTER We carry a Iargs rariety of athletic supporters economics"" nriced. 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