The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1947
Page 11
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TUESDAY, MAY 27, 1 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 7e I UBM »*r UM MC <UT U tlw» p.r UM VK t*, — ..... 6t Montk p«r Un ---------------- We Coaut fir* »T«nc« vurdi to tb* Uo*. Ad ordered for tfcrM or dx HUM utd *>j>J*d fcefon ttplr«u»n will b« aari- •d (or tbe number of time! the >d »v«red ted .djustaent of bill m*de. mb- For Sol* POWER LAWN MOWERS. S«e the last word in a power lawn mower—the Pathfinder—the one that cuts to any height and under any conditions. Blytheville Machine Shop. 4-12-ck-tf —, — jtslly corny Ublft. Adrrrtlalni order for IrMnlu IHMI- tlooft ttfcci th« one tlv* rtU. Ko rtipo&ilbmty will b< Ufcu for •or» tb*n out Incorrect iuMctloa •{ »mr cU»iln«4 ftd. For Sale Complete stock of Softball equipment, induding flashy colored uniforms. I'rice Price $0.45, $i;.95, $8.95. Planters Hardware, Inc. 5 5 ck tf fcaf.'S for aalc. 1'Jjnne '^072. r !Y.l Oroiin. For Kent Hedrooms. Phone 952. 4|30.|>k-5130 1'aslure for mulei, I'lione 8(i'J. vim, .si. ll<>tlroc)[ii. convenient to Lmlj I'Ko ItaL'S, 611 W, .\!:iin oom 811 N. Olh. I'll. 2333 BABY CHICKS Quadruple A H8.7& per kuudred Jin Brown titore BIG-ek-tf 30, 40 & 52 gallon Norge electric heaters arc now available at Planters Hardware Co. Ask for installed prices. Elements arc available for any power lines. _ 4-21-ck-tf Hejmlifnl rf.<l, n'fcislprcj Curkfr Snaiiiol |ni|>|iirs. 8 wwks old. fall 781 lumber. All Muds of dimiMisEotia. rc.s Imvc l.t'L'n reJtlruj t»i farmers coinu Biter il. U. S Kalllnan mi Camp MuulLriii. I'tione 3309 ^| _ _ _ 5|:i-ulc.6|3 Have something you ann'l npecU Trade or sell il at .Swap Shop. 401 K Main. I'tKiue 859. 4130-ck-II City Properly: We have immc buyers for choice residence in lilythe- theville. nml. surmundiiijj towns. Alsu for cheap houses and vacant lols. If you have any kind of property for sale, see, write or call— RIAI/ES LAND COMPANY Office in Hale ISldj*., across from City Hall Phone 3322 Russell K. Riales Ben D. Hanmcr II. M. Beck 5 14 pk H8 ow r. riuim varant Tiouse. 2 liedruoms. :i ^los^ls. 2 porches. Lot f.D x 170. All ready to move in. $3000, South -1st. ALTOSB from Muonry'a Orocery. .See or C'ull Fred Smith. 1'bocie :{9J4. JUST KKCKIVKH A tew tnr(,'c \Veslingliouso olpctriu water Iji'iiters. Alsn have one ^'uciil used S^-KRHon \VesliriKhoilai) writer lienler. Mite Kelly. Ark. -IP. Power Co I'ljone - . Good eoiKlillnti _ ,,riced to sell. Hlyllieville Coacli Lines, lO'i North Franklin. f>|20 ek-t( House. 15 rootns anil bath. r>n Inr^e lot in Manila. Also additional hit sniu- ulili! for IniEldiiiK.' Olivo \V Mike I'll. 11. Manila. _ ft|3|.|ili-;» 1041 Doilgo. a mechanic sp|.|:i:il. Must he sold iinuieiliately. See ,lin: itnE'-son "« N- 2nd. 5iS-|.c'k-2S Elrclric l.nnoH wnsliinj; nmclmie. Kx- rcllrnt condition. $0:V i:tO V>. Syea R cKtiici. fields lo In.linnnpolrs sppcd rari\ I,, A Ki'rlicin. lire W..T. Ili«li,-r. _ Slrrls, lln. 2( i. I'Unu JOf.'. ' '"" """ ' Wanted Wanted to Buy W:inti'd to huy from oivner smell 4 ot r> nioni home. Well lurnled & moilern. Must he priced reiiEmialjIe. Anaw«r lu 1)1.\V fan. Courier News. 5-19-11 Lot or filial) I PlJiinis 2U20. FOR SALE: Six 80- Acre Farms, R miles soutli of Blytheville. Finest type loam land, good location. Small amount now, balance this Fall. Sec Cecil Earls with Noble Gill Agencv. Phone 3131 or Osceol'a 93. _ 5 27 ck 5 31 4 n,,.n, lioilKi- wi |i, I,.,,, Si ncielibni^ hnn,l. .IOS X. [Iro^dway. CJnll 2:110 ..... ___ KOK KAI.K: r, ft. ,,1,,,-lr^ refriKerator Hcmrl ,-,.r.,lili,in. 110 West Vine ____ Kntin- »lork r>( slni'.le erorerii^ CV.T, r.l.'t,.. 2Inio off if M ,|,ri,l one,'. A}.,, ifiMnres. Ap,.V 2-1I01), Chlrkai.itvlui. _"'•' : ">l»- : S(27-|ik (1|2 T<ima(r> nn«l licnn stirks. :! rent^ eieh Barkailnln Mann r.ictnriiiK Co Sonlli l!r,w.)«-aj-, i'Uoiii] ;2.01i;t 'u ' ,, :/ Help Wanted Highway 18-WnFt. 'v sale.^tnrk. Must be seltlcrt age 23 (o 27, single or married. Apply fo Rnx DO, % Courier Ne\va. 5 2R ck 29 We Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkimon Treads Let Your Next Tires Be j GENERALS Cost More — Worth More' MODINGER TIRE CO. (16 F. Main Phone 2201 HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. is pleased to announce that Mr. Richard Holt has joined our staff as carpenter ancf maintenance man. Call us to do that job you can't do or don't ivaiit to do. Telephone 2801 Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Large Dividend Snvings Low Net Cost Protection For Service W. L. TAMKE 408 E. Davis St., P. O. Box «1 Phone 2487 Blylheville. Ark. City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 For Expert Repalra 324 East Main St. Felix A. Carney Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 CMckMawtM LADIES Do Your Wash Automatically And Save! 35c up to 0 IJ)s Dry Weight We Furnish Soap Bleach & Klutng Free! THE Washerette Crosstown—Main Division THREE SIMPLE STEPS! J. Place clothing in Tiemlix 2. Add soap, wait or shop 3. Take cii»llies home in 35 minutes. Monday, Viiesday, Friday Open till 0 p. rn. on Steel Oil Barrel Racks t Any Sti« T. L MABRY 1 MISSOURI ST. PH. M27 x DELIVERED PRICES New Fprd Passenger Cars Deluxe 8 Cyl. 6 Cyl. COUPE . ......... $1235.40 $1 182.30 TUDOR ..... 1271.54 1218.34 FORDOR ..'.... 1360.59 1307.38 Super Deluxe Coupe . $1329.84 $1276.64 TUDOR ............. 1377.44 1287.24 FORDOR ............ 1439.98 1350.84 SEDAN COUPE ........ 1412.42 1334.94 CONVERTIBLE ....... 1606.57 STATION WAGON 1692.44 1640.22 SPORTSMAN* ........ 2120.75 I-islcd above are Hip («t:il anil romplrln [irlrrs (in tin' New 1017 FOIEDS ilrllvrrril in PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth— Blytheville, Ark.— Tel. 453—3715 PAGEELETXIf ServkM MONEY TO LOAN w you need a loan to repair ur remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no )-cd «»P«. FHA approred rate 6*. Ask fok- details. Max lx>K«n, Realtor, phone 2084. l<ynch Bldg^ BlytheTlite. 9-aa-ck-tt -el us slmrpcn and repair .votir liiwn mower, regard- loss of kind or size. (Jet yours ready now, and avoid the rush. We pick up Hiul deliver. lilytheville Aliicliinc Shop, 211 S. 2nd S^, phone 2828. 4-;!-rk-tf . - yinli, „„,! l,lnnki!l».- li'iliilr...!-!! Willie Hell., (ireen, 1112 s, ' House Movinp. l.'{ years experience. I'letilv of e<ntin-, mcnt. • Keferi'iices. I.evel- . \'ii'K\l Foluy, plume ;!2!)> 0 2 pit (i 2 • _____ V "»:,'l"\"!' .'" "d l.l.uikil Wanted to Rent nriiislu'il .i|)Ar(IUPtLt. Vown^ tnarri.-.l cini|il|.. Cull 5S8. ii!2J-|ik-2U 1 or .1 roniti fnriiiRliril vr iLi.r.irjii tli'-.l rlmi'iil. lli'sl (if i,-liTL',ic,:s. Willis W.I..1I. n[u C.-imriiT N|.w» f.-16-tt i or r> room unfurnished house. Phone 3509. 4-23-dh-U Panama Hats Cleaned & Rcblockcd Fur Rcmodling The Johns Shop Situation Wanted -\' Iriu-k iliiv.-r. Ciin r.-fiT.'n I.IVIM! in Jtl> tinjvMli' ];. vt<:trs \Vi lluv .Ml, OinrkT :.'.•««.' 503 W. For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Gkncoe Hotel Bldg. H24 W. Ash St. LADIES---Come to U-DO-IT LAUNDRY and do your family wash on our mmlorn MAYT<\G MACHINES. Open 7 A. M. . . . Close 5:30 P. M. Close Saturday at Noon Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9 p.m. 32:! North 2nd Street "KM 7(Hi ('1,,,-k a I'liior Kandoi AT WAKDS. ivc iMoncy l>y . .. your <i\vn floods. Adds veins of life and nives Uioni now l)i-aii(y. It's c-asy l«> do, tool iMONTCO.MMKY \VA1U) ,<4 CO., -1(12 Main. l<! '"»« !")!!! 2-i:t-(fn "I nll.TiilliMiH .•l.lllllllK. Tin Male Help Wanted KAI.KSMAN . MAN WITH AMI1ITKIN • AK" U'l In llr,. Nn iirevliUM rxin'rienri' ne.e»!iry. tVivcr hirnl II'TI lli»r)-. l>ijlw In* nrriiiiril, i;in>,l chuiico fur nilvunen- "I. Will.' lnevioi,., e>|.erh.nee. Sini|.>li«| If |,,,.sil,l,.. Uefereni-el. lloi Ii78. n!., l.-uurler Nuwn. J|'-::l rk tl WAllNINC IN 'Illi; CIIANCiKltY COUIi'l CHICKASAW1IA IHSTltKM' MIH- S'lSSII'I'l COUNTY, AltKANSAS. Landys llowlct.1. Plnln'.lll, v.s. No. 1(].(I79 Tim .1. Rowlclt Dc'fc.'lHliml. The (icfciulant, '1'iin .1. RowMI Is lirn'ljy warned If) nppt'Hl' within thirty cliiys In I hi- court nninril In tlic cniillon ln.'1-oof ftiul utiswin 1 1.1 n> complaint of the plaintiff Lnnclys Howlctl. D.ilc'd this 19 day of May, 1B47. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk •By Unity Bniltli, doputy. Vli-RlI Grcriu:, ALiy. for Philntirf. Isn't This Too High a Price to Pay? 33,500 Killed 1,150,000 Injured Tim onsiiiillioH of pence — of motor accidents — wore ((router in ono year, l!)'i(>, (linn (ho ciiRiinHicK of war from Pearl Harbor to VJ Day. DONT GAMBLE WITH SAFETY The cosl. of I'UIOVKNTIVIO SKHV1CK In slight. But the coat in human nmory niul prnpcrly daniiuro of :ivoidiil)le uccldnnls is immonsuruble. Orivc in fioon and let.'.s give .vnur car u complete safety Inspection. This involviw no (ilili);jiiioii on yiuir part. Ask About the 5 Steps to Safety LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. bi. TIOXACO Pay and Nijfht Wrecker SKIHRHfJNG TIRES :)0l WALNUT ST. Personal PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Giinmniccd Best I •rlcea Kirby Drug Stores KEEP THE QUESTION MARK OUT OF YOUR CAR Don't Neglect Your Kidneys SIIICK!S)I kiilncys ran .sli-al yntir liwillli. Tln-y iirrnlil (lit! lU'cuiiiiiliillon of Idxln-i (hnt m:ikf von tlrmisv :ichy, lireil. Don't ni-itlrcl your klilni'.vs. Hrlnti IIic mln- unil waliT iniuiy <li>ft»r.s hsivc prii.siTllml fur mure (hnn 7fl >T:irs. Mountain Valley Mineral Water Fur IS Yi-iirs tin: TrrKtirltiiMl Wilier :tl HOT KI'KINCiS, AUK. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and IMvIsloti Kljthtvillc, Ark. DON EDWARDS TH«' TyptwrtUr Man- . ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA ud KKM1NGTON FOKTABU 110 N. SECOND ST. PHOIfK «3t? (Brery TraniMtloa MOBT 1 No one knows belter than we do now ban! it is fo got parts for automobiles these days. Hut it is still true that a repair job can't be better than tho parts T'^TT'™ il ' . TllaL ' s wh >' wc Put so much stress on pBUICK engineered pails. These are exactly the same in quality,'durability and function as the parts vised in building the car in tin- first place. No. "maybes", 1M) "just-ns-Koods." No (lueslion marks—you know the quality of even- part we use on your automobile. —=• Langsfon-Wroten Company Walnut at Broadway SAff CAKS SAVt LIVtS • GOOD CAKS SStNO GOOD PSICtS FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION ^2/ree Estimates S.vXCOHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE'ARK. SERVICE T.I. MOTOR CQ, Radio* and Heaten Wholesale and Retail ' Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 | Save 50% Chopping Expense | > I'lanl Chemically Dclinfet), Fuzz-Free COTTON SEED $ Save Money—fi to 10 Lbs. per Acre. Any corn, p*a or3 bean planter will plant th«se smooth, slick cotton seed. !•! Can l>e plowed 5 to fi days after planting. $ HOWDKN .11B — S1XJNEVILLE 2C — 1) P & L 14 S For Sale By BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. H PRIOTLLA'S POP Bad Grammar Phones 856-857 \ '&-*-'f-'-*:f'~*~*:f.'f:fw:?$xf:?:.w Gy AL VERMEEI wa/do! I hate to hear a boy talk like that!

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