Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan on June 16, 1923 · Page 4
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Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan · Page 4

Battle Creek, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 16, 1923
Page 4
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V t ft r THE ENQUIRER rXND : EVENING NEWS BATTLE CREEK, MICH., SATURDAY, JUNE 1, AT THE GARDEN NOT SO MUCH OF A JOKE AS IT. MIGHT. BE. being held In New .York this year, says the Detroit Free Press, Is in a THE ENQUIRER AMD Copyright, 193, by the New-York Tribune, I sc. THEUNGD mmi Omx. men. Fnbllahed week-day evenings sad Sunday morning by tbt KNQUIRKR- SWt, COMI'ANY. T-ll ..orth McCain- ly street, Telephone: Circulation and ;iutlneaa, Bell 1090, Automatic vm Advertising. Ball 3122. Automatic 1064 Editorial. Bell 877. Automatic 1981; I PILL JS (hiUl ST ' snt-ietr. Bell 188. Automatic vm. 5 Jt til' .Ua ' VJ" J V VIOLA DANA IN A SCENE FROM THE GARDEN THEATER TUE3 DAT, WEDNESDAY. THURSDAY. "CRINOLINE AND ROMANCE" AT AT THE "DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS IN CADE THEATER ALL WEEK. AT THE ftMpJfJtamMntM..U.IIIJlJIHl SVW VVV -WA4 THE UNIT.N4 Or TWO O TIrt MMT. v JJ 0 raV V. fciSTIN&UISHEO FAIvtluEi IN TKB OCAU IHW WJVOv,S. REGISTER- B1 THE MARRIA.0C OF -MiSi . JL-'S GWENDOLYN SCHUYLER BUOVvNiTONE TO iffl- 3f UVCSTrlR. MORGAN CASTlC-Tov, A PROSPER ou I OUNC, BRICKIAVER.ANO RECENT HONOR MAM IN HI WVttC CCAftHT-OfJ A. Tork office 488 FWtS Arc: :nu:aco omre laso roopiea uaa mag.: Detroit offlon 1M tafarete Bird., W -. Ht. Louis offl 321 Victoria Illdg. st II of which placet 11 let of the paper juiit do seen ana Dunnes transacted wits tae inner. "liibocrlntlona l earner. In tlio cliy week-flay evenings and Bnnday, 20 cent n weak, By mall In local trad ing , fear; by mall ostaldo lcal territory, $0 per year: CO ctnu j'cr wfiDlll. Entered at tbn Rum rrt Mii-ii, l?an Pottofflce as aocond-clats matter. MEMUEH or AMSOCIATKD FBRKj Ine Aaaot-lated Pma la .tp1mit1 entitled to the bd tot re-publlcatloa ui w ohwi aupatcnea credited to it or not otbenrlae credited In tola paper and alio Use local newt puhllalitd SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 1923. HE WAS DICTATOR The death of Alexander Stambou- 1 lisky, deposed premier of Bulgaria, marks the passing of another of the self-styled liberators of the peoples of Europe who turned out to be a dictator. ' Coming from the humblest of peas ant origin, this man of massive frame and unlimited energies, be came one of the most picturesque figures In Bulgarian history. It was his leadership which vault-r'od him Into prominence, and his opposition to the war policies of Fer dinand who sympathized and Joined with .the central powers, - that brought his trial and conviction for treason, and his sentence to life ira prisonment. The armistice caused his release, and with tlie col'.arso of the rule of Ferdinand, he became not only the premier of the realm, but Its dictator. In his hands It Is said that Boris, present king, was a mere puppet. The will of the premier was forced at every angle, regardless of the consequences, and as a crowning achievement of his (rule, records now show that he planned to force the abdication of the king, and the naming of himself to that high po sltion. Power 'and Influence went to the head of the peasant premier. The mania for reform carried him to ex tremes that were fast proving dis astrous to the nation at large. From an emancipator, to whom the peus ants looked for a redress of their grievances, Etamboullsky became dictator of the most pronounced or der. And when the final test of his government came, he fell, as all die tators fall. And he found few ready ( stand with him to the last. NOT MUCH CHANGE If reports of the actual condiyons In China are true, the flight of the president and the resignation of his cabinet can hardly have any great effect on the government of the nation as a whole. The Pekln rule, it Would, seem, is that in name only. The talk of the central government Is only talk, for in China there exists such a govern ment only in name. In actual work ing powers it has no such function as does the central government of any other nation. China is a nation of cantons, There aref some 18 of them, and each is ruled by a military dictator, who holds sway through the force of his army. The combined mill tary forces of the nation's cantcni Is reported at over 1.360,000, the largest standing army of any people in the world. These dictators do not recognize the Pckin government as the central power. The cantons send their re presentatives to the parliament, 'tis true, but that parliament, insofar a actual Jurisdiction over the nation is concerned, has little to say. The edicts that the canton chiefs are in . favor of they will"obey. Those which they disagree with, they will not, There was great rejoicing in the " BIJOU ROBIN HOOD" AT THE BIJOU AB STRAND REGENT ' DARLING "DITTO.' which he 'had saved by working sev enteen hours a day, seven days week, for eighteen years, without vacation, "Little Joe" Jacobs at New York appealed to Magistrate Oberwager for summonses. His plea was taken unfer advisement. San Frsncisco was selected Fri day as the 1924 convention city of tho Women's Overseas Service letguc, comprised of Red Cross nurses. Salvation Army workers. Y. W. C. A. girls, and ether heroines of the World .war. One -hundred of the feminme veterans were attending the convention at Chicago Friday. Ernest Busch, grand nephew of the late Adolphus Busch, of St. Lou-Is. and Charlotte Tauscher, daughter of Capt. Hans Tauscher and Madame Oadskl Tucscher, were married at Berlin Friday. There was a dinner after the ceremony at which Josef Schwartz, ef tho Chicago Opera company and Madame Neisscn-Stone rang. Abe Silberstein and Dominic DI-datto, indicted for aiding Gerald Chppman, notorious mail robber, to escape from a hospital in Athens, Ga'., Friday were held for extradition to Georgia. Each was released in $7,000 bail on habeas corpus proceedings which will be heard Saturday at New York. Casper PastronI, convicted of killing Mrs. Elizabeth Withell and her 11-year-old daughter Agatha, when Mrs. Withell refused to desert her husband and elope, was hanged at Chicago Friday. Postroni attempted to commit suicide at the time ot the crime and was half blind and practically deaf from self Inflicted wounds. He went to his death without comment. Fire jn the Butler street storage yards of the Atlantic Refining company at Pittsburgh, Pa., staifed this afternoon when lightning struck a tank coi.taining 15,000 barrels of refined oil, was spreading tonight. A general alarm brought fire companies from all parts of the city. It was said et the yards that other tanks, containing approximately 100,000 barrels of oil, were in danger. A new Chilean cabinet beaded by Carlos Alberto Ruiz, a radical, was formed Friday to replace the cabinet headed by Cornello Saavedra which resigned several days ago, Senor Ruiz also holds the post of minister of interior, while the other portfolios were filled as follows: Minister of foreign relations, Pedro Rivas Vicuna (radical); justice, Marcial Mar-tlnex de Ferrari (liberal); fine nee, -Au-gustin Correa Bravo (liberal-democrat); war General Luis Altamizano; industry. Juan Medez (liberal.) The News Used to Be ONE YEAR AGO Taken from the files of the Battle Creek Evening News of June 16, 1922; C. Maurice Atkinson, one of the moht prominent students on the campus and affiliated .with nearly m dozen college organizations, died this morning at 3 JO o'clock, half an hour after being taken to University hospital, following an automobile accient. Work' n the Battle Croek-Marshall road may be begun again within a fev days according to E. H. Puffer, county road commissioner. Before the sun was an hour high this morning, long lines ex returning fishermen with long stories of Ashing, began returning to the city from en early morning attempt to catch, the elusive bass. The opening night of the Custer Post American Legion fun festival was a rip-roarous affair. TEN YEARS AGO Taken from the files of the Battle Creek . Evening News ot June' 16, m; Firs By 3. K. ver? literal sense of the word, part of a movement" In the interest of bet ter 'international understanding ol speech for those who use English on both sides of the ocean. The members of the association also contribute to International har mony by putting- a Just estimate upon the importance and value of the national Idioms, local dialects and slang which prevail in the various countries where English is spoken. The tendency always is to think that the other man's slang is vulgar, that his Idioms are bar barous, and that his dialect is a sign of crude uncultured mind, one's own peculiarities of speech, person al and national, are, on the other hand, considered excellent English. It follows that when a man from Michigan meets another from York shire each may under -estimate the merits of the other because of differences In speech wlfich are in fact inconsequential The same sort of thing gets into literature, and the authors of both countries gibs back and forth in an endless exchange pt polite sneers over questions of lin guistlo usage that might be a cause of mutual admiration if there were leas Bigotry on such matters and more knowledge. Really there Is much that is good to be said about much of the Eng lish that Is not quite English where-ever it is spoken The new-made slang of America now and then sup plies the English-speaking world with a word or an expression that conveys meaning never precisely ex pressed before. Some of the old world dialects using simple words in unfamiliar ways go to the heart of an idea or feeling in a manner that no product of court or college can equal. The assembled professors of English, the Free Press concludes. learn something about these mat ters from each other, and part to spread a more intelligent respect for good English in all of its nation al and geographical varieties. Now is the time to think about and Tuesday is the day to voting, vote. The Reds in Russia are reported ipraying for Lenine. Perhaps because he preyed on them. Another form of preparedness Is to have the winter's supply of coal already in the cellar. A 70-year-old Owosso man has been arrested tui a bootlegger. They seem never too old to learn. It will require a tremendously big sponge, and a lot of effort in using it, if Detroit is to be dried up. What has become of the old fash ioned orator who wrote out the notes for his speech on his celluloid cufts? f The pacifist who has argued that the time has come when there'll be no more war, might take a look at what is happening in Bulgaria and the other Balkan states. The Bulgarian king Is reported to have an aeroplane ready in which to flee. Indicating that if he inrKt up in the air now over conditions in his country he may soon be. Senator Couzens says Henry Fjrd will be elected president, IF he is nominated by the democrats. In which a little word assumes the proportions of a big obstacle. DRY CHIEF SAYS DETROIT IS THE WETTEST IN U. S. (Continued from Page One) immigration inspectors, treasury agents and other divisional agents Into a law enforcing band that will work as energetically to force the natlonalxprohibitlon law as the various divisions do to wipe out counterfeiting, the Illicit drug traffic and border smuggling or dutiable merchandise and aliens." Busy at Atlantic City (By the Associated Pros) Atlantic City, N. J., June 16. A running fight in which several volleys of shots were fired, occurred early today between rum runners and government boats. Many bullets whistled over the board walk, driving night owls to cover. Shortlyy before midnight two government boats from Barnegal, pa trolling the inlet! waters, sighted several runners about 200 feet from shore, attempting to make a landing. The government craft, calling on the smugglers to stop, attempted to surround them. The runners escaped in the fog after putting on full speed, sweeping in sov close to the shore that they almdst touched bottom and then dashing in single file out to sea. Both sides exchanged shots freely. The sea fight could be seen clear-ly from the board walk section of the inlet. A few seconds after bul lets began to fly, the board walk, astir with midnight promenaders, was deserted. Nn one ashore was hit. ' r Another Liquor Violation (By the Associated Press) Detroit, June 16. Elln Bern-strum, expressman and carter for the government, is held in $1,000 bond for hearing June 22 on charge of selling liquor under the windows of the prohibition offices. The expressman has his stand on the same oosnet as the Duildlng that houses the government enforcement offices. , Yesterday afternoon a prohibition agent going into the building smelted liquor. Investigation showed a bottle of home brew in" the pocket of a man on the corner. The man said he purchased the liquor from Bernetrum. Bernstrum pleaded not guilty. Prohibition agents arrested Walter Salkenske on the Detroit river off Ecorse. It is alleged the man was attempting to land a cargo of beer. A 26-foot motorboat and the beer war aeiaed, Looking Through the Day's News The 6,000 shopmen employed by the Rio Grande Southern railroad were ordered to etrike last night at Denver. ' The chamber of deputies' at' Paris last night gave a vote ol confidence to the government on Its domestic policy by a vote of 380 to 200. A white house nnrouncement last night said there would be no special session of congress to deal wiih the ship liquor situation. Regional consolidation of railroads was advocated in a statement yes terday by Senator Couzens of Mich igan at Washington. The seven Michigan-to-the-Qulf planes arrived at Scott field at Belle ville, 111., late yesterday and expect ed to continue their flight today. Great Britain paid $69,000,000 and Finland pnid $135,000 into the Unit ed States treasury yesterday, the first payments ty any nations on war loans made by this government. President Harding expects to call the attention of the next congress with a view to enactment to reme dial legislation, the Increasing num ber of aliens being smuggled Into the United States. Merger of the Dorris Motor Car company, the Haynes' Automobile company and the Winton Automo bile company into one concern to he known as the Consolidated Motors corporation, was effected yesterday by approval of the -plan by Dorria company stockholders at St. Louis. Claiming to represont ten million women, the national committee of 100 for law enforcement telegraphed A THOUGHT FOR TODAY Against thee, thee alone, have I sinned, and done . this evil In thy sight; that thou mightest be justi fied when thou speakest, and be clear when thou judgest. Ps. 51:4. I AM in process of bringing all my sins to light for the purpose of getting rid of them. We never know how rich we are until we break up housekeeping. Henault. C-ov. Smith at French Lick, Ind., yesterday asking him to reconvene the legislature to pass a prohibition enforcement measure that would "put New York In line with other law abiding states." - Condition of former Prime Minister Andrew Law, who resigned last month because of 111 health. was reported today to be growing stcadiiy worse. Mr. Bonar Law is suffering from a severe throat af-f.ictlon. Figures made public by the Association of Life Insurance Presidents Indicate that for the period since the besrinnine of the year Americans have bought $3,194,000,000 of life lnusrance. For the same period in 1922 the figures Vere $2,609,000,000, showing an Increase of 22 per cent. The District of Columbia supreme court Friday refused to issue a man damus agairst President Harding on application of William B. Bean of Peterson, N. J., who sought to re open the question of the granting ol a national bank charter to the Palerson Safe Deposit & TrustTo. Alleging he had been defrauded by Smith, Weigand and Langley & Co., etock brokers, out of $60,000, At the Bijou RICHARD D1X. WHO HAS THE LEADING PART IN "THE CHRISTIAN", COMING TO THE BIJOU ARCADE THEATER FOR ONE WEEK STARTING SATUR DAY. At the Strand - A SCENE FROM "DON QUIOK-SHOT OF THE RIO GRANDE." STARRING JACK HOXIE AT THE STRAND THEATER TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY. starting from some unknown cause did about $3,000 damage to four barno, two sheds end one house, on East Jackson street, across from tho Halladay wholesale company, and for a time threatened the whole district shortly after 6 o'clock yesterday afternoon. City Commissioner Wininam H. Mason is to be made a member of the board of directors of the M. Rumely company. A cooling breeze today, following on top of the rain of last night brought considerable relief to the residents ot Battle Creek and surrounding territory. Two mere victims of prostration, as the result of to-ried temperature recorded in this cily yesterday. , Battle Creek "will be given first chance at securing concessions for homecoming Week. COMPANY WrUL BUILD FOUR-BIG POWER DAMS State Utilities Commission Permits Wolverine Power Coinpany to Float Bonds. - , (By the Aueclated Press) LanslngwJune IB. The state pub-lio utilities commission Thursday authorised the Wolverine Power company to bond to the amount of $2,-600,000. The purpose ot the issue, it was said, is to finance the con-struotlon of four dams on the Tlt-tawabassee river. In Midland and Gladwin counties. The power company appeared before the commission as a foreign corporation, incorporated in Delaware. Three persons were named in the partial list of Incorporators. They wera J. M. Blck, Toledo, president; William P. Manchester, Detroit, vice-president and R. Holland, Ann Arbor, engineer. According to information given the commission the "company will sell its power to the Consumers Power company, if the bond issue la floated- and the dam ara built.- , , . "THE CRITICAL AGE," ADAPTED FROM "GLENGARRY SCHOOL DAYS" BY RALPH CONNOR AT THE STRAND THEATER TODAY AND MONDAY. AT THE Outbursts of Everett True-by Condo VCrVf CHIPPSv TrU D&P HejeO, MR.. Tvo,-rtOtfrVINO. "SWT X. RcMf5c5t THAT, THtt TWIN AFTC PDgT V3: WH15.M flOveO AROWNO WVMlST3 ENMAPN A 3IT I'LL sJfWk MUIKY VV-;- - ' b -- -A -ftMGN YOU WMNCNCIO -JT world at large when the monarchy in China was overthrown, and the republic was established. But there has never been, a republican form of government in the nation. The' rule established was that of a die-, tator, and it collapsed when the dictator himself attempted to assume the role of emperor. The present government is filled with graft of the most scientific nature. In fact it is cammonly acceot- ed that the public offlcials are supposed to help themselves to a portion of the receipts from taxes, and nothing will be said if the portion appropriated Is not too large. In the days of the monarchy there was a central government. It held its power through the force of arms, through the power of superstition and reverence of the Chinese for their ancestors, and through the drastic measures taken against any wlrf opposed. But the power and prestige' of ,the central government collapsed with the monarchy, and has never been revived. . So that the flight of the Chinese president doesn't mean so much to a nation in which he was merely a figurehead, lacking power and tacking tha strength to enforce anything which would border on nation-al unity. 1 FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING The, meeting of American and British professors of English .which is ' "V . . " ' ! E NORMA TALMADGB FEATURED IN "WITHIN THE LAW AT THE REGENT THEATER NOW SHOWING. AT THE REGENT THEATER UNTIL FRIDAY EVENING. J " All Miscellanepys Merchandise At Special Prices Preparatory to making this an exclusive Card and Motto Shop. k The Gift Shop Room 21 (upstairs) Arcade liii V 7 ' ' .. ' X

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