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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 5

New York, New York
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Tuesday, December 31, 1878
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I FULL OF YEARS AND HONOR Judge svihexlaxis retirement. VawTERS AXD JUDGES FATING. TRIBUTE TO I WORTBHM CONDUCT AND CAREER - ECLOOIZED A NOTABLE CATHERINO Tjr TBI COCRT-HOCSE. ''A rneetinf f kvrwi and jl(w ot this City was held la tkiOutnUmiRsMrf tbe 8a-preme XWrVyesterdar ritwuoi. to take aetloa '- regard to the retirement from tbe Bench of Boa. Jwltk Eutltexlaad, City Jadge, whose ton of Sc tlMM t4aj. aa4 wao, raaaoa af aga, dto-qualified beaeef erth frora holding Judicial office. There waa a large attendance nwi( Uow present Mag ar Jadsw-siest Bafaa B. Cawing, Judges Charles P. Daly, Detaobae Doris. Lawrence, Barrett. Joseph T. Ialy. Van Hoeeca. Bpeir. (Hlder- ecve. oboe i exJudga Hewlaad, UtUenboefer, umn, vavtac A-tabedy, and AfB. Tspjaea Distort Attorney Pbeips aid his assistants. fettsselL Bollias. a ad Herring, David Dudley Field, Joseph H. Choeto. William A. tieeeh. aad Frederick f myth. Oa motloB of Distrlet-Attoroey Phelps. He Keek Davis waa tliwi President of tW aau. inf. Jadge Charles P. Daly, Oartla. Barrett, Dooe- . " lawreoee, Speir. Vaa Hceeea. aad Shoe aad Beeorder Harkstt aad William Tree. Viee-Preei-deat, aad Beam. Frederick Smyth, WiUaat P. Prentice, aad William P. Kiatsias, Secret sriee Xa-JadsaPailmos raad a toief dclaiuUoe Baying waa deemed fitting that tba Beach , aad Bar of this City should tortifr is tbl public anxnaer their appfaciatioa of JfeRatherlaads characters that ha bad occupied tha bench of tba Court of General See-kms, tha Supreme Conn, and Court of Appease aad that ia all of thata positions ha had evinced great worth and ability. The declaration farther eoegrato. lates tba Bar that J son beUaerlaad. though Wcally leespesiteted as a Jadge retara te the profeeeloa ',oU aBd J-a-t unimpaired. David Dudley Field, la aacoadiag tha ssotaoe to adopt tba declaratloa. said that J adge Sutherland was eminently a republican Judge, aad ia tbe dark hours of tha civil war, whoa public right was so overstrained as almost to iiown aad tCaaUroy private nht, ha waa unflinching, aad Jut, and stood up manfully for taa right of trial by Jurv. Tha Bar wished him a Jong lira ia which to eajoy tha wsll-earaed respect of his fallow-anon. AJUtrict Attorney Faelpe said it was customary to i am wuu oxaonoaaas 01 Jadca butaoriaad, wboat ba bad known froai boyhood. JoMpa U. Cboato. ia paytn tribato to Jadca Buthariaad s eharaetor. dwslt aauch upon tha lavarta-b la amiability of hia temaor on tho ' 'iboaeh, " aad said that had ha draftod tho clamtiou which had bora raad ba should bara ion farthsr aad raaallad soanoof tba Jadffta spaeial aarrteoa to tho aoanaaaity. wha owad aim a dobt of rratiiudo for tba firm Inwrity ha displayed ia thaaa cbaru la tboas bluor dsys cot long past, whan corruption stalbad bora anbridlad aad uncaaokad, wbaa tattio was bought aad sold ia that vary court aad iron tha tott baneh wbara tbair Uoaors wars now attiuc In thoss days Jsdga 8utbarlaa4 waa aa ark X rafaiw, and. aulortunataly, aJmoat tha only oaa. for tba a uadarad suitors who war unlucky aaouieh to bo driTaa thara. If tha truth of thaaa tiatos wara war taTaaled U would ba found that not ovan Boata. at tho aoriod of -hor dcclino aad fall, azhlbitad mora (aarful traaeharr to publla duty than waa axbibltad that rourt. But Judga Buthariaad eama out abso tutcly uatooabod from tho midst of tho smoke aad tames of vies aad shams. Aaot-g tha faithless ho was alwars faithful aad among the sour he- was always sweet-tampered. W. A. Beach spoke ta a re) a rather decrying this adatioa of - the J adge." aad sstd that the history Jadaa ttatherlaad s judicial li'e might be more Bttingly expmeed at a later time. Ha. however. Believed that It was not improper that this tribute should be paid to "the man " of honest onnetions and sweet temper, and if tho members of the Bench aow present would be to the Bar aa Jadga Suther-lam! had been, thev, too, would leave with like ex-BToasiona of sincere affection. Chief Justice ChatJee P. Daly said thla was tha first tune in 84 years of otSeial life that he had ever been sailed on to unite with the Bench aad Bar oa such an aeration. Ha void a kind tribute to Jndre bulber-atnd'a eharaetor. aad hamttroualy thanked Mr. Choata for railing tba attention of the Beach to the qualities In a Judge which were so mush admired by the Bar. lie was conscious of hia own infirmity la that re-rpeet, aad was sura tha whole Bench would a dear or to profit by tho lesson read by Mr. Choata aad by Judge Sutherland a example. . - ' . Chief-JumOee 1tU, ia ruing to put tho adoption of the declaration to toe meeting, said he received the iaritatlpa to bo present giadly, aad waa honored ia being Bailed on to Drestde. Be briefly eulogized the career of Jadga Sutherland, and said ha believed tne Beech of this City woald receive the admonition of this meeting. and would endeavor to emulate those oaallties which seemed to be so highly revered. He thought all pteerat would concur In the lust, temperate, aad truthful eulogies thus publicly ex-pressed. . Tba declaration was adopted, and tha officer of the meeting were appointed a committee to transmit the declaration to Judge Katherlaad. A private dinner wul be erven to Judge Sutfcer-stndby a few of his immediate friends and associates m rotn mem oration of his retire mem from tha Baneh. Vhe date ha not vet been fixed. OEATBOFMES. J XL LI A A. LEFFERTS. 1 httUBU OP A BEPRXeEXTATTTI KrW-TORI family dks at a gbiex old age. Kra. Amelia A. Lcffertx, who died In this ty oa Sunday last, was tba widow of tha late Mr. Laffen Leflerts. aad lived to tba great age of 96 fear and 13 days. Mrs; Lefferts was a native of thla City, aad moat of her Ufa since her birth In 1783 waa spent bora. 8ha was m daughter of Boa. John Cotlne, a Jadga ' of tho 8o-preme Court, oaa of tho jnost widely known aad . influential . Kew-Torkers of his tine, aad a personal friend of Alexander Hamilton. Aaron Ban. and other distinguished eltlxen of that period. Bar mother was a member of tha Booeevelt family, then as aow prominent ta all tho affairs of Xew-Tork City. Mrs. Lefferta passed her childhood and youth among tha stlrrtsg scenes of tha early history af the aew R public, and was SO years old when tha war of 1812 broke oat. oho married, early ta life. Letter LeSerta, a scion of another old Dutch family, oboes aare had lived on Long Island siaee Its Srst setUemer. mora than 800 years ago. Tho old LoSerta homestead stood at what is now tho coiner l futtoa and Bedford avenues. Brooklyn, and was tore down last Summer. Pivo children were eora to Mr. aad Mrs. Lefferta. of whom three are now living. These are John A. Leffrrts. Mrs. John McKeseno. aad Mrs. John B. Montgomery, all welding ia this City. Tha rematn-hut twa were Leffert LefferU, Jr. , who died in IHS'Z. aodCoL Marshall Lefferts. who died ot euu-stroke July 8. 1870. while oa hie way to tha PhiladelDhU Exposition with the Veteran Corps of tha feveath Kegtmeat, of w&ich he was oammaader. Besides the three living ehiloxea. Mrs. Lefferta leaves aa-avereus graadehUdren. aad at the time of her death waa tho errat-cranon! other of no fewer tbaa 40 children. While Mrs. Lefferta' social qualities ware of the highest order, aad raised her nnambered friends wherever she was kaowa, tba sphere lu which she most delighted to move, aad where her warm heart and teadet ways made her moat beloved, was the borne circle i aad while over ready to respond to all tho duties ot her high social position, her greatest pleasare waa found ta the enjoyment ot a uiet. peaceful, aneveatful home-Ufa. Her death was the result ot old age aloe, and waa not unexpected, she retained ail her faculties, her mind bains: remarkably clear for one so advaaeed ia years, to tbe last. The funeral will take place at 1 o'clock this afternoon from tho Collegiate Cbarch, Fifth-a-veuueaad TweBty-nlnthotreet. Bev. Drs. Ormuv ton. Bogera. aad Hnttoa will officiate. The funeral discourse will be delivered by Bev. Dr. Hatton. for-mer?r Pastor of tho Washington -Square Church. The body is to he burled at Irreen-Weod. where it will be laid beside thai of her son, CoL Marshall Lof- - H;LIrOTSB3-ZVTTTOTBXIM XMPLOIXS. Bobtox, Doe. 3a Tho Supreme Judicial OT uas eeai uowa a aeeuuon of more than ordi-nary interest to mOl-owneri aad their employes, la. which His hold that It it -not tho duty of mill pro-prtra to their servant, employed In a building which Is properiv eoastrueted for ordinary business carried en wttalu tt. to provide mesne of escape or to in euro the safety ot tho servant from thoconse-QUcnce of fire not eaused by his aeg'iigeaee. Tho r " rateni in taa eaaa of Ellen Jones against , nia KBpeny. n itu xuver, in wbobb mat a coonacvatioai oosaiiod Sera. la 1874. with terrible lose of life. The plainCaT waa en emptors B ftl.ia - l . , . - Z ' BwnMwe. una enoujta acuoa as wet so re- seor for hliniiM which ana venerea althetrmenf the Bm kmk - - - - J "ory ot the buraing aallL-OBaept from tho sable trhtdow. nin nir tlvi ria-vi vvrn . PotT Juth. N. T., Doe. SO.-OwIng to tha bbbbbTsI-bbb lan-nnf lis '- - - -- ' n i gjl. si. Katioaat sad Vit Kattoaal Baahs of Port . Jorvia. if. T,thoofnaatB of thoao institutions have gHroa aoticathat after Jan. 6, until further notice, no rrads dollar er sabvsdiary coins wiU bo reeeived by . thsm. exarpt at a discount ot ape seat. , a ciuxcx rou woxxiyaitEK. : IVmnujr, Pobb., Dec SO. Tha Philadal-phi and Reeding Coal sad Iroa Cocopasy to-dsv cou- ciuded smuaemoaw tor tho ostabliahmowt here of TJV, T9lr saops. Tho sooaasrlU give employ meat teSiOi fOVXD eVLLTTjDT XXBXZZLIXEXr. Tau. Rmn, Jfaas,, Dec SO. Charlea P. otickaey waa arrawned fat tho Saaorior Court thla attsrneoa. Tho reading of tho tndwtsneat waa )"uived. aathe priseasr had had a copy for several Java. Thata wara taae aonaoa ta tho ladieusaat. two" of "" outaariaao was aara hoaeasd. oaly wbso ha waa daadi hat ho did not think ttaat such trlbotss should aa rmnad to fall only ia tha dull oars of OMth, and ha hoarUly lohwd ia thi inbutoof tsaav A.0. 1 V rPWssid. He pleaded gaOty to tbe J"mg him with tho ombetxlamoiit of $20., i i c-o " " anuTaetnrers e company on Jan. . . w reaerved, and htiekaey re- J BRAVE J.C1 APPRECIATED TBI 'WIDOW OF TBS MCKDERED POLICKXAaT PtTBlTEag PRESETTED VTTB $500 BT ' TBE TRCaTZEs OFj THE RIOT RXLIS? . PTRD PC1TERAL Of TBE DEAD OmCER, Tho Trustoea of tho Riot Belief Fund, roeog nixiag that some token of appreciation of tho services of Officer Aaa H. lurnosa, of the Fourteenth Preeiaet, should be given by them, have sent a communication to Gen. W. P. Smith, Praaldeat of tho Board of Police Commissioners, inclosing a cheek for $500. which they desire "shall U fl Mhe widow of tho dead officer. Tho eir-enmstsBsss of the officer's death are fresh ia the minds of all readers of the newspaper. In sttemnt-ing to rostrala a madman from rushing through a orowdsd hotel armed with a revolver, which ha threatened to aaa upon any one who erased bis path. Parness waa shot down, pierced bv two ballets, aad died a few hours afterward ia a hospital, to which ho was taken. By bis death hia widow and children are suddenly deprived of support, aad tho prompt action of the belief Fund Trustees will, by relieving aay pressing neeesstty of the bereaved family, serve ia was degree to militate their severe affliction. The communication Is as follows : V Omcx Bobd Riot Rxuzr Fuwd, ' - Nxw-Yoak, Dee. 30, Io78. 5 Cm. W. r. Smit PresisVnf Beonf o PMaet Cvav The Trustees of tbe Blot Relief Fund have heard with prof on ad regret of tae death of Asa H. Pur-ess, a patrolman of tbe Fourteeath Precinct, who was shot oa Baturday, Dec 2. in the Metropolitan Hotel, by W. L. Palmer, of btonlngton. Conn., aad died on Sunday morning. Dos. a, in Bt. Vincent's Uospital. Utficer rareess, la attempting to hrrest tha dangerous man. was courageously fulfilling a duty which he had audartakea to perform for the protection of lite, and tell a aaerineo b tha effort to honorably discharge hia obligations to his fllow-ci titans. Ia thas faUlag at bia post of duty, ha has merited the grateful reeollectlon of sll who lovs good order and who desire to see the Police fores of this City main-tela a repatatioa for aowraga and devotion to the welfare ot the eoscmaalty. As a mark of their appreciation of the courageous conduct of Officer Fumes, tha Trot tecs have la-closed to you s chock for 8500 on tho Union Trust Company, which they destro that you will transmit his widow. The sacrifice cannot be reeompenaed by ear gift of money, but it Is fit that a cordial expression of admiration for Officer Furnees' bravery shoajd be accompanied by this substantial token of the feeling with which hi conduct ia regarded. Respectlully. LEONARD W. JEROME, S Trusts GEORGE JOXE8. WILLIAM H. APPLETOX, Tho funeral of Officer Purneaa tank tnruay afternoon, after tho remains had been viewed by a Coroner t Jury, preliminary to tbe in-qaest to be held to-day. The body was escorted from tbe undertaker's establishment in Prince-street to tbe Erie Railway Iepot by 100 uniformed policeman from the Fourteenth Precinct. Messrs. Fisher, Baker. Hart, and. Pfahler accompanied the remains to bsvlamanca, N.'T., Officer Furness' former home, where ho is to ba buried. Mrs. Furnees will remain in Salamanca. Bbe received yesterday from the Police Board the salary of her husband for the present month. In addttion, the board settled noon her a pension of 83O0 a year, oho is also entitled to receivs $1,200 from tha Police Mutual Aid Association, of which bar husband wsa a member. Palmer was visited at BeUavue Hospital yesterday by Coroner Woltman and Deputy Coroner Cush-man. Hs seemed to .know who they were, and said : Gentlemen, you are paid fordoing this. Please hurry up aad go away. I don't want to bars you about." ha spoke with pleasure of having killed Furnees. and regretted that ho "hadn't "killed the other three officers also. When he noticed that neither Coroner Woltman nor Dr. Cushman appeared to be ia a hurry to leave, he asked tho policeman who was guarding him to land him his revolver to that he could shoot the Coroner with it. Being refused, he then asked the officer for hi pocket-knife, so tbst he con Id peifoiiu " aa autopsy on the live Deputy Coroner." He then said that when he got his liberty he was going to chsnge the style of revolver he would carry, and arm himself with "one of those big fellows, tha aame as policemen carry." Palmer has steadily refused to eat or drink since be waa taken to the hospital, claiming that he would be poisoned, and by tbe advice of Prof. Wood and the consent of the Coroner and tba District Attorney ho was taken out in a carriage last evening to a restaurant for supper. He went willingly, but refuted to eat at the restaurant ehosen by his attendants, and asked to be driven about until he found one to suit him, and be was then taken down Fourth avenue. At a corner stand ho . bought bananas, oranges and prunes, and in. a neighboring restaurant ho ate bread and eondenssd milk, and drank mach water. Tbsa be went into a grocery store and bought a can of condensed milk, which was put into his pocket with the fruit. He then announced his readiness to return, aad was taken back to tbe hospital. Palmer will not permit tbe doctors ta touch his wounded finger, believing they would - put poison in to kill him." Tha doctors fear that Inflammation will act in, and amputation of the whole hand bsmuis neeeesary. Palmer still contends that he was shot by one of tbe officers, and ailled Furnees in self-defense. Prof. Wood pronounces him violently insane, and Coroner Woltman will not allow him to be present at tba inquest today unless his friends should insist upon it. CHANGED KITS CRIMIXAL it A LPRA. CT1 CX. Oweoo, N. ., Dec 30. Mrs. Sarah Stalker, of this place, was arrested on Dec 26, ia Tan Bureii County, Miehw by tha Sheriff, and oa Baturday last was delivered into the custody of an officer of Tioga County at Detroit. She- mads desperate efforts to escape on her way hither, tried t Jump into tho Detroit Biver, and actually did Jump off a train, moving at tbe rate of 45 miles aa hour, ia Ontario. Canada, oa baturday. She waa retaken, aad is now safely lodged in Jail here, awaiting trial on the charge of performing an operation on Miss Lottie A. Richardson, a young school teacher, of this place, 23 years of age, which caused her death ia November last. George Ketch um, who is also ooacsraed ia- the ease, hss fled, and has aot yet been captured. The trial will eomo off in February. . M1XTXXX D1ST1LLXRIES CAPTCRXD. WaShivotox, Dec 80. -Internal Revenue Commissioner BaonTthis morning received tha following telegram; Kjcoxttllk, Tenn.. Dec 30. 1878. Returned yesterday from a raid along tbe Tennee-aea aad Kentucky line i captured 16 distilleries, 10 copper stills and worms. 266 mash-tuba, 15.600 galloasof mash, and 263 gallons whiaky traveled over 400 miles oa horseback. . ... Q. W. ATKIXSOX, Revenue Agent, The Commissioner, in reply, telegraphed his appreciation of the efficiency of the officers, and his sratifieatiom that tha work bad boon aecu-npliahsd without bloodshed. S0UX KXW-0RLXAXS B0XDS SOT TO BE PAID. Kiw-Orleevns. Doc SO. The Supremo Court has decided the celebrated case of the citato, ia the matter of tho Southern Bu&k against E. KBshury, Mayor, and others, against the relators, reversing tho tudgmant of tho lower court, which granted a mandamus compelling the sity to levy a special tax to pay tha Interest on certain bond held by the fou thorn Bank. The court holds- that seettoa 87 f tho act of 1852 provides for aa unequal tax, and is aacoBstitationaX ' SEOOTlSe A DXVSKX3T INTXVDXX. . CixccnuTl, Dec 30. A special .dispatch says that Washington Rnmlur, a farmer; left the town of Custer, Ohio, for hbi home, oa Seiarday nights Oa his way, when about two mOos out, he stopped at tho house of Joha Weemsn. aad asked admittance, saying ho was cold, fee man- refused to opea the door, whereupon Rum lev arose ia tho window aad attempted to eater. Socman than ssUed a shot -fun and shot him thiough .the head, instantly fcilliag htm. Bamler is supposed to have been intoxicated. ,..' . . . ' CBIXr X0SXX AJID BIS BASX. Sak Fraxciboo, Dec- 30. A Portland (Oregon) dispatch says the Indian excitement, to all appearances, has subsid sd. Tho Yakima Volunteers have returned from Prtsst's Rapids. Pour of Perkins' murderers are fat JaiL Chief Maass Is'still hi Isll. and fat is hinted that he will never bo allowed to leave Yakima, bosse of the Indiana say that all of Moses' aad Kmohalla'a Indiana are coming to t'.e reservation to live. . Bmohalla himself cannot bo found. - - - - CTJJA mspomted qviet. Eataxa. Dec S0.-Captaln-Oneral Har-tinos-Campos returned from Santiago de Cuba yesterday. Tho interior af tho island la reported to bo quiet everywhere, aad the gataectng of tho crops is proceeding undisturbed. A decree will appear sooa ordering an election for Provincial Dsputiee to bo hold oa Feb. 1- . . , . . ii sUlhealtRagl . - , SBOT WITS MIS OWy GVS. KrwBCxa, X. Y.. Dec 'SO. Henry Cole, age about 65. aaddaataPp shot aad hOlod htmaslf while hunting to-day. He stumbled aad fell, when his run sras discharged, the shot oatertng hia breast. His cry was heard by a feUow-hanter aahert ais-t an OS .away, bat not in time tor any tastitsnt. AK0TBXX XXT. MX. RXXCRXX. HAarrroRD, Conn-, , Dae 3a Charlea mot Prof. Cahria E. and Harriet Stowa, waa ntiitiass1 W the ministry la this city tonight. . -. ,, . A XXOCELTS CtXX6T3LAS'X CALL. Paxvugircav R- 1 Dec SO. Tho United Omgregatkatal Charch aad Sodety ot Newport have anaalntootlv voted o larvitato the pastorate Bee. Henry J. Yarn Dike Jr of Cfrgto-gjjrrh Etnusy Eursmm gicnnbrr:3i 1878, SWEEPING CH1NGES MADE. C0LZEG1 OF 2iEW.T0RK CITY. PROPEISOBS 1 'BO ARB SOT DIKHPLIXARl- AlTt TWO REIIGX. OXZ IS EXM0TXD, ASD TEET1 : SCCCESKORS ARE XOXDCATEOw . A special me tins; of the Board of Trustee of the College the City of Kew Terk, eoaalsting of the memhem f the Board of Education, with the addition of Prof. Alexsnder & Webb. President of tho college, waa ieU yesterday afternoon fat the hall of the Board of Edaaatioa if oa, the purpose of re-eorriac tho repo t of tbe Executive Committee ta relation to -carta a Professorships fat the college. Chairman Willi un Wood presided, aad all tbe members of the ward were present, except Mr. Ter-tuilyc who was i berat oa account of Ulncss. Clerk Kieman underto k to read themlnatesof the various meetings held by the Executive Committee, but when he reached that oint which contained the report of the sub-commltt a appointed to Investigate matters connected with 1 lie Professorship, trustee Jelliffs. a member of the Executive Committee, objected, and asking debate nsuod, during which the f oDowing facta ware deval ped: At a meeting of tbe Exaco-tivs Committee f the hoard, held ia March, President Wood offer d a rssolutinn requesting the President of the r liege to report to tha committee the names af th ve Professors with whom he waa not satisfied, t gethcr with the names ot those with whom he wat satisfied, and also whether, in his opinion, ny of the Professorships could be consolidated. 2 ubsequsntly. President Webb reported to the n mmittoe, in writing, stating that ha was dissatisfied with Profs. Spencer, Huntxmsn, Doeberty. aad 3 orales. Professors of Greek. Philosophy, Mathe oaties, and Spanish respectively, and a special co nmittee, eonsistinx ot Messrs. Watson, Wheeler, i nd Kelly, was appointed, to whom wsa referred the resolution of Mr. Wood and the report of Presl cut Webb, with instructions to Investigate the su ijee. The investigation has been going on from tii oe to time ever since, presumably ia secret, althou rh the mam faeU have bean wall known to the ge lera) public At a meeting of the Executive Committee, held Dee. 10. the re ort of the sub-committee was presented, reconmu Qding certain changes of Professors, aad that report ras adopted by tha unanimous vote ot the Executivi Committee consisting of 10 members. The resu t ot that report was that Profs. Huntsman and tfpuneer agreed to resign, and a resolution sras adopted by the Executive Committee dis-pendng with th. further services of Prof. Docherty. and reducing Pi of. Morales' salary from S3.000 to $2,000 nor ann im. It was tha report of this subcommittee ' ths ; was attempted to be suppressed yesterlsy. but it was finally read as amended In Executive Committee The result of the whole tfai lg was that the resignation of Prof. Upeneer was sec ipted, to take affect as soon aa hia successor shall q oaltfy. Prof. Spencer was appointed Professor emerii us at a salary of $2.0UO per year for one year fi om Sept. 1, 1879, and ao longer, with Instruction I to assume such duties mesnwhils as may be satur ted him by the Board of Trustees aad President i f the college. The resignation of Prof. Huntsman was also accepted, aad be was msde Professor emen us for one year from Sept. 1, 187tt. at a salary of 1 11.0U0. A resolution was adopted notifying Prof. : ocherty that his services would be dispensed with i iter fcpt. 1, 1879, and appointing him Professor -meritns until Sept. 1, lbSl, at a salary of $2.50 i per annum, he in the meantime to take charge of t ie Junior Class in Mathematics. The attempt to reduce Prof. Morales' salary to $2,000 was def sted. The resignation of James E. Morrison, tutor of history aad belles-lettres, was also accepted, a: id Lewis 8. Burchard and Henry P. Johnston were appointed tutors in the college, the former at assJtryof $1,000 per annum and the latter at a salai y of $2,000 per annum. The only charge made a rainst the accused Professors was that they were efieient In discipline, and unable to govern their ell sses or preserve order among them. It was dlmtlnetl; ' stated that there was nothing to be said against the r character or ability as teachers. Appended to t he report of the Executive Commit tee was a resoh tion recommending tbe appointment of the foilowini gentlemen as Professors, to fill the vacancies csum ii by ths action of tbe board : Professor ot Pur Mstbematles. in place of Prof. Iktcherty, Prof Jsmes Weir Msson, of Philadelphia ; Professoi of Greek Language and Literature. Prof. Austin 8t :kney, late of Hartford. Conn.; Professor of Mors and Intellectual Philosophy, Prof. Edward H. Grit In, of Massachusetts. Prof. Mason s a graduate of the College of the City of New Yo k, and belonged to the Class of '55. He was at one i !ma Principal of the High School of ths City of Yon Iters, and afterward Pnnelnal of the Albany Academy. Later he was appointed Actuary of the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance -Company, and later still be held tbe same I office in the Pennsylvsnsa Mutual Iniursitce'Company. Ha ia said to be a mathematician pf the highest order, and a fine scholar generally, j-rog. Btlckney graduated at Harvard, in 1832. He was! at one time tutor, and afterward r-roiessor OI latm. at Trinity College. Hartford. For several yedrs past he hss bcenjtudring languages in Euippe. Prof. Griffin graduated from wuiiams uoiiage, vt Ullamstown. Mass.. in 1862 and has held th positions ot tutor, ana Professor of Latin, in tbat i ititution. The confirms Ion of the above appointments will be considered a th. meeting of tbe hoard to be held tfan. zi. DISASTERS 0.V TEE 0CEAK. Pokt of StJ Oeobok. Bermuda, Dec 25. The steam-anil Lartington.' of Sunderland. Cant. Dixon, from Savannah, bound to Reval, with aeargo of 4,000 bales! of cotton, went t shore on the reefs to the north-wast of these Islands on the morning of Saturday, Dec 14. The Lartington was bound to Bermuda, her rommander deeming it wise to call st Bermuda to repair damages' sustained during a heavy gale on Dec. It. On Dec. 14 the Bermuda light was sighted beariag south south-east. Tbe speed of the engines wsjs reduced and tha ship's head laid off ahora to Watt for the daylight. On Saturday morning as the! ship wsa coming round, she came in contact with tbje rocks, and all efforts to relesse her proved fruitless. The ship filled with water, and the Captain fcirin she would sink ordered the boata to be lowered and left the ship, with his crew. It is supposed that About 1.0U0 bales of cotton will be saved dry. Thte cargo and materials are being landed at Mangrove Bay. Hajuitox. Bermuda, Dec 25. During the heavy south-east galei "Mi riius uunng tne uay and night of Dec 110 the stranded steamer Kate, from uaiveeion tori and sunk in dee' Havre, was eomnletely broken un P water alongside the reef. Atuni 160 bales ot damaged cotton were recovered from tbe wreck durtna- the week endtne W 04 Th. court spooinud to Investigate the circumstances in connection wita tba loss of the steam-ship Kate adjudged that the certificate of William Simpson. master, be suspended tor six months ; and John Balph. chief officer, and William Henry Harrison, chief engineer, were severely censured, and the eer-f.ficatee ot eon peteney returned to them. Pboviuiucs Dae. SO. Tbe bark Beatrice of Annapolis, No a Scotia, from New-York for (Queens-town, ertth grin, put into Newport at 8 A. M. today leaking badly, having been ashore on Little Gull Island, w here she lay 12 hoars. Her pumps are constantly roing to keep her free London, Dbc ha The Bpantah steam-ship Grarac Bat, C spt. t'garte, from Baltimore Dec 9, has arrived he re Bbe experienced heavy weather, and lost all t ie cattle shipped on her. Jettisoned 2,000 bass of rheat. and bad her deck-houses stove. Pahama. D c aO. The Atlas Steam-ship Company's steamer Andes, Cspt. hansom, arrived at Aspiawall on t lie night of Dec.18. 8he was aground three days at t ie mouth of tho Magdaiena River, bat floated withou assistance or injury, ooveral hundred package of cargo were thrown overboard to lighten her bei -ire she could be got off. Sax Faaxc sco, Dec SO. The United States Commisatoneri to-day completed tbe inquiry Into the dreumstai ces attending the loss of tbe steamer Georgia by ta ting the testimony of H. Z. Howard. Captain of tha wrecked steamer. It was to the general affect thai ba had taken hia hearing properly, but bad been scelved by tho action of currents with which he was ; lot fully sequainted. He repelled the charges of inal tentioa to duty and drunkenness. QVAXSkLlSO ASXfCT A CBVXCB. ClKCrKXAT- Dec 30. A disturbance occurred yeaterday in Lhe Lotheran Charch at Somerset, Ohio. Withini the past few years about two-thirds of the eongrdeatlon ration became dissatisfied with the tithdrew. The two parties have been th. - - - inn iL. .1. L. k;l. tireaeher and wrangling for for some timej and yssterday tbe eeeeding members decided to ts . -j vwnu. a uvwm hi poseeenioa called the Cy Marshal to their assist sncc aad ejected tae 1 intruders. l In the afternoon they again entered tbe 1 chtarch. Each paxrjraoir threatens to resort to law. A CBMISTMAM OAT MOMICZDX. T7asbdiotoic, Dec 30. Samuel Emery, who ahot an U1M Jaaea Coombs la th "Marble Balooe" Chrjttmaa aftcraooe waa released from iaii to-dny on) giving ball ta tho sum of $5,000. The Distrtst Attorney stated that oa the evidence ho had reeerveg from the Coroner ho could aot aay that the case Was one -of murder. SXrXLTXD bt ibx woxxnre MIS. Sax resjt fcraco. Dec 30r At the Band Lota y set si day a Jseolutlou waa passed cupelling C C 4gibeT of the Ooustitatioaal Coavan- O 'DonaeuL a tioa from the I working Men's Party, oa aaeoant of ihree affecting hie eharaetor developed reseat dlselosi in his libel aaTsunss vae mwiin . -1 , sotroxixe A XXTJVDGE. BocBtarxR. X. Dec 30. The memher of the Bar of arlw'Cw) QwSUaV Hoaee . : ... i-r (Roths tec gae bsntonot tojadce- tf. Daaferth tsnicht at tha Oshoraa .'A T. tlXTXX IS A JJLXMMA' ' Krw-ORU AVaV Dec 30. Oa application of Bear' W. Be njamlc J adge BUllngs graatsd an ia- Junetiow ret raining the pavmeut of was inata for r$U.00O nswe-s l to teeeoia W. Duxrea for pruu- tag and bindiac ietHalative iatamsuts of the ai 1h7& tk. .nUi .w. l. which tha printing was done had been repealed. -: AJUCSEXEXTS. WALLACE'S THEATRE. , The production of a new play aad the reappearance of Mr. Lester Wallack were the two potent attractions which drew a laree audience to this theatre last evening. The aew play la qusstloa has for aame At Last," a title which possesses the vte. tae of being applicable to almost aay literary work t its author la Mr. Paul Merrltt, aa Paglisbmae and B ptayrlght of some note If Mr. Wallack has chosen "At Last- and placed H upoa tho stage with tbe hope that it may prove a strong success, be has evidently msde a mistake for Mr. Msr-ritt'a play, beyond the interest which It excites as a pretty story told with some skill aad interblended with a few ingenious dramatic surprises, la by no means notable for -vigorous purpose or striking treatment. Mr. Merritt is, it may be observed urlth regret, a disciple of the advanced sentimental school whose professed object is to touch tha emotions to a gentle manner, without regard to tba development of character or to tha Illustration of high and human motives. Tha mod-era French school has been charged, aad Justly, with changing all dramatic scenes, even those belonging to comedy, into purely emotional ones; but, on tha other hand, tha beat Frencn dramatists are In a true sense artists, and all the essentials of a play plot, characters, motive aad situations are faithfully studied and, in.s large measure realised by them. They understand tha passions, moreover, and the relations of those to contemporary life and customs, and this Important knowledge is carefully utilised. Above everything, despite their emotion U tendencies, tbe interest of their work is rarely of a purely sentimental order. Their imitators In England, however, carry the dramatic fashions of the time to an extreme and become mere sentimentalists ; Just as the imitators of Byron emphasixed tha faults of their idol, without repeating his inspiration. Mr. Merrltt's play aims to depict au unfortunate love affair, ia which a husband and his wife act the part of heroes. As usual. In pieces of this class, nearly all the characters are in love although , despite the prevalence of .this affsction, there la a striking absence of sincerity ; one young girl, who is certainly bright enough to know better, dotes on a fool; and one old fellow, who Is at first supposed to entertain a Platonic feeling for a creature lost to bim. finally engages himself to a wldowsd coquette. While regarding this intermingling of conventional characters and tender histories of the heart, we feel assured that tha author waa prompted to invent them, not because they were of aay vital importance to a truthful dramatic conception, but wholly because they were tbe most obvious things at hand. It ia ussless to search for ideas when one can find so many lying loose around him. This is the maxim of common-place, whose apostles are Ilka the leaves of tha trees in midsummer time As a rule uowadaye It is not the custom of the critic to analyze the nature of a play, to contrast its personages, to weigh its motive to discover wherein it is true or untrue to a worthy standard. If we should do this in the present instance and in a measure this method of criticism is suggssteo abov Mr. Msrritt's aew play would seem hut a poor scrap-work. On the other hand, is it interesting from a general stand-point I At already stated, it is based upon a pretty story, and it may pleass the public for a brief space : but it has not strength snough to insure for Itself genuine popularity. Tba first act It weak, and falls to prepossess the audience, while the real gist of the plsy does not really become apparent until tbe dose of the second. As there are only three acta, it will be seen that ths interest excited does not cover wide ground. The closing scenes are pathetic, although then- effect-is spoiled by a conventional anti-climax. The acting, on the whole was not noteworthy. Mr. Wallack was aniisbla and ha morons, but be had little to do of any consequence. Mr. Coghlan and Miss Coghlan, as husband and wife, were unsatisfactory in the first interview, although both did excellently in the second one Miss Effis Germon played with spirit, and tha others were respectable although Mr. Floyd made SmitA altogether too great a blockhead. GENERAL MENTION. V Edward Falconer's popular Irish play. "Peep o' Day. was produced butt evening at Niblo's. witn a cast Including all the members of the company at-t ached to that tbsatre. This play always succeeds in interesting a miscellaneous assemblage. The production of " The Barbarian " (better known as Ingomsr ") at the Olympic Theatre last night served to Introduce Mr. Fleming, a capable actor, in the part of the savsge hero. Miss Florence Ellis was tbe ParOunia, a rule which Mlas Mary Anderson may be said to have msde her owe The change .effected last night in the programme at Booth's Theatre wss an entirely acceptable one. Instead of the whole burlesque of " Evangeline." tbe two best acts from this burlesque were given, in addition so one act from "Ths Babes in the Wood." All the sougs aud dances of both pieces were Included in the entertainment. Last evening Mrc A dele Broas gave her promised readings at Steinway Hall, and the occasion was thoroughly enjoyable. The programme included selections from Longfellow, Tennyson. George Mac-don aid, Shakespeare and othere in addition to that amusing sketch, " A Night of Troubles," by Josiah Allen's Wife Mr. Frank Gilder, the pianist, was also on tha programme with several musical selection. JXWXLST AXD VALUABLE PAPEkS ItlOLEX. Roswout, X. Y., Dec 30. The dwelling-house of Mrs. Dsryer, at Bhinebeck, wss entered last night while the f smllv wss at ehurch. and Jewelry valued at from $3,000 to $4,000 and valuable papers were stolen. 2XPOSITOB3 QETT1X9 PAST OP TBXIS OITX. PoBTsMOCTH, N. H., Dec 30. A dividend of 20 per cent, is being paid to depositors of the Rockingham Ten-Cent Savings Bank. This is the second dividend, the first being one of 25 per cent. ABSEXT WBEX CALLED FOX TXIAL. Philadelphia, Dec 30. The case of Robert Fox. of the American Theatre charged with maintaining a disorderly house, Ac, was called for trial this morning, but as tbe defendant failed to appear, his bsil was I ort cited and an attachment was issued for his arrest. COXTXSTLXO A ClSCIXHATl OFFICX. CixcniXATi, jDec 30. In the contested elee-tiontaaenf S. H. Drew, Republican candidate for Prosecuting Attorn ey for Hamilton County, against Lewis W. Irwin, Democrat, Jadga Moore in the Court of Common Pica, to day. decided in favor of Mr. Drew. The case will be carried to a higher court. DXATB FROM FALLLX6 DOWS BTAIXS. Pbovioxxcr, R. L, Dec 30. Mrs. Lydia Kelsoe of Woreeator. who was partially blind aad an la valid, fell down stairs at the residence of her sister, at Valley Fall, this tuerntng. and sooa afterward died of eoneuasion ot the brain. A QVAXXXL'X FATAL EXD1XO. Baxoor. Me. Dec 30. Frank MeAJvery, the young man who waa shot oa Saturday at Vesxle died yesterday. Robert Teator, the murderer, who had been held ia $5,IK0. ia aow ia JaiL a roy exxxxra disappxaxasce. Protisxxck, R- L, Dec 30. John H. Davit, the Town Clerk of Seekonk. disappeared suddenly last week. He Is said to' be in default to the town 0BITVAXT X0IES. A cable dispatch announce tho Of Henry Yiucest, tho distinguished lecturer. A dispatch from London aay that Mre Harriet Grotc the aot horses, widow of George Groto, the historian ot Greece, is dead. She waa well kaowa as tho suthoress of XAs JAM Ary eAer. Capt. Johnston, aa old commander in the service of the Pacific) "Coast Btoaavahip Company, who waajto have soma East at aa early day to take the aow eteasMr Btase of California to California, died Saturday at aaa Praaeiase Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Baa slay. Rector of AH Saints' Ckwm,Toneedale, PhOadeAphic who died at hia home oa Baturday, waa one of the eldest elerrT- ne est Saturday, t the Episcopal i. J m lSOei. unraa. xte waa aora at eusa- UsiveTsiry ef PvutylrmaWs, ef which am father eras Provost, ia 1828. ktle another area tha daughter of Hoe Matthias WUliamsoa a sending laywer at New-Jersey, aad his only brother la the present Chief-Juatiee ef that State Hooa 'after eompietinc the course ef theological studies lathis City. Dr. Beasley astaaisil taueaan-e f All Saints' Parish. Torree-dale aad eotitineed hia active dattoe aa Rector of that church en til hia Aaath a sM at as t Dr. Basilar sras wiAelr kaowa sa aaaatoox. IS EPIDEMIC IMPENDING? AT. A KM AT TEE FRETALESCE OF SCARLET FEVER TTt ITEADT PROGRESS BDTCX JtOVEhtBEB LAST XO DECIXITK ACTIO YET TAKXX BT TBE HEALTH BOARD Krr&OaPXC-TITE PACTS AXD FIGURES, -t ? . While there Is no present occasion for alarm, according to the Judtrsvoat of the most distinguished physicians ia the City, tha Increasing death fate from ecarJot fever It the sourse of eonsiderablo anxiety both to the walVlnformod public aad' to the nwdieal profession. Of some curiosity, aad scientific interest too, uT the more inquiring membera of the latter, inasmuch aa' tbe fourth quarter or the year usually shout a marked dlmiaw tioa of deaths from iHssases of the ferssent group, and aa the nearly' epidemic pievaleuea of one of tbe group la tha month ef December Is strikingly significant. Statirsphieally arranged, representing the whole mortality of this City for any given year by 100, the deaths from symotic diseases may be represented by 33. But this average relation of zymosis (ferment) to other causes of death ts by ao means steadily maintained, but, oa the contrary, subject to many fluctuation. For the first quarter, tor example tha ratio is 2 to 100. for the second 23 to 100, for the third, embracing July. August, and September, 48 to 100; for the fourth, embracing October, Kovember. aad December. 29a to 100. These ratios are subject to some exception, but they represent tho average prevalence of the xymotle group of death-eaueea during an aversge year. The rule appears to be that firment diseases are at their climax of preponderance in July. August and September, and gradually shade off during the months of October, November, and December into comparative infreqaeney in January and February. Such was the ease during the year Just ending until the last week in Kovember. (ending Nov. 30,1 when 100 eases were reported. The week following showed 120 eases: the week ending Dec 14, ltJ8 case; the week ending Dee. Ul. 175 rants, the week ending Dec 24 exhibiting still an increase over its predecessor. The Increase of fatal eases has kept steady pace with the general Increase having 31 for the first, 28 for the second, 30 for the third, 43 for the fourth. 53 for tbe fifth week. It should not be concluded, however, from these data that there Is anything startling or unexampled In this rie of the percentage of mortality from scarlet fever in the month of IXcember. In 1872 a similar phenomenon waa presented, and the percentage of fatality rose steadily during the last three weeks of the year from 8 out of every 55 to 24 out of every 55. tbe highest mltUummer ratio having been 38 in 55. it then descended steadily, having remained stationary for New-Year week, until at the end of the second week in January it was only 12 in 55. It became epidemic, however in July. 187a So far, during ths present prevalence of tbe dls-esss, the percentage of fatality has not been aa high as it wss in the Autumn of lr72 ; and this of itself considering that ths disease usually subsides during the first and second weeks in Jsnuary, ia a highly encouraging fact. "Perhaps, "said a distinguished medical msn last night, "some instructive lessons mar be drawn from the parallel between tbe few last weeks in 1672 and those of 187S. Tbe last two weeks of the former showed an extraordinary amount of rainfall, with an abrupt descent ot temperature from 32 to 16 Fahrenheit, and similar extremes of humidity. The amount of surface moisture during the third week in December was nearly as extreme as it has been at different times since the tremendous storms in the latter part of November. The parallel is sag. gestlve as showing that surface moisture is probably one of the important factors la determining epidemics of scarlet fever and diphtheria." Another very important point presents Itself, and that Is the intercurrent and relative prevalence of diphtheric cronp, and scarlatina, and the constancy of their assorts tina since the latter, from its first spordtie ease in Hudson-street, in February, ln.VA followed by 2 fatal cases in 1857. 6 in 158, and 53 in 1859, essoined ltt epidemic form in February. Id60. binee the first diphtheria epidemic the eomtiii-eation of scarlatina and croup with the exudation membrane ha been of such constant occurrence as to greatlr increase the fatality of the former and to embarrass medical practitioners in their reports of causes of destb. The instances are a large percentage of tha whole in which scarlet fever ha to be described as complicated with diphtheritic exudation or asthenia, and In which it is not possible to ascribe the fatal result to scarlatina alone. For the last 18 years the fact is noticeable that every increase in the fatality of scarlat as bas been msrked bv a corresponding Increase of fatality from diphtheric The possible exceptions to this rule are constituted by sueh scarlatina epidemics as those of I860 and 1870. Croup may be dismissed from the comparison as possibly a near relative of the latter. To point to particular Instances of the correspondence in fluctuation when, during the fire years from 160 to 1864 Inclusive diphtheria raged with epidemic violence scarlatina proved eorresnondlnrlv prevalent and fatal. When, in December. 1872. scarlatina roe into the epidemic form, diphtnevia waa at Its highest : when. In 1873. dipbtneria destroyed 1.151 lives in a tingle year, scsrlatlne with corresponding virulence destroyed 1.045. A tabular comparison ot the fluctuation of tbe two diseases for the fourteen vears from lB0 to Is 73. Inclusive furnishes st a glance such an Illustration of the constancy of this fact at to be worth compiling: Scarlatina. lAphUrria. TottL 1S(50 1.91-9 422 lfMil 1.278 453 1H(52 f2 out 19ii3 3 tHS 18114 99 7bl 1SH5 5.17 634 lrtoti twKS 435 18H7 650 231 lett 861 276 1KH9 P 3i 1870 975 3o8 1K71 791 23H 1872 990 449 1873 1.045 1.151 2.351 1.731 1.522 1.611 l.ttbo 1.WH1 l.'.'l Wtl 1.137 l.L4 1.2M 1.0J9 1.438 2.1t A very cursory study of this table, which mw ly commences with the scarlatina epidemic of lbtiO and doses with tbst of 1873. shows a nearly constant ratio, year by year, between tbe tiro scourgea and suggest a possible relstion in cause, which some medical inquirer with abundant leisure may find it worth tbe trouble to develop. Agsin. as might be shown by a similar table, while there wss no spparent relation between scarlatina and croup, and they were neither intercurrent nor consecutive until diphtheria appeared, they have become more directly associated since then in mortuary statistics. Another fact is worth csreful attention. In the earlier visitations of diptheris, tlie Eleventh. Fourth. (Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Wards were the principal centres of its activity. In common witb that of scarlatina. Ia the epidemic of 1873. on the contrary, its leading centres of mortality and prevalence were In the Nineteenth and Twentieth Wards, which alo became scarlatina centres, snd yet the meet fatal uuarters of the yesr for diphtheris here almost Invariably been the first and fourth, while those of scarlatina are the Third and Fourth. It may be noticed, also, at this juncture that able physicians bare of late shown a marked disposition to reject both the sewer-gas and germ theory of the onsrin of these diseases, aad to Insist that, while microscopic organisms are associated with their development and progress, they are not the cause of the Inf eerion. iL Colin, before the Paris Academy of Medsrine and M. Bert.-before the Institute of France, have eonslusively discredited many of the popular doctrines ot Pasteur snd TyndaU. Von hJetseuskl. an able Vienna physician, after study ot the epidemic of 1873 ia that city, classified its causes under two heads, mlssmas and eontagie defining the first as poisonous gase abundant In hydrogen, such as sulphuretted hydrogea aud sulpha-hydrate of ammonia, and th last an germ cells, but adding that the latter only flourish ia aa atmosphere of the former. IL Davanil, Paris Acad emv of Medicine on the contrary, agreec with MM. Colin and Bert, aad hss produced aa extract of putnd blood no calls avptVjtssi. which kills by injection Into tbe eireulatloa of a healthy anim-i and becomes more and more virulent with oacn tiaasmts-aion. until the trUlionth part of a drop of blood from aa infected animal proves fatal to a healthy oae ia less than 40 hours. It Is observance, gays Sanitary Superintendent Janeway. that while the present outbreak shows a 'tendency toward malignancy In tenement house, it proves very fatal ia tho vert best kiealltlee Happily the.' public school ara aot aow lit session, sad preeaatioaa era at tho moment unnecessary ; but should the disease eoa-tiaue to increase, other preeaations tbaa tbat of sending a list of the naoiec resides ee. aud aces of sick pupils to tbe Board of Education daily, with a view to sending them home bet ore tnfecifco eaa take place will be adopted when the holiday vacation i ever. The disease wsa reported spreading Sssterday by tbe feanitary Staff ef tho Board of ealth. but a week of elear, dry weather may put a different fuse on the master. AXXIYALI AT TBI HOTELS. Maurice Strut osch 1 at the Everett House Prof. "W. O. Sumner, of Tale College, ia at the Hoffmen Hoaee Senator John P. Jones, of Kevada, ia at tha St. James Hotel. Benson J. Loating-, of Chestnut Ridge, X. ia a the Westminster Hotel. Omgrwssnnan Amasa Tim 1 1 nas. of Tifssaai lm aettc is at the Windsor Hotel. ConiiosauiPB William A. Phillips, of arwtst. aad Joha K. LuttrsU. ef California, are at the St, Ktcfacsas Hotel.-. President Hayes and wife Secretary Evarte Gee Sherman. Attorney-General Deveac beaatoc William Sharon, ef X evade aad Senator Francs ecraae ef Utiee are at the Fiflh-Aveaae Hotel. XTSJXe POTTDEM TOM XJirDLLVS-WOOLX Loriam.i.r, Kv., Doc 30l A dispatch to the CsteHsvJssgTtaj from Harredaburg, Xy, says : At the Tillage of CurdsvClc ta Jseroar Cesser; Mrs. Dtekereon attempted, uat Saturday night, to sld tbe kindlieg of a are bv throwing thsreou a hanful of butsttag-powuer. The Bash usehsa tae kec aad a tri aim do as axp to 'ma followed, enveloping her la a ox name, aaa waa so BarUT riTeon list! ina died thJb Bsoralag. Three ef her ehlUvee who ta the visits at the tiase the expioei i took Biare weee skso Bedty burned, aad two of them are ae aa-psttod to live A TBXATXM -DIFFJCTLTT MXTTLXLX Botrrox, JUee, Dec SO. John Btotooa, the f ore ma swear, has secured a tone of the Globe. Theatre fa six moaths frees Jae X. ' A CARD FROM WEBER. In aa advertiaement of the axornlng papers M sears. Bteiaway A Boas weald have tae publm bo Move that they furnished to the prosalaewt artists ef Her Majesty s Opera Company their piaao daring their star ia Xew-Tork for their ewa as. This 1 state ia false. Mmc Etelka Oerrter resided, curing her stay, at the ' Clarendon, sad ased br Crrsad Kc 1 1.24 8. Kmc Siaieo, who resided at the Behriderc ased Weber Piaao Ke 12.897. MBc Lide also at tha Belvldere Weber Pisate Ka. 12.993. Signer Arditi. also at the Belvidere Weber Piano Ke 12,982. Slguor Gslaaal, ditto. Walter Piaao Xe 10.806. M. Rlalp, ditto, Weber Piaao Ne & 928. Signer Campoballe aame as lime Sinieo, being her husband. Signer Del Paeate who resided at It, PeBagriai'e Ke 111 East Tweltthvetreet, ased Weber Piaao Ke 1X901. Signer Bissau 1. also at Xc 111 Bast Twelfth-street. Weber Piano Ke 12.718. Js. Thierry, also at No. Ill East Twelfth -street. J Weber Piaao Ke 6.106. Signer Campania, who resided at Ke 138 East Seventeen thetreet, with M. Uacoxxi, Weber Piaao Ke 11,940. Signer FrapoUl. Mmc Piaani, who resided atXc 147 East Sixteenth-street, Weber Piaao Ke 12.- 946. Mmc Parodi. who resided at Xe 38t University-plaee Weber Piaao Ke 12, 193. Mmc Bobiati. who resided at Ke 106 East Fifteenth -street, Weber Piano No. 12,014. Blgnor Franseschl, who resided at the Westminster Hotel. Weber Piano Ke 12.055. These are facta which I am ready to prove 1. By ths srtist themselves. 2. By the proprietors of tbe Clarendon, Mr. Bennor. Mr. Wehnlc of the Belvldere ; Mr. PeJlegrini. of Ke 111 East Twelfth -street; M. llaeoxxi, af Ke 138 East Seventeenth-street f Miss Gold-borough, of Ke 88 rnivorsity-place ail who haveglgnedto the tact that the Weber Piano waa used. 3. By my books, which are opea for intpeetlon. I now challenge Messrs. Steinway to prove that any of these artist used tha Steinway Piaao at their rooms. In justice to Messrs. Steinway I win say I believe they furnished a few pianos for ths Academy of Music for the chorus and for practicing the boys who sing in "Carmen." It is with reluctance and pity for s once great house that I feel myself compelled to make this atato-mant. Comment would seem superfluouc A, WEBER. Advanced Phyalciaac Many of the more advanced phjsieiane having found De Pisaci's Family Mxuicixks prompt and sure praseriba them regularly In their practice. Twiwviias, Tenn, May 28, 1877. Dr. X. T. Pisrct, Buala, S. T.: Dr. A Sia : For a long time I suffered with catarrh. I finally called in Dr. Zachary, of this place He furnished me with your nasal doucha. Back's Ca-TAKKB Bemcdt. and tost fioi nr Memo., r,. oovxbt. These remedies speedily effected aa entire cure, lours truly, AdtirtiimtnL J0HS 8. CHAM LESS. " For Breaking as Cold. I w JAYNES sl&ECTORAXT. AuVsvtisrascnf. THE SEMI-WEEKLY TIMES. THE NEW TOHK BEhU WttKLT TIMES, published THlb MORN IN O, contains -. The Blaine laveexlaatloa ; Federal Officials Booth ; Bow South Carolina Democrats Learned to Cheat the Wisconsin Bepunlicaas i National Capital Tonics; All the General News: Letters from Our Correspondents st Home and Abroad: Editorial Articles oa Current Events; Kertowa of Kew Books; Current Literature; Agricultural Mstter: Ashss and Other Potash Msaures; Treatment of the Farm BW ; A us were to Correspondents : Financial and Commercial H ports, aad other tntereerinc sailing r Cooiee for sale at THE Times orrin. .i.,m JTIXES CF-TOWN OITICI, NO. 1.35 U BROAD WAT. rniLt, 0 CT3. Itawldlaa-'a Glue. MENDS BROKEN TOTS. SPALDING'S OLCE urvne ssnrvv itvwi. ONLY 25 CENTS PS.R BOTTLE, WITH sUtCaML The bold little boys. Who smash un their toys. bhouid sare all the pieces with ears. For with bHALUlNU'ti RICH OLCii. They'll be made good as new. aaouier year s aacaiag to hear If the mirrors are smashed. Or the dishes all crashed. bare the pieces, ao matter sow small; For tne glue at head. That will make them withstand Nttro-glyeerlna. rockread. or ball. Sere tar firm, we 1st, And vou'U ftnd It will pay Tried old frssuds are much better tbaa aew. To save, these hard tunea. We'll aid Christmas Be cultivate eALLlN !'B GOOD OLCE. bf'ALDINybTM'E t sold by Druggists, stationers, snd fancy goods dealers. A.-noliday Hals st popuiar prices) line 214 broaowsy. "eel .Cape and fttevee sulk Hat. 5. BCBaVk, he. A Cough, a Cold, or Hestreeaees laesaatly re. Ueved by tne aaa ef Brown's Bronchial Trusses. X seats. . Biuedine" Ie tho Boat Rlae for the? laeedrv. MOST ECONOMICAL, end BlMPLS IN Ul i!V. bCPKRioK aky-ssee eesuc A siagie trial will peeve Its value. Aaav VoLJl tiitOCEK suit IT. ' Alderaey Brand." condensed mhjl BUT ALWAYS MAHRIED. CCRTlSs MILLS. At Rye. X. T oa Tuesday. Dee. 24 by th Ke. Chaaaeev B. Brewster. B- la. T. i units of hew Tore to Aula aL, -Jfartuvr of the lass Aboss hi Ills, of Bye No cards. StOKRlsoK BLACK. Oa the t4th mat. at the rest- donee ot the bride'e paresis, bv the Bev. J. at. Elng, m s.. suasswT tt. saoasjsosi to . AJTS L. dauchler of Tbaa. W. BiacC DTKD. BANrKOTT. Oa SUth last.. BsajLsj ta the ItHth year of his age. JTTS Baacaoer, eeaerei eerrsse st the ielaenis of has Beatkev. H. t. Beasvuft. u. nl Cliatoa-s., Brooklyn. Tuseday. Slat hast., at 4 o'eiorC Bsmetue soil se tasea to In sre eeru fur tnlsnueut, BkUSLtk. At TemitUie Philadelphia, oa Saturdar. Dec 'in, Bev. Fagusaita A'. Bsasit. ta. 1 ta the 7 1st OS nisi 1 Be funeral ess ill se will take pW. ie M a -r day. rrnca an Beauts' cam ee SMJVtX traaday. Dee. 79. lira. B. Boeae widow of Jaoasse Bovee. ta theavta earefhresm ruanral from tae residea of her eon. a N. Bovee. at Cedar mv. h. J tha In nil j. at 12 scsoes. Isisv meat st (arsts-Wsno, txaLVtkL Oa Mawday. Dee. B0. lTTe of diektfcert. Eorra. (Lit tie Txiuki seoagsast child isl aad staat Outrer, aged g yea-s 11 aseutua aad XI aay. runeral privace frusa the resinaesofheraaf sals, e Sue Bee 7ta-t, Wedaeaday. Jan. 1. lt7M. si lit A. SL COaVN'IU. At BparshlU, N. .. Dae, XB. Wtwuaa e Coaattjro. .. ta tae 77ta veer of has saw. Thefaaaval wul tabs rise at the Jaee-Btreet M. E. Choreh. oa rvtday. the Sd pvue. at lO Ml e at Hat rasauvee aad frssade ace htsWed to esssssd wttbeet fav taer ssttrsL - Hss eawsim wul to tat ea to for tntsi ssi in JOUXSOB. On Dee. S ef siiseieimsl. JosusseSL la the Cd year of has sam. Fnends are tnvtted to attend tae fmneral at the BroaiV way lsseriis.s. si rear s-tta-s. and ata-av, Tsasiles. Dee.ll. sSHrSweM. LEyKBatTC-Oa Sesaaay eventac N . arteva t Isima. iiiiflii i i ISdava. Besativee aad friends of the family, aad ef her saaa Joha A and th lata Marshall LeSerta. aad of Bar ses ia-w, Joha McKcsena.sis iarite te email the fssiisL Tsaaday. Dee. ' --'-T'r n tbi rsllsjiase rssis Birta-w. and ata-ak LoL-BbBBBBT. BsiHsaly. awadav eveaissx, Dec SB. st lb reslle ef her aacia. Ansae Wee drug. Buus jl fm aaarsrserer asms c aad bseah W. I use . ef Stamford. Ceaav. ia the (na yea of her see. tssal servieee thas -1 -.- e si w Charea ef toe Holy Cotemselec Bwta-st. sssd Ota-as. Beiatrree east trtss ittofaasdiysetavWe4 te el leas raiMra-wntsnsyaiiiin isa. BeaUawabCL BLNDKi A tivseaeUss, Oeseao Ceswtv. V. T U.SUJBS. Wastase wUeot C A. "swral on Tuesday, Dee. SL at 11 Celeaa A. M. Ur aaa riaai isue pepsse .HLsAlhusV ia Boa i s laj.ltes. U.CLarrewire at rrsaerw O. aensei raesial sarvtxwe Tan'sy, Pee. SI. at 1 P. SL. a the aCHEKMEEBOEB-At his bttstisHiais, la Peaua. ssaassrir es!tBMtasv. iaasta Hss reeaaras win Be tahea to lASehaesa. Costa. BBITsL On savtssMay msvulag. lasc Be BAarCSXj. aarrre at the U yesr ef hw ae. 'usasrss nrviusi rrssa has ssse siiHisi. Ks loa saTamtay.aiaeeU.tolyasBeBp.JsV . MfrTJL Oa Basse I tovrMeaaer sseraiag,$Hh V at brr asslisi, k Its l aiiewissi sc. Hfoira. Bstse e MUM, wife ef Thesaes T. esslLk. a4 oaefS-( Saves the wss David Cvaassiii, ef CecewaU. OcaagW . Cewastv. si. I. Ts-s Well ? taw SasalTv aw tareried to ewesst WsT-raasi! trees Berlsii eea I a is se rlfsa Aay (TbasrsOajrf -TriArtaw la keeearre oa a lev. Tth taat, ad Beset Sli ei, sJaoasa W. TaATsa, leissss ly es as the BMh yesees has saw. PuasswJ swatu at to uharefe of BV Bartoar. esjt-sc lanie stiasirss slesa oa Tsssalsr. 1 asst., seL 8 soesliaS p. M. Iiiimniil tnwidt saw tavtted s VcrDKBataisCMy. Dec t9. AiBC M. as. sfc. aswa oa nr. Fsaseees eer-rtee a the Phat B ifi smst Charch, aorrwry. ao W.rfinSsv. Jan. L loTa. ss 1 P. M. TBCsULTE. Oa ssstwraav oesasac SsVh asst. BBVBL. aooftBMSstoWsa.M.Tessailesrd4s The frsiass mi Use faenlly see Teas etfaTiy lavisrd Wwd the faasial fFea has asotavse-s raisse 1 .9 WctollesstswTtawAsy eft sraisa sale SPECLAJj NOTICES. THE MBASIDB UBaUABtT. Pet today ta Ctosr. Bold, Haarlinmt Typat TBS BABT. By tho anther of Paytea BelW ssrs.'' lUs MICBltL ialC GBaVbTB HAJtVEAT. AsevsefslsrBn. 1. O. Biiansii Beth ksoase asoai 10 scstsr BOOE8 IrED TOT WEEKi A BETTER OB COBPCUlBCE. By w SbUAJI tsisi n , -lf WHtJl THE IHIP COMKH HOBTE. ay Wataraa Basuurr aad it 10 0M HORSEBACK THROUGH ASIA MINOR. By Case rasa BcasABT. Bather of A Bsdo to Antra- go ON RORBEBACK THROUGH ASIA MTNOR ts aooa ot lassseaee popuiarltv. Ithaaairaady a soveaih edlttow la Bagiaad. Bnraosd hae been tKe a.i sry taat few. U tst, eetnas raa aow be foaaaf It seils ta bound form for 9Z. PW est bv aewwl seises a aboe eriee. er eeee sis i BescearseetsSef li nets fee lMsmt aemberx aad i sent forao esat numbers, by OtOsUaK MCNBA, Nee, I 17027 yaodewaiae-.. Nasr-Tors. - - j HOUPAT WOODS. LOW PKICXM. TIBS. V SCARPS. gCPnDIBv' rNDEKBHIKTw AND DRAvTCKS. , DEESS BH1KTS TO HEsSCRE. j. w. jonTox. - KD.9W CRiX.T- XKW.TOBK. Alao. SO. Ail (TH.AT COKXER 8TU.0T PLO RILJKE FOR THE TEETH AND BRXATBV What adds a fresranee to the la eel h As sweet ss woss-a Bias I What gives toe guns a healthy tint. The teeth e pearly has I What ada te Beauty airliu gut. Whatever It is sees I Whvl -OALLl-f- famous Detrttfrlce t The TBAtaBANT FLOltiLlNE I" For sale bv all druggists. UNE OLD AND MEDIUM UKADR rtilERRIES. CHAMFAGNES, CLARKTB. BACTERNE8. aad HOCXA At estfesseiy low prieea, ' THE CELEBRATED old no ctE wuitiMr, Bold esdustvety by MACV cV JESKI.NS. No 67 UbertT-st. POT OPF1CB NOTICC Tae-farMgn smalls for the week ending Batarday. Jasw 4. lTl. will rtoae ss tkss ofnoe oa Taesiisa at saa, for Bernpe bv steam-ship Wneuawa, vta Qswi aele s i on Weansedsy at BS0 A. M. IW Burpee by steaas-elaai beythic vasnsun i ewThumdav st AM.SS Europe by steamship Beswblic via teeeastrrsns.' eenwr spendeeiee for Uersaaav aad Fraitos to be tsvwotdsil bv this steamer snuet be epertalU ail drew uC) aad at 1 M. for Eereee by steam-eaip Wteiaad. via KlrmomaJ Cherbourg, aad ham barf ; oa aetardayat 11 t, IL far ssrope by steass-ehtp Cltv of Berths, vss Veeaamtowa (teviesuosideaee for Osemaay end BrntsaaA-to be Sow. sraeA by thla steamer mast be specially eiHriesd.aa4 stiaaa ser wamsiun ctreet er eras wa Olsseua and at 11:3UCM. for slsaia-shlp Oder, ess Boataaasptoa aad Bi ponoeaee Tor Urea Br.tala aad to C tniasiaesl bv thla ll use mass ss snirt.lli - - The Meass-hips Wlaceoaia. Bcytfala. hVswaelia. aaa Cltv of Beritn ae not take mails for laeemark. fa ten aA Norway. The snails tor Aspiawsil aad Beotb Pasts) port aaav Xew-Tork Dec SL Tbe snails foe Haiti aad, Jamaica lea Kew Tors Jan. A Tssaaua hrhsnsaj leave New-Tork Jan. IL Tbe mslls for tae West ladles. I Brazil, aaa Argentine Iran kew York Jan. A Tae mans-for Porto Rice Bad Vecssueia 4 wee-lease Kew-Vara Jae A The sasiis for Chiaa aad Jsaaa ksave Baa Pratv. Jan. 16. The mails tor Assuslis Uasw baa Pimsn Jsa.SU Tflfril 1 USTii r. si. . a ' Puev ums, Nsw-Yosul. Dee. M. la'C pESKSAXD OPP1CK PCRXITCRK. UBRAST TABLES. BOOK-CASES. C31ADU. ass, . MABUPACTCRED BT j T. G. fsELLEW, Jfa 111 PCLTOi4lT NEW TORE. AGENT for THE CELEBRATED WOOTON- DEBsVr. CUlNKbR ASD JAFAXIHg srtU'OT, a lae pront-t.. BCBXTNO-bLIt. Bear PL'LTOB PEBRT H. C. f'ARkK ts reretvtng CHOICE DECORATED PORCELAIN WARE, RICH LACWCEKkD T&AYa, BOXES, asr INLAIil BROSrtJa ik'U ENASI1A A sargi saaartaseot ef PlCTCRta. I MiaRUMKH OLD VIBf.IMA AMI - Old Crow Re. both haad-saade sear saaah O id-ess braada in erlsNiana. U M ut" t per gaUee ss. eorauig so age. A very Large aseaariwsstl ef taat toe risM, B 0" pee gaikss and aj-wrd : n Bbeny. S7 tassf ease, H. B. KiRK A IXL. ha. OB Puitoa-sL. and J 7u Breedway. hew Terk. pig MALE PC&rEcT PILE OP THE NEW. . X TORS DAILT TIMES from the Brst eepv, Sept. IS 1K81, to Sate; bssal four voluaae to the year; assa. printed aad beuad ladec from ls&3 to date tiilrssST P. LV. Bos No. lOi rimwOJAee. RstTfART ATTUK 1 E V AD. Coussseia- at Law. Notary Pants. Xa Xfew Btesi i-wav. cures BeeSr st New-York. X. B. hp eras i asteattoa paid to eettlmg eatstse wH MY St AMI MOCK CAXDY. Ttasiasatbiosi to taetrala. uasvs mnk say others. SIJlR BoTTLB. H. C EisUs SOU., kesv ey Pattaw e. aaWf Kt BraaAwa. ARTIfsTIC PMEWEXTW IS MEXIt Ai 0 -r-lBk-sssaMM. taper-weight. ess-eaaeu, ts tope Ae. C NLAas.R l U, btaaas Martaia Ws XXJ Baxtaae Works, seise atevsb. Bear aruaawa. sew NEW PUBLICATIONS. A BOOM, FOR THE HEAfsOB. JTaT PCBUSHED. SOCIAL ETlurSTTa OP BE W-TOBE. CONTENTS : TheTslae af Etiqeeete 1 atnxlactl ens Snlacttatiasee STra gese at Tesra Deswts la sWatry Tstxrag. asadT VlatelasKarde foe Lsdlse Card aad Vkisting fa Citallsmss Meraiag Reeepttosa aa OAvtagaad ttteailiag Parries. Balis, and DtaBMredrhsg aad Diaxag Oat Brest fees. aa4 Supper Opera aad Tkss H Pto-nsss. ad Masses Is roqaette ef Wdtg. chrto tea hags aad Birthdays Bai-nag Tear s Day la Bew-York rmsral i es slaevsdmg. lisstaa, stoth. gQt wbra. prise SI. Per sale by aS-bookselasra er.mataed postpaid to aay sslress la tha Cariad State ew isxeis mt tho arsea. D. APPLKTON A CO PshOlahere Naa. eeSaaA Sal j A.eADlJIU Hot ELS OV TUB DAY. m ship Aaehoria swrtlasat Cast a Isattia-taruaso Private The. DAlaY THORNTON y Hasmas. - Aathar a smmsaaae. WlIx.W 1 CBUsRX. -Bread. Ok w. cajujti a cat 1 eitlssa saswee New-Yevk. sj-TSaswasssaasser wslisspi ss- lasr. uss as sa ta lata. . A OIWT FOR TOUR PUIEXD, . tokeepyee ta msmerr the wa year. TRB ROBE jeCaSAU morris rSSZSiJThSiX Year- MOTHER TstlTH fog ami aassa A ssntoas Caiidrea s New-TaaVe Philas BM Eisliismiae by Mrs. E. P. Hnxara. nth Sow thosmy. PV ' 1 u- -. P. W. CAJUJTOl A CO.SJeee: B-aee. asr sn ssas "TV Beat sstsaaea ef A ansa. yssV UsrW ss BW Csss. . BTKlCCTTK OP BRW EsAR CALLft. STB HOME JOCmBAE. Teaaadsay. Esse SL Bar a POIJTIOAIa. A BtEOlTLAfg sfvpyiKo OPTHR B-IRlfrtr sssauiseatrtsits, . aViMcCORl HCIR M Ivor ANIa BE CHARLTON PaUEXDa. By . By May JeUe Agnes P Plsmlag; Bsstte Aathar A at War -ts WiaWw EacWaerft Geadesstth's Wha. IioissBSes " Saras aaea tsnneess. are hasag solA "flrt"-' . I i 1(3. UsiSei ss - ' -i i

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