Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan on December 15, 1960 · Page 12
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Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan · Page 12

Battle Creek, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1960
Page 12
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12 THE BATTLE CREEK ENQUIRER AND NEWS Thursday, December 15, 1960 ACROSS 1. A game ' 9. Behaves 13. Widespread disease 14. Ostrich 15. Flat cap: var. 16. Sleeping 18. Olive genus 19. Persian fairy 20. Red deer 21. Man's nickname 22. Ennui 24. Like 25. Northern . birds 26. Fear intensely 29. Pendent mass of ice 31. Promise 32. Resume 33. Performs ; 34. Poem by Kipling 35. Cooking utensils 37. Gr. letter 38. Organ of hearing 40. Skating inclosure 41. Score at bridge 42. Heavy covering cloth 44. Table dish 45. Sting 46. Heating device 48. Fret 49. Low loose shoes QBElYriAL A S TRlA G D I S Ml l S S A L JC O N SIT e ed 3t I iEIa E no TE3L IE A Nfej as pE3l.oo3bi ts SIR Ffl Y A M nPjEM I A C E RiB OF U RfgDju N p op" t E3G . e pESS- D I A Gr" A M nIoiN IE S E R ntjt L AB QR ATE L I Ep ia" u r a V ow es sjju" 5E d Ml" e n s Solution of Yesterday's Puzzle DOWN 1. Lighthearted 2. Exhibit a play of colors 3. Stuck in the mud 4. Mental image 5. Tennis appurtenance ' z 3 s s""7 s yp" 7 ? p 7? m n 3 iF W "MwM fj" jf' fm ; S IP 9 I I I WM II I I I I iZ-15 6. Mystic Hindu ejaculation 7. Ducks of a f certain kind 8. Tally 9. Limb 10. Enchanted 11. Tendon: comb, form 12. Feed to the full - 17. Conundrums 19. Prod 22. Defense 23. Metaliferous rocks 25. Maple genus 27. Trouble maker 28. Slanderers 30. Thankless person 31. Kind of . meat 33. Of the teeth 36. Rows 37. Puff up 38. Flows bacK 39. Dismounted 41. Strike with the palm 43. Original 44. Spot on a playing card 47. Double: , prefix , Disgruntled Police May Leave Muskegon MUSKEGON (UPD Muskegon may have to hire a score or more of new policemen. Patrolman Donald Brustad, president of local 201 Muskegon County and Municipal Employes, reported Muskegon policemen are "serious and bitter" about a recent City Commission policy to eliminate time and a half pay for holiday work. Brustad said he has sent a telegram to officials at Phoenix, Ariz., informing them that 20 to 30 Muskegon policemen are available for work there. Brustad said he understood Phoenix is seeking experienced policemen. The City Commission, hearing of the telegram, decided it would advertise for new police t I M r M M ABSOLUTELY i NEW SCANDINAVIAN DESIGN by cJimatJ. LIFETIME STAINLESS STEEL mhcare Just what you've been looking for and at a fabulously low price) A brand new, fashion-right pattern in a magnificent contemporary Swedish motif that's not only perfect for everyday use, but for speciaL occasions, as well) Won't tarnish, or rust, and never, never needs polishing. Stop in and see it today.'ll never find a better borgainl 50-PIECE SERVICE FOR 8 Only S495 Scf consists f 1 6 Ntttpoow. I Jsssol spoons. forks, t toted forts, t wrato d Iumvm, ' 1 bettor knife, 1 wwqtm spooa mm Beautiful 4-Piec Hottest $e in Extra Heavy Stainless INCLUDED IN THIS OFFER Ho Money Down Immttfote DeTrray Pay Only $1.00 a Week MWWmf l Perfectly Beautiful. j j Perfectly Practical! ifi f d' m 1 f' ft j lifetime States Stee! 1 m l4pc. CARVING SET I ' '" I ; I Lovely New Styling iL ' I 1 Sup,r im fln"B9 't !-- 1 1 1 Super Sharp Slidng Knift IV N I Two-Tined Serring fork J W - ' LOOKS... AND IS WORTH. ..MUCH MORE THAN THIS IOW... IOW PRICE I OPEN AN ACCOUNT CONVENIENT TERMS Battle Creek's Largest Volume Jewelen Brings You Larger Selection and Greater Savings in 1960 Open Friday and Saturday 'til 9 P.M. VSuriSJ3-i,n A SQUARE DEAL ALWAIS TOWU OOIMAM tlfO 4 1A1TO" 36 W. Mich. Ave. Fed Up with Reds, Teen-Agers Are Pouring into West Germany BERLIN (UPD A mysterious influx of teen-age refugees from Communist East Germany is pouring into Berlin without any surface explanation for the exodus. Maj. Gen. Ralph M. Osborne, United States commander in Berlin, said there has been a sudden increase in refugees within recent "months and attributed this to the attempted collectivization of German farms by the Communists. "This," the general pointed out on a graph, "explains why many of the 128,000 who crossed the border this year have been farmers. But it doesn't explain why hundreds between the ages of 17 and 24 are defecting to the West. These are the youths whom the Communists consider their strongest force and the foun dation upon which they plan to build their Red empire in Europe." The squat, Maryland-born general told United Press International the East German teen-agers . were being carefully screened to thwart any Communist plans to saturate West Berlin with Fifth Columnists sent here to instigate riots, cause trouble and undermine civil authority. "Most of the young German! refugees seem sincerely fed up with the Red way of life," the I commander said. "This is all the more astounding when it is considered that these boys and girls are the pride and joy of the Communist movement in East' Germany, and they have been given special, preferred treatment and indoctrination as long -as they can remember. "If the Reds are beginning to lose the youth of East Ger-m a n y," Osborne continued, "they are in serious trouble, perhaps more serious than we realize. And from the increasing numbers pouring out of East Germany daily, it is certainly obvious that they are losing the hold they hoped to have on Germany's youth." The 57-year-old commander said the Communists require military service by all East German youths before the youths can go on to higher education. "This has not only caused many of the young people to flee East Germany," Osborne explained, "but it has brought many of the professional people to West Berlin with their children just to insure that they will be able to educate the children in the traditional free schools and universities of the West." . The new influx of East Ger man teen-agers is of great in terest to both the Allied military and diplomatic staffs who carefully watch and weigh each new development across the border for possible indications of things to come. "We can only feel," Osborne said, "that the disillusioned youths of East Germany are representative of all the teenagers under Communist domi nation in Europe, except that those of East Berlin and the Eastern zone of Germany have the only opportunity to easily defect to the West. We are cer tain that if it were possible for the young people of the other Red satellites to cross easily to the West we would have hun dreds of thousands instead of thousands pouring across our borders." LOVE THAT SAND MONAHANS, Tex. (UPD Proof that nobody outgrows the fascination of a sandbox is Monahans Sandhills State Park, which attracts about 7,500 visitors monthly. Scientific Ghost Discovers No One Will Believe Him LONDON (UPD A scientist donned a white sheet and flitted among the tombstones of a graveyard in an experiment intended to answer the question: What does an ordinary man do when he sees a ghost? A. D. Cornell chose St. Peter's Church in Cambridge for his experiment because its cemetery is on a slight mound and is clearly visible from the main road, secondary road and footpaths which border it. Two research assistants hid nearby prepared to calm anyone who might become hysterical at the sight of the apparition. BUT, CORNELL reported today, they might just as well have ' left the smelling salts home. No one got hysterical. In fact hardly anyone paid any attention to him. ' He and his aides counted 90 automobiles, 40 cyclists and 12 pedestrians during the time he was cavorting only a few feet from the roads. Only four of the passerbys gave him more than a glance and only one of them, a young man, took the matter further. He leaned over the cemetery fence and demanded to knew what the deuce the alleged ghost thought it was doing. Cornell then got permission from the manager of a movie house to walk across the stage in front of the screen dressed as a ghost while a film was being shown. Later the audience of hundreds were polled on whether they had seen anything unusual. NEARLY HALF said they had seen nothing at all. The rest said they saw some vague sort of figure. No one took it for a ghost. In a final experiment, Cornell appeared in a phosphorescent sheet on the lawn of a house in which a party was under way. An aide among the guests cried, "What's that?" Everybody crowded to the windows and there were excited exclamations and giggles but only one guest really thought it was a ghost. ; Cornell concluded in the ' Journal of the Society for Physical Research that people who do not believe in ghosts -simply refuse to accept an ; apparition at its face value. . But another member of the society commented: "With Algeria, the Congo, Red China and the general world situation, the average man may have too much on his plate these days to worry about mere ghosts." ' $195 CHRISTMAS TREES . . . FROM . . . OPEN EVERY DAY 'TIL CHRISTMAS fS FARRIN'S "Fr OPEN UNTIL 9:00 P.M. TONIGHT! THE SAVING POST "A WESTERN TOWN FOR YOUNG SAVERS" SATURDAY MORNING ROUND-UP BROADCAST 10 TO 10:30, WBCK WITH SALLY MASSEY AND MARSHAL "DICK" PETTIBONE . . . 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