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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
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Tuesday, March 26, 1889
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1 VOL. XXXVIILyQ. 11,723. yEWYORKj J ? INKLNDEST CUT OF ALL if LOW WU1CH 8ADLJ HURTS THE I' LACK HUNTERS. 'orrrjuaiYi partis AifSHirn wot iloxr A CACKK FOR CHAXOE MR. B A L-TRAD MOT TET FORGOTTEN". w'tsHfojrow, Marsh 25. Poalmur UaDcrtl f tjiimtktr liu glvea oat a Mt of Information eoBcermng the poller of too Administration aa t rsmiiveis or Postmasters tbst dm fallen like est blanket upon the Republloan Representatives sod the local leaders In their districts. He tu announced tbat "offensive partisanship" will cot In Iteelf be considered aa sufficient mmod for dismissing a Postmaster. This aa-pouncemeat baa a particularly depressing effect upon the slsc hunter atid their back-era, from the feet tbat It follow Immediately spoo an act of tbe Administration which baa bern belied aa a precedent for exactly tbe apposite policy. As nooa a the new Administration bad tnken starts of ihe Government Representative Payee weal to work to secure the remeval of the postmaster at bla borne, Pont lac. 111. Tbe Poat-uur hl been exceedingly active as a Demo-rat dnrlur tbe Presidential campaign, and a newspsper with wlilab ba waa connected waa fllled with violent attack! upon tbe Republican candidates. Mr. Payson laid tbe case before the President and Postmaster General Wanamaker, and asked that the Post masters hip at routine be at once turned ovsr to a Republican. To tbe Congressman's xurprlse neither the Prealdent nor Mr Wanamaker so rued disposed to act at once, sod tber aked IT Mr. Parian con Id not f ire ome other res, n than partisanship for the reuiuT.iL Mr. I'jon regarded tbe Postmaster's political activity aa a good enourh reason, and be uislsied upon It an strenuously Ibm Anally the man waa put out and a good Kc.nril.aii imrne.l by Mr. Payson got the pieoe. 1 lie u eeaa of the Illinois Congressman waa soon known to other Republican Representative. ii was not In- - before tbey briran to in ci.r of olTeitsiTa partisanship ugalnst lu. I 'ou.... .ratio Posi u. kers in their dloiriols ami to l olDl out to the Posimaater-Oeneral tbe BJ'ii they wanted sabsutated for tbe outgoing eiuerrs. Ilui somehow the ex perted removals trsre not made, and tbe Representatives bes-ao railing upon Mr. Wanamaker to dud oat the souse ot tbe delay. Some of them aaw Mr. Wanamaker hatarday, and thea tbey learned tnat tbe charges of offensive psrtlianshlD were not retarded as good reasoas for removal, la case of the Pontine Post-iater was sued by tbe visitor aa a good precedent to go ii t. and tbey wanted ta know why. If partisanship was a cause for dismissal In tnat case, it waa net equally sutllolent la tbelr cases. Iner were Informed tbat since, tbe removal of the I'onilac uiau tbe President and Postmaster-Usoeral bad bad a little talk on tbat subject, ana bud coneluded not to adopt tbe policy of aisk in ir dismissals on that ground alone. Mr. Waoauiaker informed bis caller that the my poller to be pursued waa to consider eaon r on it own merits. He would not suy tbat a Y oetmaster would not be removed for offensive partisanship In particular cases, bat tbat snnrnes of that klud alone' would not Insure rsiaoval. Tbe Representatives who bad ex-pm-ied that all tbev needed to do to secure dla-missal was to show tbat a l'osimatter was an ardent Democrat would have to tinil other and batter reason, or wait until the ottieers' term expired. Xbe only crumb of owfort Mr. Wanamaker bad to offer waa the Intimation tbat tb j pulley he bad announced did not necessarily apply to the fourth class Postmasters who do uot receive tbelr commission frasu the President. If Prealdent Harrlson'sbotild to-morrow send Id tbe name or Mr. Mural HaUtead to be Ululate r to Germany or Kissla or Consul to Zanzibar, or should uinu Uite him for any other ollice reimriiic the approval ot the Henale, tbere are even hsnaior on tbe Republican aide ami several time vsn on tbe Dem-ocratte side who will read tbe new with a tlOklo of iaatiinlbmnL While benators are somntlmes assumed to be laoklnrln feeling-tbey are uot absolutely devoid ot it, and tbey are not aaforirlvmc as tbe salnte or a Mrv Ualted. II tbsy were It la not likely tbat tbey weald go to the trouble or looklnc over the Die of the Commercial i.aselt tor July, 18U8, to Ond out whi Mr. Hal iad thouajhtof tbe Henatora -enerally, and Republican Senator ta partlce-lar, at that time. Ike recoranieodatlon ef tbe Ohio legislator fur aa Investigation of tbe election of Mr. Payne bad been before tbe Senate for aotae dtr when Mr. Halatead wrote. July 22: "The country ba lie eye en Mr. Teller in very ln-uaisuive way. He la not suspected of being foolish or a Candidate for tbe Presidency. What Is ifce matter witn him! He 1 not for Payne for tor good reason that la tbe one certainty for Payne has become the representative head e corruption in tbe Benate." her.ator Krarte took the liberty of speaklog for Payne, and Mr. Ualslead took tbla liberty In speaking about Mr. Evarta: "Senator tvaris can be about as aolemn and dreary tor a couple of hour and ay aa little thai any one care about aa anybody In tbe world. And he ba a bright streak of burner In him, or bad before be draak of tbe water that flowed like ebampagne at tbe White House daring the Hayes Administration. As a lawyer he would charge Payne 10,XK) for bla report and speech, and It must seem to him very sad that hla is formally a Senatorial performance." 'lba would be Minister to Uermany or Russia who is willing to tubmlt bis name to tbe Senate was not afraid to keep It up hoi and strong. In an editona I he said: "We have our own opinion of tbe Republican who goes out of tbe war to sustain a coal ell millionaire politician, and tbe oountry understand tbe syapp-toma" And he went still further, plainly Indicating his disbelief In or Indifference so political hereafter. " Mr. Halitead accepta It aa the blgHest honor of bla Ufa tbat be kas acquired certain enemies. He baa earned them by many years' bard work and oloee attention to busineea aad enjoya them. Tbey are variously useful to him." UU problematical wbether tbe Republicans who were In tbe Benate Jaly 23. lyetf. and who are tbere now, will be "variously useful" to Mr. Halstead aa a candidate for honor at tbelr bands. His paper, July Si, tbe day after the Vim.- oa tbe Payne case waa taken, bad tbe fol lowing: - Tbe olaek list eallre is Cbaae.CaUom, Kvarte. Inaalla. Jones, Logan, Miller, Plumb, Kiu.lleberger, Sawyer, Sewell, Teller, Van Myrk. Ta classify m a single sentence. It 1. kiaje up of millionaires, servant or corpora-U"u, i.ogan men, aud corruptlonlsta. There not a vote oast tbat was actuated by the ilirfbi-al regard lor tbe honor of tbe Senate or f I'urliT of polttlos." Cuiiom. Hvarte, lngalla. Jones, Plumb. Saw-; rer, and Teller are in the Geneva yet. and Mr. Uaistead will need their voles to confirm him. I'-en tie ask them to vote for him I Will he at-tenipt to buy tbelr votes I Tbla la what he said Milorteliy of tke vote: "Tbere la not any doubt Hx. j i ii that the veto of yesterday was a blow t lue chari.oier of tbe Benate." The people of the I nited biatee are net likely to forget that me Senate rolled In the dirt yesterday.' 'the broad and greaiy hand of boodle haa been M'pueu to lue neuate of tbe United State." lis He nata will aUak with the dirty vote of reatertiay for nsaay a day." "Tbere are few! itepublicaaa on the boodle aide, to be sere, but' ut is the custom of the oountry: few Krpua i.caoajwaye go to the devil to keep tbe Iemo-' erei company." "Tbe Cleveland Admlnutra-! iiou Bear tbe Standard Oil brand, and. teo,; Senate. "1U rrT w ' - kbe Republican; And then. 1b his own fearless way. Mr. Hal-i .'' ee tbla deeonpUon of tbe body before, which he la willing to appear a aa appltcanV tor raverable coaalderatlon: "The Senate o s tailed sutrs U a sort ef elua. The members are pleased to euiuvale eaon otber'a tm- portanc. Dacb geta a share ot the eoumoo "ck of Battery. The corruption that ba P' eaUag luu tbe vltaia ef the eoon-"y ba attacked the Senate In a ranter degree than any otber department ot is Government. Thla dlssase ef corrupt and corrupting rich men la tbe Senate haa pre-r eseed. without puMl- attention being partle-Biarly d reo led to It. until the Payne caea baa k.-e-l tue exiei.i i u,e gaarrne. The Bene-turs dm nut want the oiubdaiaeged by tnqiurlee ' lB8 entrance free of member." i Tbe next day he proAtsed to keep up his aa sauita upon the body and la Terr plain terms intimated his purpose of stinging than f re-. 9,t'Bt.y in order to bring them to their senses. Me eajd: "Tbe Republican Senators who voted for protecting millionaires who buy seat the Senate I rem Investigation will have reason to be very sick of their wretched per ioroce. Tbere I net one of them who HI not be made to taste bitterness a sal connection. U was once upon a tlase said eat tj,e bov who would not learn anytning bv mi erdluary aobool method could eotue'lme .'sorb a few thing of value through hi sun when a beech rod was laid upon bis back." He so said: " The examole of tbe I ailed States senate to refaa.n to Investigate Payne wilt r I" lMona We shall bear ot Grand June rerusltg to inquire Into case ef barn burning, horae atealing. Ae,. beeause of cympathy. 'l4.-hlH.rlr eertesy. is" In the estimation ot huneet people, the Senate ha lost Jut abouS per eeau sloce the Payne bualoeee hegan.-j whan war. el of the danger of cxsacslve wio enre ,t latisuage, he wrote tb fellowlag hen h.J Mr. iJeaa. whloh he put In wtth ia atgaature: teu that I ahali ael tnu any more eanla. W t' I aa thinking serloaal v of writing no a s rtied srticle every day. ma lag It a regular terror W T ii doers. at. U. The Senate Is not a body of great spirit. It eoaid be very mean and small In lta reveagee npnn Mr. Cleveland, and the Republican side coald be eolldined to an Instant when the demand waa made to But tbe JLtemocratio President "in a bole" by refolng to approve his appointments. Tbe fear of. Executive - displeasure, tbe menace of panlso-ment from President who I In a position to put Senator in bolee. will perhaua lead the seven Republican" who are called "yellow dews," " tioodlere." members ef "tbe Millionaires and Hoodlers' lub," "smeared wltn tne greasy nand of heodle" to regard all these ohar-acteruatlons aa baring been uttered In a Pickwickian aense, and aa not constituting a sufficient rsaaoo for refusing to confirm blm as a Mtalater of tbe United H tales. Pennsylvania polltlclan.partlcolarlythoaein-terestcd in Philadelphia niatter,are wondering If Postmaster-General Wanamaker and Senator Vnay are really en the ledge of a qaarrel over tbe Philadelphia Postmastersblp. It Is understood that aitbougb Postmaster Harrlty's term baa some months te run, bis resignation can be had whenever tke Administration cares to call for It. and tbe Phtladelpblane who want the place are hard at worg to secure 1U Senator tJoay 1 supposed to have settled upon ex Mayor William K Leeds as Mr liarrity'a successor, while Mr. Wanamaker la declared to have actually gone so far as to odor the Pestmastershlp to Mr. John Held, a wealthy Marketstreet merchant. Word eemes from Philadelphia that Mr. Field, who was here last week, ta himself tbe aiborlty for the state-tjent that ha ha been Invited to take the place. Mr. Quay make no secret of bla profestd desire to have Mr. Leeds, who Is now here, made Pestmaater. There Is a faint suspicion among some of tbe party worker that Mr. vuy may be willing to aea Mr. Field selected, while ostensibly supporting Leeds. Thl suspicion Is probably doe to tba belief that tbe Postmaster-General would net dare to run conn W te Mr. Quay's wlh In a matter of so much importance as tbe Philadelphia Postmas'ershlp. Pennsylvania politicians city tbat Mr. Uarrlty ean serve out his term If lie wishes to do so, because Mr: Wanamaker, before tbe November election, gave him a onr-dlal Indorsement aa a capable and effiolent Postmaster, and cannot therefore consistently remove blm now. There wa a meeting of the Cabinet tonight, held. It 1 reported, to upon tbe form of the proclamation for opening land to settlement In Oklahoma. The proclamation wa really to-day at tbe Stale Department for Issue, but seme of the Pennsylvania cattle Interests In Oklahoma: through Senators tjuay and Cameros. procured a postponement of the President's announcement. i Representative Newton W, Netting or the Twenty -seventh New York District, who ba been sick for a long time and was at one time believed to be in serious danger, ha recovered uftlolently to be able to travel, and left here for bl Oswego home to-day. The case or ex Representative Peter Pan Maboney of Brooklyn has taken a deotded change for the worse and It Is feared tbat he cannot survive much longer. Tbere has been a recurrence of th heart trouble and the baae-of tbe brain haa also beoome an acted. CoL Fred D. Grant called at the Department ef State to-day and took the oath of office as Minister to Austria. It Is probable .that he will not start for hla post befere tbe latter part of ApriL TUB DEA1 JUSTICE. rrjXKUAL SERTICKS OF STANLKT MAI-THKWS IN WASHINGTON. Washisqton, March 25. Funeral service over the body of Associate Justice Stanley Matthews were held thl afternoon at the family residence, Connecticut-avenue and N-streeU l'be body lay In the music room adjoining tbe reoeptlon room en the south, and tbe apartment waa almost filled with flower. The eoffln was cloth covered, with eilver rails and bandies, and on tbe oover wa a silver plate bearing tbe Inscription: "Stanley Matthew, lioni-JiLly 21. 1824. Died March 22, l&d." 1 here was In altendanoe a large number of prominent person in all ranks of official Ufa, besides many family friend in the private (.walks of life. Atueng them were the members of tbe Supreme Court, the President and Vice-President, members of tbe Cablner, Mrs. Blaine , Mra. McKse. aud Mra. Russell B. Harrison. Uen. : tchoOeld represented the army, and Admiral ; Porter the navy. Among other were' Private Secretary Halford. Senators Butler. Hoar, Far-well. Sherman. Payne. Kvarts. Morrill. Hale, Manderson. Coekrell. Call, aud Paddock. ex-Senator J. E. McDonald and Conger, ex-Speaker Carlisle, and Representatives MKmley. Springer, Cabot Lodge, Butterworth. and Cox. The servloes, which were conducted by tbe Rev. T. 8. Hamlin of tbe Church ot tbe Covenant, which Justice Matthew attended, aud tbe Rev. Dr. Lrtouard. Rector of St. JokVu s Episcopal Church, were brief. De. Hamlin begab wltu a short invocation and closed with the Lord's Prayer, In whleh many persona present Joined. The Schubert Male Quartet sang "Jerusalem the Ooldca." Justice Maitbews's favorite hymn. Dr. Leonard read St. Paul s assertion and de-aertpilou of the resurrection. Then the quartet sang " Abide With Me" and Dr. Hamlin made a elosing prayer. The body was taken to tbe Baltimore and Ohio station, tbe member of the Hapreme Court aud ex-justice Strong acting as pallbearer. The train started for Cincinnati at 1 o'clock. The party tbat accempanled the body to Cincinnati Included Mra Matthew. Mortimer Matthews. Paul Mattbews. Miss Matthews, Mis Eva L. M.LheVlr- C- a Matthewa,Heury C and Mrs Webb. Prof. Moffat ef tbe Chair of Cnurcb History In Princeton College, and Dr. Henry Moflat, hi son. (Messrs. Webb and Moflat being brothers-in-law of tbe deceased. i Jastloe Lamar, Blatch-ford. Gray, and Harlan. THX A BA yi) OK ED CaIsaL. VALUABLE MACHIaT ERT OINQ TO RUIN ALONG ITS BANKS. ' Nbw-Ohlkans, March 25. -The British steam-chip Jamaica, Cap t Edward, from Liverpool via Wet Indie, arrived Saturday. Capt. Edward reporu tbat hi vessel, whtle at Colon, was chartered by the Jamaican Government to take 1,485 destitute Jamaicans from Colon to Kingston. Jamaica. He also brought to this port 29 Americans, forwarded from Colon by the resident Consul of tbe United States. He resorts tbat ail work on the Panama Canal ceased on tbe 15th Inst- He Inspected the entire work, extending a distance of 15 miles, la one ot the steam launches of tbe company. He also visited tbe canal works by rail from Colon to Panama, a distance of 47 miles. Along the bank ot tbe canal aud elsewhere were scattered large quantities ef machinery. In which steam had never been raised, and many arusles of valae which are going to wreok. tbe grass growing over a great deal of It. The English and colonial Ooverumenta have sent ont Commissioners to Colon, w he are making atrennouc eftorte to relieve the destitute and forward thea to their homes. The United State 1 also doing everything possible to assist the Amsrloans throoch the Consul at Colon. It was rumored at Colon that the Insurgents at Haytl, under Hippolyte, were making headway against the Legitime Government, and tbat Hippolyte had reoently secured a new gunboat. X LAVT BVRSKD to DKA.TU. Sr. BrErnax, New-Brunswick. March 25. A fatal accident occurred at Lawrenoe Station last nla-ht, which recalled In the death of Mr. MeGregor. wife of the Rev. Mr. McGregor, a Baptist minister of Rochester, N. Y., and a daughter ef Levi Rloharaaea of Lawrence Station. Mra. McGregor waa visiting her parents, aad. being troubled with sciatica, was applying kerosene at an open stove when her clothing eaught Ore. every shred ot which waa burned, leaving bar body in a frightful condition. Her slater, in endeavoring to extinguish tne flames, w as severely buracd about the hand and arm. A SUITOR LOCtKD lif A CILLAR. Ksw&bk, K. J.. March 25. For some time Mra. Catharine Schroder, a comely widow of Bergen-street. Newark, haa been annoyed by the atteatlona of an old man named Edward Merty. Last night Mrs. Sohrederaaw him climb into the cellar window lost a ahe waa about to start tor ehnreh. -he locked him In and held him prisoner till eh returned from- the service. Then be gave blm late the coiody of the police.. He , wfisa umra lo-uay tor forgiveness ana was re- iei r.IrBMSIDKXT CLMTXLAXiys JOTJi Havana. March 25.-Ex Preldnt Cleveland and party have beea visited by both the lateadcnl of the Treasury and Director-General of Marine. The tenriiu darted yesterday for the Santa Rosa estate Belong lag te Seoar Mlcr. Tbey are expected to relara to thl city te-day. Kx-Putoaater-earaa Dickinson resaalned at to Paaaje Hotel. Being slightly taeUapoeod. He 1 entirely a again, howeveak VETOED BY THE GOVERNOR riSH KILL DENIED TBE BEN. E FITS OF KEUISTXATIOX. WOM IN SUKFRAwE AGAIN DEFEATED IN THE ASSKMBI.T LAST NIHT's SE- ON OF THE LEGISLATURE. Ai hivr. March 25. -Gov. Hill 1 nothing if not d. magoglcaL He ha vetoed Mr. Maae'a bill, t te purpose ef whioh Is te give te the city of Vhhklll a registration law, on very flimsy grouti la. The Governor plainly made the reto purpc sely In order to inject bis pet Tletr on the I. neon Electoral bill and tbe necessity for a ceieral registry law throughout the State. Tke (lovernor" rampant desire for a general regis ration law is a new feature In hi career. He d d not favor a general registration law two rsara ago, when bo vetoed Mr, Young-man'i bllL which provided for registration In all cl ies of the State of over 16,000 Inhabitant! . Th Governor thinks that the bill 1 a eon-eesl n that there exists a necessity fr the regis ration of the elector In the oountry district! of the State, The situation in FUhklll, be says, is no different from that which exists In al tbe large towns and Tillage in the rural distr ou. if regUtratlen Is demanded In Flsh-1 equally demanded elsewhere. Ibere ahou d be passed a general lw applicable to all ti e towns of tbe State. Tbem was universal complaint at the rcoent Presidential eleotlou a.i a ong the Interior counties borderlDg upon aootier State that non-residents voted In our stati In large numbers. It 1 claimed that there was an apparently concerted plan of colonization carried on whereby residents or Pennsyi-vanl t. ermont. and other dates voted In our rural c aunties which ad loin these rtlatea. It la dlQl-cult to uetect sush frauds In country district as p .rsons so voting Immediately depart, and' tber are no adequate facilities or opportunities for ascertaining their Identity or their whereabout or of securing their apprehension. fcih frsuus would be made Impo-siblo or be rendered more dltlloult by a wdl-oonsldered gem ral registration act, suoh as now exists In the arge cities of the State. Now that publlo aito uion is being directed to tbe subject or re-roro i in our elections, it Is a titling time ror the eua ttnent or sunh a measure, which Is equally as i uportant as any reform measure now pending Defore the Legislature. 'hlle this bill in its present hape." say the Governor, "caanot be consistently appro 'ed, yet It presentaUaa at thl juncture I beeau" ' n emphatic recognition of the necessity of reelstratloa for the proven tlon of frand upon the ballot box. and lea to a suggestion of tbe desirability of general and comprehensive legislation upon tbe sub eot. No good reason can be urged why the - r' i mn cisie nnouid ba exempt froii the provlsioa of a trlot and carelnily. framed regl.try act. Fraud upon the elective traicblae are not confined to tbe cities of the State; neither are tbey limited to general election, but pertain to town meetings and muniai-pullelectlons as well. A registry law should etnirace the whole Rt.t. .nlt . . ,..T. restriction mould apply to all elaetinna to ail cluxena and all sectieas substantially ve hundred women were present In the As-bly Chamber to night when the bill to give - v" t""""i vote .was considered. Mr, e Devereux Blake. Mrs. Howell, and half a mother Immediate moarnera n,... ih a tnil ih.i. . . . u" : . , """""I" meei m goom. j . cvaia bb mustered for the bill, or lies than a malorlty, and 43 solid nay were hui led against it. Gen. Huslec. read the folio w-les lng Bathetic dispatch from ex-senator T W Palmer, Minister to Spain, but It availed 4 fend con'rTtalt,c"- T-et everr woman Wkl . hT . . ier cunsuterailen tthe artloent, better wages for tfce struggllua- bell Th uene' omsers. and a better Btati morniBir llirht la ,k. . - - poajrs." uisap- Mr. Longley. Mr. Saxton, and Mr. A lflBn,th Mll MNIUOl O IDDHt Ml , but without avail, and thlS bill gleil the Mase bill to esUblUli three Commissioners Of skilful work on the part of the people behind It. AT. , 1 f"""ou no nouss this evening by there waaTI(tTe iquabhle amono- the Rennh. Uctn Senator to-ntght which for the moment th; eatened to become serious, but fortunately Mi. Grady came forward in the interest of pe ice, and carried a motion to make the whole su Jeet a special order for Wedn eadHV tnnpnla., Thjo troublj arose over oce of the ten Railroad Caknmlsslon bills which are before the Legi- iBtura,Ki V1". J""-cular bill was reported favorably by Senator Walker from hi Committee on Railroads. It provides that no railroad f?tpJruon' n,or6fter formed under tbe laws of tne state, shall exercise the powers conferred ?2?n l8W unU1 ot toe rtioles of aseoclation have been duly advertised- nor til the Commisslnnara ahall ...,ir. Ibllo convenience and necessity require tbe . " w iur- UIWUVBM1 rillCL Klir. der. Raines, and Frain u .. w . . w . I. savins that it not mn mt...h . . . j. . . ' " " W,oi 1UHI tOQ inds of tbe Commissioners, and mildly lnslnu- . , . muuiiiiHiu oomiosing tnat com-union tahpht nnt .1 . .. k . . ' . - " " ' iud mwniH OI I'ciiyio neares. ineir heart. Benator Arnold. Coggehall. and Ive bore U e Brunt of the battle in suoportlng the meaa-ui e. Tbey thought tbat any prooosed legislar 11 ,n emanating from the Commissioners and v.irably reported by tbe Committee oa Rall-rc ad aliould lie passed without question .i . .Co?"gl1" Introduced a bill providing I .B.lnarUb8- Telllou. educational; literary silentlflo, or benevolent Institutions may take and hold property not exceeding $2,000,000 in TO RECOVER ISSURASCR Pi in ' PiTTSBLFG. Maroh 25.-The Fl.lelltr T.ti. Ttust Company, for a number of Insurance mpanie. to-day entered salt. the People's Natural Gaa segregating $90,000. Tue suits we,. h..v.. ai Trutee of the estate of Josenh p.itr- tie benefit of the eompaale which bad paid the icsuraoeeou toe rattersoh Block, this city, for yie uamage caasea by tire on Oct 9, 18S7. It ac alleged that the fire was caused by an ei-pttoslen of natural gaa. due te the negligence of tbe workmen of tbe Poople'. CempanV The oonipanle for whom suit Is brought and tbe TaferlaV. I PU?to' m the. Gera.n- L..OOO; Uvernool. London and Globe Insarance' kimpany. o.0O0: German Insurance tympany anv, 5O0; lnsnranee Company of North i merle atMVl. rnnn.....i , r - " ' . . " " insurance com- auv of New-York k.Vtf. P.n..., . J u ranee Compauy $500; Hartford Fire Insur-nce Company. $500. and the Guardian Aa- rineachCMVr.iabbi ,uea SVPPOSED TO BS DS0W1TBD. Nbw-Obxbaks. March 25. A ti.n..h t Icranton. Mlsa. oonveva iifnn.u.. . .v.. Supposed drowntng of M. Prleur Whlu, a well- uwu covwju man or thu elty. He ventured ut In a small sailboat from Paaeagoula River. There waa a high wind and HAW ha avnrl ki. . a " . . p-t;t kZT." ""v.r." n ohed iope that be' nay have been picked np'by ioms resel going out te sea. Mr. White was a fine type of tbe old Creole, w 1. crni Inie Prleur, tor many l-- 'vrinsni, ana who killed Lnitert State Senator Waa-gamaa In a duel aevera.1 m,m a U'ki.. T E - eervea D u LBu- eura A Plrf m r, 1 .. m vi . . . . "r- r - " : Jur ri in tne late f n't. V dl,tlD"1"Bel 'o' hl gallantry of Lajpoce. reoptuae ef TBS OtOBGS LAW FLOATED. ATLAXT1C CTTT. '. J.. March M-Th.f.. boat George Law of Nw Yors. whleb kabore on the bar at th? month of the inlet yes terday, waa floated erly this morning. Both IGovarnment 1 1 r.. .1. . . L , wwmm mwtw vailoa to Iber aaalntanee a nti . . k . - . . . I . , M -" iviwu nil WHO IBS h-Ulng of the tide She waa taken w the an- r""'-" inieu An examination of her toondltloa failed to reveal any serious damage. I J Z ivramv mac will VrO- keed to her destination, Philadelphia, to-mor- BIS XOTHBR-ir-LAW DROW1TBIX. Bakatooa. N. T.. March 25. The Rct. Mr. Brown of North River, Warren County, took a call to-day on the npper Hndson River at that f 'ace with hla wife and her mother, Mr. MacClel-aa. Mr. Brown having loct control ot the boar. It was whirled through the rapid and eapalted. Mr. and Mr. Brown saved themselves, hat Mra, MaeCtollea waa drowned. MBS. LAH8TRT FL.A TM AOALX. Philadilthia. March Si. Mrs. Laagtry made her reapBcanaee aa the stags la this city tcalght to Maeaeta- Bayoad a aUgbt wcakaaaa she shewed a eiarna ef her rsssa Ilbiesc whieh haa kaot hag ta rUriavDl Ice aeerlz twe wasAa. . v . 1 II J SAAt.1 XOi - . HOT MUCH lO INVESTIGATE. THE WORE OK Tn E HUDSOS RITER AST-I.UM IS SATISFACTORY PocGHKRkniK. N. Y.. Maroh 25. Chare were recently made to tbe Board of Managers of the Hudson River State Asylnm that maca of tbe work on Rutzier A Blake' contract was not of the character provided for in the peclfl-catlons. The Arm la question haa its office at 176 Centre-street. New-York City. It secured the contract for beating ana ventilating the four building recently erected a addition to tbe asylnm. The building are heated and ventilated by a system of tunnel. The latter are of brick, about six feet square, and in all are about 3,000 feet In length. The heating system I called the "Indirect." The steam I generated In six huge boiler, and wben oendenaed is carried, back to the boilers, by gravitr. . complaint was made about the system, but several charges were made that tbe work npon the lannels was lmnerfect. These cbarites had been communicated to The Ti m He. as well as to t be Board or Manas-era of tbe asylum, and Tue Times waa represented today at tbe Investigation held by James Roosevelt of New-York City and John L Piatt of Poughkeepsle. a sub-committee ef the board. Dr. Jesepb M. Cleveland. Superintendent of the asylum. Mr. Rutzier of the contractors, aud J J. Farrell, who made the charges, were also prevent. Mr. Rutzier said that after securing the contract he put the work in charge of his foreman Alfred Yager. Tbe first man he hired was ar-rell, who sala bis pneo was $3 75 per day and was engased at those figure. Farrell was discharged In January, as there wa wark for omy a few men. and there were others wuo were quite as competent as he who were working for H 34 per day. Subsequent to bis diacharge Farrell had told the witness and Foreman Yager "would make It hot for some one." Farrell's charges were that portions of tunnels had caved iu en two occasions: tbat only !uu -OOO Instead of l.'.'OU.OOOor 1,400.000 bricks bad been used; that the bricks in the flooring ot the outside tunnels were laid flat Instead oron edge; tbat some ef tBe paving waa laid on dirt Instead of sand ; that If the pavement nad been properly grouted 2,500 barrels of cement would have been need, while be bad not seen more than 800. and tbat tbe mortar ued iu the Interior wails of the tunnels was dear lime instead cf oement. Tne specifications showed that cement mortar was uot prescribed for the walla, and tbat the bricks in tbe pavement of both outside and Inside tunnels were to have been laid flat. Tbe contractor bad laid them on edge In the Inside tunnels, as be thought there might be a great deal of travel on tlietn By going so be simply used more brick than hla ooDtraet called for. Tbe specifications again showed that tbe Interior walls of the tunnels were to he hullt of brick and mortar. Nothing was said about cement, and an examination of the walls showed tbere was uo need of cement. Farrell was aaable to show where any brinks had been laid on dirt. He was asked why be thoagbt that not more than 9OO.0O0 brioke had beeu used. For answer he eald tbat parte of tbe walls were only four Instead ot eight inches thick. He wa asked if, In part, they were net 12 lnehes thlok. and answered in the affirmative. Mr. Rutzier showed how mnch of the paving waa atlll to be finished. Tbe unfinished part would use enough grouting to bring tbe quantity of cement almost up to Farrell' conception of what It sboald be. The committee and the witnesses examined the tunnels and the work generally, aud the former expressed Itself as satlefled that ar-reil'a chargea were 111 founded. Farrell's manner waa not In his faver. It was qnite evident that he was desirous of " making it hot for seme one," and It was quite plain that he had made It hot tor himself. He bad stated that Dr. Cleveland was an upright man. who would not allow Improper worg to be foisted upon tbe State. Dr. Cleveland said ne bad kept an eye on tbe work and that bla wishes hail always been observed by Rutzier Blake. He wa satisfied with the work. Rutzier 4 Blake's contract calls for f 72,500, and or thla amount 30 perceat remain unpaid, though the board Is reallv entitled to hold only 20 per cent. Foreman Yager, who haa supervised the work, ha bad charge of work ot tbe am kind for Rutiler i Blake on the Soldier' Home at Waahlngten, tbe Museum of Nataial History Building, the Dakota 1'UU, and other large structures. NRW OYSTER QROVXDS. New-Haves. March 25. A new and valuable field for oyster ulilvatloo Is now being prepared In Little Xarragansett Bay. The recently-established boundary line between Conneotlcut and Rhode Island divide the bay nearly equally between the two State. The water assigned to th town of Stonington are Included within the limit oceailed north of a line drawn from the point near the Stonington Lighthouse to Osbrook Pelnt. near Watch Hill. This ground Is one of tbe best oyster-producing territories on the shores or Long Island Sound. Its cultivation has been delayed all these year because the two States have always, uutll recently, been haggling over the establishment of tbe boundary line. Tbe entire area of available oyster grouad i about 20.000 acres, which la distributed in nearly equal ratio between the two Mate. There ha been a rush for tbe groaod. and the State Shell Klh Commissioners have already received application for all the ground within their jurisdiction. TELEGRAPHIC BREVITIES. As Alvls Turner and Jeff King were going toward the Cumberland Uap roal yeaterdsy. two miles from Plneville. Kv., they met James Harch going lute town. Turner shot at BareB. the ball striking Burch's gun. March retnrnul the tire, xuiing Turner, sud then Kins- flreil ami killed Buret). The sliootlug grew out of the arrest of Oen. powder bv king last week. At the meeting ot the Fall River Ministerial Inlon yesterday a resolution expressing a hope that the manufacturers wonld agree to submit tne sink ilithcuUy for adjustment to the State Hoard of Arbitration was voted down by V to S. A woman named Annie Lancaster, a weaver waa badly beaten yesterday by an anknown man. who escaped. The Uoldey vi incorporated at Albany yesterday tor the advancement ami cultivation of literature and the development of literary tastes, with the principal office in tins city. The 1 rastees are William J. uolder. Dr. Philip o. Mallerson. trauk P. Holmes. '1 nomas J. l'eareu. James I. AtcCartou. Morris H. Cohen, and Hiram A. Bran. Resanna MoCormlck. an eccentric woman, aired 68. mi round dead at. her uosse Sun. .ay. near Jordan's. White sulphur Sprlnat, Va Hue always wore long heavy boots, with pistols In them for protection, rarely ever taking ibem off. and she died In them. At tbe Coroner's log nest a verdict of "died of pnenmoaia" waa rendered. ' In the Supreme Court at Philadelphia yesterday the seu'ence of the lower court in the case of Dr Henry M. Cox of Port Murray. N. J., for causing the death of Jennie Osborne by laslprsetlce. In too. Pens., waa confirmed. Dr. Cox will have to go lo )all tor three years and pay a tine of 60o. Sheriff Hayes went into Charles (smith s saloon a t Chebcygaa. Mich.. Saturday night and remonstrated with bira for Keeping a lew placa. A row ensued. Smith firing at and wounding two constables, lha abend, te save his own lite, tired at bmllh aud killed him. Th commission charged with selecting a site for a aavy yard en the AUaatlo or uull eoasl arrived at Mobile Soaday and apeat yesterday there receiving reporu prepared by commercial oodles span tbo suitability or Mount Vernon, oa the Alabama River for a navy yard. Teemer having challenged Gaudaur to row three four, and five miles lor 50o a aid each race. 1. a. en. Joan, Uaurtaar'e backer, haa accepted the chal-leags. proviCed the diatanoea be nuule two. three, aad toar miles. A three-story brick block In process of construction st Bin bamton. N. Y.. collapsed yesterday. red PuroelL a tinsmith, was killed, and James H. bmllh aad Yoamans Thompson were sertoosir Injured. ' Jack H. otbsca of Durham. England, offers to ran Harry Bethune 76. 100. or lift yards for from 100 to 2.60O a side or to ran any man la the world 1 6 yards for the same money. Freak Ben ham, a watchmaa oa the Shenandoah Valley Railroad, while la his box near RUeysvllle btatioo Saturday night, was skct through the head and killed by some aakaown person. A member of Mrs. Harrfet Beeohcr Stowe's family a en lea aatborlletlveiy rumors that Mra. Stowe is taiilag rapidly. Mrs. Slavs la aa waU as at anr tunc during the past lx months. Henry Hardle. who awladlad his employer. Flls-nL4. . o'"1' ''y. a brought before Jads- Kltchl tn Halifax. Move Beetle, yesterday aad was remanded until to-morrow. A ssaffolding at Maiden, Mass., gave way yesterday aad several mea were thrown to the a round a dlatanee ot 16 feet. Four men wore aevaralv uv-Jarcd. Charles Chcthau. aged 18. was eaagbt la a belt at the works ot the auburn (N. Y.) Tool Company yesterday, wooed about the snafu ng aad allied. Internal Reveaaa Collector Troop of New-Haveo. Cona-, yesterday seised 1 1,000 poaada of oleomargarine at the factory of K. J. Kathaa A Co. of tbat eity. Infeaa Ageat Gregory at Ashland. WU haa rc ff 11 fro Koc rotary ef Uto Interior that his ear vises will be Ala pen sod with ea tbe Slsl Inst. James Hubbard of Medina, K. Y- aged'chl." yesterday at Rochester by cutting his throat while temporarily laaaaa. Rearolar tripe are belag made by ateamcrc oa Lake Superior aavigatioa having epeacd several aay ahead of hut season, The disease knew aa -black ajor- to devastating aloe-pi eat orchards la sVeae Cwaaty. Oalo. Th Kennebec Elver is epea te aavlgaUom. Bais-auat I too win begin at eaacr PERSISTENT IN ATTACKING THE ENGLISH A Tl OBNEY- QBS E HAL'S ASSA1LAN1S. MAHT BITTXR TORD5 SAID ABOUT MR. WKBSTIR'S STATEMENTS IS REGARD TO PIROTT'9 LETTERS. Lox0!i. March 25.-la the Honae of Common thla afternoon Sir Charlee RaseelL who. pon rising, waa loudly cheered, sala he do-aired to make a statement regarding the speech made by Attorney-General Webster la the House Friday last. He read a letter whleh be had written to Mr. Webeter. In whleh he eald that he did not believe that Air. Webeter had been correctly reported. It was absolutely incorrect to say that before Pigott' examlnaUon. or before Pigott fled, he Russell; had received Information, direct or Indirect, te tbe effect that Pigott discredited the value of hla own testimony. It was absolutely incorrect to say that he had either called for or referred to letters concerning sush information. Attorney-General Webster. In reply to the peaker'a letter, had written that he believed he had banded such letters to him, but that he would have to refer te his slicrthand notes for confirmation. The Attorney General waa mistaken In supposing that he had given him. Ave days befere Pigott testified, letter discrediting Ptgott's evidence. The letter In whleh Pigott oonfrcsed his fear of a cross examination had come upon tbe speaker and hi colleagues a a complete aurprlse. After I'lgotf flight tbey repeatedly made open complaint In court regarding tbe manner In which the A Homey -general had con due ted the case. He did not Impute dishonorable motives to the Attorney-General, but be thought that Mr. Webster had been led away by tbe political character or the Mji litoseoiirn of conduct which on reflection ana in less exclling oircnmslanoes he would not have pursued. Cheers. Continuing. Sir Charles Russell said that. even when Pigott bad testified, be did not get the aiir? to which reference had been made. TettJl K vMr KW.?b"ter "ff-red to produce the letter of .Nov. 5. He asked the Attorney General either to 'admit that be was mistaken or to point fetterof Not 1 ' opo, ny r"'e"ce to the Mr. Webster admitted that, relying npon memory ho had erred when be wrote to Sir Charles Russell. Ho argued tbat In any case thUt fr' ?I "n'mportent. He persisted that if sir Charles Russell had consented to bare tne letter from Mr. Boames to Plgctt read in court he (Russell) would have been In a position to demand tbe correspondence to which It referred. Z. t ? f,iu wno u one of th8 ParnelHto counsel, followed. He asserted most positively ( that neither be nor 8lr Charles Russell bad tbe ehost or glimmering of a notion tbat a letter of -igoit s existed in which be announced tbat hi testimony would re dlseredlted. Sir illlara Vernon-Harcourt contended that "u.T" ni been t,Ten u' nl charge tbat Mr webster. knowing Pigott to be a doubtful witness, had attewed tne imt, for two montna to repeat lu odious charges, and, further, bad et silent while Houston affirmed that he had complete troat in Pigott, which tatement Mr. Webster knew to be raise. Mr. Webster-l have protested tbat I bad no means or knowing that Houston's statement was untrue. eir William Harconrt said tbat aa attorney might weave the cobwebs cf mlcerable prcfec-aioiial etiquette about the matter, but the eom-ra oa sense ot tbe nation would revolt against the keeping alive to tbe last moment of charges known to be false, as an act of professional cruelty and Injustlee. 1i.B1.r J:-dwar1 .V1'rk,, Solicitor-General, spoke in defense of Mr. Webster. Mr. Labouchcre sal.i that Mr. Houston. Mr. Foauies. and Mr. Webster had all avoided asking questions concerning PiitolL He attacked tne Oladstonian lawyers who abstained from voting when the division waa taken on Friday. Mr. Morley said he had not a word to withdraw from what he had said In Friday" debate. The subject waa theu dropped. I a steoxuTexal. law. ! Berlin. March 25. -The new Penal Code pro-Tides that person found guilty or lnolting ene class againat another or of publicly attacking the bases of public aud social order, especially religion, the monarchy, marriage, or property, shall be Imprisoned for a term not exceeding three years. Persona cooTtcted of a aecond offense may be forbidden to reside in certain places. Newspapers wuicb hare been twice' convicted of any of tbe offenses mentioned in the code shall be suppressed. Socialists who have been expelled from the country shall not be permitted to return wlthlu five years after the adoption of tbe code, unless by special per-mieaien of the police authorities. Cologne, March 25. The Gazette, commenting a the l'eual bill, say It must reluse to believe that the National Ltheials, who, upon the occasion of the lt.t proiongalloa or tbe lerled of operation of the aBtl-Hoclallsl law, demanded a settlement of the matter by tbe completion ef the Penal Code, will decide to limit tbe popular rights, as proposed in the bill, and especially to render woise tbe position cf the precs by gfving tte Government a terrible weapon with which it can attack all democratic, t relnlnnlge. and I'ltramontane papers. The UazeUe'M article bas caused much comment. COPPER SHARES ABROAD. Paris. March 25. -At 1 P. M. Comptolr d'E-compte shares were quoted at 117L 50c, fcio-clcte de Mcteux shares at 3of , and Rio Tinto Shares at291f. 25c. At 2 P. M. the quotations wore: Comptolr d'scompte. 112f. OOc. Rio Tlnte, 2s7f.-Jj0f. At 3:HO Rio Til to shares were quoted at 2y'f. 50c Comptolr d'Ls-compte and 8ocl6i des Moteux shares were nncbanccd. Ihe Bourae opened Arm, but Became weaker owing to forced Bales in conneo tion with reported difficulties of a coulissier with a large account for rentes open. London. March 25.- Copper closed qnlet at 42 10s. cash aud 42 for three months' delivery. Tbe siock market closed quiet. Tbe creditors of Morrison, kekewlch A Co. have accepted a dividend of 7s. fjd. lo the pound, leaving the firm ample funds tor the prooectitlon of creditors' claim againat the copper syndicate. ENGLISH SPRING RACING. Lonlon, March 25. This was the first day of tbe Llacoln Spring meeting. The race for the Batthyany Stake (handicap) of 600 sovereigns, about five furlongs, was won by Lord Dudley' 3 year -old b. f. Poem, by Petrarch, out of Silver Ring. Lyddlngton, by Roaleraclan. out of Post Haste, was second, snd Bartizan, by Barcaldene, out of Katbenne. third. There were 12 start-era Tbe favorite In the betting was Harpajron. by The Miser, out ot Victress, at odda of w to 2 against Tbe belttlng against the' there named was 10 to 1 against Poem, 14 to 1 against Lya-dlnglon, and tf to 1 against Bartixar. NEUTRAL FLSHINO GROCND. Paris, March 25. A deputation has urged Premier Tlrard and M. Spuller, Minister of Foreign A flairs, to deal with the question of the neutralization of the Bank of Newfoundland daring tbe Ashing season. The deputation aua-geated that tbe matter be considered jointly wiib the regulations for the prevention .of collisions at aea. in regard to which the American Oovarnment In IH&H proposed to enter an International conference. M. kpuller promised tbat he would oommanlcate wlta the ooun&rle s Interested. FRINGE'S CARES. Paxia. March 25. Ill stated that the Cables t will coon be remodeled in order lo avert a threatened Ministerial crisis. The Journal dt ItbatM says the Government haa abandoned the prosecution of Deputy La-guerre for hie connection with the Patriotic League. CURRENT FOREIGN TOPICS. London, March 25. The condition of Mr. Jcbn Bright has Improved. In the salt for libel of Mr. Mercler. Secretary ef Ahe Bkin Hospital, againat Mr. Henry Labou-ehere, publisher of TrutA, a verdict ef AOs- was to-day returned by consent. 8t. Petersburg. March 25. The Cxar ha conferred the decoration of the White Eagle npon the Kmlr of Bokhara. He ha also conferred decoratlona npoa tbe members ef the Bokhara Embaacy in tble elty. CorrxHACAN, March 25. The lower house of the Rlgsdag to-day voted to refer the claim ot Mr. Bnttorneld against Den mark to arbitration. Tahgixb, Mareh 25. Tbe Saltan haa glvca atufaotorr assurance regarding all the dc-Buande of the EngUan OovernmaaL Rom, Mareh 25. The Pope haa consecrated Card en a Atauea as Bishop of Florence and Mgr. Llnlareh aa Rut hop ot Siena, Katle, Mareh 23. The American pilgrim who are Jomrneylng to Palectlae arrived hero to-day. Mi Lax, March 25. Mr. W. K. Yeadexbill aad aaxty arrived hare te-daja aw awawawawawawawaaaTawawai awB MORE RED1S1R1CTINQ. PARTY MEASURES KEEP THE XEW-JIR-SEY LEGISLATORS BUST. Tkxwtox. N. J.. March fs Ft reaireeeman Jamee W. Ptdooek ot the process Fsarth Cea-groaslonal Dtstnot haa : held the parttoaa Ccav grsssloeal redUirietlBg aehcm frees gettlag oat ot th Judiciary Commute eecaaa it pet hla county ot Hunterdon la a dlautot that haa bat a aomtaal majority ot 30X Te-alght the recall of hla epposlooa waa aaowa by a new measure, whleh red la trie t the State, and, arav-Ing the First aad Soooad Districts aa thy are, makee two enre Rcpahlloaa onea. bat eate up tbe other districts that there are Ave aearlr core for the Demoerate. The nev Third iMctrtct ha DcmoeraUe Horn-erset added to it, lacroaalag the p reseat S.0O0 majority some 200 Tote. The Foorth UlsUlet is to eon sis t or Hunterdoa, Warren, aad Morris Counties and all of Ksaex Ceanty except Newer X and Cilntea Township, whleh are te form the Fifth IMitnet. Thchixta jMstrtot eo a sis la 1 Paaaaic. and Bergen ConaUee aad all of Hnason excepting Jercy City, the city cf Bay on ne, and the town of Harrtaoa. which are to compose the bcvenih District. Thlc arrangement would make th First Die-trlct alvout 5.0OO Republican, the Seoood about -.500 Republican, tba Third about 3.300 tem-eralie, the Fourth a Boat 2.400 Iaioerau, the .T'S. ,uoat 0 IemocraUe, the Sixth about LTmocralio. aad the BaTeoth about 3,500 Uemocratla Aa thia arrangement pate lld-cock in a strong Lcmoc ratio dlstriet and ro-movec hi otipociUon, It 1 thought the bill will peedlly paaa. Two otlior partisan meaanrea were ale start- lbt Tn" J"" meeting baa always elected the Snpemcor ot th State Prlsoa aad three lnspeclora. To remedy this, two mtsi nros were Introduced, one pre Tiding thai the Supervisor of the State Prieeaa aaall Be appointed by the Governor. Attorney-General. Chancellor, and Chief-J ustloe. As thee officials are all Democrat tbat provides for a lM-mratlc Sapervlcor. The other measure give the Governor, with the ooaeeat of the be a ate. the appointment ot Ave Inspectors. The ameudea Jersey City Charter WU. giving tbe people th rlgbt to vote thereon aad adopt or reiect it, was paaaed without aay debate by the fceneie. Anetncr party bill, providing tha tbe Judges of the tlty Diairlet Couri shall be appointed by the Governor i us lead of th joint meeting, also paaaed. Gov. Green to-nla-bt nominated Gen. Bard W. fcpencer of Passaic for Hlale Railroad Tax At-sessorlu place or Kdward Bettle. whose term expired. Geo. Spencer 1 a Republican. Hla nomination waa referred. A report waa received from tbe Soldiers' Veteran Association of Newark denying theohargee of mlsmaaacemeot made againat the Saperia-tendeatef the Soldiers' Home at Newark, end reqaestlng tbat full chare be given the present orbolabpbecause of tbelr trustworthlaeaaT NOW IT IS JULIA MAELOWE. PROSTRATED IX STRACUSE AS THE RE- SCLT OF OVERWORK. SYRACCr, TS. Y.. March 25.-Mla Julia Marlowe, who was announced to appear at Wtetlng Opera House to-night a Viola In "Twelfth Night." was taken ill at the Leland Hotel te-day and waa unable to appear. Her Illness was a great disappointment to the public, as a large audience wa assured. Mis Marlowe and her company, which taeladea Mr. C'barlee Barren, arrived in Syracuse from Toronto yesterday. She was unable to speak above a whisper thla morning, and consulted Dr. U.U.Brown, a noted throat specialist. Dr. Brown found that Mia Marlowe waa suffering from exhaustion, the result of overwork, aad tbat the muscles ef her throat were relaxed. He declared that she would be unable to play thla week, bat stated that with a week's rest her system would recuperate. M n .1 lha h. .K. . . l. . ' .. . ... v u.w wiui BaiQIT SO reeume acting. . Misa Marlowe was billed to appear In Ithaca. Ltica,and Rochester tbla week. These aatea will be canceled, but the aetrese will resume her professional duties In Cleveland April L. Her company will remain at the l-eland Hotel. In this city, tbe rest ot the week. Miss Marlowe has been a tin it in heavy parte for 26 consecutive weeks without rest Her repertoire Includes Juliet. Jr.lia In "The Hunchback aad other laborious parte. She Is a lady of slight physique, and her nervous system haa beoome impaired by overwork. Her manager Mr Ariel Barney. Is now In New-York arranging with Henry K Abi.ey for Mia Marlowe to nil the date ot Miss Mary Anderson. A KOBLB GIFT TO XLIZABBTB. F.LIZABKTH, X. J.. March 25. -Joseph Battln. a millionaire land owner of thl city and Prealdent of tbe Elizabeth Water Company, to-night made a donation to tbe city, preceatlng It with the famous LUmock mansion. Mr. Battln desire that it ahail hereafter be need aa a high school tor tbe advanced pupils of the publlo schools. The mansion formerly belonged to Anthony w. Dlruoc-k, at one time President of ihe Paeluo Mall Steamship Company, who erected tne building at a cost of 240,000 In 1873. when he waa engaged largely in Elizabeth real eatate speculations, and waa al tbe height ot his power in .Wall-street- The Interior ot tbe hoase Ic finished in carved oak. a mahogany staircase alone cost 40.O0O. Many improvements have been made by Mr. Battln. who became the owner when Dimock failed, and tbe bulldinc I now well adapted In every respect for tbe use to which ft will be puL Ppecial meetings of tbe City Coanctl and Board of Education were held le-nlcht at the call of the Mavor to receive Mr. Battln' proposition and act upon it. They promptly accepted the generous gift. SUPPOSED TO BB SALZUAS. PiacHkEtiTSiE, Ji. v.. March 25. A young German giving his name as Franx Sohnberg, called at the police headquarters this morning and aald he was ill and wanted lo be eared lor. While there it occurred to the Chief that the man answered the description of Joseph Sals-man, a man wanted tn Irvington. K. J., for tbo murder of Juliana Mutter, on Mareh 20. His clothes do not quite correspond with thoae worn by tbe murderer, but Recorder Doriaad held him. Chief Byrne had photograph of tbe man taken and cent to the Catherines of Kew-York by noon. rickuberg soys that tbe laat place he worked Wa!.'or., Mr' Hoffcmelcter one dairy farm eight mile from Newark, ti. J. He worked there four mouth, and told the aotaorttlee to write there for any tnformattea they reo aired regarding him. TWICE ABBBBTBD FOR' BEGGING. NkWAJtu. N. J., March 25. A curl on arrest waa mad in East Newark to-Way. James BUlars. who lived with hi wife aad family, got out of work and wandered Into Connecticut three weeks ago In the hope of finding something to da He begged a eop of coffee at a farmhouse In Brooklyn. Windham County, aad. 15 or being supplied, wa handed over to the police. He waa sentenced to 30 day' Imprisonment, but managed to escape. He was tracco. to hla heme in East Newark and arrested there while with his wife and child. He wa out back te Connecticut to serve out hla term. E. Q1XKEB A XD FIKBMAK KILLED. Labkdo. Texas, March 25. The north-bound passenger train from the city or Mexico oa lb Mexican Katlonai Railway wa wrecked at Malivato Saturday night, aad the engineer and fireman vers killed. Superintendent KJrno ef the Northern LnvlalAn w time and is ef the optaioa that the work was ---- a. larn pita oi etoaee aa teen placed on the treek and the engine waa thrown from th rail and dcmcUshed. IDENTIFYING TBE BODT. Rxr Bavk. 9. J., Mareh 25. Ta body of the man washed ashore on the beach Bear Atlantic Highland ene day last week haa beea Identified as that of Frederick Sbnekmaaa, who lived at 1.240 Third avenue. New-York. Sohoekmaaa waa a collector for a wholesale hone ta New-1 era. He leave a widow aad several aUMUesv He aad been ti lining aloe Jan. 4, FATHER AUD BOM IILLBD. Kbw-Hatbx. Mareh 25. Owea MeG16erek. aged 50 years, aad hie so. Jaaaec, acred EX ware s trace aad Inetaatly kilt By aa 5A o'clock BortB-oound paoeeager traia a4 Mcrtde thl evening while drlTiag scrim ta BraeAva. Th horse waa aoiajared. E EA EL T RILLED BT A SOAR. rTiw.Bncaswtcg, N. J, Mareh la. Haacklah hmlth. aa Old Bring farmer, was necked by aa enraged near ea Bala rear, aad Barely nassad hla lit. " f tts Bsse ts tax bli the hip te the fcaec SAK FRAM CISCO MXOMAMOM. Ban PBAXCjaco. Mareh tl larafai Ighi 17Aas telea-renal. 21e " l I 1 1 I SI lgCBSWaVW DANGER IN THE SUBWAYS ' A BRIEF PANIC NEAR TBS Fit W-A VENDS HOTEL. MAMBOLK CArs AID PAT STORES -TBROWX rT THE AIR T AOAI SX rLosiox m twextlthird-bTreet. Another manhole explosion oocarr4 Ia this tty Just before Boon yestarday. aad. naall ring the time. lecaUty. aad ta aarrovaaUaga, tt wader hi Uat a pra va acvleaair ta-Jrd ad that mora damag was not ad, Th underground battery wa Uacharr4 without waralng at the jnactaaa of FUlh-avenue, Tweoty-third-etrees, aad Brwadway. The direct ea of the ciplocloa will prohcvMy em a mystery. It is kaawa t a eortalaty that Ulamtaallng gaa had accrmalat4 U tare eoaaeeted anaaholea eonarracted nader th npervUloa of th Board ot Eteetrteal Canttwl. hat th puxxllng problem Is a to hew th ga wa tgaitad. TLla, it may be remarked, ha beea th blind peiat about all frcvioac am explosions. The eiBHoaloa was preceded by a muffled roar aad followed by a startling upheaval mt th osaahele cap and pavemcat eerrooadiag Uwea. Th acuca waa Tolcaa: le ta cxleat et emitting a volamc of flame and bbboAc. vktck quickly vanished. At the middle maahol t a fore of the lilow-eut was eoaaldarably greater than at the othrra, Th iroa cap were hat-tared aad paring stones for radio of maay feet were is placed. GodUgU piaaae et bb e ry went up la clouds aad fell la a hewer a. Th effect was similar at lee manhole oa th other side of th street, but lees dceirncllTa, Only the paving unee were displaced at ihe manhole la front ef tue hotel, a tew ot the By lag etoaee atrack paaaers-oy. but hot with eamcteat fore I do aay Injury. There are few peints in tbe elty where th tram by vehicle and foot la ciwatar ta at Tweoty-tblrd-street and FUth-aveaa e pleaaaat day. Yecterday wa not aa exception to the rule. The (fleet of the exBlooiea waa te prod ace aa outdoor panic Worn a erreamed. several fainted, and men fled preeipltcvMiy. Few horses stood their around. sa4 usly U promptest kind of action ou the part of levelheaded byatenders prevebtedi a series ef raa-awaya. Mra. G rover Cleverland bad but Just left bar apartments in tne lintel Victoria and had walked dowa Flftn-BTeune aa far ae the hotel ot tbat a am a wuen tu nrt explosion ooearrd. and a quantity of dirt aad eoebiealooe roe I the air before her astonished gase. a ia nod lately wheeled about and alar ted back ap town, and had goue only a few etepa wbea th second and lou.ier explosion occurred- as i-terected a pec valor said that lor tue nest halt block Mra, Cleveland's paoe waa much nearer run than a walk, ana thai she went directly back to her hotel. The cxcltemaut did not last lone, but It serTed to start some of the mm I harrowing ra-mora ever floated aeout town. The Piria-arrnue aonway for electrical wire fellows the curb line along tne west aide, and three cable belonginc to ae maay are-liget com pan tea have been placed in tbe Iron tab. All the coonectiou nave net bean mad yet. aud th cables are practically dead. Ia oe-eequenee the expioolon waa not due to aa eiee tie spark. Tbe manholes are built of concrete and brick and stone masoury. and have cast-iron necks and double cape, the top en being on a level with the. pavement grade. Th holee or underground vault wary la alxe according to location a4 conditions. The dlatanee bstwsss ta raalte T art os also according te the esvlreausnt. Th Construction Company haa aimed to make th manbolee watertight and airtight for obtIoo reason Tbe nianbelee are Connected by Iroa tubec for holding the cable, (ia pipe aad water pipec already laid are not dUiurbed, If possible, by the Construction Compor, aad, la consequence. In many Instances tney eroee ta vaulu aad are expoeed when ta Bnaoholec arc opened. The principal me Bole at the eoeoe ot yesterday's exploeloa Is at tbe northwest corner of Tweatv-thlrd-street and Fifth-avenue, and ha tw gac-plpee la It. There la a second man nolo at th southwest corner, and a third one oppocdt ta mala entrance of tbe Firib-Avcnu Hotal. Th engineer of tbe Construction Company aald that ail thro manholes were opened early rae lerday morning aad aired and cleaned. The praetle te to occasionally fore mam --1 r rc ky Iniectlag ' cteam from ihe Thlrty-etxih-aire!. eiavtiee. SvO-ordlng to th engineer' statesBeat, lb gaa a, eameiated. la the manhole wiuila a few hoars atier th eleaner ttnlshed. Ue had ao lhrr as to Its Ignition. Subway Commissioner Glbbene adraaaad th ' theory that one of Ue gas pipe waa defectiT. He understood tbat tbe manbolee had beea opened a ; few hours before the exploaiem. an he argued that if tbe airing was tsvrsut It would take a good-sixed leak to Eli me chambers so quickly. Inquiries made for more definite information V.,10.1 ''"1 'ly opehbng of th iaahl failed to confirm the report. Policeman Ionovan went on duty at th crossing at H A. M.. aad he did not ace aay evl-Jb' having beea recently opened and after that hoar no workmen arrlTod until after the explosion. The cleaning gaag WV VvT"1 on lu" manhole at Slxt-TBB aad Thirtieth street in the afiernooa aad it was their unanimous testimony that ta damaged manhole bad not been touched la several weeks. These conflicting statements are aigaif-Icant, because they hear on the queauoa ef responsibility for the dangerous eoaalitea al th subway manholes throughout the elty. After the explosion tbe odor of gaa la the Tlcteity was oilenaively etrorg, and thlc fact may be th basis for tbe Uieory that too aool-dent was simply dun to a heavy leakage from m gss pipe. . The escaping s-a may have found a vent bole aad been Ignited by a passing swabber who threw away a burning tuarh. The Board tf Klertrieal : ontrol last algbt Is ued tbe following aunsuucsaeit: Th exploeloa was tbe reeult or the leakag Into th subways efqaanUi tee of gas from th mate of companies operating In the neighborhood. It waa not directly or indirectly brought about by aay underground electrical current, inaemack as no electrical current was paasing through tbe subwaya at the time ot tba explodes. It would bave occurred la a eloeed cellar or ear otber receptacle into which like hlnde of ga oould penetrate ana combine with air and other gaaec under similar elrramstaaoea. The Ttis-bolec at which the explode took plao are frequently examined and ventilated. del a ware aed uvdson canal. MiMiLxrowN, x. v., Mareh 25. Navlgatloa opened for the season oa the Delaware aad Hudson Canal today, mure than tw week earlier than last year, when the opening was delayed until April y. Tho company haa esse mutated at Hooecdale during the Winter aboat 3OO.0OO toe of eoJ, now available for ahlp-m.en.L ,T- "oraPAnr employed last year a Best ef b5u beat, which carried forward to market U30.0O0 ton About 5o aew boat are added to the fleet thlc Spring, aad If no carte oa hla-dranooo to navigation occur th aeaaeo'e ahla-anent will reach l.Ouo.OOO tone. - The ached ule of rales of rrebrht allowed kv the company to its boatmen 1 the earn ae last season, and Is on the basis of 70 cent per a i ess ton for delivery at Readout and b7 oeate for delivery In New-York, with the customary de-murragee for delayc occasioned by brwake la th eeoal or other lnterruptlone te navlgaUoa. A PARDONED CONTlCT"M CBARSBE St. Pacu March 25. A mora lng paper attempt to spring a sensation to-day over th treatment that eon vie La receive at rtlllwater. It la In the chape of aa labor view with Walla Brigbaa, who haa recently beea pardoned by Precldent Harrtaoa and who was confined aa aeeouBt of theft and deserting from Com pea y F. Twelfth Infantry, at Per Llacola. Neb. m - h jrrwva m m su oa earth aad that a convict la euajeet to ail klad . .-. -" j uoee no rooetve a BOB credit at tbe capital, and nrhea Got. Memaaa Tuaikal ohilhwtii, a.. . . - iitaiama wore saffleleat to warrant the appointment of aa ta- uvaiaiiim n np in in ta a e rati w Hm kIH t. n.K T - . - pruraoij require careful watching, and being coavieiea ? theft hie cteAemeate ahoaid aot be received a true. -It i a attempt at sensatioa." said th Governor, "and a poor attempt La my optaioa A MEW QUESTION TO BETTLE. Caaub. . J., March 25. Aa latereotta, qaectloa Is raised la a eoateat begaa tav4ay Tr th eleeUoa at Sehoel Trustee ta the heroagh ef Calaalhorst, Camden Couaty, Last Tadaj aight Th icUoa was hM aadi ta aw aehMl tew allowlag waavea t tsm la ?-Joy- Ot th ft Tte eaa. 14 war e-Pf"1 br woeoea. aad tea pipette flteer fUd f the womca. i wr foretga bora, t rot oa their husbands' aataraUsauea Pejsxra. C. J. Hayeoek. Preekteat ef th Merwea-h Comml leeere. -we f ta xeee eaadidaho. aad he ta begaa a eoT-tt a ta ground that lx ferelgw-oora wcbb te Ulegaily. He elatras that a w &, ferelga bora, mast have beea aatnraH! to b ante to Twte. Th qaaettoa I aai to b a av law 11m to Jrr OeBSrei, Ateedtsc aa o imm. roua traia. Jlo i Pyaimaa cBjpmeat ao usao u Sla, tAe t i

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