The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1953 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 2, 1953
Page 7
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MONDAY, FEB. 2, 1953 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Ike's Formosa Order Will Give Blessing to Commando-Like Raids By JAMES MARI.OW WASHINGTON IJf, _ president Elsenhower reportedly will tell the U. S. Seventh Fleet to let the Chinese Nationalists on Fomiosa attack the Chinese Communist mainland. This would not prevent the fleet from blocking any attempt Invasion. t Such n White House older to the fleet would be official blessing to something which has been going on anyway for more than a year on a small scale: While Chiang Kai-shek's main body of troops Is on Formosa his forces have been malting commando - like raids on the- mainland from 30 islands off China's coast. Even with the fleet pulled aside It's doubtful,Chiang could increase the size of such raids for some lime. His delcgale lo the United Nations, Dr. T. P. Tsiang, says large-scale-operations against tiie mainland could not be made for n year or two, and Ihey could be done then only with American help. At the same time an Associated Press reporter on Formosa wrote over Ihe week end that (he Communists ot present do not appear capable of invading Formosa, which is separated from the mainland by 90 miles of water. He said they could make air raids on the island and that Chiang, who has some planes, could no the .same to them. And (lie Nationalists who have some small boats, could help the U. S. blockade the Chinti ^(Coast If a . blockade should be undertaken. On Formosa Chiang has at the most 600,000 troops, not all of them ready or equipped for a full invasion of the mainland, He probably couldn't attempt it, when ready, without U. s. help. The unanswered question, even with the Issuance of a While House order lo the fleet, Is the unpredictable 'one: How deeply can Chiang get Involved In fighting the Chinese Communists without getting the U. S. more deeply Involved? The most Immediate effect of this reported first, get-tough effort of the Eisenhower administration may be more psychological than nnyfhtng else. It will give the Chinese Communists, who have been concentrating their forces and attention on Korea, something else to worry about. Since they Han't know whether this is Just the first of a series of American moves to end the Korean War, they can't tell where the next will hit them, The purpose of this, or any series, of-simitar decisions, would be to put pressure on the Communists to quit fighting. When the North Korean Communists invaded South Korea in June Jt,1950—no doubt with the'help and ^"blessing of the Chinese and Russian Communists — no one knew where they would strike nexl. So when he decided the U. S. should Intervene on the side of the South Koreans, former President Truman announced: "I have ordered the Seventh Fleet to prevent any attack on Formosa. As a corollary to this action I am calling upon the Chinese government on Formosa to cease all air «nd sea operations against the mainland. Tiie Sei'cnlh Fleet will see that this is done," But that was at a lime when Communist China had not yet itself intervened in the Korean War. Since then Chiang's men may not have made raids on the mainland from Formosa but have from islands near the China coast. Whether or. not the figures arc reliable, the Nationalists claimed that in the 12 months eliding last October their hit and run raids against Communist China had inflicted 41,727 casualties and enabled ttiem to capture 3,025 prisoners. The Formosa palrol of the Seventh Fleet, whether or not Eisenhower issues his expected order, has not been a complete blockade. The warships do not patrol the Formosa Straits daily. For months they have been making infrequent runs In the waters between Formosa nnd the Chinese mainland. Navy Trains Pilots for Big Transport BURBANK, C'nJif. HP) — sixteen Navy pilots and flight engineers began a three-week course today on how to fly the Navy's new ocean-hopping transport, the R7V1. The Navy said the program at the Lockheed Aircraft Corp. here marks the ,most. extensive . initial flight training 'on a new plane to be conducted by a plane-producing company at the point of manufacture. The H7V1, a military version of the Super Constellation on order by 13 commercial airlines, has n speed officially listed as "approaching 4CO m.p.h." First delivery of the military craft for operational use is scheduled for early April. Maj. Eisenhower Back' in Korea SEOUL m— Maj. John Eisenhower returned to 'the Korean battle zone today after watching his father Inaugurated as president. Voung Eisenhower cut short his leave • — ordered by former President Truman — to return lo the U. S. 3rd Infantry, In which he Is an Intelligence officer, x FAMILY TIES?—Lilllc Marcus Diaz, 3'4, left, and Dennis Diaz, i\2, bound at ankles and wrisls with thick shoe strings are shown as police found them in the back of an auto at Santa Rosa Calif Police said lhal Mrs. Helen Sascbo, their guardian aunt, told Ihem mJIu. - been in a dclllist ' s office f °r several hours, and said, What do you want them to do, run in the street?" The boys were larfen lo the juvenile detention home, pending investigation. Mystery on the High Seas, Chief Steward of Steamer Disappears SAN DIEGO. Calif. W'j — Disap- pearasce and probable murder of the chief steward aboard a freighter now aground In Mexican waters provided a sea mystery today. Radio reports from the ship's Veep Anxious But Not Scared In TV Debut WASHINGTON Wj—"Not scared . . . but anxious," Alben W. Barkley made his debut last nigh't as a professional news commentator on the NBC television network. The former vice president twiddled with his thumbs but there was no hint of uncertainty in his voice, instrument of thousands of speeches in his 75 years. Without script, he rolled off stories and quips. Appearing with him on the first of a planned series of weekly 18- mlnute programs called "Meet Ihe Veep" was the veteran commentator Earl Godwin. '' ' ; Barklcy's ortry comments on current affairs were a prediction that the Korean War would be ended satisfactorily and a pica that the Democratic party give President Eisenhower a chance to fulfill his campaign promises. BUTANE.... FOR BETTER TRACTGR POWER O I , LheJ Tractor & Engine Performance At It 7 s Best! ' iRJtore power, less repairs, less oil, less failures, longer ^life no carbon or crank case dilution and still cheaper [(than any other motor fuel and better too: ' Have your present tractor, cotton pickers, and grain combines changed to butane power. Order your new tractor for butane or have it converted. L.P. Gas Equipment has proven better and cheaper in the long run with balanced performance plus a safe and neat installation. Ask your tractor dealer or the farmer who owns one, for detailed information. WEIS BUTANE GAS CO. Century and Ensign Carburetion master, at least those made public by the Coast Guard and the owners, gave only enough detail to make the case a pimler. Caul. H. T. Hallman of. the 438- foot S3 Falrhope reported that the steward disappeared Gome time Thursday night. The ship left San Pedro, Calif., at 1:30 p.m. Thursday en route from Yokohama, Japan, to Mobile, Ala., by way of the Panama Canal. The skipper said there was blood in the steward's quarters, indicating foul play. An owner's representative in Los Angeles fiald there was no known indication of an accident or suicide. Tiie ship Is owned by- Waterman Steamship Corp., of Mobile, Ala., whose' president, , Capt. Norman Nicholson, identified the missing steward as Carl Thurmond of Sibley. La. . The Fairhope went aground. Friday night on one of the San Bcnito Islands 270 miles south of here In Mexican waters. The Coast Guard reported its crew of about 40 was in no danger, since the ship was in shaltow, cairn water protected by a cove. The Coast Guard cutler Morris and a salvage tug. the Viking, out of San Pedro, got there yesterday. PAGE SEVEN Eisenhowers Join Church In Washington WASHINGTON WiJThe National Presbyterian Church has two prominent new members — President and Mrs. Dwight D. Elsen- hower. The presidential couple were imong 50 persons admitted ycs- :erday to the Connecticut Avenue :hnrch where they worshiped In past years. The Fiev. Edward I,. R. Elson, church minister, said Eisenhower was unable to Join a church before because he "has moved from one Army post lo another" In his military career. The President Is "a man of simple faith, who Is sincere In his religious doctrine," Dr. Elson added. Train Derailed Near Magnolia MAGNOLIA (/!>)—Wreckage of 17 demolished cars of a Colton Belt Railway freight train today was being cleared from railroad tracks about 10 miles south of here. G. s. Gundy of Pine Bluff, Cotton Belt official, said the train derailed early yesterday at the 54th car of the 82-car (lain. Cause of the derailment was not known. No one was injured in the derailment, which lore up about 60 feet of track. The tracks were cleared of tlio wreckage yesterday afternoon and traffic was resumed about 4 p.m. Special Investigator Joe Feather- some said It would tuke about five days to clear the debris from the track sidings. Nurses Saluted SEOUL </p>—Gen. James A. Van Fleet, retiring Eighth Army commander, today saluted the Army Nurse Corps on its 52nd anniversary for "your magnificent achievements." . Read Courier News Classified Ads. 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Addressing more than 1,200 movie capital Catholics nt the second an-1 nual communion breakfast of the' Hollywood film industry .yesterday, | Los Angeles' new cardinal said: j "There Is loo much glamorizing i of that whicli is wrong and sometimes 11 Is deliberately done. Glamorizing evil over virtue never succeeds. When an Individual of evil repute Is glamorized the effect Is the same. "In your industry we sec signs of recognition of these facts. May the I influence of your work continue.' Lorella Young spoke for (he Industry. "We are All sinners," she said, "and the big difference among sinners Is' lhat some are sorry. Our (rue billing will be made In Ihe front office of heaven, and If we were to get a sneak pi eview we might be In for Quite a ,'olt." (CREOMULSION\ ^Z ,i* all you need 1 T for your cough \ When your cold gels inlo your throat and chesl nnd cougli develops, wort fast. Creomuhion relieves quickly because it: 171. 1. Soothes raw sore throat and chtst membianes. 2 '"hlc'm" and he ' PS " PCl 8Crm>l 3. Mildly relaxes systemic tension •». A.cts nature fight the c.iuse of irri- lation. 5 '«'cr S '°°' 1 ' he '"' "' mi "' c " 1! o' will' TV* n '" SCd or >'°" r d ™8Sisl will refund your money. for the COURIER NEWS in Osceola, caH BILLY BEALL, 567-M Public AUCTION Sale THURSDAY, FEB. 5lh-Kew Madrid. Mo. |We Will Sell at Public Auction at our Building, Highway 61, New Madrid Mo [Thursday, February 5, at 10:00 a. m., Rain or Shine, the Following Equipment' 18 TRACTORS INCLUDED IN SALE IT 1 A IJ 11 » T r 1 n i n -** t -. 1 — M FAKMALL — 1948 Model ]—M FAKMALL — 1!M8 Model ]—iW FAKMALL — Jfllfi Model ]—M FARMALL — 1MB Model I — ill FARMALL — 1915 Model T—M FARMALL — 1<H7 Model 1—M FARMAI,L — ]<)t5 Model 1—M FARMAU, — 1!M1 Model 1—C FARMALL — 10 IS .Model 1—C FARMALL'— I'MS Model '—C FARMAU, — MI51 Model 1—H FARMALL With Cultivator 1—I! FARMAU, Wilh Cultivator 1—F-20 FARMAU, With Cultivator ]—F-20 FARMAU, With Cultivator ]— FERGUSON T R A C T 0 K Wilh Cultivator Dusters 1—W-C ALMS CHALMERS W i t h Cultivator & liuslers 1—AVERY TRACTOR Wilh Cultivator 3—M4'I8 -i-Row CULTIVATORS for ill Farmall 2—C251 CULTIVATORS for C Farm- all 2—2-Row CULTIVATORS for H & M Farmall 2—1IM 210 CULTIVATORS for H& M Farm a 11 2—HM 2:!S CULTIVATORS for H& ill Farmall 2—HM 221 CULTIVATORS for H& M Farmall 2—I-H Tli fi'/j Fool DISCS 2—I-H IDA 7 Fool DISCS MP^BHKB^^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H MISCELLANEOUS IMPLEMENTS' 1—I-H 10A 8 Foot DISC 1—!-H 9A fi Fool DISC 5—DUNHAM 7 Foot DISC i—I-H IflU 8 Foot DISC 1—John Deere 7 Fool DISC 1— .John Dccrc 7 Foot DISC 1—Case 7 Fool DISC 1 • 1—Durham fi Foot DISC 1—'-II 125 SI'V COMUINE — 1050 s .Model 1—12-A John Deere COMUINE 1—HI — -12 COMH1NE 1—Woods Brothers CORN PICKER 1—HI Nn. I — 212 PLOW 1—HUME PICKUP KKEL FOR 125-SI 1 COMBINE J— J.OI7 KB-33/.I Ton INTERNATIONAL PICK-UP TRUCK I— SKRVEL GAS REFRIGERATOR 1—in.3fl BUICK CAR 1—M Foot WO I. V ERINE BOAT & TRAILER With 22 H.r. KVIN- TUIDE MOTOR AUCTIONEERS COL. LENXIE BECK COL. JOK Mc- CORI); CLERK: WOODROW BECK 3—III No. S — 212 PLOWS 1—Ailis Chalmers No- •! — 211 PLOW 2—(;-2!>5 PLOWS for C Farmall J— Oliver 1-Bottom 1 ( Inch PLOW -—III — 21 I 1'LOW —111 — ,11,| PLOW —HI — 212 PLOW — HI — 3.Botlom DISC PLOW —HI I-Row CORN BINDER —HM !)fi PLANTER 2—.John Deere TEAM PLANTERS —HM 100 PLANTER —Team WAGON And BED i^IW_ TERMS OF SALE: Items Selling For S300.0.0 Or More, Terms Can lie Arranged. Above Hems Are Subject To Prior Sale. W. L Ramsey Equipment Co. HIGHWAY 61 AT NEW MADRID JUNCTION

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