The New York Times from New York, New York on May 10, 1902 · Page 14
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 14

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 10, 1902
Page 14
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14 THE NEW YORK TDIES. SATURDAY, 1XAY 10. 1002. BI THE BE AL ESTATE FIELD Upper Eighth Avenus Block Front Sold Other Dealings by Broker v '-:1V; .. .' and' at' Auction.;:.;;' ''-.T Reports current yesterday relative to the establishment of a new dry arooda store on the McAlpin estate's property t Broadway and Thirty-fourth Street, are referred to In another column. '. .- j ; Millard Velt has sold for Adler St Herr-xnan to Jacob Bauman the seven five-story brick flats, occupying the entire block front on tho west side of Eighth Avenue, between One; Hundred and Thirty-ninth . and One Hundred and Fortieth Streets. '" S. Osgood Pell A Co. have sold f or "Sena tor Chauncey .M. Depew to Simon H. Stern the four five-story, flats, 12 to .18 - East Eighty-eighth Street, on plot 100 by 100.8. The pjice is said to have been about 8250,-000. - - . -: ' ' ' . . ' . Frederick Zittel' bas sold , for Mrs. Ann Xuf f y to a , client the four- to ry brown-stone-front dwelling.' ; with extension, 12 IWeat Seventieth Street. 20 by 60 by 102. D. D. Brandt has sold for. Robert Wallace to a client the1 five-story American and First Street, 17 by 100.11. Miles & Heifer have sold for George 8L Bhuits to Arthur R. Wilson the four-story brownstone-front - dwelling -162 West One Muowra auu . j. wenty-tuxm Direei, in oy 100. : The same brokers hare also leased ;., the house for the new owner for .a term of -. tnree years.' - : -: - - A. I Mordecal & Son have sold for Henry 1 .FelUand William IL Livingston to an Investor the five-story -business building 61 CUtt Street, 2T by 84 by 20 by 82. The same firm also negotiated the recently reported ssie of 38, 40, and 42 West Forty-fifty Street, for George W. Stetson. The buyer -of the latter plot will erect thereon ev twelve-story apartment hotel from plana by Tracy A Swartwoul- . jacoo f-iniceisteiir. jn conjunction with A. Etfenbein, has sold for Hulda Wlttner to a client, the seven-story double flats. 814 and Sl East Fifty-aecond Street. - Sidney H. Herman has no Id the two five-' story flats lob and 108 West One Hundred and Twelfth Street, each 2(1.8 bv 100.11. C H. MeCartin has sold to Mrs. Annie D. Smith the four-story dwelling 1,323 Madison Avenue,- 20 bv 74. between Ninety-third mitiA iiiurij-iuui III onveu, - Lowenfeld Prager have sold to the Hungarian Reformed Church the dwelling ..121 luaat Seventh Street, 22 by t7.6. Barnett & Co. have sold for Hattfo Hell the three-story brownstone-front dwelling 5' East One Hundred and Twenty-seventh Street. 20 by 90.11. . - -It ta reported that CharlM Bnlntnr tna. nought the two five-story flata 117 and lltt East Seventy-seventh Street. 50 by 102.2. . R. 1. Brown's Sons have sold for Louise f BundKteln to James J. Smith the two-story &m !wenin 1.884 Fulton Avenue, on plot I DV -c rTi Charles E. Duross has sold for D. Sylvan Crakow to Edward Bohde the dwelling S13 . Kant Fourth Street. 20 by 73l e.iv. Mcvjuay co. bave sold for J. H. Jones the three-story two-fsmiiv , rr.m. dwelling 114 Woodycrent Avenue. SS by loo The lease of 225 snd 227 Fifth Avenue, fsrt of the old Hotel Brunswick property, to F. A. W ahl covers a term of seventeen nd ond?JX. J""-1" sn annual rental of about 820.000. Mr. Wahl will convert the building Into a bachelor apartment house, with a. restaurant on the lower floors. James Stanton Is the buver of 4 White Broadway. ...... William H. Folsom announces that he has removed ht office. t a tto t .i;7 Street. z; -..-wuui Results at Auction. Yesterday's offerings In the Trinity Building salesroom resulted as follows: M .',.' ,By William M. Ryan. - CO East One Hundredth Street, south side. l4-?. we8t of pTk Avenue, 25 by 100.11. five-story brick flat: foreclosure , sale, to Uw plaintiff. F. A. O. Schwars. .121.000 .' - . runup Co. 837 and 839 East One Hundred and Seventieth Street, north side, 164 feet weat V of rranklin Avenue. 60 by 169. two two- ' " ' story frame dwellings; foreclosure sale. ... A th.'f ft I... Yir ... . . suranc Company , g,soo THE BCILDUO DEFABTHSXT. k , Llat ef Plana riled for Hew gtraetares . aaa Alteratlaas. Noe. 227 and 229 East Forty-fourth ' Street, for a five-story brick storage building, eo by W; VT. Baumgrta of 24 Rlvemlde Drive, owner; . Iia.umgartn of 15 East Eighty-first Street, architect: cost. I2S.00O. . - - , Nos. is and is icast Eleventh Street, for a nlne- Piorr on notei. T by 93.H; U. Wertheim of ' II EterenUi Street, owner; U Korn of 11 lS.fKrt oime i, arcoitect; cost. Seventy-fifth. Street, north side. 125 feet west ii. L .. . t-Mjt-r on oweiiings. owner; U. Bernstein of 111 Broadway, arcbi- ' .- Elffhth Avmiiu anil n.. TT .. 1 a . . . . : - i . uiu r vt una Street, southeast corner, for a six-story brick tetMment. 100 by 8T.; H. E. Webster of 610 "tt est One Hundred and Twenty.fourth Street. " 01 west cms Hundred and Twenrv-firth at i-..t . ... .LJr t.ieventh Avenue, west side. Fifty-eighth and Firiy-nlnlh 1 Streeta for a one-story brick power bouse 202.6 by 6ST; Kspld TransJt SubwarCon- .- w wvi.a&w.v. ujai. ajxnuu. mha AMatdnd and Thirty-first Street, north Z. ' . . t - " r iria Avenue, ror a six-story hrirk flat. 60 by sail: It M of 69 West One Hundred and Twelfth Street. v ISWs wv - - . Alterations. ' : : ' SeventMifitfi fit .M..w -1 - , Tri.k.i. . 7 iw im west of 11 2r " . . ... """i. arcaiiect; cost. First Street, north mA m ..''. JV oor.n, Wleh .SSS. 8t sertb de. 175 feet west coril7M0 ""--rr wick acbool; -.22-',rtn,:l .Bd Eighty-fifth Street, north- Vr-t'j. " " v-swry orica scoool; cost. v.Th'rty-JIh Street, north side. 124 feet east of i-i ti 77. ... yr-"ry ones scnool; cost. JlT 5r f-t .wen io-T ii rSrt w " r- one acnooi; Avntls. A Skaistf saMa. iilss. - -st-1 .. Z.ZZaBr . ve-.oryriS StreV STT,,-JS.r!? -'!?rt'' ?Prtn Tw-ntr-rd Strorth JdTl36.Tfeerweel Of Second Avenue, to s , . JiTt wi8.if!f,-JirrJ2;t",l Hundred anj Itv kXXi - Z:. iVX TOr- a rour- 'T?2,KtyK'f5?JIl? ft.81- I0"" '" T3 feet cut co t. ix.v " wur-wy ones, school Twentieth r-.r Mutt, -xa- . OMtTeTSoT . ,fUWT. DncK school; A?t,J: ?- ? ' threUtory' brick J. i. tf'.T' ? i'r, oacci, premises. Owner Set"?- L sU05 rteSk BlreVarSw: 1 Wfst Fifty-first Street, to a four-stery w'ns: T. Thscher of 21 West Fm7 f rst Street, owners Tracy A Swartwout of 130 Ilfth Avenue. architecU: cost, . No. 14 West Brosdwav tn. . Wts. with store; K. M. RuchlnaMs of Jerser ' City, owaer; C. H. McAfee of a SrotCawr architect; cost. 11.200. raway. ro. 148 West Houston Street, to asthrea-stnrv S2sta5rs?,B WUn ,torf: Flow efuTo"5 i "s owner; stcuvaine a Tucker of IB Liberty 6treet. architects; eost. 81.200. N?;. Mscdougal Street, to a three-story brick dwe lin with store: N. Low estate, owner; 1 llvsine Tucker, arch It eels: cost, t!) . No. 1M East Plxty-second Street, to a four-atory brick dweiKng; F. K. Cnrtl-. tmbrSge Hotel, owner: O. A. Freeman of 6ud Fifth Ave. sue, architect: cost. 85,000. luio Jive- . N? 640 JHfth Tnu three-story brick dwelling; Oeorge W. Tanderbllt, premises, owner; Hunt A Hunt of 28 East Twenty-first Street, architects; eost, 5Moo. . Nos. o and 40S Emit Fifty-ninth Street, to two four-story brick tenements; O. Abendsbelra ef 150 East Ninety-second Street, owner J Fptndler of 8,300 Third Avenue, architect: enet! 9v. .'. No. 123 East Thirty-sixth Street, to a' foar-. sory brick bulMlng; Mrs. W. H. Draper of IS V est Eighth Street, owner; C. M. Kent. Jr.. of 7 Fourth Avenue,, architect; eost. $1 200 Fifty-eighth Street, north side, 60 feet east of MadOton Avenue, to. a one-story brick storage bulldlnir; J. D. Crimmlns of 40 East Sixty, elshth street, owner: J. H. Friend of US Alexander Avenue, arcbtte4; cost. 1400. - Nos. 44 and 4 Rutgers Street.-to two flve-elory brick tenements, with stores: I. Sprung of .1.2 cm rourtn street, owner; Base a Small-, beieer of 23 Park Row, architects; cost. 13,000. , No. 147 West Fortieth Street, to a four-story brick but Mint., with store; Z. M. Diane of 248 - West Forty-fourth. Street, owner; J.- B. Frank-"lia rf 136 Broadway architect; net. gSJMO. . ; REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. la the following list " mtg " stsnds for roort-gase and R 8 " for revenue sUmps. , The war revenue law, aa amended, provides that a 25-eent stamp shall be placed oa sll conveyances where the ronstderstlon or valne exceeds fZSOO and is under $3,000. ,, Twenty-five cenU additions! Is required for each 8-o of consideratioa over $3,000. : This " ConaideraUoa " has beea held to naeaa oWy the equity, above the mert- gaga, except in rare cases where the purchaser assumes payment of the mortgage. The amount of the mortgage plus $2,500 plus 10(0 times the value of the revenue stamps on the conveyance should therefor show the true conslderattoa for aU properties over $2,500 in value. " . . . ; . ' ' - . Friday.' slay . ; .s' AM8TERDAM IV, t v corner of 107th St, 60.7x100; August Flnck and wife to -S ln Schwarswaider. iaS g9. j mtsj AVKNUK B"io5"ioT,and V6s.aVeor- ; ner of 7th St; Abraham Slegel and . wife to WUllam Cohen , and others, ' all title 1,600 BATHGATE PLACE. (172d SU.) a s, 185 ;.. ft n w of Washington Ar, 5 ft to Van-' derbllt Av x 26: Henry Hunacke to Clsra E. Mapea, (R S $1.60). ............ 100 BOWER V, e a. 125 ft n of Rivlnaton St. i 25.1101. 6x irregular; Francis J. Schnugc to Usther A. Wheaton. (& S $6.). ail - liens - 1 BltOADWAT, n e corner of Baring St. 23.3x100x23.9x100, with strip on east; Eeah Bottenwleeer to Provident Savings ' . 14fe Assurance Society o( New. Tors.' 8.. R 8 S66.26) ..... 7T 1 BROOK AV, OW). e a, 20.8x111.5x11120.4: Philip J. McCook. referee, to Adolf Wolff. (R 8 $8.25) TT:..... 19.000 CEDAR ST. 66. a s. 22x71.8x22x71.10; Eugene Smith to the Mutual Life Insurance Osmpany, (R S $145) .1. 1 CHERRY ST. n w Comer of Montgomery - Bv 23.3x90.9x23.4xfta.10: Charles Folks -lo5. Tolas, (R g 13.75.) H part 1 CLINTON AV, n w corner of Fairmont Place. 25x100; Clinton Av, w a 60, ft n of Fatrmount Plaoe, 60x100; Robert Ros-ers to Charles For bach, (R 8 $1)..." . 1 EAST BROADWAY. ISO. a, 23x75; Issao Raffel to Samuel J. Bllberman. (R 8 $5. mtg $17. oito) ...... .j., ........... r. 1 ELDRIDGE STj110, e a, SS.2x87.ex38.3g -87.6; Simon 6haplro te Louis Oahlnsky, -tmtg 120.2S0. R 8 $9.25)..,.. 1 FA1RMOUNT PLACE, n s, 100 ft w of Clinton Av,- 70x200; Robert, Rogers to rora Kscn. R 8 25cl... 1 GREEN LANE or Av. a a, 44 ft s of 6th SL lflxlOOl Henrv V. Klth referee to the executors and trustees of David ' ! Carll 2,000 GREENWICH ST, 489. e s. 22x90: United , States Trust Company -of New York, as : executor, to Ambrose K. Ely, (R 8 $3.60 ' 9.700 JEROME AV. e s, at a boundary line, .'. Village of Mount Eden, rum n e 241.9 to s s of Belmont Still .200 to w S -; of Townsend Av x a 14.9x a w 802: Ar-' thur W. Saunders to Chelsea Realty - Company. tR S 25c ntf $8,9)0)... "' 100 JONES AV, a e corner of Belmont Av, ; 241.9x302.8 to Townsend Av Xl4.9x2o0;' i " Fanford H. Steele, executor," to Arthur W. Saunders, 2-1 part, (R 8 $3.75). i ,916' JONES AV a e corner of Belmont Av, 1 241.0x302.8 to Townsend Av xl4.9x200;j m Samuel Cohen to Arthur W. Saunders, V ' l- Part, R 8 $1.25)......... ..4.968 LEXINGTON AV. s w corner of tots Rt. 18x75: Rachel Spere to Minna Spero, , LEXINGTON AV, 948, w s. 20x78; Beatha' f Mlllward. executrix, to Mary B-iPayn tr. (R S $5. mtg $7,600).....'...,..,... 100 LEXINGTON AV. 959. w a. rx78; Henry Steers and another to Mary B. Payntar, l Ot 8 $8. 75).. ! - 1 LOT 21. map of TVlUlain F. Duncan, i ' Wllllam'-fHridge! Hattie L. C Dalley. administratrix, to Ralph HIehox. B. 4t S. 150 LOT 68, map of William " F. Duncan. 1 j William's Bridge; Hattie L. C. Dalley, J,j administratrix, to Addle M. Hunt, B, A .. "" B.- .....t. ...... ......... 350 LOT 48. map of William F. Duncan, j William's Bridge; Hattie L. C. Dalley. '! : ; admlBlstratrrx. to TUlia Plnckney, B. ' LOT 102, -map of Lott O. ilunt estate; i, , : William H. Bweny to WlnnlefordGarvey. 1 LOTS A, ' B, C, D. E, and F. map of ? . William F.- Duncant William's- Bridge;. ' : . Hattie L. C. Dalley, administratrix, to r. William J. Edwards, a S,.,.I 650 LrDLOW ST. 17. w a, 26x88.5; Max : . Cohen and another te Isaac EL Selke- Vlts. R 8 $4. mtg $22.B00j........... , 1 MADISON AV. 1.7H2. w s, 26x86; Benja- J - mln Freeman and wife to Isaac Samuel- I son. (R S 60c. mtg 124.500) : 100 OGDEN AV; s e corner of Kemp Place, - 100x90: Maria J. K. Cooke to Ralph O. - Ives. (R 8 13).. ; : 1 OGDEN AV, a e corner -of Kemp Place, r 100x90; Ralph ' O, lyes and wife to.-?. James F. nyrnes, (R 8 10.25).'., l . 1 ORCHARD ST. 3H, e a. 25x44. with plot In the rear; . Martin Hakoun to Morris Rose .j....................... ' 1 RIVER8IDB DRIVE. B e corner of 79th , St. 17.4x00.10x17.2x49.8; Thomas F. Don- ' -nelly to Robert F. Hubbard, (R 8 121. 25) ....-. ah nm SILVER ST. n s. 69 ft e of RoseDe -Sr, omxiwi, stary j. uucsei taona x". wen-nlna-er. Imtr ll.bOOk.. .... . : t SOUTH ST. 104. n w corner of Oliver 8t; uoun i.. nsanroucK. rereree, xo eolomon ' K. Kare. R 8 lfl.751 i lannA SOUTH ST. 194 n w corner of Oliver St; rKuomon i- aaye ana WHO to alary " Ehrmann. mt .$13,000) ....-...'...ij..; 1 ST. ANN'S AV. 101; w a. 25x98; Reglne f Ji . Dlnkelsplel to Fannie Levlne, tmtg 13,- I 000. tR 8 $1.25) ........I........;. I1 100 BTLVAN AV. n w a. 207.T ft s w of Or- - i - chard St, 60x100: v Mary Fischer - to 1 Msrkus Kletnberrer : 100 UNION AV. w s. 184 ft a of 162d St. 17a 100; Benjamin. Robltxek to Emit' J. Kraus and another. mtg 12.600) ... . . . . . ,- -. 100 UNION AV. n w corner of lefcth St. 28x 9S.2x28x9o.Si -Minnie Benagar to Frank - ; t Mesger, tmtg 12.600, R 8 12.60) '- 1 1 1ST AV. w s. 25.4 ft s of 112th Be 28.8a ' Irregular to 112th St: Angelo Laiuino to I ' " Carmela -Paladlno." (R 8 $l)ii....i...i iv.fl 1ST AV. 2.213 to 2.219, s w comer of U4th St; Angelo Laurlno and wife to - Car- -mela Paladlno, R 8 19.60.) aU liens... . 1 8D 8T, n s. 2A ft w of 1st Av, 80x48.1 Abraham Sister to Joseph P. Slater. i part. R 8 12.) all liens... ..J: 1 4TH ST, 42 West, 20x36.5;- Marie Kneoht to Fenella Burretl, (R 8 12.75. mtg 1 Jfl.ono) UB00 TTH ST, n a, 200 ft w ot Avenue A, 22x 97.C; Henry K el I us to Hungarian Re-" formed Church. (R 8 75c. mtg HB.nom.. 17.000 13TH ST. n s. 88 ft a of Avenue B, 25x -103.3; Abraham R. Lawrence, referee, to David Cohen. fR 8 IS.Bf 11,000 17TH ST. n s. 223 ft w of 9th Av, 25x92; Benjamin Weissraan to Isaac TepplerJ all liens. j'. ; l tZU ST. a s. 325 ft w of 4th Av. 33.4x98.0; Charles H. Woodruff, executor, to Milton E. Oppenhelmer. R 8 $18.50) ..... . 1 60TH ST. n s. 19.8 ; e of 1st Av. 19.6x , - 80; Peter Schmack. referee. - to Kahn -. - Brothers, R 8 12.75). .. :. . .77.. .... ... 7.700 BD tT.W Wf.t 21 nxlOO.6: Florence M. Harris to William A. Boring and J another , a B3D ST. 65 West. 21.8x100.6; Florence' m! i -Harris,- as executrix, to William A. Boring and another. R S $23.751....... 60 000 BOTH ST. S West. 25x100 6; United SUtea Trust Company, executor and trustee, to Frederick Cromwell. I R 8 $73.75)....,.. 10,000 3D ST. 328 East 25x100.6; Sampson h! . Wetnhander. . referee, . to Lena Olugel. otg $ K 8 75 cents). ,....k..... 2.000 " Aoram oosun Lena Ourgel. (R 8 76c, mtg $14,000).. 1 83D ST. -122 and 324 EsstToOxloO.6; Sampl , son H. Welnhandler. referee, to rn ..... - -. m m Jlirauraam av, 60x100.5: Provident Savings Life - As- ! surance Society of New York to Julius n. fox. h s $w.75).... ..r...77 ; t n8J?' f. S " w ' Lealngion Av. 15 - 102.2; Ida E. P. Clarkson and another 110 OOf" frnche,n- R 8 $1T5. mt PT nV." 112 "ft" a" of 'Coi-imbua' Av. t 1 21x192.2; Walther Lattgen and wife to i'.m'ioX.J;,'choU 82.2X ' . mtg 825,000) . I T9TH ST. s s. 175 ft e of 5th Av. S5x 204.4 to 78th St X Irregular; Maria N. Benedict to J.- C Lrom RniiHir, mA e,Xr,?i,n !!"r. .15 8 "a 238.000 ft. oci owi, 2scivx.2: -Kiias Kemn-BV ," J- Bllbermao. (K 8 IW.50. - mtg llSifrW)... 4. i., S8.S00 86TH ST. 104 WesX 20x99: Cltarlea A. bi Vlv-ler. -executor, to Samuel 8chwab- 8 U12TO Kaplan, (mtg $17,000, R , 111TH ST. a s. 17 ft e of Sth Av. T5x 100.11; Mathllde 8. Sterne and others, executont, to Msx Dan slyer. K 8 $14).. 3a 300 111TH ST. n s. 273 ft e of 8th Av. looi 100.11; 2vlathllde 8. Sterne and-others. exeeutOTH, to Max Danslger.'fR 8 $17.25). 87 000 112TH ST, a a, 186 ftTif 3d Av" 20x4 f . block; Angelo Laurlno and wife to Car-mela Psladlno, R- 8 $X) H part, all , liens , ....... 177.7 . 1 114TH ST, s. 173.9 ft e of 4th Av. 18.9s i loo.ll; Edwin A Isaacs, to Stefaao Greco. mtg 17,000) 1 114TH BT. s s, 173.9 f t e of 4th Av; 18. 9x ' loail; Htefano Greeo ' to Cornelia B. . Smith, (mtg $8.100),.. ..V...7T.".,7. 1 117TH 8T n a, 2T5 ft e of 24 Av, TSs -loo.ll; William ,McA Wiswali and an- .other, executors', to Plncus Lowenfeld and anotaer. R 8 $23.76. mtg $12.0t(0)i. 60.000 125TH ST, 620 West. 27x100.11: Emanuel- . Menllne to Saul Bernstein. R 8 12.75. mtg $23.000) 17.. 100 12TTH ST. 230 - West. . I&tx99: Georre . Rosendals and others to. WUllam M. RfetidtUe. (mtg 18,000)..,.. Tr : 12TTH ST. n a. 218.1 ft w of Park AV; V 19.lox99.ll: Hattie. Hell to - Sedohr 1 ' Rhodes. (R 8 $1.23, mtg $8.600).".... ..." 1 1S4TH ST. s s, 290 ft w of 4th Av. 25x " 99.11; Emily Stalhv to John Keir..,.T7. 1 147TH 8T. S e. 118.9 ft e of 10th Av" 18.9x99.11 : .William Ferguson, as committee, to William Ferguson, (R 8 I ' S.75) 14.000 14HTH ST, 653 East. 25x108.8: Max Marx 1 tft flMAr TrSl Wb7w1 lmisv ( aIUik " aa 148TH ST. 651 Westi'j5xlo.; Frank Raf , mnnq to j,iaor LrsvMisan. tmtc 12.730). Ion 183TH 8T, n s, 224 8 f t e of Gerard Av, 1 w 60x100; Gustav Waegsh, executor, to 1 Simon K. Bernhelmer, .and another.. (R S $1.60) 8,500 . Retordetl '.Leases.' ' BROADWAT. 001: MorrU Gelb to Aaron Llgety, 2 9-13 years. .... ELM ST. 82. w a; Mary .Tpbln to Pat- 8900 1.200 1000 I.T30 l - 1.800 2.200 8,200 4,000 M I Via Likms a, ea jx-amisa. ,..a. ...a..,-J GRAND ST. 254; MlhelU KJUk to Har- r" ssiitTcuisiaa, ytwni, . . , , . . a PARK AV, e s, 23 ft 8 of 129th St; Chsriea V e-AllAsev.Tt4aiaaat A .V. . ew. Hvii'iuwaviivsi VW e 9Y OTlLtni CsX rirtsaTa- Oomnanr lO vmm. ... 1ST AV, t,4W. b comtr o TTtV "fii; jsrxn erKcooa na KiioiiMr, - x3cutorts to lh OermacU. Bnk, 4 yn. $U609 ,v ... ..... ... STH AV,- 2.5SO. a a corner of 13flth St; Cornelius J. Rellly to Hermann MlcheL 6 yesra .,.....; ....J 9TH ST. T East; Henrietta P. Cuming to Helen Pariah, 6 years.'...........,..... 27TH ST. 248 West," Lawrence R. Kerr to tne xtainter company, s 10-12 years. 61STI BT, 840 East: Morris Wetnstela to Nldholaa Perots, 6 years I..MU Recorded Mortgages. Interest ta at 8 per cent., unless otherwise specified. i ;''''".';-'";. AHHHN. Mary, to the Bowery Savings ' , Back; Lexington Av. a e corner of 45th Ht, (5 years, 4 per cent $14,000 AROa LAGOS, Sedohr K. to Hattie Hell; 127th Bt, a s, 214.1 ft. w of . Park Av, ' 2 feara........ LOOO BAYKll, ' Charles "H., and another to ,, 8yKvia A. Grace; Stebblna Av, e a. 383.11 - . ft p of Freeman St, prior mtg $i,OUO, 8 years 850 BAYER, Charles H., and another to New lorn ana nunurnaa co-opera live uuuo- ( and Loan Aasociauon; Btebbins av. - 1 383.11 ft n of Freeman St, Install-ts, $18 monthly, per cent......... 2.000' wiinam ti.; to tne city Trust -Deposit and Suretv Company of Philadelphia: 27th 6t- 449 West, prior mtg $lu.600, (given to secure undertak- ' Inri 1500 BELL. William H., to the Home for In-curables) 27th St. 449 West, 6 years 10.600 BLAKE, Sophia E-, to Jeremiah J. Cam-- . pica; 2tb St, a 100 ft w ot 6th Av, 1 year, per cent. 8.000 BOKtNO, William A., and another to Florence N. Harris; 63d Br, 66 West, due Apfll ao. 106 40,000 BROiADBELT. Geraidlna, to Ferdinand Kia-smaa; 115th St, s s, 75 ft w of Broadway, 1 year, 6 per cent........... 11,964 BROADBELT. Geraidlna, to Isis F. Car-teri executor: 116th St, a a. 75 ft w of Broadway, t mortgages, g years', 4H per -cent, each 75,000 BROCK, Catherine J., formerly Jester, to coime.ia i. Stevens; Z( av, bts, ail title. BURjRELL, -Fenella, to Harris MaadeU baiim and another; 4th Bu 42 West, due jvrfina, a per -cent. 860 Hoi 8,000 BYRI tKES, James F., to Ralph O. Ives; Oadnn Av, s e corner of Kemp Place or win w, aemano. per cent. ..... ...... CAMP. Antoinette, and another to MaggtO 15.00O JUaiy; Lenox A v. 432. prior mur 17.0U0. ' du4 6ept, 19. 1003 1,000 CAMP. Antoinette, and another to the . Franklin Savings Bank; Lenox A v, 432. 1 year. 4 per cent... 7.000 CAMPBELL. John D.. to James 8. Reynold; Fox or Barretto St, w s, 114.8 ft n ot l7th 8L 8 years, S per cent........ 8,000 COHEN, David, to American - Mortgage Company; 13th 8t, a a, 88 ft a of Ave- nurf B, 1 year 10,000 CROMWELL, Frederic, to United States . Trust Company; 6uth St. 8 West, Interest ' ' and! time due as per bond 100.000 DAIT.ER, Phebe, and another to Serial Bunding Loan and Savings Institution; , Tiffany St. e s, 257.2 ft n of l7th 8f, Installments, $13.20 monthly, g per cent. 1.200 DEL rrSCHER SPAR Viib CREDIT . VerMn to Nicolaoa K easier; 42 and 44 "Brrthme St, 1 year, 6 per cent 8,800 DREf SLER, - Carlotta, and another to AnSie K. Bauderdorf; S4th St. s a, 69 - ft i of Id. Av. due May 1, 1906 5.000 ESC9. Dora, to Robert Rogers; Fair-moSnt Place, 100 ft w of Clinton Av, 1 yr. . 1.890 FKJDERMAN, Saul, to Charlotte Hastorf ; . CllSton St. 09, prior mtg $17,000, 1 year. - ' S per cent. 1,000 FEDERMAN, Saul, to Abraham Marks; Clinton St, 09. 6 years....' 17.000 FOHpACH, Charles, to Robert Rogers; Cli ton Av, n w comer of Falrmount - Plate, f years.... 8,010 FOXJ - Julius B., to Joseph L. Butten-wleser; 152 and 164 West 4th St. due Junk 1, 1H02, a per cent 86,000 FOXl Julius B-, to Joseph L. . Butten-wleker; 152 and 164 West 64 Lh Bt, due 1 Junfc 1, ll2. per cent................. 10,000 GAR VET, Wlnnleford. and - another to WiBle L. Brown; Mlanna St, n a 26.g i ft i of, White Plains Road.. Van Nest. 8 ytars, e per cent.... 2,700 GOLDBERG. Samuel, to Ousts V H. - SchWab, executor; A venae D, n w corner . of 4m tit, 3 years. 4 per oent: 44,000 OOLTbUERG. Samuel, to Tobias Silver- ' stoae; Avenue D, n w corner of 4th ' . nt. prior mortgage S44.000, Installments, 3 y art, per cent..... GOK XN.- James B., and wife to Mary Plu ikett: 165th St, , 20.4 ft a of Inter, ale Av. 8 years. 6 per cent.... ORE 'O, Stefano, to E. Wales Saitta; -1141 It St. a s, 173.9 ft e of 4th Av. prior moi igage $7,000. due May L 1903, 8 per cent GKE CNWOOD, Moses, to the J4ew Tor It . Acsldemy of Medicine; Avenue B, w a, 216 ft a of 161st BU 6 rears. 4H Der 8,000 2.400 1.100 ) cen 18,000 Gt'R ;EU Lena, to Grace K. Moore; 3d St. S22 and 328 East: Avenue D. 66 and . .' 67. prior mtg $9,000, tnatallmenta. 3 yea a. S per cent. 10,000 GT'R 5EU Lena, to Walter J. Moore; S3d -, St. 322 to 32a East; Avenue D, 60 and ' 67. prior mtgs 110.000, . Installments, 1 y sr. 8 per cent '. ' 800 GlTR J EL. Lena, to Alexander - Ullman. - 63d Bt, 822 to 828, prior. mtgs $56,000, 4 ntrs. S years, 6 per cent., each..'.... 1.500 BAR -MAN. Edith C, and another to An- i son R. Flower; 318 Riverside Drive, frit r mtg $46,000, Installmenta, about Hi years 11.800 JACI SON. Emma A., to Theodore Haas; Jenrae Av. e a, 211.1 ft a of Mount ' Hoi e Place, now Morris St. 8 years. . ... 8,600 JACC BS, James, to the East River Sav- ... ingi Institution; Rlvlngton St. n s, 75 ft w w' .,r:hrd. 8t rears. 4 per cent 16,000 KA11 N, Amelia, and another to the EquU table Life Assurance Society; 60th Bt. ' f, JF!f du JB ,u05 H Per cent. 7,000 KAH ft, Gerraaan, and others to the Mut- nal Life Insurance Company; 60th St, ' . ' ' n s 19.8 ft a of 1st Av. 1 years, 4H per r - cen .7. . 8.000 KA1J AN, Isldor. to William Buhler; ' 10(. h St. 156 West. 8 years..... 4.600 KAY -i Solomon L., to Charles E. Apple- r by md another, trustees; South 8t, 1S4. ' ' " ' 8 years.. ,.; 18008 KLEtNBERGER, - Markua. to Mary ' - Fix her: Sylvan Av. a w a n f ft w - of Orchard St. 1 year. - per cent..... KRAI'S. Emu 4.. to Benjamin Robltxek; J'nJP" Av. w n. 184 ft a of Kelly or 1628 St. 3 years , LOWENFELD. Plncus. and another to Henrietta Kahn; 117th St. n a. 270 ft a . of 11 Av. 1 year. per cent ...... LOWENFELD, Plncus, and another to Ifeiirietta Kahn; 11th BC 224 and 220 EaV due May 1. 1S04. 6 per ornt METKGER, Frank, to the City Mortgage Company; Union Av, a w corner of iath St. demand. 6 per cent OSHINSKY, Loula. to David Kldanxtrv 850 2,500 8,000 8.000 1.800 anl another: Eldridge St, 112 and 114. 1 month. per cent.... ,..'..... 4L00O OSHINSKY, Louis, to American Mortgage . Company; Klirklge St. 112 and 114. 1 yeof 30.QM OSHINSKY. Loula to American Mortgage Company; EWrldge St, 112 and 114, 1 f yei. A per cent 4 000 OVEkBECK, John, to the Bowery Sav- . tnrs Bank; Columbus Ar. Ml to 607. n corner of 87th St, 66 and 67. 1 year. Tier cent.- , 57 000 PAYNTAR. Mary B.. to Title Guarantee and Trust Company;- Lexington A v. 944 to 5o. i year. 4 per cent. 88.000 ROGERS, Charles F.. to Dlmoclr tt Fink . Company; 142d St. 506 to 60S West, due J"1 1. 1908, DotM 7,000 i-iinct j., -to tne Title Insurance Conpany: St. Lake's Place, a a, 123.8 ru a or Hudson St. 5 years, 4 per cent..... 8.600 ROS CNDALE. William MV te Title Guiirantee and Trust Company; 127th St. 2.10 West. 8 years. 4 per cent 8,000 ROS !NKRANTZ. Davis, to John Katsl matt: Hh Bt, 7 and 740 Kaat prior . atf $32,000. rerecorded. 8 years. 8 per 10.000 RUSSELL. George P.. to William H. Faroe; J2th Av. centre line, 105 ft north ofjeentre line of 183d 8k i year, 8 per 800 RUTH. Samuel J.. and another to Dud lev 8. Uiarde: Madiaoa Av. 99th St. building loan, prior mtg S89.- 0orJ due Deo. 7.1002. a nr .t 3.500 8AUKDER8. Arthur W.. to Bmnford M Steele, trustee: Jerome A v m Of Belmont Sr 1 veara ill n 8AUNDERS. Arthur W.. to Sanford'n' 4.200 Stefle. trustee: Belmont Av, s w corner of Townaena Av 9 . . aiL 8AUKDER8. Arthur W.. to r&nford H 1.700 Steele: Jerome Av. e a inn r. Belmont Av. 2 veara in n HV.IUvvn-7 T..I. xj ' 7 4V1."L -: 8.000 anrSher; 17 Ludlow St, prior mtg S2Z60O. EILHERMAN, Samuel J., to Ellas Kemp. ji S1',81. 8 East, due Jan. L 1903.7 8PEB.0. Mmha, to the American Savings 8.600 T.500 ; xxuigton av. s w comer of 102d ' 1; 1' . . ............... 10.000 SPERO. Minna, to Louis D. Levy; Lex- - wrt A tm 000 - " -- -a., w w ixvrner ni una hi iirtA, SHlix,B EROFR. Lea ni-" 'mA ' mt'kll '11 1,000 AvmM nnmi mn BL j ow ana 711 Kast. 1 yv-ar. S ner oent .. vnnt-i t-1 . . . '"' -' '.000 . T ".".i avt amnn; ITatn I'-T?7 ?H 8 per cent.............. 8.800 V9tL lo August Amain'riioth VSL1 'MRi SoPh'e. to John"Roberteoi; We it End Av. w a 63.8 ft n of JOlst St. 1 year, S per cent VOJ.S.MER Sophie, to William Gammle; 2,500 2,000 .. w a, si.o ii a ox joist Bt. 1 year, 8 per cent...... 8.000 Asslflnments of Mortgages. - txmis n., to Marun waiter...... B?JLETT" Julia A., to Arthur J. Lin- BOG gRT. Stephen O."," trustee "to the Trtie Gnarantee and Trust Company CARTER. Edward B. L., executor, to Aal na IB. Carter....... EMAKCEU aolomon. executor, to Wair renhj. Sammla - . OAYltOR. Alys M., now Cook, to Ella E Ounhlson .......... ...... ,."TL GER$EN. Bernard C, and another." il ecutora, to Bernard C. Gerkea and aa- oth, trustees BALL. Susan E-, to Susan E, Bail and another, trustees HERtER. Anna M.. te WUllam H. Tao-T HE8A ''eyi9'&mi'Him and hnother. KAT3MAN. John, to Rachel Leaser and another ... , LOWENFELD. Plncus, and anot'herto Henrietta Kahn, two assignments NEW YORK SAVINGS BANK to the uftahle Life Assurance Society, assigns 9 mortgages , PALMY, Samuel, and another to laraei Pelv and uimhw 8878 Nora. lxooo 9.000 8,063 1.878 Kotst. 11000 Mom. Norn. -Norn. 10,750 T1.798 Norn. Norn. 7.000 W ont. 8.0U0 REK'fl, Leopold, to the State 'Bank'!"' iohri stemmS..."::. "-i w 8CR1I8EH. Leila B.. and aitother. eil StLVirtrrTONE. Toblaa to lasJiV'coh'en THeTlaWYERS TITLE INSURANCE "-"'' AAM.mjmrw Mortgage la. -surance Comnsnv e ...I.. . TITLE GUARANTEE AND TRUST COmI i"ni tne nna aao Mortgage Guar-aalf Company, 8 aasignnieata..., 180.008 - . ! Real Estate. ,t 10e line 8 times, 24c; T times. 42c. Dtaplay doobla Insure in the Oldest, Strongest and : Best Company. ' TiTiZ QUiaTEE&TRU5T(o; 146 Broad Tray, JUanhattan. . Capita! $2,500,000. r Surplus $3,500,000. .!'-; ' ; Examines -and Guarantees Titles to Rial; Estate.; . -. ; . Deals in Mortgages, Receives Deposits. Does Alitbe Business of a trust Company.', '- ' ' ' . -. v... TTtrsntxa. JOHX JACOB ASTOa. ' - I , MAKTIN J0O8T, 5. CW11 8. BE0WN. ' AU0C8TCS D. JCUXIAED, - . JTJL1KN T. DAYIX8, ' ' ' JOHN 8. KK5KEDT. WILLIAM J. EA8TON. ' WOODBCBT LANODOS, . . CHARLES IL HENDERSO. JAMES D. LYNCH. BENJAMIN D. BICE 8, ' CHARLES MATLACK. I . J0HK D. HICK 8, . EOBERT OLTPHAKT. , WILLIAM M. INQBABAM. eALKXAKDEB K. ORB, , . - , v CLABXXCE H. KZLSET, PreslflenC TKAJfH BAILXT, Vloe-rreaVlant. f ZDWAED 0. 8TJLKLST, Tr-easorer. i L JOHN W. 6HEPARD, Asst Treasurer. XDWABD . BPRAOUX, Rollcltot- HORACE a. ELY, . . - ALFRED K. MARLTNO. Horace S. Ely & Co., i 1 . RI5A1V ESTATU .' " 64 Cedar St, 27 West 30th SL GEO. W. DOUGHERTY, ' FORHERLT WITH HA T.I. J HOW a CO.. Negotiates the sale of vacant and Improved Investment rrooertiea- Places mortgage loans and makes appraisements. ,- - TEL. 287 HARLEM Sll W. lleTH ST. Does roar property pay T If not the -fault la la - Its-management; references' and results show 1 manage properly. Want to buy or sell? .I'll help you. Uustav Ooodmaan, 1,618 1st Av. City Real Estate tor Sale. 10o Uae 8 times. 14c; 7 times. 43a. tnspUy docble. 84,000 cash Invested, balsnoe (18.000 mortgage, buys a fine 13-famlly tenement, with store; line location, west side, very near Central Park; no trouble i pays nearly tLOOO more than all ex-penses; rare chance; prima Investment. Thomas -Payne, aa Broadway. A Rare Bargain. ft-story Sth Av. store property,-near llflth. 829.000; 0-story 7th Av. store prop-arty, 812.000, rent. 83.000; 8-story slrtfle flat, west 114th St., near Lenox Av.. I2O.0OO. Barge-nohr. No. SMO Broadway. Room l.'iO. Se3 1ST AV.. NEAR SSD ST., Z5x58x8; store and S families on floor; rent $1,404; prW, 114.000; open plumbing; rented. - E. M. M1CHAELIS, 203 Broadway. Northwest corner Sd A v. and 17Kth St., 20x96, 4-story; built by day's work; all rented but the comer store, which Is suitable for any purpose. Call on owner. James O' Toole, 4.220 8d Av. corner on Forsyth St.. near Delaneey BcT SOxlOO; 0-storr and stores; rare bargain. Par-Uculars E. M. MICHAEL1S. 203 Broadway. . Xesirable plots on east side, below 14th Bt and . 8th Ward: temptintr prices. - - --FOLSOM BROTHERS. 838 Broadway. Safl-rull lot. 70th St., near 1st Av.; asking 82.800. with oossession. . ... rOL8QM BROTHERS; (CS Broad way. Bargain. Double tenement. East 7th St.. opposite Park. 28 feet wide. M.000. . ' , , ruuun mkothers, 838 Broadway. 88.750 Rare bargain, choice. 8-storv hlgh-etoop Prtvnte dwelling. 20 feet wide. Madison Av. near 132d BC Thomas P. Payne. 06 Broadway. 29th St, ' west of nth Av.. foar fine 8-atory apartl . meat houses, loo feet front, for sale at a bar. gain. Thomas Payne. OS Broadway. - . 814.000 eight-family flat; 2-famfly house, 13.70O-Bronx; C7 West l83d St.. 810,noo. private house. vJe. as west lHtn St. Cheap lnreatrnent property. 2..1 24 Ar 1a West 12SU St. ; owner sick. Frank. 221 Blast SSth St. Morton St.-0-story. s0-family apartment house; fine order; all ranted, at 83.000. at bargain, ft. M. M1CHAEL1B. 2QS Broadway. W tl00.V00.-424 and 420 Columbus Av., near. Slst: Urma to suit; pays wait MarUn. 1.B31 Broad-way. 1100.000. Northeast corner of 78thvaad Amster- u.T. Va..Ur,"td; b,i eraa. Martin. I.Ml Broadaray. 7th near I4th TTiree-atory snd naaement; 22x100: low prioa; E. M. Mlchaells. 308 Broadway. I Flae bundlna- plot. 100 feet frost, with large nuuDiuo a v., near luota St. L Station for private residsaoa or flat. Owner, 1.048 wasnlngton Av. Beautiful one-family house. 8S.B0O. near L sta-eoVneV l?4ch,sY'a"lU- w Polak. 84. Av, - Westchester Real Estate for 8 ate. - Complete nemea and lots at a bargain: 20 mln-utes from 128th Bt. For parUc5,ara and pass, call or wrlU Chaa MlUspaugb, 20 East 4ldSt!. VVLmJ. '"Provements. at bargain; high ground; fine location. -147 Bronxvllle. M. Y. . Maaasvroaenlc MAMAROKECK LOTS, SI 00. and'lrV. Near depot and harbor: tionUng Boulevard sad trolley; titles guaranteed; no aaseasmeata Warranty Co.. lis Broadway. TITLE GUARANTEE AND TRU8T COM-pany to Barah A., a. 8klnner. 8 assign- - ments I aanoa TITLE OUARANTEB' AND TRC8T COM--.K? ? Mrr A- Buhler. 8 asalgnmenta. 81,000 TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY to the . Clergymen's Retiring Fund Society of ' -..ltrS,"Jant Episcopal Church 8,007 VETRAC, Vlcta L, to Mary A Shel- oon lhoa WILUAMRBCRO TRlST COMPANtI trustee, to Susie H. Clark... 11,000 Mechanics Liens. ' C,UI1?J"!?-IAV' w "l.523 s of iseth St. 60x100: Oscar O. Wkatrora against AHTJO i,"ld,r"- owner and contractor. 8208 dlST ST. to 218 Eaat; Isaac Polstein aaalnst Samuel H. Stone sad D. Syt-saXJ OWB're and contractors. . 1,007 o7" 6T.. M East; Jordan Christie against Ada N. Stern, owner; Little A O'Connor, contractors., I ins 88 rH ST. M to 00 East- Thorn peon-8 taJC . rett Comiatny against WiUlam B. Leeda. owner and contractor 84.3S2 1(?.T" " " a to ft w of Clinton A v. . 13x120; Ceorge - Erlacher against Michael Meeaan. owner and contractor.... BOO ?S.V,DlNO LOAN CONTRACTS, . CHAPTER 28. UNDER LAWS OF U00. . WEST BROADWAY, e a. 80 ft n of ' White St. 26x20. and White St. n V Lot. " : 108. 104 ,nd 100, map of land, ot An- - thony P. Llspenard. 8th Ward; Mas ' Marx, with James Stanton 30.000 ' -V Satlsfled Mechanics' Liens.' ARTHUR AV. 2,S2: Loul. Vera against lnm rt mnd noJer. April D, 41 and 4S; Louis Boaaert a fjJJ agalaat Samuel aoldberg. Sepc 8u7 TJVi,' n''i&h'st, 3oni 80T ! Charles Kraus against Wenlal man. April 28. lra..... w,nl-MAD1SON Av7va,i3T; N CharnaVk Md another a.ain.t Charles Adams and another. Ftb. a. lOoa. by bond.. ... I.i-A - ?"plrm" Brothers axalnt -2 forbea and another. Feb. 17. 48TH srVaKton wi? iVsrviW a'coV. ,.,f.VHcC","aSi: 2a. lung, by bond.. ' apru 142D ST. a8 and 008 East;" Wliison Adams A Co. against Mutual Milk and irm Co and another. April . ,uw .......4. 8200 1.121 v . ,800 . 2C2 SS4 8.808 843 1.684 Ua Pendens. " "LU pendens filed yesterday. May 8 CAULDWELL AV. w a. 825 ft of iMik d. ' 60x100: Oscar O. 'riorktronTagalns? NeVe dera and another, taction to foreclose iStl chanlc'e Ilea:) attorney. B. Kelly V;541? AV. 4.10; Rlversldi hank Marts True ani another. foreclosure 04 : iSort-?f.r: attorney. O. Seymour. , . . 'aorx' HUDSON ST. 422; Thomas J. McLauahlla against Beverly .Ward and another. fo"iura f mrafx7iaTai Sftnrevai. x r ? lwSUTSJ SPRINO ST. 880. and 491 Washington St. two. ' "hai Marxaret Kenan a,.ir. John u . He1tTOfa4-1 xkrwl arSAtka. i i erwss Aa. g.s:rsltorne7-7WrarwU tWO TIMPrTt.N PLACK. n w a. m1 tx mm of 149th St lOoxHO; Wllllsm J. McConvtirid Si-other against William H. D. North and wbH: Gd?1 f moml) auoVn": RX.R Av 433 " a" of Burnalde Av Bv W.lrx Irregular Lillian E. Motfett alalns. Wlnslow I. sod anothe?.' Vfirecw of mortgage:) attorney. R. L. Mffett . 1 81fT ST. n s. 200 ft . of 1Uh Tav! 25x100 James Parker against Mary ParkeV and .other. fparUtlon.) atlorneyTj. oTsmlth I1iUl,.Sfjr,JTi!.AV- ? w ."i.'ir-ll: Edward Hlrsh and another against Emll Block and another forecloeure of threa Blxaaw 1 aitomeya. Wolf, Kuha A VUmaa. r,"aJ ' ' Real Estate. 10o llne-8 tlmaa, 24c; T times, 42c. DlspUy doable. ,175 Itemscn St, Drooklrn. .CHABLE8 A RABODT. JXa, ' . FBXDEBICK FOTTEB. CHARLES BICHAJLDSOJd ' IUIID BOOT. " ELLIS D. WILUAMS.' . OKOBQB O. WILLIAMS, ' LOUIS WIXDMCLLXB. CLINTON D. BUEDICK, SeeteUr.j J. WEAT CLXYXLAND, Asst Seor. , . NKL80N B. SLM0N, AsstBecr. Thosnas P. -Payne. SS Broadway, eatablisbad 18S8. . has eboios bargains at bottom pi loss It every class of real estate; It will par to call. i Real Estate at Auction. 10. ttna-8 Umaa. 84a; Tttmea, 42c Clsplay double. JAMES L. WELLS, AUCTIONEER. EABCUTORg SALE. v SIMON G0LDEK5ER3 Batata at will sell at auction TUESDAY. MAT , 1902. at 11 "clock noon, at 111 Broadway. New York Real Estate Exchange Salesroom, ' NOB. 22. 24. AND 28 LAFAYETTE PLACE, and building In rear aa shown oa diagram. Lafayette Plaoe. Stores, basement, and five lofta Brick and stone construction, heavy front pillars, containing 2 hydraulic passenger elevators. S steam freight and 2 sidewalk elevators, equipped, with sprinkler system and automatlo fire alarm. NOS. 20 AND 22 WAVERLET PLACE. - Waverley Place. 80 ! e a I O i 8-story Building. 80 Stores, basement, sub-basement, and T WU. Brick. Iron and stone construction, containing passenger and freight elevators. hydraulic and steam.) and equipped with sprinkler and automatic fire alarm. . - Brooklya. BROADWAT AND WILLOUGHBT , CORNER. AVENUE a 2 4 -story Building. TJ e - - - Broadway. Stores, basement, and 8 floors, brick. Iron, and ItfinS BiratBlt r-Ilsrt lot BAH t S I I St as S Tri.t 1vator and equipped with sprinkler Map. and particulars with CHARLES H. RRLSH. Attorney for Executors, 80 Broad Street, and with JAMES U WELLS, Aactloneer. 141 anwmr, nfv lors- . ap28-2aw3wMagamy 18 . JAMES L. WELLS. AUCTIONEER. TRT8TEE'8 SALE. TO CLOSE THE ESTATES OB 6:035 E FAILE AND THOUAS H. FAILE, will sell at suction. . .. . V. . jw. at iz trcioca noon, at 111 Broadway. New York Real Estate Ex- . , change Salesroom, 41-AlTtE PLOT A!40 Il.ltnE PLOT. 1-Aere Plot, fronting oa Mill Road and East- fhMtt. f AMllM. SVAcre Plot, fronting on Sooth Side of Boston Post Road, lying between 8chlefelin'a Lane and Mill Road, and containing a cot lags. stable and barns. Both oarcela are near the new New Tork and Portcheste a k. end suitable for subdivision. ,.,p". Bj particulars with CHARLES H. BRL8H. Attorney for Trustse, 80 Broad Street, and with JAMES L. WELLS, Auctioneer. 141 Broadway. New York City. . Ne Jersey Property for Sale. FOR SALE Beautiful Country Home oa Slope of mm . . ivransjn mvuniaia The residence of the late Oliver S." Carter, Kaej.. Maatalsalae.n on North field Road, one mile from Orange Station, adjoins Oolf Links and opposite Eaaea County Country Club. About 18 acres of land; magnificent brown.iooe residence, with .tone lodge; all modern Improvements; large stone carriage bouse; stable for nine horses; gardener's cottage; greenhouses; abundant water supply; many rare and beautiful trees; unsurpassed grounds. Title rerfect. Posses sloa immediate on confirmation of sale. Photo-r raphe and full Information with the Special Master and Solicitor. . To be sold at auction to close estate ; :( . Wednesday, May 21, 1902 at IP. g, at Court House. Newark. N. J." Offers at private sale will be received and considered. Note: Ten acre, or land adjoining can be pur-ehssed at private sale from executors. FREDERIC ADAMS. Special Master.- v ,M . 1' Market Bt.. Newark. N. J. JOHN J. HOPP1N. Solicitor. 1 Market St.. Newark. N. J. 81' MM IT. N. J. Fine old homestead property. 88.5O0; 300 sores, no Building, near Summit! for Sl0.ono: other attractive bargains; beautiful Summer home for rent, furnished; garden plant. e0: r.inntng brook; $him four montha k. C Holmes, real estate agent, opposite station. tat rain, 84.800. A ttracti ve, old-fashkmed homal stead: fins, healthy location; hour out.' (mala line Erie;) dwelling 12 rooms: Improvements; large outbuildings; 8 acres;, abundance choice fruit trees; running brook. Dewsnap. No. too efwaaSjaxofsll St. SOUTH ORANOtCCHOlCK PLOTM a Ltrra. ..Lorprto.e, Ea.r terma Near LACKAWANNA 47 trains daily, mountain vibwfrom ALL LOTsV Will build to suit. 181 fc way. ji. T. ""in onanur. nr:iiHTI tXX Wster power for sale; Tl miles on Erie, near depot; good stream: brick fsctorv. two mills, residence; 8 acres. Thomas Tsrheun. llobokaa. It , J. Farm of J00 acres: 60 berlngpVar aad apple am too eld to farm: VIII sell cheap. 1 IX. Spring. Perrineville. Monmouth County. N J Long Island Real Estate ,for Sals. rine Resldenea 12 rooms, outbuildings; much fruit, plenty shade; 10 seres tillable; near Post Office, church, school; select neighborhood L 82.500: eaav era.- H... i- King. Psrk. L. 1. ' , Elegant country seat. 85 noo, worth 112.000; faraa sVrwvra sSeal 11 1 aaM, a, mm a u It. . ... . . v -- -. -r in.iirr, euoaivioa, only 150 acre: poultry farm. $1,700; 2t5l acres, sweep. . J. Z.. TT ' ""ae. iuu I Set SOOTS troot. 8l.Ba). Codling. North port. Yar Sale. Fine water fronts on the Oreat South Bsy and on the Atlsntlc Ocesn; farms and cottages cheap; 1 can suit yo write nvs what yea ' fUJr'iTTrci" "IT7, cheap, with one I I wui iimh ami ne.oei -TVtall Sat aTaVt (-chogue. L. I. Charles R. Smith. "l No cash require,!; Beautiful, new. modern reel- M- arlstocratle auburbVea rrnerUytJ L W "" Bergen. 857 Fulton g. Jac" Jamaica New S-room bouse, inrrntewita Plot r.xlV); price 4L430; eea, laSaTaTraeat W.7 Fulton St.. Jamaioa. "r, Two 15-acre farroa fine loratioa, adiolnlne tJ vantflTL H' Vi"U'" Brooa Ha- Small plot and 5-rootn cottage, mala atreet m-m 2u6.3A - i ill ' j - " '. ' : ' : - - . - ! - - : I - s ' ...... 'a . A '. ' iSwert ; Brooklyn Real Estgto for Ctla. 10a line 8 tlmea. tee; f times. 42c' E-tsplay saable. The Most Highly Developed Suburb of New York. - ' - ' .-. - i-'- -- ' ; ; . Sewers, gas, water. Tel ephone and electric light wires underground.: - Asphalt pavements, broad sidewalks, trees,.: flowers .and shrubs. Most select neighborhood. Schools, churches and clubs. l-' -.; , "J ' . ' . - Tblrteea bouses of most artistic type bow reiJy aal for - sale on most libra! terms to approved purchasers. : Portfolio of $0 photos loaned for. ten days to .responsible parties. : ; " ; ; DEAN 257 Brot3tdwt3Ly. N. Y, 152 Marlborough Ro?xd, B'klyn. ; ' ; - Tel.245 Ft at bush. FLATBU8H. NEAR ELEVATED ST ATI OH. 80 minutes to Manhattan, 8 mlnates to Park. ' EXCEEDINGLY REAUTIFL'L NEW COLO.VI-AL HOME to be sacriOced. Must bo sold. Never occupied. Moat fashionable section. Amidst ear Richest Realdencee. Beeatiful Hall In centre. Wide Platsa. VERT HANDSOMS PARLOR. LIBRARY AND DINING TtOOM IN OAK. Par-. euet Floors. Large Kitchen. Separate Laandrr. Fix. large bedrooma. with hot aad cold water. Tiled bath. ALL LAVI3HLT DECORATED. Large lawn. Fewer. COHT 88.000. PRICE. 87.000. Terms, T00 easts. Bajaace mortgags or aa rent. Can be seen anv time. W. H. OOLDEY. 791 FLATBCSH AT.. . ' Near the Park., Cet off car at Lenox RaaeV- S2,000 BUYST lew 3-Story Resldrarr. ' Only ftw left. Stone-front houses, complete la every detail; hardwood trim, open plumbing. f'-rr halls, all modern Improvements. Location. Midwood Bt.. near Flatbueh Av.. two blocks frana Prospect Park. SO mlnates from New York. BaW ance remain oa mortgage, neno mr oonaiei or call. W. A. A. Brown. Bunder. Flatboah Av. and Midwood Bt, Open Bundays. - - KILI.INQ A MAN with kindness In offering thl. magnificent 8-story aivt basement brownstooe dw.lllag: flae block, near Prospect Park: new nickel plumbing: porcelain bath: mantel mirrors: elegant relief snd fresco decorations; for - $7Vl cute; price. STi, 780; house ones Sunday 83 Sth Bt-.' ar Thosnas Roaeerana SIS 7th At. Brooklya. Must Be Bold. Tea lots, tor will sell part If desired;! location best la Brooklya; restricted netghbortiood:' terms to salt; ' title soaraatsed. XV. a Colt. 81 East 14th tt H. T, ' Four lot. la beantlfnl. restricted property: 8-cent carfare: will sell at bargain ta quick par-chaaer. Joseph Martin. 81 East 14ta St.. M. T. Hancock SC. tSth'Ward. brick. IS roofna. 84.TSO: eoM easy nsynseata, CUne. 1(3 Wavarly A v.. Brooklyn. ' - Bargain. Plot. OoxioO; - fine detached cottage; price; 8X800; 8500 rash. John Perry A Co878 Fulton Bt. . Country Rssi Estats for Sata. : TO LEASE OR FOR BALE. - - - ' VUt THE LAND Of THE PKT." ' ' "8.830 KKET ABOVE SEA LEVEL, ' ' Famished cottage, euppiled with excellent VrU vase water works, steam heat, and electrto belts; baa ratensrve tewaa, gansen. fruit, and appwta-nancea of gentlemaa's comfortabte ooaatry plaos; twenty-two aerea of land, borsea, cows. Stc; beautirnl scenery, etlmata nnsurpaaaed for Ten aa vhlal and lung tronbles; average Summer tesaper-ature S4 degrees. For terms and further Information artty to A. S. BOARDMAN. A Brevard. N. C Att ration, home seekers! Invawtlgata tT.BO0L . easy tersna. secar.s a grntlrraana Ideal cowa-tr7 ?ome and erowatng Jewel of the foot hills of the Catekllls; SS hoars oat; near depot; large mansion, perfect la appointments: apacloaa lawn grandly eVvdooed; 43 acreas, highest cauti-vatlon; coat. Sn.ouo; no rentals or exchangee. Bend for circular descriptive of Its beauty, bealthfulneas. and ' aceersibillty. CToarlea T. Contant. Boa 1.030. Kingston. N. T. Cataklll MonaUrna.-Elk Park. TanneravrUle.Tiul tade. .80(Kfeet; eettage. with a tne , reoeaa. kitchen, bath: all city tmpeoveaeeata; garoea. fine forest, lawn tenals round; la ezoeMent cow-d.tloa; thoroagbly farnlabed; large ptassaa, naf alflceat view; shade; fishing, bathing; for sate. Apply to P. W 848 East Sta at. Stamford. Coon. For sale, hsadaocne rasldeaca. I 14 rooms. 2. 7. or IS acres. a n. shore frontage; location high and balthy. wtew saaw paaeed: an elegant country home with city convenience.: trot lev can: hone rm. xi. tl. V"? rta tor partlctilara, JUfred L. Bconeld. Owner. Am.Am.m.KtZmX. F'am kat I4 COUIlTnY EXCLUSIVELY 11 ay era ei aar fro aas.taiy eatale-aaa Ovrne-va sewl detain, at matiau fai tereai. Paillltsa . Wella. s K TVoWb JIdT5. T. Adlrondacka Fine dub. hotel, or sanitarium . "a ." fpor "tatlon. IS mile, from Saratoga; loo acres: S lakes: high elevatloa; relief from hay fever and asthma; good flshlag. huat-JnSjbathlng. bnatlnc. Addreea IJie Albany Realty Co., Baratoga. For Sale. One et the most aVstraMa farms la ,rT, 04 of C8 acree; beaoUfully sltuatea ta C7. 'i?? li'?2-,0. "" from Baltimore City. Md.: full deacrlptlon on application. K. V. Hsnna. 11 Bt. Paul St.. Baltimore. Md. W.'.'J Coo-Mooern hoase. liTooaa; hatha! .'."X tTatrr: rri 1 aeree: ftne view; mlantee from New York: price. (T.fioo-term. reasonable; alas modern -r houesVs acres laa1: fine view; r-rw Jj VX) rueua cnuimna, sj Broadaray. la a charming villaae In a Conneettcwt River town, eat a snala street; price. 8A.OU0: rooeav Pleasant hou-. good stable. fuacT ws terTgod shade and fralt treea and abmtttwo acrn? Conn T CW, UrT. t-P River! Hunting priwrm. Winter homes, beaotlfnl ml. aads. leree m.. il m.. Booth Carolina, Oeor- L-.,. ciimste perfect.' . .. , e.Mv,lW ao smeawaVy. Upper Baranac Lske.-Most attracU.-. earns "for sale at a kaml.i . . . . . . I I w , a Z " ' ' urnniwq. inciodlna HZZMH S 'ifib- For r rarticnlers TorkI v.r, av jsassao St., New nT'e.rnTJeT'.siJ.""" k"p"- sain .snd Wi'.U Jprty,. writ, for part!.. . - ....... .w. nisiioroj nprtnga. Ceaa. and 3O0 DredwaT: N,w Tera. . tp'-. FhoasVr rriZt""Ur r'- boarding .JtZZy.mT?? and unfm-alshed: alsa farina: -- .. many, rt. (. Blt7lmmZSmmU'90UJrn?Ti " MssaT. v-.aarr. vTUlk1natow-a, AFoclT rrtiil1? -0? fr: 4 airy farw." ZmXL "'Tl.? r-'. nf und! Broad-ay . . r-. Urr. JU Rssi Estcts VVantsd . rsOirVrrrina-. -a e- - - - - Along the Sound. Fnmi. k... A PerSeei;r.r? tor aad rent Hallett nUtT."d Rye. "C 1 JUtr JSJ7hlJ'Tr f" M-wat- fiat In Iter. . u nes uHI Bt. - ' Lonj Island Proptrty to Let SOUTHAMPTON . ..... . . . . . rsrsiasra Laliaar. ta raaL 11.. - ' aapiicatloa. - . WT J. METCALFE THnMAc 19 LIBERTY STR E ET. N. Y. . tini-sp .m v. ....... ' nm IZZT, "r'.."B"lnii TO RENT. . - - mit impmvementa: a a. aad fr.i hUi';, 1"v I hroSmiarT L. V"' oinlng room, bu I W a nla IV, ."i kitrhen. Possesoa -Jsy iVT n L a, a J. E Vaster I "' '-l. .with or without lr. CrocVtyn Rtal Estate for tala. Oe Tflne-8 llrces.l4c; T tmea,41a. Trrrlsr Soatlt. 2$ Minutes Part Ri Witboat Chance. Electric -U-Flatbusb Train. or Sraitt 5L or Franklin Ar. Trolleys to Albemarle Road. Owner. Tel. 16 JO Ccrtlandi. ONLY SK0Q0 CASH Btl'S SEW S-KTORT HOl'SE oa Midwood Be. near Flatbsrsh Av.i handenn.a stone-front, two sua, restqestcea: eWgaat neigh-borhood. two bkarks from rrnepeet Park. 80 anla-ea from New York; ail saoaerm tmprenrements; hardwood trim, swell front, box stoop. Balaarw eaa remain on mortaaa. Write for booklet or cell. W. A. A. Brawa. Builder. FTrathwah Av. aad Midwood BU Opes, adaya BARGAINS IN PARK VII IF - Near Ocean Parkway; SS ralnotea City Hall. Jk Av.. ' r.,: s4ot. ftxlTS. 13-rooa noejaa. eOxSl, extension. Imrtraareaaents; eoastroo-tlon naeaualled. SIX Elmwoo-S Av. Henry Er4t-maan. Lb4 Flatboah A. Brooklya. Ouctns Property for Sal. Big bargain. T ..mcnt. S3P0 ease, 818.00 amrataly. Kamliaoa. Corona. Fare .So v-. a -. m iv a. a a ier ouwnm furposss. : Faotory Floors. Two rjoera. etas 73140. ISoa sous re feet per floor, oa river rrnstf; light a all aides; skylights la roof: steam beat, eteveter. good swer. aoa4 asaaaXacturtaa- ooassulssxesi at Ma 8n-T77 Snwta Bt. Alsa. Crosby Sc. Na. 1X8. six noere. si as 4Sx"4. ea a tmnei. with very convenience eate block rroaa Broadway. appiy urn svrniestnger at wsw ve. US Creese re. a BULKHEAD AND LOTS East River. W. T. To lease. - JAMJCS ADAM. Owner. 834 W. lstk St. . ' WHY RENT DTCKK ROOM ? Offices for rent. 8S "O to 83.08. ' 1 New buHdlng. 18 Elm St.. near Doaaa, ' ' Apply HA Broadaray. Rosea SOT. Ta Lease Water-front lota wttk balkhead; sia oomer lots.' East Sotb St.; alas lars-e tracts. Soot Street. Braoftjaaa Estate. 83 Eaafcevago Place. - . - . - . ; Corner offices, aorta light. U Broadway, eamar IMh 8c: elevator; reat. Ill FOLBOM BROTHERS. 838 Broadway. Rooma aad medio, with ekyllgnt. 108 East 17ta St.; gas; attendance: Six. - - FOLBOM BROTHERS. S3 BcrLDTxaa. stortth. lofts, and orncr TO LET IN DOW N -TOWN rTREETS ROLAND a WHITING C"CX 8 BESKat AN ST. Stores, afflcea. and space at very lew raatsi grand mcauoa; aay Broadway, (US. I . Martin. LSJl Col are bus Av. t.inw etnre. 88-foot traert: will divide to It. Apply 100 Weat attta SC - BuaJfvsaa Preparty Wsnttd. - By rellabto rtrm. store mm lower awwadway. ess Nsw Jsrsay Property to Lat. Blghlaad. of Kavvstak. K. J. a beantlfnl cot. '1" airy roosas, eleganUy ferareW. high xsSI rag. . ftre-plaess, sanitary nlamatnsZ broad veranda, terraces, lews; ahady aavd cnlx aa aoaaa aad Sarmiaay River; naadun rrahte-f've stall a tare cam, raeaa: tew sataattea fraa Bandy Hook boat, five aarnaiea froas SnniL AddMra CMiTDaval AtlaaU, HhlaaAa, AT, MONTCLAIR. N. J. Ta let and for sale, choice reaHseai. nwoerUea. Clareejoe B. Tnbea. onp. Lackawanna StaTloeL ELBERON. N. J. Largo and reject variety or oottagea to let Elberoa praperty for sale. AVO 1 JUHtH I rr-- Cottage, fee reaa. - - - ' mmmtrn viiiw wr uepot. Write for Ua aad snap. c d. Miuirt Tfaml.ln 4 rattaee e rteel IS i wide plattaa; all Improvement Country Heusss ta Lat Furnlshtgd. At Far RackawayTa rent, fully amlshed. Urge hewsa;t all snedeva Isarr uia. tndadnia? bi 11 lard roeaa, broad veraadaa, exteajatve UwaZ plenty of fruit and aha 4s trees: large bera and carriage boose: aU ta first -class eoaditloa; vrltaia fall vtew of acean. Apply an premises, inisiiif Orand View Av. and Rue da St. Fettx. W."w,tklir"nw mtT?X. Y. Modem cattag In Be burns Tillage: seven sWeptng roocna. larca : lectrte llghu: tl.rheae; vlliaTwil-rT all Impfov.ateats; telly faratsaed: five snlaatea rraea staUoa; rina seeetery. artvaa; nshtaar sear Ta Rent Fe? the Rnmnur - - - - onfarnlshed bowse. 11 rooms; Urge ntaasa-rwanlmt water: plenty shade; abnat ewe sail from Canaan. Conn., near Twin Lake.: plenty e fc r ' - Mer n uwa, anxoaaa. Boa in. Caaaaa. Cosav For Rent Lake Cham plain Waal Ions Bay -aia. -room cottage, famished, sea. wood. 1V for Pummer arason: charming socaxion. i n, , s Mra E. W. Leaning, XM UvtngoTAv, itbal? Catsktlla. A large, rally ramlah.d emata, 18 tmaa. near pfcoealcea; stable ar niiaaisVl?! leaj? Whouw, full; running water; Sloa a-saeaxh! P. L Reynolds. ,.Na ! John at. . fCape Cod.) Harwich. Masa; heeaellke; sll 1m- rrff7cTtallr; Asbury Park. AlWharrst. reaL-Madern far. r. lined eotugee for rent for the SMaoat. AlborS TRobnina. opp. pot. Aabry Park. Kee7 ievaey; Faralshed enttagea ta 1st for Stnamer; rHUrs property ,Cd term, tar sale.. aihJi? Broa. MoaUceUo. M. T. -sataagaua Lake Boas pea. Farajaawe) cottage'; ptno street aprlna water; sttore of lake; mat 8A AoZa Pine Ulff. 41T Weat 117th Bt- AOJree. To "'- v-t e-rrrm-r trason tmm m.1,1 TTT- HlsrltN.,iT.lT,tik AMi W3 Ceuntrv H mi sea . I n.l i . . -T-. " 'w wniMmnTsa, rOR RVJNT-1S MTT.FS FROM Brmir, REAlTlFt-LLT HTv'ted (VTTT VCi LAK ERIE; SEVEN hlonrTJ xPm-i AOARA FAL1JI 1S HOl'M i 2. c K L u w- Washington; 14 HOCK BT inYli ipwA25A.'L8 PiRTlCrine, V i ' w i v y n t V1"1 ST.. X. W.. WA8HINOTQN. r""1 12 -w . TO RENT AT OREFVWICW " two baths, "t'l ImTrT, I i ht aentng vaosaa. ..bed. r!n rTTar.' 'i'r atstxe aex.mraoj.tio, t f. " " "a; "s froca ets.lon. Call Ter eddrJir -. .'., ' THOMAS N rr . Tal 4-v CorUaaJL. aVaasaa a4.

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