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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
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Tuesday, June 17, 1919
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' ; . "All the' News .Thafs. .V-.'i-:. i : JiT t Y J ' I, i- . i- 11 i ! j f ; . IT' THE y'J!!E:; TtTVy V.zv.iy Tvz:! tr 1 ' : tr- ror WMtwr rejT-t r -it to l.t r v . Fit to Print" J V . - - - i ryoL. LXVIII..NOi 22,424. ' ;-,,,l.'- "; ' -. I' r ,,' v . j;;,- - ! ; AIMCAH.TROOPS BACKOBl 'Cavalry Return with Seven Cap: , .turcd Yillistas and 100 Horses: V, After Running Attack.1; j FIFT.X REBELS ARE K LLEO .-1 ......... .-$ 1 . 1. - One .American Is;: Wounded-- ; Troop$ Retire When- Safety ! of Et Paso Is Assured: INFANTRY IN SHARP . BRUSH - r . .. . .... ... i ... .... . . 1 . . , ' Wuhington Expect No Brk ' : with Xa rranxau r 'JX ; - PASO. Texas, Jun 18. All the Amtrkan troop tht participated In . th puniUve expedition . against the Villi rebel in and - near ' Jut Ust nljht nd , tcxjar i-wcro billeted la ''bar. ncM Wd CAnun. on the Amerioaii' l3i totdzht after twemtx-four boun pf eun4 pmnmf. .... .- Bevrn ragged .Mexican prisoners were herded toward the Fort Blia stockade by detachment of the Cth CJaolry, Iille another cavalry detachment drove 1 herd of 100 captured. Mexican Ponies le the rernount . station. . -irrai of flclalljT atated tonight at Kort miM that approximately fifty VUH foV lortrs were killed. On Amerloih of hU Tth Caralrr. Corporal ChtfcaA : -waa hot through the lung by ia MXlcan rfM:' :; r. . : T:-- . I Aftr croaalnc'the felo" Grande' darlns th night, the caralry column, support- M bT t battalion of the 82d Artillery, tJvmced and! "at daybreak begin tfoutlng tour. ; Capturing - theh kevn frlKonera " bfor : rcacMng " the - Villa ' tamp, the cavalry was enabled to pro- a - ii ' ' - c?o. owmounteii. to within a ihort dls taace ef the adobe headquarter; - when fighting was btgun by the Americans itandlng in water un to their knee. r four Villa men were killed in the firat ; ''assault. The mt of -the rebel force,' auraberlng I approximately ' 200 men.' mounted and fled toward the aouthweat, ; "rith jhs Amerlcin cavalry troopi : in : pursuit. The rebels scattered into miB . band, tbe )Sth .Cavalry -.pursuing -one Mft airty.five milts. , v . ' -; -1 A Mvmmtr ItMal Charge, f :., :, The 8eventh Caralry deployed to the aeutheast- and pursued another " band. -Troop. A and C , executed a .mounted pitol charge from the saddle and killed aumber of the rebels. . . i ''. - The artillery placed shrapnel directly ever tbe heads of the fleeing Villa force, and many aere'klUed. After -the pur-. u'.t the cavalry forces formed, al June tiot4 and returned "to the American aide . or the rhrer. . accompanied ' by the ar- . uiierv and 7th Engineers. ? "..)?': Tbe scvea Mexican priaone'rs profeaaed to ettJw t anser In the vallejr or Car- raiua soldier, none admitting i harlnK ln with vuu. ; .; ? j On the return the cavalry brigade 'and artlBery croaked pear Tsleta, ' Texaa, .trtve miles southeast of here': 3 Alter the' rebels bad been defeated ' the American troops In a sharp en Csemnt at tha Juares. rac track In earlr morning, tha Vllllataa took tUaht, Amt-rlca n cVttln-mcri pursuing. f fcrpart from Bu.j.( right. e rarmentarr reports of ; the flgtitlng ue In from time to time. ' A reoont received: al military headquarters at - A M. that flghUng was 'in prog, rem between United States cavalry un r "H command of Colon! li. Ii. Wtlns ,nd a Villa dctachmeU Ih the . ri Ihlty of San Lorenso. opposite Valeta. ..- Artillery fjro agauiat the Villa , rebel tw0tn' f Tuareg, was opened l- A. M. with the M Battaljon of "id leld Artlliery firing shrapnel unta. hlch could be , seen plainly r-om the rlw ' ti.. m i " mne from Jua res in the vicinity i -t aMiig near san jor ."'."!:' U ' , . '.. . At . n o'clwrk . the entire '2d . cWvalry ngadf , cmpoxed o? . the 7th- toil ,5th J-vaii7 Heti.neiiU: could be seen plaia-V aut eight miles ixiuth and west of 8 VU in hot pursuit .. of ; th'o ) villa rce whlcb. were, engaged at; 'San "ttxo. ; - , t - . . Al U 0 the Amerlcsn. 'cavalry ap- Jtrd to be - gaining rapidly oij the 'L bM,: Whlc making 'a des-Mort to reach tha mountains, to aouthweat of Jnarea. . The pursuit. JWca-tsrted east of Juartt, awmig to ' Ft and th columns could be seen a efoud of duet to the southwest be- 4 Juarta. -, ... yy noon the two columns were ! only JalflHy; viaibie In th, uu screen.', and 7va lnno.'i:wle to tell whether " the iaTTt.Vl0? n intact -with Ks.i,.g v int riders: - lkvMnlKf'It ftld tht ' American S'SUy iUd abandoned Iht.tliw and ftinoedjoi, fag ' Four, JlK)UMt.NpfJTx ISK." '' 1U.I .rat IM lUMtri OI T. CUT. " .'jiilnr aew la vt, 1X Wy . ritava . . ledigMtkaa. ASvt. border; REBELS DISPERSED i i :.. iiiiiri 1 11 111 11 11 'ii 1 mi .11 i . : : z. . President Exonerates Vtanont J 1 feu Trrrfy riw Hr KtqHAKD t. oruais. j, : CoMTtflii. Hit, b Tb ' Tart Tlnw CowpitiJ , ; By WlnleM Th JCtw Toik- Twin', i PARIS. Jfun 15. President Wilson hu written :a iote to Thoqjar 'LAJmontf exonerating hlra of any , wrongdoing ; or ; breach of , faith ln giving a -copy, of the. peace treaty f Mr. Lamont ia now in1 London. "; ..The -content ; of ;thePreslJent note nave not been dlacloswi: , ."f "! DUBLIN; LIONIZES ALCOCKMD BROWR Clieerjng Crowds Besiege Car at : Station and Carry Them ,ttt Automobiles.1 THEY GO TO L0ND0NT0DAY Alcbcic, Very'PpsivetNovv Vhat Flying Boats Are the Thing for Ocean Flights. V5 . puBLIJf. June, IS, Xjaociatd Press.) A tumultUQua welcome' wai given: t Captain' Aicocfe and Lieutenant ! Brewn bn their arrival here( tonight. Whan the train entered th j Brpadston Sutlon cheering crowds fairly mobbed the filers car, dragging; them out and carrying them on sturdy ' shoulders to ' waiting automobiles. : '. r" ;'i,'? ' American soldier on leave, waving the tar and Stripea. Wer a reatur Ot 'the! af monstrauon.. a prpctsalon ira? (ormed and marched Alp the, malnl streets to a hotel where Alcock and Brown spent the night preparatory to their start for'Lon don tomorrow.! '. : . J..',. " j On fh train lata today Captain Al cock looked remarkably welt and was In buoyant spirits. ;. .:?' .', -';p If I am due for . reaction trom the strain and excitement of the flight, it Is a long - time coming,: he laughed in maUer-ot-fact ;way,'". Then, he cribbld au autograph for a girl, On the other hand Lieutenant Brown seemed greatly fatigued, and ' frankly admitted It- I'-.- ; ' j.-! " " The blegeat rtceptlpri the aylatort got along the road before UiubJJn- was reached ' was at MuUhrgar. Where . th oldlert from the garrison with a band swelled the crowd . of townspeople, - The outstanding -eonvictldn " of the flight7 ImDressed Uoort Captain Alcock. aa be remarked to the correspondent.. 1 that, the' airplane In Its presept state of development la; hot, the'Jtpe"bf machine for a transatlantic I vpyage T ' " Th next time t crosathe ocean, he said.' ''It WiU be in a flying boat I foresee for the flying' boat a great fu ture, both as a passenger and commerce carrier" rlj' f " . On .his side : . Lieutenant Brown remarked that the lesson' gamed was that marine navigation la entirely applicable tor airplanes. ' ' " ' -.' ' ' ' , ",Thcr j, little element of luck either In the aucceaa of the NC-4 or aar fllcht. he declared. ;tSo' far.' a Jweaither wu concerned., it could not nave been, worse lii our case.' for after, the irst hour we were smothered in fog until We landed In ir'eiand.1 TJe'vertbeleas. l wltb only a sextant and compaea, aiid ja Special device for determining the machine' speod and drift, we came through. jAml .1 am urt' wa. could '-iK It again, r i J Occasional glimpses of i the ocean through rifts in the fog enabled me to t ascertain, how fast we, were, traveling combining; the twj.'to got 4 dead reck onlngi At first I thus used giimpses of ice, wcicn was easier to maaeiom in tne mlt tlian the' water.. - . ,: I ! - "' If was aDsoiuteUrJ' right .until early yesterTday. when I had td descend within fifty eet of the Watar. before being able to' see ,it 'distinctly;.; .After got th drift and hal made (observation It. was easy' by calculation from the last position to get back on the ese.:, : . LdiIii rrrs.rft. . W'rlo.M.- ruera. - LONDON. June 18.: ((Assooiatfed tPreaa.) London' celebrated, todajr thi achievement of . the two .Kritlsh airmen who yesterday : completed r the first) non-stop, tranaatlsntie flight, meanwhile , prepar ing for a formal roceptlon 'to th air victora. Captain "John Alcock and Lieutenant Arthur ,VT Brown! .-1 j j . MeanwWla" the. fayaltori s tired .. but happy, are on, their way to i London and may-reach her tomorTowJ; Bpth ar well, but Lieutenant Brown the naylga- tor of th. plan, auffered brula on the nose and fuc when the machine landed In a boe., Tbe biplane was! badly Jam-aged Jhd may have to b dismantled. -; The Aero Club is making p!ns for. a reyeption and banquet for, Jtiptaln;ohn Akock on bis' arrlvsl in London- It Is Upcttcd that he ma)' rtlipt5 In ths Victory : . Aerial Derby arohnd .'. London Conttaaetf i I'sgel rive. rT ..iTkT.rilV'ii V b US i-P .Kli litT (tACtllliN fSJiL HO.fc.U AUU 1 Alton, Mf anil Mtt-iKwiaiaa, H a-u. ,v v4un FALL MALL rAMOUS CldAKCtTZS VviM. aa fiaia ainaa An. NEW; ji mid;.m: 'IiLEGISLATDRE n anirnou s :rVo e H js Given jfor IFIiF Seriatop and ; J;.;Assembly.'.; : VI !''- ,, i:'.;.H."'"Vr . t - ' ' .lit- - SIXTH: ' STATE i: TO . RATIFY . ' i . ., . -.- .1 Session Called t for. Special r PurpQie, Beganj Early jn ; - : the " Eveniing - SMITH, WIDEN$ PROGRAM Housing Problem li i Alto Laid Be- ; fore ,Le8lalatore ' by ;'-1 Oovernciri : t r-"1 v'-- -) ; : , Special to TKe Fe& tork Times." ALBANY. June. ie.-"-Vithout i, dla- sttotlng vote, -; the Le;lslgture, In ' ex- trjaordinary aeaalo'n. lata tonight adopted concurrent; resolution- ratifying, the Ppderal .woman suffrage amendment. Tha vote In. the Sena te? was, 44, to, Q and Id the Assembly lit toMv-v?.?-: 'r'V, ' The Assembly passod the suffrage amendment beforerthe8ehate acted. ". Mrs.. Ida B. Sammli; one of th two women members, f 'th flrt- peker, f. SahTtnXs, 9&h6 reprsenta Suffolk. a -Republican. - She outlined the his tory of the struggle women hav mad for the ballot.' v- .'Vl! AU partiea united In f favorihtf - th measure, and . Mr. : Mint , Ully,' Democratic- fnember: f rorn . is'ew .York iCity. Joined' with, the minority leader;... Don- aae, in support or tne amenament. -v r 'II I nm proud of the meo of both domi hant partlca In this Stat." said lira. tally, but more particularly proud of the Democrat!. It waa,in a XXmooratic r that suffrage was granted to the men. V . :u -', J;. ? tf v-'b bUcan speakera ixook laxue wlUi s statement, -.but iv Tremalned for the Socialist : leader," August: Claessens, . to criticise . both parties or not having gi ven the. vote -to women! year ago. J - . Political' .auffrage la :only - a- nvake-sUTt,; ho said. Wornn all over th w rld . want larger ) suffrage. They want a voice In the induntrlr.1 life of this nation, and you won't hav democracy uitll that right 1 grantp them." j ;t . IpMdi VM. la the ; senate. . t The ajnendmeotL'wai! earrled . on 1 quick roll call-- It wu xnt ever to the bnat from the Assembly, Immediately after.. Its adoption there, Whkh was.e ft-fcted - under So emorgency measase frpm Goverhor Smith' to 'tounteract the ctiaistitutionslpi-oviso rej"ulrtng legisld tire measures to 'remain three :daj oh the desks of1 members before being taken up for 'final action. 51 ,rt - - 5 President Pro Tern f-wslter of the Senate Immediately mocd ' the adoii- U n of th feaulutton-tei ratify, and thje Mnate-derU prepared for what 1 -known as a quick. roll cJlo-i c'i Senator Henry M.' Sage! of Albany. cobsistent Opponent of woman suffrage, demanded, however,: tlikt his !name 'biB called, ' as tie -.. desired uj ' explain' hfa action. L. -"!! 1 enitor -Sage took" fie i Governor: .t ta,ik for calline -the Legislature into ex -tn ordinary Iscmilon at considerable ex pehse to the ' taxpayer When, nothing " " 'f -'. , ..... ( 1 ' Be assailed the statement made by the Go vemo'r In bis proclanktlon "calling th ex ra enslou which had declared that ra iflcation was 1 essential In order tlia i wc men in a ime other J?tatca ' might i b ab e to vote I n the' Presidential prlmarie i neUfcprlng. .V.ii' ! Senator" Bag said tht this could bi accomplished by adoption Of the ratif I ca ion resolution early ilexl January. : ' Saaatar gage Exeaaed' from. Vetlag. At th conclusion of h4 remark Sena tori 6g latejr asked to b relieved front voting- on thie. reaolutlon;. as b a aid hi did not care to vote aglnit it, and could not possibly -vote to ratify, t This ire eat was granted I- Thls la nierely another mstahce of a Sertaln number of people Jn-tlie Btat of Wew Torlt trying, id." font their- wii; oh, k good many' other people In othei St4te who nave not accepted . woman suffrage, Judt a we ha;d fiot lacctptcd prohibition when' the Federuliamtnd irvebt came before tj Senator-'1 Sag declared. ' it- il . - " Thto ourDbse of calling an extraordl naily seaaion was merely 'jto iiurry fa vott with the woriien, whd Cjow Lave the bal lot In' this siat.:rrf!;' ft !v1 : 1 4- " Soma da-jtheIcglilstors of Bute will find' out thai women iar' think ing human beings, whei do net want to be treated ,11k children, and who do hod wahl gallanlry -broUjehi' into play fori their speclai benefit.7 but. Want morely) ' Senator John J. Xkiylsn -and Senator Cntled ' I'i Xl. litrKMAL, CBANTM pflar with water) Sleie ia lnvalu0l (or .aea te the treat neril sf Bumniier' Dlrrow Aovt, . CAi-nx tooth irowpn IS Pee, Wuitei rrr YORK, , TUESDAY: JUNE 17, AlUes tsGiveaHezTuiz , :!;"U to Turkish Envoys Toil ay ..ISPARIS.i Jun (Avtoclated I1-ess.)The Council of Premiers and Foreign Minister will hear th TurkJah delegation at the Foreign Office tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock. ; ?!'-:-- ';y- ; v:- .. j Thls wiH bo thejflrst reception of repreaenlativea' of an enemy 'power lik Paris alride the armistice. f , - .. - j ..... ; -. At TO RETURN WIRES House , Interstate 5 Commerce Committee Reports Bill.Which " " a r x .w i . ' ' f - j . . t may ve aKen up tocay. RATES TO GO ON SIX MONTHS Senate to , Investigate Charge ' That Government Money Is.. Being Used to fight Strike. , ViCpeciol til Thi 2Vto Tot It Twes.-;; WASHINGTON. June llPpst, Office DcDartment of flciala appeared today ' to beiiovs that tension in the teieeTaahers atrllta Kit aM ml v lmmiMl b. th. 1 Saturday night i order of the Postmaster General, conceding the demands of tele phone worker's' for th right to organize and bargains collectively. But .at tn Capitol preparations were Continued id retn-trve the land wire from the control of the Postmaster .General ani moti wa mad toi investigate tha charge by th -' Commercial . ,TelgrapHers. : Union I that Government. funds were to- xignt tar. striae. - i - r - . i iteleiihonea toithelr owner waa reported I by tlx House Interstate Commerce Com- mittee and may be taken up tomorrow. I TV.lhlll which -ia virtually the Kellogg I Bin,! provide, that the wirea shai, be r- tumd at tbejend of the montH In which IM JTtuaenvwin. ww .""- m.mlnl to extend the Draeent Increaaed ratftk six months Instead of ninety days aa hi the original KsUogg bill. Senator Watson of Indiana gave as suranoes to .v.v a. ncuoweii.. oi tne Commercial Trlcgraphera" Union.-that. as soon as possible the charge 'that Govern men money was being employed In th i Postmaster General liurteson today la-i aued an orders supplemental to the order Of Saturday night. . This new order, No. ia ' rltrectMl; telpnhone comnanles - to designate official, to whom complaint mT i b.i nresentea py , employes, i ina order reads: - -i ' ' -'' ' . llepresontations Thave been .made to the 'Wire Board that employea .bavlng . . . I n . . Ih 'niiM A grievances are ,thcu . ..... whom they should be ptes'entfd. . t Each telephone . company therefore., shall at biice,des:gnate. an-officer. or officera of KCB ton.ii.Dti wuvu. wui,.- ho nWhtM and itliall mike aucfrtlec. tloa known by placing a" n-Jtlce on It. huuetin -boardj, . giving the name " or nmis of the" otlicer or, officers so .t :: o..;w ,li.r'rnrflr.r. aa ae- pbiniied "by the company shall careruliy mak. a potation or all cnmplalrt pre- acnted and -the -hour " and '.date When a . a . n m - m ricelved. and ialso -the action -taken on cachi complaint. - This is necessary In horded to avoid" aay tjphtrovaray as to viiiMtlnna nf fact.. - '''.. - v Ortler Ko.5 3200 ; wilt be strictly en 'IJ- f ; i " .Postnlastcr General." i Tbn i'assertiop (was made today that th 'postmaster General had ' said bis order: of Saturday night, would Include telearaoh - eompar.y f employes. At ' the Post Oiflce Xopartment no confirmation Of thU statement ould be had. ' The publicity Bureau - bf the uepartmeni ... . i .. ji I . . . U - I, I .uthnrllMl .11-' h nawy wuiru nav. ivnau i,miv. fa stutement. jlNotlilng wa announced at the Post Office Department regard ing further orders. bhWh Frank Morrl son. Vice Prealdent iot the j American. Federation of Labor, predicted would be l. nail ' . '. i , t '- . '...- i . a., H. ,T. Mn !IK reeiallaee- I vt the Railroad Administration, denial Wa !mnda. that, an v reoueet had .been ..' t..... UiMda1 br the Poatmsster OeneraJ to li- rcctot General ,-Hlnei to dismiss railroad teleai'sohers wbo'relfused to handle com- :merdt messages. So sttch request had been made it wks said. si Thai report, niade- by tha Uouae Inter-elate Commerce Committee Upon the bid elate Commerce Committee Upon the bid ITreiurn.the Jtraph and telephone, .tdt !- - -j. r - 1 II,1. Ar nn llr. forente 'of opinion on ' tlie eomn-iltte that Congress thortty Project . tike Fed . ' M.Min.lil. iutHiul lint monUi. Into th future, even though period terminated beyond tha proclamation :f peace." ; Corigroaa In legislation enactod during th war and ever since Ihe i.rmisUce. has frequently exercised AttH uutluirlt v.- t .i - i- - H- " your committee'" believed 1 that the pericKl of ninety ; days as contained-In the Sl'nkte act; was too short to permit h ctlmmisaions or rt-irulatory bodlea to paaa on the hundreds of applications ;, . !, . i , , - t ' 1' Csntlnaeil Page Klgbt. MAU.NIiti-b Different Cigar, Mild 9i (ragraiiL . Mmvfaitiirw In Xrf.Wtat. Lte-WlltU. at. U.MTliD Utiag STtUtKS. adyt. IT TQV HAVE A BACKWtKD CHlLO HOIS i ae edverUaemeat oaf age !. Adrt, 1919; THIRTY-$IX PAGES. WMMl 7777 DEIH: OiE L'Kffl An Original Treaty With ::Red Ink Revisions Handed: Ovr; w- r NOiTIME TO PRlNTdlJEV ONE 4S Germans Must Make T Their Own : Copies from the Sole Revised tr . . , i , iven;ThemT. F0CH "AT COUNCIL-W rcTiwri Lk,l IIIU i i r Hears' German Protest Over Shortness of Time Limit.. : (Printing Will Take a;Da. i PARIS, June 164 (Associated rreas.) The reply, of Ibe' Allied and Asso elated Govemnients to , Germany's counterproposala to .the Peace Treaty and roviaedl copy of. the Peace Treaty art .tonight in thVhands oi jscmntvonlTalk on Knox Resolution Begins Brockdorff-Kantsaov ' -w ho : la on his - I - t way . to Wtlnw, there to present to " m1'"" ...v.n . .""j final word of th i victors in the war. Few chang;ea hav been made In the revised Peace TreaVy. The i'orlstahl contention of " the n!Ue4' . and 1 maao rlated : power., bave..sirtttallyl'1 been maintained tntatt. . . .1;: ; - Itltnl 'aa. i I' viin..ina rerm treaty.' eontalnlni lnterllneatlona red IB," :Vhr chanre) had ben made In 'It. was a covering, not.4. rltten by! Premier I crietnancau. ident of r-w ' I Conference. It li v P to tr,eat In time for lta pre. entation today. t ,i . - I t .Tha eoverinsr n e -eveylcastigate. Germany for protesting agalnstl the "cuu . circles, has como! from' St h'aaty on the grLnd that it.conhicukoui. : V:U - I with th terms At tha armlatlr L Xf I r- . . . ,-i - . " , r . wnnceau aayapermany falls to, un- uerauviiu in position sne occupies to-1 day in .the estimation of the! world for betas; responsible I for a war Which! waa the greatest crllme against! humanity and the freedbml of the people uthat any nation callirig Itself civilixed! has z: " t"--.. i I V rarasalit laa la . the Preaeaiatieat. Ns reraaalftle. Ia ."VVlthout ostentation Paul Dutasta, General SecretarV of the Pteace Con- ferencc, : at 0:40 Ib'clock. this evening Placed therevised draft Of the treaty and, the note tn tlio hands of -Secretary Simon and Baron von Loersner. of the German deleraUon - with wham ; Vf . DutastA held a Un.r,ti lai , , . ..'v.t.f, for. several minutes, explaining nature , of' the instrument t and the . . .. .Hi...! a-i..J . - ,w'b" w fw"i jur-iae uer- mans to reply. Ilerr Slmoni protcated against the short time given! Germany to make known ter intentions. -i (:- iff.-' T3utajrf& arrived In Vernalll.av automObfle from Paris at 6:20 o'cloclt: carrying the mon entous documents m I . . " two parcel., wrapbed in proaalo brpwa paper. He waa received . by Colonel Henry, .Master oft Ceremonies at, Ver sallles. and officehi of tbe allied mis. sions and conducted ' to th reading room of the Hotel dea Reservoirs. I the German hcaduarW - - T - . llr tvtrtv Waa rm.m' alU " . - f-fl 1 "!-r one side of the niom. In front ht it. Dutasta. :waa a' large marbl-tOpped taoio. upon wnicBJ tne documents were I placed. In two plica.. . There waa a! con faiderable wait berpre Secretary Simon i Baron- von Iioeraner arrived, i ee I . . . . 1 corted by . two . French officers. The Cermansi took ' their ; places oo th ukuci aiue ui m uiuic. ; r -- At 0:40; o'clotic Herr simod In- formally reached acroea h table and took the documents. and handed them to Baron - von Loeraner. thlej rxrtually , constituting the ibrmal receipt of the ia a. - a il t . . treaty ana xne uiumatura.- a. receipt from the (Jertnaita for" tbe document was required by li. Dutasta.1 ,: i ' Tho ' inte'rcoursi between the ; ti groups; was rathef confused, i No pro- Vision ' lor an lr.itcrpreter . had been made. . Secretary! Dutasta spoke i. in - .-v-.jj French, and HeiT Simon' replied; In CkrmM.: Vfrreltbef of Ithe principals I i - T .. - " , part; of ,the apparently wag aware of ;uat ;whaUhe Ugln ,n Sen4te tomorrow, and th has full au- other Said. 8o, lt.Semd fortunat pr,BT,m; dUcuaaed at a secret eonfer-eaceeuinT that the detaJU tt to'itbe period al- ;ence 0f aevepttien Senator, held at th j lawd and the nature Of the reply CX peeled were; Indltmted clearly In the rnvertntr ltfer.; " ' ,' -I' '. '' -I ' -,'f ' Th Cermans plainly Intimated their J Intention to derating ah. Extension ' of I time. ' On recehiag the treaty, llerr Simon said: ''' must cbsen'e, ocj bhalf of 'my " Ceattaaed -m Page Twe. When you tlilna-et V rain -; I i Think of WHlTl.a.--A4rU ; gix bkiX-a:k;im mot wati iuiek!y raueve iJuon. 44it . . . .. 1 1 Vv fii;: Stern Peace" QrJy Alternative to I.Iore Uar, Says Bonar Lev, Adding: "It is Uct All Over." LONDON,' Juce 16The peace tcrrna d resented to GermanV 'todajr are the' final reply of the Allies, Andrew Bonar Law, Govern ment, spokesman in the House of Commons, declared in opening tlie Victory Loan campaign at the Guildhall today. The speaker said he hopeti earnestly the Germans would sign the terms. ' ' , i It i for them to -choose within five days. ilr. Bonar Law ' addeL M They must siirn or the ' be a just peace, but a lust ceare mast he a stpm m... - i , The speaker sold that the chief of the .British. Staff had declared twenty-three different wars ware now gting on, and added: ' 1 4 not all . over. It is quite possible br want nf wisdom, hv absence of restraint, by disunion unity;at home to lose, not the victory, but the til force of the victory which has been boueht so dearly." - j , : . WILS0H1LLT0DR NATION FOR LEAGUE Announcement Almost : Coinci dent Witri Notice7 That He .Cannot Transmit Treaty. '. OPPdNENTS ALSO TO STUMP V I - ' . . Today- Renewed Rumors V Round Robin.,, ; Special to Tk ptte yeVfc Tim, -VAHiJ,aTON, Jun 15. President iVUsoa. ia percUag -plana for "a tour of th United States, soon after his re turn from Paris, so that he mar ereaent the esse . of th "Lttu of aUoti to the American ' people; t A teniaHv. Itinerary ha. ajread-r been nm, mnji submitted to him. j i" i Th.M h. J - " v H or . " "J vie -resiaeni on July 4. and ? mo,t tn-latent call. It wa. intimated It W I r i ot the 4th or; noL , he ekpecu to. visit juouis.. as weu a tne homes of many "epubUcan . lenders who , have - been atrong In their opposition to tha League of. Nation., and are now trying to force a -vote on . the Knox resolution to separata the covenant from the Paace lie is expected to appear in several of the more Important ri Uea.. and will carry his message as far as the Pa elf lc' Coast.' K Is especially anxloua. It ia lieported. to apeak la Calif .mlo. the name Of Senator Johnaonr In Vn,.h1n.. ton, which sent ; Senator Polndexter. I another opponent of th League, to th I senate, and In Idaho, Senator Borah's 1 State. Lncertanty a to.rrerident .WCaon's plana was ended today when , a - cable- nun waa received at tile Wmte iioiim was tnlin; rrnlv In an Invitatlnn . evtr-nilid fcv 1 i . . " Senator Swaron of Virginia to attend th. tercentenary celebration at . Rich- mond on July 30. In effect the Prtsi- dent said that h did not know how th date of that celebration would work out to ,-nnecUoii - with the tenutlv Wherary.;no? V I lArl tit aa SST ' - . . The Prcident Indicated that he could l . let attendance at th tercentetutry I celebration' Interfere with the opportu- city of seeing that the American ptople obtained a proper understanding uf the "face Treaty and the League covenant. ,ThA 'to,UUoo .'to. the,; President; to m 1oul w" :"nl '""' I f. t? llvaa In hn rll ?""rH.?r TV. - 11' ''J( V.M. mhUh reached fha Whit j houm today stated that, the .President I would leave focBelgiuro tomerrow even lag artd return to I'arls Trlday. The cable advlcea concerning tne i rtu- dent'a ourbose to make a . n a Uon -wide Paklng tour served to stir today. They decided upon two plana A ' determined effort will be made Mo ODUIIIl - wax vm , : within ten day,, and In tb event or failure: it 1 planned to draft round robin, aubacrlbing to the'propoaala aet forth In'the- Knsx resplutlon to separat th treaty 'and th Leagtt covenaht. . Second, arrangement, will be made to send before the pcopl speakers, posalbly Including Senators ixwge. .no. uoran. Johnson.-1 and Polndexter, wno. wu ai tuck the covenant . ' ' .' ; A conference of. the opponents of the League. will be held aa soon as oewuie lllli " . ,A .v. nlan. fnr the ITesldentS ?2 L,av,. t,p "r " KnM -sohitlon- wOl I llht. . f1T IM aOOt rcauiuuvu f - I home pi Senator Urandege yt-sterday. wlU be developed, v The detalla, of th.U conference are not made known It is stated, however, that Senator Knox will adtlreas the Senate tomor row. Administration supporters will be represented In th debate by Senator sheppard. feenator WcCumber.. Republican, who is backing the Lengue, also hu announced that he will apeak. Op ponents of the League will employ every urn ia at ax UAL or raATEa. sov .- . . i s - , , . . i . i ... - Coatmaed en Page Tar. :tvo cents v7r:r;s::::Wi l-Z' 4 2 j If f ; ' n armistice la at among - the Allien, and by want of GERI.IAII : CABIIvKr TO: ACT; QUICKLY i , - i. -' : " : "' . '' Awaits Trcsty zt Weimar, with Eccncmb !n financial ; , Advisers" kl Hand. -; I TO , REFER IT TO ASSEf.'BLY Latter Expected to Cot Cabi Inet's Decislorf Saturday;. Berlin Predicts Rejection. J3ERLIX, June Vi) (Aoc!st3 rrtif -Count von Dro. kdorff-riantxaa-l. lr i formed, the LcrUa" OOverument lliat iat- j medtettly after rceivirr the allied reply t the German, counterproposal ha will start for Weimar arriving TuesJay aft ernoon. - This Information has been j-a-ceived rrom official sources. ' Immediately after the Count's -arrival at Weimar the Cabinet will hold a meeting and. th term will be sent to shipping., financial, and economic experta, who will report to the Cabinet; Th situation will be laid before the National Asaembly oa Wednesday and will be dU-cussed, so tht tbe Cabinet will be able to ascertain the ' state of ' public- ntl- HnnL:--. ; ..'-' 1 ". .; ? '.;.--. With th expert' opinion and the Assembly's attitude-before It. the Cabinet will j bold a -Xiifai! meeting probably on w. Ill W I . 'Wi am a ui ruurnii tne irerman an-swer to tbe National Aaaerably, on Saturday for ratification. A. canvas of thoa Qualified to apeak for absent Government officials adduces the blunL positive statement tbaf on-less th revised proposals of the Entente nation, contain -meat radical modification in' spirit and in letter, Germany Will not sign the peace treaty. Alleged modifications In th -draft, of the treaty, aa retorted to Derllo through neutral - news 'sources, are re jected In official quarter her as wholly insufficient to warrant ' th ' prediction that the Government . will be : Inclined to subject them tq doner acruUny. : Emphasis is also placed 'on the tatement that . the Cabinet.: which, ia now fully represented at Weimar, is absolutely united In Its attitude, and that there is no prospect . of aa Internal ,'dlvtaion which might break up the present Government and produce a. new Ministry. IHL ...... . . '. t an tatter aeciarauon appears te .hav been prompted by recurring reports that Mathlas Lrsberger, Chairman f ef . the German Armtatlce CornmLsalon. -waa wining to. take over the jcb of con eluding peace. ;' . ; It U alao pointed eut that the Peace Cotpmiaalon of the National Acmbly. whloh took an active part rn the formu-Utlon of the Germs counterpropoesls. mMiuir oacaipg up tne uaoinet m Its determination to refuse to sign any compact not renreaenting the . areatest poaaible divergence, from the original pro;oaaia lit leal onlooker, here are uaable t. m. ure out how Cnbcrnr can poaaibly ere- ate -an unexpectetllv new aitu.tlnn LYsberger has been brushing ..t.-f. t.l rumors, disposing of thent by referring to tne raci mat the prcaent coalition uuiuriimnni a noi only intact, but holds an undUputed mandate from r.e. man people and from the National as- aemoiy , wmcn is tnoroughly representative of the people's rill. On n.e other tianu.-ue naa net as yet mud an un eoulvocal denial of the ratnor tfv. I h. la coDirmnuuiur auiitine r.kii.i nor has he clof.nltfly dfylsre.i , .1 in complete harmony .with th Cabinet s ... , ; .. ; . , ,,- -. i v i Sekeldemaae Praee Prapacsaeal OiernSbc WIS. br Tba Xia Tark Ttaw Ceaipaar BpfdU Caul te The Niw Yut Tiwrs. BHRXEX June 15. The Bcheidetnann Government . Is- .conducting - a .frantic propaganda amootf the German -pecpl, explaining that owing u . tha i hatred against Germany, in tjlie eUJed countries there' ia no hop of obtaining- lea atringent peace enndltlona. and that Ger many must wait until the time h.a pesed the rest of mankind better toward her. ' --.'. r -: . If Germany does not accept the terms, the Government spokr-mAn inslil, the norrors ot nunger win aurpaaa anything yet experiencea. Moreover,' tne i'olua will ..axe the opportunity of occupying Danzig. i Thi. propairanda la almo.t entirely oral and ia bving eari-ted on now In all the German conatjtuencles. The f -xlirg In Germany, thertfore. Is that lirix-k-dorf f-Rantaau haa boen inatructed t accept the term a. In b1ss (kivernment inl fmnr'.il Hrrles-the Impression also prevss that Oermany win aign. , Kenvembee TrOCA Itrre Parana Cf-a." Jtcra.tclxr 6oe Ectt.r J:4.' A. . r ! L'LtuiiL ' I Lii 1. tiiwu.i ,i t t i .. t Covering Letter by C!em- enceau; Recites Foa's r: Wrongs to World. TERMS DEFENDED AS JUST vShcWcisiJcf th3 A!:;:s''.; . V Ccnditions. - Tl!.!E LIMIT IS " EXTEf.'DED V: Berlin Government Will Hava Until Monday to Decids 7 ? on1 Signature. . CermsJis Get Two Days Here . :to Avtr "Yti" ct "il f PARIS. June 18 (Associated Press.) Plv day was th allotted period origlnajly fixed for the to answer. ,Te " or " Ko " to the demand of th' Allies. But two additional-have been granted because of the Insistence of th German cti-t.-tion that net sufficient time had ti r". , - 5 for freer con? ' r' - ' i'..'r. i la.'-d t.rn.a. - TV.'.s a ,.1 If.e tl-ie limitation t-- V", liy, J ii. '. '' ' " . If GrTmenr's aci-jiescfr.i'. the treatj , wiii be lmmeJIt-'r a....ed; If Germsxy declines ii ccJe to the :lCT.i.nda the lnr.'..iiv will be automatically teminated. and the .allied armed 'forces will teke .rhatevr steps they deem rtqulslt to tb eocasion. - ' PARIS. Jon ia The final repty of the allied and associated power on tie conditions of peace banded to the Ger man at Versailles Msy 7 was delivered to th German delegation today and mad public soon afterward. . 'The principles of the' original condi tion have, been rigorously uphold as establishing . peace of Justice, but certain modiflcatlona tn detail and macy explanation of the t fleet cf Ui eica- Uon of th terms are made. . Th rrj-iy ia in two parta, a general covering letter of about 4,300 words, and seriatim ul- etaMSkons of the general counter propoaaia. The change include: '- A plebiscite for vpper 5i:er-:a, t.jx guar an tbe a Of eoal from thaj region. I-Tontlcr recUficaUons In M est J'rua- sia. - -. . . The omlssioe, of - the third sons f rata th Schleiwlg plebiaclte. ' A temporary Increase of the permittai strength of the Germaay array , frca ioo.oik) to . " 4eclaraUon of Intention to -ubcit within -a nooU) e the treaty'a alg-nature a list of those accuel of vlolailoa cj th law and Customs of war. AS offer to ee-operate with a German Commission on Reparation and to r- cetv aogreFllon f ir dl'i:arr'ng th llgatlon: ' 1 Certain detailed modification la Ct financial, economic, .and ports aca waterways ciauaea, ' Including the sboU- tlon of the proposed Kiel Cca-mission. ' Jkaaurance to Germany of merabenti In tbe Lcsgue -.f Nations In th early future If i she . fulfUi her -c-bllgatig&s. . Text el Ceverlag Letter. Th covering letter from XL Clemen- cean, Preeldent of the Peace Conference, to - Count Von " UrochOorff-Kantiau. ltesllcnt of the German : Cc'.'.iU;- reads: jfr. Preeideair " The . alllod an3 asior.lated tism hav given -the "most earnest con deration to the observations of tha .German drates on the'draft cf th; treaty t peaoe. VI . - . ' . "The reply protests t gain it the pcac on the grounds that It conflicts with C um upon which tne amlatto of tba liUi of November, 1JU, was :gt3U" and that, it U a pe&c cf V.olrncs and aot r luatloe. Tbe pretest of tbe Gar- B.aa delegation shws that they fall n Understand the poa'.tion In which Gar-" many .tends today. Thty seem to t h 1 r .i tiat Qermany haa only to 'rak sacrl- floea in order to obtain .pemce." aa if tt.!a were but the sr.d of some mere strvft for tenUcry ar l power. -Tl.e V-Vi ar i aaaoclated powera therefore fel it nao- ssary to begin their rt?!y by a drr Stitemer.t tt th J-arr'.tr.t cf th or:i. Which haa been forged by- prac-tlcaly th whoie-of clvUUed mankind., In the view of th allli-d anj s-claled' powers the war wlit.S ttrn cn th 1st cf Auf--1, 19.4. wrs '!-. grta:- est crime sgalnat hum&r.ily and tie freedom of tb people that any-rati: eeloualy committed. For maay years u - ruler cf Uerniar.y, trve to Tr.5' . traditlc-n, sirove-for a poe'.t'.cn cf c-rJ-nance In Iu rope. They vere col ia: fled with that rrcl-T P" '.t '-y i-i 1 1- Xt r.:Cii G-rr any . -litt-'l. and -ablrh ,i oii-pr i..tic w. iv..-i.-;d' t t!"-uri rrr..c-r t-. a.e'r t. Iree a:. 1 ei' "Tr-ey i;. ?1 ,.. :i t..i: II: j , f r

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