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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 21

New York, New York
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Tuesday, September 12, 1922
Page 21
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V) A ft EPISCOPAL BISHOFS SPHT OH CONCORDAT fy,o . Reports Eubmitted-p-tjh crreement for Ordination of ' t Congregation el Ministers. craYER. REVISION BEGUN Bi$hop Eliminate " AM Men Are Conceived and Born n Sin" prem Baptismal Exhortation. fpftial to The Xeu York Time. TOKTUKSX, Ore. Srpt. ll.-Th ILxht Rev. Reginald If. Weller, Bishop gf fond du Lac. Wis., submitted a m1- orltr report ta the House of Bishop !f the General Episcopal Convent ton eu mornln member of the Joist Mnunlwlon on w --o--aJority and e minority reports , to the Commission on Can Both the were anon. Tin Concordat is a proposed, agree-isnt Vet ween the Cmrcti and the Episcopal Church by mhiro a Congregational clergyman can. y it and hi congregation so desire. -civ additional ordination at tba fcwds of an Episcopal .Bishop, after Mca tha Congregational minister may Minister tha aacrament of baptism tBd holy communion according to the Episcopal '!t though he cannot be ln-itaUtd a rector of an Episcopal Church. BUfcaa Bcjvl Vincent of Southern OUio wbaUtted the majority Concordat stpart. a Chairman of the ?pecla.l com- which. ' waa " appolnttd three Mara ago i Detroit. No sooner had the House of Bishops g( down to renewing- it Ul.K of prayer Jook revision today tharr tha Right ' JUT. In leg Peake Johnson. Bishop of Colorado, threw a bomb Into the contention by calling lor a. teat vote oa the ' wloU matter of revising the prayer i fcooa at ail. Ha declared himself p-tZti to any revision, not that ha did iot im chancea for Improvement, but tit toe House of XepuUea and the liue of Blahopa were both Incompe-. teat " la b' lnd to do the revising-' Ton might a well give therrr a score a musio to re viae," be added. pish op Johnson said time was being ttei up which was needed for far more Inportant matters. He explained that Is war.ud tha test vota at the very be-finnlnc. so that other'BUhon who felt h aid would have an opportunity to tritr their opinion. Tb Bishop was declared out of order, wbertcpoa he announced that he would fram a resolution later which would se " la order." and would embody what a xatL AXUr a ratlier heated discussion be-fwrn Biahop Anderson of Chicago and hithop Brent of Buffalo, X. Y.. the Houst of Ulanap) passed a motion max-ti.t a striking change in the first -kortttloa that the minister makes to the cwipaay when a child Is presented for B-.ptisni by eliminating the statement V-it "all men are conceived and born i sin." It was a matter of comment but the word regenerate " wu left Is th exhortation. E ,hnp Brent, who was Bishop of the fv.rrdnea for sixteen years, declared feat "the sixteenth century Knglish of ft baptismal service at present meant a thing when read to an Igorote parent jtmt!s child for baptism." and he ai-twl It changed.. "I bee to call the attention of the iip of Western New York that this Is m the languace of sixteenth century i. ciish. but that It is Bible language," a.1 Bishop Anderson. . . Baptism Bitsal Revised.' Ti House' of Bishops completed the revision of the ritual for baptism this af.ersoon and began work on . the re-Vjioa of tha confirmation service. At Cm the discussions waxed very warm. TV,s 'Bishop reopened the Ttest!on of fvvng a vol to Suffragan Bishops in House of Bishops. This time the (ulat!on passe', 64 voting in favor, but M tfia House of Deputies about the same la postpone" any such action fr.f.rflnlialy, the vote of the Bthopa waa 1'i'iified. - 'The-Bishops thereupon named a om-eitle to confer with a like committee i-atn tha House of Deputies on the Suf-titanvote. Kahop Winiam T. .Mannincr of New Tork voted against giving buffragana t Tota Bishop Arthur S. LJoyd of 1-w lorn, wno nas a voie, auaoucn Is" a fnffrsaan. because be ia r-- tr4 Coadjutor Bishop of Pe in -t aor of elving tuffrHgana a Vuta, Ha refuses to exercise, his richt to vote because his Suffragan brethren kivs no rote. The Bishops voted to tska out "the 'i Adam " In the baptismal ritual. Irr was some confusion. ' We are "Ung on the Old Adam," explained iiKp Brown of Virginia, Chairman of tt House of Bishops. , TTe vote waa 41 against, "the old a-iimi- and 3a ror. ' .,'r'' Present prayer begins: " O Jter-! 1ful God. grant that the old Adnm In ( j this cbU may be so buried thai the - mu may oe raiaea up in aim. , The ribstltute prayer will begin: "CM Merclftu God, grant that like as Christ M raised . up from the dead by the lory of the Kather. even. so this child ry wa!k In newness of life." The Bishops left in tlie exprfsalon the oki man " referring again to Adam a later prayer, although the Joint emmlasion wanted It removed. The JMe is; "We humbly beseech Th-e 1 "rnt that He may crucify the old ; uttrly abolish the hole body The Right Rv. Boyd Vincent, Bi.hon ooothern Ohio, caused n warm de-te by moving to omit ex.-ir'flng from sdult candlttate for baptiili a. rtcrla-tloii that be helieved in " all the irtic.e, of the Christian faith contained n ? Apostlea Creed." fc""hep Vincent moved to substitute UMt thou believe In Jesus Christ, the r the living God? " This was lost an overwhelming majority. BeBBUe Diveuss Prayer Reviolen. Tee House of Deptitle also spent some 1 trying to revise the prayer , book. Rev. Dr. John Cole Mr Kim. a mls-J7ln Tohoku. Jnpan. offered.a res-r.woa that the whole matter of prayer clTi re)1ion be referred bark to the 'Joint "comtnisnlon which has al- n slwork nlno years. He nus-liTiw1"" both lb? present and the re-tZr k be permitted to be used, nnd trM i.111 T'ter three years' trial it tmLi fecMe.! wiiich on the Epls-Tr 9urch wante.l. His resolution .i!ered placed on the rRlen iar. L conclufiors that theBjshops mJZ ,in th-lr wet-k's coiurencc- pre-x'ant, opening of th- general con- mf ere made puolir today. The '(H1 voted to. omit the word Tefjaij , n ""rrias;e ceremony, but tt tv, con'"ur ln tbe ricommemUtion b . "rldeg-room should no longer 1 thJ Y "With all my worldly goods .,' endow." lf finiTiS: .ps incurred In t I tt?l 0t the -ntenrea V f toV.tbHxa having " liv. : ' I??? f. aJ-" " H Is rec, t,! B,sops concurred In the proposed about Isaac cd faithfully tw 1 "l. - it Is recalled that on tniirm when -Ikaac was in a "c country he tried t pass off Itu-Th? V". sister. 'iMrI1,00s voted lil,- 7 '"i"' icamsi lac Hiiru- lhr.or Sne Petition for 'h dead la n "i ine . t: i 1 1 r t Y t wr. n ' ior the ri ... Voted in (nvfir thu cKnftortBll - tin ii iiiiiitaiti V of the tcnni.. . ien wmmanamcnw ana Coe-; j ,n th? proposal that the y Vi',e mntb instead of everv Sun-f - J 7 Prmittd the alternative uae tranl Jolv Eucharist " for Holy Com-J.lrhTA. whicb is a concssion to the Th. l h,Irchnen. -hoJS"1' 'nnovation offered by the prjyLT " the recommendation tlat a wr"'b Inserted Into the marriage blttt'rt att,p" tliat the union may b , ' : " if nil.. This- i done U . il man Catholic rwrmniv an 1 . --. v..,t.v ni infl tjuirrn or Knii:.ri'i. ff-j. ,,2c' Bishops were ats'-nt from tkV?nv'ntlon conference the vot.o CallJ 1 session may not always those, la the earlier touf eituce. SOCIAL NOTES New York. ' 'i ' ' ,yri a"d-.M"S- Roliml Morris will be guests of Mr. ami Mis. Poultnev Ulr-o- - Vi rnnuii Kitstlcnlla, on IXt. i annual HitstlonlU at Maldn-on-i,iudsun. wlun o Ambassador to .Iitpaa will x:rU Peaceful I-aciflc.' our lat : rvn A Miss Abbv Morrison of 20 Ea?t "ortv-ninth Street, who said for KngUti.1 JHst June, returned last week. Fhp waa the guost for several weU In London of the lso on j M-iri-n.i .. - i f J th.e lUtor-s frtstle in Scotland. Misa oiorriaoii met and talked with Kin Oeorge and QUn t.lnry at their BuckT tnzham I'alace gardr.n party. j Mrs. Joseph Al Blake and her three children Katherine, Join and William inter Idake. ate returning today, from r our. Acres. Bar Jlat bor, to l'ortolseau. y, i Auohtncloss LVImonico's Sir. and Mrs. entertained at last vv-snlng. . Charlea C. tiiunor at Mrs. .Tchn snamiker Jr. .-cntertalneu M luncheon yrsterdwy at Pierre's for Mr. K. VanderbUt 2d. and Mrs. Klcnnrxl C. Colt gave a luncheon there Z . er ' uaughter. Mrs. ,arles IX lackey Jr., who r-jecntly returned from Bobert W. I.owIs gave a dinner In the roof funlrn' at the Kitx-Oarlton t evening and among hla guesta were Mr. ann aira. ijeorge i. Wldener. llrnry fcloane and iJis May Klnj. Mrs. Burke Roche, who 'has bee.i In I.urope for some time, has returned to "arH after a motor trip through rim,'-land and Scotlar-.l with her ran, Baron Jrermoy. She will remain abroad until the latter part ui November. i Mr. and Mrs! Chnrlea II. Marshall, w-ho returned from lOurope on the Adriatic, are at the St. Kegla for a . frtw daya before " going to their home at Mendham. N. Ji i , Mr. and Mrs.l Joahih S. Cosdea! will lesive their apartment -at the Plaxn on Sept. Id to sail for Europe If Mr...;Cos-den la well enough after his operation for appendicitis They spent the t'.um-mer at Saratoga Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. van Btfuron have come from Newport to spend a few days at the Ambassador. . i j Samuel Insull. and Mrs. Insull. I who arrived on the Adriatic, are at! the Klta-Carlton for a few days before going to Chicago, i - i j Mr. and Mra.sMelvin Burton Erlcson are here from Chicago and are staging at the .Lorraine ' i Mra Lucy Work Hewitt has returned from Euro po and Is now at her place at Cornwall-on-Hudson. Mrs. William -A. Hamilton and her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mra. Harry L. Kaufman, are here from the West for a few dt. and are at 12 East c-ighty-aeventh Strtt Xewpert. The proceeds of the baseball game be--twetn the Summer visitors" teami and that of the city officials a work o last Saturtlay were not nearly as large aa the committee that arranged the game had. hoped for. The game waa played for the benefit of the Newport Hospital, the Mercy Home and School and the Home for Friendless Children, and after the few expense were paid there was only about- uik left to divide between the three institutions. j Mr. Iewls i.f Morris waa a lunc!ion hostess yesterday". i Mrs- C. II. Brandt. Mra.T. C. 'Wat- kins anii Jura. M. tj. waoe or ew lorn wtc registered at tha Hill Top Inn yesterday. i j Mr. and Mrs. Peter Roberts have left for Philadelphia. j Mr. and Mrs. it. P. BuHfr. Mlsa Jaftw Butler and G. It. Conrndaon of New York aro at the New Cliffa. . Jerome VN. Eonaparte. who has been away for several wec-ks. lias rejoined Mrs. Bonaparte t the Morrvll cottage Mr. and X'rs. Henry Parish, who are leavirg on Sept. 2i for their hom-? In New Jersey, will give a tUnmrr at thejr Summer home this evening- j Dr. Klngsley Roberts, who h been at, iiaa return.d to New lork. j MIQv MAHKAY'fi WEDDING III IV W ,,lmw.." w - - Attendant for Her Marriage to Kenneth O'Brien In Roilyn Sept; 2. The wedding! of Miss Katherlne Msckay, elder daughter of Clarence. U. Mackay. and Kcrineth O'Erlen.' a son of farmer Justice Slorwn J. O'Brien ' will take place at 4 o'clock on Thursday aft ernoon. Sept. 2t. I" St. Mary's Roman CathtfH Church at Roslyn, I. i The church is a small one and the Invitation to It are confined to the .families! and Intimate- frlendsj The reception wijl b held at Harbor j Hill, the home of tits bride.- . -"""H f i Miss Mackay'a - sister. Mirs KlUn ireUav. will be maid of honor; and her other attendant will be Mrr. Edwin Main Post, Jr., j Mrs. Pierce Butler, a sister of the bridegroom; Mrs. Goodhue Livingston Jr.. sMrs. John McKadden. Mrs. Morchead Patterson, Miss Muriel C. Vanderbilt and Mlsa Evelyn Wads- worth, a daughter of United States Sena tor Wadsworth j and a cousin of the bride. 1 I - i Mr. O'Brien brother. Esmond n-RrlMi. will bo! his best wan and the ushers are to bi Justin O'Brien. E. Ro-lmd Harriman.. William Ryla. Henry K William Carr. Samuel Sloan Walker. Jr.. Jcif Hoyt. Atlwowl Violet Jr.. Knight Wooley ' and Stanley i W Burke. i - I MISS STURGIS ENGAGED. Bastan Girl. Member of Vincent Club, to Wed; Robert L. Goodale. The enSR?nM;rtt has been annowred of - SI is Susan iBalnbridge SturgT, a daughter of Mri and Mrs. S.; Warren Sturg-ls of Boston and CJroton, ilass.. to Robert Lincoln ISoodale, a son of ! lr-Josenh Lincoln tioodalo and Mrs. Good- ale, of Boston, iliss Sturgia is a srand-dausrhter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John a it.rnx of New York, a'nleeo of Mrs. Krsncls P.dirers. end a lineal descendant of Commodore Balnbrldge. She was a 1920 df butante, a tneniber of, the Sewing Circle and acted ln the Vincent Club ierformances of 'her comlngr-out season, and incj has b:tn a worker at Lincoln House, s i ! Mr. Goodale. who is now In Ids fourth . . ' , ... .,: t . . . . . I vpar In tae uanaru i i,.. ..,-. f l on the Mexican border in 3011 a a private in Buttery A. Kiiyt Massai-chusetta 1M Artillery r and after thb Cnitei States enu red the war he served as a Sterg.-unt n;ihe 3fJ2d Machine Gun Rnttalbon and 2 a First IJeutenant In the Nith Field !Arti!l?ry at Fort SiH? He Is a grandson of I'rofesacr George Goodale of Harvard. No dat has been mentioned for tl-.t wedding. j j MISS HELEN TAFT TO VEdJ H I'll Caushn by Marriaae of Chief Justice to TvVarry C. Wi Johnson Saturday.! The weddmg' Of Mlf' Heln Taft, daughtrr of Mra, jNeal -Taft of 111 Eos Siity-second Street and the late Robert M. Taft. and Carroll WIghtman Johnaort of 144 Harrison i Street. East fOrangej N. J, a son of Wilbur S. Johnson, will take place next Saturday afternoon at, the residence of Mrs. Balnbridsre Clarkj 1,007 Fifth Avenue. Only members of the Immediate family will be present at the ceremony, which will be performed hy the Rev. Vr Rob-rt Stewart. A small reception for Intimate frk-nda will follnw. i I Miss Tuft is a tousin by marriage of Chief Justice William Howard Taft. Mr. Jahnson ia a niortsace loan icipectur. THE NEW FARMINGDALE CASE i BEFORE GOV. MILLER He Suggests That -Director Johnson " Stimulated " Ap- j paals in His Bohalf. ; TRUSTEES OFFER DEFENSE They Plead State Officials' Sanction . for Using .Federal Funds for j Director's Salary. SpecUil la Tha Xeu York Times. ALBANY, Sept. 11. It waa brought out at a heating today before Governor MlllerHlwrt Influence from " many quarters " had been brought to besr upon the Governor to settle the charges tnadq agsinst -therTTlne trustees of the Slate Institute of Applied Agriculture at Farmingdale, I I. The trustees appeared before tha Governor to il'ow cause why they should not be removed for misuse of public funds. I The Governor expressed surprise that S. A. A. Johnson. Director of the school, had allowed money paid by the Fed ral Government for the education of disabled soldiers to be used to increase his salary, and thst the Hoard of Trustees hail sanctioned the Increase). The money waa received by contract with the. Federal Government, . - The Governor suggested that the boml might have voted to Increase Mr. Joimson's salarv and then let him try to pet It through presenting a claim to the Court of Claims. " But." hi added. " I should expect any board that tried It wolUJ go out of office verv suddenly." i- Meier Stelnbi lnk. counsel for the trustees, intimated that attempts had hen made to Influence the Governor against the board. i " The only Influence exerted on me." tha Governor replied, " has been from a great many quarters In the last two months.- obviously stimulated. It appeared somebody thought the 'question was to be settled on Influence and not on lta merits.. The only people that have tried to Influence me have been stimulatedand I know a thing or two have been stimulated,' I think, by the director Of the school.1' . j On the Hoard cf Trustees are William M. Baldwin. Henry P. Tuthlll. Wl'.llsm W. Nlles. Irvine; J. lxng. Jacob W. Hememan, Carl H. Fcwler. John Anp3e-mar.. Miss Hilda Ward, who resigned today, and Mrs. Knthryn Reed Pierrepont, who is ln Europe. i The general reply of the trustees was to the effect that they had acted under the pdvlre of the Attorney General and Dr. Frnk B. Gilbert. Deputy Slte Commissioner of Education. In their expenditure of the Federal monev. The answer to the charges also declared thet If the trustee of Farming-dale were to be punished, the G"v rnor should administer the aume medicine to he trustee of the KIM Agricultural Schools at Delhi and Coblerd;M. Director Johnson requested a separata hearlnr for himself. - " I have no Jurisdiction over you." the Governor replied. " You are responsible to the Board of Trustees. But I'll be glad to listen to anything you have to eay." OCEAN TRAVELERS. - Some of the passengers leaving today for Cherbourg and Southampton on the Cunarder AQtdtanla are tha entire British amateur golf team. Including Captain Robert Harris. Cyril Tolley. Roger Wcthered. W. W. Torrance. Wallls Mackenzie. John Cavan. Bernsld Darwin nd Colin ' Sylrner; Thomas Heed, Vice President Chicago Eastern and Ultinois Railroad: Mr. and Mrs. Seth B. Hunt. Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Tell. Colonel K. B. Martin dare Jr Baron Italsaka Morl-mura.Ur. and Mrs. Seldle. S. C. Million. Mr. and Mrs. Stsnton aarfleld, Mr. and Mra. O. L. Marcus, Charles Rccht, Mra Lionel CurtU. Nelson E. Tousley, Guy H. Nason. Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Balrd. S. Nakamur. Professor ToUio Commer cial L'nlverslty; Gorge W. Johnson. John IJ. G. Iester. Jr. T. Asano. Charles William Tonks. J. Stungo, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Hutchison and A. Didue. Amnn tie passengers leavfar today for V!r an,l Hordeaux on the French liner Niagara are: 11. J. Wilcox, l.'nitrd States Consul at Vigo. Spain; Mrs. II- n Vliaa M I.. Volin2. A. ATUS. A. Alvarex. M. Holler. Miss M. Hahn, Mias J.,C Howell. Mr. anil r.jrs. A. f vr-nunilri, W. 1'helrs. Miss at. K. Walsh. C. : Vrlbe. 1, W. and Mrs. H. Irjncan. . , Some of tha passengers arriving yesterday on 'the lArrain of the French line from Havre, were: Miss G. Andrews. Miss M. Arrow-smith. M. Black. Dr. J. Bethune Stein.-Mls Laura H. i Brown. Miss H. IlUseJ:, Miss E. Brannon. Miss F L. Fox, Dr. and Mrs. A. L. Curtis. M T." n. Garrett. Countess de Chsr- race. Miss M. K. Hynes, Mr. and Mrs. George If. Iwis, Mr. ana sirs. vj. Uawler. Miss E. Marshall, Professor Edward O, Moore and Omrles N ood. The list' of th Scandinavian-American Itwr Prelcrik VIII.. lending today for Chrlstiania and tv.iMfnhagen, Includes: H. Arctander. E. Blirreld, Mr. and Mrs. A. Licklioff. Dr. Anna Wycmal-Kowska. B, Ku'lniP. K. Illrahenshorn. O. E Jrgen.n. Mis Erne Jensen. Antonl Pawlowskl. Mrs. A. 1 Stanley and daURhter Isah!, Fredetiro Strehlow and Svenil J. and Jens J. Wt-lmann. Ix ti-murk. i PEGGY WOOD TO MARRY. Musical Comedy Star to Wed John V. A. Weaver. Literary Editor. The egsgement Is announced of Miss Pegffy Wood, star of " May time." Buddies ".' and " Marjolalne," to John V. A. Weaver, literary editor of Tha Brooklyn Eagle and author of " Msr-Jorle Wins the Game." Miss Wood spent sevral months of Ihe Summer at Mn e. Calve's chateau In the Pryenees, and Mr. Weaver, sailing soon after j she left, also spent part-of his Summer In the Pirencrs, seeing much of Mis Wood." Ml.s Wood lives In Brooklyn, where her father Is a teacher of! vocal culture. 'He has also written a collection of short stories named " Back Home." In splta or her jcuocess In nmsicsl comedy Mls. Wood's ar.ibition is to excell In hl:h comedy. MRS. hJ B. HARRIS TO WED. I Theatrical Manageress Engaged to Zack C. Barber, a Broker. The engagement of Mrs. Rene W. Harris, widow : cf Henry It. Harris, theatrical producer, who was lost on the Titanic, to Zitck C. Barber, a broker, with offices at 8 West Fortieth Street, was announced yesterday. Mrs. Harris lies continued the operation of thi late Henry B. Harris's theatrical Interests, including the management of the Hudson .Theatre, as well as the production of play. Mr. Barber Js a member of the University. Yale and Weeburn Country clubs, and the Detroit Country and Athletic cluba of Detroit. Mich. Elsie Jania at Palace Theatre. Elsie Janls came to the Palace Theatre yesterday afternoon for the beginning of a two weeks' engagemcnt-a farewell arParanc-e. incidentally, since she will then appear abroad for tome time. After the Palace. Miss Janls will b- seen for arMhrr two weeks in neighboring vaudeville hoti3cs. and will then leave for Lotion, where the will appear in a revue. YORK TIMES, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12. 1922. EIGHTY TO ISO'LOST IN WRECK OF H AMMONIA Spanish Peasants Emigrating to Cuba Die in Raging Sea When Steamer Founders. SOlTITAM iTO?, Tuesday. Sept. '12 (Associated Press). There waa a con-alderable loss of life when the German steamer ammonia foundered off Vfgo. Spain, on Saturday. Confirmation of this was obtained at 1:15 o'clock thU morning when the Brithh ateamer Kln-fauns Castle ducked here with 2ST passengers and members of the crew of the Hatnmonla on board. Captain Day. commander of the Kln-fauns Castle, suld the loss of life po-sdbly would reach eighty. Others on boird estimated the dead at l.0. Captain Alfred liocfer. commander if the llammonla. auid that the first two boats liiuni-heil over the side of the Hteumcr capsized and that postdbly fifty of the occupants were 'drowned. Almost Till of them were Spuniarda of the working class, who wvre on their way to Cu ba. i'Hptaln Huefer ascribed the loss of the il'Miimoni. which wus bound fur t'uta und Mexico, chiefly to shiping water during the violent gale Into which the steamer ran when about seventy-five or eighty ndlca-off Vigo. The water gained steadily for twenty-four hours, notwithstanding thf fact that powerful pumps were worklnje. discharging thousands of tons of water hourly. ! Finally the ship began to lbd. and she took her plunge to th bottom on Saturday evening al X :2." o'clock. Just before the steamer sank the captain and nineteen men of the crew who had remained aboard put out from her In a boat. The boat had not gone more than 100 feet from the vessel when the llammonla sank by the stern, sending up a wave loo feet into the air. Captain Day said that when the Kln-fauns Castle reached within a few hundred yards of the llammonla h launched ten boats. The sea waa filled with rafts and overturned lifeboats, and also the bodies of drowned women and children. ' ' The saving of the passengers and crew still alive occupied three hours. It wis a terrible experience. Captain Day added. He said he was unable to sleep afterward owing to the scenes of horror he had witnessed. None of the rnembet of the crew of the Klnfauns Castle were lost during the rescue work. ENGINEERS TO GO TO RIO. Colonel Crawford and Clifford Shoemaker to Represent Association. Colonel C. H. Crawford. Suth American manager for the Bsldwin Locomotive Works, and Clifford Shoemaker of Washington have been appointed official representatives of the American Association of Engineers at the International Engineering Cong res at Rio de Janeiro this month. The purpose of the International Engineering Congress Is to brlr.g together Ihe best engineers of all countries to establish social relationships and to consider a number-of subjects. : These comprise the utilisation of fuel resources; the best utlllxatlon of wattr power; recent advances In Irrigation methods; the elimination, of waste through the standardisation .of supplies for agricultural and industrial purpose; coal as a facter ln Industrial" development; essentials of a national railway policy; Intercontinental engineering co-oicration; the Iron and s'evl Industry and terminal facilities. This conference will estsbli-di closer contact among those engaged on problem of economic proxrva in all the Ann-rlcas. In the opinion of engineering experts here. ACT ON LUCKENBACH CLAIMS Shipping Board Announce Agreement on Principles of Settlement. Fptclal to The AVuj 1'orlr Thtie. WASHINGTON. Sept. 11. Announcement wa authorised by Chairman Lasker of the Vnlted States Shipping Hoard today, after a conference with Edgar F. Luckenbach. that agreement had 'been reached -with the latter on principle for arriving at a settlement of claims of the lKard against the latter, who has a. much larger claim against the board growing out of Ship-' ping Board operations during the World 'Var- . . V According to statement mad by board of.icials today, the claim of Mr. lick-enbach against the -board amounts to approximately -'.1..ViO.siO. while the board has Votinter-c lalms of between five anl six million, dollars against Mr. Luckenbach. II. mutual lgteement Mr. Luckenbach'a claim against the board will be submitted to the I 'idled States Court af Claims for conlderatlon and decision. The Shipping Board, on the other hand, will endeavor to substantiate Its counter-claim. HER EVIDENCE WINS DECREE Wife's Divorce Suit Backed by Testimony Obtained as a Sleuth. Sprcial t Tht eu York Timet. WHITE PLAINS. N. Y.. Sept. II. An Interlocutory decree of divorce was granted to day to Mrs. Mae W. Conrad of Hastlnffs-on-the-Hudson by Supreme Court Justice Frank L. Young on evidence she obtained against her husband. Harry II. Conrad of Washington, D. C while acting aa nn amateur detective and trailing hint In New York City. Mr. jnd Sits. Cornea were niniHl S-pt. 12. 15()2. She separated front Iter husband on June 10. last. WH'larn R. llogan of the law o"f:ce of Wallace & Wallace of Yonkers testified h served paper "on Mr. Conrad In the Pennsylvania Station dn Auk. . Dr. Edwin Ropers Nodine of New Rochclle, fr.ti-fled that Mrs. Conrad sent for him and poini'-d out her husband, who was with an unknown woman In the I "ennsylvatda Station on June lo, and that he saw him register in a hotel aa "Mr. Conway and wife." Conrad did not answer the suit. . "" GARVEY PLEADS A DIVORCE.. Head of Negro Organization Replies to Mrs. Amy Garvey. Jdarcus Garvey, head of the I'nlversal Negro Improvement' Association, who has hail domestic troubles ln the la."t few years In addition to his other difficulties, filed an answer In the Supreme Court yesterday to a suit of Mrs. Amy Garvey for a divorce, in which lie asserted that he Is not now her husband because he divorced tjer at Kaiiyiia City on June 15 lat. after he had been a resident of Missouri for more than twelve months. He declared that 'Missouri was then the residence of Mrs. Garvey also. The complaint names Mrs. Amy Jaques Garvey, whom the neurit married subsequent to his Missouri divorce, as corcslondrnt. Gurvey denies he has becu guilty of misconduct .with her, and she also filed a dental. ARREST IN WOMEN'S HOTEL. i Dr. Simon of Narcotic Squad Sends Martha Washington Guest to Hospital. Dr. .Carleton Simon, head of the Narcotic Squad, invaded "No man's land " yesterday when they- arreat-d Anna Russo ln the Martha Washington, a hotel for women only. According to the police a hyrMlemilc syringe and a nwn-tity.of heroin solution were found in the woman's room. MI'S Russo. who wna taken to Belh-vue Hospital, said she had a sister in Providence. It. i. THREAT TO BL0V UP CLUB IN PHILADELPHIA Lclter Demanding $50,000 Ran-" scm Says 'We Planned the j Wall Street Explosion.9 ! Fprcuil tu The fit m YorJr Times. iPHILADKLPHlA. l a. S. pi. 11. An anonymous letter threatening tu Mow up tl.e I'nfon league Club linlo a ransom of ill w as paid wa received on Saturday morning by officials of that club. Efforts to keep the threat a secret porved futile. When It became known a cordon of i!a im lolkes policemen and l'idt'-d States Secret Service agents were guarding the building from every avaiiablo nook and corner. , A report that several sticks of dynamite packed in small tin eat: with long fuses attached were found ln the baiw-inint of the club was neither affirmed nor denied by the club officials or the police. ! According to detective working on the case, the letter demanded that the S-lu.uoo be paid by a uniformed messenger who was to stand on the. southeast corner of Ninth and Chrisdlan Streets at ltl o'clock Saturday nllt. " We don't cum whether he Is dressed in the uniform of a policemnn. telegraph't- or a bellboy." read the note. " Just so long as l,e Is -ii j int a tin box Willi tan ln It." " Don't try to be funny or clever," it continued. " becauaa if you try and trap ua it will do you no good. We want tho money and you had better hand It over without calling in the police. "Another thing you had better know and remember. e arc the ones that planned the. great Kali Street explosion on Sept. in. I'.r.o. Ik you recall what a success that was? " i When the letter was received by the Ieasue officials on Saturday morning, it was turned over lo lhe rhkf Postal Inspector in the Federal BuihJi.ig. who Immediately j called In . the ai l of the. Bureau of Investigation of the Department of Justice and the local police. After a series of conference it was agreed that i a postal inspector should accept tlie role of a decoy messenger. Four automobiles belonging to the local police were i brouKht Into service and placed In four strateclc positions some distance from the place designated by the ransom seekers. About forty other police and detectives hid themselves ln the vicinity, i i The uniformed postal inspector remained on the corner for two hours or more without being asked foe the tin box which, he carried und-r hla arm. ill powilly containing tin? $r",uoii. It was liitfr admitted v several of the det-ctlves and police that too many ;nen were called In to make the anticipated arrests. j CIVILIANS AW AT FIRE SAVE 23 FAMILIES t i i I, i .1. Sound' Alarm Through Ihlls and Assist Firemen in Removing Brooklyn Tenants. . Civilians aided firemen shortly before 12" o'clock lat night to rescue twenty-three families from the five-story " L ". shaped ttnvnmt at 1 and Liberty Strt and IS High Street. Brooklyn, when smoke i from a-fire In the cellar filled the halls and apartment The fire wa discovered by Rolwrt P. Seveaance of 74 Elliott Avenue. Maspeih. Queens, an Inspector on the B.; R. T., who was regulating trolley tar at the approach to the Ilrooklyn Bridge, one block to the north. i ' ' ' v and Conoral James Bclfont of the Marine Gaurd at the Navy Yard hurried Into. th bulldlns. followed by Edward Paugherty. l.'i yrara old. who lived In' the Ul rty Street building: joli Thlel of l.MW Fuiton. Street and Sidney Sellg of .'it Fulton street. None of the tenant In the house wtre aware of the fire, which had started among some paper owned by the Proadwiiy Subway and Homo Borough Cur Advertising Coippany. which occupied the cellar. Tiiev moped on the doors of all the apartments, and a panic followed among the tenant when smoke from the cellar poured Int their homes. Connjrsl Tliiel al.I'M Mrs. Carrie Brady nnd her daughter. Helen. months ol 1 to the street from the third floor and Scllj raided Thomas Fitrpatrhk. 7 years old. an his sister. Eleanor. 4 years old. from the fourth floor. More than half the families had been pot-en to .thf street by means f th fire escape, statrwsys and th roofs of sdjoinlmr tenements when fire under Deputv Chief OUara nrrlveil. Itld -rs wete "thrown: sgainst the front of the bulidhig on both streets and more than twenty-five persons went rescued from the fire escapes und win-low. Before the rescues were completed. Deputy Chief O'llara turned ini a second slarm. The flrwaa subdued; after half an hour's field. i Mrs. Carry Brady, who lived on the too floor and wh- ws among those rescued bv firemen. later was attended by en ambulance surgeon for hysti r.a. I ' 1 : 1 Miss Tumulty's Condition Serious. Coi-yrlglit, lOtri, ly The Chicago Tribune Co. ; ilfNICH. Sept. 11. The condition cf Miss Mary Tumulty Is serious. , but physician still hold out hox for "iter recovery. She suffered Internal injuries In a motor accident near Oberammer-gaii about two months ago and then double pneumonia set In. Her p.-trtxit. Mr- and Mrs.. Joseph Tumulty, were allowed to visit her for only two minutes today. j . : Charles G. Armstrong, Engineer. Charles J. Artimtrong, an engineer and the investor t-f tho Armstrong sis-nal light used in c-1 ova tors, was found dead yesterday In his home, 2.(VS0 Hudson Buulevar.l. Jersey City. Mr. Armstrong wai chief engineer of the Department if Hildes in this city in 1912 and ho was consulting engineer on the Binger Building. He was born in Senator. 111.. an.I wia C4 years old. He was u ursiliuic- of the L'niversity of Illinois. He waa a member of i-verul national engineering o-cletle and a Mason. ; , . Mrs. Pearl Randall Wasson. ; Bl "ISLINGTON. Vt Sept. 11. Mrs. Pearl Randall Was:on. l'aii of Women nt the l'niversity of Vermont, died this morning fit the Mary Fletcher Hospital following an operation performed some time ago. Mrs. Wasson was appointed IK-an of 'Women at the University in ltl!. ' Previous to that timn Fhe had bt-en head of the IVdcrntion or w omen a Cluba of Vermont. Louis Bauman Dies on the Resolute. i Ixuls Bauman. who before l.i.t retirement several years aco wa head of R.iuinnn & Spcrly, ono of the largest manufacturers of cloak and suits ln I this city, died nudd-nly on the. tteam- sldp Resoltite rcarlnir this port. He was n native cf Germany and In his 71tli year. H-; had been In this country more than forty yearv. Mr. Bauman is survived by h!s widow, Mrs. Ricka Rauman, a s-n Joseph I Bauman and two dai'ghter. -Mrs. Hvman H.tuman und Mrs. Albert Beck. : His home was at 074 West End Avenue. t i i Wilfred S. Blunt. IiXDdN'. Sept. U. Wilfred Scawen Blunt, age K5, traveler, poet and writer on' British Imperial problems, died here today. i Wilfred Scawen Blunt served a.s Secretary to the British l-salions at Athens. Madil-1, I'aris. Vienna arid Buenos Aires. Mr. Blunt had an estate on the edge of the Sahara, where La raised .Arabian hc-rsea. GREET MACMILLAN PARTY. 2,000 Cheer Explorer at Booth Bay Harbor' Impromptu Reception. BOOTH BAY HARBOR. Me.. Sept. 11. When It was learned today that Donald R. MacMillan. from hi Baffin Land exHviitton on the schooner Bawdoin, was lo spend the night here before proceeding to for his formal " welcome home ". there -tomorrow, a reception was hastily arrangel. More than 2.0O0 people cheered the explorer and hi associates. Whistles were blown and a band serenaded them as the stanch : littl schooner dropped anchor off the Steamboat wharf, well up the- harbr. shortly after ." o'clock. A"Salute also was fired bv the Booth llav Harbor Yacht Club, of which Alac-.Mlllan I a member. The liuwdoln s gun and fog horn responded. As the member of the expedition dl 1 not come ashore, they were visited on board by hundreds during the evening, every boat in the harbor being pressed Into service : for that purpose. Mae.Mlllan said ho and his crew were In good health and well satisfied with the trip. When asked If he was going back to the north again he said everything wa indefinite at present. He I returning without any (dan in that respect, but the impr. iii was gained from him and others that they probably would make another trip. The supply of food for the expedition would not have lasted through a seeon-1 Winter, according to Ralph I". Robinson ot Merrlmac, .Mass.. steward ml general assistmt to MacMillan. and game was not found in jiunlnce. contrary to expectations. They Would have had to dei-end an.tiieV inter chiefly upon the arctic fox. Professor Louis Adolphe Coesne. BOSTON, i Sept. IL Louts Adolphe Coerne. Professor of Music at Connecticut Stat College for Women. New Ion-don. Conn., died here today. He was r2 years old, and was the first to receive the degree of Docfhr of Itdtosophv from Harvard University for work hi the d-partment of music. Dr. Coerne was the nii'hor of nearly two hundred publish"-! compositions, in-clU'lint,' the oper " Zenobl .-.." performed in iin-men, Germany, in lOOd. Profeanor Coerne waa born In Newark, N. J.. and he wa educated In Germany and France. He was graduated from the Bop ton Iatln School in lsM and Harvard College In - l.MH). He was a member of the St. Nicholas Society, the Cliff Dweller, of Chicago: the International Music Society, the . Harvard Musical Society and the University Club of this city. Mrs. Mae Lacy Baggs, Author. . ! ftpsrial to The Xeto York Tme. COLUMBUS. Ohio; Sept. 11. Mrs. Mie Lacv Bazfs. author, and the wife of Thomas Alexander Baggs.: died in this city on Saturday. She was a resident of Toledo. Mrs. Baggs was born at Independence, Mo., the daughter f Charles Wesley an 1 Rhoda Gtfison Har ris i lcy. Sh-i nuirrieii ir. iu( in London in 1910. Obituary Note. . Miss MARIA TIIBOI'ORA I'l'EIt. ef an old New York family, died -ftt"rly St 1 Khht Heven'y-nlnth Street. Sh. wa "! eara oM. Miss I wr u a duhler of Ui late Juilf- William lnirr. Mra. GKORGK VAX OKPEX. wife of'Cnlo-nel i lleorife vn Onlen. Commander of the Second lurglmeiit. I'tiited Stale. Marine C orp. here, died Bunday at Cmpr I ! It ten. Snrn. BRf ATCSTONT Mr asd Mrs. Harry Bak-stone mnt lOme Bnnreli of Arverne. I- I., rr-ni'Mie the l-li tn ot a daughter oa s(-t. 11. Il"-J2. PECEX-Mf. sn.l Mrs. Morris irren. Grnnd Concourse, announce the l-tr'h of a xin en Sept. H at tla St. M irk'a Hospital. Jl'h ! and 2d Av. MOft'lKNSTKRX Mr. and Mrs. Morris Mor-genstern of Port Wasliinrton Av, an nounce th Hrth ef a daughter, turidjy. fJTt. 10, i?t, Joseph's Hospital. Far lUxrk- HOPOWITT! LIKHOWITZ Mr-, and Mrs. Simon IJeliowitx. 1 2T Tth Av.. announce til. rnfmn-Rwnl of tlielr daughter. Anna, to Mr. IVI'ford V. Ilonivili. fHarrifu. FAHEU OSROUN'K On TneaUv. Sefit. R. pr.'j. t Church of h Ascet.alun, W-st Near Britmton. ftat.n Island. X Y.. Br. Clu-IBvu. William Faber to Mis Mary l!rrorr falmrnc. I.irrtY OABI.nR Mr. and frs. John C. Gaoler wish to announce the marriage their daunhter, Ktbc-l T. Gablrr. to P. Meredith Ui!ry. on Sfnla. ?iit. !1. S I'. M . nt ttir heme of the bride'a pamita, tx-URlaaion. 1 I. MARX KR AM nit Mr. and Mrs. R Kramer announce the marrfsce of their sister. Carrie, to Mr. Mux Xlarx on Sunday. Spt. 10. at th Motr-1 McAipin. Kabbl l'r. EiMnun officiated. ARMSTRONG Sudden'y on Monday. Vpt. II. IliiS. Charles c'.oold. blovd huskiand off suhd V'ranrM Armstrons. Funeral s-rctces at Ma latr residence, 2.ih Hudson Houlcv ar-i. Jt-rtry Ciiy, a Wednrsvay. npi... 13. at 2 P. M. BA CM a Louis. .'T4 Wrr Knd A v.. In his 74th year, beloved hu.liand of lUka and ct-.r father of Joseph I., t'.auitian. livrtha liauman and Martha Berk. u.Hii- vn Mard steaniahip Resolute. Nolle cf funeral later. BOURNE On Seit. 0. 10C2. Arthur Eocirn. lH-loved husand of Julia il. tv-j-rie and frth.r of Arthur K. and Kniily II. Funeral aervlcea al the Chapel of tha Intercession. Iiraday and St.. Tuesday, (tept. )2. st II A. M. Lying In state In chapel crypt. Interment iievnood Cemetery, j ' liRYPON The General Conrrrctora Aaocia-, Hon annoumea with prufvund. reicret the death on Fpt. 5. lie.', of Taouia H. p.r Mm. VI- I'resld.tit of HollTrook. I'slwt a Rollins t'orp.. and a former lrcw-Unt of this &a-Matton. JilllX J. HAGICRTT. rreaideuU C. A. CRANK, .ecrelaia. I'.UTI.KR At j New BrunsH ick. V. J.. on Hutulay. Srpt. I". I!t22. Kmma den lliit-h r. iu her S4th year.. Fniiernl a-ric. at the 1-fferts Place Chcpcl. hi l.ffcrl. Place, near .t.raml Av.. Hnsklyn. on Wednesday, Pe-t. 1.1. at I I. M. CiVSIEVKI! Sarah, at her reslJence In Tcmaro, N. J.. In her ninetieth year. I-'niuTal servl-ea at her late hoiua Wednesday. Sept. at t I. J. C AlMEX-4"llntcn M'lllluin (Buatert. aire, I. 'i, beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. Lknlirey II. Carsteti. OnUorti lielKhta. V. I-, Saturday. Sept. !. l22. Services and funeral Wednesday. 2 V. l., frotn h'.a lat hotne. CIUPMAN At Scsrsdale. N. T.. Sept. . WTJ, la his alh year, cleorge Levereu -ispiu.n. Mineral services at St. James a Church, Scursiiale, Wrcfneaday at 4 o'clock. COIIF.N On Kept. 11. In Ms P.Vh year. laniel. beloved liushand of Hannah and U. xot.d father of K.ias 1.. Jennie StrauM, I'lora I'leck. Aiuia Gartmau and Miriam Stelnman. Funeral from the ehnpel of Saul A. Rothschild. l'-! West F.l'th St., on Wednesday. Sept. U. at 2 P. M. OOHKN lladahsah No. s. U. O. T. S. Sisters are le-piested to attend the f-ineral of inie t ujirn, husband of S-.ster Hannah Cohen, from Saul Kotliachild' Fu-n-ral Parlors. West U'lHh St.. Wednesday, Sept. I.-!, 2 o'clock. I RF.RTIIA RICK. President. R. K. ZIMMKKM AN. P'inancial Scre:arr. COM AN Florence C. beloved wife of Jolm H. Coman. mot her of Fl-nme. Marjorio and John, at her res-id.-m-e. Mohican Iaka. N. V.. Sept. 11. Ser i.-ea at St. tl.trse'a Church. Mohican lakc. Tliura-day. 10:.1O A. M. COM I TON tMiillev P. f"Hmple'l Iunerwl tThurch. BroaJway at HUh St.. 1 u aday, 2 o'clock. CONK At Oranse. N. J-. oa Sunday. Sept. 10. lin:2, Thalia M. Cone, beloved hio:her of Adaline and Marry C Cone. Funeral from her late home. 2't Highland Av.. on Tuesday afternoon. Sept. 12. at 5 o'clock. Cincinnati end Cleveland (Ohio! papcra please copy. CURTISS-Mary- Klixabeth. widow of the late Abljah Curt las, St Yonkera. Sept. II. In b-r Mh year. Ncjtlce of funeral hereafter. DUIH'CII At Frankfurt. Germany. Sept. f. Prank Andrew I'utmch of Ns-w York City, Im loved husl-and of Amelia LHil-urh and father of Madeline Litiuih Mc-Aua!an4 and lUiymond L'ubocli. in his 71t year. NotScw of funeral, later. New Orleans. La., paper piaaa copy. Dtrb. M'En-On Sept. 11. at her residence. l.V. Kant I!th St.. M)rla Tl:eod'..ra IV-er; daughter of the hit-" Wliliaiu ai.d Cliew I-uer. Funeral iirivaie. EMI'S 'n Sept. t. l!. M.irrsiet. iUow of the laie Get-i ce I in her Teh yen . F-ircjal rvlee u::l ! "ld at 'Jie residence of Per dauehtr. Mra. i' lkim:ii o...l Ijist St.. itw-iinioi d lid'. L.. I., on 'niesosy. Sep-. 1-. at I". . In'eruient J.-.itlMrau tvowtery. FEIN Henrietta. PVnera! service at her late residence. 2 su West 1st St.. Coney Pslard. Tuesday. Sept. at 10:U A. M. GKHKGAN On Sept. lo. Jvi-eph C-. nearly llove.1 htn-hanu of M nice r. and tmner of J-cph C. and Mrs. Jam. a F. Shaw. Funeral Horn his late resld.-oee. ad W-st Islst St.. lA'edneaday. at A. M. Hish ii.n- of reciuteirt at Chun h of Ihe Incarnation. Writ !7.".th St. rwt St. Nk-holas At. lateiment t'alvuiy Cenietco'. A-.ito-Uiohtl cortex. ; GRANG BR Suddenly, at Monnt Vernon. N. I .. on SutnUv. Sii.t. to. 1!---, Hrv. William A. ciraiiuer. 1 . 1 . l-e!oved hualand of Kllxaheth A. 'Jranict r. In his T"d year. Funeral am h-ea Jlrst ltapti.V Churcli. Moui.t Yeruun, T'".Jay evtiiing fct S o'clock. GRKKNU Suddenly, on Monday. Sept. 11, 1!CJ. leo. oeiuved hi-aliajid c-f ltw Y'i:tes i:reene and devoted father of -Mra. A. l. .Milier, lr ar.ikl larrv eireene. I'uiii-ral from Ills late home, r-.ii f.wai I'arkwav, corner Avenuo F, Brocdclyn. on Tueadav, Sept. 12. at -2 I. M. interment Union Fields Cemetery, Cypres Hills. GRl'I'F. ud Jenty. at Stamford. Conn.. Sept. l. 1;-;. Kenneth U. lirun. aaed firs. Ser-ce at the r-el-lcnc f his pa.ents. Mr. and Mr. William ti. Gtiipe. New i.anaa.1. Conn., on Wednea-tlny, at VI o'clo:K. tnJrd tune. Illl.TtlN At llenitead. N. Y.. onKept. 1. I!-.'". John 1". liiltou. Fen.-ral ser-vicea at his lata residence. 134 Frank-lilt SI., Helupsleud, N. Y.. 'lUtwo. Sept. 12. at 3 I'. M. IIOI.RP.OOK On Sept. 10. at her residence. Centre llaroor. N". Ii.. lola Vovera. wife of the late Bevi llolhruok. Ml her "2d year. f'unnal .rivat. interment MmcuM, N. V, . UOMIKOOK-Tho Society cf Daughters of Holland lumri, tH-seendaats of ihe Ancient and Honorable Families of New Netherlands, announce with sorrow the dat:t rfi Sept. 11). IH22. of their meuit'er. Viola Vowei a il.Jbrook, w '.fa of the late Ievl liolbrook of New Yor. 1 FANN1K I. KIsiKRTOT. I irect tvss-c iefieral. MARGARET O. II. CLAY. Oorr. Sec y. HOI.rmOOK Th Huenenot Society of America announce with dp recret -the I death on Sepf. tu of their 1st member. Mrs. I-vl Ilollirook. 1U WM. JAV SCITIKe-FEI.IX. , President-Gen. MARGARET A. JACKSON, Secretary -Gen.. I HOBF-ROOK The Society of Miffnwfr rendanta in the Stat of New i or.' announce wKh rec ret the death on Sept. l-i of Mra. I-vi Holbrook. a member by right of descent from George Soule. I1ENKY C. OU1NCY; trovemor. JOHN P. H. I'EKRV. Secretary. IIOI.IJS Ralph T. of IVtrolt and Ixmdon. Kn.l.nd. , Sevlce at tlie Camplie.i P'uneraJ Church. Hroadwav af Uiih St. on Tuesday. Sept. 12. at 4 F. M. KAVKxy-At Montclatr. N. J.. Pert. in. John J.. htiaband of H-ien an.I son ct Mary S"J late J-hn Kaveny. at hia residence, 24 Valley itnad. Monn Uir. p'uneral Thursday, It) o'cloclc. at Church of lm-maculal Concept ioa, Montctair. BEES At East Oramo. N. J-. Rent. f. 1022. F.lizalie'h Loveridtre. widow of the Ute Jsmea E. Leesj Funeral ervces will be held at her la residence, la Whitman Av.. Faat Orange. N. J- en Tuesday. Sept. 12. at -.:iO A. M. cdayiieht saving t.mel. Interment at Wiilow lirook Cuoe-tery". West port. Conn. B1EIWW1TZ Mr Yetta' Uebowtta. mother of Mrs. Ilarrv Gmt-per, on Sept. II. 9 A. M. Funeral will l-e held al 12 noon Tueadav, frcan her late bom. l4i Iiuslt-wlck AT.. Hrooklyn. X- Y. liurial at t Mbntrflore Cemetery. LOWBKR On Saturday. Sept. 0. Mixren tup Hotel. Mary, daughter of Kdarard J. and Ehcabeth Khawortb Lowlr. Sen k-e from Chapel of St. p'lance Assist. I'swl-i.i. K. Y.. Tuesday. f):.H) A. V- (atan.lard time). Intaruient at. Greanwood C.iue-ery. . MAGC1RE Robert To-naend. son ot the Ut Clara Tomns-nd an-l Captain Edward Masulre. I. S. A., rl hi home at Wars Neck, Va.. on Sept. 7. 11C2. In the fiftieth year of hla ' are. Funeral at Pliuchin Cemetery M'edneaday, Sept. 13. at 4 I". M. Train leaves I'ennay ivanla Station for Main Street. Flushing, at J 1'. M-. aaylicht aavmt tint. MAGUIHE It la with great regret Jbat the lioard of tJovemors of the Veteran Association. First " battalion Naval Militia. New York, ajinoume the death cf one of lis members, llohcrt Towwsend Mairuim. who died S-tt. 7. ID22. at Ware Nerk. a. Mr. Mairuire a-rved on the U. S. ii. Yankee la ihe Suaniate-Aiueriran War. MARKS Daniel, beloved busbaad cf Arminta and father cf Marjor-.e. auddenb'. at Cleveland. Ohio. Hutial TUusv ilia. I'a. MATHKWSON Rufu. at EaHboor. M.I.. after a short Illness. In liia aeventietk j ir. husband of llallle Matl-eson and father of C.eorje 1 Mlthe.xvi. Interment at Forret Uvii, liuf falo. N. Y. Funeral private. MAYO Suddenly, at bis bom.. Richmord. Va.. Sept. 4. 1!22. Edwsrd Carnnptrm Mayo. Ha Is survived by bis widow. -who waa Ks'e Harris, daughter of Alfred T. Harris Jr. i MERCHANT On Sept. lf!22. William T.. lieloved huil-an-l cf li.anch E. Merchant, liiuriueui Albany, N. Y . alEY'ER At i:imh-jrt. N. T.. Anna Gertrusa r ceee Ehlersi. beloved wife of John C. and loving mother cf Adelaide t;. Meyer, a ted 4'.) years. Funeral .aerv'ceii at her lata hon?e, 27 Vietor P'ace. Flmliurst. N. i"., on Wednesday evenu.c at a o'clock. MOSIirrt Harry S.. beloved husband of Agnes llurdy Moaher and devoted father of Jase and Myrea .Vfosher. on Sept. It. Interment at St- Raymond a Cemetery on Sept. Id. NEUMAN Joseph, dearly belovfd husband of ptessie tneo Sack., son of the late Nathan and Jennette Neuinan. hrot.'ier f k Charles. CUiineliua. Solomon, teo. Carrie lrnihal rnd Minnie Hw h. nien to le conducted at the late bom of the deceased. I.3H levincton Av.. betaren klst and V2d Sts., Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock. iaonic service at I UA). HEIDELBACH, ICKELHEIMER & CO. O Wall Street. New York Dealers in-Foreign Exchange. Import and Export letters of Credit. Travelers Cheques and Credits. Orders executed on N. Y. Stack Exchange and in Foreign Markets. i nii:ktakkrs. The Last Si? THE desire that everything be done that can be done in honor of oiir departed loved one" js natural to those who are called upon to decide into whose experienced hands this delicate task is -to be entrusted. Campbell Service assumes this responsibility in a way that makes the last tribute a comforting memory. Whether in the home or at The Funeral Church the cost is within the means of all. A booklet "Campbell Service", will be maVacf gratis on request. PRANK E. CAMPBELL mlhe lunorxtl Church t.M.W1UUi Broadway at 66 th Street KeWork. XPhnDecth Ocrun &U?rcik LCizhCLizAci SlOZ fEMKTKRlES. 1VE U'CX)DLAVi CEA-IEIERY St.. Jerom of Leslngton Sub ay. Telephone Wood'.aaa l!0r. Sock of ilihi or lUiitvacbiauT. 21 NlCTItV' J?-Pa:e1iaa CfcTnuar.dree. Nv IS. ; K.i'.i,in Tenplai. Filters; Yea are re- j uursiad to aiteiei t'ie funeral errvu-e cf - our late J-Ya-cr, Sir K.i..i:ca 11. Xk-W.,- i at Cnaries J. Barr Fuceral 11 r. 4l I nuikliii AC. Ki-ook'yn. N. I -. tt. . evtu-.i ! lac al s o t Tuck. ' i i HAiiKY N. .ABI'T.KTOV, Ccnutander. e : i P. il. UAKNBS. Be-oruer. -.. : I NlNI'lt'U.- tn Sept. It. Joarph J-." blof ! h..:.anj of the laie Mary N:npli:-ia r-- ' letter), father cf GVors W.. Ht-iry f ; ltes:rK- M.. .V.arr.rf- E.. reined flnrJ i i:ian of En .lie Company ti. Fuoeraa frotn his iate Tesi-'e-ice. I.c-i Ceeet-Ki i Ax- on Thurs-Jay. S-t. 14. at !-.3i A. M ; t:jenee co i oe ii'ic ti -i hit iiw.i.ui.m . knee-.tiort. iv.tji SI, and Me1 rose A v., here a eo'eoin nia.a be .'f red le - , the tej-ose of his ot.i at 10 A. it .' O'Rll-BT Elirabe'h Bi. CarrplTl Kvi-'' ', neral Charrh, 11 ay, ts'.tb S:t Notic t later. . f RAI1X)RI Suddenly, o-i SepC 10. t?22. at'1-1 : hla eestdenee C;!nton St.. Broo.Irn. tiro F. Raifr-i-d. P:mrI aerv ;-a at Ihe--1 ; Hoardman Chapel. 1 Clinton S:.. ITrwk- la. Vueidaj, Sepu Ji. at 2 1 M. . ROGERS Solomon, of S41 West "lth S'r : beloved iiuliid cf Sarah l!r.ers. e tt- i cecal from latid Ji I;thachild'a Funeral r parkir. ttiiox Aw, Wecavaaay, at lr j A. M. - r it i - , f S A N P F.R? C-l i a. on Srpt. S. beloved wif-a t f Samuel Sandera .cd n.oiMer cf I.ucn.-a j and Irena Wider Vio'.a r.ultw'f andj. ' Hilda F.nter. ineral ertK-rs i Vnt-- ; terwl Chai-el. W'7 Ilaroo Av.. an', Tueeday Seji. 12. at 10 A. kl. Ia:ertnei.e " ; Salem Field Cemetery. , t ' . SCaxAMDACRER Sept. &. El xaheth" fVhtifi. I'oeher. Services Stephen Merr-tt x ', Chapel. 22-t 8-Js Ac. near 2! El-. Tum-'I day. 2 I-. U. i s.3 s SILVERMAN Cm SunJay. Sp;. 10. : at her" j re!dei.ce. Lio ijitrrn Parkway, l.ruoic- lyn. Fas.ny Silvertoen Le'oveJ e-ile oft Herrian Silverman. Caujrhtfr of Mt, Joseph l'avi.. mother of I i-it.j. Abe. JrW? and Mra. Sarah Wrtleim. Mrs. ilw-r- iiiho orgnniz.-d the Indira' Jfttrmi'r J Hospital n-l was well knr,n In cbart"" taoie wrjjin'.zutiuna 'X i!roo'.i n. ; STOVER At Fast -Oranee. X. J-. Sept. lly-j IHJ. i!or:e Henry. Oeloved ,.'! i d l Eliw lUiUoa Stovar of 22 Nortn Sist si;- Funeral c-vlce at li:s latey nonie. Wee.neaday evenlnr. at S o'ckM.. Inters r Uient at Woodlawu. X. Y. '. r - rT 1 .- STRATI HE Janet R.. dauRhter f Jama rRATH IE Janet R.. dauRhter tt jama and tha laie Jfnet Strata:, on rept 11. Servl-jes and interment at Itii!aoe'pbia Kindly flowers. , THOMPSON France Arn fnee rrt!si;'-Sept. 11. 1 '.'22. tged If years, widow- oe the late John II. C. Thompaoa. tormeriy of Harlem. New York City, axd Roc- vIMe Centre. Lr. J . aiit n rot her ol BurtlS" K. B. and Andrew II. A. "ihomiuon. rV neral services at St. Mark M IT" .Church, Rockville Centre. L. I-. Wdae day, brpt 13. at 1 iy M. TUCK On Aug. M. at Ul.terw. Rr.gprd, Hampshire. England.; in her ink year. Mana louisa Chew. oi"ter of the ! William Hallam Tuc-K, Juoee of lr Mary-. land Ccnrl of Apiesl. and elt-r tf k Somerville P.nviHy Tuck, lately a J-sstlre of lb InteruatioiuiJ iu-urt c-f Appeal l ityi't- a .. ULRICH Suddenly, on lor.dsy. Sept. tl, 11'2. Frederick Retwoo.1. bn.l-and of Marie IlFitnlr.ic and father o Wilicn M. l lrk-h. aged Kt yar. Servl-e at tV -residence.- 4:P2 14th St.. Brook-yn, OW Wednesdafy. at S I. M. iBWrnwul at lh conyenieiM:e of 4.h fatuity. VAN PB WATER On Sur.-lsy. fi-'. 1U22. ytore-MV p:!lc Vn rle Ws-ev. Fe- neraj aervlcea at hr late reaidei ce. K . Uovkiaitd St., Jaiuaica. on - V.'ed ne aa a y f- ternoon ai 2 ocotk. iiiit-nutu. a. Cypres Hilis .nitviy. '-' VAN I-fSKN'-Sept- P. sJier a Sons "r,'rraa, at fcia Tesideace. .Y Kiversi.i Iti-e, -Thomas l. Van Iuaea. iMpkcr a: St. Michael's P. E. Choiy-h. Wth St. srd Ani--sta-daru Av.. ua Tuesday, cpt. 12. at 2 I. M. WILKINSON Charlotte A. Cairp'l Fi-" "ncral Church. Broadycty. Ctiih St. Until Tue-lay-. WITTKO Frank. Camtdi'.! Funeral Churchy broadaay, ftilll St.. I'ntil Tu.-a.ia . " - - . AHREN3 la fond and lovire rriemorr cf " 0arli:ts moirer, "tirac Ahret.s, ! -2 parted tlua lit Sept. .12. HV--J. Cod reJ lier dear jsouj. Iter Si-sht-r jKANirrTi: ahiienb am LKTiirn ' TAUPatIA.N. j KATZENSTKIX In men ore of ocir dear. e rmed mo.her. Mre. C-ro!ire Katit&!elq who pttaxd away ST'- 12. "1". - j HER CMILPT.E.V.K SCHWARTZ In Sad and Ic-ricr m-rsn-e rJ. my dearly belove buster. u. I ri J'"'h' Schwartf. who passed away Sept. I,-, 1. May hi oul rest In pcaee. IUSk: IlAMiiHO SCHWARTZ. j SPOON ER In tender, tfivinr Bien-ory of r. beioved nother. Sarfch C. Spcnrr. WW entered life eternal Sept. 12. )-JM. . t I krttiw not where hi laiand bfl . Ttieir fronded (lioe to air; c 1 only krow an cannot drift -w lieyoad God love "and if. - Aasonsermcsf Birth J4 Peal hi ,oe fcuerftom 4 I'll Krw Vwrfe rimes it tcUpbonrd mutit aawtKiff.Vf Bevasl iOOC. . , PAINTINGS i We WW Bny Painliafs by ! INXESS. WYA.VT. IIUKi.liX k, , i MAKTIN. nuMtft. FtTI.LV:R. WKiti. , ' TWACHTMAN. HTI'FK, MlIiPHT. I REMINGTON. IL' V P:N JiCK. , f - and other Amenrnn artlsta.'- AINSLIE GALLERIES -l2 Tribute f - VTie '5 W J : 4 r' a" - 4 T BI.OOMINGl.ALJS FLORIST JUCrJil'.h . ' and in A ArUatic !ral a- :a. tl and ip; open eveiuns SJ44 4M4W ilaj-a. Taletibcfce FU-l 4. t

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