The New York Times from New York, New York on April 18, 1917 · Page 13
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 13

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 1917
Page 13
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: -; : ' 1 i : 1 i. '.j: j j : p t: ' i 'i ; ' .: ' ' ' ' H ' 1 --1 r.-- i 1 1 1 THE NEW YORK TIMES. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18. 1917. l! i 1 : ' 13 . : . ' : ; i i i 1 ' ' 1 . ! - ! ' GARAII BERNHARDT 13 OPERATED UPON C.:r;::r.s Rescrt to Only Hope cf C-vir:j Life cf Actress Suf-f tr'.rz from Infected Kidney. ; ZZTZ EACILY AFTERWARD r Ltj Euer;sr Wields tho Knlfo li I'.i. Cinal Hospital, with Five Physicians In Attendance. T r.!x rrr.fcrtlt was operated on at T J 'clark lust right t Moant Sinai ; end at midnight tt waa said tit was resting" quietly, but that '. r c : ja was srii'iua. .Mint. Bern. '. waa taken. the hospital from 1 tr s:re at tho Hottt Savoy on Sun-( . r rfertn from aa Infection of t cf.fcer kldneya. She Improved '.fy Monday, end for a time it waa o. i:.t an operation might fce avoided, t Ut nlsht, after several consul ta-t ! :i J irtr.s Ike lay. It waa de-! i t:.e (.) ).ua of saving the 1 s 1, f as to. operate. r;eration waa performed py Ir. Za I rvf. Ir. Felix. Marot, tiia a-'.reas'e private physician, waa in at-t-:-;.irice. at were also Pr. Samuel 1 i n vfrt. tT. Emanuel IJbman. Dr. i. ic .e iirewer. and Pr. Emanuel Ba-r . Mtio. rernhardt waa reported til. mtirf o,uitly. It waa explained x t e.t hon ltal that from tha nature of t e cr'rUo ft would be lroposalkle to t S l:r.rr,iut?l aa to IU Buccaae. Mm - ' - :t f.n Uyed mora Yttaiity than r . . e&;rled. . i Hfhtiu' a rreoent tltneee datea irt AIrrJ, wttfn ahe waa 1 i', r leu l-,-r tour bwauea of a . ,.:ra;f 1 tun-; a tllard when . v a lu i.ynu. Mji. A lew day - , . t New 1 erk. and whn . i l r . soma of her etrenirth v t.cxt-n tuLh In tha hope the t p-ri iier recovery. She i t wruv and waa brought back v . t i .ty. Vhn aLa failed to rally . t ri alwaya d-na follow Inn, even i r-' lite amputation of ber t i--iUt "c. coiuiuiulfrna of . c f tne kl.ineya waa discovered, f .1 ilea ale waa nioaovea iq vae i i ac-f -Tit of her aire tha French Is IJ an operation waa avoided t s 4 .':. aa poajtioie. I C::::inT AT r..RS.'ASTOR'S. C;r !ety Throng "at HospIUI Benefit. Which Yields $2,500. ' yrm v.rictrr.t Ator lent ber house at f ) l'.T Jx Atenue yesterday afternoon for a cr-.-rt. given In aid of tha orthopaedic -1 cf tie Jost -Graduate Hospital. V .re wis a large and fashionable i - '.y. and f2.0c0 waa realised from . cu.'cf tickets. The concert waa held ; i e art r"ry ballroom. ' e srtis h appeared Included - .:..(;: .is. s'M-rano; Mrs. Hen-,' .- : i m a V rd. viun, and balvatore t. tr :. n. I.rp. . . A r-.. .o v.ung aciety matrona ana r f i a i-!-i.r. They included - ' ilii-.n. Jr.. Mrs. Alfred C. -orn. Mrs. liUert i fowler. Mrs. ; .. C. ,;." er. Mrs. Taul Henshaw. Jlmucl L. Hinckley. Mrs. Craw-f J T' :rton. an I the M tears Helen Hoad-, J-'snnette Jennings, Al- Hunting- ,. :..ry f.-lu, lAuie Harkneaa. A Lice i i r.' .. sr l Atipii M'-ran. Hutu King. Mary Canfleld, ; --art Meward. KsLherme B. Law -. J-n"e King. Mary Steward, and i t In e Collier !! programs. i. i. iward ilcVickavr. Airs. Lewis G. r Vi'a. Uiiwlm E. Smith. Mrs. irri K.. k"rrU Mrs. George K. . - r. Jr.. Mra. Jatn M. Hartabome, , i 1 iorr. Wainwrisht were t -x ti.e nrn.oers of the committee in : hu:jti?.gtom to ved. a ii iii "-;i-enent t Charles H. WarshaH Announced. t:r. and Mrs. Pulert P. Huntington of J ;.;: and House. StaaUburg. N. T.. an-r.c.". -a tte engagement of their daughter, as Ailce F.ltJntlngton. to Charles II. i; art hail, eon of Mra. Charles H. : ;rahaa of thia city. Miss Hantlngton wils presented to society early last Win. tsr. when a dance was given f jt her by I . e siji'ee. Mr. AHncent Astor. ;-.'r. .Mar.lil t a graduate of Tal. r .r 'I!. H. iutS are the Brook, ... .rliocaer. L'nion. Kacguet and . an i i:id:ng. His sister is Mrs. . r:.ail "d. cate has been set for the wedding. Keenan-Clufton Engagement. lira. Almerin "Marston of Ventnor, N. J a c pounces ' the engagement of ber uihtar. MIsa Margaret Frances (rin, to Cwrham Clufton. son of , . . i end Mrs. Charlea Clufton of ). J. T. alias Keenan is a grano-. - ,icr of the late Colonel -George W. . . .t B.n t lira. tSwett. iSo data haa I eta aet Xur the wedding. 'A. :ay sr.d C. Davidson to Mrry Again, marriage license was Issued yester-to Arthur C. Davidson of this city Mra. Ethel M. Raymond Collins of Street. Mrs. 'is is a widow, yeara old, and the ter or jona nmwnu. i. :on Is Presilent-Treaaurer ef the - -v-lavldon Steel Company of 124 -u Lane on April 11 he received ,re divorce from Cecilia J. Da-on la New Rochelia. c Cfera. cr . popular song, dance music r irtrumenlal solo, if ifi a Victor Record. LcnJjy has if. O jt fesr stores cater la ell classes ef music hvrrs. We can. therefore, carry all iha Victor Records an impossibility Vrith a smaller organization. 7Z IdrB leading 5Ji ht 427 5th Ave. "J1" JZl . crt . Ovm WveaJars t - n t 1 'HSsS-e BVSaV SSI , sssj eaaSsW jSpW J vCtcj i ' r i THEIR BRIDAL PARTIES. Attendants for Edwarda-Cook and Rlvea-Hunt Nuptials. The weddln of MIa Edith E. Cook, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Cook, and Jamea A. Edwards, eon of Mr. and Mrs. James M. Edwards, will take place on Wednesday. April 5, in tha Central Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Theodore P. Dixon will be her sister's matron of honor, and another sister, MIsa Maria F. Cook, and tha Misses Julia Raymond of Chlcafo, Edith C. Marshall, and Bella W. Lobenstlne will b the other attendants. Mr. Edwards's brother. Allen K. tdwards of Detroit, will ba his best man. and J. Kahy Cook and Karry Cook, brothera of Miss Cook: John U. Msrsh. Alanson O. Fox, JohftO. bates. Nicholas Danforth, Corwln Black, and Theodore P. Dtxon are to be the ushers. The reception will be held At the St. Regis. ... The date of the marriage of Miss Helen i-eigh Hunt, the daughter of Mr. ar.d Mrs Leigh Hunt of this city and Waeh. Ingtnn, D. C, and F. Bayard Rives, son of Mr. and Mrs. Georra IxK-khart Rives, has been chanced from June 4 to April St. aa Mr. ltlves has received a commission In the Reserve Corps.- MIsa Hunt will be unattended, and the marriage will take r.lace lu the Whiting- Memorial Chapel of tha Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Morningside Heights, at 130 o'clock. ' Frederick Marquand Godwin, who married Mr. Rlves'g sister, Miss Mildred Klves. recently, will be best msn, and Thomas II. Ilarber, Beth B. French, Kn, Jsm lipyd, Chester U. liurden, Seymour Illalr, llenry It. Hunt, a brother of the bride, and Reginald B. Rives, a cousin of tha bridegroom. Will be the Ushers, Bhop David H. Greer, the Rer. Charles L. Slattery of Grace Church, and the Rev. Endlcott Peabody of tha Groton Hchool will officiate. The recap Uon will be held at the Colony Club. BRIDE OF" LIEUT. DODD. Miss Gueloflantx. Persian General's " Oaughter, Wed In Virginia.. The marriage Is announced ef Lieutenant Harold Dodd, a member of the Admiral's staff of the New York, the flagship of the Atlantlo fleet, and Miss Naomi Oueloflants of Tompklnsville, 8. I., which took place on Thursday, April 12, In the Church of the Csntuiian the chape) of Fortreaa Monroe, at Old Point Comfort, Vs. 1 , The bride U the daughter of General and Mrs. Socrate Khan OueloflaRta She waa born In Persia, and came to this country when a. child. Her father was formerly In the King's Court at Teheran. !..,. and aide-de-camD to the l'rlnce Sitlsrld Dovleh. . . , . , Lieutenant Dodd Is the son of the late Admiral Arthur Dodd. Sancher-Parkhurst Wedding-. Tha weddlns- of -Miss Dorothy Oer- trade Farxnurst. aaugnier o. mi. Mr.. John Johnwn Parkhurst. and EI nMa Parkhurst. daughter of Mr. and bridge Board man Sanches. son of Mr. and aire, uouia sancnea, iuva uwv j---terday at noon at tne home of tha bride. 81U West Ninety-fourth Street. The Rev. Edgar W. Work, pastor of the Fourth Presbyterian Church, was the orficla,tlng clergyman. Portsr-Myrlck Betrothal. social to ra Turk rtetes. SPRINGFIELD. Mesa.; April 17. Mra Edward Clark Porter ef Chicago announces the engagement or ner daughter. Charlotte Porter, to Donald Myrlck. son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert n.a in tpiunreiji - --- - ter is a graduate of Radcllffe College. Mr. Myric is a graauaie oi ' I nlverslty. class of '15. He ta In M". Gaper work In Los Angelea H la father i a, well-known editor and publisher. Mlaa Martin Weds at St. Regis. The marriage of Ernest Baerwald of San Francisco and Miss Florence Martm. daughter of Mr. and Mrs Frederick L. Martin of 6) West End Avenue, took place at 6:30 yeelerday alter- Regie, and was followed by a dinner and dance tor loo guests, mim wiruu, m m white satin frock embroidered In pearla. and a lace veil, waa attended by Mrs. Alfred Langer. Baerwald waa the beat ma i if and the ceremony waa ir-forme-1 bv the Rev. Dr. It Periera Mendes. aasisted by the Rev. Dr. t Pool. Today's Weddings. WUlIwn Howard Taft 2d. son of Mr. . , it. U'.t.M T m ft mnn ana r. j"1 j " ' ' - - . nephew of former President Tart, and MIsa aiarruente itmpii ukbii "m be married today at the home of the hi-M In Pittsburgh The wedding rt Miss Marguerite Jactuette. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Oscar Jacquette. and Raymond Henry eiorm win iaae pn una nnnii at the Hotel Eiltmcre. In tha West End Preabyterlan Church, . a xri.. U n PranMi !hase. daughter of Mra. D. B. Ryan of this city, will become the bride of Arthur Ell wood Bulgin of Portland. Ore. A bridal breakfast will be served at the Hotel Majestic. Miss Margaret Francis, daughter of the late nariea n. rrancis. on. umi imhiaudnr to. Austria Hungary.- and Charlea Bailey McEwan of AltNiny are to oe mamea in irej, N. Y. -ti.. A it., n SnMioa mil Te Dnuelaa Alecat Mllward of Greenwich. Conn., will be married in the Church of the MevMan T n la axtemoon. in rvcvpiivn grandmother. Mrs. Andrew Bpence, who Is VJ years oio. at cit dv. iicnoias sua.. " - : Do rev Board Reported for Lewie Gun In a reference to tha adoption of the Lewis machine gun by the United States Marine Corps Thb Times stated eater day that In a recent test of the Lewis and Benet-Mercler guna at Plattaburg, .i . xtmrA nf m-hlch Valor Hal. stead Dorey waa President, decided in favor of tha Benet-Mercler gun. This was an error. The board decided unanimously In favor of the Lewis gun. but ...i..Uii.miI. ik. War Tanartment named BUUWIfUC. w J .... . " . another board which Indorsed the so-called Vlckers-Msxim gun. which was adopted. Victrola Stores TsalaartKaasae Vaaderbut SSe 23w42nd5t 2rw34ASt irrfiaivti nil s as avis at tS W. 42d M at wIS pat As $7S Vktrala. witk JS b racer sa (tetsl $39) ia year seeae.' $45,000 PAID FOR II TROYON PAINTING !. ! - ! ,, ' . !. I J - I , I the WaUon Sale 18 Pic- j r tures Sold for j $594,370.! ! :.!:- !- H C0R0rS MLE BAC," $34,500 i li -i: : J -------!-- Ex-8entor Clark Buy "Environs of Arleux' for $30,500 Nino Corotg! Average $18,343 Each,' Record.' ; ; rv.r waa a his? and eathuslastio au-t dience at the sale of the art collection of the late David T. Watson of PltU-j burgh, and ethers at;theiPlaxa under the auspices of the American Art Assoi dstlon last evening. It wss the b!ggj picture sale since the Terkes, and th Corots ; of LtUe collection brought the highest average at which they have evef ecld at a public eele. ,' " I - ihe returns lor me niai-"" urea Bold were fS3o,5u0. This made the big average of I3.K.9 a picture. ' t i The high price of the evening waa rot tha beautiful Troyon, (" uolng ltd Market.") which went to iifrnei, aa-nM for 14.(). The picture is going to a ; ii:j.i.i.i. ... TrK r!orot riuiauciiiuK .1 v r : which brought the highest price was I Bac.". which also went to liernet, agvnt. who gave s..ov ior n aww s too. will go to Philadelphia.' . heeerd-Brokea ;fer jCerwte.- The average for the Corots there wer nine i In the salewes I1MU, ne highest average before that at a public sale waa 115.333. which wss given ' at k. l . I . 'Tha a-rand total for the entire sale of 18 pictures waa .87X Mucn entnusiaam waa aoown vj u.j audience as one after another of the pictures was put up. The Troyon, which Drought me mgu price i ma worthy of the enthusiasm shown for It, It waa an earry mornihg scene, a peaae ant woman on a donkey, the panniers on . . . . . . . i i .in 4 vl t n eitner siuo o ui vuhw iu" " garden truck; there are sheep, a cow. a barking dog, shadowy trees on either side in the background, and the picture la umi throua-h tha ruddr liKht of the rising sun i which, coming through the morning mist, throws tne snaaowg m the grouplnto the foreground of the picture. This was one of the W also a palnrings. - I i" . ' ! i ICji -Uenator William A. Clark wss on of the buyers last evening, the Corot. Environs of Arieux.' a wataon piece ure. cotnar ! to him for s.T0.rwo, ana ne paid I.Oial for the same artist s " Vllle- d Avray: Le Bouleau." wernet. agent paid S28.00O for Corot's " Le Soir " "and Kn.COO for 1 Rousseau's "The "Winding Road," one of the beautiful pictures of the sale. Both of the two last from me Watson collection.' So waa Van Dyck'e " countess iercari, ior wnicn oernei paid I3U.000, and Murillo's " Madonna ana cnlld. ' ror wnicn ne : gave e-w There were pictures from the Wate son estate In last night's sale, and 65 out at tne loo in me enure couecuon. j If. . Harkness Aral a Bayer. ' Tcnhart Ti Haraha of the Camegia In stitute was again a purchaser last eve ning, l buying as agent t One ! or the rorot'a Environs of Etretat " went to him tor 1 12,900. Harry 8. Harknesswaa again a ouyer, ana jars, uenjanun was In the audience, Just returned from Ps ris and seen to be bidding, though her name wss not given as a purchaser. A. 'Augustus iieaiy, ti" " B...UI.. t n . , I tt , . ..a . I. rr. nHvala buyer, bought Corot's " Richmond j en the Thameg " for 12.100. i( The pictures sold last night went te all parts of the country, there being Boston buyera among others present. Mr. Harahe bought nine pictures, these undoubtedly golnr to Pittsburgh. In sell ing me inrir-IITe-inouaana-ooHar hi- on Mr. Klrby said that the last picture by the artist of the same quality sold by him! brought $05.0X. The better pict ures started at so.uuu ana siu.uw. i ; Taw Pictures) and Prices. ;j Following' Is a list of the pictures. prices, and buyers: . j - S4 A French Cavalryman da Kee-vlll: Charlea A. Dtrkaon. agent..... MThe Church on the Hill Wyant; f f 170 830 B20 ;! - 800 1 eoo urerge It. j Aroaier 4 SO Head of a Toutig Woman, (panel) Hetiner; Knoe4ler a Co....'. 87 A Oood Pool: 8aguenay River, (water, color) Wlnalew Hooter; Kaoadler a !C ga Tha Edsa ef the . Woods Wraat; E. Lk.Lueder an a'. n tv.r VIatM. laratar i eoior Wlntlow Homer; Mr. Ralph.. 1.150 0 The Environs of a City: Evening , j t' , . t a Kt W Vm. Nflalon. 42R 01 I-and'arape Wyant: Paul Watklns.. ; p0 2 View of HeUelberg James Baksr it Pyne; L. t. Masgin.... www S3 Watching from the Cliffs. wae 1 color) Wlnalow; uomar;, as. unwoui- ! St Oilrairirs -t- Berne - Bellaceur; C, i Ri themacnar .1 vwv a In. imn Lanaaraoe Wrent: John : t if ir itso lTy . ......... . M The siultana Dtas; Charlee A. rirkeon. ant: ........ T-Mubens at the Court ef Philip III.. 1HX1 (panelj .-eontiretii; anwuia Co. i a . S-La Bote fle Tremelllere Henri f Harrlgnlea: Ralaton uaiienaa i,m SO Richmond on tha Thames Corot; A. i IMHAn rtajlan; Pass Rouaeeaa ; A. 101- J.andscape With Caws ( pan IV Van J Marrka: Clapp Oraham. t.JTS 102- Int.rlor i ef 8beP'' pae4 i (Charles JsOqua; A. Rudart. agent.... 1.1BV ItrtA Lady with Perroq end Dg- Dlsi: Mrs. Maortce L. Rothschild. ... i tT5 104-.Eoulorne-eur-Mr: un Com de Ills , I f panel) Corel :j atrwni "u"'' Callery f . 103 In the Fcreat or rumiainaoiaau -1 ipanelV Dtas: liernet. agent SN imVlUnwa Corvt; W. R lienat.n Ij.M 10T-4CMI the Use, ipaneii'auDiBn, , it . . . . n , . ............. l.VOO 10A-Idy and Child Companion rjet- j ure to .no. iu; puwii-uiu. .w.,- n , Tl.k. : L V..' ... ZatUO toe-The Necklace "(Companion picture 1 to iNa. 108: panel) L1: A. Johnaon. 1.100 110- 4 Borda ds 1 Yonna Henri Hsrptg- nles:; 8. R. Guggenhem............ p 111- iA Brittany Fsrmyard-ConsUnt I iiarni; wu.i . .......-.---- . ... r.t iN,iiii. tha Fold Charlea I U-IMIWP . w IIS Mara aux Herona Daablgny; JaMna! Baraax. aiwi.. ............. 114-Knvlrous oV ArlVus-Corot; Senator I WJ A. mars... llR-tandecape and . Csttle-Censtant j Trtroa; aamw - are ! connected hy I WESTER1T OTIQI I The svatem cost millions to build, yet! its yours for as little as 25 cents for a 50 -Word: night letter. C ! ' I . THE WESTERII UIIIOII TELEGRAPH , - f lis aflA elu.kuuek tvanalL-nallhlmV! " I "J eeeesssjiissrss, aa w a ej- m a,- HoTt M. Harsh i S.T00 117-Ths Winding Road. pan.D-.Rous seau; Brnt, stent.... j 34.000 H Knrtrone ef Etretat Corotl Hob- rt RiHinht, snt........--i U.S00 U ShRphardMe and Klork, - (pwnel) Coatttant Troron; Scott Tols... S.OOO ..... a . n..i.b(ta. . k t the rpr-Mt of sontalnebleau Was; ll'-U M.r.Corot; Kamet. agent... IB.OtW tell (mtant Troron: John Lerr.... 1.900 M iwifj alias gva v wt '. tr""' Daublgny; Kalstoa Gallerlas.. ":5 114 Le Bao Corot; O. Bernet. agent . .S4.4O0 12S-OuUklrts f Charlea Jarqua: Charlea A. Dtckeon. .. 4 ...... .W 124 Ls Soir Corot: Bernet, agent..... 28,000 127 doing to Market-Constant troyon; Fternat agent ..... 4O.0W 12 Vllle-d' Avray: Ls Boulaau Corot; Senator W. A. Clara J X2.000 12 Hunaet In the Forat Julae puprei Robert . Hsrehe, agent .i...... S.000 180 The Approaching Storm Charlee m Jaeoue: Kalaton Uellertee I...... J3Q lll-The Bhady Uien ciuataTS Cvurbet; Seaman, agant - ' - S.000 ItO Head of en' Old Mas. (panel , School of Rembrandt;! lUelobergar GaJiarlat -t 600 133 Interior with Figures j Pletre Lonrhl; Knoedier S Co.i '- 675 134atlll on the Tare, or Pfene In j folk-Jnhn Crome, (Old Creme Soott 4 Towles i 4 S.OOO 1SH Oathsrtng Psgots - George Mor. - land: Cttsrles A. Klckaoa. agetit. aew laa-BrlnaiBg la Fagota-Oeorg4 Mor- land; Rudert. agent. ...j., 'zw' 137 An Interior with T?, VurM . -t (psnl Gaifiel Metsa:, Kleiabarger Galleries ' 138 A Woodland Oiade. Near Norwich James Stark; Rjber: B. Karaite... 2.000 130 The Infant Mows BMUght to Pha- j . reoh'a Palace Konlfaalo eneslano, Vl.lnhr... (ll-rtev. . .1 t..k... IO J a I a W . DIHaa afkiaaaa . i Ma Heal V a 140-Landscspe wlt Bulldlnfl-tsspar Peuaain, lughel; Paul y HI-l'Artralt of a ldr-'l' Netwher; Paol Watklns. ' S3 HO (panel-Melndrt Hobbema: Jtooart II. Harahe. aaent: 4 148 Lady Haanllton ; as , flt- . : Oeorge Momney; K. H. orE- m w iPortrsji of a' " "GeVtlimansir ' Henry Raeburn; EenW. sgenU . . .. .V 14Vll7v Jull-na Penn-ir Joshua Haynold.; H.aman. agent. ...A 'Kr" 14 Countaas of HsrtH.rvugh-Thomaa Cslnsborougb; IHckeon.. 'S00 147-The Shepherd Doy-Hlr . Josn . Iteynol-U; O. Bernet. nl-10000 14-Tobtae Frere. Esq.-Ttoomaa Oatna- boroush: ftaaman, agent. .. -v-Jli' .-.' 14-Countaaa Larcart-Slr Aatboay Van Dyck; Bernet. V'Kire 1 -Young Woman with Wractolra Hat-Vlgee-Ls Brun; Robert a. ane"lti the Channel Sir sA.iW. Caloott: Seaman, agent....... a""" 18-The Olebe r arm -John Constat le, R. B. Harshe, sgent...4 . .. A..i....MW lfMadonna and CWld-Martllei Bernet. agent.. ......fc..s...WS 184-Boy With Fruit and Braad Mu- HUo; W. W. Baaman, a rent 1-" ww 15P-Portrait of a (ntlemara-Iter Paul Robena: Bourgeola rjallerlea. ... S.000 13A-The Mill Pond-ohn Croma. (Old Crome5 Robert B. Harahe, Agent. ...10,200 lBT-Portralt of Chrlstoph Wllllbald Rlttar van: Oleck '"-TS7-T. Kiimeerh: seaman, agent. ....t. .?0 1.1 Pavaere d'Automne; iAntolSe vol- Ion: R. H. Lorens....:.4......i....... .eoo 1B0-Preparing the Meal-Joeef laraala; Charlea A. Dickson. , 'ow ISO-Grand Canal. Venice Fella Zlem. Dr. K. Cajlgene ;-"J: "00 11 Arabian Horsemen Adolf Sahreyer; Herrv S. Rarkneea. . . . . .... . 4..... . .13.900 183-Egllse de VerangevllleClaude Monet: Dursnd Rnel. ...... ..J.. ..... 0.100 let The Advance Adolf Schreyer; Bar- net. sajent .... 10,000 1S4 Realetance to Cupid William , Adolphe Bouguereau; R. H. lorens. acent , I : 8,wJ 186-Tha Hall at the Fountalt Adolf w,i.rriw 1 v ' w" - ' . r-wMraaa. V iMkaH 1 Sft kW 1 !s000 rw VraVTlVI V-r-.eaii , araai-a - ' - 14T7 Triumph at Blllon panl Bar- . a n ... . . 1 1 1 . . d . . MM T torn a istenan mui 1110. n.ii.1, - - - - 168-Cupld ant) Psyche-Richard West-all, R. A. O. M. Franklin.. i I-MO x..i i.....l...'..$wn..'i3) Monday evening; i 4 08.850 'I Orsad total.. I" . SS04.S70 Thomas E. Klrby conducted the sale. $3,698 AT LEARMOiT.SALE. George D. Smith Pays $-127.50 for Tho Holy Bible," Uondon,j 1796. The sale of the library of tho lat Joeeph B. Learmont or Montreal. Canada, brought 3.eBS.eO at the Anderson Oallerlee yesterday. Among the Iteme sold were the following, with catalogue numbers, prices paid.' and tpe l ames of the successful bidders: " J ' No. 884 "The Holy Bible," lUnden. ' 17P. with . a handme fore-edge f. painting of a cathedral; Gaorga L. onuui ,.........-.. . Ko. 84'5 " Ancient lava, Cuetoma and Vaares et Canada," or rrancois . 1 f ,. Cugnet. Quebec. 1T78; Oeorge : V. Smith ..' - .110.00 No. T71 Four pen-and-ink drawings of punch contnDutiona or wii Maurler: Gwrit D. Smith., .y...... . .. T5.00 No. 33 "The Pralae of Folle." by Dealdertus Kraaraua, translated Into 'English bv Sir Thomas Chaloner, London. 154; In green levant morocco by The CJub Bindery, tbe Ratort He eoor: Gabriel Wels y : SOO. 00 No. Sll "Oliver Cromwell." by Sam- : net B, Gardiner, eatra illustrated by 1 the Insertion of. 170 plates; Oeorge . ; 1. Smith .'- M The eale will be continued this afternoon and evening. The grand total to date la $20,6).50. i Society to Civ Opera ror cnarny. Prominent society girls will appear In - Gentleman Jack." a comld opera writ-, ten bv Mlaa Grace KJ Henry anu Mism Rosamund Batchelder, to be presented thla afternoon and evening at the Piasa. under the auspices , of the H pence Alumnae Society. A third performance la to be held tomorrow night. Mra. B. Tappen Fatrchlld Is to appear In the male title rOle.. Mfs. S. Bryce Wing. Mrs. James Coupe Lord, , and Mrs. David Chester Noyes will, also be In tho cast. - I j Mra aiaraaret Mason of S54 Fifth Avenue ls In charge of She Sale of tlekela. The proceeds are to be devoted to the House for Homeless Babies In East Sixty-second Streets - t - i - : Arrivals from at British Port. : Some of the passengers jwho arrived recently from a British port were: ; : Hra. A. 8. Bradford. X. Ctlalr. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Crager, A. c. Dollge. J. tnica-worth. J. U. Duff, J. P. T. Bvena. Miss Lois Fuller. Blount Oreana, Miss Bertha Grlf-ei.k a fe. H.ll Cammanderi T. lahlkawa. n ..l iAimu. U.nMfl.M frlvh McBrtde, Captain J. H. MoOarry, Commaadar I. aiulo, v . tv. ain . r . c 1 m-i v.. x i w Gordon Ii. Rowley. F. L. Bargaant. Percy Stanlforth. I". H. Btorrnont, A. u Troy. T E. willlms. and H. Van Hook. 1 advantages aire CO. a iiamiets i: 1 ! I . I j I lit- - i vi sa. i CARL BERGER DEAD. Caterer of New York and Newport Who Falied In 1916. t Carl Berger, caterer and hotel Hp an of New Tork and Newport, died suddenly yesterday at his home. 215 West Fifty-fifth Street. He was born In Budapest. Hungaty, sixty-one years ago, the son of Adolph Berger, a lawyer. He came to this country, thirty-five years ago and began business as restaurateur and caterer. . He became the caterer to society both here and ia Newport, where he opened a Summer place. For several years and up to 100S he was the manager; of the Hotel Gotham. Fifth Avenue and Fifty-fifth street. ! Mr. Berger was caterer for the Duchess of Marlborough's coming-out party and for Mrs. Hermann Oelrichss famous White Ball at Newport. In 1010 Mr. Berger filed a voluntary petition In bankruptcy In the Federal Court, with liabilities of $20,232 and assets . of 119.494. i' ' ' JAMES DE W. CUTTING DIES. Banker! and Devote of Art and ! Music Expires at 42 Years. ! "James be Wolf Cutting, banker . and bead of the firm" of Cutting A Co.. died yesterday at his home, 133 East Fifty-seventh Ptreet, Mr. Cutting was born In this city and wss 42 years old. He waa a eon of the late Robert Livingston Cutting, and Mrs. Cutting. His mother was a Mlaa Moale. member or a prominent Baltimore "family. "Mr. .Cutting waa a graduate of the Sheffield Scien tific School of Tale In 1803. He was admitted to tha Stock Exchange in 1901. Mr. Cutting was a great lover of art and music and nromtncnt In society. lit was a Director of the Philharmonic So ciety and a .member of the cnlon, Knickerbocker, Racquet and Tennle. and New York Athletic Clubs. ' . ; ROCKEFELLERS AT FUNERAL a -in a 1 is us -. John D. and William Attend Funeral 'of Brother Frank In Cleveland. n.rvELAUD. Anril IT. John D. Rockefeller, with his brother William mr,. tha litter's . wife and their son r.v. left for Lake wood. N. J late this afternoon, following the funeral of Frank Rockefeller, brother or John u. rt.fv.ra leavtns-. tha elder ' Rockefeller greeted some of his old frlendo. praised the war garden movement, ana aeciarea that one of the good results of tne war la the effort being- made for national prohibition. ' ,. , . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 EM.v.f.l1. 1 . . f Rummer trien In vain to effect a reconciliation between the eldeet and youngest brothera. who v. fc. .....nosl alriM IMtft The ntu vmri. ......... - . break between John D. and Franklin came aa a result 01 duiiwh uuubi The Kev. lr. it. tr. Appiegann o Rochester. N. X., a former pastor of the Euclid Avenue Baptist cnurcn, anu warn Rev. Dr. Paul F. Sutphen officiated at the lunerai services. imrrnwn-, wm made In I-ike View Cemetery. Sfarriqo' and deors notices 1 fended tor faeerfiow in TSe JVec Fork Times may be ttlephonei to 1000 Bryaac. Uortte STARK.-April IT, 191T, a son ta Mr. and Mrs. tiamuet S etant tnee utnm " . Greenebeum) of StW East 21 at St.. Brooklyn. ; - 1 HtarrieDe TINN LEKTLER. On Tuesday. April IT, j!Uta Lieiriar. umnur wi "i- M. L, Leffler. to Norman J. Tfnn, eon of Mrs. Edward Kriager. PieD. ADLER. Members ef the Mendelasohn Be nevolent PKciiy mrw ii.w i. -1 v-" the funeral of our late member, Henry Adler. from VOA Lenoa At., oo Wednee- 4ay. April IS. at 3 P. M. i JCLH-'S SCHWARZWALD. Pres. f . mil V . n ARTHUR. -On Saturday. April 14, 1J1T. . . ' V . J , B...I. V.. 111... eUne In bis Tlet year. Relattvee and frtenda are Invited to attand the funaral at tbe reeldence of hla daughter, Mra. Frank O. Lock wood. Wyckoff. N. J.. on Wednesday. April ISth, at 1:80 P. M. Interment at Cedar. Lawn. Peterson. N. J. Train leaves Dim iwu iw.i. n- BEROKH. Oa April 17, suddenly, at hla reetoence. o " "L-. . - Funeral Thuredsy afternoon, at tbe convenience of tha family. BEKT. -Suddenly. OB April IS. at Bt. Lou's, Ueorge EL, Jr. Notice ef funeral here- BRCNNOWDr. Rudolph E., at Bar Harbor, Ma., naiuroay. ajui a, i J:, " : Interment at Princeton. N. J., Wednesday, April IS, on arrival of U O'clock train from New York. . CLARK. On Sunday. April 15. 1SIT. Hereert Evans, eon oc i-. . ... i Clark, deceased. Funeral services st his late residence. 1T1 Sycamore Av., Plala-fleld. N. J oa Wednesday. April IS. at CONZEN.-April IT. 1S1T. William L. Coc- sen. trM years. o "'"' ii;i ' Mabel Oonsen and ao of Mary and the late Lawrence Oonsen. Funeral from 461 14th BC. Brooklyn. Thursday, S P. M. la- . n uln. Irmni V. J ywrnm ..11 1 , OOYI.K. on Monday. April IS, at bar rrwt- .loved daughter of Sarah and the lata William Coyle. Funeral Wednesday, ISth Inst., at 10:80 A. M. Rwulera mass Church of Sti Stephen. Eaat 28th St.. 11 - i t- I....... Cklv.rv. Cl'NMNOHaM.-KlamM. Service. THB FTJ- STth. Wedneedar. 11 o clock, -Auspices CUTTINO. James Pe Wolf, suddsnly. at his residence on laeaoay mwnim, jf"i ... Funeral eervlcea at Grace Church. Broadway end loth SC. on Friday moraine;. April 20. st 10 e clock. Baltimore papere Pieeea copy. . DEEVBS. On Tueeday. April IT. Sarah Holt beloved wire or etevnen ui.-i.. services st her late ree'danoe. SS Weat HHd SC. on Thurad,ay. April 10, at 2:S0 KLBERTS. On Monday. AprU IS, IMT. lyn Elbarta Roberta. In her S3d year. Funeral eerrtcee wtU be held at tbe Lefferts Place Chapel. M Lefferta Place, ear Orand Av.. Brooklyn, on Wednesdsy -. . It FXI.SBERQ. On Tueaday. April IT. 181T. tiimunn f sui 1 -" ' - - . - Services from hla late reeldence, (W At gyle Road. Brooklyn, Thureday. at 8 P. if. PhlladelphU Penn.) and Buffalo iS'J TD pairs pleese copy. . FLECK. On Se.turday. April 14, Jrfhn W. Fleck, beloved of Nellie Fleck. 4nea HcN'tntal and baloved eon of tha lata Johii W. and Johanna Fle-k. Funeral from his late residence. We Weat 15Tlh su, oa Wedneeday. April IS. at i i at. they are dean, sanitaryfit to wear next j to die skin die day you buy them. Made) by clean healthv, well-paid workers in a j model daylight knitting mill. . ' . "'j Made in many styles and fabrics for men, women j and children all sizes. Obituary Notes. WILLIAM UL'HSELL DEMOREoT Of Ktt Marry Avenue. Brooklyn, a aholeaale glaas merchant In Manhattan and one of tne founder, of tne Crockery. Braaa, and Ulaaa Aaao elation of New Vork. died ao Monday- He aaa a thlrty-aecouu dacra Maaon and a maralwr of Ktaraet Temple and V ttjltt Clinton Contnia ndery. Mra. MART M. STunBH. wife of John H. Stubba. an em raver with TtliaijiJ a Co.. died from beait -llneaa on liunoaf at her home. 1,VU aortleUi Street, BouU Aarooklyu. aged 5 yeara, . Mrs. MARGARET L. REISS. one of the Oldest membera of the Church of St. John aad active In lta Laaiee Aid bocletyj Is dead at ber home, 8 Oakland Street. Hrooklyn. She aa the widow of Nlcholaa Kalas and ls survived by two sonaetnd two daughters, Mrs, JEANETTB CIJIRK ELBKRTd, sn actraas. who aad played In support bf Clara Morrta. Laater Waliaok. and ethar atara, died oa Monday at tha Iwroa ni bar dus''tar. Ia Hopklnson Aenue. Hrooklyn. hue waa boau In Liverpool. England, sixty-one years ago and was ths wldo,w of Eugene Elbert, ana was aa actor. I Dr. JOHM DENNIS TIERNET. alpracUo-log physician ef too iUdgewond Hatghta aac-tlon of lirooklyn and a member of the staff ef St. Mary's Hospital. Jamaica, died yaa-terday at hts home, S7 Forreat iAvenue. Rldgewood. In his thirtieth year. Dr. T'arney wa a graduate of Cornell Mllcall t Jllaae and wsa a member of the Elk. Rnignta of Co.umbus, and the Rldgewood DeinocraUe Club. ; 1 IRJLNK MARS1IAU. years otdi a bookkeeper for the iew Tork Telephone Company, dlad In-the Buehwjck Hoa-pltai on Sunday from heart dleeaa. Sie Ured at 1.275 Decatur Mreet. Brooklyn, I HUXKY OUMSTEAD MklAD, foh rffty-four yeara with the Anglo-American Drug Company, Is dead at his home. 1.444 Deaa Street. Brooklyn, aged 71 years. He left, a widow and two daughters. I GEORGIA J. BRANDAU. a teacher of Ger-man In the tftuyveasnt High School, died i at his homo. Ksat. Iwentr-mnth! ";; Brooklyn, en Sunday. After graduat(i.gfr'n Columbia .Ualvaralty In lof. he eturiled the (Wmu laaruasa In Marburg. Oenrujny and became a teacher In tbe Stojrteaant H n School In 11HW. He waa a membe of Ue Klallande Tacht t lub and a MaaonJ JAMES CI.KAHV. a retired undertaker ri Brooklu and formerly acOv. In Dehiorratic polltlra. died from pueumonla on Monday his hoiiio, 3.1O Court blteeu He wsa iW years old sni unmarried. '. , 1 . i JOHN C. HOWE, former school Tifuetee lit Ilsledon, N. J., died at hla bomejin that place. He waa ) years old. ; Mra THEIIK5A BKCKEH. 01 years eld, wl.tow of Dr. John Becker, a vetafinarlan. died yeaterday at the home of her daughter, kirm. John Mayer. In Fluahlng. J . ........ i.iwi-tiwi hiuVRnV win. Mra. a.r..-i r v- - . aw of James Beurman Johnson, foriarly or . . . a t I a Was iVutma Itl lann Amooy, niao yaawrwr Orange. N. J. She was bom In Peterson, and was M years old. m ' j Mrs. luaJlA wt.L atarvivi, T . .. vt , -. u..m.m I off fna ir;n nil i v. - --, - Tin Plate Decorating Compenar of nrjwklyn. died on Monday in Kast crana, n. eras 54 years old, and a native of Hrooklyn. Mrs. ELIZA DELANT. widow off Francis Delany, died yesterday at her borne In Weat Orange. N. J. She was born ta Ireland, and eras 00 years old. . . FIEIJ3INO LUCAS WHlTTEMOTtp, a retired flour mercbsnt. died on Sunday at hla home. 2J0 West 104th Street. He was born at Fredericksburg. Va.. snd was "T yara olj. FRANCIS BKENTWtXD KAWlirrrTK. well known as an amateur baaeball pitcher among city league teama around New York, died In the New Rocbeile Hospital on Monday from Injurlee received In a trdlley car accident. He was 85 years old. f Miss MARION PKTfcKS. daughter of the Rev. Thomas M, Peters, late rector of St. Michael's V. E. Church, at Amaterdgm Avenue and Ninety-ninth Street, died yiaterday. Ii connection with the Woman's Municipal Lesgue. she founded the Waring (Juvenile Cltiaana -uciauv. ; at hla boma. 2S.1 Kldse Street. Newfrk. H waa oom in iea. isauivta. . x m ini, Dr. Read practiced medicine in Nelrark for mora than forty years. ' 1 ! WIIX1AM "AWITKL. RCSK. a retired sta tioner and book aeller died yeaterday In the Home for Incurable. Uad Street and Third ATflnuit air. liuaa waa own in caw v Tlifh QARDENER. Mrs. Mlldreth Elaforil Rehbln Gardener, sea S3, beloved wife off William - C. Gardener, died April IT, at IT Weat . Wth St. Funeral notice hereafter. Mln-neapolle and Duluth papers pleaae copy. fJOLDFARB. Israel, died suddenly. April 14. 11417. st his late reekleece. TOO Wllloughhy Av. Burled ML Zlca Ceme tery, April IS. H1RSCH. Suddenly, on April 10,1 Harvey Arthur, buaband of Chriatlne Iann Hlrwh : and son of Minnie F. and the late Feral' band Hlrsch. Funeral privata IITrrmN.On Tuaadav. April IT. 1MT. Will iam Hutton. Jr.. In his SOth year. Funeral , aervlcee at lUa lata residence, in Weatwood. N. J.. Thursday. April 19, 1:30 HTDE. Sons of the Revolution, in tha State of New York: With regret announcement la made ef th. death on April 1Mb of William Herbert Hyde, a member of thla society. ROBERT OLTPHANT. Prealdent. JACKSON.-'-On Tuesday. April IT. 1017, Antoinette : Havene. widow of William. H. Jarkann. Funeral services held at ! ' 251 Washington Av., Brooklyn, on Thursday at 0 P. U. Interment at Cornwall- on-Iiuueon. N. X. KERR. At Rhalnback. N. T.. Anril 1. 11T. Samuel Xrrr. aged t. late of 2.10S Daly . Av., New York. Interment at BronavUle, N. T.. en Wednesday. April 18.. 191T. at 8:90 P. M. KIPD On April IT.- 11T. William S., be- U-ved buaband or Amelia H. Kiaa. ni-rtral service at bis home. S8 Neptune Av.. New Rochelle, N. T., on Thursday, at S:4 P. M. Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Bocton papers please copy, i KINGSTON. Monday. Anril 18. John Klne at on. beloved buaband of Beaaia Willis Kingston, In bis Blst year. Funeral aerv-Ice at hla lata reeldence. i:u West Vtlth St.. Wednesday evening. S e clock. McPHER.ON.-On Monday. April lfl, 19IT. Mary E.. widow or John B. . atcrneraon. Funeral eervlcea from her lata reeldence. Highland Av Sea Gate. New York liar- . ; Dor, Wednesday., April IS. at 3 f. il. MONTGOMERY. William. Tueaday morning , April IT. Funeral errlr at hie late i residence, 370 convent Av.. on xnursaay, April 19. at 1:30 P. M. AAAIlb, -JOSnWN. 1. . . .. ,'l 1. ..... at Ma realilenoe. Airren Neane. t'oionai and Oeneral of U. S. V., isei-isas, mon of Cornallun and Rhoda Lyon Neafla, in hie SSth year. Funeral services will, be held st St. Jamea" church, uoanen. r Y.. Thursday morning at 11:30 o'clock. t Krie train leavee jeraey uij :,. at, i' Plaaae omit flowers. - fVORADT. On April IT. Alice E. O'Orady. j 4nae Ktnnally.i beloved wife of John.J. ' O'Orady. Funeral from her late re. drnre, I e baat into Ml., on inurauav, I AdHI 19. at 30 A. M. : thence to at. j Cedlla'e Church, where a aolemn hUh I mass ef requiem will he orrered. inter I ment St. Raymond's Cemetery. . PETERS. On Monday. April Id. Marlon. daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Mo ;! t lure and Alice Klcnmona patera, ru neral services will be held at St. MU-hael'e P. E. Church. Amsterdam Av. and 99th ' St.. on Thursday morning at 10:30. FTrKIN.-On Tuesday. April IT, Walcott H.. t . suddenly, at bin home. In Cetgers. N.. Y. Notloa or funend later. PCRDY. At White Plalna. N. T.. April la, . 191T. George M. Purdy. beloved huebend , ef Alice Smalley. son of th. lat. Andrew - L. and Rebecca D. Purdy. in bis 66th : year. Funeral services will : be held at . his lata residence. 4. Rockladga AV.. Wedneeday. at S P. M. interment at convenience of family. . j READ. At his residence. 2S3 ' Ridge St.. i Newark. N. J.. on Tueedav, April 17, Joshua Ware Read, M. D. Funeral eerv-leea at the Tiilrd lleahyterlan Church, Netrark. N. J.. on Thuraday, April 1. at 1:M P. . . RUSK. William Pamnel. Home fnr In-i curable- .id A v.. New York, City. April . IS, 1917. Fune-al privets. I, a i.-- because- j 1 DUD. ScirtTK.VEMANN.-On Tuesday. April If. It'll, after a brier Illness. Babbette. wioow of the lata William Schuenemann, and tielovoj mother of Mra. Kmma L Sohmltt. (.'hrlatlan It., and Enll P. Schuenemann, St her late reeldence, S11 Sterling Place. Brooklyn. Fnnaral services, Thursday, April 19, at S P.i M. . i. tCHl'REMAN. Suddenly., ef pneumonia. April 111, 1M17. at Totns niver. N. J.. laiura A. Schureman. Funeral aervlcee at Toras River. N. J., Thursday l 11 P. M - i SCH RADER. Barbara, suddenly, en April 17, 1817. at 2.414 TO abater A v., ilrooa. Frlitav 4 . M. SHERIDAN. Margaret Jane Ii'wln. beloved wife of Farrail J. Sheridan, sister or Rev. James F. Irwin, died April IS, 1W7. Funeral from her late residence, Su4 Praeidant Bt., Brooklyn, on Friday, April 2". at S:n A. M.. thence to HI. Asnae Churtth, Hoyt and Beckett Sta., where a soisma requiem mass wtll be ef fared. Interment Holy Cross Cemete-y, TrrrsoN. At ber reeldence,' East T4lh St., New Tork, on Monday, April 10, isii. Elisabeth -Ruff, beloved wife or Fraacle I.ynde Stetaon. Bervicea for relatlvae aad frtenda at bar late residence. We-!needay afternoon, at ft , o'clock, i Interment la Williams College Cemetery. Kindly omit flowere. : i i STOEC KMV. On April 19. Emma Steeeklln. at bar reeldence. OOl Wast lT3d St.. In her ' 88lh year. Funeral on Thuradar, April in, at 0.80 A. M. IteMUlsm mass at ths Church of the Incarnation, lT&th St. aad St. Nicholas Av.j at IA AJ M. TAYLOR. Un Sunday. April 15, 1S1T. Will iam uire Taylor, ia bis rota year. Funeral eervlcea will be held at hla lata home. 48 Putnam A v., Brooklyn, en Tuesday. April 17. st S:SO P. M. Philadelphia (I'enn.) caoere Dtaasa eoov. TAYLOR. Charles I'aul. of Weat port. Conn.. ana .n.w t ors. April it. 1- unaral la be . April IT. Fi rwsrs. K. J, i announced later. fewark. N April IT. IS1T. Mary M.. widow ef Wilt. lam R. Tweedy, in her 88th year. Servtcee at 2S Mount Proepmrt Av., Newark, ea Thuraday. April 19. at 4 P. M. lalarment pejvate at Danbtiry, -f'onn. I VAN ZANDT. At Redding. Conn.. April IT. iwii, xnns van ianat, widow or Tneo-dore Van Zand! and eldest daughter of the late Benjamin P. Gregory of Jersey Cltr, In the sad year of her age. Funeral snd burial at Heading en Saturday afternoon, i I VOLK MAR. -Henry O., April IT, IslT, at hla late residence. S.47T Park Av. YR ICELAND. Of i Haabrouck Heights, oiepnen vreeisna. M. D.. suddenly, en April 19, In hla Siat year. Funeral eerv-4cae at bla Ula reeldenca, 2.'a Waahlng-ton Av., Thureday evening at 0 o'clock. Train leavee Erie Railroad. Jersey City, at A 80. Intartnant Balvtdera t J WAl.TKHrl. Anna K.. beloved wife of Reetee h. waiters or Washington, O, C . olloe m narwarxar. WARHCHAUXR At Ilaveretraw. H. T.. en iueiay, April IT, Michaeltg Warsnhaoer. In his fist year. Rsrvlcee will be held from hts late reatdeooe, Thursday aftar- raon. aa a o cioca. WESTON. At Plarnfleld. M. J- en Ousdar evaning, .-.pni is, at tne reaidenoa of her niece, Mrs. Henry W. Will lama. Elisabeth C. Weston, widow of Georse S. Weston. Funeral at the coavenlence ef tne (unity. . j WIKNER.-HannaH, hetoved wife ef Psmual nianer. and devoted mother ef Moeae A.. Fannie Lauber. Jennie Steuer. Llllle Klein, Jacob I., Alexander. Leo, and Blanche Hetfleld. at her late residence. -872 9th Av.. on April Id. 191T. In her mm year. runerai Thursday. April 19. 191T. at 10 A. M.. Hungartan Cemetery. Union Fields. ! Kindly omit flowars. CAHILI Anns, BOO Hudson St., April 1C r unerai tomorrow. li A. u CALLAUHA.N. Daniel F COS 00th St, April 15. Funorai today. 0:SO A. M. CORBETT. John E.. Mo Knickerbocker Av.. April 10. Funeral aervlce today, S P. M. CURKT. Patrick, .New Dorp, April 10, aged GALLAGHER. Anna Belle. B21 Weat Mth nc,-' April IS. Funeral today. 9:10 A. M aOLDSMITH. Georse .. Aortl IA aaad 71 Funeral aervlcee 23 Sta Av today, 0 P. M. I i HALLO WAT. Maurice. 8.13 West lOHth gt A.trll IK tTii,..r. I Irt A U H HALT. Helen Jay. S.01S Aalley Av April in. r-unerai aervlcee tooay, a r. M. HENBEN.-llarry H. C. Aorll IS, sged 40, Funeral 607 Sth St.. today, t P. M. HUEdToN.-Danlel u., 1.774 Id Av., April, l aged 04. Funeral tomorrow, 2 P. VI. HUFNA4iEU George V OUT West 180th St., April 10. XING. Edward J.. 14S Columbus Av.. April in. Funeral today. 1 SO p. M. stcDE'RMOTT.-Patrick. 00 West 59th 0C. April 15. Funeral notice later. McMAHON. Patrick. ST Perry St.. April 10. runerai tomorrow, s A. at. McBHKEHY. Michael, 221 East OSth St.,1 April 15. Funeral tomorrow. 9:34 A. M. IfacwlLLI AM9, Ales. J.. April 10. . Funeral 837 Columbue Av. . MAY EK. Theobold. 310 East 80th SC. April 15. Funeral today. 0.30 A. M. MOLONEY. Joeeph. 224 East B9th 01. AarU 15. Funeral today. 3 P. U. PFLUO. Loulaa, , 1.100 Clay Av April 18. Funeral today; 8 K A. U. P1ERSOV. Nellie. 68 Weat 90th Sc. April , . . .... w ... . V. BEl'OT.-Eliaa, 22 Weat lN5th St.; April lrt. Fnneral tomorrow. :So A. M. SHEEHAN. Wlillam. loo Barrow Sc. April 15. Fun4irai today, :3Q a. m. SriNDI.EH. Kenneth ., 3.24S Tlabout Av, Bronx. April ift, aged 7. Funeral private. Breoklya. ANnEReON.i-Ttarbara. IS InnT Road. April IS. Funeral aervlcee today. 8:15 P. M. BRADY. Patricks 10S Meeker Av.; April 14, aged ez. - r "unerai tomorrow, w a. m. BROWN. Franklin V.. 1.870 Buahwick Av April 10. Funeral tomorrow. 3 P. M. CLE All Y. Jamea. 830 Court St.. April 1C Funeral tomorrow. 0:8O A. M. CROSBY. Edward P.. 740 Prospect Place. April 15. Funeral today, Ii. K, DALE EN. AuguaC 81 Albany Av., April 10, Funeral notice later. DEMOR EST. William R-, S2S Marcy A v. April ia ; r nmi.EY. Alvln :J.l Anril IT. a red 88. Fu neral LIST Bergen SC tomorrow. 8 80 FTTW'IMMONS. Jamea C. 00a Perk A v., anril ia Funeral tomorrow. 9:30 A. M. GRIFFIN. Pal rink. SSS Parkvllle Av.. April 18. Funeral tomorrow. 9:80 A. M. LOUOHLLN.-Joaephlne R.. 1.881 SC Msrk'S Place. Funeral tomorrow. 3:8(1 P. M. McGUIRE. Bernard. 849 Warren SC. April 15. Funeral today. 9:80 A. U. MXIJIERN. Thomas A.. 888 lat SC. April IT. Funeral notice later. ' . . PHILLIPS. Joeephlne. 07 Lynch SC. April 14. Funeral today. PRfiOTOR. Merton C. 823 Lafayette Av., . ... I if a-iinarm nofira later. THOMPSON. Ellsa, 400 Berry St.. April 18. Funeral aervlcee today. S P. M. TIERNET. John i Dennla. 074 Forrest A v., April IT. Funeral April 20.8:80 A. M. WII-SON John B.J 94 ISth St.. April 10. Funeral aarvloe tomorrow, a av aa. Jersey City, Hakekea. aad Newark. ANDRES. Louie C. 802 Hunterdon St.. ; Newark; April i IT. ag.d 20. Funeral notice later. I .. no iv ir i w Mfl7 Berscn St Newark' April ,18. Funeral tomorrow, COLFAX. Harry, Newark. April 15. sged Funaral. 880 Broad St.. today. 3 P. M. rtr.Ti-in .1. lam.. R . Newark. April IS. Funeral. 833 1 Warren Sc. today, J.30 1SNRIOHT.-James. Il4 Sea view Av.; Jersey City, April 14, Funeral today, O A. M. OAUC1L William. Newark. April ia aged 82. FtmsraC; 469 ISth Av.. tomorrow. 3 P. M.e 1 HANTJCY. John Pi. 2 .Van Home St.. Jeraey City. April J.5. Funeral te morrow, 3 P. M. i I HOWARD. Prank. 41 Oanison A v., Jersey Cltv. April Id. Funeral today. 0 A. KEI-LY. Michael. 15 Spring St.. Newark, April 15. Funeral today. S A. M. . LAN'JE. Chrletian.i Hoboken. April 14. aged 4a,. Funeral. 3t Wahlnton St. MAU'OLM. John W.. 145 James St.. New. ark April 1. Funeral tomorrow, 0 A..M. JIOI.LEXHAt r.n.-John,. IS Emerson Place. Newark. April l. "(ed 71. Funeral ervicaa tol-. S P. M. PAHPELLS. E4la ' S., 21 Monttcelle Av.. Jereay aty. April 10, aged 88. Funeral STVBTZ.dlth.! Newark. April 10. aged SS Funeral. ,11 Braaferd Plaea, today. 3 P. M. ' I . . WT-LL8CHLFX3EB.-Harry P.. t Woodruff Av., Newark. April 18, iTuasrsI services today. 8 80 P, L . TATE8 Jamea. Sr.. 83 Washington SC. Joraay City. April 18. aged 4a Funeral today. . ' ' , . Lang FOWLER. Frederick. 473 Jamaica Av Astoria, April 13. i GEIGER. Chrtatlna, 80 Mats A v.. Wlnfleld. AoHl 14. aged 84. HEALY. Edward. 6S. Sth Av.. Astoria, April 15. Funeral today. 2 30 P. M. HEP.ZI.E. John,' 2.0 Bleeck.r SC. Rldgewood. April, lit. seed 48. LANO. Anna. 5 8lh Av., Asteria. April 15. aged 72. j I. RORSON. . John I H.. - 73 Farrtngtow SC. Fluahlng. April 15. aged 40. . THO R.NTON. Elizabeth. Asteria. Aprfl 13, seed 26. : TOKR RER. Sophia, 104 3d Av.. Lang Island City. April 15, aged 70. , Su IHemoriattte MoCORMJtCK,-P. 1L. In nanery ef. Sled April 17. 1014. I O'BKIF..". Brlil get Hernon. maas, Chareh of the Good Shepherd, today. S A. M. ItAHVER. Henry. I maaa. St. PataVa Church. Newark, tomorrow, 8 A. M. REIM.Y. James T.. maaa. SC Joseph's Church. Newark, tomorrow, S A. M. THE W00DLAWN CEMETERY 188 S. By Harlem Train and by Trolleys, Office. IS Eaat Zld SC. New Tork. Lota ef somall else for sale. - For Bala A fine finished meueolenm and lot; , low price to quick borer; Principals enly. ASflreaa feller. P. O. Box OS. Grabd Central b tenon.! "A Rotable Sale" rkM ART GArr ! Ml VIIW-O A. M. TO r. M. '. ' To lU SaWl V ! at Unreatrictei Pnblle Sab by Order !, -r ! ; 1 Louise Suydatm Aiutin, Emile Austin Jones.euad th Girard Trust Coropy : of Phijevdelplii&, Executors . Monday . AiHernoon acai Ereriino;, Aprfl 23. avl 3 and 8 o'Qoclc. tod .Tuesday Ereiun. April 24. at 8, World Famed' : Dickens and Thackeray First Editions . ; ' . . i i Unique and Notable Crushankfcna And Other Items ' i I ' Ceattitatiai tke Ursry of Oe lass Samuel H. Austin j of Jhflee!pU Ttlaat rated. dearrlnHve (.alaiegve smlnsj ea receipt ef One bellar. i j f -AND- j '- ' ; j : ON FRX VIEW TOMOJUOW '. . To! be sold Afternoons of ! AprO 24lh, 25th, 26th, 27th j land 28th, at 230 i ' " '.. i ' The lUniarkabU Cellectioa of Antique European t land Oriental ! ! i- ---.v.! ' .- I,-.- Yi'--. I Arms and Armor Errptiaa Antiqalbes and ! EuTopeaa aad Oriental Corios I " j Collected by the Lta ' i Samuel H. Aiutin mi .Ji r.4.ka mt Arena a Weapoae wrRtaw by the -Ceeuaataeewr sued F i pert. Mr. (leorce C. h tonal tkataf tba Miyiiw ..t... .... - :T . r (.arret t rhetfieid Pier, saaiied aa roeaipS of Oaa DeJlar. . . i - ! j The Sales Will Be Cend'neted fty Mr, Otto iter aet." hie aeatataat. MK. M wa ,7W SRs. S S - a . I American Art Assoctatlaon, Manacora 3. 4 tvn4 i East 23d SC. Madison Be.. Be. Salisbury! Links Open Decoration Day Eighteen Hole course .1 Attract!, aubhouse j Meals a la Cart " RATES: SI. 00 rW day Saturdays. JkavJavs and HoT. IfM. Also Weekly. Monthly ana! ? Season .Tketa, Informatioa and tickets at Room . 150, 71 Broadway.! Pbone Rector 5381. Lnrir loland RaMroad te Salisbury SUtion Garden CftyBrsadi' I C1TID IKTICB. Accountant- Fourth Grade Salary $1800 to $2400. Minimum are 24 years. Experience in new and approved methods of accounting. At least one year' eiperifcnce either In large industrial or govern mental ore ganlxatlons or In the offices of certified pnblle aVcountanta. A knowledge of auditing, theory of accounts, ability to Solve rob lems In theory and practical acf counting;. Subjects and weights f Experience. 3: Technical. 7, Applloattona received at Room 1400 Municipal Building to April 27, at 4 F. M. For full particulars see -City Beeerd." or apply to Shoe Prices Will . Surwly Co Uyw Boy Now 'and iBo Safe Dark i Cordovan $4.85 Smiit nam lasts SeU Elsewhere ir al 17 Hifh Shoes and "Oxfords, iZJSi Last Seasea's Styles. Broken Sitae. & Black 5 Valoee Cordovan i Low Shoes $5.00. $6.O0, $7.00 - . . ri. tvr.. ' v T ine new ioih. COOKING SCHOOL $ (Iacerporatod laa 1878) i has r oved to larrer ooirtcro itt 158 East 61s Street i i - i a" snd (j prepared to five, lesson JJa in cookery according to the Army, Navy j and jRed Cross recujations. j Apply to MRS. C ariiVf . C . w ... . .ii.... niiwi a. at lus-aimtc atuusss. VWAWAW, OBSERVATION LIBRARY LOUNGING CAR TRAGI ' - u.. l a w. m, au at utcsti . As. tVaieaae 4 :U P. ML . TiCatT orricrs - I Car. WaM St. mti ' . - Park rt. SrasS Sets " 414 . f.ttea st, Braetlva. 88 SCENES Or rAS6L.NO EVENTS. The !ew Tork Time; Mid-Wee Pte-tortal iprtnta rvmarkable war ptctoree from all point, and other illustrations of Important evente by the beautiful Rotogravure proeeee. Oaly Bwlae-ravare weakly In the I.'nltad States. Sot every, where 10r. $5 00 a year W SSSaa. TiSaSS) Squaraj New lork. A4rt. s rr1 i At tbe New 7 W VaWK? it i tease Keel Tark a F. i Aa. CTSaise S 1 i mm ; l----V4-5:i.'-'-l. i. i i I !

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