The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1966 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1966
Page 3
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Wyflwvllh (Ark.) Courier New - lliuraday, July «, lt&- Hja •«• If the political soothsayers I from Butler know what they're talking Sulcer is said to have con about, it's going to be Holt in th'e primary, Holt and Alford in the ..nib-off; and. either-in a tough go with Rockefeller. Brooks Hays is expected .to run a; respectable race, and Sam Boyce, Raymond Rebsa- meii, arid Jim Johnson are all thought .to be "dark horses," which is what the soothsayers call anybody whose strength cannot be measured except at the polls. ;0sceolan Kenneth Sulcer, in the opinion of most of the pundits, is in last pace. Some say he was in last place from the moment he filed (all alone back in February); some say tie inherited last place when Winston Chandler withdrew. Amost everybody agrees with Orval Faubus. that Sulcer "won't get any further than the city limits of Osceola," and, in view of his recent feud with Osceola Mayor. Ben Butler, there is some reason to doubt even fills.success. The Sulcer'. case is perplexing: Here is a man with few oratorical gifts; whose appearance : is hardly "prepossessing; whose intellect is unreriowned; suited, with Butler before he filed. (In February, it must be remembered, the Plans of .Orval Faubus were still Unre- veale'd:) At that time, Butler is thought to have told Sulcer some- thing'like "well ... er ... er " In short, neither, yes nor no, but Sulcer, it is said, interpreted Hie" hemming and hawing as a Good, Sound Maybe. He was therefore sore distressed when Butler joined the rest of the Boys in the Holt camp, "Now, it was shortly after Buter's endorsement of Holt was made public that Sulcer inventec a form of speech that has come to be known as Sulcerese, or, variously, •Sulcerity. He began to talk like a gun slinger. He would say things like "I told him if he messed vM8i me, he'd better watch put: 1 The."Hiin" was originally But ler, but • Sulcer -has' recently broadened the term to r e a d "them,"-and that seems sometimes to include everybody who is not sponsoring Kenneth Sul : cerfor.governor. .' .•".''. . ... It Is difficult .to--see •hpw ; Ben Butler "messed'with" Sulcer-in would think tha attacked nun bad earned .his punishment i by slandering the assailant's wife.,. Butler has thus far held his tongue, except to my that he welcomes Sulcer's apparent intention to oppose.him (or Mayor! in • the unsurprising event he Is not J elected governor. He won't say much about Sulcer's threat to sue him i for violation of'Ar- kansas . statutes that allegedly prohibit, the sale by city executives of material to their cities. If Sulcerese is very * close to bad-mouthing, Sulcerity, its variant, is much more salutary. For, no matter how unfair and desperate Sulcer's attacks have occasionally seemed, they seem usually to have blasted out the debris of some .genuinely decadent piece of bureaucratic corruption. Sulcer has after all, contributed mightily to the fouling of Governor Orval Faubus' once lint-free image, and justifiably so. Scandals have emerged from under, highways, | jjj~ the "p.M. FRIDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: Be careful in seeking closer ties wiSi important contacts, especially in being demanding — otherwiss you lose a good chance for more co-operation. Quietly let others want to be with know them you more and let them extend their support easily. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Although others may think you are entirely selfish, .it is best that you show you can also be altruistic. Handle civic matters with extreme finesse. Don't neglect important correspondence creation, a long drive, or wliaf you will .Be very devoted to oved one. This can be a particularly happy evening for you. MOON CHIDRRN (June 22 to July 21) You have to use diplomacy at home or you can surely get into some unnecessary trouble. Be objective in handling regular d u t i e s, and they are quickly' behind you. You can start riding on t h e crest of the wave of success. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Wake up and start .dashing around to the right places where you can make the progress you so desire. Be poised, however, so that you do not have accident in motion. Be sure your car is in fine condition. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) A few slight improvements to property will make it more valuable as well as comfortable. Start attractive, budgeting. from asphalt beds; from under pension documents, and from wherever, else they had been w jthout trying to pile most of and whose major virtue, his in- any other way than by not sup- dependence, is alien to the com- porting him, and presumably promising world of politics. Sulcer .knew as much about But- Morebver, he has completely failed to attract support from the poitical. pros in his o w n county. Jimmie. Edwards, Bill Berryman, Shug Banks, Bill Wunderlidi all the Establishment fathers, in fact, are with Frank Holt, a man they love not so much for his quiet charm as for the fact that he is said to be where the Charlie is. The Charlie is most certainly not with Sulcer, a fact underscored by his estrangement ler's sale of motor vehicles to the city when be asked him for support as when he found out he wasn't going to get that support. Sulcerese is speech that justi- fies'an attack:by implying that the victim started the affair. It might be employed successfully by any of us bn : a public street. One could walk up to a total stranger in a crowd, holler "You called my wife a what!" and wallop his victim bloody, and all the while the crowd tucked. It is impossible therefore to dislike what Kenneth Sulcer is doing. It would be foolish to take Sulcer's actions as altruis- ticaly motivated, but the re- suts of them a're certainly very often pleasant. : >.";. Sulcer's candidacy is inspiring ic quite another 'sense, too. Blessed by no compelling talents, gifted with. no important friends; he ^nevertheless dares TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Keep busy on tasks before you the work on others who are assisting you. Your wardrobe and health require some attention. Spend time and money wisely along such lines. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Once your work is done for the day, contact the individuals you want to accompany you for re- to: anybody, he can give-everybody hell. .Sulcer is self - serving, of Your hunches will tell you who can give you the finest ideas. Go to them. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) You are highly magnetic and charming today but a quiet attitude is best to bring favors your way, otherwise you could get into trouble. Use intellect with others. Fine for entertaining those you admire. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Finding charm articles will be easy now and higher-ups can help you to start uptrend in all of your affairs, if you go to them. Show that you are very appreciative. Be earnest in car- rjrlng thru with assignments. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Others will appreciate your taking tint* to assist them with whatever is most important to their welfare right now. You' can make new friendships easily. Be a bit choosy, however, so you avoid troubles later. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Being demanding with persons in the business or active world could lead to t r o u b 1 e that's best avoided now. Be sure you know what you want in the days ahead. Study along such lines seriously. AQUARIUS (Jan. M to Feb. 19) Running out to new sites and interests is fin'e, provided that is so'doing you study well, what truly brings greater sue-' cess. Analyze which newcomers best fit into your plans. Be explicit with them. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) You have to handle your responsibilities very carefully If you are to get the backing of financial institutions/- men it business, etals. Get aU practical affairs completed. Be more co-operative with mate in P-M. Read Courier News Classified! Don't Scratch That Itch! In Just 15 Minutes. If the itch BMtfi 4k b«ck it say q«lck- hold. I druj ICH- *<ck/w, tore. Yoi IBlck.drjThf^IIcil.ME.NOT: UK. .lold. ItchtaV uuieti down. AntlMp- tic action kllU lenni to kelp >pte« h.illnj. nac d.y or Bight fat tew- nu, Insect feltei, riniwon»,*oo* Itch, other lutftce nihel. NOW •* STEWART DRUG BTOHI. Others TALK Low Prices to challenge three tough guys COU rse .But that's okay, just as and three others who will probably beat him up and to badmouth the .Biggest Daddy of them all, Brother Orval, at the same tune. -It's the weakest kid on tiie block taking on everybody at once. It's Finland fighting Russia. Forget Superman! Forget Batman! This is real hero stuff. This is Anyman! Kenneth Sulcer's campaign proves that any man can run for Governor and it further proves that since an Anyman candidate doesn't owe anything long as the Sulcerity rake keeps sweeping the muck away from the body:politic. Kenneth ' Sulcer put 14 years in at Little Rock in the Legislature, arid nobody ever said he was anybody's man but his own. He is practically running by himself' this, year, and it may be that-he will never again be elected to .anything. He is either a brave man or a desperate one. It doesn't really matter which. , . - .. Anyhow, when you're Number Seven, .you have to try harder. ! /2 CARAT TOTAl WEIGHT BRIDAL SET $129 V* CARAT (TOTAL WEIGHT) ?»» 1 FULL CARAT (TOTAL WEIGHT) S199 Diamonds Enl»r«4 POMfti • * YEAR TO PA IT'S SO EASY TO SHOP AT DREIFUS — 3 WAYS TO BUY • CASH • CHARGE • LAY AWAY 30 DAY MONEY IACK GUARANYE! IF NOT SATISFIED! 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Rich, laminattd corduroy with th. toucd Corduroy it king of the road w Go-Go Auttt of velvet... Kned with soft, warm pile. And the fully lined hood adds an extra touch of warmth and fashion. Sixes 3 to OK

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