The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 2, 1949
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'Results on Farm Experiments Due In Early Spring By early spring Mississippi C'oiinly farmers should know the results of fertilizer, variety, ami cultivation oxpori- nieiits Crops Maturing; Outlook is Good CAKUTHERSVIl.LB, Mo., Se|)t. 2 — Some .soclioji.s of Pemtseot Couti- ly need ruin, psftocinlly m the Wardell area, but otherwise the crop outlook is scxxl, according lo M.D. Ambnr»''y. I'ounty farm agent. Earlier in the .soa.son -some clain- flfte \va.s cmt.s<'d lo cotton by flea hoppers, and one farmer reporlcd the piTOPHce of red .vpWers In hi.s curried on now on many of their farms, and I fields but added that no .serums Pemiscot County being watched and summarized by the Cotton I'liiiining Committee, and Keith J. Bilbvey, North .Mississippi County agent. t According lo Mr. Bilbrey t 1: e j Johnson Bhickivell at Armorcl; Hoy farmei'5 conducting demonstrations; p>nvis of pi.milseri I.ami; J. W. and experiments are virtually run-! Rayclpr of; Clifford Conning an elaborate experiment sta-! nriUe of ViuUro; Vance Dixon of tion in their own hack yards. Up-! Shady Mine: Roy Thomas on the cause of the high interest in ob- i v W. Moore farm in I/me Oak; taming the best varieties, imnruv- [ Leslie Moore at Lime Oak; Udell ing agricultural practices, and ! NcwMim I " ?: "' D<>11 : f-' 01 " 1 Bosvcrs. learning the moM. effective fci till/.- K<l I'srilin, and 1). w. Crawford ers Kl UP ": E - A Stacy near Rosebud: The more than ,„ ,„,,„,„ <«,,, ! ^M^'S'' o fT B n^t AitrarMno tiii" 0 '.^^*^^^!^"' Yn i C " Wi|iuio y & Biackwaier and Lee ^L.LI iiL t Jllg lilt- \\ Lllf SV all rjllJOll, nil i fjnii rrjrin fif J fTc-llVi 1 tf> are open to the iniblic and Mr. \ilri,-oii I v,M, c ilv Bilbrey reports o»tstanrtin K demon-1 M , ui b , " strations on cotton at the follow- '• ' ' ing farms: damage had been found. R. E. Long of New Liberty Community; Burl and Gerald Mahnn at the Gray Brothers farm at Clear Lake; a Mr, Basselt on Ihe E. M. Regenold farm south of AnnoreJ; explained lliat most i of the experiments are bein^ with I nitrogen in some form, but that whfre soil tests have shown n need ' for potash, experiments h;ive been • in thai line. Some have applied fertiliser under cr(jp.s, sojne have dresser! (lie sides with fertilizers PERM A-STONE tiG U i FAT OH _/or Permanence - Beauty - Insulation ! THE BEAUTY OF STONE TO. CHANGE YOUR HOME All ihe attributes of a srn without the expensive COM is ,iv; able for reniottirlin^or new building by the use of Pcrma-Stonc. Perm a -Stone is a itonc-l ike veneer itiat lootj like Mo ne, has nil m finer features and if permanent, ll i% nw * tackcd-on •tJinc. Each block i a cast and applied inJn idualEv, like Mone. Ask us to tend you a tlescrip' tivt folder about rrm modern facing for all types of buitdinys. Veteran Western Union Superintendent Retires LITTLE HOCK. Sept. '2. OPj—W. E. Washbiirn icfirrci yesterday as .supci'tiiteiiclpiit of the Western Union district otfire here after 39 years with the telf^iajih company. lip had been Mipcrlntpmlcnt .since 1922. While in Little Rock, he supervised aiTEingmg special pies-s wires for the visits of two presidents— Frank!li\ I"). Ron^fvelt and Harry Truman—and witniwoii (tie transition of inoxsiiKf Iransurssion from Morpp wiro.s to teleprinter circuits. R. 13. Stannrd. formerly of Dallas, snrceed.s Washbiirn, as late n«i July i In ^n effort to dclerrnmn ho«- effective it can be. QncslLOtis as to the success of cross cultivation, and whether oi 1 not hoeing costs can be reduced, may he answerfti in the .spring because of expfrimcnts at the Bfir- rioite Plantation. Stied Bevill farm at Sandy Ridge; Herman Matthews nt Varbro. Paul Ablwtt at Yarbro: F. T. nixon. Pied Callihan, and j cai'i'yi"R on graduate work. Jack Robinson near Rlytheville: t Overtoil, who will a.=i=ist with the and IL C. Weathers near Rainey's j In crops. Is from MaK?ni- Store on Hishwav (il. \ He recently received hi* bachelor of U. of A. Hires Specialist On Soybeans FAYE7TEVILLE. Ark., Sept. 2.— The addition of four member* to the University of Arkansas' agronomy department to allow for expansion in its research program has been announced by Dr. R. p. Bartholomew, acting clean of [he College of Agriculture. Ac'jve work on the breeding of soybeans to meel local Arkansas conditions started this week, when Dr. Pau! E. Smith joined ihr .s'.aff as n-.sistani profe.ssor. He is a graduate of a Kansas Slate College and holds his master of science and Ph.D. decrees from Pennsylvania Stale College. Although he will devote most of his time to .soybean research, fir. Smith wilt also leach courses in [oraee and corca! crops in ihe ab- serc-e of P. C. Sandal, who lia- br**n eranted a year's leave of absrnre to work on his PH.D, degree at Iowa State College. The problem of magnesium <Wi- cJencio.s in Arkansas soils v.i!) be studied bv Edward M. Hoist, a ua- live of Colorado and a graduate of Colorado A. and M College. Hoist has been appointed sraduate assist an! on an industrial fellowship and will cary on the research while doitis advanced study at the University. Clctis O Over ton and Reed WhUeley also have been named graduate assistants, effective September 10. Both will assist in teaching courses in agronomy, while Formers Urged To Guard Cattle Shown at Fairs LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Sept. 2, — With hundreds of lairs now tinder way in the United States, farmers were advised yesterday lo make sure that animal* do not bring disease hazards home with their blue ribbons. "No matter what stringent sanitary measures have been taken at lairs, any animal .shown where large groups of other animaJ.s have been assembled should be handled as if it has been exjKxsed to infection," warns a bulletin from the American Foundation for Animal Health. A minimum quarantine period of 30 days was recommended for all animals after fair exhibition, before letting them join the home herds. The Foundation pointed out that while an animal may appear perfectly healthy, it can be harboring deadly disease germs contracted from an e finally heal thy-look ing animal a i a fair, a .show, or livestock .sale. recornmetided was a checkup by a veterinarian ol all livestock returning from fairs. Such a procedure, the Foundation .said, has a two-fold purpose if tiic aniinal Ls infected. First, .special precautions can be taken to see that the disease does not spread to other animals in the herd. Second, treatment to save the animal's value can be instituted promptly. "Such vigilance," the Foundation .said, "insures that a win in the show riii? will not be followed by a loss on the farm," James Moore Hox 2:n l>honc ;16 .Manihi, Ark. Cotton. Corn and Soybean variety are ruining in for their share of at lent ion. Cotton variety tests are being conducted at the George Hale farm a I BurrteUe; Vance Dixon at Shady Lane; John Stevens at Dell. Charles Rose of Roseland, and the H. C. Land Company at f.enehvillc. A score or more farmers are testing soybean varieties and the Junior Blytheville Chamber of Com-I merce's Soybean Yield Contest will J indicate the results. .Men experi- ] men tine with soybean varieties in- j elude: George Hale. Udell Newsom ; f\ r j v -j and John Stevens. i "• ' VK New Variety t'npiilar \ Previously the Qirfen variety had ! , NEW VORK, no competition from other soy be .111 ^ al ' nnj y Found varieties, hut most hit< rest this year • Pflrn - * - sairf * renters on the relatively new S-100, which is earlier than the Oeden and less susceptible to bean leaf beetle damage. The yields are being watched to determine how productive che variety will be. Corn fertilization demons t rat ions may be seen at the Meal Benson farm at Manila; John Stevens farm at Dell and Clifford Councille at Yarbro. Thfi county agent and the planning committees are in constant check wjtlv- the farmers so that a thorougtr-'teport of the voluntary experimentation may direct Mississippi County farmers to better farming practices m the years to c:omc. .icience in agriculture from the University. WhUeley, who Emanated from Brieham Voting University, Utah, whh a bachelor of science degree in June, will assist with the course on .soils. This summer he ha.s been working as soil conservation aide with the Soil Conservation Service at Provo. Utah. Polio Foundation Sept. 2~M',- Huge Paving Job Promised By Governor LITTLE ROCK. Sept 2. (AP) Paving of Siate Highway No. I from Harrison to El Dorado \ I promised yesterday by Governor McMath. A delegation of home owners farmers, businessmen and city and county officials from cities along the highway called en masse on the governor. They wanted to know when the state would pave the rond, "Just be patient," McMath told the delegates, numbering about 300- Tito Has 600,000 Men Under Arms, Rome Heart ROME, Sept. t. m—The Italian, news agency Astra yesterday quoted I Trieste sources as saying Premier Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia has 600,000 men itmler aims. This number could be brought up quickly to 1,000.000 men In the event Yugoslavia is attacked, the agency's dispatch said. National and local government office-holders in Great Britain now total 2.146.000. Ten years ago it was 1,385,000. Watch for the Opening Announcement of BLYTHEVILLE'S NEWEST SHOE STORE 25 YEARS John Deere (wo-cylinder engine design was born with the introduction of the first tractor to bear the John Deere name —the Model "D"—bick in 1924. Right from the start, ihe simple, rugged construction of that tractor proved itself. Here was unequalled simplicity and strength through fewer, heavier parts . . . easier maintenance through greater accessibility. Here was husky farm power thir won immediate popularity with farmers everywhere . . . th»t set new standards for tractor dependability, economy, mod long life. These same basic advantages are just as important in a tractor today as they were a quarter-century ago. They're yours to enjoy, yours to profit by, along with every modern operating feature, when you choose a John Deere. S«e us soon. _ U the John Deer* Model "A" Tractor, a favorite on larg« row-crop farms. Arailablc with either all-fuel or guolint to gin*. MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO. South Hiwav 61 Phone 4434 the next four years. It Is part—a major one—of my $80.003.0:0 highway construction program." The governor said Highway 7 Ls of vital interest to the entire state, link in Arkansas' high- a new fund-raising drive in ihe next few weeks to keep up with the nation's polio epidemic. It will be the time in Its Il-yfar history that the foundation has had to ask for more help than . R nece.ssary^li it seLs in the "March of Dimes" j wa y network, campaign held every January. ' McMath said the building Hish- Details have not been settled, but i way 7 would put Arkansas in a po- a foundation .spokesman said about • sit ion to compete with other .states SIO.OOO.OOO will be needed and the | for* the tourist trade. He said the campaign nrobably will be launched [highway reaches many of the this month. Basil O'Connor, president of the foundation, said it has spent more than S7.000.COO on new cases this year and that its 53,000.000 remaining will probably be gone by the first of November. JOHN DEERE nvo-Cy/Snt/er TRACTORS -ft>s?/v sffcK/ewr Des/a/9 a/tt/Proi/eJ Per/brsna»ce [state's tourist attractions. \ Among the speakers at the mect- • in* were former Lt. Gov. Bob Bailey of Ru&sellville and Bill Seifc of Hot ! Springs. bo Jury Acquits Pair , In Wire-Tapping Case FREE DEMONSTRATION OF THE AMAZING NEW FERGUSON SIDE DELIVERY RAKE Sec Tur yourself hmv Ihis rcviilulinnnry new Ferguson !{;ike niiikfs il possible lo save 7(1'. more leaves when von harvest alfalfa.>eile/.a. beans, pea hay. etc. You'll be ama/ed! In Ihis free (femonslralion Saturday we're also jjoinjr lo include a free showint; of oilier Kerj;its(in Implenienls in 'action. SATURDAY; SEPT. 3 is, btit used directly for! He said the new drive will only for epidemic relief. Givers will i be asked to send their money to jpost offices for forwarding to the] NE W YORK Sept. 2. U',-A Jury ; foundation's headquarters here. The veslerdav acquitted two men on one ] proceeds will not be split ^it" | count j n " a ^ire-tapping case which ! chapters, as March of Dimes i jnvolved name s of prominent racketeers, politicians and pM'cemcn The jurors were deadlock \ on five other counts of a six-count indict- '. men I. i Defendants were lawyer-invest!- ' gator John G. Broady and his em- ploye, Edward M. Jones. The jury • deliberated n hours bctore it was discharged. ! The two men were accused of wife on I riefrauding stockholders of n leart- to her i U2 Brooklyn Buick agency of $8,017. BANK ON YOUR BANK Police Captain Loses Badge to Sneak Thief BALTIMORE. Sept. 2—i.-Vi—Police Cnpt. Fred Ford wishes he had *een' p,t home. Burglars eiitered his place, ran- Dieted It and Erected his *ht ivay out. indicating visiting the ! They were hired by the stockholders In probe black marketing activities allcRedly carried on by hat they had been ptain. She discovered other wise. t Gone wfre the captain's diamond ring, wrist, walcli— and his gold Beginning at 1 :30 p. Now lo See This Demons!ration al Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickosawbo SWIFTS PIWIKIU BRANDED BEEF on by executives of the agency. Broady and Jones face trial in connection with a City Hall wirp-tnppuiR plot disclosed by Mayor William O'Dwyer with much fanfare last March. Clcnd'Miin " Ryan, muUi-wiUion- | aii•« rpformer, and political toe of j O'Owyer. reported hired Broady to i investieate municipal affairs. ' | Ilroady, Jon PS and Kenneth Ryan , former city detective, are accu.secl i In clip second case of tapping the v,iip of Manhntlan Borough President HURO Rogers. JACK ROBINSON IMPLEMENT CO. Your Genuine Ferguson Dealer 500 East Main Blytheville Phone 2371 We Specialize in Fancy Meat* arid Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parkin* Spar* Genera/ How ley Retires BF.RI.1N. Sept. 1. </r.—MaJ. Gen Maxwell D. Taylor took over yesterday as American commandant in Berlin. He succeed* Brifc. den. Frank L. Howley, who \n retiring from Army service. In a farewell speech Howley Jsaid ^mJl-.ngly: "When I came here in 1945 I could not have called myself your friend. But now I leave as a friend of this brave city and Its people." • m CHECKERBOARD CHUCKLES • From Your Purina Dealer SOUNDS LIKE THEY'RE WORKING ITS THAT NEW PURINA HIGH-ENERGY PLUS THE KST LAYMG RATIONS M PURINA HISTORY New Puiina High Energy Plus Laying Chowt mean (our big txtras: I. Extra Energy, 2. Extra Vitamins, 3. Exlra Palatability, and 4. Extra Eggs on Less Feed. Come in and see them. They're different! L. K. Ashcraft Co. Railroad & Cherry Telephone IH).1 IS THERE A NEW CAR IN YOUR FUTURE? // you lock ready cash tor the pur- chase of a new car, depend on the first National Bank to arrange a tow cost loan to suit your needs and bud- get. Stop in; let's talk it over. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Tlx Only National Bank in Mississippi County

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