The New York Times from New York, New York on December 5, 1887 · Page 8
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 8

New York, New York
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Monday, December 5, 1887
Page 8
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'-. ' ( :J.l. ,1 A K 'I . - i : ' i I J", i i - f TROUBLED BY OLD LAW VXW'TUBK'S AR1 EMINENCE EE DA ISO IS RED. A VOKOOTTKK CLALIB WHICH T81I1I-XVI TO PSITK AWAT FRO THIS CITT TES BIO HALES Or rATXnuO. 2fw-Tork' eminence u n irt eantre, ttrofb th big picture a alas for wlilek it kM I twin fwogi, la ut serious! Joopardlfd by ta uarUla of ltf d Uit tt b4 hn forfotUsi . Tarty od4 fwn ao city wm fttta4 wttk mocs Mtl room, mat mid m ft to xlstaaca. CoaipntlTl7 pklnt. Ma&baMM Island wm tbtnly populate. aiul (us IwsUlnft-s and iturM war pMkil luUisorlra-tnaUlv m tta lower end. Tk fakirs carried to ft Ihrirtac bnslussa, upwUily by gasllsrtit, b4 trass watches ud jewelry, as wall aa pasta lameads ao4 work of alleged art, wcra sold fat Uta reaoine articles at fabulous prion. Toa aUtiUoM trade we pashed to such aa extent M4 aa suaaj parsons wara IsnposaJ upoa by tba f Ur sad flitter of tba spurious coeds and tba tempting misrepresentations or tba gllb-tonrued ft4 groady auctioneers tbat In dua ttma publlo aaaUiMOt waa stirred to rebellion. Tba u prising resulted la tba enactment of a law wbleb. la tba ugat of racat history, regardless of what tkaeffieetef tba atatuta nil (lit bave mii. ta. In aa Important particular, a gross lujustiia to aa titeaats-e braacb of commercial life. Reference i MMda to tba clanae: " All aalaa af geede by pnnllr anrtioa la tb rilr t4 Maw. York by aa anctioaoar .nail b nult In the a ttma, aet wee a soarise eiid suusst, ezcUiig took er aviate, Ac" This lew might haTAbnenfnrrl In itsvoutb, and probably waa. but for nearly half a century tba aet remained aa a dead latter and waa regarded aa ooa of tba blue lawn. Mr an accident, a It wara, tbo s latum eanta to the surface wltola a few months ami, umlor the ralair tbat' tbo only way - ui get rtt of a had law ta by enforcing It, ha been a sort of nlght-luaro to a bleb class f auction em dealers In oil paintings and work of art. Tba etlseevery of tbo law waa nuaile eoine time last laamtr, when au art dealer In Fourteenth-a treat, following tba custom of bla time, ndver-tlaad aa evening tale of paintings, homebody lOoasplalned about dim ami be waa arrested. IMayor Hewitt waa appealed to and denounced tba arreat In atlnslna' terms. Tbe police turned to tbo Cirporatlun Couuarl til offeet the reprt-anaad. That efBolal took down the an solid sled tet of iHH'J and found the oimoilous section, 1,091. sjaotod above. lie rarrletl it to Mayor Hewitt, aad his Honor mat not only aurprteed at the law, but bad the -oarii-e to admit tbat be waa Ignorant of Us existence and acted hastily In rensurlnr the police. However, aald tba Mayor, this law Is on the books and It la My duty to see tbat It I enforced without dlscrtinl-balkm. ho be proceeded to write a characteris- tXe letter to tbe anctloneers. and ther were not only aaaazad but ImtlKiiaint. Ikwd to tba iMayor'a office they rushed with bolltnr blood. 'bmt bla Honor aoon tempered the beat by t presentation of eoid facu, whleh threw the lame wholly on the shoulders or oM-Uine letft-latora without extraordinary "huidxiKht." Ho tba aaetloneera. belne aoot cltUena, tonk a philosophical view of the dlsatrroeahle situation nd resolved to try and chanitu tbe custom of tbe time. They had keen eug-aired in selling Petaree oTetuna-s for so many years that they td (rave doubts aa to the success of attempt- las' a eaanaje of the time. However, tbe bnslnesa mut to on, and there Vera blf collections of choice works of urt to be Iiaadled; In fact, cod tracts bad been made for tbe aeaaoa by more tbaa oue auctioneer. Tbe experiment of momtna and atteraoon sales h woo been repeatedly tried, according to the law of 1943, "between sunrise and suuftot," and tbe result was a heavy loss in each case. . The auctioneer advertised ex tensWely, and drum hind tip bla good customers lu every possible way, but when the day of sale cams he was liner compelled to sell at a great sacrifice , or postpone tbe event Indefinitely. Nobody of taaana and luxurious taxtea would attend. Bayers, being business men. could not be Induced to negleet tbe duties of the desk, and if they did get around tt waa Itefore dinner, and an empty stomach caunot appreciate art. Vain efforts wars mads to get ieclal purmlln to kcII In tbe evenings, lint tbe Mayor wss relentless. Ths disastrous day sales bave dlacouritgcd the aaetloneera and disappointed sellers to such an stent tbat the business for the Vi Inter la practically abandoned, aud the good reputation of Vow-York aa a great art centra Is threatened with a black eye. la eeneequence of the critical condition of tba bastaeas a determined: attempt will e made at tba earning session of tbe LeiOnUture to hare tba ancient atatuta amended so as ta make lawful evening sales of oil pain tin it aad works of art which have been on exhibition tor one or Snot a day a. The amendment has already been prepared and will be submitted to Mayor Hewitt and tba Corporation Counsel at an esrlv day. They have promised to aid the auctioneers in very possible way, and many of the big buyers will Indorse the measure. t. A. Leonard, of Moore's Auction Gallery. In Fifth-avenue, where the D'Huyretter collection of Dutch, Belgian, and Kreuch pictures Is to be old tale week, said yesterday afternoon that the eon tract fur tbe sale, made a long time ago, was the only excuse tor advertising it now. "It will be oar last sale," said Mr. Leonard, "until tbat old blue law Is changed. There la no use trying to gat up sales in the daytime. uyer won't oome because they have la the habit of attending evenings, which la the most convenient time for everybody who patronizes art. Tbe object of the framera of that law waa doubtless to put a stop to swindling snap aalea by gaslight, which were aoeommoa 40 and bo years ago. Now, so far aa picture aalea are eoacerned, gaslight Is an Important factor. Oil pamtiugs are alwaya inspected by gaslight, whether sold before or after aunaat, Any experienced buyer wants to see a painting under different lights before purr ban-lag, and always abowsa preference for gaslight. lay sales are made by gaslight Just tba same as those at night. If a collector lavltea you to view his picture be lights his gallery by gas, and all public art exhibitions are auadawltb darkened w indows. It is really the only way to ahow floe paintings. Then, be-Idaa, custom baa much to do with the bust-. Bass. The popular demand bere. In St. Iau1s, Cincinnati, Chicago, aud oiuor cities Is for evening aalea, but In JLloalou sales are made alto- C ether during tbe day. Eleven o'clock used to e the hour, but of recent years the time Is 3 T. U. My belief Is that tbe business should be fostered because there la unmistakable rldeuea that the metropolis Is golug to eujoy a tuouopoly. Miller prefer tbts market to aay Other. Philadelphia sent tbe airman Rogers eolleettoa; frovtdenoe tbat of Thomas Kotituson aad tba Brown-Wall lot; Onolnnatl contributes! tba Frobaeca works of art, and tbe last rolled-tioa offered at tne Amerh-aa Art Uallery tarn from Bu Louis. It was advertised for afternoon sale, under the law, and tba attendance waa ao light tbat aa IndeB Bite postponement was made. Ihere is a large -eelleotloo from bo tea now In store bere which 'the ewusr will not offer until the law la ameaaao. Another collector lu Itoston Is nego tiating for this market with some of the tluest painting aver shown. Hlnee tbe Morgan. Stew art, and Heney aalea the business has been away an, and It aaver ssn be revived until we amend law iaw." T. K. Klrby, of tbe American Art Gallery, Ort-gtee at Co., and others are doing all tbey caa to aave tae nnjuat ana aosurd taw amended, and report that the prospect Is very encouraging. WORK AT TBS SROOKLTy XATT YARD. There are signs of extensive operations in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The preparatory work for tae armored cruiser to be built there ta being pushed, also the work on tbe double-turretod monitor Miantoooinoh. The Knter-prtae aad Jilpele, which have been undergoing repojro. are nearly ready lor aea. The Trenton, evaw as tae yard, 1 said to attract more than ralaary attention In every port sue visits. She waa built about 10 years ago under the super-eauoa of Naval Constructor foot during bla ret aerss ai mis yaru. anu, acciruing to the re port of Chief Constructor Wilson, she wlU last about 10 years longer. Constructor Pook.whooen-atraoted this, tbe last of the wooden typeof ahlpa, la bow aeieeted to build the Bret of tbe modern type to be built la a Government yard. He haa a4 aa extensive experience as a naval archi tect, aad bla selection by Herretary VYhttaey tor sua eervio) is wen regarded in naval eirolae. is laytaar down oC tbe ermred cruiser U al- reaay begun, under tbe direction of George r. arovuugnaui, tna caiet arauguiamoa la ooo- truellOB. Tbe 40 foot steam launch recently bail! la tbe yard for the Vermont waa designed by Mr. Protklagbaat, and constructed under bla aeraoaal direction. It la aald that aome of the Brest thoroughly eoulpped naval constructors aave peaa graaaatcu iroat uis omoe. a irt rnox vs. rikiin. The Kev, Dr. Joseph Parker haa made reseat at 9700 te the Reecher monument fund. la hia Utter to R Burnbam Moffat, the Bcere- tary of tba fund, the minister said : Kew that mv ncaiUoa has boaa amalv vladl. BalasV I eaa act a 1 ceaiu aol have lua at aa earlier Bart A wilssMt danger of aalug auaaartuwd. I sBeesiarw larkta tu f 7v0 kaaa4 ta la view at ocaevvwnicBl waa actually vat oi pocket, as Matrtewtasa te tbe Usee bar statu memorial tuad, The contribution, tt la believed br the eom- mitree, waa made simply beraaaeof I. Parker eotioa aaa regard tor air. gcoonor. TBM WAT MMSSA01S ARK LOST. Ta manager of tbe American District Tele- gtaae. Ostec a M Brsastwajr baa eosaacted far aame ttma that Jamas Mara. 14 yeera old. of 34 fee braasi ttisst, who waa empieyed as a measea. aa IB ttMaaUsv waa m the ha kit al daatroyiag bh aa givaa sa alia fur aaitvarv. u Katanlav taaagram was gtvaa him ta sWlvar te A. K. f-aaisrwa. at ! ecvaasB-atrsa. ale rvtareed km a raveissM. aaa it waa wtfl tbat be bad era ta salsa-ram aaa algaad Laaigae'a sum oa m bu. H waa arrMtw aaa J aUo tikcataa yaa- vsswac su4n w srj i await arms. BMEKISQ A MIS 8IH0 MAS. TBI OKIAT TKOCBLC WHICH A UAUAX If AH If OITHft Hl raitDf. T1i Oovernrnent of !Cerra 8cotia. through Its ptovtaelal Secretary . w. . riMdlng, offers $500 for Inform eUoa that will lead to tna discovery of Joseph Preeton, or 9100 for taforma- tloa of the time aad manner of hi death. Preeton left Halifax In September with tbe In tention of vUlUDg several American cities. He waa net ta good health. He waa 22 year of age, 5 feet 7 lnchee la height, weighed about 133 pound, had a smooth face, excepting a small brown mustache, aad wore a dark suit and brown overeoat. In his w Ateoat he carried a Jrold watch and chain and a sliver watch. His uggage consisted of a brown leather aacbel ana a silk umbrella. Ha waa a bird of passage until New-York was reached, aa be made no stop at Boston. He register ad at leggett's Hotel, In Park-row, in tbe third week In September, and for several days attracted do attention In tba hotel, aa he waa very quiet and seemed to know nobody. It waa nderatood at tbe hotel that he had $250 when be left home, but bla brother, T. W. Preston, who left tbe city a few daya ago. aald tbat tbe amount waa gOOO. lie bad been about a week at LeggetVa when bla actions caused rommetiL He would leave his room In tbe middle of tbe nlgbt and call for water. Ha drank so much water tbat some of the hotel people adrlsed him tbat ha wss llkeiy to Injure himself. The warning bad no effect, and It waa supposed that Preston's system must be radically out of order. . On tbe morning of Sent. 29, he left Leggett'a Hotel, attar paring his bill and stating that be would go to a hospital. He felt alek. be said. Oa the same day he applied for admlasioa to Bellevue Hospital He waa examined by Ir. Parker, who aaid the man waa suffering from alcoholism. He waa placed in the alcoholic ward, and the doctor there agreed with Dr. Parker that iTeeton waa sutenog from a debaueh. He was given tbe usual remedies, and In the morning had ao far recoverd tbat there was bo special reason for keeping him any longer. He told the end nnrae that be was anxious to goto som ecity Institution for a while, aad asked where such could be found. He waa told tbat there was aurh an Institution on Ward's Island. How could be gain admlasioa I He was Instructed to call upon the Commissioner of Charities and Correction, at Third-avenue and Eleventh-street, and aek for a pass. He said be would do ao and left Bellevue forthwith. When he left the hospital he took with blm a brown leather sscbel. a silk umbrella, and rubber overcoat In bla walsteoat pockets were a gold watch aud chain and a silver watch, also a ten-dollar bill. Hlnee that time nothing baa been aeen or heard nf Joseph Preston by any of his friends at home. Two weeks ago a detective called at Bellevue and made inquiries about Preeton. Tbe detective bad discovered tbat Preston bad spent some time at Coney Island, where he bad met aome men, aad also aome women, wltb whom be had drank, probably to excess, and with whom, too, he bad played card. Tbe detective was inclined to think that Preston's chance acquaintances bad relieved blm of aome of bis cash, but whether it bad been wheedled out of him simply to pay for tntoxlcanta or had been stolen from hint he did not know. A bottle found in Preston's room arter itis departure from Leggett's Hotel ludluated that tbe young man had fallen Into the bablt ot taking chloral. This bottle, and the fact that Preston had been drinking heavily of atlmulant. explained hi thirst for water late at night or early in tbe morning. While Preston was at Bellevue Hospital he found an employe there whose friends lived at Halifax. Oa this account be became communicative, and tbe bead nurse of the ward lu which Preaten spent a Bight aald yesterday that Preston talked about Coney Island and of having played cards there. He aald nothing about having been drunk, but claimed to be suffering from malaria. While aearcblng for bis brother, T. W. Preston made leggett's Hotel bis headquarter. He re fused to believe tbat his brother bad been suffer ing from alcoholism, as he bad never been a drinking man: did not drink at all. In fact. Tbe employes of Bellevue Hospital who came In close contact wltb Joseph Prestou are certain that be was recovering from a aeaaucn when ne entered the hospital, and one ot them, at Preston's re quest, gave him a dose ot bromide )ut before he left tne uuuaiag wun tne avowea intention or securing a Das that would admit him to the In stitution on Ward s Island. They say that Pres ton mlgbt not have been a drinking man at Halifax, bat that he certainly became one dur ing hi tay in New-York. Prestou told some of tbem that be could ge.( all tbe money he needed, tbat be had a bank accouat at home and a good barber shop, and to one be said be thought of visiting some friends in New-Jersey. Tbe brother, accompanied Dy one or inspector Byrne' detectives, visited every hospital and prison In tbe city, bat at none of them except Keuerue Hospital touna any trace ot tne miss ing man. Tba brother left a photograph of the missing man at Police Headquarters. At Bellevue Hospital It 1 thoaght possible that Joseph Preston may be found at Ward' Island, and It l not unlikely tbat some or tbe hospital's employes will visit Ward'a Island In tbe nope ot earning tbe f .MX) offered by tbe Government of Novar Scotia. The hospital people do not believe Preston is dead, but that be is simply keeping out ot the way for a while, ashamed to face his friends on account ot what he considers a fall from grace. AT IMS MASOXI0 FAIR. GRKAT SUCCESS OF TI1K FIRST WEES Or THE ENTERPRISE. The flint week of the Masonic Fair closed Saturday night with a record that break all prevlou one in this city. The average attendance waa about 6,000 dally, and the receipts from admissions alone exceeded $23,000 for the week, while the sale at tbe booth and various ataad aggregated 93,000 dally. The entertainment up lairs all did well also, and the restaurant, under tbe charge of Samuel I Terhune, outdid all expectations. Much of tbe uooes ot thl department 1 owing to the committee of ladles, Mrs. H IL Brookwav, Miss Tlllle Monroe. Mrs. Terhune, and Mrs. Van Blarieom. who worked early and late with an energy quite remarkable. remaps tbe most tried ef au. however, waa tbe Executive Committee, who not only bad multiplicity of duties to perform, but wherever they went they were singled out by the impor tuning tair onea wun a noiunesa ot intent and purpose that was truly startling. After stand Ing tbla all tbe week the committee Anally came to tne conclusion uiat numan endurance baa limit, and accordingly assembled In secret session Saturday night to devtae a plaa for relief. Tbe result was tbe adoption of a resolution making It a belnous and punishable crime for any one to solicit me members or tbe committee to buy aay ining uurius me remaining iwoweexs or tne rate. Tbe removal of that great load of anxiety from on tneir aouis auoweu room lor reeling ot chari ty toward ethers of their sex. Thus Inspired, they continued the good work so far aa the passage of a law prohibiting the ladle from soliciting unhappy men to buy things of less value tban 00 cents. There la yet another pro gressiva movement for the committee to make If It would win eternal fame, ana that la the pro vision ot an armea escort ror unprotected men desirous of seeing some of the beauties of the fair that don't possess pleading eyes and heneyed lips. Pretty faces are very pleasiag in their way, and bewitching smiles are tbe source ot much earthly happiness, but one does not like to pay ror them la cold, bard cash. It dettror all the sentiment. Tbe fair will reopen at 2 o'clock this afternoon. Tbla evening there will be an amateur concert, and to-morrow nlgbt Barony, Kdward Moras, and several otber well-known artists will give an exhibition in rapid black and white sketching. ZKLIGIOUS AWAKKS1SO SEEDED. Biabop Potter, in preaching yeaterday muralng at St. Andrew's Church, One Hundred aad Twenty -seventh street, near Fourth-ave nua, referred to the rhythmical law of sleep and awakening a applied to religion. Every now and then, he said, occurred a drift thought away from God. attended by a display of aimlalsbed regard tor His holy day and aaerwu piacea, aaa taus came, or sbould come. tbe revivaia ef religion. The Bishop poke of iu anvautagee sua nangera or. in the nrt piaoe, cneap literature, ana in the next of un reeinuuea imuugrauon. ine aay may come, ne said, la which we shall nnd ourselves the teaaota or tneae aggrwaaive foreigner, many wi taaiu uusifu w uur rtniziou anu. as u elared la the leading local newspaper which Toioe foreign opinio u. declaring openly that they Intend to do what they please with the lord's Day. Tbla danger, and also that of ma terial lam. came ream unrestricted immigration, ana tbe question arose, bat are we what ia tbe church doing to meet these thing r There must be an awakened life. The questions uuas uw grappiea wiia oy innsuan. A SVKPR1MM FOR TBS DSACOX. Antaony elaon and Solomon Heao, the "grace-gauds" men who were arrested oa Saturday, were arraign yesterday norm tog before Justice Uormaa la the Jefferson Market Police Court Deacoa GUlilaad. of Moutb-cf-WoU. Teua, Ue Biaa wltb whom Nelsoa waa negotiating when he wa arrested, told lb story wf hi corraspondaDC with th (windier, which anally lad to hi coming on la New.York. Th wltaea isas surprised whoa in J oUca laid him that he was almost a amity as the swindlers tbewslTa. The priaaaar will hare a haartBg tbM afteraaoa. Tbe Daca was scat to ta Ucimc ot DomatWa. nsDixa Air abasdoxed bakx. Capt. Hor lor, ot Use steamship Jersey City, watch arrive yesterday trout Brlsisd, twports that, Kev. S7, la latitude 49 1ft' aad loagttuaa 4ft'. be pa so eioae to the waterlogged aad abandoned wreck af tb bark feattcoU. Hr dack war awaaa. bat her aara rtsil ataaxliac. Tha Battoola aailcd frwm Pcncela tar Durdracat Scot. la. bh wa aoaailaail la a watsiHograd oeadiU 5t. a, tn latitado Al aad laglMdc lr- Ur erw wrw laaaad at Havr. tv. If. Tbe tost bark mesnx4 647 teas, aad was csracd at Chris tuaaaad. Nerwar. aae waaWlt a Kcva geetla ta IccU SOtTB TEAM. Hit ELITE THATl IS TO PLAT CRICKET IE THE WEST IS DIES. JSot lor 1U years Las tnere been ancn ac tivity ta cricketing el 'clee. Where a club played 10 matches a eeaeon f rmerly tbe big club now play over 2a Capt, C yrU Wilson, or the Staten Island Club, haa got t igather a team to go to the Test Indies In search bf victims. He baa labored hard to get a good eleven together, and although It I not a representative oae, yet It will be a hard one to beat. Philadelphia will be repre sented by C. V. Palmar and C. Champion, of the Young America Clu C Cos lea, of the Bel- moot; N. Etllng, of tie Merlon; W. C. Morgan and W. J. Duhrlng, of the liermauiown, and W. Blddle. of the Philadelphia. Stateu Iwaad will send E. H. OuterbrldAe Seabnght, E. W. Sadler nd J. M. Garnett. abd d tbe St, George's Club. Hermann Clark and H. P. Smith. The start will he made en Saturday J Dec. 17, on the steamship Barracoota. Matches will oe piayea at au Croix on the :23d i St, Kitts. Vi4th; Bar bados. 27th; Grenana, 28th. and a two days' match on tb followlag days at Trinidad. From Jan. 1 to Jan. 7 matches will be played In Demerara and then! the team will go to Bar- bedoe and play aJaia. Jamaica will be the next camping grourid. On Jan. 16 and 17 tbe Ktngaten Cricket Ciab will be played, on Jan. IS aud IB the offlcer of the garrison, and on Jan. 21 and 23 tbe rk. Elizabeth Cricket Club. The team will start far home tlin following day and reach New-York ou Jan. 30. George Lane, the rhlladelphla Club's professional, goes aa coach and umpire! Secretary Martin and Treasurer Hoaford. of the Manhattan Club, t Brooklyn, worked hard all through latt sea au and made a flae record tor tbe club, brlngiax It Into the front rank. Out of 29 matches playei 23 were won, 5 lost, and 1 drawn. Tyers, therlub professional, headed the list In batting, with an average of over 3H runs for 10 innings i J. H. Lambkin wa next. with 21) for 9 innlngsk F. Prendorgaet 16 for 2 1 Innings, and M. K. Cdbb 17 for 7 Innings. In the bowling department rranit Smith carried off the honors, bowling 10 wiickets at a cost af only 34 run. 1 lie Manhattan defeated tba Staten Island Club lu the only match played, aud a:e now tba representative ini-tropolitan team. Another rising ciuo. tne King i ounty c nrket Club, made a good rerord for itself last season. Out of 14 matches played 6 were won, 6 lost, and 3 drawn. T. Hdgan heads the batting list with an average of oyer 14 runs for 9 Innings. The Riverside CluU owing to the lack ot fa- ollltlesla Central Park, played few matches aud scored only one or twjo victories. The Cosmopolitan Club, which also play in tbe Park, did a great deal better, and. outside of three or four gained had an almost unbroken list of successes. I The Metropolitan I and the Brooklyn Clubs piayea oniy a lew ganie. A new reature wiuitin introduced next season. The colleges are taking an Interest In the game. Harvard has challenged Yale for next season. and, should the challenge be accepted, Columbia wui aiso put a team in tne neio. I HE AIR UAL GOSSIP. "The Great Pink Pearl" company opens In the Providence O ra IIouso to-night for a season of three Dighl . with William Gillette in the character playi 1 by Mr. Bothern at the Lyceum. " Edltha's Burglar" la also part of the programme, and In t lis Mr. Gillette plays Burglar B11L He la abo it the busiest actcr In the country now, havii g two companies on tbe road playiDg bis " lield by the Enemy," and being Interested in't te production of hi version of "She" at Ni bio's, I r which he 1 now engaged In elaborating the or Igtnal character of Martin. The Implements, titensr.s. and dresses to be nsed in " Elaine," which will be produced at the MadUon-Square to-morrow nlgbt. have been designed by Mr. Prpsbrey. Mr. Palmer's stage manager, from orlianals preserved In the British Museum, Warwick Castle, ana the Tower of London. In reproducing them an effort has been made to fafthf tilly copy the model rather than to produce a oplenaid theatrical effect. A string ot oniutis" is the odorous title ef a new play which is announced as a "comedr." aad is to be put on the road next season. The clove fiend will bare a good excuse for the indulgence of his appetite in presence ot so strong an attraction as this promises to be. A n . . . , I . I nvinAt T V ....... I. . V, I A w . , niLriiiai-isw ftuiv la lu w uulll lu Louisville, Ky. It will have a seating capacity of from 1,500 to 10, and all the necessary oenvenlenoes for romfort and safety. The receipts of Booth -end Barrett for the pro duction of "Julius Ctesar" at the Chestuut-Street Opera Hmi4 Philadelphia, last week. amoumeu to '.-, or wmcn tr.91'J 50 were tacen at tbe box omoe on Saturday night. Willie Edouln has kiurehased tbe English richts to Steele Mackaye'sr Anarchy," aud Intend to produce It in the British provinces. Bartley Campbeltf "Siberia" Is to be produced at the Princess's, London, next Monday, with Miss Grace Hawthorne la the cast. The failure of the negotiation looking to the produo- uud ui - Aueouora av tuts nouse under the snpervlslon of Mani ger Palmer, ot this city, baa made It necessary 1 ir Miss Hawthorne to postpone tbat play for some time, and ."Siberia" baa been selected to fill the gap. Mrs. James Brow Potter is ambitious to nlav Lady Macbeth, andlher eostauies for the character have already been ordered. It is not announced whether she will appear in the part before the olose of per engagement to Manager Miner or not. I Tbe people associated with Josenb Jeffarsoa this season appeal to have made a corner on good luck. Geoffrc r Hawley, the leading Juvenile, recently inberi ted a fortune by tbe death of an uncle, and it is n )w reported tbat Mr. Barron, the property man of the company, has fallen belr to $10,000 by lue death of a relative In England. Cranks have beann to flood Henry E. Abbey with offers to prod ice lads of 3 and t years old who will quickly th -ow the pianist prodigy Josef Hofmann into the shade. Many letters come from fond fathers and mothers who consider their offspring full-lown geniuses. One father said hi 3-year-old i on could play as well as little Hofmaan with his ack to the piano, and others offer piano player from 5 to 10 years old who only want a chanod in order to become as great aa uaifc, ofoiuoTen, anu vuopin. Sam Sothern, a niember of the Wallack Theatre company and son of the late "Dundrearv" Sothern, sailed for) Europe on Saturday In the City of Chester. 10? goes for a shortvislt among inenu were, uaving ootained a six weeks leave of absence. Mr. Sothern will meet Blakely Hall in London, ant the two will do" the Brit ish capital together. )oung Sothern, thanks to the success of "The Highest Bidder," in which his brother Edward H. has made such a hit. haa a aource of Income) which make him independ ent oi nis salary as an actor. His royalties on the play amount Ui some $300 or more a week, and the play seeras to be good for a ma of a eouple of year longnr. Before be sailed for Europe Sothern bo ight $.0X in United States bonds, and he Is an xlous to find some real estate which he can buy nith another snug little nest egg tbat be has lai I by. There will be a a table party swoop down on New-Haven. Conn,, this evening te see the Initial presentatioi , of a drama dealing with the sayings anu uomgs oi uora t ranci Mtznoodle. mai personage wa tne creation of B. B. Valen tine s isruie orainj ana he made hi bow to the Americas public through the columns of J'uek simultaneously Willi the appearance of acute .angio-uiania oi tae Newark aort in society " W. V.I...1... .... . .... J . , wcuuuc uaasiau i. no assistance OI jonu G, nuaou, wno wrota " ordeck. in putting the callow utterance bt the callow Lord into shape tor ursiusus presentation. KObert G. Hllllard. nOW OUt of a linatlnn Ko- rauae of his quarrfcl with Mrs. Langtry, has decided to appear aslan elocutlouist for a lime. imi evening ne gave readings In Boston. vv-ci uuimiu,iuii cniia pianist, nas a pas-elan for the theatrfe aad has attended some performance nearly fevery evening since be haa been In this country, except when himself giving v. . . im.-i.svm mm wnom be con lesse uiuiscu mon in love Is Lllllo Grubb of the Casino eompapy. When not at the theatres ui lavunte amusement is nue practice with au air gun. The littlfc fellow has become oulte an expert marksmanl too. Autograph llends have begun to assail thi young musician, and on Saturday he had a request for a letter in his own uauuwriuua irouiia coueotor in liallaa, Texas Maggie Mitchell, who recently brought out new piay in Katisac Cltv ra led "TVi n..i Sinner" baa made a success of it. She ne.ti . sow 'iaj oauiy raougo. on eaturuay efning ssme noo wnni. unable to obuin admission to Daly' Theatre to The Kailn jau oi ixve." iiealde these p -o more who applied for fweek for Saturriav vun m . there were nearly eeaia earing the performance wboj were unable to obtain uch eateaa they wanted, and so gave up their la tention of viaitlng the theatre. It Is tbe sama aort of experience that vu had wltb " Tka Taming of the Shrew laat seasoa. PAX JO I.Y A SVXDAT SCHOOL Between 2 and 3 o'clock yesterday afte er- noon, the lnembesc of No, 1 Truck, Grand 1 aad Van Vontt street Jersey City, saw a erowd lot hrieklngcblldr4 dashing out ot the doors ot bi reter s Komad iatnouc Church, across the street. There children In tha were between 3O0 and ttOO had scarcely beesl building at the time, called to order br their They Sun waj irouot on into the , teaebet w nen the steam waa turne.i i radiaqars. It made a loud nm.i.i aua steam esc a pea tnrougn a break In tbe Papee. C'ric of hire broke from a crowd of boy, and lnstanfiy tne Iriirhtened llttln aerambted over ones arh otber for tbe door. By tbe time the II re aieu had ffwt them under trol two or eon tbrbe crushed, but not Ul us oniuiniU been mrlotitlr. May Tourney l.t-year-old rhlid.was knocked 1 a&ilnr fin,!, nii w . .. u oewn aua ir 1 trampled ia njte hilm .in kHrtsrllL-steeAt- Th. nhr,l.i... 1 , - r m..-mmum declared tbat she had suffered dangerous Internal injuries, but her recovery is Snadava m . .imll.,K..t. expocMu. a rei broke out among thb Sunday school chiLlreo, nut no one fit re Tub aiGCEaT ttllBg oat l On. kiliaaU ncia and It t. Km I i . . i A bottia ot Da. aav large dootor ktVtA'B OOICB STBt r WUI rxioc, xj sat. Ad. 0TB1L WI MR. NE WTO IP 8 CHARGE. PSEACHIXS OX THE BIBLE TBE CHCBCH WORK OF A TEAR. In his sermon yesterday morning in Ali Souls' Church, in West Forty-etgbtb-ctreet. tbe Bar. K. Heber Newton dlscuased God' revela tion In the Bible. " Onr father." ha said, " be lieved ia a Tri table revelation In the Bible. We have gone through much aince then, and few of us can now aay tbat we believe that the Bible la wholly a revelation of God. But conced ing to scholarship all that It demand and all that to It bt due. Is Ue old faith of tbe father lost I God forbid. If I have take a a Bible from any one it la to give It back with a more honest faith. For I believe that It is a reeord of an Inspiration. There la Inspiration, too, in otber sacred books, other bible than our. Shall it not be aid with Moody. Shall not these books be believed to be inspired because they Inspire us!' " Mr. Newton announced to his congregation the return of the Rev. Charles H. Schultx. tbe for mer Assistant Rector of the parish, who went Weet last Winter, and who ha now been reappointed to his old position. Copies of tbe church Year Book were distributed yesterday. The Pastor statistical report ahows 31 baptisms. 52 confirmations, 54 com municants added to the church, which, wltb 3 deaths and 4 removals, makes the present number ot communicants 699. There bave been 9 marriages, 13 burials, and 100 services have been held In the church. The parish kindergar ten had an average dallv attendance of 90 chil dren during tbe year. The work of tbe pariah visitor baa been coatlnued and ha resulted in benefactions to many destitute families. Tbe Emerson Club of the church will read Tenny son Idyls or tbe King," r lske's " Destiny or Man" and "Idea ot God." and "The Phado of Plato" during the oomlng year. AFTER SETENTEEX XKAR8. Bradford L. Gilbert, Superintendent of the Jerry McAnley Mission, has began salt in tbe New. Jersey court ot Chancery against hi wife to secure a decree of divorce on physical grounds. Mrs. Oil- bere through Dickinson A Thompson, her sttcr- ney. filed her answer Saturday. She says that she married her bnsband 17 rears ago. and until he became Superintendent or tha Cremorne Mission he waa aoecttonate and tepder in hi treatment of her. After the death ot Jerry McAnlev, she aver, her husband became enamored of Mrs. McAuley. and baa since refoaed to live wltb hi wife. Mrs. Gilbert denle tbe allegation In her husband' complaint. We have increased our stock of patterns in heavy plate SPOONS and FORKS. They are desirable for HOLIDAY GIFTS and will commend themselves for their utility. Other useful ills including MANICURE ETS, WHISK BROOMS, JEWEL BOXES, HAT BRUSHES, &c, in qreat variety. MERIDEN BRITANNIA CO., Silver-Plated Ware, 46 EAST I4TH-STREET, Union-Square. DRESS SILKS. JAMES McCREEKY & CO. Announce a continuance nf their Special Sale of Black oiiKs during this week ; and in addition thereto, they will offer 200 pieces ot Colored Silks in Satin Weaves at 85 cents. They are worth $1.25 and contain the most select colorincrs now in use. A personal examination or uy sample is solicited. Broadway and 11th St. HOLIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT. vK IWESIRE TO DIRECT ATTENTION TO OCR SUPERB ASSORTMENT 01' Parlor and Clamler Furniture; ALSO FANCY NOVELTIES IV THE WAY OF IUAIK. ROCKER!. CABINET-. BOTH " ALL AXD HANOIXQ; SHAVIMU CABI NETS, DESKS. BOOKCASES EASELS, FED ESTALS. MrSIC PORTFOLIOS avn rsiw KET, SMOKERS' TABLES DIVANS, FOOT Absin, wrio.TlAINS, AT OIR CCKTOMARY LOW PRICES. CARPETS. IN THIS DEPARTMENT WE CONTINC ODR GREAT CLOSING SALE OP BODY BBU SELS. WITH BORDERS. At 85c. the yard, AND RICH VELVETS AT SI OO tub- vadt, ALSO THE OOLDMEDALSMYRNA CARPETS a--"" u Kiu AT LESS THAN M AN C PACT UBEB'S COST. CHINA AND GLASSWARE. 1MB LARGEST AND BEST ASSORTED 1 THIS CITY, AT PRICES PAR LOW ANY COMPETITION. BE CCRTA1NS. WE DESIRE TO CLOSE OVT. PRIOR TO M AK ING EXTENSIVE ALTERATIONS. ABOC" 50,000 WORTH OP LACK axt ii i. vi- . .... TAINS) AT ABOUT HALF THE USUAL PRICBU BAUMANN BROS., Si, 4, AND i EAST 14TH-ST.. 1, 31. 23, AXD -ii EAST 13TU-6T., SEAR l"X ION. SQUARE. i. AM PREPARED TO Sl'PPLT 1,000 WEDDINGS with Solid Silver Presents, 20 to pr cent, less than first cost. 50 HOW?E smy Doallcaia Pfwesu freaa tke 1st ' "'. UcrhmjBU WUUa, Kirk. 4 ethers, la their m itwni, tlsissi Plsts . I be. TU!kaT T ?vr. al4 Meta. - - s-nu Nsus, sad 3O0 asaall rases. --- WAV, that ceat 4e ahle, Uhee csiaally lew. J. H. JOHHrSTON. ISO BOWERY. K. T. BvMI.K.LIVVn i si . m. . Theodore B. Starr, No. 206 Fifth Avenue, Between 25th and 26th Streets (MADISON SQUARE). THROUGH TO 1126 BUOAOWAY. JEWELRY & SILVERWARE, Importer of Precious Stones Bronzes, Clocks and Decorative Porcelains. NON-MAGNETIC WATCHES. Fatent Son- CompenaUori Ealsnce anl Hair Spring. Tbe rapidly increasing use of Electricity in its multiform applications makes a watch which is impervious to magnetism an absolute necessity for those who require accurate time-pieces, to be depended upon under ail circumstances. Wa have now in stock a variety of the celebrated Geneva Non-Magnetic Watches containing Paillard's Patent Non-Magnetic Compensation Balance and Hair Spring, which are uninfluenced by Magnetism or Electricity, and will not rust nor corrode. These watches, made by the most approved machinery and finished by skilled labor, are unsurpassed for durability and accuracy of performance. Every watch warranted to give perfect satisfaction. INSPECTION INVITED. e Send for circular. SATIN LINED, plain or quilted to buttonhole. lap seams, velvet pockets, raw edges or velvet piping. The richest and handsomest garment in the world. Tailors charae from $45 to $60. OUR PRICE 1 CLOTHING COMPANY, 86 and 88 BOWERY. COR. HESTER, BET. GRAND AXD CAN AI. Our New Building is finished. Every department has been enlarged. All Novelties for the Holiday Season are now on exhibition. Lord & Taylor, Grand, Chrystie & Forsyth Sts. PIANOS, . cutttniU.iD ix Tone, Touch, Workmiasliip A Durability. InTtta special attention to their new Artistic Styles fiiiiihrd in lc-gn ot HIGHEST DECORATIVE ART. 112 FIFTH AVENUE D - - i i-nni s-eusB-a. ew Assst letsvsb LoiifcLiSfiiii We We k Co About CMstmas PrBsents. One of the troublesome questions at Christmas time is, rhat shall I buy 1 It is a spe cially hard one for a man to j decide, and C. 0. Shayne, the furrier, 103 Prince-st., offers a few suggestions to aid in selections. There is nothing a gentleman can present to a lady more appropriate than a handsome sealskin garment or a set of furs, Muff, Cap, or pair of Gloves and there is no article which a lady so much appreciates as furs. If vou are no er judge of furs and will come to my store, you will be treated honorably, and you can purchase any article you desire at the lowest possible prices at which reliable and durable furs can be manufactured and sold. $5 00 Will bay sererel srtlolee. snr of which will make a good present. A Bice Muff, a Collar, or Tippet. Fox Mat, Coon Bag, fc& 01O OO Will tray a handsome Man of natural Otter. Bearer, natural Lynx, or Alaska Sable, Seal Hat. or pair ot Seal Q lores, neat Boa for neck wear and sereral handsome articles In Pars. $15 OO WUI boy a splendid Seal Muff, plain or saehel style, an elecant Seal Hat or Cap, pair ot beat 8eal Long GIotss. ladies' slses (shorter slses for $13 00.) a nest set of Furs, Muff, and Boa, or collar to match. $20 00 Will boy serenl splendid articles the rery beet Sealskin Muff or Seal Hood, stylish Seal Hat, Bearer Bhoolder Cape, or handsome set ot Furs, Mnff, and Boa. $25 00 Will buy best Hadson Bay Otter Maff, Sable Muff, Fur-lined Circular, lart-e else Bearer Bhoolder Cape, and many other nice presents. $35 00 Win boy s rery food Fur-lined Circular, a (rood wearing and stylish Plash Sacqae, a handsome Bhoolder Cape and Maff to match. $50 00 Will boy rery best Plash Bsoqne, 49 Inches long, or handsome Sealskin or Otter Cape, or best Sealskin long Boa and Maff to match, or splendid Robe. G75 00 Win boy a splendid Mink -lined Circular, or Ions; Plash Newmarket, a deep Sealskin Cape, or Ermlne-Uned Circular. $100 00 Win boy a mat-nlfloent Mlnk-llned Circular, best article la America tor the price; 100 00 will also bay serenl styles in short Sealskin Wraps or Jackets and Bear Robes. $125 00 Win bay ths beet long KsfUsh Walking Jacket or Wrap. $150 00 Will bay the best 34 Inch Ions; Sealskin Ceat, In new style, mads from selected English Dressed Alaska Sealskin; $150 00 will also bay one of the newest styles In Sealskin Wraps. $175 OO Will bay Shsyne's celebrated Alaska Bealskia Bacqae. 37 Inches Ions:, or magnificent flaalirin Long Wrap, elegantly trimmed with Sable or Lynx. $200 00 Will buy Shayne's popular perfect-fitting Sealskin Bsoqne, acknowledged by erery one to be the best garment in New-Tork for the money. 0250 00 Will boy Shayne's perfect-fltUng Seal Long Coat or Shayne's genuine Otter Bacqae which hold their color and wear better than any ooeta ever sold. Hundreds of ladles In New-Tork and Brooklyn who purchased these elegant garments six and seven rears ago testify to this assertion. Extra long Sealskin Newmarkets and Pale to U. plain or trimmed, perfect fitting, for 27iO0. $300 00. (325 00, $350 00. 373 00, and $400 00. A few mag nificent Canada Sable tailed, trimmed Seal Paletots. 000 00. I have no lower-priced goods than herein named, and will not manufacture or sell the low grades ot Sealskins for the reason that they turn red. and will not wear well, or give satisfaction. Every article sold from my house must be one to recommend a customer. Instead of driving a war. My rent and other expenses are small, and I can afford and do sell reliable goods at lowest possible prioes consistent with an honest business. RESPECTFULLY, C. C. SHAYNE. A WORD TO LADIES ABOUT CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Ladles all know it is a difficult thing to decide just the very best present to buy for a gentleman. One of the best presents is a aet ot fashionable Sealskin Cap, Gloves, and Muffler. 1 have them In complete ecu for $50 0 rery best. Hare splendid Seal Caps for $10 00. $13 00. and $13 00; Seal Gloves, $7 00, $4 00. $9 00. $10 00. and $13 00: kmc Seal Gaunt. wis lor sis WJ. $is O0. $20 00, and $23 00; acd elegant Mufflers fur $25 00. Gentlemen who drive would appreciate a handsome robe or one of Shayne's celebrated Fur-lined Overcoats, which are so fashionable now prices commence at 75 00, 125 00 and the best is 175 00. A Seals tin Overcoat would be a grand preseat. sw ow. oao uu, $oo 00. I neither manufacta: or sell any low-priced or common Furs, except i few cheap Muffs for servants' presents, $3 00, $4 (MJ and $6 00. I have Ceachman's Coat and Olovea T"J aioa sets, tor $10 O0. $15 00. 00. $25 OO, n to $ oo.. Good warm Gloves tor drtnag. tcr 0. 0. , SHAYXE, Manufacturing Furrier, 103 Prince-street. Chicago Agency, 193 State-st DL1DDRB, KIDSEY. MIX'S WEAK aaaasea, aad gealtevorinarr dlsaaecs crave taua "cause tae remedwe civea la the Asahel Memcal "a are mm naeo. JeAUed tree at x91 BroasV w - .vsisi R.H.MACY&CO. 14TH-T, CTIlAV, AMD 1JTH-$T, OKirritAI. FAJCOT AKD MIT OOOD E3TALI$HMl.rT. t lA?.OET STOCK OP HOLIDAY GOODS IX THE CITT. AND AT TH1 . LOWEST PRICES. IMSIKSSHTOCK OF TOYS AND DOLLS. i PARIS, TTENN'A, AND BERLIN FANCY GOODS, LEATHER GOOI'S BR0XZKS, BRASS GOODS, PLCSU A'OVELTIES. MV8IC BOXES, TAJ MANICURE SETS, a LARGEST STOCK OF STANDARD AXD POPCLAR BOOKS IS THE CITT, AND AT LOWER PRICES THAN ASY OTHER TI0C8E. BIBLE PRATER BOOKS. HYMNALS. ALBUMS, STATIONERY, FANCY FRAMES. PRKNCS COLOR BOXES, etc. OPERA GLASSES IN PEARL AND LEATHFR. OUR OWN IM. PORTATION, AT LOWER PRICES THAN ANT OTHER HOC8E. LABGE LINE OF ENGLISH CRLBBAQE BOXES, CHESS, AND DOMINOES. WI ABE BOLE AOENT8 FOR NEW-TOSS CITY OP THE GENUINE KID GLOVES FULL LINE HEAVY WINTER OLOYES FCH LADIES, GENTLEMEN. AND CHILDREN. GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS,' HOSIERY. UNDERWEAR. NECKWEAR. SHIRTS. COLLARS AND CUFFS. HANDKER CHIEFS, MUFFLERS. SC3PKNDER9. Ac LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S SILK UMBRELLAS IN NATURAL HANDLES. SILVER MOCNT. INGS, Ac, AT THE LOWEST PRICES IN TUB CITY. 6.000 DOZEN HANDKERCHIEFS, ALL KINDS, STYLES. SIZES, AND QUALITIES, OCR 0W2t IMPORTATION AND MANCPACT. U RE. PRICES GUARANTEED THE LOWEST. BOYS' CLOTHING. Gents' Dressing Gowns R.IUliCY&eO, DRESS PATTERNS FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. JAMES McCREEKY & CO. Offer to-day and during the week special inducements in Dress Patterns, suitable lor Holiday Gifts: 500 Diagonal Patterns at $2.50 700 Serge Patterns at $3.50 650 Satine-Tricot Patterns at $5.50 And a great variety oi Plaids, Stripes, and mixtures at correspondingly low prices. The above are of strictly all-wool material and are remarkable value. Will also place, to-day, on a separate counter, 4GO plain colored Pattern Dresses, with an appropriate velvet novelty for trimming, at $7.50 per pattern; well worth $12.50. Broadway and 11th St. SPECIAL CLEARING SALE. CARPETS. PRICES GREATLY UEDl ( tO FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON. AXMIN8TERS. 1 50 FCH YARD; REHUCE3 1-fc.OM 3 SO. ROYAL WILTON", tl 50 FKR YAKU, RK DL'CED YHOM .10. WILTON VELVETS, NKW sTVUS. JCbT B-CEIVED. AT ABOIT THE PICE OP AN ORDINARY RKl'sSELS SINGLE PIECES AND PATTERNS OK SVIlI DESCRIPTION WE HAVE M.tlil 1NTOCAR-PETa AXD KL'Os UK ALL iIZge. TO Ci.OS OUT UUICKLY AT REMNANT PRICE. SHEPPARD KNAPP k CO, SIXTH AV.. liTil A.VH lilH STS. nilsFIT FUOM LEtlllMi TULORS AT i'lbiir value. Laud's W.sCt ru-isis 1-sriors. "S East laUi-st.. uoJ-i Mur.ou iio- vcciacs- f UI LP-TOU'X Oi l ICE 0? THE TIK. l.iea uuoadway. Advertlseusts reclrJ 9 P. H- OO 7Z. Bl'v a sohhv fTi nrrM O" ' strles Irwsi lsa.'aa taUott at ball va.aa LaSaf Mlsflt fan rung fauura. Ht Eaal 1AM sa . n- - II

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