The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1946
Page 8
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS "" BilboDelermined To Bar Negroes Senator Refuses to Jletreat From Stand On Racial Issue. JACKSON, MISS,, June 28. (UPJ -rSen. Theodore G. Bilbo, D., Miss., refused to retreat today from an appeal 10 Misslsslptuus to use whatever means are necessary to keep Negroes away from th« polls In next Tuesday's Dem- OCTitle primary In which he will se«k re-nomination. Bilbo repeated his plea In a blistering campaign siieecli here last night only a few hours after It ve.s announced in Washington that th c Senate Privileges ami Elections Committee will meet in special .session tomorrow to determine if me voting situation in Mississippi, merits a £ull scale investigation by Bilbo's colleagues. Sen. Glen H. Tr.ylor. D.. Ida., whose formal protftt following a particularly inflammatory BIHvo speech brought on the meeting, ssid he would recommend (hat n special subcommittee be sent, to the southern state at once. The stormy Bilbo, who has raised the ire of fellow senators mure; than once during two terms In Washington, stirred them lo nc- tkm this time with n speech on his favorite topic—white supremacy—in which he allegedly called oh "every red-blooded Anglo-Saxon man in Mississippi to resort to «hy means" to keep Negroes from voting in,the July 2 primary. Too Late To Classify FOKSAU Concrete Itlock Manufacturing liusincss Locnlril on Krut Muin in IHjIlirvi!],. due to oilier int.>rfsl^. Good JViying Husinoss Coiil]>li'li( milfit, rrmly 1<i 1:0 Sec J. U. 1IA/KI, Stcele, Mo. I'hone 158 Slcele, S!o., 1'lionc 1S« it you're building or buying if _home you'll need a good Keating plant. I «m rocom- rncncL. this American Ued Flash Hoiler Hot Water- System. It is now in use, fcumplete with Carrier Stoker, Fire Timer and Two Thermostats. Easy to install—priced . at a bargain. 1'honc 2844 or 21S2 for inspection. 6-27-ck-tf tteiistered Poled Hereford's. Double-standard yearlings, Heifers, and cows. Excellent breeding stock. Call 2013 or apply Allen Pickard, 1044 Chickasuwba. 6-28-ck-7-G Robots' Boss Col. Harvey Alncss, above, liond of (he Army Air Forces' Fiist K.xperiincnlal funded Missiles Group, Klein Kiclii, Kb., is in comm.-jixl ol pilot less Flying, Fortresses Ihut will lly inlo the huge iiidi<i:irlivc cloud lluil follows c.\|)losion of the ,-Llom bonil) ovi-r Bikini Aloll. .During the war ho commanded the 7lh Dombardincnt Croup in Indi;i. which blcv/ up a large number of bridges nnd olber slva. legic I a reels wilh Hie thcn-seci el "A/.(ii)"_ radio-controlled bombs. Legionnaires Seek Middle- Of-Road Policy MEMPHIS, Tcnn., June 2R (UP) —A move to transform the American Lesion into a non-pnr- llsan i»llllcal group was considered by Ihe Post No. 1 hero last. night and will be voted on at Ihe post's iicjsl meeting. Post Commander George Lewis said (hat if the proposals were adopted delegates lo the .Tennessee and National conventions I his summer would seek a change In the Legion's constitution lo allow It to become a mlddle-of-lhe-rond political pressure group. Legionnaires present at last night's meeting appeared equally split on Ihe issue, which was touched off by a formal debute and forum. , A veteran of World War I, Lloyd Cnlhoun, said such activity would split (he legion as the Democratic Parly has! bee: 1 , divided. Another veteran said "It we get into politics we cannot remain non-partisan." Leglonnr.ires favoring the change claimed the Legion was "a cross- section of all ranks, religions and •wets, nnd It we want to better American government, we had >cttcr get into politics lo prelect he public from both the extreme •ight and the extreme left." Truman Names 9,800 Officers Veterans of World War II Assigned To Regular Army. WASHINGTON, June 28. <U.I>.> —President Truman todny scnl lo the Senate Hie nomination ol 0.- EOO tcin|x>rnry officers for regular Army commissioners. All are veterans of World War II. They were chosen from amoni; 1C8.000 applicants after the War Dcparlmcnl lintl applied wh:vt It described as Ihe "most modern, most scientific method of selecting leaders ever lo be used." The nominees, nnntc<! to Mold ranks ranging from second lieutenant, lo major, must be confirmed by Ihe Seniilc. They were selected under a law ]»rin!ltlii[; the Army to Increase Its peacetime corps of regular Army officers to 25,000. Gen. Dwlght D. Elsenhower, Uaby Chicks 3 to 30 days 6|d. 1000 heavy breed's. reeds and supplies. North 4th, Elevator Feed Store. G-28-ck-7-fi Ortq .five hundred }ctiii(]Hir>n, liiis ri " •' ii sleel Itmk 1-0 valve. Cull !i') •-' 2B-ek-7'7 )l ;- scrap iliinilcr, yuotl tut '-life ll ^OIL):or 22U5. 2li-ek'7JU fW-KrminTt :i ->ohn" j>cr»~ irartor. HtisL nmt Hoi,- Disc. '!. Hii, \V. ttt Manila. Houte 1, C. K. Jlarumn. ^. u pk:;D il.-iple t. bctlruum fcuilp; 5 pr. ilinstle suit. s.irfic us HCiv. A|>i>ly l.osl Hoy tlnirrry. I'Kone 3091. 2S-|ik.U One nllic fnn -12" ; One Iwin winilmv :2K" cobi[>!elo: one 2'S-'.\<;'S" class i>;niH ilobr: omi lavntor.v wilh fiuinps. OH . ^\\. H. Nicholson. b02 or 2302. 28'l<K-^ tort 17 jewel Swiss Minn's ivrlst >VfUch. Lost . on corner or Franklin arid Main im Frailer 0ns. Howard. \V, .1. Kit.-on. _. Frazier llns driver. 2S-|ik-7 ! For Rent Jtnrtern, U-rooin furnished u|>nr! Thone 505. Gl'JP-c NOTICE OF HI.I NT. OF AI'l'Ll- 3AT10N FOR LIQUOH PERMIT Notice is hereby given that thc undersigned has filed will) the Commissioner of Revenues of thc Stain :>f Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail m\ thc premises described as The , LitUe Shoi);,,,HrttelvNoble.- Broadway and \yalhiir;Streets, Bljithcvlllc'; .Arkiuv* f/Aliplicntlah :is; for • periiilt to hs .ejJ.lfOr.-oiMrhtioif beginhhn; on tli4;.ls\ clay of July, lS4fi and to cx- pir<rbfi-Ihc-'iollr day 'oriiincriiW. Jcssce P. Still. 6['28-7|.-| TASTIER, RICHER jDESSERTS . ^i , '. n « Icecream, Sherbets ICustard* -rooiu fnrni^hcj aji^rlmctit. 1025 Syra- m^re. Cat la 1 (c r r> \i.n\. •2^-\'\-' 1 ^ Help Wanted SVfe have two salesmen jobs open. Need one man (o spend all lime working outside ratling on customers. Permanent position, salary and bonus. Also need man to work inside store as salesman. Would like lo have man that has had some experience in appliances ' and plumbing. Good working conditions and salary. Please apply in person. Blan Heath Aulo and Home Supply. C-2S-ck-7-(i HOW'S YOUR RADIO We Give 1 to 2 Days I Skrvice on any Make. Well iMake It Work! Fred Callihan Mtonc 2642 We Call For and Deliver ', JtoUwctaei Mvt^roU «*«• S*lt* Mid Semite Itt .Sovlh REDSTAR RENKET TABLETS {10/orlOc •' } Packed by, <_ W. SONS FRIDAY, JUNK 28, 1!MG Army chief of Staff, yeslcrday urged Congress lo approve a bill Ihut would Increase Ihe Army's regular officer strength to 50,001). Bficli of Ihe 0,800 officers must go Ihroiigli a three-year probationary period. -i;icy w:ll rank immediately below present regular Army officers of c(|Ual grade ana with equivalent length of service. About one-llilid of them had been discharged to civilian life. They will ho called back lo r.cltve duty. The Air Force VII i;ct 4,001) of the new officers; the around Forces, :i,OGO; and Ihe Service Forces 2,800. Norrell Joins Party En Route To Bomb Tests NOT1CF. Notice Is hereby given that Thomas otho lialley. has made application for a permit, lo con.strut;l a concrete block hulldlng on lx)l Seven (7) of the Miller and Grecnlce Subdivision U> the City of IJIyllievlllo. Sultl liiilkllii^ to be used as a service .station mul for the snlc of auloitioblle nnd electrical appllnnci-.i. Any piotcst .should be In writing and filed with the City Clerk. JOE CAHNKYT CJ21-28 City Engineer Head Courier News Want Ads. Special Sale! 5000 Gals. Army Paint O. D. Color Per $4.00 Gallon ^ I. , , We will deliver anything over 100 Gallon Order Small Orders can be shipped Aubrey Earls Portagcvjjlc, Mo. Aboard the USS Panamlnt En Houtc lo lilklnl, June 28. (U.P.)_ •Jhe flrsl of friction between i]on-p:iiilcipaliiijr observers of the atomic bomb lest and the operations crossroad* task force was reported today when an Arkansas congressman tried to bring m; "ill- nidc" abonid the Panumint. According lo witnesses, aeij. \v. I. Norrell, !>., Ark., demanded as he was boarding Ihe Pnnnmlnl at Kwajrileln that an unidentified Army cnplnin be allowed to ac- xonipr.ny him. Both Norrell nnd tlic captain had flown from Washington to Kwajulcln aboard tm ATC plane. The lask force representative aUiard the Penninint refused to allow the captain to Ixiard. lie! s;ild if he pertnilted Norrell to i brliiK his aide, similar permission ! would have lo be granlcd to all I oilier liaison officers from oilier ' planes thai brought important observers to Kwajaleln. After he boarded the ship, Nov- rell told correspondents Ihut he withdrew his request when all !li;lson officers agreed to return to Honolulu instead of trying to walch the test. He defied wllness- i>s' reports Unit he threatened lo take the matter up In Washington. Norrell is ranging member of Uie House Appropriations Committee. Besides Norrell, there were etela representatives and two senators aboard thc Panamint. country's loss "in the common struggle against Fascism." Hoxlm announced Ihe conclusion- of a Yugulav-Allxinlaii friiMidshli) piiet, Speaking at the Albanian legation, where he had been as a «uesL of Mar»ihid Tilo, he said Uie pact liiul not yet been signed or ratified, but he hoped it would Iw soon. He said the rest of the world probably did not realize how almost all Albanian villages and tdwj'S were Albania Gets Backing in UN Council BELGRADE, .June 28. (UP) — Premier Enver Hoxha of Albania, bitter over Ihe fact that an Albanian bid for nicmbersh;p In Hie United Nations had not been accepted, said today Hint it had the backing of Russia and Yugoslavia. "Albania must be acceplecl na a member," Hoxha saiil at :i press conference in which he cito;l the destroyed by the Germans, lie said the UNliUA, "which still is un- salisfuclory," should cany out a reconstruction program in Allwuia. 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