The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1947
Page 9
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TUESDAY, MAY 27, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COUR1EU NEWS PAGE NINB BETTER HOMES Plant Expansions H$re Underway Bl*hcvillc's $200,000 Industrial Subdivision South of City Growing Blylhcvillc's $200,000 industrial subdivision ; located South of iho city limits; on Highway 01. bcuaii lo take uiore definite form this week as work began on the 100 Ijy 200-foot concrete block building which will house the Missco Implement Co. Faber white of Osceola general manager of tlic implement com- I pauy, stated Hint it is expected I that Ihc new building will he ready I for occupancy by mid-Summer. I Tile nc* building \ s being crc.ctcd I at an estimated cost of $50,000. 1 Two nlythcville business firm?, I the Husscl Phillips Tractor Com| pany and the Johnson Concrete I Block company, are already loeat- I cd in tiic new industrial section Ifltid several other lirnis annonnre.'l | proposed plant expansion in the lew area. I The Blythevillc Development I Company, a subsidiary of the Me I Wilson Company, is selling the in- I dustrial .sites to individuals and 1 companies intending to erect, nc'.v I buildings in the area. The Cotton Belt Railroad Co, I has placed nearly n half-mile of I sptir^racks in the new industrial t^VV. L. Roper, general agent e^ir tiie railroad disclosed. I Part ^ them arc already. In use. I Tlie new home of the Joe Atkins I Machine Shop will be located in thc- I area and work on Ihe new $60,000' I structure is underway. I R. C. Wcis of Wheatley, Ark., I owner of the Wci.s Bulaiie CV.u Co., I announced plans for the erection of la bulk plant and storage tanks i" I the area at an overall cost, of ap- Iproxiinalcly $20,000. I Jno. c. McIIaney. owner or the iMcHancy Monument Company st.i 1 .I ed that an all-steel 75 by 100 Toot, Convertible Small House Quick, adaptable constructlon Is Jcaturcd in this tjleasrint-look- ing small house, wljieh requires a minimum of materials and labor. It is intcndci to be a iL-mporary homo but a permanent building, suitable now as a comfortable liouse for a small family and convertible later into a guest house, two-car garage, or combination garage, workshop and recreation room. Because of its rectangular design, there is no waste space, permitting the inclusion of a built-in garage as well as two bedrooms, living room with dining alcove. kitchen, and bath. Cost is kept low by simplicity of planning and the use throughout of standard size windows and doors. The durable asphalt-shingled roof is economical anil fire-retardant, yet colorful ami attractive. This house might be built on the back part of a lot and used as the fanujy home until restrictions on building have becAi lifted, materials arc more plentiful, and the family budget is ample for a larger house lo be constructed on the front of the lot. The smaller house could then be put lo its secondary use. Production Increase Brightens Outlook for Hardwood Flooring Aluminum Roofs Easily Installed; Proves Durable Although they rosl .slii;hlly more him I'cKifiiiijs »f eonveiilloiml inii- leilals, :duiii<niun roofings nrc.prov- 111; llirlr worth lo Inillder.s tliruuair- onl tiie country because of llii'ir (iurnliilUy, cuse o! InstnUnllon nnd low iiiiiliili'iiiiiicc costo, the Aluinl- imin Association reports. Tlie Iniililer who ili'clcle.s lo use nhimlniiin to cup liib home liiis si'V- enil stiincliii'il lyiie.s from which Iw may elicujse. incltidln^ corni[jutcd Khortjni;. -2R Inches wide in six. il. len or twelve fool lengths; crhnpcd sheelini;, :i\ alhiblc in Uic saino dimensions n^ I lie eon limited slu'dlni:; and hlnnijles. which wel^h only furly |HHin<ls per stuiare, desinned Wllh siiechd Inlet Inckhu; Hips thul live suld lo provide ])er- niiinenl Icukprouf construction. Tiie roofings lire fhe-re.slstanl, will not rust or warp and net. as Mcrllotu In.siihilliu: audits since tliey rcileet inosl o[ the radiant, heat. In .the summer they turn away Ihe sun's hot raj's keeping the miildm:; much cooler. And In the winter I hey help cut down fuel bills by reMeclini; hack u Kreal purt of the building's hilcrniil heat. Although primarily resif.nnlcd ns ronrin^ materials, the corrugated mil <:iiiii])c t | sheeting can be e:V!y used lo completely encase an Installation. Form Building Insulation Important to Livestock Agricultural experts declar Ibat insuliitlon of animal shelters bus proved im linporhint contribution lo American agriculture. Muintenanci; of proper temperatures, they point out. not only decreases Ihe mortality •'ale of young slock, but Incri''.s Ihe yield O f matiirii.iinlmuls und fowl, one of the Insulating agents widely used on modern farms Is In- Isulnllnu building board, made hi Igld fibrous sheets which serve boln s Insuliiiion und i\s structural ma- erinl. Vets Pass Up Chance* At 91 Memphis Homes >MI)M1>HIS, Tenn., May 27. (Ul'l —li. W. Homer, slute i'V-lcral Iliius- Ini! Adiidnlstriitor, dl.ich.sed .Sal irdny that 01 Momnhi:; iv.mj.-e wlileli were built uml..-r velera:i )rloiltl<-s. have teen released foi sale to civilians. Homer said the move was mad: the houses had been reach for occupancy at least 30 day.: ani :hc veterans hud passed them up. Oak and other hardwood floorings are being produced in greater quanlily this year than at any time since before the war, although indications are that demand will continue lo top supply for some months lo come. Production figures issued during March showed that for the first time in five years the weekly output exceeded the ten million board foot mark. This confirmed an earlier prediction by Henry H. Willhis, secretary of the National Oak building would house Ihe comn.m-/s new plant, in the area. Approximate cost of Ihe building is $20,000. Flooring Manufacturers' Association, that with continued favorable conditions the industry will produce from 500 to 550 million board feet In 1047. Enough for All A production of better than half a billion board feet, Willins ]x>inl- ed out, .should be sufficient to equip all the homes which will ':e built this year .Revised estimates T init the number of new homes ex! peeled to lie constrnclcd in 1847 at between 750.000 and B'ffi.COO. In the peak building year of 1025, when 837,000 homes were put up. the output of hardwood flooring was YOURSELF fOR CHAIRS USE fOB WAUS USE Many of our customers like lo paint it themselves. Our stock of VANE-CALVEKT'S I'AINTS includes a paint for every purpose. We can fix S'ou up with a can oi' ].'uiut ;uul a brush and you will bo surprised what a nice job you can do and how little will be the cost. FOK AWNINGS USE FOB FLOORS USE * E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY 319 West Ash BlyMicville, Ark. Phone 55 Aluminum or Wood Venetian Blinds To Fit Any Window Moke your home more beautiful with Venetian blinds. We have an ample supply of best qual- if ity blinds to fit any window. They're inexpensive too . . . and make home a much brighter place to live in! if Order Now Before Ole Sol * Really Bears Down! / Porch Blinds Made to Fit Any Porch Arkansas Paint, Glass & Wallpaper Co. Phone 2272 Blythevillc, Ark. 105 E. Main St. Picture Window Creates Illusion Of Spaciousness 'l p \)r most home pwnor.s any c Irn motley spent by the builder on \\ |>lrlure window \\\][ be 1 luhy J Uhed by tho beauty bronchi In jroin lh|» outdoors, \jy UK* spado IH-SS lulili'd to the liuUiors. s •I'ruolloal HnlUlet, ClUciiKO fi, III Those who linvi.i pki lure window, 1 say tlu'y ni i« inoiv Important li wir.liT thitn HI sn miner. Hcnui. 1 ^ «1 OKI VvTuUitT oreupunls ur<? murl more con lined In wmtrr und tin bin windows rc'hrvv thut .shut-In I col Inn. A pit-In re window nmy lit it .siin'.li- slu-eL of plnti- »;iass "' jnuny variations nin Uo worked on from Murk wintlmv units. Hume o 11K 1 M' a iv t\\\ ! 1i; liiruo or t»e vcru Miuilli'i 1 stock window:; run nil |i1iu- rd toiirlhH 1 lo maki 1 onr bin <HH In .slock windows I lie ]>,tnos nu. \tc liu'^e mid hori/onlul in simp or the sinull rolouiu] lypi". Tluv; wmtlmv.s E';m iilsn be lixed In plui 1 --will) venlUalton obluhinl (hum,;! lur.ver.i iiMiully ljuill-ln nt the hoi loin. Read Conner News want Ails. Federal Advances to Pay For Pttblic Works Made [WASHINGTON, May 27. (UP) — Advsincp.s were mtulc yesterday l>i Mnj. GPU. Pliilip . Fleming, Fed- oral Works Administrator, lo finance the nrepiivLHion of drawing: and si>r i i;i[u:ntioiis lor local publli works in three Arkansas cities. They were: l?i uiklej'- 'Additional well wiitc supijly, addition Lo water trcul- mc-iit pbnt anil extensions lo clls- tribution syslein estiiualed $16-1,177, federal advance $4,300; and sanitary sewer system extensions »nH new .sewage iTCiilmenl nhuil. osttnmtecl cos'- $169,011, fedora! iulvnncc $5,050. Hatesvi lie---Sanitary sewer sys- Icin improvements and ox teas ions, aU(| now SCWJIRC Irealmenl plant, eslimalcd cost $'MD,7G7 r fctlerul a(l- vantrc 13,150. Silorun Springs Water distribution system im]jrovemont,s and extensions. estimated cost 51,445. federal advance $2,OOD; aim sewayn treatment riant enlargement, c-sLi- iniitecl cost SU3.90U, Icclcral nd- vatice $2,350. Three Building Permits or Residences Issued Three building permits for rnsl- enllal construction and rcpF%- Jvv c ;sited last week from the ollice of ity KiiHinecr Joe Carney. Permits issued follow; To J. V. Burton, for n concrete lock residence in tlic 000 block South Lake street.; estimated ost, SI200. To Wade Reeves, for a four-room r.-ime residence, in the KfOfl block n West Walnut street; estima o<U, $1000. To vii'fiil Foley, for the addition f a living-room to a residence ^ £asi. street; estimated cost siooo. 45C03.000 board feet. "A comp'.u-isoii of Hie ligurcA for 925, as '.veli as those lor the fol- owin^ tlirco (years, indicates thai lioso bnilcUnp homes this year L-U •eTi.^Gnably c>:pect thai Ilioy will ' Jl iblc to complete them with hard .vood floors. Completions °f home, u n in 194G are now mnktni lionvy domaiids n]jnn the harrt tvood flofjriim supply. The rondilioi is expected lo improve rapidly, boll b::c;mse of iMt-rca.sed produclio it net because* of the drop-off i construction starts during the win tcr months. Indispensable Material Considered practically indispe:' sable in modern home conslrur lion, hardwood flooring is no available without priorities. Dealer however, still nrc honoring prior lies approved before federal bnik i n i* cont rols \vo re relaxed to poi mil non-veterans SLS well as vc err-us to build homes for their ow year-nroun[i occupancy. Dealers advir.e prospective bull* ers to uivo early uttontion to the ;finorin£ iie^ds and order well : advance, sinc'e unusually heavy <1< ill and has made prompt delivcri- difficnil. Tliis is especially true • oak [loch!!-.'. . Although it is prc durnd in greater abundance tha other floorins hardwoods, I lie d lanr) for oak is proiwrtionale r calcr. ^Pho increased numbet j of cars on ih^ road in- v* irease$ driving hazards. iou can be (inanci^LI/ iecure dg^inst i^em if l^ou arc fully protected oy a policy m a sound ! n$uranco company. We offer fhat pro- fee fion.' NOBLE GILL AGENCY i::nly |(U)H)( IU»nl>s | Tlic Unlteil stiilcs bulll. five rn- lol plniiu hiniihs In 191U. Tlicy, mri' liuh! I't'.sciDijlcncc lo Iho lut//.- xniibs of World War II. JioweviM-, nui we're iH'vt'r used bocnusc >r liclr "potciilhil (li'Ktruullvo power." \VAKMN(i (HtDIlK I'M llnrdlii, Jr.; Kd Ilnrilln, III; Ijuorii Ci .IIi':u L u; I'atsy lleum; Jcilin IKMi'ii; Krhiin Ci. Ci'nl|;; Joe II. Uralft. .I" 1 .; Hlclmrd Cniln; Mar- (jnri't I). M:i:w\v; IJouort II. Mil!.- :x'y; Ni'll II. M-.isscy; Nclld Mwssi-y; Miiinle II. OilVy; Killing U. Oillc'y; IliirrU-il Ami Oillcy; ))r. T. I!. AHi- oii; MiirliCii A. Hells; Lro 1 Lynn Hell;;; •roiiuny Allison; I.ll- Ihin A. liii'Kc; AIIIMHI iiinxo; IliiMi H. llui'.lii'ii.s; (jlcirln llii^lii'ns; Tliu- im A. I'lccUvood; .Hlmrlliu; !•'. VV»v- IIT; AllslDii I'lriilwood; Dr. .1. I Allison mill Alli-e Allison ure wum- i'«l lo ii[>|M'!ll- In Hie C'hiHiccly Cjill'l for till! CIlli'kaMUVilil Ul.slllct Mh,sl:i.slt)p[ ('iiunly, AvkniKUi.s, vvilh- IM M duy.s nlliir liie (lulc hereof und unv.vrr ,i cuinpmiiil, Ilk'd hi TIIIII A. l.lllle. Ualed, this :>ml duv of May. ID11 IfAKVKY MOIiUIS. Clerk •lly Ilelly sn-.llli. deiuily. Milieus Kvnii-d All<iiin\v I'luhulir, (.Seal) ' S!a-i;i-2U-27 The DaiiMbo la the 24th longest liver In Ihe world, having a length of 1725 mlic.'i. Announcing 'S ELECTRIC SHOP • House Wiring « Farm Wiring • Repairs Phone 2397 .'"'r>«0 Norlli Dili Klreel Bob Powell T. W. 'Hop' Neil All Work Guaranteed Your You don't use a full pan to catch a leak Would you use a full dam to catch a flood? ,You have helped buy n gooii many government liains —wilh your taxes. More arc being sugyeslcil—ttniier the name of Hood control. You'll hciir proposals lo make clcclricily nl thcso Eamc dams. Thai sounds rraMinalilr, IiuL il isn't as simple as it seems. Because you'll he paying ihc. bill, you ought lo know ihc facts. A darn buill jusl for Hood conlrol is very different froui a dam built to make jiibl electric power. A flood-eonlrol dam lias lo lie empty most of the time, reaily to catch and hold llio Hood waters. A power dam has lobe full — for electricity is made by water falling to ibc power-house. The farlher it falls, the more electricity il makes. / Soniclintrs a mulll-purposa (Jinn is proposed to do 1ml li jobs al once. H has lo !ic much bigger. It is really one dam bniil on lop of another — l!ie lower piirl kf[>L full lo make electricity, the upper part kcpl rni/ily lo calch Moods. Such a dam costs much more lo build. It iloodj much more land behind il — ami that land has to bo bought ami consequently taken onl of produclion. j And it doesn't always work out to prevent floods! , Remember ibis when you bear talk of inor* government tlams. The purpose of each should !)• clearly staled — and held lo. It's your money! • l.hlcn lo Ihc Nnr Kli'ilric Hour-l.'if Hour of Chirm, •1:30 !'..V, IDT, CHS. PARK-MOPOWERCO. fts OitrEusin*** toStrr* ^fcu _

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