The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1944
Page 6
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TUESDAY. J1JI/V Ipm A. Little Buys Gin Site pn Oil Company 'Pffpperty fterc; nouses Change Hands I ft. ^?t~^ v r * >•?• v «* 1 The largesj.real eslale transaction reporfed in the last vteek \\os the purchase of "^om A JJUJe of (lie property op the cornel- of Rnllioad street and Chlckflstivua,' formerh occupied by the old Shaver' Gin shlch burned last flail ' Blj'lheville' Cotloil' Oil Co., sold the properly lor a icpoited $10 Otto Mr U'lle said that the "newly acquired reil estate would be improved later. The" duplex :npartment house- at 222 East Davis [vns 'been sold by Ton 'A Dltle Realty Co , to Mrs Abie D Goldman, whp took possession Thursday, stie will make' her Home in the apartment former ly occupied by Mr and Mrs Mall Monoghan and family, who recently bought the former C S Stevens residence; civ Ash street. The other apartment Is occupied by Major anj'Mrs Charles Layton ' Each apartment In the two story ulitte 'fiante house has f he-rooms The consideration in the snle was S5.000 ! *• Tht home pf the late Miss Lcla Blytfie at 218 East Davis^was sold Thursday at an administrative sale to Jake Huffman for J455p The s(\ room white frame burtgalou \\lll Home Demonstration Note: " ' The (jew Survey" \Voin aii's clui met last week at 'the' home of Mrs L C Pojris' for Ihcli; annual plciilc Guests gathered at 10:30 o'clock In t|ie inornhij, and al noon a picnic. lunch -whs served on flic lawn During the afternoon gniiies anc contests wore ployed, with Mrs. H C Mai cum of Cosncll winning a vase for first prize and Mrs. A. C Duclos of Promised Land whining second prize. ' "••••-•• Twenty-three guests attended the ""'"' '^ ' ' Save Those Brushes 'it you own' any o'f''those high quality, prewar CJiina-liog-brtstli brushes here's the treatment Bet Ur Homes & Gardens magazint suggests to keep them young; Frequent washing In ml)?!'' soap and tt'arni v,ater, and hanging up for quick diying IiVlhe sVm.''S!ow.dry- iiig ••- and drying by artificial hea weaken the'bristles/ 1 • : ' be occupied by Mrs. E. W, 55neei and family, who"'will lake pbsscs- Mbn:today. '"'•'• ' - '' "•' ' : v W..M. Bums, real estate agent loday announced the sale of' the libusc at 225 East p'ougan to Mis Lucille Perry for S2,35Q. Tlie five room frame house was formeils owned by Lendcrlnlc 'Fowler.' ' ' 'Mrs. Perry < will take ''possession In (be early Fall. Mr Bums also acted as agent In Ihe sale of Die Bert nbss ho'ine- at 112 South Lily lo thers, ' wsslon - . .. Arthur Win — —i already 1 'iivken tios- ••of the three-room house - . The consideratjpii was reported at 4% FARM '0 LOANS 4% —No commissions to pay on the highesjf per pcre farm loans available in Northeast Arkansas or Southeast Missouri. T ' ?< ' i 1 \ I » k COMPARE OUR SERVICE NOBLE GILL AGENCY "Complete insurance Service" BLDG. PHONE 3131 Hall Bedroom Becomes Hpm$ S^eet Horn* Furnished Room and Make It Home Harry Frjtzjus Family Hqs ES BV CAHOL BKIIMAN NKA Slaff Wrllcr NEW YOIilC-Takc heart you war brides wlio're sunk Into the loldrums nt the sight of that'one ooui furnished apni-tmenl your hus- >;ind wns able to get near his camp, is probably the only available •oom and you don't want lo punc- ure hubby's pride In the way he nanageil to snare It for you. Be- ildcs iliere's no reason why a has o remain gloomy. I know, for I was at Die liair- cnring slage when my husband dc' crlbecl oiu were 'drill) loot-. one room. The walls mid dingy, ditto t|j c There were two'lucky over- unfed chairs upholstered In a acted brocade lhat might have been imulsome nt the turn of the ccn- ury, n pair of worn-looking lamps a studio couch-bed, two windows a tiny closet and, on the wall Ihe picture "The First Robin" that- f have always abhorred. Plainly, this called for nctlqn I air-mailed ' for specific -dimensions of the room and everything'In It Then r iiald a visit to tho homo something 1 couUl work our fur- s nishcd apai-Jmcnl inloVwith a minimum of expense; 1 ' ; ''• H hud gay slipcovers, a launder able cotton scatter nig,' 'pretty niched window -valances and'lamj shade trimming and one -'wall "w'a- papered hi an eye-catching • flora pattern Ihnt was' also 'used to cbvei a table and two' clotlie's 1 chests making them look like hand-pa (rite c 1 French l learned' thai iiii-triicliqns were given liV this store as in most, on how lo papor : ture and make covers, r decided'to begin. • "•"• '• •'"••=.-. • '"rirst I visited the unpaintcd furniture department.- arid' picked' 1 up an inexpensive uhpalntcd' coffee ; table and'chests.'TheirI cliose my color scheme, keying !t'around the drapes and studio . bed that-were covered in a mulberry -colored cot ton fabric. I selected a • budget- priced pink, 'mulberry and' green Horal pattern paper and bought five double rolls—one for cnch 'of Hie cabliiets and the table and two fpr the wall—relying 'on 1 ihyh'ns- bjiiui's cjin'rin to coax .the'landlady men i paici a visit to tho homo "i"™ 0 ^!»»"> iu coax inc lanuiad furnishings section of R. H Maoy's to lel >'s'bcnntlfy her wall otyUh pa ._ department store and looked oce'i? pcr; ' "'•'"'*' '''•''' ••^^•^^•B^HBBHHHMBH^^^^^. "ic collection of room Interiors im- I Wllh shellnc . sizing, paste, a ^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^••••••l^^^^^ | til f found one lhal appeared to be ' l )! W h aneol-'s brush and '' roller ". , ,.-.„,...., . ' " " : --'-= - 1 I 1 g °' '°'''«'ork "on" the table and ' ' •-•'•"•' i--"> .--• /. ,... ,t . „,. ...... . _ . ^ Ichesl-s, making sure tHiit'after the __ ' / ' ' ' lia'pcr was cut, tlie flbwers in tile Bqfh Compliments You From Tip Tp Toe... ' Today's daughters know th ? joys of exercise in the healthful open. ; ' ' Pr ° bably OIJ f ? f f-he reasons experts say women are becom- sng more beautiful, ' Another explanation advanced Js-the spreading popularity of dail > bat !?!; F,*™^"? Amenco now considers her bafh a regular beauty routine... For she knows the visible benefits of a revitalizing shower! (And for lawns—a soaking hose shower every night.) ille Water Co, BERNARD ALIEN, * Your Cheapest Commodity!" , print matched wlien the 'paper pasted together. .With ; this" experience I fell that I could easily tackle the papering o[ the ' wall' of our apartment! • Slipcovers were next. Each of the chairs required eight yiirds of 50- Inch material, which I bought (or 04 cents a yard: The net cost was just aboul half of a custohi-madc job. I selected pink for the Club cljair, lo be bound'iii mulberry, and n ! floral design for the wing chair that matched my wallpaper. Pol- lowing a ilipcbvcr '(mttcrn and Working on Ihe store's sewing m.i- chine and furniture of the same dimensions as mine, I was'able lo do my covers before leaving for camp. ,'' ' ' * To complete the decor, I bought an inexpensive washable' cotton nig, n picture and 'two low-cost' lamp shades. Five' yards of mulberry fuchliig to tack on the lop and bottom rims of each shade. 1 costing 40 ccnls a yard, gave them an expen- fie/rigerator Checkup Pflmpcr your refrigerator door; its rubber gasket is the air senl. Keep hnnds off that rubber, for even lliD-oil and nioistvirc of your hands deteriorates It. says'Belter Hb'nies '&' Gardens mngniihe. If tlic motor seems lo run more than usual, perhaps ihc door seal needs replncing. 'Test the tightness 'by closing the door oil n dollar'bill. If you cftn null It out with Die floor closed; the gasket probably'is nlloa'- air" (o seep In. " In mid-May, 1944, there were 1 250,000 held orders for telephone Installations, of which nearly' 500 000 could not be filled'solely'tc- causc of lack of telephone sets. >:»:>:»:»:>;x»:>:»::»;>:>"»"«::«csx:«' FOR SALE Closets, Sinks. Lavatories, Tanks. AutpfTiatic Water Heaters P.fpes, Fittings. Lead, Oakum. AH Plurnbing Repair Parts Ire look. Again taking my cue from the sample room Interior, i decorated my rooming house "drapes'by ; making cornices f6r ' them but - of nn ol<l discarded play pen. After cutting Hie sides down to fit the'widlli "' "'" "''"'•'"— ' ' the wlii'dow; and putting 'large toUbin spdols' on each of : ' Die spokes, I seamed iny fabric Into 1 a cylinder, stuffed It '-\7ilh kapok and shirred ii 1 to the measurement of the valance. ' ''••'''• i I really'think the. landlady will have difficulty recognizing her 6UI furnished Hat. i' Hprpe on VV. Main Ihe completely renovated"house at 1704 V/est ivfaln is the new home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry' Frltzlus Slid son, Harry ! Jr. : The house, which the Frlt?.lus purchased • from • the Mississippi! County Lumber Company, Is of wliIU asbestos; with varicolored root and matching shutters/-' ' ; • The six-room house has-hardwood floors, ' and "features a'-modern kitchen with butll-lh cabinets'and largo linen ' closels tlu'ougiioul. Venetian blinds will be added in the near future. The ; room of Harry, jr., would be any young boy's dream room for It is decorated In MUG/with a boating scheme -effectively carried out. A disappearing stairway' leads from his room'to Ihe. attic;-.. . '-•''• ' Sodding of the'-grounds''beean this week. , . - ', • M Uncounted acres' of forests on islands like Guadalcanal; Ne\v Georgia. Bougainville,' Esphltu Santo in Ihe New Hebrides; ai)d New Calc- Asfcestos Fibers Hqye Wide Variety Of foes Although' there are several" types of asbestos, 'all have fibrous structure and 'are resistant to fire The longer ' fibers 'inay 'be spun' into thread arid woven' Into, a. fire resist ant cloth in' much the sanle'niamiei as ordinary animal and< vegetabli fibers; One of the • primary • uses 'foi the' 1 shorter fibers is • 'in ' the fnbrl cation of ''fireproof asbestos -cement building materials. " . • • dcnla arc covered with giant trees which could yield logs CO to 10 icet. In length, and three feel 'in dlam->y, eter, without a knot, " "'.•.•*? The war lias focused "attention on a potentially rich "postwar source of huge quantities, of tropical hardwoods- on Soutliwest'Paeilic Islands Insulate ' wlfh BALSAM WOOL FILL YOUR COAL BIN NOW! E.G. Robinson Lbr. Co NewinPaint ft'5 C/eonf It't Qoltkl ll't lasyl • Yej, PJtOburgh TVchld* It tomtthing brand n»w in w ,]] p«.iat-b*c«U«' It llv»t •icellent iwulto oy»r old will- paper, plaster, brlcle and'ciany other turfacei. ..bec«u» on« co«^ of -ftchld* la uiually aufficlent . . , bVcauai It la quick and «asy to apply Snd drift In cm hour... bKHOH it live, you ta»- Jtjry, wuh*bl« wallt, Doat mlia thii °K° rtm!t to r»decof«t«'your rooma *t. Aak ua about 'ftifald*. HARDWARE CO. MUST BE CONSERVED Impqrtpnt ALL YEAR ' It is wofmer in winter^—cooler in summer, the saving'in fuel pays for if in three i'to five its. )fcars It is easy to install and surprisingly low in cosh "'' '"'''' ; ""'" It may \>e financed through FHA in 12 monthly payments^ Dial 551 for Estimate E. G. ROBfNSON LUMBER CO. Suggestions from SHERWIN-WILLJAMS MORE WAR 1. ONE COAT COVERS MOST WALLPAPERS. 2. APPUES EASILY. 3. DRIES IN ONE HOUR. f MIXES WITH WATER.. [ 5. WASHABIE. ') ROLL IT ON WITH A RPLIER-%^ A KOATER ^89* PASTE FORM Does the Average Room S.^ART BORDERS' for PAINTED ROOMS ' AS IOWA F£R ROU BRIGHTEN UP FURNITURE . WOODWORK « TOYS -—i SHERWIN-WILLIAMS One Coot Enamel Easy to use ... covers with one coat ... no brush marki . . . many gorgeous colors. .r l 01 J« Dl PLANTERS 1 HARDWARE CO., Inc 126 W. MAIN PHONE SHEtow/ft-WiLUAM& PAINTS

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