Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan on December 13, 1946 · Page 21
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Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan · Page 21

Battle Creek, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1946
Page 21
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Battle Creek, Frl., Dec. IS, 1948 THE ENQUIRER AND NEWS 21 Central States Meet Opens at Sharkey's Recreation Saturday 47-Team Entry Sets New Record Mayor GodJe Will Roll the First Ball to Open Tourney. Approximately 470 teams from Michigan and surrounding states will launch their assault on the pins at Jack Sharkey's Recreation on South McCamly beginning at 7 p. m. tomorrow when the first shifts of the annual Central States Bowling association tournament take over the 18-lane establishment. All of the teams on the first week-end of bowling will be from Battle Creek while teams from other parts of the state will invade the alleys next week-end. The tournament will be the largest ever sponsored by the Central States Bowling association, surpassing Hie laruest entry in previous years by some 20 squads. Boosters Roll The teams are divided into three classes with a booster division, class B and class A. The individual events are classified In the class B and A brackets. Saturday nicht's 36-squad contingent will be headed by Mayor Godde who will roll the first ball of the tournament and then go on to bowl with his Lions club team on the first shift. Five-man events will be rolled on : two sniits saturaay wnnc aouoies and singles are scheduled for Sunday, starting at 9 a. m. All teams this week-end are booster squads with all individual events in the class B division. The tournament is scheduled to run 10 weeks with the fiuul weekend belli lolled during the middle of February. Below are listed the schedules for this week-end: Mu-Mtin Klil. 7 p. III. A-B Wow: Kad Miik: Klk. No. 131. Tm V V. s & Wire No. 2: !'. s A Wtr; Lnml ?i4. t'AW-rlo. I'. S Wirr; r,nrl Food: Schrll Fnoin . I. Ions Club: Sharkey' Rcration; srehrmt M.mnf Pin; Mutual A. ('. Chih No. 1: Aim Apti., Inlepnrlrnt K:vr; Dunl'l' Jewelers No. 1. and Grand Trunk Yard Office Flve-Miui Mrnt, 9:30 . m. Plotts Burner; Huher'a Monncram Hhnp: Fauay l Mcn'a Shop: Por Prorturts: P.nela Rro... Jewelry: Perry Jones HuspitJi!: Wilcox-Rich T"am No 1 Wnr.nn Rnrlio No. 2: V. 8. Wirr: 1". 8 ft Wire No 2: I. S. A Wire No. 1; Unique Tavern; Ciiaf-f't ft Blarkhurn: PReiimiilw-InsulrtMriE Co. ; O. T Shop: Won.iland Iiiry: Mutual Athletic Club No. 2. and SI.xe Cluh No 1. Ifciuhle and !4lnli, Sunday 9 ft. m. Oahnrn-Foraytlie: Vam!ee-;if fi.rd : Wiltz-Penlal: KrlKett-Hsinen ; Weicli Mills; Dnmnth-WhRlen: Klhott -Whaien : oiivr-Simmona: Klttley-Prc.tnn: Younca-Spell : Hna-Bla!r: KarieV-Mentrr Cnlemnn-Thnlen: KinK-Nnhle : MrM.inniA-Whe.Ier. and s-hell-Haneen. Iltiuhlr and SitiKlet, 10:4. a. m. P.emrnar-Dnnilowicz : V ivUno-Knviach : Pnlfe-Rrow ne : Jinkt-Stnrei , DiinmtTt-(onk; : lln.iK-ilnive : HulnT-B.irtiour: Pa liner-Stone . ,:ien - li I-Inm Case-K-tel!-: Heen-Willi. ratKlt Smlth-RurKie: Neuer-Maliv : Mix IJel';mpel; Ciark Rupert, and Alberts-Rnut, li,ulle and siiiKlt--., I i::llt p. ni. No(Ea-Co!hv: Kay-' londvvin : Weis.-Wat-y S,', KInE-Walterhoue . Crowell-Ra in! ; T7 A ior - Flaherty: Rumi k - I'aa.-non: Trle-While. Tan!"lf y-MndHox : Veninre-Roboolt ; Cnle-Rrr.wn: and Kenny-FlinlHail. llmibUM and Single t:1.1 p. m. Meyerft-Blarkhurn; Ha vcok -7--ok l.ea-aor-Hadil: Krlckson-Beemiah. Martinnvich-Wm; Danllnwii-z-Remensr: Wilk-Rl:ize-knvic; HuRRlns-Huston : Hppenrath-t;ar-rett and J.'nea-I.R-sft. n. Bu5acer and O Connell, alnelea oniy. Syr acuse Student Organ Request Munn to Remain SYRACUSE (P) The Syracuse university Daily Orange, student publication, today used its columns to request of head football coach Clarence i Biggie) Munn that he remain at Syracuse next year, rather than accept the vacant Michigan State college post. Munn said this week that he had been approached by Michigan State officials regarding the vacancy created by the resignation of Charley Bachman. but declined to comment on whether he planned to accept the position. Munn's three-year contract with the Orange still has two years to run. 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Union City scored 15 points in the final period to beat Cooper Realty. 39-26. in the lone A-l. division B, encounter. Blackmail of Cooper was high man with 11 points. In the A-2, division B league. Gray piled up 15 points as Kadees whipped Argubnght's. 26-10. and Steinbacker tipped in eight points for K. of C. who won over the Junior Optimists. 32-25. Results: A-l. Ilitision A S'Ot.e 5 g.TVh . . . fi Michigan Reil .... 2 17 -11 Firm Rtirf Kow Kow F.'iMm .If.' Wlicox-Rlch 12 2 2i 2U I'nion Cny A.J. lllll,.n K. of C S 1 Junior Opumi'ts . . a i A rcunnKlit 'a n I KatWn HI 22 MARSHALL CRIDDERS GIVEN LETTER AWARDS MARSHALL Twenty-two Marshall high school football players received letters this afternoon during a siiccial assembly In the high school. Coach Bruce Gray made the presentations. Manager awards were given to John Tobalske, James Alririch and Walter Wilson. The 22 letter-winners are. Bill Belinke, Fred Russell and Herbert Wilson. Jr.. ends: Bob Bucken-berger, Ben Buttrick. George English and Jim Hamilton, tackles. Mark-Cato. Capt. Bill Patterson, Chris Pctroff. Jr.. Rudy Vogclreutei and Raymond Weaver, guards: Bob Biggs. Bob Hendricks and Bill Rapp. centers; Clare Ditto, Bill Grace. Charles Heatherly. Jim Hindenach. Blaine Katz, Bob Morris and J. D. Schneider, backs. Fourteen of the 22 are seniors, they being Wilson. Buckenberger. Buttrick. English. Hamilton Cato, Patterson. Petroff. Vogelreuter. Rapp, Grace, Hindenach, Katz and Morris. Heatherly is a sophomore. The other seven are juniors, giving Coach Gray and his assistants eight letter-winners around which to build a team next season. IN FRONT OFFICE NEW YORK (UP) Clarence iBubberi Jonnard. 49-year-old veteran New York Giant coach, moved into the club's front office yesterday as assistant supervisor of the Giants' farm system under Carl Hubbell. ir nrr--'iipnin wnium fjffH'.iitapuuyMUmi jjtnia" yiy - -Two Freshmen On 1946 AP BY FRANK FC'K AP N?fea:u!fi Spo;; Ivi'U'r vnv vnpif nionn nr,hi,c i the Brooklyn Dodgers and Orben i 'Specki Sanders of the New Yoi k j Yankees, both member.- of the All- America Conlerence. today held the distinction of being the only freshmen to cra.s! i The Associated khu A!I-Pio team. Dobb.v Tulsa's. 15H2 All-America pas-sing v.iaid. ami Sanders, who tamed his backlield experience at Texas and two Navy Preflight schools, were the choice of Associated Press sports writers m every city in which the two new pro stars per-lormcd. Two other conlerence players. Guard Bill Radovich of the Los Angeles Dons and Tackle Frank 'Battle Royal' Next For Wrestling Crowd ! Unusual Show to Be Staged Here Monday Night. A new type of wrestling show will be presented by Farmer Nick at the Skatcland Roller rink next Monday night. A "battle royal" has been scheduled which should oiler some of the livellst entertainment local mat fans have witnessed this year. According to reports from Farmer Nick, the Michigan CI ate Boxing Nick, the Michigan State Boxing hold only one of these matches in any city in one season. The reason for the scarcity of these matches is the difficulty officials have in keeping order inside the roprs. Tiie best part oi tile show starts Willi the opening bell when six wrestlers climb into the ring for a free-for-all. The "battle royal" is used to determine who will meet in the sdni-final and final events on the program. The first two men downed in the slugfest are eliminated for the rest of the evening. The third and fourth wrestlers pinned will come back later for a two-out-of-three-fall semifinal nintch and the two still in the ring and on their feet, will come back to cla.ih in the final event on the night's card. Three new grapplers will be among the six to appear on the card Flash Gordon. Shiek Badu and Dale Wayne are the newcomers. Gordon ciaims the junior lighl heavyweight title and is supposed to be one of the top performers to appear locally in recent years. The other three are Al Le-Clerk, FTitz Kruger and Sid Haes. The show will start at 8:30 p. m., and with six men and a referee in t lie ring all at the same time, anything can be happen. TONIGHT'S GAMES n Hask. lUnlt t It ISKi ) A I Ynu'h Ride: 7:ut Union Pump v. R;us ton Purir:!, i stillrritn and Kmclt-Cn '.fion : fi : (in - WYxtnn Rn.-int v., a R Stmp. (Krruk ami Cn. in-( ' trlnn. Hub si h'.ni: ? On r.rnn.I I,. .t.rr is, Mutual A. C, itllair. and Mnki-kis-r,. Dnkakipf. 1a A-l Hft-.krthall Uiivixion Ri Hich rchnnl: fi :"( Mrha,1 Rn,.k S' op v R C. Poultry, B:n:n and Jnrifs-r; Drikakis . A-2 Rsk. th;tll iPmiK.ii R . T!;ch prl'.nn- i nil a me:;. , n Mn' vs Rrno.i'.'t t Phnyrrn.'v. 1.l,-r i Tik ; k is- r; IHik.ikis.. Yni;th R:d : !t .mi -Ail Stur v. Hamtiij-. a-.p. Rl(V Sh-.p. rraiii and Jitiiiman-Cftrisi.rj. MKAD ROOKKI) NEW YORK (U .R) Harold Girrn. Brooklyn muldlrwoiiiht. and Pete Mead of Grand Rapids. Mich., were under contract today to meet in a 10-round bout at MadUon Square Garden. January 31. 21 ,Ve can deliver the new 4-Place rf 1 HNAVION in 60 days. H 1 , IAeronca Chum All-Metal in H '."' the Spring. a Jj You Set the Price: 7 ff Cessna -140 DcLuxe 1946 . M Areonca Champion 1946 K t I LAMM'S I I AIRPORT I I h Litchfield, Mich. ( h GLENN DO BBS Gain Berths All-Pro Eleven Bruiser i Kinard of the Yankees. were other conlerence players to milkp ,hc A1'-p!' Radovich was se - lrcted in 1945 when he played for the Detroit Lions in the National Football League, which gained seven places on the All-Pro. Kinard was i chosen lour previous times while a member ol t lie old Brooklyn Dodgers. in the NFL. Wateifiehl in liaikfiel.l Joining Dobbs and Sanders in the backlield are Bob Watcrfield. brilliant. T-formation passer from the Los Angeles Rams, and Ted Fritsch. 210-pouiid fullback with the Green Bay Packers. Watcrfield marie the team in 1945 as a member of the Cleveland Rams, NFL champions who this year switched their franchise to Las Anceles. Fritsch, playing Mils fifth season for the Packers, gained the honors for the first time. All linemen named made previous AP elevens or All-Pro teams selected oy the National Football League. The league discontinued selections after 1542 and the NFL by-laws now prohibit the selecting of a team by anyone connected with the circuit. However, few coaches are adverse to naming their best men. Kenton at End Jim Benton, the end who hauls down aenxils thrown by Wan-rficld. and Jim Poole of the New York Giiint.s. proved by the voting of sports writers and coaches to be the two best flankers in the play-for-pay game. The selection of Riley Matheson for one of the guard berths gives the Rams three All-Pros, the same as in '45 when they played in Cleveland. Matheson has made the team the last three seasons. Al Wistert. who joins Kinard as a tackle, made the team for the third straight year as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. The unanimous choice at center was Clyde 'Bulldog" Turner of the Chicago Bears, western division winners in tli NFL. Turner mr de four previous All-Pro elevens and at 240 pounds is the heaviest man on a line that averages 221 pounds. I irst Tram Kn-i ,l!m Rfntnn. t.n Ani:r!,-s R.iniv Taritlp-Krnnk KUmol. Nrw York Y.nn- - Hi! Mnthppon. A nf If ( Viiut Clv-lc Turn, r (' ';w. uc) Bill'.ifh 1... T.'-k.r Al WlstPr. Ili,t!; Ktki .Iitu IVxiN N V. 1 Rii. ( - I'.Vnn T. Rr d Kilted! . n It IHM'ii N. run Rtit.y. I nn Hi amiii. -- N:o!i, I,i Y nit Rnj Rr.l Guitrd I.p Y.-mrp. N t.i. klc .Mm Wh Y 1 1 ;t n ! s . : i i.i n if i id. Hurk - Sid R.'ii-k-- Krankw- Aitert R:irk - !:! Dudlpy. 1' B;ick Marion Mntirv hlrnco R. nr tbur'i ('Irv.-iand. FIGHTS LAST NIGHT I I By the AssiH'ia'rit Prp.s..! NEW YORK. (Forum Arena) Frankie Palermo. 139, New York. T. K. O. Al Victoria, 137 '2, New York. 6. PHILADELPHIA Bill "Chicken" Thomijson. 170'-.-, Philadelphia, and Wylic Burns. 164 'a, Philadelpiiia, drew 8. PITTSBURGH Danny Buttnim, 170. Detroit, and Danny Lyons. 174. Laihrobe. pa. drew. 8. EL PASO. Tex Joey Maxim. 180. Cleveland, outpointed Dolph Qui-jano. 176. El Paso. 10. BARBEPING li N PROMPT SERVICE Barbering - Manicuring FOR MEN Efficient, sanitary service for busy business men. A well-groomed look is a good business asset. WHITE'S BARBER SHOP Basement Michigan National Bank Building Prep Cage Teams Play Out of City Both Bearcats and Spartans Play Away Tonight. Battle Creek and Lakevlew high school basketball teams will "hit the road" for out-of-town games tonight. The Bearcats will get their second test in three days when they meet Grand Rapids South in the latter's gymnasium. The game is scheduled to start at 8:15 p. m. with the reserve teams of the two schools playing at 6:30. Coach Gerry Graham's squad will be seeking its second triumph of the season in the game tonight, having won its first contest from St. Philip by a 38-21 score Wednesday. Count On Newton The South quintet lost its opener last week to Muskegon, 53-38. but is an all-veteran team that gave last years Battle Creek 5-A champions a 29-28 battle before succumbing. Coach Graham will probably start the same team that opened against St. Philip with Galen Newton and Hubert Vanrieburg at forwards, Jim Feenry at center and Capt. Owen Anrinr-nn anH Tilrp lprlinh nr I ,10,j. i The Bearcats will be depending I on the sharp shooting eye of Ncw- j ton. who tallied li points against St. i Philip Wednesday night during the three quarters he was in the game, to keep their record clean. Other Battle Creek cagers who probably will see action will be Dale I Bjorkltin. Jack Kills and George Diikakl: Coach Mel Aussieker's Spartans will have a tough battle on their hands at Coldwater against Coach Floyd Eby's Cardinals. Thus far the Cardinals have won two games, beating Colon and Albion, while Lakeview lost its only start of the season against Sturgis last Friday night. Coach Aussieker probably will start the same five that opened against Sturgis. They will be Dale Cummins and Ken Parlin at forwards, Tony Miller at center, Ed Simmons and Bob Bushee at guards. The reserve squads of both teams will open the festivities at 7 p. m. Six Local Swim Stars Entered In AAU Meet Six youthful Battle Creek swimmers will compete in the Michigan Athletic Association Union's annual championship meet, tomorrow night in Michigan university's pool. In the 50-yard freestyle event for boys under 16, Boyd Dinftlcdine. Howard Smith and Walter Censke will compete. In the Rirls' division. JoAnn Clark will swim in the 100-yard freestyle: Dorothea Coszrove in the 50-yard backstroke, and Mary Lou Wolfe in the 50-yard breaststroke Lcroy Sparks, .swim instructor, will accompany the group to Ann Arbor tomorrow. FOUR TECHNICAL KAYOES FEATURE CUSTER FIGHTS Four of seven boxing bouts ended in technical knockouts last night in the Fort Custer show, staged in the fieldhouse. In addition to the TKO's the crowd was treated to a rough and tumble go between Pvts. Jack Smith and Chuck Banks that failed to reach a verdict. The fighters knocked each other out of the ring and Referee John Uock) Clarey declared the affair no fight." In the fourth bout on the card. Sam Canale of Battle Creek high school requested some fight experience and received a close beating from Pvt. Joe Falvo. Falvo won on a decision. Other results: Charles Tesdall over Dan Jones . decision (; Sergt. Wallace Wright over Pvt. Nobacsi iTKO. : Pfc. Jim dishing over Pfc. Leon Miller TKO: T 5 Sam Am-brasio over Pvt. Ed Hall tTKOi, and Pvt. Ernest Parker over Pfc. Jack Perrone (TKOi. Kf:i.l.OG(i JUNIORS WIN W. K. Kellogg junior high school's basketball team racked up an easy. 25 to 10. victory over Verona Junior high last night at the W. K. Kellogg gymnasium. Sovern led the winners with six points. In other games, the Southwestern ninth graders tipped Southeastern ninth graders. 20 to 9. while the Southeastern seventh and eighth graders won over Southwestern. 23-14. Marshall Lusc Motors Rallies To Beat Brownie's Five, 42-36 Aujrusta Hotel Keeps Pace in ! AA League By Downing Jewel Eox, 38-27; Oliver's ! Finally Get Going. j Marshall Luse Motors chalked up I its second straight civic recreation j AA basketball league victory last night in the high school gymnasium by staging a last quarter rally that overtook Brownie's Tavern, 42-36. In other games Augusta Hotel emerged with its second triumph in beating Jewel Box. 38-27, and Oliver Corporation whipped United Steel and Wire, 37-24. Brownie's led Marshall Luse for three periods and were well on their way to victory when Lanky Bob Bradley was ejected via the foul route midway in the third quarter. The Tavern clan held a 32-29 third period lead but Bradley's loss was keenly felt in the final period when Marshall crashed through with 13 points and the ball game. Greenman Griffin of Brownie's and Harold Lower of the high-rid- Percy Jones Beaten By Alma Five, 71-53 Western Michigan Beats Calvin, Albion Loses. fBy the Asflorintec! Press Undefeated Iiwrence Tech. striving for its fifth straight basketball victory, squares off against a touring Montana State university aggregation in Detroit tonight in a contest that stacks Up as the head-liner of a nine-game program involving a dozen Michigan college teams. Meanwhile Western Michigan, tuning up for a Saturday collision with Michigan at Kalamazoo, pulled even with the Blue Devils at the top of the state's standings by running away in the last half to down Calvin 68 to 47 and strengthen Its unblemished record at four straight wins. Central Michigan rung up 47 points in the second half to whip Olivet 75 to 40 at Mt. Pleasant for the Chippewas' fifth win in six games while at the other end of the standings Ferris Institute absorbed its seventh licking In eight games, bowing to Assumption at Windsor, Ont., 50 to 32. Hope remained unbeaten by walloping Adrian 66 to 43 in an MIAA contest as forward Russ DeVette of the Dutchmen counted 11 field goals and 25 points. Forward Mike Budge pumped in 22 points to pace Alma to a runaway 71 to 53 decision over Percy Jones hospital, which hasn't won in five games this season. Albion, opening a two-game east-em trip, fell at the hands of Canisius, 56 to 30. in Buffalo and moved to London, Ont.. for a Friday meeting with a Western Ontario quintet that earlier nipped the Britons 50 to 48 at Albion. University of Detroit took a 67 to 51 thumping at the hands of Iowa at Iowa City and remained In the tall corn country to face Loras (Iowa) college tonight before returning to meet Kalamazoo college Saturday. Basketball Results roi.i.Kf.K fBy the A?5octalrfl Press! F.AST t.onp T.-ilan'l 47. Oklahoma Acciea 41. Caniums 56. Alhion iMich.l 30. MIDWK.ST T'le,lo 3. Mnniaiia 60 , extra period). Iowa 67. n.-troit M Western Miehiean as. Calvin 47. -Hope 66. Adrian 4-1. Central Miehican 7.". Olivet 40 Alma 71, Perry Jones. Hospital .",3, Asbumption tOnl.i So. Kerns 32. Blf, SIX TOKRN-KY First Round I Kansas 5ri. Iowa Prate 36. Southern Methodi,t .'6 Missouri S3. Kansas State Oklahoma 55. Arkansas 57. Nebraska 46 SOUTH AND SO-UTHKABT rieorBetown 55. Nevada 47. Kentiieny 64. Depaul 45. William and Mnrv 66. Camp 44. SOITHWK.ST New Mrxieo 74. Hardln-Slmmons 27, McMurry 51. Hardin 35 FAR WK.ST Orepon 56. Portland 33. TROI KSSION AL Association of Ameiirft Ronton 7:1 Detroit as. Walii!!Eton 81. Philadelphia 49. Chicaco Sv St I.ouis 65 .National l.enciie Svraeuse 60. Detroit 40. Shehoj(an 65. Fort Wayne 56. BE ATT IE . . . THE ONLY LIGHTER WITH THE FLAME YOU CAN rOINT! When held upright ... a perfect flame for cigarettes and cigars. A gentle tilt . . . and the jet pours a J' -inch flame RIGHT DOWN into your pipe for a perfect light. The most practical pocket lighter. Nothing mechanical to get out of order. SOLID STFRLLVn KI1.VIR S30 I4K HF.AVV (iOLD-I'LATl: sift tPlua tor-, Federal Tail ing Luse Motors shared individual scoring honors, each collecting 14 points. Clings to Lead Augusta Hotel raced to an early lead, then clung on desperately as Jewel Box rallied in the late minutes to make the contest close. The Jewelmen. paced by Slager who dumped in 16 points, rallied for 12 points in the final quarter but fell one short of a tie. Fralley led the Hotelmen with 14 points. Oliver's broke Into the win column against the Wlremen by playing a snappy brand of ball that carried them to a 20 to 10 halftime lead that was never threatened. Will Senchek of Oliver's and Griffin of the Wire quintet each scored nine point for high. The summaries: IKOH'MC tlV'N MARSHALL U SE RFPT BFPT lltll Hopkins, f 3 13 7 4 J J in Dvin. f 112 3 1 1 Si Hllli. f 2 0 2 4 0 0 4 0 G Blch n. I II M 0 112 3 t)evpnniv. f 1 0 0 2 Oritfiii, f Kason. f Bratltey. c I. SIi.tM. s B. Sher'd. g J. Smith, c Jarkaun. g Aver, c 2 0 2 4 I. oner, f 2 1 14 0 O 2 0 B Ruch'n 0 0 0 0 Clark. I 10 13 1 .11111 0 0 10 'Carver, ft -I Tolaii 15 6 22 36 Totaii 18 8 17 42 Bownlf's Tavern .. 11 10 11 4 3 Marahall Uiae 9 10 10 1342 Releree: Dralme; umpire Rmith. JKWKL BOX Al dlSTA HOTFL BFPT: BFPT Davis, f Walker, t Slacer c Hinkle. c Rolen, k Reiasen'z. f Ore. b rtomii k. f Pullman, g 1 2 2 4 Demetrlc, 2 0 14 Woodrow 7 2 1 16 W'oods. t f 13 2 5 f 3 0 2 6 0 0 4 0 7 0 2 14 2 13 5 Fralley. 0 0 2 A CI. Dunn, f 2 0 l 4 c. Dunn, t 0 0 10 Oreen. f 1 0 2 2 Frye. I 10 3 2 Rlaine c Sondrrs. f 0 0 0 0 2 13 5 0 0 10 4 0 2 S 0 0 2 0 0 0 10 TotaU 16 5 16 37 Tolala 17 4 19 38 Jeuel Rox T 6 10 1237 AuEUSta Hotel .... 7 11 14 S 38 Keten-e: Draime. umpire mith. MIKK BFPT 2 2 4 6 driifiri. f Jl Mavat. t 4 II I ,1 Palmer, r 3 2 2 h Niehauer. E 114 3 Bnn'R. r. s 112 3 Hiatt. I 0 fl 0 0 Welsh, f BFPT 4 1 2 II 1 4 I 10 4 2 2 2 2 6 0 15 1 3 0 16 0 0 10'h, r Scni'hrk. f 'llesler C Po.ovi h. R Huelow. e Medi.h. c Newell. K Totals 14 9 13 37, Totals In 5 10 25 Oliver's 3 17 6 11- 37 1' S. Wire 5 5 9 625 Refiree: Smither: umplre -Draime. John MacDonald of the Good-fellowship league rolled the best three-game count in the city leagues last night when he posted a 629 series. It was featured by the best single gamb of the night, a 242. Bill Kline topped the Sharkey Major league with a 591 while George Stiles headed the Wilcox-Rich loop with 567. Other top series were Lloyd Fish with 595 and "Huck" Finn with 589. Miss Alice Haylctt headed the Women's City league with a 521 series followed by Miss Madeline Merrill who hit 507. Miss Havlett had a 183 high game while Mrs. Evelyn Purcell had a 188 and Mrs. Mary Baker a 184. Other high single games in the men's division were Glen Schuler's 223. Nate Cross with 222. Ed Blackburn and Stiles with 226. Skidmore Coal of the Major loop had the top team total with a 2669 and Brandl Bros, hit 2.604 to lead the Goodfcllowship league. Team No. 2 had 2.504 for the high count in the Wilcox-Rich circuit. Emmerson's had the best team total in the women's loop with a 2.309 while Miller Jewelers hit 2.299. Emmerson's had a pair of 778 games. Results: Women's City League Four-point winners were: Home Comfort. Miller's, Emmerson's, Holly Shop, Sharkey's Recreation and H. B. Sherman. Watson Radio won three points from Michigan Bell, Mutual A. C. took three from Rajeu-nire and Grace's won three points from L. C. Siver. Goodfcllowship League Lindroth swept all three games from Sec.hrist's while Hall Drug blanked Hinn's and the Y Men's club won all three from Behnke's. Two-game winners were: Kendall's. Starks. U. S. fe Wire. Radiant Coal, Brandl Bros., Wilson's Insulation and Plott's Burgers. Sharkey's Major League Fausey's and Stokc's were three-game winners while the two-game winners were: Senior Oil. Clark's. Post Products. McCoy Jewelers, Skidmore's, Bernard's and Fletcher's Smoke Shop. Wilcox-Rich League Teams No. ,1 10. 4. 11 and 3 were two-game winners. MAKE THIS A "rfci-r-i it SI FOR YOUR SPORTSMAN FRIEND OR RELATIVE I Bowling Shakespeare "WONDEREEL" $11.00 Famous Shakespeare "MARHOFF" REEL $15.00 Shakespeare "TRIUMPH" REEL .' $7.50 Shakespeare "TRU-ART" AUTOMATIC REEL $8.00 CASTING RODS 9' FLY Sechrist Marine Basin Out Phone 3-2844 Swimmers Meet Jackson Tonight Bearcats to Open Season Youth Building Pool. The 1946-47 Battle Creek hich school swimming team will be given its first test of the season at the Youth Building tonight when it entertains strong Jackson. Opening event is scheduled to start at 7:30 o'clock. A capacity crowd of 500 is expected to be on hand for the lone high school athletic event in the city tonight. Both the Bearcat and Lake-view basketball teams play out-of-town contests. Co-captains Halfred Smith and Bradley Keagle will lead the tankers against Jackson in the Five-A dual encounter. They will compete 'n the freestyle events. The meet will open the 20th anniversary of organized swimming in the city. Tough Meet Seen Coach Bob Mowerson expects trouble from Del Fetty, brilliant Jackson freestyler, and Dick Taylor, a fast backstroker. The Vikings have always been the toughest foe of the Bearcats In Five-A competition. Two swimmers from each team is the limit per event. There will be nine events. In addition, the reserve swimmers of each team will compete in all events, except the diving. In addition to Smith and Kcaglc, other Bearcats expected to get into action tonight are: Ralph Edwards, Don Bailey, Gordon Verity, Roy and Charles Boston, Dave Thorne, Charles Kolb, Keith Aldnch. Spence Shelton. Dick Gray. Fred Shotildice. Roger Vestor. Larrv Watson. Hugh Koss, Bob Walters. Don Royal. Tom Goretzka. Bob Wheeler. Jerry Lock-wood and Don Bit1 ley. Of the group, Shelton, Gray and Lockwood are sophomores. All others have had previous experience as Bearcat letter winners. Greyhounds can average a speed of 35 miles an hour over a 525-yard course. t ADVKRTISKMKNTl Fast Welter "Go" on WELL Tonight Handsome Charley Fusari.Irvington, N. J., places his perfect ring record in jeopardy when he faces Charley "Chtirk" Taylor (alove) of Coalport, Pa., in a welterweight ten-rounder at Madison Square Garden tonight. Fusari boast a Mring of 46' consecutive victories. Thirty-two of his victims have hit the resin dreamin; of a white Christmas. In addition lo being a snperh boxer, he's a devastating hitter at short range and likes to shoot the works. Like Fusari, Charley Taylor is a comparative newcomer to the front ranks of the welterweight clas, but he has (leniotial rated that hcprrrsrs plenty of fistic know-how. ( huck combines sneil ami accuracy with a wide variety of" effective punches. Enjoy the excitement, blow-by-blow, on ( i i lit-t te st a valcade of SMrt. over American HroadcHsting Co. and WFLL 1 1400 on your dial) at 10 p. m. And remember men . . . LOOK sharp! FKKI, sharp! HF. sharp! Cse (iillette lilnc Blades wilh the sharpest edges ever honed ! C-rruM toss. r i;.ie I $5 u, $30 RODS $24.00 30 Lake Front Drive t S-1J to Gar Wood Boat Sifm Turn Left to Lake Front re L-l r - ri inn "i rl ..a fa 0lstte 1:1 mil mm MXlUMXMHIIllHlllSlHiW

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