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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
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Sunday, July 7, 1867
Page 3
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ttijc" lrb-2cxfr cTinttS, 5mttaE, .$aln 7, i867. and uav mormons tn-dis, rcniMinr ."r.-.:y the vi kl boars of the knieime. and they are equally savage ul euyrrsgeuos. T7r srrriY of ivoht. . " V M topU' Megan. An enannon number of eplumt are de-aroyed in the course of every jear, v. ton as un-Ta nt neighbors to mo in the wild slate, pm to Tnake bsvoe with the rice "and rain field, hat far, mure per-tstentry find folly to Hint the dcniaade of eommerce for the ivory of ate tnaas. Though tha largest and the atrouuit faauUiiig qnadropeda, the animal ia very rsssdiry deeoyed into oaptivUv in order to be dy-laalii sli 1. asd is as eeedy savin by tbe hunter 'a rnts. Tba great boll elegant of three tone -vpratrht-leader of a herd gfcoerally fall Ufoless a an lMUnt, if a ball ia akillfuJly planted in tie are, or at the bane of the trunk, or behind- the star; and crack" evorbonen hare lutcn known to kill right and left, one with each barrel In pari of the northern proTinoe of Ceylon, upon the reward of a few shillings per head being oflered byjtbe authorities, 3,500 were dispatchod an leas than three years by the natiTea. Sheffield aiuoe iquires annually the slaughter of a largo army of the bu:,'C pachyderms, estiraatod aome year ago at 22,000, to furnish ivory far the Tenons article pnxlucod in ita manufacturing eataUwhiiH nU ; .and every civilized country awed, a supply of the material lor the useful aud ornanieutal art. Hence, not bn4f riroTanc, by do bh ana improbable, that long lcforo cur human story in over the blcphant will be num-bemd with "extinct spe'-iea. Tiie tusk of the elephant are penuino tenth, bat of iH.-cuhar form, and large dimension wneu vjerfrHiUy developed. Tfaev alone supplv that variety oi dnune or tooth-subt-taucc which ia pmperlr eaDed ivory, fJiouKh manv other ani-aaaia. aa the hnrwjtanius, narwhal and walrus, TKMwnmi ti l th, inrriiu "r tanks of suniciciit size nod density u be used in toe arts for the hke purposes, and which hence popularly bear the ansa name. Of the two existing sjiccies of thu atevhauu, tne Indian and the Amuan, tno latter baa by lar tue larger timta. Xaey sup. ly tue manufacturer with his best materril, valued on account of iu c!(tot r'-ii, superior whiteness, aud capability oi reectvuig tho lushest poiinu. faxMnuiuik" the tubliH aro FtusUii, " btiiig not mare ttiau whi or tw lvt5 icclA.-a ii l-Sith, oad weixluny only a ffw innidy; but when o:.i1um-v furuHxl a amgtu biL xiill a jj?eunij.-j wtuu Hit pounaa, and occaiuu:U4Y coi.-ciUuiv uiurc A pair ai varinl at tlie On at' i.iliiiu.on oi 1451, iakou from ane!cphaiitkiU''doiith- banks i Lji1c NKmi, wiiu-h weighed 'J pounda. i-ach tuk nxtiiiiirnl 1 1 lect tiix iut:huri ui leatu, nwJ lLd a circuii. of twjntv-twro iuch-'j .it 'tuc itna. In verv h'trh luitiidos. wn'jro V.if remjiiiH or . animals an- prvwrvnl tor a,TCrf by th-rifrorius oiii o." Uiu cuniiUt), a Iu.-Ojx aufpiy oi ivo' irt Otincti lroiu Uij tunka o cxl:uci wiitch, aitii til' boi!fs, b.iiietiun a eviui tii -H'rth . and hair, are luni.u imotHKi.-u ui t'tw frozen st.L, bavtng nnilergone but bt.lo a.u:ra;ii;ii. 'llm -BorUim iKiita ot Kibfcna, CRi-oci-hy tutiiiwcr vaht'T o ttio 1 n, and nomti h-U:ih in tut jnar vraum, aie wtil-kuon lucihtiua .-r u;uef Adamit4h!np," or ' tliinpb oi Aiam'K tiuvV mm tiiey aro locaUy calieu, Xr.iui luou oiM.uLa ui-toquity. In the yoar 1770. an olK.nro iur liutu.r fuumod Ijakiiuv, bavins occaoiou to 1'iaiv tno ahoro of tiie Arctic Oceau, saw wnil th re a herd ot reindeer coming over th- ice trmn tiie nortn. Onhted bv the track of tue animal, hu traveie J with aladge and ilo-rft over the iof-iM. Ki- i;r nearly fifty mil'-b, and then came to an inland-, irfw yond wtiu-h wan auoUicr, tho ina."rcr of s mall arrliipehi?n now known mm the TJaLhov yroap, or isew-Uneria. Few rrW aro m n-r - weolugicaily reniarkabio. Hilia fo-nil wood Ln tiie aaorca, while large tracts 4ro coiuodcd f tuaka, boDeu, and oilier auiml rt niai:i.t ic-poaitod in the eaierlicial sand, gravel, and Jobiu, ccmooted by ice. It -ia remarl able cf thw cu-noa produce that the tnhkaderroaw; iu txe ai.l vreuiht fnim aouth to nortli, mxt tbey iiad htH-u ic borue U tucir present aita nv aonie great driit xn that direction, which earned Uio l,nlcr oneh the tartbeet. Those oi tie inlands ar- the aniad-at, but are mnfb whiter and apparently freehcr than thoee of tho continent. The iieet known anil tuoat abundant of thr-i reboa of ancient hie belong to the XltyJuis pnn-Voatii of liiXKESBACJi, caliuU htejkas foaue Iiy v,rviE, me mammoui oi popular api-vch. Tne Utter name aigniliea "an animal of tiie wnu. ii orit'inaicu wim tno ignorant pr-nmption, that being unable to endure tue light of day, the creature via chiefly subterranean in lta babiu, like tho mole, lkit aome of the aim--jtle-nundod nativeu iuul another theory, and were uy eonoerneu to nave tne remaina nnUmrurhed. 1 ake from ua," aaul they to the first liussnm " iadventurera, " our gold if yon will ; but lea-re uh ka bonea of our great anouatora." Linirr -a annular tniivx mcej i tion, Poktoi hdik repormil the discovery of the booea of giants in Norway, aioubtlee those of the extinct elephant, which an "very widely distributed, and found in the Heiatonene deposit all over turope. Aimtra-btj well preserved in the cold climate of bioena, where the aoil ia perpetually frozen at the depth of a few feet beneath the surface, the tusks are Tegular ly searched for by "ivory hunters," and mrm diepoeed oi at the annual fairs held in Um miner months at lakntak, along with the teeth ml tue walrus, and the fura and peltry of the Arctic roue. The fossil ivory is of inferior quality to that obtained from the h vuig species, being xeeedmgly dry, hard, and brittle. But it is ased in the arte, especially m Bnssia, and boiling fa a solution of gelatine imparts tho waxy aoft-aaa in which it ia d ancient. The mammoth ia the only fossil animal which fcaa eome under the observation or man in a perfect condition ; bat only two complete fteci-eaa of the gigantic quadruped have yet been t"" witn. in tne case ot' ad other remamn the acd poUiona have alone been presc-rveu. anil abase sre trecnientlv of a very fragmentary kind, requiring the higueat skill to make ou't .irjm nem the form and character of the creatnre to Which they belonged. It was at the close of the last centurr that the brat entire example waa discovered by' a lun-n-anan ttsherman. Near the mouth ot the Lua auul tho shore of Uie polar ocean he obaerv-d a Mange, shapeless mass projecting from a bank of frozen earth covered wiui ice, which, iu the Bammer of laoi, when the season was warmer and the thaw greater tuan usual, became nar-toally diacngagtod, and proved to be the carcass -ef an enormous animal.. It eventually feu erom Me bank on the aandy beach, but was not exam-faad by any naturalist till Mr. Adams traveled to "P0' fw the purpoae from Vakntak, in ISM. 7 that tune native hunters had earned off por-toooa of the flesh witn which to feed their dogs. While white beara, wolves, wolverines.and foxes Aad devoured the remainder. But the skeleton waa entire, and ia now one of the curtasitiee of fit. Petersburgh. It stands nine feet four uichea an height, and measures sixteen feat lour inchee faJengtb, yoliowing the curve the tnska extend to nine feet aix inehea. The ninial was a male, fnnuabed with a long mane, and coated with a P covered with a reddish wool, adapted there-ora to endure a cold climate. During the hut ymmr our Jtoval Society received information of a eoord perfect examle having been discovered toy a Hamoiede in the frozen sod near the eastern rm ot the Gulf ef Old. It is not improbable, that careful explorations in the vast region of Kortbern Asia, very imperfect! known at pree-anat, nay ba made with benefit to the ivory uiar-ltet, aa well aa to natural h .story. lvorj baa been known from remote antiquity, and appreciat.d aa an ornamental niatcrud. rToeenaione of hnman fiprrres are extant on the walls of tombs tnd patacea in llgypt, bhu k. aansp-h aired men, evidenUv natives of central Anca, who appear aa 'bearers of presents, ttaaong wtucn tne tu&ks of the elephant are con-Pcoua. Pucccicun traderv hau ivorv ia such hafcdance ihat the chef seats of their galleva wwea inlaid with it. " l he. companv or the Aah-have made thv benches of ivory brought Mt of the lfcles ot Chittun.- ho lotos's au'.pe wavtad tua anorea of the Indian. Ocean for the Twodai-t ; and the King made a great throne of ivory, and overlaid it with the best of gold." Tba erection of a house of ivorv is named ainonjr acta of Aaiv by the OreVka andBonianZ Xiam artteio ofj hxxnry waa highly valaed and ex traaayvly naeo. Uoxzn, m a comparatively ynmiUve age, makes mention of it m the palace f licrixar. Itous, the sculptor, produced statue of Jupiter Olympna of the tar'teriiL ao toeantiful and ijnposing. that it waa considered a misfortune to die without baring seen it. But toodern tnnea auppsy the laost remarkable exam-ftm mm racord of what may be called ita barbaric aaaa. In tho sixteenth ceo tnry Aebax, the U:eat aiogul, built an octagonal hanuaK-tuwer oTirorv which m auU atandmg, some.twentv miles to the west of Agra. It brutles with one hundred and twenty-el at enormous tuaka disposedm aacend-fa lliioa, sixteen being oa aach of the eiht The earliest mention of the product in our national literature is by Chapcm, who desenaea -sms of bis characters m the Canterbury Tales as - A tr tTrrW! trtth bora. A pair af tahtaa (wtteag tatxMu) all of ivory. Great Britain imports annually from all parts Jaot leaa than UAi tons, whhUi xnay bo valued at X400.CUO. The chief conecmpuon is lor knife-nsniUea, the keya of musical inatrsments, ciathe-wiatical scalea, dice and cbeasnMo, billiard bails, InJkTjBjtadarfMtteesr soma of which. a r rendered extrPTn''lr co-Tv by the Usj and skill dn-phiyed in their execution. Vegetable ivory, derived from the .mbj of an ex-pusi'cly boauf.tnl fViutb'Anrcrtcwn.pjhn u m exniv use for .wmtreua-handl m s buttons, trinkets and other truck ; hot v- joon taxniaiies and wears rapicdy i extKeod V, mucn t.-icticu. In Franco an excellent units vion of ivrrry is xktw made frrm a nuxtnre ot papter-macbe and gelaxme, called I'arifdan n-jyije. lnt no aab-siairv, tiAl'tral or anuicia n t. prtrout known ao wtil adated aa the trao" material for the purposes to w ch it iu aiphed. Yet lung before th rlephar.ts arc no. more, ana tho mammoths are n44d up, ar. aCoaU- sulmtiiute zuav have been toui.ct. and 'jvu recoiichtd tne Wwild to a loss wuich ts iutvi table. THE JOKES. BT CiaUB ZXJEs. ISj the path of (cms, sweet 31 aud doth go. Into the wild-wood aaunterini.' blow : Tue touch of a tender trouble L On her white brow and berry-brown eyea. The mottled maplo in overhead, The gum-tree waving ita red, blood red ; Biit naught of beauty sweet M and can see, For trouble born of her love for me. (Staying her steps in the purple calm, Whore the sumach fdumbera, with breath of balm She whispered " O wood ! I seek a sign : Tell me, O wood ! AS his love be nxaio 7" Swift was the answer for, etraage to tell, Fluttering down her bosom fell Thedaat green leaf of the Autumn wood, . St imped with a heart aa rod as blood. HABITS OF TIIE XIGII1ISGALE. It is not wonderful that fables should have arisen 1 concerning the nightingale, Sot there nre at 11 mysteries connected with Lis appearance and departure which the most searching investigations of modern sctonce have not yet explained. : He comes among us very j auddeidv about the 11th or 15th of April punctual, almost to the day ; his plumage, so fresh, so unruffled, in every way so perfect, that a long flight over hundreds of leagues of land and so appears highly improbable. It ban been ncUced, too, that when captured immediately after his first appearance, he haa a slight pleasant odor of earth, freshly dug, or after a bummer riiow-cr. One xsight flicnc imig 7e that, like some of out moot bean-tinil nioilii, lit has just emerged 1. jm a tioepiy-buried chrvaalhi; aUdetl to wiiioli, ins extra i-d::!ary f,-arl(F.-n.':s? of mar: for the first iw tinys alter " hit- adrnc wh;e!i renders hwotnreno easy, miirlit leati tin; fanciful to picture li:m to thcuipeties as a Tiesly-formi-d creaturt, as yet unaware ilxut liiin ma a n-ttural euer.iv. so iiold :s hion fri- arnvai that, if a portion of ti;c earth lelreshlv raked oer. or turned with a spaile by out- of thooo Lydcatchero. who ea-ii Mon tnako a tralo of cat-turins; iiiliii-.-gn ; i;,' i h"?? bird'! vril! jmrnediit ly ftpprtmec tne pioo to hoeK for intecta. ere tlio hunter is scarce-y out -of siiih; and if, do; to tho new tumoU'tarth, a clap net '' have been bnited writh the irresistible ati.ract.oa of a m- al-TVcrm, tiio CKrvtcr of trie unsn-jpectiajr victim is cer-taiu. Last season I w mwh annoyed ty e-uig cni" of these bird-coti:herHlf:avHtg tho woods round Timer with seventy nua Kighilngales po captTireL izt at the vhat every copse; in the neigh Iwrhood was bejjicning to reoound With their enchanting ni-itic in ord-?r to account lor tin emcll of freah cart:: about U:e plumage, tbe perfectly tiiiruicii dtate of the flight featiier-j. it has been eor-ieo-tured thst this riiteneiuins bud hybcrnates hv burj i:; iUelf in the grouuJ, bui ther art: Eiany unanswerable arKUT:ient" apainwt this theory. instance, it ih kivwc that m thownnitea.'t-em -iUands of the II e tnermneftn Hea, m Asia Minor, uiu tho Rorui of Africa, tne nightingale is found throughout the vtjiier, 30 ijat be u.nti not litcrnate af .11 lr. tno gtiicraliy accepted meaning of that term. ABOiner nigntnigan xnysterv in th capin- cioq.i cuaracier o iu oistnbutioa tlunrig ins suetmer apjx;arJ!ne m northern and T.-entem J'.urope. It mrrirt c imagircd that coming from warmer rhmate;, le would eli tho miM- est portion ot our irland, and that Dovoninire aad CornT.'all wr.uiu be bin meat f avorite l.jeali- ties. lut such in unt the eaf.c. In the cistcm portion or knglasic! he locates hiroaelf e.i f:ir north a3 lurham: while in many of tee midland counties his preseace in unkuotnu Joaccouut for tins seeming discrepancv it has leen cou-jeettu-ed that,cee:ing over from the mnrinent at tiie narrowest, part of the Channel, he directs ms course according to tiie aituauon of diritncu. abounding w wocxi and water, vt hero alone tiie usual food he r5Cuires is to be found lr sniicipnt quanuty; scr tltat a bare range of dow n-like hnh, or a counirv w "wmcu emiu water-ectiraes are rare, may at stop his DrucTesa in such direction. That he travels to us tron. southeast is the more probable conjecture, a 111 tho sonth of France he appears ten days eaxliur than with us; auu m auiiuiern Italy even 111 .toe miudlu ot March. This seems to prove that tho tide of emigration fellows tbo hrst expansion of the Hpnng leaves- and the aunultaoeoue -appearance of manv kind of insects which forms his t xL Aristotle and Thny both notice t hat his first notes are heard at the moment :that the Hrst bpring leaves apiear, and add that, he then Bingu ten days and nigjts without intermission. This ia true only to a certain extent, tor he continues in song during the whole of Mav and the greater part of June : but it Is onlv at firs that we hear tbo proud and passionate burst of the love-song, that haa ins) bred the poets. It as in the dava preceding tne pairing time, and those of tue season of courtship," that he puts forth his greatest brilliancy and his 'oadest vocal owers the melodies ol his "married life" being of a calmer character, though still . far above any other music of the woods. On their first arrival, contests take place for favorite localities, and the strongest and most courageous prevail. As the same individual birds and then- ofJspring return to the same places each successive season, these coir-bats often take place between the male .parent and the strongest young mil- bird of tho first brood in fact, allocking as it may seem, between father and son, and the young prodigal often succeeds in beating off his parent, who haH to put up with the second-beat position, though perhaps still triumphing in song over his stalwart aon, from his new uominiun, aome thirty or forty yards from the old one. The plumage of both aexsa ia very similar, a rich ferrugineous light-brown on the back, getting rather brighter at the tail, while the general tone of the under parta is a hght silvery gray. The nest is a slight but very picturesque structure composed of small twigs in the outer part, and with substances of a somewhat softer texture in the interior, such -as drv tonts of grass, stray horse hairs, or other anitabie materials. Tbo eggs sre about the aiae of those of the hedge-sparrow, but rather longer, being more oval in form. Their color ia a rich greenish, olive, rather darker and greener in tone than ordinary brown psrer, and they have no spots or markings of any kind. The plumage df tue young bird is brown, niottlfcd all over with lightish ochreoua spots, more ox toss regularly distributed. In general appearance vounr nightingales ao closeiy resemble young robins, while euil in then- neat featuera, that they axe oltta mistaken for each other. To conclude with a bathos, we are told bv ! the Italian naturalist (quoting Petrarch) that a certain landowner in the north of Italv got up night after, night, in the nigbtinL-alo season, for the express purpose, of destroying the nocturnal annoyances wnich disturbed bjs rest; and that not aucoeeding in extirpating the enemies of sleep in this manner, ho prx ceeded to the extreme measure at mt:n down tho woods to a oonauierabla duttxnrw round his bona, which proved a more etteo-tual defence against the in tolerable Still worse than this in the following : The nightingale after the close of the breeding season, bavmg been well supplied with an abundance of insect food duruiK the bummer. i m very fine condition daring the month af September in fact, very plump and fat and bis flesh having been tasted by connoisseurs at that season, and pronounced fuilv equal to that of the b rated ortolan, thousands are cantured in tba sonth of France (Uie country of the troubadours) as table delicacies. Aa, however, manv of the troubadours themselves. sarjecLaliv ths one whose adventures have been set to music bv Sic- nor Vzssx, did not meet with much better treatment, we need not be surprised at the fate of a plump nr.i,.i11t n-jhtmlo (fttr a Hmek. i - ... - "T-A. Fatten niEorjri. PhjEi de Is Tonr do. Put was a perfect horsewoman, and intrepid bun tress, earning of fence, and the beet shot far twenty leagues round, Eeeidea this, she knew every mountain pass in the country. This waa the eauae of her superiority as a military commander, for the Protestants resolved to try a guerilla campaign, and hex strategy proved too much tar the mvaaing faroe. Bavin.-assembled aa thajrentry of the provmoa, and baring under her orders about two thousand ""T, t-" ruehed forward to Gap, where the Duke 0 Bavov Md already crossed the frontier. r:u, de U Tour dnut immediately eat ke UtUm Jst te. Jm-. esrar.Tished fne-baTf m Gap, and with the other boldly set out to pursue the IVximonteso. Tbey were overtaken by her, and in this conjuncture hr tactios were those of e eonaunrmatM genend. Klie ma-ked her foronn till she saw the Sovoyards ecgared in a forroKlable bill pamt, then, with the cry of " Forward, my friciids ; Vive kj 1U1 1" she bore down noon them, and sotu'ectually defeated them that they retreated into bsyoy as best tney might. Thy were cut to pieeee, and Han-pl.u.c wan delivered. Count Ceprera strove to avenge this del eat. and attacked Phyllis, bnt Oat mat had sent her reinforcements, and she beat Caprara hke hi;, master. i When the Duke ol baroy returned to his own country he could only siHiak of hs succcssfu encmv with rapturous praise. If," ne was wont to aav, "there were onr sach won an 111 my oouimons, I would marry ber ; and had I ten wives, ane should be my eleventh, were his Ilohncwi to exponimum-cjo me ! - 'What a mother of heroes she would make." . , A GEBMAK LOVE ST0BY. Trrm Lift to a AorV. Orrman Ckattau." tmtke SL JawuM Jlaganne. The log-hut at wnich luncheon was prepared contained a rough stone table and wooden benches. H -re old Count' Christian Ludovic had lived fur six months when - the cholera first visited Europe. He had bean at Hamburg, and hearing temblo rumor of some unknown pestilence, ho had tied home, causing this log-but to be erected in the centre of tho Leonoren Wald; a faithful servant brought him his dady breji. bnt had to announce Jus coming by blowing on a horn. Then he would lay his offerings on the grass bordering the open place in tho centre of the wood, and the old mad Graf would parley with him from a distance, through the window, asking who was dead, and who dying, and expressing a fear that bordered on childishness, of the hearer approach of. bis old retainer. The wood was called Leonoren Wald, Hilda told me, because the beautiful Leonore von Lauenbruck, m ptraymg through its sylvan glades, bad met a young painter, who wandering with his knapsack -on his back across the country, had hero stopped to take a sketch of some pretty view toward tho sea. Her " sweet eyes" made a speedy impression on fhe young artist and her " low replies" completed all that those orbs had begun. And so she had come day by dav across his path like some beautiful vision, until all his artist heart was won, and he vr.irned to tell her of his worship, bnt dared not." He knew, as well as sho did, the. mimoacrnrable -distance between them the tradiuoaa of caste. But there canio a day when the sun was brighter, and the heavens M;;er, tnd tiio breeze fresher than on otiier days vhen tho Countess Leouore'a replies were lwer, and her eves sweeter than weir wont; tnd then the voniig artwt'H soul broke its Lords, and tho. tiv-"of lovo was told. lToudly the bemtif-.U Ignore drew back. "You ior-g5i," i-ie. Bai.l. " all that w-paraiea vou from nic; you i'orgcttea vooraelj strangely ; but alter to-d.iv we meet no luort!.' Yes, I had forgotten," le answered, srxilv: "it is true. I am only j a poor pamier, vr.ii- your blooc is of pure aud I ancient deseint; vt cvon a poor has a heart iLat ie. and, mr thinks, Countoas I o-t . 1 11.. ii!?rj, yon mit; tit have 5T-.iirne;t mine less i-nwuj. i have torirotten mvsolf, but you will remember nic,'" be saiu, and tuen lio hii.--u hia hat and hit her. Those wo-- is rung m her tar " I have forgotten rny--lf, U.n yoii will remcrabT me." Sho nad pever thcnrht 'hi'.n so noble, so dumified or so gritveiui, ac at that moment when he uiwie hiM ai.'joi. But ho was gone, and thtukiug cou'd not brit him l-aci again. So tho fa.r Leonore wr;:lered back to Laneiibrnek; an.l tho Autumn car e. and the V inter tbo ei : Ions dreary, desolate inter pasf- but "the landscape painter remained ' awsv. Then, when tn hud" were binder, .on Itie tre , and wher April showers fell lrko toars of jr.-, iiu.11 Leonoro's cheek grow pale, aad siio cestd to 1 cl; np the long avenues, as though ei'ieetiug some one ; she would wander through tie roomH-'nut as Summer came on el'e even eeasd to do tiat, and would pass whole dH by the suit-dial gras-plot, wnenca sue could look across iho country to the woods. J Now, asbe one day so sat, just a year after she Jia..' spoken tnowi nauhtv, cruel words to tne young painter, lie mood again before her. His cUeekd were brown with travel, but ax he reaiov-e.i tUe Lat from his head, the chestnut curls fell as of over hi brow, and ho bent rurpeefc-fufly." fane rose to frreet him, stretching iorth ber hand as Uio- tgh to an equal, but he did not notic the mo-vemeni. Then ahe asked him t whenro he ca3, and he told her from ltal.y from Ahe land oi art aud song ; and she sadly thought how her dreary Winter haa p&ascd, an3 then eho siiied. "It seema you are not bo strong as you were, most grac.oui laoy ?" bfce murmured something about the Winter ahewit tno bng cold, and the louelinosa. TueTi ceremoniously saluting toer, the yrrrmg artist took hi leave, and as bo went gailv snwn the bc ien r venue, sire heard him whistling an luiian barciroho, " 1 have forgotten mvaui. but you ill remember me." The words seemed written in -words of fire on ber brain. Ah 1 that ne wruld so forget himseil aam, site thought, M or that I could forget hiui V But she could sot forget him. and ane grew whiter and winter every day, and no one trouble d her with questions; but the roagh old Oral went aside and wept bitter, angry tears at what w&s coming to his lovely child, aud then lie caiisti his men and went out shooting and hunting. And the Autumn came. One beautiful day Leonore saw preparations on a grand" scale for the reception of guests ; but she knew they were for her father's old hunting inends, so she asked notning and went ber way io her room. And among the guests after dinner none was gayer than the young Graf won Adier-shorxt. " Have you not a fair daughter, Sir hoct V ho asked : "the fame of her bcaurv haa reached my tars, even' in distant lands." Then the old mail's iaco grew dark and angry, or he nover kit his daughter's name be spoken thus. She had ever been a pure and tender maiden, and now ehe would soon be a nnre angel. So he spoke certain words to the wild voting uoLuuian to that eS'ecu Then he of Adlersluirdt .arose, and pushing his ciiair near to the old miu'b, spoke Iouk and eagerly in his ear. I nat night as Leonore sat lonely in her room, the heavy uoor was pushod aside. " I bring vou an old friend," cried her father, Graf Arthur von Adlershorst!" And she looked up and saw the poor landscape-painter, the aespised artist s tan dine before nei in all the wealth of his strength and rank and beauty. All grew dark before ber eyes, and confusion, shame, remorse and love robbed her of utterance. " And what did be do r did he throw the glove in her face, like the hnicht in benxmut s ballad?" No 1 he took her to his breast, and told her that ahe was faultless that ber one fading was forever cured, bo tney married, as the princes and princesses do hi" the fairy tales, and were happy ever afterward.' Tbx Dsuoets of Akoxcno. Who can. adequately describe the pleasures that surround the angler ? Who can catalogue the charms, that cling around his pursuit 1 He pursues .bis avocations amid scenes of natural beauty. It iahe who follows the windings of the silvery river, and becomes acquainted with its course. .He knows the joyons leaps it takes down the bold cascade, and bow it bubbles rejoicingly in its career over the rapids. He knows the solitude of its silent depths, aud the bnlliancy of its shad ows, tie ts connnea to no season. 110 can salute nature wncn sue laughs with the budding flowers, and when her breath is, the glorious breath of hrring. The rustling sedges- make music in his ear ere the mist has rolled oS tne surface of Uie water, or the dew been kissed from the grass bv the sun's rays. Thc-tark sings tor him, and the piping bnlinncb chirps along his path. The gorgeous atngnsner neeos nun not, and the Wattr-nen VJ&rce iuutw uum uu ucsir as be . iassefl. ' The storm and the tempest scarcely hmder bis sport. He throws his line when roddy Autumn gilds the western heavens and the Iriut of the year bangs heavy on the bough or wavea m golden abundance on the uplands. Even atcrn Vi'inter does not forbid him hi iiimnDL If be eares to tmrsue tils' favor ite pastime, be may do so equally when the taS bulrushes, wavy reeus ana reeaiuece reiue wim December's winds as when the marsh marigold opens res big vellow eyes on an April day, or the tall spike oi the purple looee-etrue mingles with the creamy hue of the meadow-sweet and is relieved by the sombre green of the hedges. If be is an anient sportsman, the whole year is before him. When tne trout will not rise to the tempting fly,' or be seduced by the seductive bait,he voracious pike will seize the spinning minnow and try the patience and skill of the naoerman. lt was always ao in the infancy of mankind ; he finny tnhee were pursued by a primitive people with as much ardor as they are by civuized xngUahmen at the present tune. Savage and cultivated p'tint equally fallowed, either mm a business or as a pastime, the ecenpatwn of capturing fiah with a b book, with or without a rod. We ff n its praises celebrated in ancient poetry, and its memory embalmed in Holy Writ. The rudest apyliancee of a savage hie have been csed to aid tne at bis dhghtf ul task, and science has not ri;n to aid toe modern iUb-erman in his fa rente sport. There sre tribes .mMoxmtUmbia f-'h1- ant, et bnman-iaafc bones ; and onr own projrewssrs wianatyso te as snare fish with books formed of Bint. Indeed, the Anglo-Saxon race have followed angling with an energy and' a a-at far beyond any other Luropcan nation. We know tney pursued it as a profitable occupation in remote times, and we have it on the authority of the vehera-ble Bros- that, the peopte of Sussex were at one time re.-uri from famine by being tansht by WmrxxD to catch hah- Among the earliest printed book is one on hshmg by a countrywoman of our own Dame JrUANA Becxxoj or La&xzs, (whieoevtr it piuressof the nna-nery of bopwcP 'n:ar bt.' Aioaii. 1 his curious tract is ei.t th d, ' The Iroatyso of Fysshynge wyth an Anle," and arpikf" bj the colophon to have oen printed by ki UntiiiH de Wojuk, in li'Mi. The olo lady shows that, if sport tails the am lupous angtur, his time i.h not spent in vam ; lor has he nut " atte tne Jeesi, his nolsum walku, and miry at his ease, a fcwtu ujre of the suetc sauvoure. of the meede fljr, that xuakyth him hungry ; he hereto the inoiodxons aruictiy of to tries ; he seeth Uie yomig svonnes, heerotis, ducku,' cotes, and many othr fo lea, with ttieyr brodte ; vhvche me semyth better tnan aiM the noyso of hcuuti; s, tue bLasuea of hornys, and thT serve of foLlj,,' tuat hunters, fawkeucrs and lomiers ao make? And," lays-the good old lady,. if the angler take f vssns, surely there is no uiau hw.ncr than he is la has sryryte." Then, ami ml tiu many other books.; tuat have been .written fcr the solace o.' tne ahgkr, a tanas old isaAk Walton, with the Uori--pvu Angttr, as. immortal as ti:o language in which it is aritteu, and the inaimcts ol tu.pef-ple by whcai it " is read. Mijiuig, Cy T. Murytst. Tax Niottsoalb's Foweb of Bono. The great surgeon, John Hcnteh, who loft nothing uninvestigated within the widest range then known to his professional pursuits, accotntod for the extraordinary power of the mgthinrale's song by the size and strength of the musdes of the throat, which he found to be much more extensively developed than in any other siiging bird ; and this unusual development of tin organs of the throat may account for the traditions of talking nightingale. Pust asserts, for instance, that Dances and BuTaxmccs, the sons of Cxacd tits, bad nightingales that cotid speak both Greek and Latin ; - nd thit these birds might have been taught ky ingenious trainers to utter a few-phrases with tolerable distinctness is exceedingly probable, as such traditions have always some foundation ; but when tho enthusiastic old naturalist of the Trajanean era goes oa to tell us that the' birds in question carried om debates 44 in rignt good rhetorical form," we aw compelled to uoubt the assertions 01 our venerable authority, whose Fuperstitions on this subject one is nevertheless inclined to treat with tne greatest leniency, partly on -ccount of his eviuent erithuaia'bui ana enure belief m what ho stttes, but mora especially on account of his utc Ltiitlul una accurate ueecnp.ion of nightiu-g .Ic'ii tuii', aa in-, lio oouL-t, had often heard it himself in tiie -jiod about hi beautiti.l vilui at C uio the L'o-.uO which, then an uon, " esteemed o.'.e ul tho -ouest spoUi oi hoi . fi rn luiiy. Among, oiher lanulous anecuotua i iated by tiie good old ltom-ii natuiahat 16 mat cci.eeriinijj tuo grout singer, bTE--icnonc-, T.iO nos tsiu m 1-e iiidijii-d lor' tno hith-C6t bOaittii' oi' bis art to tae fc-3t that a nirriit-ihgai find i-ereiied Uou bin lips wfieu a c ia aa he tlei t, and that he had uheonjbC.ou&ly cnuik in tso liie.odiona strains then poured lcr.h, by tiie retxiuection of wtneu he alut.-rwa.rd Lecaie i&iuutx&. As rtarda lai .Uig night 111- gala's, lnjyv'ri aefieruon is not Ui)i:pported ; tor we tLlui tit.--s.NEii, tue moacrn Theocritus, the L-ouoru leather of idyhic poetry, and at tae tame tintu an experienced naturalist, describiug two cuge 1 nigbungales Lelonging to an Hikt-ep-er at A-at.tLiou, Who, ui the viltUcu ol taa uigui, tolkixl wiUi eat h ouii-r, repeating phxaaL-rf whih they haa heard during the dry. f'veti BtJf-voN, wudoriuicunng tho creuuhty 01" 1'l-ni, and min-truaung to bohio extent the sia' of lils- khii, jjays that wLeu rtarod froii tue neat tucv may be taught to talk. Xiie pnoes paid in Lome for -caguu nightingales appears o have in-eu realy labulous AoitlFriNa, tiie wife of the tin-peior CutthrcA, havmg paid, as Pi.:xt tthn ut, an eiiuiiiioihi sum lor a uu.ijj tiiiiuugait-, vi.ilo an uriuiuT) oira of ejureiiiei.N jh.-iu.-et eoiig ou:d seU lor as much a-4 a luinwi .and well-trained siave. Ohxx a Utt. The SaxiNas oF. rimiu. The enjoyment that proeoeus lroin the aiur.:ti'. of weaUlmgs and fuols has alw.tys had a rec. jutzed jiaee, though not onis Ov a very high order, is tho range of merriment. The sight of those who have the beard nnd loiy T a man, with ttie intellect of a baby, produces great ciirtli and Satisfaction to the vnlgar miad. Clov ns and Court fools and slow-ooache ut all kinds, aud stdl more, perhaps, ab?tut men, pit ate v by tae absurd discrtpaucy bttvceeu what thry do, ami tliey cu-bt- to du, and perhaps "ihinli they are doing. It is in this department of the rofnic that there seens nit loundation for the theory of H-onEn " that the passion of laughter ia notluag else but ua-iien glory arising from Vome snddca conceptian of some emintmcy in mrselvoH bv comparu-on w!t!i the infirmity ol vt ier; or with oar oni formerly; for uieu laugh at tht follies of thenst Ives a,t Wi.ere th'-y oaiite pi:dihnlv to remembrance, ex-rejit they brin r with i hem any preneitdin'iionor." W'e always thought tiiat of the innumerable Londoners who eau-bed at Lord Dundn-ary, a large proportion did so TOih increased heartiness from thecomfortal)lecnnctiiii that bora was at least one " fellow" to -wjsoni they wcj intcl!ectuaily superior. Ilut there in another and tetter way in which foods and sunjiletons become "a source of amnsoifent, and tuat is by 'ie nnexjiected displays which 'they sonietmwe make of wit, spirits, or ingenuity, for which one gave them no credit, ana, iu particular, by their successful retorts upon sstiaihuiUi who ba.d looked upon them as au exy prey. This latent and lliXul power of turning round upon a too confitlent adversary was a well-known cl aracterisuc aud essential ingretJient in the character ot the Court Jester, who, amid the ecoentE;cities of an unsettled and dl-regulated mteheit, wasoiten more knave tiian tooL - the tlashca ot sense and clev-erne that thus came out were all the more Btrikimr from the general darkness and duiiuuse which the-y enhvwued, and they alwavs command that svmpathy whicu we so re-tdily bestow noon the weak, when they get the hotter of the strong or insolent. Some of th6 ' sayings or answers ascribed to fools are very good. We think it was Wrxi Hams, Hejtbt the Kighth's jester, whb said of WouucT, agamst whom be had a grudge, thst if ne vm made .repe, u would be a great ooon ; " tor that Prrxn, the .first Pope, being a fisherman, bad ordered people to at fish ui Lent tor the good of the trade, bnt that W olset, being a rm teller's son, would be all for butcher-meat." We know well the revenge that poor Akchcx AnxtsTBOKQ look upon Archbishop Li CD, wno had forbidden ium to speak of such magnates, bnt conld not prevent him from eaying, as ais grace before aaeat, " Great praise to God, and little Laud to the Devil." It is reported of more than one Court fool, tnd among others of Trebocixt, the fool of Fbaxcis L, that when told by his sovereign that if a certain court er beat him to death, as Ice threatened, he wo aid bang him the hour after, his request was tkat his Atajesty would rather do so the hour before. The earliest French fool on record seems to have been one named Jkax, at the Court of CHARLES tho fcimole, of whom Dr. Do&ut telis us some auecdotet. "This (rood fellows was eo great, that Charles once remarked to him he thought they bad better change places. As Jean did not look wellploased at the proposal, jbajilb3 aaked mm 11 no were not content at tiie idea of Deing a king. 44 Oh, content enough," was the xcp'y, " lint I should be exceedingly ashamed at having auch a oak" It wast this fool who- once tried his master's nerves by rushing into his room one morning, with the exclamation, Oh, aire, such news ! lour thousand' men have risen in the city." " What!" cried the star tied king, " with what intention have they risen ?" " W ell," said Jeax, placing bis finger on his nose, 44 probenly witn tne intention ol lying down again at bea-time." One of the best examples of this kind of mv-looked-ior sagacity occurs in a story in lis he lain, where a cook socking to charge a" porter for atrng a crust of bread to the accompaniment of the savour that came from bis kitchen, the die-pate is referred to poor tool who is p-ssing, and who, after gravely hear-ng the paruee, uo-cided that the cook should be paid for the rnmetl of bis she?4 with the chink of the porter's money. AsxA JirUish EetttsK. Japajckss Paacxfpi, Japanese porcelain ' is extremely various, and, like the lacquer work, much less perfect now than ia fanner epochs, j The white and bine ware would seldom, if ever, be found to equal the nobler rn-'"" specimens from the Imperial manufactory such aa the j " atx-markera " or " fonr-cxarkera " which Ulna- j irate the period frost about the middle of the fifteenth to that of the eighteenth century. Bnt , even the ordinary Japanese china of the present day presents endless artiatio attractions and bants ; It may mostly be distinguished from the t "nintjA by its robust precision of lines. One piece will show a group of storks sxnlting amid mid the waves ia glowing red- aad rayrmr cat his gilded beams. Another piece wiu have quaintly designed decorative circles scattered over its sortaos, some in gilt contours, some in blue. One of these farcies is the figure of a swnoptng stork ; another of a tortoise drawing a kmg wake of water ; another of larch-foliage ; another of key-like geometric lines. Or one nandles damtdy the daintiest ol manufacture! a xnmietare cap of egg-shell china, with s ended design (say of a kingfisher on a spray of river grass, his long beak cutting acainst tne circle of the moon him) the china b lug tnckieed in a wondrous network of cane or young bamboo of the finest mehes, and to perfectly aliuted to the form of the porcelain that one fclniost refuses to believe the whole can be an actual combination of two so diverse maieTUtkf. These sre termed bssket-rtrps. bometinicev where the patternsof Japanese porcelain are elal-Ca.e, vita hliny hues alien dispose! in compartments, the color is not to be unreservedly approved-, sinning by harshness of the suongcr unta, which are too glaringly and cuttingly oj pomxl to those of a more delicate description. Indeed, with all its vigor and often gorgeousnea-4, Japanese coluiihg, on whatever material, is too ircqaenUy cuorgeable with Lutrshiiees. Cavautt Chabges. I have a very vmd re-coQcclion of the charge of tho French cavalry. Those who advanced on the-nght square of tho Fifty-second crircssicrs, Lavng not only a steel breastplate but the same covering for. the back. Aa I observed before, the pleasing part of the charge was that, for several minutes, . perhaps ten, we were relieved from the cannonade which the French ifkd kept np upon ua, except when their cavalry charged. They camo on in very gallant Btyhi, ana in very steady order, first of all at the trot, then at a g.vllop, -td! they wyre within forty or fifty yanla of the front face of tho square, when one or two horses having been brought down, in clearing the obstacle they got a somewhat new direction, which carried them to either Hank of the lace of the square, which direction they one and all preferred to the charging home and riding on to our bayonets. Notwithstanding their armour, many of the men wore laid low, many horses also were brought down, and the men had a difficulty in disentangling themse ves from them. The cuirassiers parsed tho square, receiving the lire ot all tho four faces, aud proceeded up to the crest of the British position. Thev then re-, formed, and camo down the slope aain upon us in the same way, aud again avoiding to charge home upon the rear face ot the square, as they could scarcely hope to penetrate the Bquares; possibly it wan a reconiiisauce ordered to bo mado bv the Emperor, who bad no other means of ascertaining what lorco the Duke oi cuing-ton had at that time on Uie reverse slope of tne posit on. Irorn tho French position scarcely any of the Lritish troojw eouiu at that time be seen, except our own ana tho other regiment oi Oen. Akams" brigade. An interesting anecaote wa-a mentioned to me not long ago, by tne kite den. Sir Fbebeiuck Love, wno was a Captain aud jJrevet-Major in tho Sad at Waterloo: "S tae years ag he and his brotner were returning through the South ol irahco, from a trip ch.y had been taluug to the Pyrcueca, wuen tuey led iu with a ni-.e Kd-tlemiuily Frenchman in one of the public conveyance, wuo, in tno courso ol conversation, tola them that, he also had served at Waterloo; aha it turned out, on their comparing notes, that he had been an oltic.r ot fcomo Btauihng in tno very regiiaoiit ol c h-.assiers which bad charged the right siiuai-? ot th j l-'nty-second in that action. Among utucr things, the l-rench ouiecr said that whde tuu cuxiaasiers were roiornung, just tin ler the 15nt-irhiioiauon, preparatory u renowuig then- attach ujion ua, ue ouservta that the inch had ci-ucitd uieir arms aud were standing at caw, and tat ho feaid to a young oliiccr n-ir him, " fce-how ooohy thode Itoos tone it ; uepenu upoh li Unit is "one ot the 01a t;uiiiu reguuvuta, oiiu we siiali make no imprei.-ioa on iiiein." lius caUocr added, taal on cuarguig baek a.aiu no roue clooo to the right luce of i-ur fciuare, so ciooo that a young ichow St rang irom tuo square f nd wounded nun with his bavonet on thj ici't ,nw of hio uetk ; it was a ehiit wound, Lut ho ti,,i--u tutiui tne ec&r whtfli' u had kfi. My at-t -i.nii wm.11 mo cuirasieis charged back ui-on vai chiefly uiri-tici to those who were b.i u-h-UuAh by our hie, about twenty yaros lr-jf.i' tae tingle formed by tiie front And nyht ir.tes ; but i navo a rtcuhection ol bomethi-ig LaShi oceuiTed at th-t lime, without Uui)ffoiB' v.nai li was iu the fiout rank- ol the r.glit lace of the square, Duu Ijt lrem its iuiuetiou witn Una rear moj- i;c ltSM-ry vj butiu.i's lU'J- intJ. Hy Jwc. it ;. a;t:iC, -Si". A. i . " I . 1'OLITICAL. Cot. 11 rs-willow's Proclumatios -The Circular at the lonrvllTt Com-lattice. Tho proc'tniation issued by Gov. Baowiriiow, 'of 1 eiinetaee, uu Uij 1st uiiu, in an follows: .Vkcrr-ju, An iuceruiary uoeumaat h-s been Ir.-nicd at h-v.11o by Tie pr h"-0 Chairman ot a )o)iucsl Ctrruniitee. in ihr IihI wub! wot Js, to wit: Jolkr (' V iurf t ti .Vfii;--.- Ua nc, ii: to ciix!ni Jjiees in ii the precinct at your July lerra. 'ium reiu.r--J C-o bo cone by th 1 Dct 'oorv sf ex a eonnt . r the mmm lto" next pe-co.iini; the eiertio:- ua,, b!i i the tjrui day of Auwt nan. Jie, . . II i 1 or law nt not ebajured m tnat uuiei. I! b- be D-eloK-J. as -C l ih anenueu in tle nit l.ra-!liiB Act. se. 1 '. rfre3l. the Twr h ,i,M Qpon tiu t'4imniiioDer ft k2iiuitiM. Some ikmwm rmaeeuly nupiioara tuat the power Has been lus Ironi tbe CouQl.f Cflttrt byttiat aoU It will be veen tbe lnitniftinner ts aatbonsed to ppoint. in eases wttsre the bberiS y exisims Htw eoaid uu and tlvst was oat..- in ce tbn Coaaty I onrt failed attend tr, chat ili-.ty. or th perr.ns they mrpinu-i tailed u sot. (ee Uode. aec. Mil W baievermay nave been intended, tan act oJ the tilu of obruary. loo., ennstrued wi.b said Met mo ol tbr ( ouc. ailmiu ol no other obstruction; u ia certaxnly plain Mo p.ain inr eontrueray. by older of Uie Lustra: t onmittie. JOHN C. CAUT, Csmirmaa. ' tram-rtai. This aeditioui circular reconuuenda tbe riuilihcatina of the iTsmchie Law, wulch is now a p?rt oi the Constitution ot I'nneasee, ami has been a-preyed by the Supreme Court; serf toaeretu. a iiL.c and rebellious cuBitructon cas been given to Lie law above name., by Ura audacwaa authors ot the aforesaid tressotiablo cn-cular. evidently tor wicXed ana revoluhonary purposes; and toaereoa, the judges and clerts ot ail clcti"ns is the t-ut.- are to be apuointed bv tne CommiiBiouer of keirlKtration in ukrh count-, as the tenui Btrnou at thu i ra:iclij Xj pr-iviaes. in the tollowit cisac ana extUcit word, to Wit: " Sni 10. B- it fwrthrr mnttt. Tnat n cm any Connty Court anal; iai- orrexuee to induct ini oth-je any oi tne oiri-ers elected under tain Act. it-shall be lawtui inr the t .wtiiiiisioner at KeiFie.traliun( upon orders frrnn the (T,mor. to perform tnat uuty, and to administer ail necessary oath., and to uata and abiiroye all necessary otneisl bonus, and the saaie anah be crood and valid in law. T ne indices and clerks oi all "lections m.ill hereafter be selected and appointed by tae Lommimancr of Keffistrar on in eacn connty in the same .ma&ner and porerned b tbe same rales and laws beretoior provided by law. contemns the aaul selection and appoutl-zzm nu by Snentta. . Xom. therefore. I. Wixxiau O. Baovmow. Gover nor the Stale of Xenneaeee. by vutao oi Ujorlty conferred upon me, ana in discharjfe of the duties imposed upon me by law, do hereby give nonce that the trcncbiae law was clearly and unqnestaonaoty framed so sa to take the appomtment ol Judges and decks ot election tram the tiounty Courts and Snenffa. sivUu; the same to the Commissioners ot HwrHTT-'"" mere lore, the election returns made by saiil Commissioners wul alone be reoufiized at the btate Iepartment. I warn ah county Courts in the slate not to act upon the advice of this committee at sedition! sta, as they will lay themselves liable to be punished ; and I warn ad Judttea aud clerks ol elections, whom tbey may appoiut, not to attempt to serve, as they would come ui conflict witn the iawludy eonsnnited Judges anu clerks of elections. And if it be the purpose to provoke sedition and violence In a wiciud aueuipt to overairow tne Bute uovem uiuut, upon uieir news shall rest tbe consequences. Ucn. Jossrn A. tooru, in command of the State Guards, is hereby instructed so to dispose of the troops in the rebellious localities as to enable him to enforce tne rsueniae Law in its letter and, without regard to the threatx of the seditiomsia. Order man tie maintained, and the law txeeuted, U it require that I shall ca 1 into the field the wnoe avaii-ahM, lores st my mm maun to do Su. w. ti. niujWMajvy. Gen. Roseerstas at aid tiie fss irrscy. Frwm the San Jruncco AUa Csfsbrwis. We bare observed in a number of interior papers intimations that Gen. Roaicaoxa would be oflered and positively accept the nomination for Governor of Oaluorriia by the Democrats. We hare it rrora rood authority that this report aas no loond-uou in truth. txn. Koascaajis will not. on any con-aide ration, accept thai or any otaer nominatinrt lrom the liemocracy- 11 aa could be nvuuM .to ran lor oihee at ad it would, be on the Uauon ticket ; bnt his boaateaa and tnrl, nations are bota averas to Bohuoal hie. and he ia not at all likely to becxime the candidate ol any party. At the aame tun his sympathies are wholly with Lb Union esnse. . - i. . r another letter Xrwa Ei-Osv. Vwrry. Xx-Oov. Pxaar, of South Carolina, has written another letter to the J" seis. ia which svs saya tas recant opinion of ta Auorseysenaral hows that dvil hbarty ia no (yet sead ia the Amert. can Oovanment, ha havinc "a3noiiahd tba abso-bits despotisBi of ths military ensnmsnders in the Southern States. He term It a briht glesm of un-tkjis breakina through ths bbv& clouds ef tyr-ranv aad sbsohuwm which awvsrsd over ths fcoathera Btsi durmg ths oast Twar, and saya mil away yst be wan if ths psopis of tas goath do not voiaatsrily dosaouar thLnissives by nvstmc the rhsrns. which nsvs been thrown over ttoa, ui wotUMi lo a oonvenaoa. Xhen he rsitsrates am so. yes is to tae hoaihsra people to v agaiaatacuB-vtauou, teUlng them never to furrca thai this ia a whits man'a tvoveromsnt. But he says: No matter how much yam may loath - and sVtest the call of a convention, aas nsl that It t hSTfUhitiMTi aa ojt Um vntn for members of thst Ooovwaaon, If a majority of tas votss east bo sfalasS t ssvautuva. ao Ooavea-tioa will b-t -. and tbn Basts will be Mt aa it at st prn sent, atider military rwsa, witat ater oonatitn-taoa aaensaired. aad her ru?his as a Slate rinssrrl-aasd bv her people. If las aujorlty sboold as in tavor of a Cooveauon. it win aaneinnle, aad tie good men chosen byyou will be there to protect yotrr ruthts sad in teres is, as tar aa it aaay b ra their power.' Btate CsaiweatloBi ol t'lsrecl mra la Obi lev. ' Ihe colored man of Ohio bekl a btate Convention at Corambos on ths 3d tust nslsgvlaa being present from aooat thirty conarioa. Amour ths reaUabons aJoptsU wers the following: Kr tilted. That we urge uion the voters of the BtaUi o. Ohio the duty ol curuViCg rrom the Consu-tuuon tb-i word wh te. and placrac all her moaeas npu s . al-'orui of pohtiotd equaaty. R -i-r. Tlat the extension of the rtpiht of votrng to awry maie duaen of Ihe United b tales is a fora-gon and we earnestly bone that our coble feaie wtU not be so Lascrard tn her duty S3 that parucw-ir s to be loroed to respect the rural ot ber citiinis by CcBgreas.oTialor ether action, bat will, in a maimer worthy of her fame, voluntarily remove ail taws or Cousittnaariai r is uses making distinction on account rn en. or. Jitsuivmi, That we heartily indorse the soble Fortieth Coagrew, wnich has added new tnatre to tne Anierictn name, aad that ws respectrully mvs taom to tuihHete ttitir trind work toy securing to every piale cluzen of tue United b tales the elective franchise. - ii.iof.yJ, Ihai we proceed to raise a fund for the eaipioj nient of coravetent men to canvas the Butte In iavor ut the proposed ameudiiicct to tbo rusts 1 ousutution. , Hoy. Klanrtcrs feigns 1 wo Bills wrrtlch J-'alled to tleeosue Lswt tew tfaie " I-tx-stef" Veto of Uot. Vi efls. From One Srw-Orhtmn BrjmUtcam, Jmme 90. Amcrig the biBa passed by the last Legislature at its last session, which did not receive the approval of Gov. Wells, and which ha disposed of by a process knovn aa the pocket" veto, tho Legislature bavins adjourned before the expiration ot the ten daya allowed by law, was a very important act to lev eo con tractors, entitled 'An act relative to time contract made by tho Board of Levee Commissioners." and another entitled An act relative to provisional seizures in certain casta." In c-cordahee with a decision rendered by Jungs TBSaaD. of the l ourui ristrict Court, the Governor considers he ts empowered to sin these bills, tae Jacbre de-c.d.n on writ ot staMdamu sued out bv J. C I'm-deboast to compel the nocreury of State to receive aud promuUrate an- act passed by ths Lesnusture for his relic:, which had been surned by the Governor, bnt after the tome allowed lor the promulgation of the laws in booic form, that tno Governor bad the nrrht to si rn the bili at any time before the meeting of the next L,p-rilature. W.wnpnose th: orrrhKa of tne Court, a it waa not appealed from, aeuoe the question of law, and we pivs'inie tiiere will be no aiflereuce of opinion as to the equity and expediency of toe Governor's act on ih the premises in approving thec bili. ' M16CELLAXE0U. Horrible Scenes at an Execution a Vtrcintia. Frost (Ac RiCxmrnd Eiamiirr. Xartwtia. t'etniT-BOTjsi:, vi. Jane 28. MC7. Uenjamis F. Haedex, whoniur l-'rffd ISieicjk, o! Ilemucky,' at thi piaco on the 16 :h ol last Aprd. sTiC'erea the citi-tiif t enaliy of the liv this day, at 2 o'cloct V. 31.. in the presence of the; hrrzest crowd ever aiaeiubled wiLUia the limits of Tsiewcll County. The excitement thrcuphont HouthwesUirn Vurgiai since the day of the murder iits been Cupar illtled by any other crima herctolorp per; etraied ui this country. Hundreds of rumor-i of the many murders, tbetis, rchbenes :nl other crimc-a have circufstod irom county to county, and rrom one seeiion to n-Oilier, but all fell short, cf hif written confession, as as bin f!yirg dcr:nt-'ct. raatie to the concourse this dav trora tne ecatTid. iiinittem of everv denem.n-ticn. I behevs. in thi cmiiiunity have mad -it t'icir eexu-cial c-nmes to v it him, in hd'-eii ot tSeeane kb atirttoal goo-i. But 1 aai fcorrv t add their tfiot'i were without any beceflt to the co;idomiied mat. if we are to jud?e by bis worrln and cctions ti-dar. both in his ceil and on ih ecstrntil. He intcrnied Bev. J. Ltoks. beiore 1 leaving hJ cell, that i- "s-antetl no mercy and would ak tor ooi-et un imtap at mo uij-. E-.ouut.-d tb stern and look his seat uionachair cn tbe ectfT-jld, tn -npoirances more unconcerned then a..v of tiie s;)octators. IStv. lioABli Wiii.i&m.. bi-f-re kneeluig. r'ep.atei.y avked Uaiifr-S to kneel. hich ha s ofin relnsed to do. Mr. Williams ti.fn c3et-Hl a most fervtat orayer in his beball', alter which Hahdiw roo and said he would- address tb" aeaiuiv, rs he did ot know that ua bad out one ni -a i in that immense muiti;uie. Tne preacher reouec ed all who lelt any STmiathy ia a moral j oint ot view, to cool up tht ir hiu a. Al , aa tar -s cosld bo seta by the writer immedi-eteiv rafs-"! t?r btn-lB, wh-n, to the astonishment ot tho -jiSt-mhlv, ho (IIabdiim deel ir-'d that ho did not belicvu them. H..7nEt tlia spoko fcr ome iwnty or thirty nuuutes, in which he con irauicled his written con tension, as well as o her verbal siate-rnents heretoiore msde; a'.eo cccusiQ? two highly re-souctsbte witnesses of RivuiK eyiuenco in Court against him which was iict irae, ami. at the asm time, convincing his hcamrs that prcvar:otion and rmiMMiu misU'uiL-ii ts reruaih entirely with himsea". - All ihat v.-an rcaliv (rood in hi wboie ramblin,; and unconnected haraucae wan bis advice to both old and young "o svo.d bad company, t porting and ar-deai spirua; the latter arucie, ho declared no I u-t oaaonliy. had brought him 10 hia igaoniuuoua olid. He also ao vised the yourhj oeotile to obey their parents, and tbey woold ever be ou the right mck. Major H. H. Botlb now proceeded to pinion his arms and lest, adjust the rope around his neck, and then drew over his head the ominous wnite cap. au cow leit the scaffold, while Haildex stood as he had throsprhout the entire scene, calm, cool and unconcerned, asve s lew tears st tbe commencement ot his dTia? speech, liajor Botle. with one strok ot tne ax, cut the rope tnat h-oi the trap. His body ae-eoeuded rapidly, anu liaanis lay upon tae ground, auparetnly oeaii, completely stenned, and nearly cnoEed to death, the rope breaking when it passed through tne rin. A scream ot horrur astHnded from a number of female. s"tne distance on the bid. 1 he loud cry of "order," "order," "siaad back." tc, of the mooaked and otlier guartia around the gallows, tue rush ol tha crowd -outside ths inclosure. created scene never to be :orc Ji:m. . la less -Shan thirty minutes, iLkKutx. liui ulipbt susteoincc, was oie once more to aactntl the scaffulo. Hev. air. tk XLLIAaCS aain bevgd and entreauid him to pray to uod ior f org'- veu to ah such he remaaicd unmovo l, ana finally silenced ail rurher eflorts in hi beuaif by declar-ng that aa he "oouid not loruive hia enemies, he coud not ask ioivive-uei;" ho would die aad to to et.rnn) toruient." Acam'he was bound, tne tttzi knot adjusted, the wnive cap drawn over hi lace, i Uace mors Iajor Botle never the r.-po iiuiainuu; the seafJo.ii, Ce trap adi, and the boiy or Sckjasuk r. hotDzs wat daugiinrf hecween iieavui and earth, lie did not struugitt much, and atier rvmaiMns the usual lime suspended, he was taken down and buried somshun- ureU Tai'iU above tuo gadowt. Another M urdcr Cleveland. Ohio. From the Cletelatul Plamdmlcr, July 1- , Bix or seven years ago a highway robbery oo-eurred on becond-atreet. in ibis city, a man Odin- knocked down at night and relieved" of a sum of money. Not long afterward', a couple of men, naaaed Samtbx, Uaxwxli- mKoM " Club-.'oored Sam." sad Jabucs HAWxuia vera arreated aa ths perpetrators of the robbery. They were trtca, convicted and sentenced to the Penitentiary air a term of yean. Their sentence expired a few aaoataa ago, aad the two men returned to this otv. Haxwbix, ia particular, ha been a quarrelsome rowdy, sad a terror to ah welt-dosTMsed) perrons. ; yormerly ho was a sailor on tas isaes. tie was last seen alive en nat-arday evenina. Between 10 sad 11 o'clock, en tost evening, pistol-shots were heard in the vicinity of toe ineyro-trei image; and at s o'clock this morning, as water wa being let into the canal lock below the bridge, the dead body of MAXwxixraae to the surtaee. it was brought on shore, whoa a bullet- hole was discovered in the right breast. A Coronse's inquest was held the verdict of the jury tafatfTthat thu cm ceased cams to his death trom s shot from a pistol in the hand of aome person unknown. Short ly alter tho pis tot- not were heard, on Hsrnrdsy e vetim two men were seen running trou the spot. Ilcal Estate Opera! tons 1st San else. Fraav The sales of real estate in San Francisco for Hay Is,, aa footed np in Carter' Seal SLtLatt Circular, amounted to $1,422,390. The number of sates were S3 more than in the pre-rloa month. Oae ssl during the month amounted to S Jou.000. Ths mortgAAT given amounted to $727,000, sad the releases ao 1726.999. iianey ts plenty, and m obtained at low rates upon real esiai. It is stated that a large number ot morsrages held by loan socleusa. amoontiag to nearly Si30,u.0, have been paid this month, and tae release do not jet appear upon record, on so-count of some delay in the dedston of the qnesbon about atongage rxs. Ths settlement of the De Haro I uie is aoted as having a very benehcial effect Bpoa tae tssl sstai aurkec -- Bold narglary la Oetralt. Va the Detrmt Tm Yea. ; One of tbe most bold and reraarkable cases of house breaking occarred st tha rssirtmcs of Mr. Bawxx. So. &S3 rerMtrsst, between S sod 4 'clock last bandar morning. One or mora btn-glars pro-cared a ladder sod enured aa upper room. They ransacked several rooms, obtaining a small amount of money and some jewelry, without awerih any one, Ods of them ftnaliy -ruuted room ooospied by Af ra. HawxX sad her daughter, sad while opanmg aome kanaa diaweta awaaeaad tbeaa acta. htra. Hawks screamed aad demand e-s to know who was thers and wost hs wan text. Exhibiting s pis lot. ae ro bs waased. pned with aa oath that ae aas there anas- money, would and If she did not li down ne Miss Bawbsb saw that sea trignteneo. aad - - permission to go and obtain a ot waoer tor ar Lis coolly replied tnat he wouki get it tor her; he knew the house as well as . ane aid and get the aster he aid. Hs then made s thorouirh examinntjon mt tae room, samrmg two goat waioaes. en g which had a eosaa at goi and jso. Aiier securing ahtaoer. he auistiy ughtsd a cigar, sat itosra a the of IbsT oecapsnts. smoked li. tnqm r.sur rn the si aas time whers they cam iron, aad aow loaf: they had hrsd In Detroti. Tarnicg as Miss Ha wax he impudently srksd her whers ths othar arul was thst sreat wit bar so tnwen rnesnlng. no d.ubt. her liavuis; aooted - hi cigar, ha said Iks etasr am tip atsirs had got through, and he cufJT left, leaving tha room by tn moans that he entered It. Air. Haw sad dana-hter bottrtrr-v m deacriblriii bimniaa ot medium height, and rather ien 'er. E.m face wa hsvkMd. -ad hi east eudsr taraod np aboat his earn, ' so that th-T could aot isll whether ae wore whiskers ' or aot. While be ws oat alter tas wausr. Mass liiwm opened the Lbhd. an - it was so tight u tUs room that he conld bw di inc.lj seen, aad whaat ha left it was nearly broad daytu hi. j Tta PIrst Haiti for trta "Jew Terrltwry. Ft am hW MwvWa CmmmUTaaiddtrtittr. The fine clipper bark Jfrrtta, of Kew-Bodford, Capt- TnoaSAa, ssiUd.tmm Buootaht tor ths Sfidiso aad Arctic whaliag grouads on the f ih of Uay, oar rymg the Brat mail Shrpaichsd to the aewly-srq aired Buasian-Americsa tarn to ry. Pareeta ol lata Cab forain. Esstsm. Hanotaht and astrrs aewsriapeat wars pat ap at ths aawa depot tor s-rary shtp kaoara -to be cruising oat tho grounds, while all ths latter -tn the Fost-ofTiee addresaed to taasn were tskra ' out and forwarded bv Meaani. CiXTwajaa-i at ion Mm. Over six- hand rod sapcra aud awvstat ' hundred letters were disjatchsd to lbs hast, which number aixtv-five veaeu. the wbcta fllliag two lants mail-bsgs. An ex ra editton of tas CiMWtfi ciiii A4ertttcr was slao atrock off. snnoiissisa to tne gallant wcaiemra thst they were cmising ia American waters, and that the land they asw was United States soil. which, if they chose, they oitild settle. at ouc. It is not st all improbable tba sous of tbe mors adveniorous oi tas wiislnroen may btnd and locate then-ciaims. Ws aotioa that the ban tVanriscan talked of dis-pstchii , a steamer to ltosaiaai America ia Jan. Hcnoluioana sre ahead of th m. and have' ahrsaity got off their nrst boat witn d. spot cues on the 8d of May I Capt. THoatA pmp si-s to carry a large pennant at his mia-mat head, displaying tb iiiiiis., " D. . At-," and on ths 4th oi J ny, ws pranana, tber wilt be in the Arctic a eenerai oclchration ot the axinrvsr- aary the first ever hold ua the N'-w Amerirsn 1 out slarrah for Cue1. oam and his gallant i t . JefTerson favla. A private letter received by a citizen of Nashville rrom a Canadian friend, who lately eniertsiaed Mr. Davta, says: t don't see so much chaacs m ths Ei-P-eaideat" appearance as ths newspapers i escrtot-, - Hlt tntaa. however, are depress cJ. Ths eonstan. vnapsistloa to which he has been autdooted. the auaTtlctaa wna. . which he is dodged, tho mi iciaui ol bia alightesr, word and movements, sit haras and annoy his . mind. Be tola m tnat ne wished be euald sns-deniy disappear lrom tie view ot men and pass tha remnant of hi ttie tu som .c.ui-m whersaona. but his personal friends coui l nhit him." i DOMESTIC ITEMS.' " e " 'i Oen. Jos pph C. Abbott, who went to the war as an -facer to a New-Uampshire Itritaent, publishes a card in a Wilniingi.Dc (N. C.) paper, s:tlng that ths firs which can-ed the dmurncbun of the Cisden land Company's mill, ot wluVti h was psrt owaor, was i beyi n I all qneation tho rtauU ot eare.essises or ae- . ci :i'Ct He adds that be haa nev-t diiomrtit any ' disposition on the part ot Hie eittsfia ef blsdea County, or any other nsrt ot X jrih Up-I'n, to dia- -ot ura.'e Ucir eu.erj rme or ai.y other Northpra eote-rnxe. On tbe otuer baud, U.o-e erKerptises have been welcomed aud enciurat;tia by the peop.e, so far a hi knowledge auuiU . j - - . Late Colorado papers state railroad connection between the I'auifla liailroad at Crow Creek, and (foldcn City, tn the mining regioas of Colorado, will e completed in May. I -S8. The - ' cuutted apnrol ViaU; dlBtancc trota the Li nam t-actSs Itiilroaa. Umauh branch, cn Crow Crock. U4Joidexi Ci'y, bv the first route i about - etgiiry-tour miles; and by South l-iatte and Ciesr Creek vaiieya to Gol- ' i-n City, tbout ni:.i ;y--i :ht mded. Th length ot . tho propoei branch to LVsiryer i about seven mite, , On Saturday nilit, June 23, tho dwelling-., house ol Junn PoTSr-n, a farmer livmj aboat a ails . wt-s; of Tst DChodack. was brukea iuto, and between 11.600 and $l.S0O in Onvernmeat bond., enrreaey, and some silver, i st)h-n The property was in s trunk under the twd where he l?pt. The trunk was -taken out of toe bouso and carri- d about a qaariar of a uiile before bennt trokrn open. . , A man named Claxxkcs Wild, who was ad- , ' veruaed in Kew-Orieaus as an es. apsrt lanattc, has pubUthed a card in wiich be says: "Now I am no lunatic, and fo the lulormation of the public I would state that I am now look ng for a man of ths name of Mosam, and if 1 nccst in Cantng him ws wul probably a trip to bolt Ltk i. thty, as 1 own part ot said city." A young niau named Patrick K-O-uxb swam a distance of threo-quartera of s uals at Irrovidsaas.. . Ti. L, on the svenieg of the ad inaf. orawiag at tas same time a six-oared bast twelve foot long, containing aix averag-:".zzA men, ty s une attached to on wrist. Tho distaiiiw was' made inside of tbrejar- ' tar of an boor, tho tide being nearly at the flood. . -. The fonowmfj arc the cross reoerpta or Bart-ford Insurance Companies ior the month of Hay. SB ' returned to (he TJnf-ed States Assessor: Xilam, 997; fUrtlord, fllt.r.74; P-enix. fOT.eSS: Pwtnsas. SG.273: City. 3oTC8; Merchants', rf.7ae; sierlat American, $'J3,'JOUi Loanectian. J13.14V. A man in Boston, while being ahaved cn the 31 insL. jumped trom the chair to atop hia horse which, being left at the door, suddenly started, and -the barber razor neatly and expedtuoualy everd hit nose from h-s face. t Several of tne manufacturin? eatabhshmiwiss at Bart's rails (Schaghucoke) are aboat tosaspasd opcraUnna lot some time. The linen ntH dosed on Saturday evhing last, and the woolen mill wul does on the 14th inst. 'A census taken m 1HG6 shows that the number ' of tnhabitanu ui 3isi.opt wa 1a4.71S. ohlf" :itJ.i- were white and 831.258 black. In there, were 35,S3y wtiite nu 4t7,o4 biacka. " Mits Haeah liorryEB. about 18 yetrs of age, was tilled aunU, im-tautiy by aeintr drawn into in tukchinerv iu the card-room of the Washington Blurs at Lawrence, Mas., on the Sach alt. It is estimated that the wlieat crop ot Talbot Ootmry, Gx, will reach sud.uuo bushel, which will leave a ar jio ot 6U.O0O ooahei over th amount annually consumed. . i The IcTnbcs-buidnfS is dnll et West Troy, On cf the leading ti rm report their esiL-a tor the toonth oi june, at yiOO.OtiO iuu than lor the corresponding raon'h of lt year. - Idaho rv,tT hich recently Suffered severely by - . " nm Br, in tne Weeb- tore, Miiii anu uwelutifc woT? v mm " eutflot,' June C The Charlottesville (Ta.) Chrmiiete rcporfa that the wheat crop of tue Oounty of Albemarle ta secured, aan that it is the best thst has beep rasped ' tor many year. A lot of tobacco raised In Caswell County, N. Cyvsra sold st llaoiviim, Va., last week at per hunared. A street car driver was fined tn Xsshville, Tenn.. one day last week, for asaaalt and bottery, at attempting to eject a colored tnan lrom the car. . There were sixty-nine fires in Chicaro during tbe mould of Jon, aggregating a loss oi tl,17U,xi. The insurance on the property was $190,000. - - The Chemung; County Agricultural rVdery wUi Sold thetrsnnnsl Jnnr st maun, sn tasatbandf th ot October nu. PERSONAL ITEMS. Mr. Chaktjes JJtaxoxo in Kew-Or leans, pro- -prietor cf the Louisiana Hots!, a asttvs of lreisnd, for to laat stxry year a resident cf Kew-OrUaaa. died on the 15th alt,, at the Hoc sprnwrav ta Araaasas. waere he had gone lor his heaUo. lie wae CC yesja old. The Kew-Orlean bee sliudes to him as "the reputed originator of the ram systaia ef aavst aas- Ths New-Orleans Rrpvbbcan says: v"We have ths best of autborlty lor staung that. Osc. trrinrpMaw did aot tolewraph to Usshltat Joas-aosi tat Boetrm on the subject of the removal of Oen. IfiiSBl has. or any other; and. farther, tkat Oen. rrruonaat neither sdvisea, d ares or expects the removal from nis command or his old comrade . at Fsnir II. HMssiaav ' Prof- Hosraoz Vfm, Principal of tno rauaoooi araocmy at nsnervme, a. U, Bsrorday momnie. ZHh ulL. afhrr a brief flu waA tnrraeTty of Sew-Tork State, and was a sad u ecseatui isai lisi aad r nsaiisis l a blah and Chnatian charaater. Gov. Enrr, of Colorado, was gi-ren a eomplj- mcntary dinner at Central 1 irv. Jams It. at which, a dispatch saya, he wasawlosiaed aa being a great improvement on all his preilsi. asom The Vestcro Kew-Tork Cuthoba of BoSaka learas from publio rumor, aad from a prtvats soaree ef some eredit, that Bisnop aVaracaasrs, of Cincia-aan. ts to be the arxt Biasop af bsntalo. The mother of Hon. Hatha Ccrrrown. TJrdted wit imot inarm, taraxirxwAi dtsd at Kmnney. K. am U vaaosd age of 9e years. lieut 0. S. XrjrwT, of the Fourth United Riales OavAlry, a etusen of bufTiio, Cied tn Kw-Orlee eat Baadav. Jane aft. of ywiiow Jsvcr. r-nrs tsil nt la. dianola Texas. . , . . Dr. Hnrar HowAan, who tor twenty years is fined to chair of lraieasor of Uuiu-tn. In ih - Csivemty of Tirgiais, has resigned. Eev. Dr. Jrrrarrr. of ths Tmrrfn -T:antif Chorch. ef Jniotdeiphis. has snw.l ah emh am. -q-j v "-r1? Prjuial riisn h is Pli iinu j. Cev. Wat, -U. WaiflHT. Cnicamx. baa acrwmbAil ths Call to the fcerkVy sue UairosV iftmtffn., to P'l Ih place of Dr. Iizxtrm. . Gen. Swatxk haa set ssids the rweent elecTao fa eacksoa Cranty. Ia, which resaited ta tavor tj taatranaovaiet um seat ef htatica froatt IlaUeH, i alsal on aav Be jstoA

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