The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1951 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1951
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN (ARK.) COURIER MEWS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER >T, 1W1 Mushrooms Glorify 'Budget-Size' Meats CECILY BKOWNSTONE d Press Food Editor Want to glamorize one of the thriftier meats? Then add canned mushrooms to It and you II have a dish good enough for company. Mushrooms and Beet make a wonderful buffet supper dish; Its delicious flavor comes Irom simmer- Ing the meat until it's tender in the liquid from a 4-ounce can o[ mushrooms. Creamed Dried Beef always pepper, reserve 1 tablespoon. Roll beef strips In seasoned flour. Melt 3 tablespoons butler or margarine in skillet; add beef and brown; arid sliced onion and cook, until onion U tender, hut not brown. Blend the 1 tablespoon reserved seasoned flour with water; stir in bouillon cube, mushrooms with liquid from can, lemon Juice, anrt brown sugar. Add to beef in skillet and stir constantly Tuna Gives Food Budget Relief 1950 Pack Largest In History Making Fish Plentiful Toasted Peaches Are Grand with Hamburger Meal LUSC!OUA toasted peaches make an excellent addition to any menu! by different kinds of metal. Certain —but they're especially good as ac- I kinds of anemia or vitamin defl- companimcnt to a hamburger sup-Ul«nclrs ran produc* such symp- body ifd Luna, the fish most every Mkp.s. is plentiful. The 1350 thickened; simmer about 1 hour, or until tender. Blend In additional water It necessary. Cook noodles, drain, anrt stir in 2 tablespoons butter or margarine. To serve, put noodles in border on platter, and beef In center. Mnkcs 4 .servings. Creamed .Mushrooms and Dried Beet Ingredients: t« pound dried beef, makes a good luncheon or supper dish, but when you team It with mushrooms it's something special- In both the following recipes a four-ounce can of mushrooms is called for, Ihi-s refers to drained mushroom weight. A four-ounce can really weighs a total ol about seven ounces of mushrooms and liquid. Since fresh mushrooms shrink nearly 50% when cooked, the four- ounce can is about the equivalent of one-half pound of mushrooms. Mushrooms and Beef Ingredients: 1 pound round or chuck beef (cut about l i inch thick), 4 tablespoons flour, 1 teaspoon suit. »i teaspoon pepper, 3 tablespoons} ^ butter or margarine, I cup .sliced! about 5 minutes. Sprinkle flour over onions, I cup water, 1 bouillon cube,; ^ecf and mushrooms and mix Ihor- one 4-ounce can mushrooms <but-| O ughly. Remove from heat; add one 4-ounce can mushrooms (pliced or stems and pieces), 3 tablespoons butler or margarine, 4 tablespoons flour, 2 cups milk. Method: Cut dried beef in pieces. Drnin mushrooms; reserve liquid. Melt butter or margarine In satire-j pack which we are now using was the largest in history. Try thc'.sp recipes for budget, relict. They put essential protein in plus enllng pleasure Sandwtchei your menus, and variety. Frcnch-Toastril Ti (4 servings) One small can tuna, flaked, cup celery, chopped, 6 sweet pickles, chopped, juice of half a lemon lt cup mayonnaise, 8 -slices bread 1 egK, beaten, 'p cup milk, salt aw pepper. ^ cup butter or margarine. Mix tuna, celery, pickles, lemon Juice and mayonnaise. Spread mixture oti four slices of bread. Cover with other slices. Tie each sandwich Doctor Says (Continued irom page 8) One thin; lo consider ti the presence nf fllUnxs In the t*eth made per. To round out the menu, serve piping hot corn en the cob with a generovw eupply of creamy margarine, Toakted Peaches 1 teaspoon Krat<!d orange rind 2 tablespoon. 1 ! .sugar 2 table-spoons tetnon juice 6 peach halves 2 table-spooas melted margarine M cup crashed corn flakes cr gra- iom«. It fchouM be lnve«Ugal*rt. Q—Please advise Die reason why the pupil in one eye is several times larger than the other at All times. Worried A—There are several possibilities: It can be an Inborn or congcnltial difference; It can be the result ol injury. Also tl could be the r**ull of .some lesion would have vrhlr-h. t*> in the brain. Om know more to tell with string. Mix CRK with milk. Season with salt and pepper. Dip each sandwich In milk-egg mixture, j Melt butter in large skillet, When ' hot, Try sandwiches two minutes on «*" • tons or .sliced). I tablespoon lemon j m | ]k anf j juice, 2 teaspoons brown -Mtear, 6 ounces egg noodles, 2 tablespoons butter or margarine- Method ; Cut beef into strips about H-inch wide and 3 inches rl from mushrooms gradually, stirring until smooth Ml- each addition. Cook over heat until .sauce Ls thick low and llul or Cold Tuna Loa (Makrs fi servings) ham crackers Mix the grated rind, sugar, and , lemon Juice, Dip each peach half 1 * Into the mixture. Next, dip thejQ—What can be clone for a fungous peach halves into melted margarine j Infection under the toe nails? I and roll In crushed coreal or craok- have trird foot baths and powders but the condition keeps getting worse. Mrs. A.V. A—Fungous infection* of the are often stubborn to treat, er crumbs, Arrange cut side down in a shallow pan, B^ike (n a slow oven <300 to 325 rtcgcofi. F.) for about 30 minutes. Canned peaches may be , used. They require about 15 minutes Sometimes x-rays have been used cooking time, Soup Sauce Aids Meat Servings To spare your purse by getting | more, servings from your meat, One-quarter cup muter, 2 table- cream nr barbecue the meat with . . smooth, stirring constantly. Serve can sliced mushrooms, cup .small canned peas, over hot fluffy rice, noodles, or on sprxms oornstarch, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 cup milk, 1 egg, lightly beaten, 1 .small ran tuna, drainer!, 1 small drained, 1 1 cup sour long. Blend together (lour, salt and I toa-st. Makes 4 servings. Hollywood fte« EDSON on Page 8 vian Vanc«. The first Mm win be seen on ooaet-to-const CBS-TV Oct. 15 with B clgaret company paying all the bills. Filming of "I LOVB Lucy" IF as precedent-shattering as the hole in the studio wall. AB DC si, who put the Idea , together (Lucille claims she "didn't have anything to do with it. DesS deserves the credit, I was home having a baby") sees it: 'TVe'r* putting » «*»£* show on Mm for television." AH three techniques are represented In the setup. The director, Marc Daniel, Is from the New York «tage and TV. Cameraman Karl Freund 1* B movie veteran who lens- ed several of LuclHe's films at MGM. If you want to be confused, here's •he way It works: , The show ifi rehearsed Hke R play on a bare stage with chalk marks on the floor Indicating walls and furniture. Then It's rehearsed on the Mt in front of three movie cameras just like a movie. Then they let the audience in and they shoot the scenes with all three camera* nnd the sound track pick- Ing up the audience laughter. Then the audience goes home and Lucille and Desl and the cast run through their lines agnin while the cameras mov« in for closeups which will be cut In with the Ion? and medium shots, Lucille, Deei and Producer Jess Oppenhelmer insisted on an audience for their movie making on the theory that a movie for television is not like R regular movie. Says Desi: "People alone at home like to feel that they are part of the audience In the TV Ihcafer. They want to hear • n audience reaction." Auilienrc Dlct;i|«* Claims Producer Oppenhelmer: "An audience dictates to an nctor what to do. He has to stop and acknowledge the audience's reaction. HolIjTCood takes care of the problem with pretfeK's before a film is released. "We don't have time Lo preview our films. So Instead of taking o\ir pictures to aja audience, we've brought our audience to the picture." "Great Idea, Isn't it?" said Lucille, who was wearing slacks acid her hnlr tucked under a hamlann for an eight-hour session of rehearsing. I confessed I was a little confused. 'You won't be when you see tlir flrsl plclurc," she assured me. "We're just putting a stage .show on film for television." But I'm still confused. "I Love Lucy." too. but Is It i play, a movie or a television show? • • • Ten-year-old Gigl Perrcau will get the biggest klri star buildup since Shirley Temple at-UI. she's a big click in "Reunion In Reno" and "Weekend With Father." Machine Age Note JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. f/FV-P O. Barnickol, fisheries man for the state conservation commlwion, .says the sparrows in his yard have adapted themselves to the modern age. They usert to follow the horses around. Now; he says, they* retrieve Insect. 1 ! from the grilles of .automobiles parked across the way. Melt butter in saucepan, and add cornslarrh. stirring until btemlctl. corutnnsfMl-soup sauce, i f fee lively; ..sometimes .the .nails have to he removed before the in' fee linn can be eradicated. • » * Q please tell me what causes my hair in different places to come out in patches. Washing the hair once a week and brushing it 100 times a day docs not help. Mrs, J.H. A—This sounds like a condition knoun as alopecia areala or bald- j ness in spots. If It Is, the hair will ' Here are some suggestions: diced \ probably .grow back eventually. ham in crcam-of-celcry soup; sal-1 However, washing and brushing mon in cream-of-mushroom soup; corned beef In tomato soup. Use your favorite seasonings—a little chopped onion, a dash of mustard or curry. One'point to keep in mind A"<ic"f sa"!t"ancTmilk and cook ovcrj's that generally condensed soup low heat, stirring constantly until j "f cds a HUIe_ added liquid ^ when well mixed and thickened. Stir mix turc gradually info lightly beaten c(:g, then return to saucepan over heat. Cock gently 2 minutes. Remove from he:it and add tuna, mushrooms and peas. Fold In sour cream. a .small loaf pun or individual molds lightly with oil. Outline a [ with strljxs of pimento on ixitlom of pan, Pour in tuna mixture. Set mold in pan of hot water. Bake at 315 degrees F. (moderate oven) 40 to 45 rj»^= *** CLOVER LEAF used as a cream sauce. About '^ to l .£ cup of milk with any of the above soups will do the trick. However, tomato soup'nceds no added liquid, Ten of the 59 judges who 'signed the death 'warrant of Charles 1 were executed at the Restoration in 16GO. minutes or until firm. Unmolri and -serve hot. Or cool and chill 1 hours Unmold. Serve hot or cold. It's more like a meat loaf and men will like it- are make little difference. There some preparations which can be applied which probably would hasten the, return of the hair. Ask Your Grocer for B&B SAUSAGE Pure Whole Hog Sausage Seasoned Just Righl! A BLVTI1EV1LLE PRODUCT HOW FAST DO YOU DRIVE? g— Sure yon know? Maybe your speedometer is wronp—and thai coulii cost ynn a ticket! We g one-da; repair service. T. I. SEAY MOTOR GO. Chrysler-Fly mouth Dealer 121 E. Main Phone 'HZ Goody Eveigood Says: enjoy SLICED BACON for quick-to-fix, good-to-eat treati For brighter breaklasls, lor templing luncheon and supper dishes—serve Evergood flavor-rich bacon , H ha« a delicious balance of lean and fat, and it's sliced just right lor crisp, lender goodness. Always ask lor Evergood Sliced Bacon. Buy it it your grocers MimpM, f ;n9 Co.. M.mpHi. T.nn. H ml be« but still it pofulac pita Gel plenty on "Bitter Memories"* To Mar Its Flavor_ the beer that tastes like a million 1. Champagne-DRY...jangv, not sweet ( 2. Velvet-SMOOTH, mellow...not bitter 3. LIGHT but hearty...never "watery" , DR. W. A. TAYLOR Veterinarian oniccs \ow In ST. FRANCIS DRUG Phone 3501— Xlle, 2814 *No heavy maltincss ... no bitter hop resins mar your glass of CV I Special, extra filterings and quality controls keep them out! Brewed wholesomely, RRod fully, to perfection, CV leaves you no "Bitter Mcmoric-s," no back-talk. Now at favorite stores and taverns. TODAY-SAT IDE BEER WITH THE^MILLION nOLUF FLAVOR C1951, Terrs Haute Brewing Co., Inc., Tcrre Haute, !r.4 BANK THE SAVINGS COFFEE Folgers or Old Judge Ib. can 79C G'FRUIT JUICE 5 ":: 1.00 COCA COLA - - - 24 r 89c CHERRIES Red Sour 5 n.00 SOAP c™, TUNA Grated APPLESAUCE PET MILK POTTED MEAT 2-15* HUMKO ' 3 GUM Asst. 3 TOM. SAUCE 3c~,25< ORANGE JUICE 4 1.00 PRESERVES Hunt's Peach 5 ±1.00 SALAD DRESSING Salad Queen qt. 45C VIENNA SAUSAGE 2 <. 29c CUT BEANS 2 £~ 251 CATSUP"""" 14~19< BABY FOODS 3c~27f PURE LARD 4- 99f P&GSOAP 3-22* TOBACCO^ 2 -2k HOMINY 2 "cJ 1 PARKAY OLEO - 33< SIRLOIN STEAK U.S. Good ib. 99c CHUCK ROAST U.S. Good ib. 69c PORK LIVER Fresh Sliced 39c PICNIC HAM Reelfoot or Honeydew ib. 39i 5 Lb. V5 FRESH SHRIMP - 2 CURED HAM 8 ""-550 BOLOGNA 3-1.00 SHOULDERS', 1 ;;^ 39< SLAB BACON «> SLI BACON M "'l":' 4k FRANKS Large Lfa. 49c BEEF LIVER Sliced Lb. TOMATOES Home Grown Ib. 15C LETTUCE - - - Lrge. Heads 2 lor 256 TULiP BULBS Imported * Hollands 10ior98c TOKAY GRAPES - • 2 ibs. 25c

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