The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 5, 1950
Page 3
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'^WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5, 1950 Congress to Wrangle Over Strength in Budget— New Battle Brewing Over US Chiefs of Staff Caught in Fire From Two Ways By Ruth Cowan WASHINGTON, April 5. ' (/.')—An angry battle Is developing in Congress over how much security the administration's new defense budget will buy America. -In the camp protesting "not cn- •fh" Is Rep. Vinson (D-Gn). sup- jJTrtcd by Republican nnd Democratic members of the House Armed Services Committee Vmson heads. In the opposing camp are President Truman, Secretary o( Defense Johnson, Chairman Mnhon (D-Tex) of the House military appropriations .subcommittee. Their stand is that the proposed $13,91l,127,OCO budget for the fiscal year beginning in July is "sufficient for present needs." Caught In the cross-Ire are the mltiary joint chiefs of staff, Gen. Owjght D. Eisenhower and .ccoh- omy-advocatmg congressmen o f both parties. IHasIrd on Rcfurn Johnson and joint chiefs returned from Europe just in time to be hit by Vinson's opening blast in debate on the appropriation bill la which'lie urged that 5533,289, an mo re b c adclc d Tor \v nip lanes for the air force int3 navy. Vinson told Congress that under the administration's military . program American air po;\et' will with- 1 . er on the vine at a time when the Russians are building the largest air force in the world "for use whenever their carfully-timed Pear Harbor day comes around." At about the time Vinson was speaking yesterday Johnson told a news conference he had ordered the joint chiefs of staff to re- sturiy the budget to determine whe- (jQ- more money should be asked for air force and navy planes. Eisitnhnwfr Sees Increase Eisenhower, credited with having helped draft the pending budget, fsld last week he now thought $500,000,000 should be added to it,. The former army chief of staff then recommended particularly the strengthening of Alaskan defenses and more and more modern planes for the navy and air force. Johnson told reporters he believed that all the military forces and equipment recommended hy Eisen- hower'can be obtained within the pending budget. In this ha, risked counter-attack by Vinson. ... Rep. Anderson (R-Ca)]f), a member of . the armed ''services committee, supported his chairman with a vigorous statement. He criticized Johnson as a man of "insatiable ambition — an unquenchable lust for power." Anrterson Urges Hole,Plugging • , Anderson-also urged .Congress-' tq oju what lie called many, holes "i^^he pending' budget .which "exist simply to keep the budget low enough to make the - 'economy record' of the secret of defense loom politically defensible.'" A prompt counter-attack to Vinson was made „ by Rep. Mahon. Chairman of the subcommittee that had considered the defense budget, Mahon urged the House to defeat efforts to boost it. "Our enemies want us to spend ourselves into defeat," he said. Defense does not consist of airplanes alone, Mahon continued. Rather, he said, potential enemies fear "America's industrial potential and her power to fight back." Russia Without Bombers He said Russia docs not have long-range bombers of this country's B-36 type. She has only 300 to 400 medium bombers'while this country has many, many more, he continued. He stressed the amounts In the EVERYTHING I ATE DISAGREED OTH ME UNTIL Tfofltid I was suffering from need «1 this miracle-wofkini: KSBACOl fonwifa "I sutlcrcd with stomach trouble (or B long time. Even if I ale just, a •little my stomach would swell and nothing ever gave me positive relict. I have taken only four bottle, of iiAi)Ac:oi,, and now I can eat § .-thing I want and gel up and right to work. So, J can not help . praise HAIIACOI.." — Mr. E. 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Sponsored by the American Legion here, the circus will present a matinee and a night performance Britain to Hold By-Election as Labor Flanks Dwindle Like '10-Uttle-Jndians' By William.N. Oalis , LONDON, April 5. <A^)— Britain's Labor government, its ruling majority pared .down to only three seats in the of Commons, hoped to gain another member today in a special by-election in Sheffield. The election will be held in the ncc;ssnd division of the steel city. It Ls considered a labor stronghold. The labor party, returned to office by a narrow margin "In (he Feb. 23 national elections, ilself brought about the neepsend -special election in an effort to Keep Sir Frank Soskice in his government post as solicitor general. He was reappointed to the post although he last to a conservative opponent In his own constituency in" the general elections. To give him a chalice to run again—since lie must hold a seat in Commons If he is to stay in the administration — Labor member Harry Morris, who won in the Necp- . e ehd District, resigned. Sir Prank will run against a Con- pr.opbsed appropriation.for research and ^development. He aigiied that the need is to develop the weapons with which a future war will be fought and not to overstock on weapons that may turn obsolete. Afterward there was no inciiL-a- tion that Vinson was retreating from his stand. Rather, lie told a reporter: "We'll have a lot of fun when the amendments come up." His tone was grim. • servative-Libera! candidate, John P. Hunt, a steel company executive, and a C:minunist' school teactier, E. L. Moore. Morris' resignation and Hid death of two labor party nips cut the. government's overall in a r g ni last month to only three in the 625-scat House of Common.'!. Labor's actual working majority iii (he Commons was cut temporarily to two votes Monday night when Laborite James Glanville had to tan hospitalized with an injured head after falling from a streetcar. ' Two other special elections arc m ihe offing to fill the vacancies left by the Labor members who died. Cheeta the 'Chimp' Is Nervy Thief .CLEVELAND, April 5.' MV-Checta the monkey, accused as a common pickpocket, sulked, ycslcrday while common pleas jury tried to decide whether he bit a customer in a pet shop. ,-Mrs. Katherinc Busch said he did.. She sued Cheetah's owners, Mrs. William Frost and her husband, for $5.000. Her story was that the monk had the nerve to do this after sneaking $10 out of her pocket as she stood in the Frosts' pet shop. Pcavies and pike [xilcs are used by In.escrs to move logs. Acheson Accused Of Blundering in German Industry WASHINGTON, April s. (/p» — Senator jcnner (Rrlnd) yesterday accused Secretary or Slate Acheson of a "pro-Communist betrayal of the American pcople'Mn the allied dismantling of German industrial plants. The Indiana Republican told the Senate that Acheson has led this country "into Communist booby traps all over the world." But he centered his attack on the Stale Department's policies in Germany Jenncr said if the American poo- pie knew the whole story of what is happening In Germany it "would arouse them . to 'such indignation they would compel Secretary Acheson's resignation tomorrow." Jenncr said the dismantling program is paralyzing any hope of restoring stability to the democratic process In Gen any. "They are destroying the last hope ol winning the enormous potential of German workers to the cause o[ our competitive enterprise system," he added. t Jenncr demanded the Senate make public confidential testimony given to ilie Senate Appropriations Commillce on March 10 by John j. McCloy. American High Commissioner for Germany. Youna Romeo Seeks Livina LOS ANGELES, April 5. <AP) — "Sonny Wiseearver is looking for a ! way of living without working or doing very mile. Please tell me howl If you have such a job or portion write." So reads an advertisement in a newspaper. Wiseearver, now 21, ran oil with one married woman when he was 14 and another when he was 16. After'placing' the ad, he told a reporter yesterday: . "I know that everybody doesn't work for a living and there must he a way to make a living without be- ' ing crooked mill without working." \ Sonny's wi'e Betty is in La.s! Vegas while the young Romeo wails' here for any aawers to his ad.- IW Council -Approves New Jerusalem Regime GENEVA. Switzerland. April 5. lift— The United Nations Trustee- ' ship Council ;csterday approved a ! statute setting up a international ' regime, for the Jerusalem area—a ! move bitterly opposed by both Israel ; a nd Hashemite Jordan. The U. N. has no actual power ' to enforce internationalization and council President Roger Garreail of "France was instructed to seek (AMC.)' COUK1BK, NgW8 U. S. Tightens Security Plug For Germany BERLIN, April ft MV-A drive to plug leaks on security matters within American official circles has been started by the u. S. high commission In Germany. A team of security experts Is tightening the control system at the Berlin headquarters now. The drive was ordered after US officials were puzzled as to how an occasional fact contained in •supposedly-secret document turned up in the Soviet-licensed press. Eastern newspapers frequently spin out «n isolated fact Into a web of exaggerations. ' All officers are being Inspected to determine how documents with lop secret value are filed, through whose hands they go, and whether they me properly destroyed once their value is ended. Small safes with ordinary keys are ruled out. An old rule that Germany em- ployes may not handle confidential document* Is being impressed anew on ill officials. Al, German employes of the high commission have been screened as to their background, tendencies and political beliefs. One authority said leakage of Information, may be a matter of carelessness rather than disloyalty. A Gci-niim employe m.iy accidentally, sec a classified document long enough lo notice a fact or two, then talk about it with friends. In the Frankfurt headquarters, a renewed drive to safeguard security was inspired by the recent trickery of a German. He posed as an American security officer and wandered through the place until a scries of petty robberies led direclly to him. He confessed. the "full o.ropcration" of Israel and Jordan, who now occupy-the divided Holy city. ' Gnrrcau was instructed to report to the June council session on answers from Israel and Jordan, Both states opposed Internationalization during the debate In which the U. N. genera) assembly voted lust December to set up a separate regime for the religious center PAGE THREE TRIES 'MO' SKIPPER-Ueur A dm, Stuart S. Murray, above, heads the Navy court-marital that is trying CapL W. IX Browa for allowing Uie battleship Missouri to run aground in Hampton Roads last Jan. 17. Production of petroleum from U.S. public, lands tripled between wa tiui ins. The State Financial Responsibility LAW Is-Very Strict! Before you have an accident, call 3361 for automobile Insurance protection'. For small premium, we include $10,000 Personal Liability. W. M. BURNS Insurance Agency llch from Dry Eczema Simple Rath Chafing Chapping Small Burns quietly relieved Wild loolKlnf oily OINTKEN1 fashions go "$/;m hip" so . . . 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