The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1946
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 1040 Phils I.LT.II Baseball Rookies Showing Promise Major Leagues Find Many Youngsters Doing Fine Playing. NEW YORK. June 28. (UP) Baseball's "freshman class" of 1913 was supposed to fel lost in the "ish <: r returning stars from mi'.i- tary service, but in spite of [lie Icufjlie-r- eompei.ition there are a host or rookies In ecieh l?ague today who have developed inlo "huror .students." The Nalionnl League hns a considerably heller crop of youngsters 'man tile American, which bucies '.veil for senior circuit funs, \vlio have had to take criticism in ie- cent years thai their league hasn't come u|> \vilh n.s many Brent stiirs as ihe younex-r loop. hnwjvcr. American League partisans may are-lie Hint because of Die prcpcndcrancc of top-flight established players it is more difficult for rookies la break in (here. The youngster who has captured Ihe fancy of Hie most fans is Del Emits, the ex-Philadelphia s and- v. h" o;ime unheralded to trie and landed a first team In the outfir-ld where his sciisalional hitting: and ; eldiuti ha\e been a. mnjur factor in the recent slll'Pe of the perennial N;i- (iciiLiI League doormats. Tli're are enough rookies to slaff an entire major league club playii'f; in tile National League. In the oulfield there would \yi Ennis. his Philly ruiinini; male Johnny Uio Dodgers. Erv Dusnl; ol I be Cards and Marv Riek:rl of Ihe Cubs. Eddie Waitkus of (be Cubs is Ihe looking of the ycim-i firsl baseman, although Dick fjisler of the Cards still has n following of fans who think he will .some day be as yreat as his father, George Kisler, the old Brounie .star. r -v 111 the more limited American i^sanup array, the better youn^ °ul- fir-lders appear lo be Whitey Plait of' Chicago nn;l the oft-injurell Hciot Evers of Detroit. In the in- licid. Mm rill (Juke) Jones of Clii- ca(-;> and Check Stevens of St. •/'- Loilis .stand out at first base, bill • . lh.;ro are few top performers cise- • wlicrc. Gene Hundley and Jack Wiillacsa of Philadelphia and F.d- •'. die Pc!la!;rini of Boston, none bril- L' Hunt, appear lo bo the b^s^ of . : the liit. ; Tho Ameriean League is well fort>. ilied with young catchers, llirnc '-." iirsl class workmen being available in Ed McCiah of Boston. Hank II; li : of St. Louis and Sherman :; of Cleveland. / Best or the Ameriean League '- pitching rookies appear to b? Glav. nice (Cuddles) Marshal! and Raiuiy liumpert of the Yankees, ciiai'tey :'- (Kecii Embreo of .Cleveland, Rao -: ErcalbolT.uuh of Wasliinglon and ;_ 8a'm.;Zold.ik of SI. Louis. And.Bob ^ Lemon of the Indians ought to ' ; be in Hie linen]) somewhere. He started the season in tile onffield. ,' : . moved to the infield, and now is .- a pitcher and a fairly food oils I/ at that. Tli2 daring Dodgers put to work three Rookies lo gain a 3 l<> 1 ^ triumph over an unlucky youngster, tchei Warren Spahn of the Braves *t ni^lit. sp.ihn. making his first ', wild pitched Whitman home tile deciding run in the sev- |;enllh. HaHcn. the Dodger starter. j{iBa\(c way in the fifth to Behrinan ^| of 'Ivlaspeth, N. Y.. who celebrated Ills 2r»th birthday hy blanking Bos- Ion tlie rest of the way and gain- inK his third triumph, whitman cjicucd the eighth with a single and nicvrd up en calchcr FIdw.irds' one- baser. Behrman sacrificed the runner; 10 second aiicl third and SlX'.hn did Hi,, rest. Edwards scored Inter on a squre/c bunt by Ed'.iie Stan^vf The Dodgers now l^acl the League : by three and a half games. '• The cubs put. across two runs in the ninth to beat the Pirates, ti to 5 when pinch-hitter Bill Nicholson singled home the tying and vanning inns at Pittsburgh. No ether major league games were scheduled. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Water Ski Ballet PAGE Tee Miilhcws makes pretly anil rnolini; picture wnler skiiii); in true ballet style al Cypress Hardens, Kla. String of Wins Puts Chicks Next to Atlanta in Standings AILANTA, On, Juno as. (tip)-Diefs tinned In 11 llve-hll shutoul The phenomeniil suecess of the I "B»lnsl (he Bears Memphis plli'hlin; slnlT. which has tinned In four shutouts nii ( i ,,i.. lowed only one run In Ihe !usl live e.amcs. was the talk ol (lie Kutith- em Assocliillon today us the Chicks luul climbed Into a vlrtunl second place tie with the Nashville- Vols jusl eight names back of leadtnc Allunla. They held a two-point lead over the Nashville Vols. Wed nii-Ks and Jim Voisellc both turned hi fwo-hillers last uiyht lo Hive (he Chick's a double shutout win over the Mobile Hears. 1 to u mid :t to 0. pive Ohlck pitcheis now have a record of having allowed but 21! hlls anil one run in Ihe Insl 43 Innings. On Monday nlghl. Byron Cool; pitched a (Ive-hil shnlont agalns! New Orleiins; Tuesday night Wimpy Willis allowed ctijlit hits nmi one run (<i whip (he Pels 2 to :, and Wednesday nijjlit Ilermrin The Nashville Vols. ineanwhlU', put logclher an right run rally in Ihe fourth liming with lleln/. lleck- er's homer in Ihe clohtli with two " Spa Team Licked By Blytheville Legion Juniors Win 5 to 3 in Game •Played In Walker Park. The Blythcvlllc Junior American lesion baseball team defeated the Hot Springs Trojans r> lo :t yesterday in n hard foii»ht conlest at Walker Park. Hot Springs look'an early lead by getting one run in the first inning after Wnil.swo.rlh walked. Hex Wehimt scored in the third after Belting on by an error and thru Bercstrom brought him' in with a single. In Blylbeville's hair of ths third Bobby Mullen ati;i Leroy Slnnberr> singled to gel on base then Fmrert as Bill ^Vixson got on by an crroi eingl.c.s by Berry M\cn. Staiibeirj nd Wiivson Mid a walk by Mullen In the fifth inning provided nlyl.he villc .with their other three '.allici with wbssoii. Allen and Mullen scoring. . Hot Springs' last, nin came in the sixth after Stnllberry walk-d , Wilson mid Rosmond and ''Freeman | veered Wilson with a single. • j Leroy starmeny w as crcciilcd i Hie winning pitcher and Rex We- | hunt the loser. Hot Springs collected | eight, hits while Blytheville eat six. i Stanberry struck out three batter | and walked • thr^e ami Wrhunt I staruck nut four and walked two. | Blylhevillc had two runners left] en base and Ihe Trojans had seven, j Players on bolli teams were | treated to a movie last night. | Buddy Freeman carried the hi' ' bat for Ihe Trojans with two sir. gles and a triple in four trips to (he plate. Berry Allen and Leroy Stanberry tied for batting honors with each getting two singles in three tries. Box Score Hot Springs AB II. Wadsworth, 2b 4 B- Byerley, ss Pelicans Manager Fined After Tilt With Umpire UTTLK HOCK, June 28. (UP) — Johnny Peacock. nitiii:i«:i- of Ihe New Orleans pelicans, will sit out Ihe [inal games of Ihe .series with the Little Hock Travelers tonight, following a iiinin with Umpire Paul Blaekard Wednesday nii'ht. Peacock was suspended lor thrrc days yesterday and fined S25 after behiR ousted .from Ihe game in Ihe fifth iiinlng. The Pebbles went on to \vln the encounter six to fnnr. The' difficulty with the man hi black was nollilng new for Peacock. He has [laid a total of $10) in lines this season and lias drawn three sii.speiisions from league president Billy Evans. Kcnnett, Mo., Horse Wins in Nashville Show NASHVILLE. Te::».. June 2il. (UP) — Nashville horse show officials are looking forward to packed houses lonluht and Kaliirdiiy nigh! after lasl night's opening performance allracled about 0.00!) spectators. Hose Skylark, owned by (he Shepherd Acres. Tampa, Flu., won the only championship event last nlghl. the junior (hree-gaited. Top applause, however, went to Maurice Koberts. of St. Paul. Minn., who men on to whip the Allunln"Crack- ers 13 lo 10. Although lie failed lo ifo (he route, l.e'o Twardy r-ceived credit for his nth win of the year. It was a wild, fiee-scorliig game willi (he Cnickers making 19 hlls mid the Vols is. At Cliatlniiobgu, the Illrmliujliiim Barons rallied for four runs In tlie nlnlh Inning to whip the Chaltii- nooga Lookouts a lo 8. 'file Barons rapped out lli hits and Ihe Lookouts 10. liny Katlerfleld received credit for (he win while. Riinkin Johnson was. ehuiftcd with Ihe loss. At IJltlc Uock, ^lie Travelers anil New Orleans Pelican;; spill a dou- bleheiuler, Lltllo Hock lakln« (he llrst game 2 lo 1 and (he Pels tak- iui! the nlBhlcap 11 lo 7. The teams wind up Ihelr einrent series lumen-row night with .single games. tp Play First So/#p// Gomes Tonight 'I'he girls TOtlbull season (jets under wny tonight a s the Klt/piilrick Ji'wi'vy Store team plays the O. 1C, pah nlnu in (h,. first' KIUIH> i>f 11 (win bill ami the I'lillllps Phillies piny lhi> Ark-Mo power Reddv KllOivatts. The Phillips urn! Ark-Mo jjaine was KChcdnli'd for last Tiu'sday nlglil Ullt was ralilerl oiil, Mnnniicr' Sonny UMlbrllcr will luive Mnry l.ou Whitlle on (he inouiid and scphln lieiilll behind l,he |)lnto for the Oalilt* mid malinger .}. n. i.unct ford has appointed Hobby Jean Panky to pitch and Vlrclnla 1'lerce to 'catch for (he lat/patrlcl; uuKiTiiHllou. Ma'niiijer Moiirne liesluirse v ill rely on Marlon nay and Joe Mi:- fUiirc lo •inniii, up Ihc.lnllcr.v for Ihe I'hlllles ,m ( | niiinaicer faldle Kovd \vlll luive Mill Hawkins anil Hill culllson or Whittle lo nmke up his battery. The IhHI name Is scheduled i'i start nt 8 o'clock, FU^eball Standings KOUTIIKKN I.KARUK W, L. Atlantii Memphis Nashvlllo ClmUanouga . .. New Orleans .... Mobile Jllnnhu'ham . ,. Dock NATIONAL Brooklyn Ht. Louis Chicago Boston Cincinnati I'hlliideliihlii . ... New York AMKKIOAN Huston New York Detroit Washington St. Units Cleveland 4!) 27 .'...'. -12 35 ..'., M 33 311 37 37 39 S3 42 31 43 30 43 LKAfiUE W. L. -10 23 30 211 .... 3.') I'd ....31 33 .... 27 31 .... W 1)1 'M 37 .... '2'\ 30 I.KAG11K W. L. .... « la 20 20 :iO :H 30 21) in Pcf. .040 .C45 .643 .wn .487 .440 .410 .411 Pet. .635 ,081 .659 .484 .400 .45(1 .413 ,400 rot. .723 .(IU< .540 .01(1 .40!) .431, .4iq> .21)0 j A I'l-fool inaiinnoth tusk discovered In .Siberia. Hustlers Hold Softball Lead, In City League The l.oy Hich Husllcrs urn sllll uneleli'iiied In Ihe Btylhevllle "Y" siJonsoied soft hall leat:ue ufler wln- ""'B Ihelr third slral,:hl game lust turned in Ihe mii(|iie lierformance !' ll|!h( llt ""! ™s| of ibe o. 1C.-Cub of riding both the Iirsl and sec- 1 " 1 "/ 1 " I'' 1 " 1 ""slim place winners in the open ^ n " lo s >»' a '•* lo in margin and |lhe Bnllba Whole'.sale leiun di'fi'iiled I lie Owens' onig si ore; Cowbuys of 'r ond winners jumping event. In chu'mplonKhlp prelbninaiv;, . . . erbisses, Merry -Wilson owned bl- ,° , IIl( - KL ' C(m 'l Kiuni! of llu ^ I double bender In Walker Pork. A. G. Mosley and joe Ferguson were the nlnulng pitchers for tin Lily - ' and Sieve Hill, Beeeli Grove, Tenn., wo the class for Tennessee wulklnj: mares; and Song of India, owneii hy William Hemphlll. Keiinell, Mo., won the five-Baited class. -• -- -• *-i"., »uii 11 n. ii \ u:-^iin.u\i LIUS5. j Cards' Owner Confers "With Pasqu^fs U. S. Players Dominate Canadian Golf Tourney MONTREAL. June 28. (UP>— Par was n breeze today to Ihe American contingent which dominated Ihe first, round of (he Canadian Open Golf tournament willi Mraliruj scores. Vie Ghcxzli Ihe ex- G.T. from Knoxville, Tciin., leading the way with a GG. Gherai's 33-33 card, six und-.'r par for (he Uenconsfield Club layout, gave him a two stroke lead over three other Americans. Ed Fm-Kol of Pontiac. Mich.. Frank Stranahan. Toledo, O.. amateur, and K<I (Dutchi Harrison of Little Rock, Ark. Their CRs gave them a one J. Usrgstroin. :ft) Wilson, c J. Bales, ib Hc.sainond, cf B .l-"reeninn. If K. Worthy, rf R. Welnyil. i) •/ Totals Blylhevllle B. WiNson., ss B. Workman, Ib D. Caldwcll, 3b S. Hood, if P. D. Foster, c H. Smith, 2b B. Mullen, rf B. Allen, cf L. stanbcrry, p Totals core by innings: Hot Springs Blytheville H Po. 1 1 0 0 Eleli learn while Herb Ctillds Whittle were the losers for the Cables. Hill Crawford was the leading hitter for the o. K. Cab taam with three hlls oul of four tries and A: (-'. Bunch also got three out .if ff.ur for Ihe Husllers. Ciray and c. Hevill carried tlie big huts lor (he Sallba boy.s wllh gelling (hree hlls oul of fom limes at but. fjmolhcrinan led the Cowboys with two hits In three trips lo Ihe plate. Pat Chltmaii homered for the fiallba buys. 31 3 0 24 AB R H Po. 4111 4 0011 4003 28 5 C 27 14 101 001 000 002 030 000 slroke lead over the low Canadian, Bob Ferns of the Wbitlock Golf Club near Montreal, who was all [alone at CD. I The U. S. Open champion Lloyd Mangriim, who won the title at Cleveland two weeks ap> after a double plnyolf with Ghe/wi and Byron Nelson, was williin easy striking distance of the leaders at 71. Wyoming will start rc-estiiu'.isli- nicnt of its national guard about July 1, 1910. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION ree Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE'ARK. h Bernardo Pr.s:iuel, left, stands up and Sam Urcadon, ri(j!il, owner ol the St. Louis Caidinals. hall-rises during- all cxcillng niomellt of ;1 ball game between Mexico City and rJuevo Laredo, plt^eel at Delia Parque in Mnxieo Cily. Breadon and Pasquel would not siiy what they discussed while- Bre-adon was in Mexico City. (NBA Telcphoto.) Yesterday s Results HoiirniiUN i I:A<;III: Memphis 1-3, Mobile 0-u. Lillle Uock 2-7, New Orleans 1-11. Hlrmhujliatn D, Cbatlanoogn II Nashville 13. Allanta 10. NATIONAL LKAGIIC Chicago 0. Pittsburgh 5. Brooklyn .'i. Boston 1. Only games scheduled. AAIKKICAN Open date. that'll make yottr head svm * WIJtr, llatlar Iraad c 35'/'i Slr'onrjar lira body Protection is as vital to car motors as it is to human lives.. And no one could want better, or more thorough protection than Fortified Tagolene Motor Oil gives. It stands up under every service condition you cnn think of. Let us drain your crankcasc and fill it with Fortified Tagolene Motor Oil today. Allen Petroleum Company Marketers of Petroleum Products Phone 2005 Blytheville, Ark. Fairgrounds i Itlylht-viHe. Ark. 4th of July Celebration Two GREAT SHOWS 2:30 p.m. & 8: p.m. Giiler. Open 1:00 p. ni. — M)0 p. m. In WSM GRAND OLD . OPRY with BILL MONROE and His Blue Grass _ Boys ~ ROD BRASFIELD "Tfllrr of Tall Tales" SPEEDY McNATT WorltlV; Ch;ini|>inn Fiddler and His Ciinihcrhind Mount ain __ Hoy.s _ 30 Stars 30 of Radio, Sla^c imo" Screen (JUAHAN'J'KRD To lie Ihe Highest and Hcsl Allr.'i'ciioM Kvcr to Play Mlyllicvillc _ Buy Advance Tickets NOW Admission Advance AiluK.s— ROc Cliilihcn— .'!0c Adm. al (Jafe (iflc & OOc Fed. Tax Inc. Tickets tin Sale al OWEN'S DHIK! STORE Free I'.irMnit— No Stats Itrserved llcltcr ruhlicr dcvelopcil Ijy II. I 1 '.(iovilrlcli uintieH Hilver- lowns run ceiuler, wear loii|;er. DID "road-level" trend «linrc» Ilia wear anil irjvoii i|ulclicr "loi's t lictlur Iraction. - NOW! ANYONE CAN HAVEPUN1Y OF HOT WATER IN A JIFFY! six,]-: roitTAuu: COSTS Nisw rorKK WATIJK fl rKSS THAN $2.0(1 BOILS FASTER THAN GAS Merely place a Vco I'AST-V.ViY Electric Waler Ilcntcr In a I ill). Pan, pnll. O r kctlle coiilalnlni! water, phijf In the neinesl soclitl, picslo —in u few minutes hot walerl A siifriclenl riimnllly tc.r halhinu'. uniihliiK. scrubhiini, etc. Pur faster thnti Ihe nveniue mil hurner. yrt costs less Ihtiti $' No tires lo build or lint water lo curry. .NO rnnnlni; ii|> and down .stars. No top heavy fuel hills. Ilnnclj'! Portnlile! Inexpensive. Ori- Bltinlly -ll.Vfi. Now less Hum $2.00. Get n Vco PAST-WAY Wilier Hciili'i- Today. All-Purpo^o Revolving $U9 up Highest quality brass fittings. Kevolvinff or .slntioiinry. Ail- justntilo from mist to stream. Electric Traveling Irons $6.20 Electric Toasters $4.40 Portable Barb-Q Stands $14.95 lOiisy lo .se( up in your linck y.'ird or (o lake on picnics. Made <>f cast irin. Wright & Dilson 'Gold Star' I GOI.F 1IAI.LS Il5co,. A Hno qualily ball with liquid center. Dimple .markings. Synthetic rubber wound. SII.\ GI.ASSKS Up —/•'V' v ^te^-i^ ) Awn-loci colors, fpv ) «Si v CA your V—Y^jeveH. i'ricc in-. TERMS THAT PLEASE ON THINGS YOU grade eow- tiiile. Greased pocket. Welted isenms. ttfftainl Hull 1.95 Topouality. Knpok center. Perfect sphere, flatsenm stitch. BLAN HEATH AUTO-HOME SUPPLY Phone 828 421 West Main St. B F.Goodi'icli FIRST IN tfcUriiUfr Today's - BOITTREBN UUGUB Mobile «t Mempfrto.'. " Atlanta at Nashville. Birmingham at Chattanooga. ?.,New Orleans at little-Rock.- j'' NATIONAL LEAGCB '•%< Boston nt Brooklyn.' ' *' "*' New Yprk at Philadelphia, night. SI Louis'at'Pittsburgh, rilght. y Chicago nt Cincinnati (night!. AMERICAN 'LEAGUE •".'.• Washington'at Boston'. , ' Cleveland at Chicago night ,'Deliolt at St. Louis, night Plillndolphla nt New Yprk, night. Baby Chicks, AN Summer Heavy breeds, 3 lo 30 tlays tfld Prices iTiisonnblc. Good supply feeds ltd poultry supplies. North 4lliVat .',.•• j> Elevator Feed Store/ Hoppfnexs Cottt So titti*" Week Days: Starts at 7:30 p. <•. Friday and Saturday '' , Wyoming Hurricane" u-Kh Itiirwcll llaydeii ' -^ ST^ANQE AFFAIRS" wllli Eiiisnr llucluiiii'il and Kvi'lyn Kfiyes . . rlal: "R-ilileis nr CUj 1 ' Cliaptrr 111; also Ciirlwnt OWI, SHOW 11 p. ni. 'The HOUSE of FEAR" with llusll Kathlxmc & Nijjcl llrurr Serial: "Captain Ainrrlcii" C:h|il. Z Also ('umlos ' . , Sunday and Monday "HIT THE ICE" . with AblKitl anil C.'usloll? Alse) News anil <.,':irloons New Theater Manila's Finest Shows iiyKRY. MfiilT ,/, Maliiii'e Hadirilay £ Sunday llov-()|,rns yi'cck, Days 7:00 pm. Sat.-Sun. 1 ii.m. Conl. ^Imwinr ''Comfortably Cool" "Rainbow of Texas" * wllh liny KiVRrrs ami Dale ilvaiis ^ Saturday with Cliarles Sia'rfetl • SKItlAI, ANI> (JcVaiKny & Admission ...... - ...... Ho. unl&fc: KATIJKDAY OWl SHOW "NIGHT EDITOR" ,i ^Villhuh (inrt;:iii and .lanis (artcr VIMS OOJUKDV * Admlsslini .......... ..Me anil 3Qc Sunday and Monday " "FRpNTjER GAL" with Yvonne. l)cC::irlo, Kml'c'a'meroiv NEWS AND COMKDY, RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Box office opens at 7:04; Pic-tar* itart» at 7:15. KrWay Rnrt Saturday "WEST of the ALAMO" with JMmmy Wahcly llnnald Duck Cometly Illi Chapter "Ilnuiilcd Harbor" COMING TO T1IE IIITX . Bafurd.iy Mid nil c, Sunday, STon- day, Tuesday June M-30, July 1-2

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