The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1947
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MAY 27, 19.17 East-West Fight Takes New Form Russians to Battle To Prevent Exercise Of News Freedoms BY ROHRKT MANNING United Press Slaff Correspondent LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y.. May 27. ••laL-s tor an Bust-West fltuhl tfvMfelotal frccaom of Informntlon wcrTF drawn clearly i,, the United (Nations today, although the show- flown was month., away. The pattern of Soviet resLstencc to western ideas for increasing the How of Information through the world wa s set in the UN Subcommittee on Freedom ol Information, wJUei, was rpeparing the nsciida for the loiiB-ylsniwl world conference on news freedom. ,,'" lc .iWoj' will »ct he held until Spring in E.iro]«. but the strinj- 8le bcBim last week when the commission, overriding Soviet objections at almost every turn recommended abolition of penraUme censorship, prohibition of arbitrary expulsion of news correspondents and elimination of financial restrictions and combines whicli im- PO<IC the free flow of information. Technically the subcommittee was jus. mapping the agenda for the BLYTIIEVH.LE (ARK.)' COUKIKR NEWS •^,,h^ •' no u M \? n . k , cc " «->n<--h d.nmetcr. turbo jet engine is one of pair Hunt provide the v™-M •>• . ti y E - Pla ' 101 W " !l morc horsepower than any other carrier-based n s l,loc in the woild. loaetl cr, the engines speed the plane at over KM mph. Plane can cruise on one engine thus extending its range at low altitudes and giving added safely in ovce-walur flight. a . • - ~ -•-- »,5^,,iia lur LIIU Piess freedoms conference, but ac- khi r ?'? tiaill ~ llalrn<l j. M. Loim- tarn is ]>oiutod !L S ° V |"i t U ," i011 rc " patcil !y dissimination pointed out, delegates dug dceP'v '"to "the substance" or a nue,- tion —'--' • -- '|uis encn. The RussiHii joined llic other nine representatives in. approving discussion ol non - discriminnlory ficial ! 1 ?, C0 , mmittec members sul dividuals rather than «« of- Boreriimcnt representatives, it.'Lomakm, Soviet consul K cner- »1 in New York and formerly a New York editor for Tass, indicated he considered himself an cfii- Russian dcleRatc Russian Stands Alone a scries of 9-to-I votes, Lam' ost °» attempts to strike l-hc proposed agenda the discussion of censorship, regulations .•gainst arbitrary cpulston of correspondents. elimixnation against discriminatory taxes on news-gat'i- cnng activities, anrl rpomotlon of He foiijfht vainly against a proposal that world supplies of physical facilities' such as ncwsprini; aJid radio equipment, be increased. transmission rates ajid reduction of tariffs on ct)iii|>]nent needed for ol newK. 'Liimokin and Xachafiaii Cliafee, Harvard law s:clioi!l professor and American representative on the .subco;nmission. fell into a sharp ,lltuov.i»L,,.>.>ii,ii, IUJJ JilllJ II s""'l' exchange when the subject of censorship came up. Censorship, the Russian said, normally was aguinst correspondents who did act in good inilti mid whose reports were designed to foster misunderstanding und unfriendly relations. "Naturally, no government can stand for that," h o remarked. Clmfce said, however, that the world, press conference not only should discuss censorship but also should consider a proposal under which peacetime censorship, if considered necessary, should tic "open" censorship. This would rennirc censors to tell coi re!i]x>nderits promptly when and what parts of their dispatches arc censored. Read Courier News Want Ada. New Zealand White Rabbit Special —For One Week Only— To Reduce Stock Fully Pedigreed Does : : $7.50 ^gisfered Does - - $10.00 2 Ib. Dressed Fryers $1.00 THE DIXIELAND BAITRY C. R. COLLINS, Mgr. 511 Chickasawba Science and Seagulls Team Up In Losing War Against Crickets PE.NDL'ETON, Ore., Moy 27. (UP) PENDI.ETON, Ore., May 2G. (UP) —Science and'sen gulls (coined up with anxious fanners ov,>r the week cud ii> all-out war ugidivit relentless hordes of Mormon crickets. So far the crickets were v, inning. In thick masses, ml Ilium of tin; migrating crop destroyers broke through the halt llrijs three miles south of Ordnance, and Aiiwed Irresistibly toward the tuiy town. At least 1,000 sea gulls, birds seldom seen this far Inland, somehow were attrackted to llw 'Impromptu feast, and gorged 'themselves on crickcfs. Their numbers appeared to be Insufficient to turn the tide against the migrating millions, nut residents hoped their attack mlghi repeat Hie miracle nf 184S when spa tjulls saved the crops of Mormon pioneers in Great Salt L«ko Valley As the destructive pest; pushed toward Ordnance, toward Ihe I'ily of Hermiston nn<l appi-o'.ichcd within nine miles of one if tho ridiost agricultural areas In Oregon, science threw its heaviest weapons into the battle. New Chcmlrul Tried Supplies of chlordan?, n new nr- (jnnlc chemical, were rusncd to Umn- tilla, Oilllain and Morrow Counties. The ehlordane was sent la Pollimd dislributors from the manufacturer at Denver, who authorized them lo supply it without chargu as tin cx- licriuicnt. Tlic chemical, spread as a dust, lias, been .used effectively agaiml I grasshoppers In 6rizon\. DDT cnil- not kill the crickets. Dr. Claude Wnkelnwl of Denver, head of the Western Regional Office of the U. S. Department ol Entomology, was on. the hattkfront to operate a biower-spvcader in the emergency. " He sain nc ocucvea.a piano could cover the area in a single day. Oov. Earl Sncll of Oregon promised to send the plane. The old Oregon'trail was red and slippery with crickets as the insects crossed over from sagebrush country to eat into fringe alfalfa. Besides being crop destroyers— one resident described ths crickets n.s walking niipetltcs ijolisj; rome- whcre to eal—Ihc insi--;ls arc pain- ful pests. They bite, ki':k, -.cratch. They spll. And-they croiiK—a mo- 110(0111108 drcud sound tivi', tire natives have come to tliiuV. of us (hq battle cry of llic cricK.H:;. Listed Below Are Prices of Nash Cars Delivered to You F.O.B. Blytheville THE 25 to 30 MILE l'K\i GALLON NASH "u'OO" SUPER SERIES TWO DO OK HKOUGIIAM (C pass, cpc) 1-180-10 4 DOOR SLIPSTKKAM SKDAN 1-180.M 4 DOOR TRUNK SKDAN, 1529.1 'f.- Above prifces Incliirle llic foiioivinir Sfiitid.inl ctiiiiinnetit- NASH FAMOUS WHATIIJCKMYB FOAM RUHHF.R SIOAT CUSHIONS OIL .RATH AIR CLHANKU CHROMIO WINDOW HK.VEAL MOLDINGS MOHAIR UrilOUSTKRY CIGARKITK LIGHTER ELKGTKIC CLOCK ARM RESTS BOTH FRONT DOORS ASH RECEIVERS EI4ONT & REAR CARI'ET INSERTS FRONT DKLUX STEERING WHEEL DUAL DELUX UUMPER GUARDS DUAL SUN VISORS DUAL W-S WIPERS GRAVEL PADS ON REAR FENDERS NO-DRAFT VENTILATION WRAP AROUND HUM PENS °™^CKSSORIES AT EXTRA NASH AMBASSADOR G SUPER SERIES TWO-DOOR IJROUGHAM 177579 'i DOOR SLIPSTREAM SEDAN 170 17') -1 DOOR TRUNK MODEL SEDAN '|,ST! 79 CRUISING GEAR & AUTOMATIC OVERTAKE' IN ADDITION ABOVE LISTED STANDARD EQUIPMENT^ AT NO EXTRA CH ALL PRICES QUOTED INCLUDE FULL TANK GAS & MOTOR OIL SHELTON MOTOR 121 W. Ash St. COMPANY PHONE 438 ot nil wood from wood. alcohol is made * Lone DlaUnc * 1 '." 1 * «««•«••«. Ai. Ivrrlo* k 1'kona 2801 " <'«py C.'olns dollars uro liked so In China Hint the cuiiu-w m ,, lt hns col| B|U( uw<| M?'' • VCim ' CVBIV lllc wo "' s ulicn do Mexico" In / left on. PAGE 8ETJBN Jn 1044 the Chicago Cubs did »ol win U bnsobiili game from the SI, i.oiils Cardinals until September 9. • Almost every hour In the <!«y you will find « good use for the "Jeep" „, „ lrut . k . ]^hi lnclort tuaab ^or mobile power unit. Wiili its mii-lny Willys-Overluml Jeep I'ngine iiml powerful .f-wliccl. Jrive, you am KO mem a«y where in a "I t . e ,,,» „„ or o)f llic 7 oaj £ hur weatlicror in r oiif. Get a "Jeep" on (he job. It will pull pl owi ,, har- EulViS Ik"' n ',r' C ^ ; " >W 5 > 50 "- |f >- ««i«««l f»ylo.d,; haul 800 Jb.. Jh« ."i ec p» Wl -|, t;lrry men ^ ,' Across (own or to lianl-to-^t-m p I ilCM in * : iffy . Wherever it goes, its ,, mver (iikc-off is ready to run your machinery ri 8 lu on the job. Come ami see what the amazingly versatile 4-r.urpose "Jeep", can do THE MIGHTY 'JW AT POOLE MOTOR COMPANY Formerly HOLLY MOTOR CO. ELLIS POOLE, Owner and Operator St«le.Mo. GOODYEAR NOW OFFERS YOU HIGHEST PRICES FOR YOUR T RADE-IN TIDES GOOD/YEAR TIRES - GOOD/YEAR Today's Goodyear Deluxe tires carry to even groaler heights the extra mileage, extra service recorded by over 400 million tires which have been produced by Goodyear. Got the plus performance) of a Goodyear yourself enjoy tho extra safety, greater strength, tho dependable service that makes Goodyear 'i tho world's first choico j tire. Stop in today. \ j GOODYEAR TRUCK AIRWHKIS Idcral llcos for light Irucki. Rayon body, hoavlor beads, thick- 1 ' er troad and moro plioa' than moat pasoongor liies, ' NEW TIRES DESERVE NEW TUKS NEW TIRES Deserve NEW TUBES I A CONVENIENT TWMS ON OUR EASY PAY PIAN GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE !N AND AT FOUNTAIN* v*— <cr Ptpri-Cola Company, Jjinj lilttnd City, N. Y. Jtnltler: 1'ewJ-CnU Ihitllin* Co. of Rlytbeville or 2 Small or 2 Small ,25* SPECIAL! FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY Washed, Rinsed 3 Times And Damp Dried One Large Throw Rug One Large Blanket 1 Chenille Bedspread 25* THE WASHERETTE SELF-SERVICE, AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY Croistown Mqin at Divi$ion SEED SOYBEANS CERTIFIED IMPROVED ARKSOY EARLY MATURING ..Foundation Stork—Direct Krnm Breeder Recent lest proved yields .3 to 5 more bushels ner acre and standa up better than Ualaoy. Blytheville Soybean Corp. isnn w iti.i n ... . -r-___ 1800 W. I'hohe 860-857 A A AA CERTIFIED BABY CHICKS _J H.n til 9 evening, S to' 10 m. Sundays Plenty of Parking Space • LEWIS POULTRY Phone 949 419 East Main. St. «««**:«c»::<««w:o:>::c««>*^^^^ GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone Ark.-Mo. Slate Line on the left at the Arch K Pt 7 Crown 1.35 Colverf ^35 Schenley . . ] ^'35 Cream of Kentucky 1.35 Three Feathers ... 1 35 HiH&Hilf l'40 Old Taylor \ '. '.'.'.'. Four Roses Ft. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 BU. 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6-90 4.50 5% Beer GAS, reg 17.9c;. Cigarettes .per Case $3.35 Erhyl 19.9c .per carton $1.55 .5 I &>>»»»>>»"«<>>x*>:^ "For Work Done Right" CALL 474-475 CoW Storage for Furs and Woo/ens MA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 "The Oto ReliabJe * «*; vrnx a\ciinnrc G. O. POETZ •v BMree •( PETROLEUM „__ »«*«k>e McrTte* PBODIirTS »• Uvi Wl M Ctafcy

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