The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 8, 1949
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8, 194» BLTTHETILLX (ARK.)' COURIER NEW1 PAGE ELEVEN McClellan Asks Spending Curbs Arkansas Senator Proposes Slashing Billions from Budget WASHINGTON, June S. «•) — Senator McClellan (D-Ark.> said Way • proposal to cut government ^Rndini next year by as much u 13,000.000,000 nil] be handed to the Senate soon. McClellan said the measure will be aimed at "balancing the bud* get." It will be offered by the Senate Expenditures Committee which he heads. President Truman has proposed .spending about $42.000,000.000 in the year starting July 1 and has called or a $4.000,000.000 tax increase to make up an expected deficit. McClellan said the economy pro- »sal win call on Mr. Truman to rim from one and a half to two billion dollars from the proposed spending of domestic agencies. "Then maybe Congress LUelf can ake enough off of the European recovery bill to make up the rest," he added. Thrs would be a cut of a billion or nwre In foreign aid funds, he indicated. The proposal was agreed, on, Me- Sleltan said, at a closed-door meeting of the expenditures group. McClellan named himself chairman of a subcommittee to put the proposal into a committee bill. ruman Asks Large Sums to Aid Koreans WASHINGTON, June (. (if! — President Truman hai asked Cong-rest for HSO.OOO.OOa to continue economic aid to the Republic of Korea In the year beginning July I. The President uld In a special message such a program "Is not only the soundest courae economically, but alto the most effectirc from the standpoint of helping to achieve the objectives of peaceful and democratic conditions in the Far East." The Republic of Korea la the American-occupied aouthern portion of Korea. The President said the people there and the freedom-seeking people of North Korea, "held under Soviet domination," seek for themselves a "united, self governing and sovereign country, Independent of foreign control and support :.n4 with membership In the United Nations." The $160,000,000, If granted bj Congress, would go to the Economic Cooperation Administration which has been handling relief and recovery work in Southern Korea since Jan. 1. Read Courier Mews Want Ads Pound of Flesh! DES MOINES, Iowa (If,— When is it profitable to add another 50 pounds to your hog. and when is it better to ship tiie porker to market? A table based on studies by the Winter Let us re-upholster your living room set at our surprisingly low cost. We use the best webbing and filling... .tighten and re-stain the frames. Slip covers made to order; fabrics priced to meet every purse. id Ovt complete decorating s*rr- ice offers you the distinction of custom-built furniture, exquisite lamp*, earpetinx, and wallpaper. "Patterns for Better Liring" House of Charm Deal & Whisenhunt 2021 West Main Phone 46211 CHAMBERS SEEMS UNDECIDED—Whlttaker chambers, willies, in the Alger Hiss 'perjury trial, seems undecided which direction to take as he is about to enter the Federal Courthouse corridor at New York. --AP Wirephoto.) Two Gunmen- Nabbed after Car Crashes WASHINGTON. Kan.. June I. (*) —Two of three Minnesota gunmen, wanted for killing a policeman, kidnapping and robbery, were captured near here yesterday after their car crashed into a washed out culvert. The third gunman surrendered yesterday. The pair wns captured after one of them had limped a quarter of a mile to a farm house for help aft»r he, a companion gunman and a man, believed to be a hitchhiker, were seriously hurt in the wreck. Sheriff Bill Smith said one of the gunmen identified hhn&elf ax Allen G. Hartmnn, 20, and told him his companion's name was BUtrom. Haitman said he did not know the name of the third man. At Marysville where the three were taken. Sheriff Kale Thompson Identified (lie other gunman Carl Bislrom. 27-year old former convict. The third man wax identified throuah a Nebraska driver's license as Bill J. Beatty, 31. of T«- knninh. Neb., who Is believed to be a hitchhiker who had been picked up by the gunmen in their wild flight. U. S. Department of Agriculture and state experiment stations shows that you can add 50 pounds to a 200-pound hog with le.^s corn than a fatter hog. It works like this: to fatten a hog from 200 to 250 pounds it takes 4.5 bushels of corn; to boast from 225 to 27S it takes 4.6 bushels; from ISO to 300 it l?kes 4.8 bushels; and from 275 to 225 it takes 4.9 bushels. Saves on Soap Wash** Whiter, Brighter! Slayer of Wife Goes on Trial in Pulaski County LITTLE ROCK. June 8. <X*> — Prosecutor Edwin Dnnaway snid today he \vould ask the death pea- alty for an unemployed railway mail clerk charged with slaying his estranged wife and her male companion. Dmiawny announced this as se- lectlon oT Pulaski Circuit Court jurors opened the trial ot Wilson E. Hunt. 40, this morning. Hunt is accused of firingr several .-45 caliber pistol slugs into an automobile, killing his wife Mrs. Mildred Hunt. 38, anrt Edwin J. rugate, 33. near her home last May 14. The defendant is being tried only lor (he death of his wife. The formal charge Is first degree murder. Dunaway said Hunt admitted the shootings when arrested at the scene a few minutes after the two were killed Hunt said the anfo. driven by Fugate, attempted to run him down. Divorce proceedings Involving the Hunt's were pending In Pulaski Chancery Court. A similar suit was filed by Mrs. Fujsate against her husband the day before the dl'.ible slaving. Louisiana Gas Station Owners Protest Taxes BATON ROUGE, La.. June fljVl. —Black crepe hangs from many Louisana filling stations today mourning the stale's nine-cenls-ft- gallon tax. The legislature increased the lax from seven cents, the nation's highest statewide levy a year npo. Yes teiday filling station operators are .singing a "Muck Tuesday." Ptitions were draped at New Oilcans, Slneveport, Alexandria nnct Lake Charles. Gov. Earl K. lang. sponsor the tax, said station "operator* should be able to make good pro fits when "you can buy first gra'c gas wholesale at IL'.i cents a gal- Ion.' 1 Retail pi-ices In I.ouisana nov range around 30'i cents » galloi for regular gasoline, 32",i cents to: premium grades. The governor commented Inn the operators had no "Black Tuns' day" to mark the time they them selves raised gasoline prices. Stone Age Skeletons Found in Shell- Mound TOKYO, June 8— (ft— MeIJi Unl versity archeologists announced tO' day discovery of the bones of i man believed to hive lived 5.00C years ago. T»-o students found remains o the ancient man at Hlrazaka shel mound in Yokosuka, about 40 mile from Tokyo. The discovery, archeologisU *»!d supports the theory that humans inhabited Japan during the stone age. • rfjl Miyvp** • ••w hews Sif its ot Lire WASHINGTON, June «-</p)— The Senate may take s crack ill Evil rights before this .session ends. EfemocnUe Leader Lucas of Illinois hinted today. Lucas told a reporter he is "happy" that the Senate Judiciary Committee approved on a voice vote a bill making lynching a federal offense. poll tax and fair employment prs«- tlccs bills on the calendar," thr Illinois senator said. "We'll takr them up before we are through." He added "this administration U Just as interested in civil right* hope we'll soon have atui-i as it ever has been. ~THL~ a T ' ~l?fi ^a*. -««*•• W'orlh its J^rice in J$ace of fllind ! Soox \rrf.i rmi take possession of a I'M'/Cadillac, you will find thai it lias bro»x!it you someihtng iiljimst priceless which only ownership ofrlic cnr c:ni reveal. You wilt find thai tath timr yon shirt the iiuim, and toll uut itlta I/if st.ftt ai /i/jfAmiy. Vrjff /iai-f ihf utiii,itifi,i fowtftiott ifint VPW art u-hutty ihe nuiilft of ftt\ timtiiv shnation. A You will know —from experience—that the powerful, t*xci engine will put you any place in the trufHc line you wish to occupy . . . almost as quickly as you reach the decision. Von will know that (he ,i]« f vc1vei-<ofi hydraulic brakes can settle you duun ic a stop-ui a snail's pace — uiulcr llie slightest pressure from the daintiest foot. ^ nu u'ill know that you rare :is nearly free from mcclnirm'a) liill'irc us it's pmiilile to lie. Anil viiu will kinw ih;ir yon and your pnssengcra are riding in A\\ the s:i,oiy « motor car can al.brd. Silting there :it iJie wheel —with llie motor running so (juicily you can hear die soft ticking of the electric clock —nnd with the miles sliding l.y so easily that each one is a special ifcliylu—we think you'll agree that a Cihiiilac n irort/r th price in p«ire t>f iniittif \Vhv nor imn-c up to C:idill.ic when you purchase your IK-xi or -mul enjoy (his great mental satisfaction winch on!)- the "Suuidard of die World" can bring you? Coffee is not native In South America. It is suposed to have been discovered In AbyslnniR. The new home of "Lubri-lection" AN INVITATION to visit America's newest and most modern motor oil plant There »re prnif w> 1* "Wf. 1 Joinp" it Kanm City, Kan«ai, June 21« »nd 22nd, when Pliillip.' great new motor oil plant ,hoW« "oaen noun" for American motorim. You and your family .nd friendt art invited, if you can poaaibly be then. There'll he guided toun and refreihmenti, and you'll get an exciting "eyeful" of what Phillip* ha* don* t* make aoeaiMc finer Vubri- eantt for today'i can. Youl! KC motor oil scientifically packaged by new pctciiion methodi. Youll b« thrillad by new high speed conveyon anrl miraculous new machines that turn out up to 250 cans of oil a minute. You'll sec special automatic blenders that maintain exact itancUrds of uniformity and purity. Com « »nd see thii new nome of "Luhri- tection", where Phillips blendi finer motor oil tp give your car lubrication plus engine protection. Remember the dates . . . June 21it and 22nd ... at Kansas City, Kansas Any Kansas City Phillips 66 Dealer can give you directions for reaching the plant. f. S. //,.« ctn'l if t. Kmt, Crty «»* M( t,m, yen n » »*r ••* •/ Hu wtltomt! Lubneatt for Mfrty eyery 1,000 SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO; 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 It s our family's whiskey, neighbor—and neighbor, it's your price! ^HHIflHMMBMIHMK^sMH Hcre't wkeB Aady jot his fUger bit by kis nape rabbit! Mo»l (enerilly on Stturdijr ni(ht> up oar way, we make our own fun. Andy Kootir there—he', a (re«t ant lor doing trick.. Making eg<» come nu< n( hi. mou<li and BO forlh. LJ»( month Andy haul, a full size rabbit out of Mar.Kail Dirk', lane; hat, and Andy jot nil by the rabbit lor hi. trouble. It', me wrapping Andf'« bit* and my brother-in-law Tom back of me. On the right hand 'ot our dog 'mil k'» my brother William. Harry F_ Wllkan There's no pulling rabbits out of hats in making tasty whiskey! Tkere'i tome 60 yean' npcrwace luck of oar FanuJy'i Recipe. Time aod again TT« seen the pfevsurc and surprise spring up into folks' faces when they get their first tas<« of Our Family's Whiskey. "Whatever did you do to get such a heap of tastineas in it?" they ask us. There's no magic to it, neighbor. That trick of putting tastineai into whiskey was something we learned off o( Pa Wilken »nd Pa learned it off o* Grandpa Wilken. AH told our family has had 60 odd years of distilling experience. And you can easy figure how we've picked up a thing or two about making whiskey tasty when we've been everlastingly at it ever since 1886 I think it was. In the Wilken Family Whiskey, you are getting the exact same as us old time distillers enjoy amongst ourselves. And m regards to price, your hard earned cash w going to buy more downright t»stine*s for you than you ever had an idea of 1 BLENDED WHISllf

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