The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 5, 1950
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVn.I.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5, 1950 The Nation Today: Senate Action on the Loyalty Files— \ Congress May Let Showdown Oh Files Pass As Prev/ous/y BT James Marlow • WASHINGTON, April 4. (fl>J — Congress doesn't seem likely to force a showdown with President Truman on Its demands to sec certain secret loyalty files of the government. The demands were made by a Senate subcommittee which Is investigating charges by Senator .McCarthy, Wisconsin Republican, that there are Communists or pro-Com- rrrnlsts In the Slate Department. The. proof against the people he has accused, McCarthy says. Is In the loyalty files of the State Department. the FBI and the Civil Service Commission . Truman Holds Files Tlie subcommittee asked President Truman for oermlsslon to .see the files. He has decIlncd.'Wriy did It have to "ask permission? Why couldn't the subcommittee Just wnlk In and help Itself to the secret files In the FBI; Civil Service Commission and trie State Department Becai'se those three aEenctes are part of the executive branch of the government, headed by President Truman, : while the ^subcommittee, being a part of Congress, is in the legislative branch. .Under the. U.S. Constitution the three branches of government — legislative, executive nnd Judicial fthc cpiTts)-r-have powers separate from. arid -Independent of, one another. One won't let the others intrrde on its constitutional rights and authority. Having. been turned down by the President, the subcommittee then took this step: Subpenas : Issued It Issued. R' subpena— rormal ; demand— upon the -secretary of state. Dean . Acheson. the head of the- Civil Sen-Ice Commission. Harry Mitchell, and the attorney general. J. Howard McGrath, to turn over the -secret files. Their • boss, " the President, hns now formally ordered them to Ignore the subpenas. t What then could the comrhittee da to force the Issue and settle once for all this question:' Can the : Congress .force the executive branch to let Congress have any secret papers -it wishes to see? The . subcor..mittec could decide Acheson. Mitchell • and McGrath should N; crted for contemnt of Congress. Then, If the full Senate approved, this would be the next step: Senate Could Ask Arrest < The Senate's sergeant-at irnr; would be sent to arrest the three men. The Senate then, because It has the power, could order the men kept In custody indefinitelj or It could even -"sentence them to lal]"-!' confided In a; federal court? Tn the case of sentence by "the Senate he might not have that power Authorities on the' Constitution do not. agree on what he'could do In such a case.) "But — the President : undoubtedly wouldn't let the situation go that far before he stepped In. Once the sergeant-at-arms arrested the three men, the President undorbtedly would appeal to the third branch of the government, the federal courts, to free them, before the Senate could sentence them or do anything else. Problem to Courts Then the whole problem would be thrown Into the courts. Almost surely. then It would be fought all the way up to the US. Supreme Court for a final decision. ; If the court decided against the President and he still refused to Chinese Reds Back Down on 'Victory Bands' HONG KONO, April 5. (fP) — Communist authorities appeared yesterday to have backed clown from demands that 10 American, British and French firms buy about J400.000 worth of Red "victory" bondr Recent reports had rild these firms would be closed and their managers arrested if they did not fill their quotas. Hong Kong headquarters of the firms, however, were reported to have politely but firmly told the Reds their Canton offices could sustain no such load In addition to already heavy Red taxation. The latest report is that: the Communist foreign affairs soition told the firms It had taken Jurisdiction from the tax and bond sales commission which had no authority to deal with foreigners. This looked like a face-saving gesture which probably will lead to dropping the whole matter. \ Firms concerned .nciiicle Cal-Tex. Shell and Standard-Vacuum Oil "Companies, British-American Tobacco, Jardine, Matheson & Co., Butlerfield & Swire. Hong Kong A Shanghai Bank, Banque de L'ln- riochlne, Deacon Co., and Imperial Chemical. CHICKEN UNDER CLASS—David Siccle of El Dorado, Kan., holds an 8-week-old chicken which was raised in a 5-gallon gloss bottle. Put in the bottle when only, a tew days old. the chicken now weighs an estimolcd 2V4 pounds and appears normal and' healthy. A small round hole in the bottle allows the pullet to reach water and feed dishes hung from outjide of bottle. • EGA Approves Cotton Buying WASHINGTON, April 5. (VT) — Three : European countries .yesterday received permission to buy $45,200,000 worth of American raw cotton under the Marshall Plan. They are western Germany, $40,000,000; Italy $3,000,000 and Norway $2,200.000. The Economic Cooperation Administration announced, the grants and said the cotton will be bought bel«een no* and Miy 15. Deliveries are scheduled for completion by June 15 Moonshine Business Is Still Booming WASHINGTON, April 5. '(AP) — The bootleg wnisscy business Is booming. -. . So says the distilled spirits institute, which keeps tab on the-sltua- tlon for legal whiskey makers. The Institute reports that'federal agenUs seized 1,792 "moonshine" stills during January and February. That's 387 more than they found in Iho snme period last year and 233 more than in the same months of pre-war 1940. Come On, Joe, GiVe— HONG KONG, April 5. (fi"t— One staid British newspaper yesterday carried a Washington dispatch on Senate Investigators demanding proof of Senator McCarthy's <R- Wis) Communism charges against Owen Lattlmore. The headline: "Come On Joe, what Do You Know?" SMART MEN Mr. John Doe, from out near Armorel, went to HUBBARD A HOKE, the General Electric Appliance dealer, next door to Hubbard Furniture Co., and helped his wife select a 10-ft. General Electric 1950 model refrigerator priced at $309.75. He then went to the office and Mr. Hoke gave him his salesman's commission of 5%, amounting to $15.49. We say he is smart; You can do the same thing on anything HUBHABD & HOKE has in stock. Sell yourself or anyone else and collect your commission. They have easy terms! —AdT. yield, we'd have a grand and glorious mess. t No Congress has ever tried to; force a showdown with the executive branch on this question. Many Congresses in the past have demanded secret files and records from the executive -branch. But. once they were turned down and 17 President altogether have turned down such Congressional demands, Congress let the matter drop. I This Congress'is likely to do the same. Senator Connally (D-Tex) i said he doesn't believe the Senate foreign relations subcommittee, the full committee (which he heads) or the Senate would vote to cite the officials for contempt. Anywny, n court fight might take a couple of years. ' BAKE SALE Homemade Cakes, Pies, Candies Hand Painted Easter Eggs SATURDAY, APRIL 8 Starting at 9 a.m. at ARK-MO POWER CO. Local Office Sponsored by Ladies of the Catholic Altar Society A welcome host to workers in offices and shops, refresh at the familiar red cooler aik for it tilKer mtj ... toll man llH itmt Ihint. UNOII AUTMOtITT OP 1HI fOCH.COl* COftPANY IT EXTRA SPECIAL DELIVERY—Flood waters from the Tittaba- wasse* River didn't keep William Horning, center, and his sister, Florence, from making ihe rounds with the Midland, Mich;, Daily News, With molorboat operator Uce Olds, ihe teen-age couple is- seen about to make a delivery—to a customer who wasn't .home. Backsliders' Plague Chinese Communists HONG KONG, April 5.' (/P)—Not every Chinese Communist toils unendingly for the new china. .Authorities said some—Ahem! — backsliders -have been "hanging *round-theaters, cabarets, teahouses and restaurants." They were lured "by material attractions." So— ' . plamclothes squads now visit these bright spots, ti spy on such "corrupt! behavior during this state of learning and intellectual housecleaning." • , Our Telephone Number 4438 She I ton Motor Co. Only the belly skin of crooodUc* la used for leather. 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