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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
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Sunday, September 20, 1914
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I . ; . life F9 t rl "All tKe News That's THE WEATHER I air Saaaey sad Wi; ; (eat kt ii I i l! P. J! Print' . ertabkt -'if; ;v. 'if i ; VOL. S LXIv7.0i: 20.693f.! j , NEW YORK, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1914. ! PAGES. In Seven Parts, I'UKK KIVB CZST. - : c:;ly two saved Hi PACIFIC Ccvcr.ty ta Eighty Prions Lost Coastwise .Schooner Founders In. Gale. ; ..EI. TWO BOATS; CAPSIZED ' I! Hht : -I rssensr Picked Up After Teri , Hours Tells jthi $toryi of the Wreck; v v. rl CnulSER CAUGHT S O S CALL ; 1 i t' . tt !! .. ls!vrvf-H But Japan Warship 014 Net Giv Position and Hour Palsd Bt jj for Rescuers Cam. i srl . ' i-'-.v4 . -.. .,! A STOItr A, Ore.. Sept 19-Between seventy and eighty meti. Women, and children, coastwise 1 peiasengers i and errs, wer drowned lte yesterday when tsa three-masted stcm"x:hoonr rraivW c II. Leggett wad 'jnd4 to piece In a gale sixty miles from1 the mouth f tha Colombia River. If . ip .v'f ;;?v -;.: Twa mn war raad r paaalna; atmra 'afld carried I Aatarta. and rortland o tell bowj tfta tor th to 'ilHa and! haw iha paaiir " wtr drowned. a' ot ; load ' at t!mu ma tha llfcboaU capal'aad or met thrir fata a lltUa Utr iri8 tba vaal turned aar. '. s r$j '''.-'..'vi'! AIxanJ(ir rarrtl.l aaarVtvor. aajil at at thai hiht or SlM atojrm Capt ' "n of . InoWi r paaaanser; ho haj nt ia ew ablp ix moatha a co aud :for t our moatha 5 auceaadln waa mifoWMKl o m VinhaWtl taUbd, wrnt to tha aid of "api Mora of tha LairKt-tt, look roniuod ,ot tha paa4 "ntfri, tnl rontroltadj tbn iUl hi aank with tha achoanri '. Tha k heKitwr1! wtiVjqaa, pn a routa a5!r with ahipa. ralae4onIr tha Japai it' crtuacr IJiumo, aad aank hogrt in Iff. re any craft reejr h4 br poaltlon. Tli a atrairvrr Beerer. wMchcaosht th4 Miilima'i 'report tr. aaltl that cf iha, Wrett a dta- th! Idiumo save ' na r"--'lon fpr the autraaatd aaael. 'She t f t nw, dtxl':a.''bur'get ne r i fr-. -i tha warihlj) ' " !iJ n nr cuuim lor tna coiuni; i i i-4 v r, ti ivtvr nn aipon th ., ( -r lu.k. Uivl!in5by a aartrl vt - - ki , tliuW fhlch indleatrd mi.rr. t),.; I . r. tt hal iakJ Th Buelf: trn.1f-rr-.J 1' .rrHl ;h;tover fo tr. ami.t.. . i - ntajn fof some time" -r. ,',.t . aloat. or for;oin K.. r iimtv ijk, Kurrafi. was for. t rr:iuiih to a4ae bt of lumber aTiii-a enough to sllna; to ft fo r .,vy lurt In th i-jr atr. T: Mi..r r itd pnaMtiSrr. Oaersa H. on J'ii!lmHi of Wtnnlrs, X'anttiia, M t...n hf H.n-k. vl.tih how is Ivintf -it tha ilohimbU bar a watting calroi r;r hfra rnmalnd! n.t : - : - j It la bf!ld that Cajht. Mora ( th I .stt Waa wah4 orboard ahortty ytrm th ahip aank, fW It was CapC Jt.n. frrll aaJd. wlat waa In charge cf a futi : aticmrl tp Vuneh two Ufa i' Ma foundered as aoon as they iniok the. water. . .". i , jj; Karreli. who had recovered eonaiderf tuniKht from his akhajiatton, aald t'.at the Lcsfvtt crrtd afutl Ilat of nn.,Kr,a. Dwmij iony ana , nnr) i :ie the rrew numberi4 alwot twentyt fie. Anion the rHMDgars wer jU Mn, a Kin and aibny. Including the -fiaii. a-wir. in, mat' i wife, am t i r ; f rapt, J A t1tivn f the -.wxiin-r t trrie uerd. s "W e If. Graye Harbor itVedneadav moTing,'! aaia KrrCL i Later tlca h-imu routli Thej LtCt betfa t iiMi nraviiy and ,t6) captain SAVt or lra to ittiaon the 4c od; Th'B ti.e aapt off the hatciea and lh U brgan t fi'l. I Capt. Jttnn or-r-.i tli paacnurrs nt. tjieir cahlna; an many wrre attll Uteri arhra th oe-4 ' Un' i was aei that thra hop for the vraal Cart,; Jensen or fl.-rft tn iir-iwt taachft.' in tha tir-t howt thre w ftw ; hi rt y peraoni. two of whom war wnnfwi. r-There wer ilk wcimit on Warti, atiii the ottT'tf f-ur wrr, not at tnfct kJ jf the avs a "-n th; Nut waa lauru hrd. ' " A a a.on aa the boat trvlck the w trr It capHliml, and alf l th occupants ri thrown Into the'aea and drowned.. " A few. miniitM later n atUpipt waa mnle to launch the ecad bfeboet. It ron.'lned ; four women fand: their hus ttt ..!.. Tfce boat wet the sam fat as :? odier boat. . i h ' I " I waa (Und'tig on tli brtdg wheti al.lp 'nt down. (Tk boat capalsed a tha ank. I don't kp'pw how long 1 under water, txit wherf I cam. to t m top I grabbed A raiilrokd tid and iMing otu. The wirelea operator wai l-o hansing to the UK aaw men alnS It sc all around ma, tat. could not hear tl,.-ir cri owing to the reaching gala,, it BfHft, Decnrn dara. but It was s'l l'x k In the morning when: the Beaver pi ked me up. Thei wireleea operator rlurt to th tie With ia ifnr unnl lioura, and then.' benkitnied by cold, he cirtirpd orr. so one wwa to curat tor t wreck. The boat Lwaa. unable t ai.a4 the'storm, f ' 4;; n The Let gett was & - Ihree-maatect a. hoonrr of l,tM tend groan tegiatry and a cKpacitjf of l.afa.0a ;'(eetJ of lumber. h. waa operated by th Charles R. Me t'orml.-k Company of tn Frandaco. r ! ii r : Prof. Nordau a Refuge jln France. A.iTkiDAM. tivtii lODr Wax Nur.iAU. kccordlog to : telegram from l oniraux la a refugf-;rt d camp near the ti n;pTary Frenolt cttpttal. ; 1 m nate. tC J. W. Wllllama, ll.aCaambia. KM. U!J -Ala : . RECK AUSTRAUANSUBMARINE LOST WITH 35 MEN The AE1 Meets with an Accident No tract of Her found ; by the Fleet. NawvToar Tmca-Loadon Paily chroaicia ' "War Sarvtoa. rvoctat CaWa ta Thk Kbw Tokk Tim m MELBOURNE, Sept. 19. Rear Admiral . Sir Gorg Patty ; of tha Australian . fleet, haa sent a wireleas meaaace to the Miolster of Defense re-s pot-tln that the Australian submarine AE-l, under Lieut. Commander Besant, has disappeared with J hands aboard, namely thirty-five officers and men, , A' search : by'; other vessels of the Auatrallan Fleet failed to discover any wreckage. 5, The loss is attributed to an accident, as no - enemy is ' within hundreds of miles, - and the weather has been fine. . Th Government deep-ly deplores th; disaster 'which Is the first jtn tha lifetime of the Australian Navy. ' ' '-: v--;- ' -. V '" f" . ". 1 ': LONDON, Sept. 19. Th s British Adnilralty announces-the loss of the submarine AE-L belonging to the Australian fleet.' "No details were riven in the cable from the Aus tralian Government reportlnr the loss. The Britlah submarine AE-l had a displacement of 810 '. tons, was 17G feet In length, and capable of tnak ing ju.iu Knots an hour. , She was equipped with four torpedo tubes and two twelve-pound guns. According to th lateat record she was commanded by Lieut. Commander Thomas F. Beaant, with Lieut Charles Ij. Moor second In command., 3 U; ... AUSTRIAN . WARSHIP CRIPPLED. One S!dVf Virions Unltls Reported Badly Damaged Antivarl Shelled. ,! LONDON Septf 10. A dispatch to The Evening News from Venice saya that on side of the Austrian dread nought Vlribus Unltls was badly dam aged In tight in the Adriatic, but that she eecaped her pursuers. In a dispatch from-Rome the cor respondent of th Exchange Tele graph Company says .that six Aua trian torpedo boats have bombarded AnUvarJ,' a fortified port: "of , Montenegro, ;,-They made an . especial but fruitless effort to destroy the French wireless station. .No damag was In flicted on th town. ' , ' Th Star has -published. v dispatch from ; Rom' saying that 'warship crulslntt In th Adriatic hav captured an Austrian ateamtrylnf the Oreek flag loaded, with artn mliantnnl- tioa dektlndfor. .AlbanU, Z&Z' CAPKHmCRENFELU IS KILLED IN BATTLE Faxons polo Player WatYictim Namet ; Twojr Noblemm " Also on New Casualty list . LONTJON. Bept lft.-Capt. R. N. Oran. fell, the well-known polo player? ot th Buckingham Yeomanry, attached lo th Ninth Lancers, waa among the offloer killed In action In rrenoe. Hla name appear In a llat under date of Sept. US. laaued by the 'War OfHca tonight. Th Hat ale contains th names of Cant Lord ; Quern ay of : th"- Iriah Ouarda, the Earl of Ayleafordahlre, and Capt: ;Lord Arthur Hay. heir to the Marquis of Tweeddale. alao of the Iriah Ouarda .CoL P. R- F. BoHeau of, the Genera! Staff died from wounds, Th names ar given pf twnty offi cers killed, forty wounded, one who died from hla wounds, and en missing. Capt, Reginald N, Oran fall belonged to a. prominent and widespread family, among whose members are Lord Dec- borough and Field Uarshal Lord Oren fell. He was the son of the 1st paeeoe du Pre Qrenf ell r of the banking firm of Paeeoe, Orenfelt A: Bona, and waa himself a Director of the Canadian Agency, of which a relative, Arthur M. GrenfelU' was Chairman, which failed laat J una. Cant. Urenfell and hla brothera well known in New York, and freo I y visited here. They owned conaidera- ble real eatate In British Columbia, and various mambera or tne family have oth er Canadian afflllatlona. Mo (oat of the family were pole playei i players, but the beat known were Cant." Keitinald Orenfeti and hla brother r ranrla. who were both to play on the English team which waa to come 10 rvew iora-in mm to piay for tha International Cup. . Thia team nevef. came, however, as an aecldent to Kranrla aranfeil m a practice same caused the cancellation or the match for that year. In tuiS Capt. Reginald Oreo-fell was a substitute on the challenging British team, but did not play. He waa a very brilliant forward, and was reted aa a aix-ttolnt man. Amonr hla broth- era are Cecil A. Grenfell. M. IV aw CoL liaroia waxweii urenreii. - - ..... . Cant, r'r ancle Urenreii dlHtlnxilahed himself In battle early thla month. when, although suffering from three wounds, he led bis men in a daeh wnlrb saved . two . t?Mtun guns, the servers of which had been killed by ahrapnel. Later on In the engagement ne fell and : was earned to safety bv the Duke of W'eetmlnater, who rushed to his aid through a galling fire. . A Corporal recently told ' this little story of the incident; " - : " Th gunnera had an been killed by shraonel. There - were the uruns. wltn no one to look after them, and a good chance 'that the - Germans might get them. The horses were safe enough. but there waa no one to harneas. them, r ' Capt. Grenf ell stepped eut, We've got to get those guns back.' lie - aald. 'Who's. going to volunteer for the Job? ' He had a couple of dosen of us before he had finished, speaking. fMnce eur chape hav seen him in tha firing line they would go anywhere with him. " Well, we went out There were bullets flying all around 'us and shrapnel bursting all over the place, but Capt. Grenfell was as cooi aa If he was on parade. It'a all right.' ha e&kL They can't hit ue.. Come along." ? We got to the guna ail right hitched np the horaca.- and brought, them back, and only- three of our chape were hit. I fa a wonder the whole lot of us were not wined out. Col. Frank Ridley Ferrer Bolleau was the son of Col. F. W. Bolleau. C. B F. W. Bolleau, and- had aerved in India, and in South Africa. K PROTECT-!! El tMrMATEa AUTO Insuraooa. Kowa X.13X. lit Nasaaa tU AaVt. RUSSI ANS REPORT GAUCIA ADVANCE Capture Fortified Positions of Siniava and Sambor from the Austrians. REAR GUARD THROWN BACK Taking of 3,000 Prisoners, 22 .Cannon, and 3,000 Cases of Ammunition Announced. AUSTRIANS' NEW DEFENSE Fortified Lin by Przemysl to Cra cowGorman Continue Offensive In Russian Poland. PARIS. Sept 19. An official an nouncement by Russian headquarters, sent by the Petrograd correspondent of the Havas Agency, says: The Russian troops have captured the fortified positions of Siniava and Sambor, In Gaiicia. The Austrian rear guard haa been thrown back beyond th San River In the region of Radymno and Medyka. Th Austrians destroyed the bridgee on the San in the region of Sandomlers and Ra- domyal. . The Russians captured 3.000 prisoners and 32 cannon In the region of Memlrov, and have taken .1,(100 cases of ammunition." AUSTRIA TO JHMCE NEW STAND Line of Fortified Defense Prepared, with Przernysl as Its Centre. LONDON. Sept in. Telegraphing from Amsterdam, a correapondent of the Central Newa say a dispatch haa been received there from Vienna statins that all the villages around Frtemyal. In Oatl- cla, hav been evaivved by their Inhabitants by order of 1 1. Austrian military authoritlea. The vtBngere have been sent to the westward. Intrenchmenta are being dug ail around Prsemysl, and the fort re aa. which haa a garrison of o,ii00 men, ' haa been provisioned for two years, , . .. " r," ' A"; dispatch ; from Rome to the Ex change Telegraph Company, aay- . Diapatchea from Vienna state that the 'Auatiians on Friday'- fortified art extended new defensive front whleh will reach to Cracow. Gen; ; Bovoerlgs will command th right wing, with his centre resting at Prsemysl; the centre will be commanded by Gen. von Auffenberg, with Tarnow aa hla base, and the left wing will be commanded by Gen. Dankl with . th Germane supporting his ex treme left " Th entire Ruaalan left wing, under command of Oena. Ruasky and Bruasi loff, la expected momentarily to begin an stuck. The Initial aaeault la ex pected againat Prtemyat.'. A Beater dli patch from t Petrograd saya the Austrian cavalry haa complete It disappeared from th scan of action in Oallcla. After itelng severely handled in th first part of the campaign, and especially In Gll?(a, it la represented. the Austrian mounted troops made no attempt to relieve the hard.preeaed rear guard; which was surrounded by the Russians. ADVANCE ON RUSSIAN FORT. Germany's Eastern Armv Continues Operations in Rassian Poland, BERLIN. Sept 18. (11:50 P. M.. via London, 8ept. 19.) Th German eastern army continues Ita operatlona In the district about Suwalkl, Ruaalan Poland, uncording to a statement laaued by the General Staff tonight. The army Is now advancing on the fortress at Oeotirec, forty-five kilometers (about thirty miles) southwest of Lyck (Eastern Prussia) on the rail road between Lyck and Bieloatok. (a town on the borders of Lithuania and Poland.) This fortreaa guards the River Bober, which elsewhere x cannot be crossed, owing to awamna. end fnrma a natural barrier before the advancing array, . . - - AUSTRIAN FORT ABANDONED? Jaroslau Stronjcbold. First Burned, According to Petrograd Report. LONDON. Sept IS. Tha retrograd correapondent of The Weekly Dispatch says: . "Th Austrians hav burned and abandoned the great fortreaa at Jaroslau. GaHcIa, owing to the Russians having gained a aucceea In their rear by capturing Krsheahov. . Prsemysl Is thus cut oft from communication at the rear." This has not been confirmed officially. RI0TIN0 REPORTED IN VIENNA. Window Broken in Ministry -f War, S Rome Hears. LONDON. Sept. . 19. A dispatch from Rome says advices have been received there from Vienna, describing violent scene said to have occurred laat Thursday outside the Auatrtan Ministry of War.': All the windows In this building ware broken, according to the report. Die Zelt a Vienna newspaper, doclares that th Hole Synod at Petrograd baa proclaimed a religious war againat Germany and Austria. . , NO SEPARATE SERVIAN PEACE. Wilt Act with Triple Entente in Dentin with Austria. PARIS. Sept. in. The Nlsh, 8-rvla. correspondent of the Havas Agency has aent the following dispatch: "Concerning rumors that Servla and Austria-Hungary will conclude a separate peace treaty, a semi-official note says that Servla will not conclude peace alone and will not separata from th powers In the Triple Entente." MAftOMC MEMBERS, sea what tt smmkb doeaT Boom 2a.2aW.aM. Brreet StWa. Adrc ALLIED FLANKS ADVANCE IN AISNE BATTLE; CENTRE FIRM UNDER HOT ARTILLERY FIRE; I GERMANS CAPTURE BEAUMONT NEAR NANCY BERLIN STORY OF SUCCESS Beaumont Taken With Many Prisoners All Attacks Beaten. VOSGES INVASION REPULSED Eastern Armies Are Advancing Against the Russians, and Servians Beaten. MORE CROSSES TO PRINCES Heroic Deaths of German Air man and Noted Sculptor Recorded. BERLIN. Sept. 10. (by Wireleea vU SayvlUe. L. I.) Thla official state-1 ment waa laaued today from the Ger- ' man Army headquarters: It la reported that a decisive at tack is Uilng made by the Thirteenth and Fourth Army Conn and parte of other Oirmen dlvislona sou;h of Noyon with loss. " Beaumont (near Nancy) has iwen stormed and 2..VIO French prisoners captured. " Attncka rlong thi entire battle front are being easily repulsed. " Many guns and prisoners have been oap'.ured. though the number la not yet itvatlabt. "The lnvaaion of the Alpine line men over the Voegea Into tha Urol each Valley has been reputsed. " Th German eastern army contin ues Its operations in Suwalkl Province and I advancing; against th .KusxULrrf forces. " Dispatches from AfTam report that .th victory over th Servians was far greater than at first believed. " Th Servians wer completely routed and were driven In flight across th rave River. Many were drowned." BERLIN SILENT ALL DAY. Col. von Renter Not Killed Mor Iron Crosses Awarded. BERLIN". Sept 10. (via Amsterdam and Iondon. No Information of any sort has been made public today from the western or eastern theatres of war. Denial la given to the report of the death of Col. von Renter, who waa in command of the tier man regiment at the time of the 7.abern affair. Cnl von Reuter'a horse waa shot under him In the recent fighting, but It Is said he was not Injured. Herr Rassermann. the National Liberal member of the Reichstag, who la a corps Captain, hna received the Iron CroMS and been promoted to the rank of Major for bravery. Prince Auguat William, who la aerv Ing In a minor rank, haa received the Iron Cross. All the sons of the 3er man Fmnernr excepting Prince Adal-tert, who la In the nnvy. have been so decorated. According to a high German officer now lying wounded in a hospital at Cracow, the Austrians and Hungarians fought the Russians with a courage and pugnacity defying description. " One must see them, be said. " to appreciate the gigantic tasks they have performed." MANY GERMAN ARMY SHIFTS. Some of Them Unexplained News papers Scoff at Peace Now. Specie! Cable te Tm Nrw Ton Tte, DA M , m-pl. in. I Me vAt Ii u. The liiidnn ta;l- Teeiah That the German Army has not proved perfect machine unuYr the stress uf battle Is shown by the latest Isaut er the Berliner Tageblatt which has reached here It devotee practically the whole front page to changes In the Ocneral Staff and army commands. Pome of the i-hanges are caused ny wotmda and deaths, but of others no explanation la given. The Cologne Oaaette again refers to the talk of peace and says: oartrmna win not eonalder peace which does not promise quiet neea. safe ty. and unambiguous clearness In the relations between Oermanr and th world. Germany will not accept a peace which does not give her full indemnity for all the sacrlftcea suffered. " Nothing." it continues, " could be more Insulting than a compromise with England which does not once and for all do away absolutely and thoroughly with the English robbing and piratical spirit" The Berliner Tageblatt aay a: Herman y will not lay down her arms until ahe receives satisfying assurances that her position tn the world will. If anything, be Improved." Strong appeals are made for support of) the war loan. The Cologne Gsaette says : the people have an obllgstton toward the Fatherland to leave their money In banka which are supporting It. This la the time when everybody la making sacrifice a. and Hermans by acting In tha manner Indicated are also making a thank offering to their sons snd broth ers who with superhuman efforts ar fighting at the front and are alao raak- Inic an offriinr to the dead who have Slven up their llve for their country. HUGE LOSS ESAT MA L' B EUG E. ! London Times Correspondent Hears 1 They Were From to 140.000. 1 OSTEND. Sept. l. fW.patch to -he London Times. I have heard front three entirely Independent source the earns story of terrible German toaats before Maubeuae All accounts nir. Hat the number of (ierruan dead taj alrr.-at ln.remlv ( The dead and unburled number of bodies Is eetll.utted at an) lulCK I.-.rn , k.k to 1K'. Th- latter 1a the ;-r- man estimate, the former that of lint- 1 uh folrliTM. Ill any raee. all amount, agree on the fact that the dead lie In heaa and present a truly terrible sp-'-tacb. and If tne farts are appro. -nat 'ly aa atatc. the dancer of an outbreak' of dtaenae la Imminent. KAISER WARNS HIS HEIR. Several of Letter's Stsff Woemded in Eagerness t Sc Battle. By Marc awl TreaeatUatle vrtreleaa Teie-grapai te The New Tark Tiasea. GENEVA. Sept. 10. The Kaiser, who la still In Luxemburg, severely reprimanded the Crown Prince for expo nine his staff ueeli-eely to artillery fire In order to aee the battle better. Several or the staff. It la reported from Baale. were wounded. All German fortress are being re- fortlfled In haste, aa If attack. GERMANS FORTIFYING ALL ALONG THE RHINE Bordeaux Thinks They Mty Fell Beck on line of Border Strongholds. S pr U I Caste te Tar New Toaa Tiwaa GENEVA, Hept lS-From the front at laetln. near Itasle. alt along the Rhine to CWogne. tke Gerenaa fortreaa towns are being rwtlfled la haste. Similar actlrlty la reported In Lorraine. The Kalanr tat at 111 In Lasembwrg with hla staff, saperrtslng everything. New York Tmse-t.aem twitr War Senile, Tal Caste ta Tna New Town Trass. TJC4U)KA(rX. Sere lS.Tho Germane ara eighties deeewretetr In the halt la how being waged between th Ota and tha Mease, and on the result depends whether th campaign will be continued on French soli or France will he freed oace etvl for all from Ita Invaders. It la suggested that In miwwuiWK of the battle of the Ma roe and the Rusataa vk-tniiea In Oatkia the Merman Oeneeel Staff haa been obliged to make sweeping rhangea In Ita plan of campaign, snd may dide to bring Ita arm lea back to the strong fortreeeee on the tine of Straaaburg. Mats, and Namur. New Toss; Tlx as Unv I Iialty Carsalete Wer Beetles. f seel. 1 reMe te Tub New Toe Tiaaa OENEVA. Sept l.-lt la reported that tn Berlin, and also In the other chief German towna. ptacare are being poet ed secretly at night, reading. " Wa Went leace." but that these are torn down by Ute pollre. CHARGE THAT GERMANS SHOT A VICE-CONSUL Argentine Representative in Char- leroi Said to Have Been Killed Despite Flat. urlal raw te Thx New Tobk Tlsa leONDON. Sept 19. The Observer correapondent in Amsterdam learns that after the capture of Chartered the CI er mans arrested In his own Sou snd subsequently shot the Argentine Vice Consul, notwithstanding the Argentine nag and shield were plainly ehow n on hla house. A telegram received In Amsterdam alao state thai Oen. Xlartoe, the ouot- lartoa. the ouot- , ,. . eentn ffusaian maniler of the Mft Army Corpa. has teen captured and taken In Irona to Halle, where be will lie court-martialed, tbe Germans alleging that he ordered the destruction and burning of villages In East Prussia even In cases where the Inhabitants had taken no part In tbe fighting. JAPANESE SEIZE KIA0-CHAU STATION Army at Gales of German Strong hold President of Rati-road Cap tared. TOKIO. Sept. . The Japanese troops, co-operating with the fleet, landed at Laos ban Bay on Kept. IX, according to official announcement mads today. On Sept. 17 the cavalry captered Klao-chau station and salted a trala. Among th passengers waa the President of tbe . Man-tung Hallway, wee was made a pri sorter. There waa no resistance te the Japanese landing at Leo-shan. A rmersl attack on Tana--tau Is thouEbt to be Imminent, l:KINO. Sept. 1. According to information received here tbe first Oev-man officer killed before Tslng-taa waa going to Klao-chau. was Second Seerw- tary of the Oerman Legation at Peking. He waa ahot In a aklrmlah on . Sept It between advance guarUs al Lin I ting. ALLIES ADVANCE ON NOYON s 1 rx t t AnQ UeVfi OD A UminP 1 w Movement Against Von Kluck's Army. AGAIN PUSH CROWN PRINCE French Movement in That Direction Apparently a Big Point of the Allies' Strategy. SAVAGE FIGHTS AT RHEIMS Germans Attack Violently in Great Force, but Have Thus Far Been Repulsed. PARIH. Kept. 1? 11 10 M Th' expecting anjoffv-tal communication was leeue-i n night " On 0x1 r left lrg we ha e rat' tared a flag smith nf Noyon Ing a rather sriu-ui en gagernent on the plateau ri Crtw.n we have made n umben of prisoners belonging to the Twelfth a.d V f teenth Pocp and the Ouard .rr The Germans, notwithstanding attacks which were of rilronw tn-W-rvre were not able to gain sny gT.wni around Hhelms. hu h thvy hw I ,.n bombarding atl day " The situation on the hole ; uo- changed On the centre e Have made prog 1 es on tne veetem side of the Argonne. Trtere is nothing new oei tbe right wing. "The general situation rewvslns ravwrabla. This te the afteewooe) bwtlettn "first Ow war left aria. the right bank of th River Otea, re the dtreenlAei of Xeyet. ee hav ad- wared. We hold all the heights of the tight bank of the Alette epr-nell an enemy who seems to be relnfarrlng Mm serf by the Ie1nging of tri- from Lorraine. Second On 1he ntre the 'let- mans have not mved fren the dep trenches constructed by them. 1 t our right wbvg the army of the Herman Crown Prince continues it movement of ret ree t rar adian'-e In Lorraine la regular "Summing tp. the t npiaMig armies, atrnngly rntrenched. are deiie. ertng partial attacks along the entire front, without II being nw1i1e In recwd any decisive reeult fe 'e side or the other " LONteMN. ept it The 'ff.Ul Information Bureau gave out ihle Statement today regarding th eltua tton in France: " The situation remsln urn hange.1 A counter-attack agalnit th First Division, delivered durtr.g- the tight was driven bark. "The weather la bad and II is rain Ing nmtlnumisly " Allies Oeeanr Teewae mmr WASIUNaiMN. Sept 19- An .fn-cUl Bordeaux dispatch to the French Emhaeay today aald In part . - At the left tn the battle of the Ha. ar occupy Menarquegtlee. CarWnt. and Cuts, (near Noyre 1 n the heights to the north of th RWee Alsne. we hate ait a need allghlly In a few placea e, . . I . r k - . 1 1 sn. .1 t, f Se I . .. . riermaas against the Kngllsh Army ' rta t e been cbechei at iro)to t-tween H.ein and ra-.tine " Krnm Osnon to Tlltelm e K I repuieeu in ivunirr iiuik. r-,'j during the night. The enemi irtM. but haa not vk oel In taking tbe off e naive ag Blast khetnta "At the centre from Rhelms t th Argonne the enemy Is reinforcing hie situation by Important fortlfVwtkneia. and taking aa attitude purely defensive. " On the east of the Argoaae and ta the Woerre Valley the ettuatra Is ua-changed. " At the fight in le-rralr, awl the Voagea the enemy nr-npy pnslttor d. fenaively organlBel r,ae to the fron ller- TURNINQ MOVEMENT OHO. " " Bet Terrewtlal Reins Are Maapev. late? I kva LONDON. Sunday. H-r-t . s-, in tereettng sidelights are thrown at the ae ere fighting aleetg the Alene and t 1 the eavtwar by dleyalffcee l Ljdat I aewspapeva ' A Bordeae renfonlM ( f '. la B d'eoatca dated rfeands. "The A lite ef ( ia ten a . working Ita i'og iw: .. 1 1 early lo aaaourvr th xea o ' j movement Proareae. however, h. u.i . dealably beea snad iiimn the eam right In spite ef tb natural diffWulttee of the coustry her a nlur au Gen. JUocher. flung la k by Na.4B. found a tentporarr resting niaca Already the fary mt ta bi(V m Summary of The l'rt,(h Sf ie ttt the aiSed arvaW bare SAe-A slight eiisnr . tKe right sad left 1tg aad bate agala SVIivn aasrh. the inni of the . a IT-Iiwe In tKe reatre tbe fcattUe eoaUwa, With I he reinfxei (errman Army siroeigty latraKel SirVeaa ara water b ve taken pure near i ,,ti tKe Atlw The Itrltleh mcial 1 tf.Tna tW ji (T-rti.l uri'KtniM A K.ur'x att' t? t Se On isilil 61) I seed r'rtia r. . it Jrln a It . rtlbthf roatlawejusfy atsng tae sajtsa fr..r! i;rnu.n Armr leeii..urif h e.r,MM trAsf that taw OeVfaaS) trmi i..rrrvr-, 1 u u" near V rv . etwl takes Z)S Fn a h SCas- tn r V I ether i r. guns end iier te Us cage araaV. heat lbs) Bumlef Is not yet astlal-W Th attark 'Ke AfUee alwag the rUr lttle fr. nt are --lag rejtBd alth ease tnteCkg te IkrrCa fkeei.lie Krt4e r a atetnat 4 the Ituaeoaa CVeaeeal BWaff that tk fjew-man ttnr In lluaa Ked t- h k rl tin saaa ea It aa 1 at S Si I na that the (Wman eastern array le oat!eu'.ng Ita rat anas ta Swa!aJ ITolnre and adarcln agalawt the Ituertaa foVrea J Tbe Ituawlaa feeaeeal fttaff re-ie-ts the captare mt tbe tartlf4 ajisaatll na .f Nnui an'1 Member ta (laitcta T. A uru.a rear gward aa see thrFwn lack S y 1 rK eVaa lUrve Tl tairwisaal ita sans. S Beaa, and .1 '' rM uf ammua'.ttat hat -eem takeev. It le ansirti S. ka La rssTsSI cf Memlrov I Sees dalrHce frrn 1eaaa retert Kat tb A BKrWS In liilliu have t-m4 a new Oef tsei tack u--n I Tea, myet T I'.m h .lm.rMf anrx.uTM-ve 1 WutMrtarlwe A ft I ea le AuXraiUn fltel This Ueltete U ue Vy .!rh Bad BMd I VeUtlw, S. .i.i(,t..i ft-m li.e tmy t Kei ' Awetrtaa ft'i a Sag aghl W'tlnje l altke has n tdly daanaged la a Tight la the Awrletec. J T-e Ja. War fTe iiewkiN I ' Jsea ll e aW ten m Urwtel at lan ilxi aeutral ternturj tce-ty aalkew Btaeth ed taw TliSeT fas 1 tirwmi t-oe I ea k. F1V ' I 1.1 .! -f ' 11.. a ..! 11.-Tt. .an-.. , U .1 I . e ,4 ' I 1 ' a , ) r. t a I TNt.,rl I. a e W-e t rV. 7r.-f t ,eteee ! We. rrant . im,i4 1 aaai. W e ... '.. ro , ta 1 a-e-i, ta taral'-d -i ff 1 1. ,taii inia lt,,l.' lu' tKe, i.r, at gr lort - M ! ta is tai W l-l . ' , aeS na I fti'.irti ui' d then tr-nt -' a d .aeg e ' ci't fr Itheleva 1 trrvat ee4 tht milt atWi . M of ' k-e M A ceT- 1 ml TV I'.Sg ' i as Susan is teeTa4 Bate TVeeaday ' TH aeeelaaee at IW A reiea see ta wWalil sriM I Mxste4 a teeia ft t llm- . Ueevaaa sillira. sad the V4 st 1 as 1 vi ia gneej w sr sw e wm " "-w- anirevy htew lias l rata ts steam ta a ftw aalestea "We are ha ie rrtghtfal weatae Tmimii mt raaa (ail aluM eeaOawaUy. the ih.iIim are f v'l a vale awS es a r, e-n theev . euejkrihtag Ufe SB et-leea'r ,.f raettraalteea a " the Irewf ' It ta . f-r1 4 that a 'Waal I t h a 1 - r, a I la remaaad ha W, nrregM4 th feet sear c-vats ni'iti Th I'sr-te eMerrj. lsi.) W 4,rtfei the t ef TV Nat ti a. Itl tee MM TK r.rgwl.l t u. 1 1t e. '. !.. I,-M Nnet I three tf 1 . . 4, e el f-t Ht.e4e TVMt th. :,(mih wvl'' 1 1 4' ef S Wa I uae4 te I ta. if HKeon a4 tt -e tt, ... fKey a' t t A 1 1 g 1 1. I .. a a r.r Klw at... a e rtr ii, elfht A t4... al t ,. thM Thjra4ai tMei. a h I -aan dnti frnen th tewe ef IK, ' a ' h4 raj fr m e r t. I Ka4 l,ti litlf th rr, UmI, atve rvtim PUSHING IN tiVM MAN ILANaiV A lite fail t tladfr the letader.' Cealre. Iltstttr a t- t Mi.t r- a. ,1 1 . fc- - 4 1 , ar-VMke wa f,e Hit ra. grea ' t.r - 1. .rl,-r I - . ... . av-l r frcn IK firf rfTrf.a rei laae-t ttt, . f' ISat l w at:w-4 treikt ' W.r-e.r. Ir.g lo make W, cae tlrM1 r-eeuf feM Th Fre- . h A ft,. 1 . t- w ia eee--f g r-c. t '! tak ef ' f,e- (Mm 1 let' N r,, ,.n Ka tr.aS e.j t i a 1 title tw. ittfte ytav re, eatea, i- fay week gt ' - a, I 1 A ef a at'Se1g fr f xmm t gun ft" a that r4et n iKe . . fevrt e4 t-i t..4 IS l.l I - ' ,,. I ' ttvl't ,." I I. 1 !-.. a an t.s ag 1 ha , ' het 'n . , a mA m t,ar la i.a 1 r. I 1 - am i I r ld IS. 1 , . bark rroea 11.., it V gtlr-t tk t y.eeva a "a'h t Wet. g',ee4 th Ormtt lefl ll't eta mt r . rm M Wa' k len4 i.,.at tat lW4ia aa Ikat ,-ut It I'M eg rMaMitHa te Mftt TV'., m twu4 s m Met tee th Mfatg refereeeaeta erlleMa4 at an BTS) lev that hat bet a. al ta asw'1 kaa ta K)rk. K i sMSieai ew a HSla a ate r4 the (irww ' -t fa a aaf a h 'mt Im lh A Jte hat) law, M mil S ivatMVI, f-w iwe ta a Be at nr I, at4 'a 1 1 attaB nai tat 1 - 1 n I Ju4f eg ' ' r- IN, I,,.. I . 1 iiMtu 1 h 1 tlee-maA t t a. aa Saatg-e- a 1 a f rw Iat.tr4i nn , -i t ta eag I reaa frrer- A le ar lya wtt IkM Itr t aMa, mt tgearf-e I, tla ef rtnth 1:1m a thai e 1 tf--ct TV liwat t ar grawtlt kxuad, nifil k ) th, hav 'lite mt4 war have te rM a-eaJ ft te a deetajt reearl I ree,e4 Tku aW mA latgtlt , ehwk e.e raa l-vtv ; the lfgrl revati-,,erfla Tt 'a, ma. hat lh 94 lam l w, ra a ' , ,' ft.n 1 a SteagtK a4 I . i mt -u g M l'M itae .t .M V, ;: t' I'rare W. t..a4 ttaa le aiVI l, to IWr ae Mir ' I. 1'rer. t. ra a rfe-4 gvetl, i- IK, ie- rr -a ,, adt mm art snd th i,irl liwn that drvg. It I rev k wr -r et-a ' 4 fae wt net . ,ng,tx t A raar ekg.eer aa4 ka,kee . hat ratals th kmIi aad rwatraja4 I h Vevigea Th Ce a eat ui War Netct. 4wrlr maay ' as It jrews rrta the eatwetStsB Lae aad are esrstllag a enAft rk te aw e, .a M wi.g tin ta ia '"M f-e the t-S t that t he r-.. wrt t Waa '- mf ta tatta T. AX!t.e ate reaaVy 1 we- TWr erOI t.',e m,r. feas t 1 t t a,4 lum tmm lka. it. ' w, W. I.M, a4 t We Aaaaax. wwt ICS a ' ervae et Bar Wee tmmmm nefh a sweat tea tht ad fh ttaa a ' awe ewwrtSic rttag. T ftOetaawW a aranr w ahezV aae ka ' aa4 ewreSta aavg . aw I nil aaaa eWeea tewata CHARGE TO VICTORY AFTER PRAYER British TreptKstetiThe DrUr cr SltskLi AttsKhmCarrjint Germuj femtie 1 oh TMi: BATTUt FTtnNT, fAe, 1 "Va l-aa l-Ot aeei eeisag tat ' liatt.w. raaaaUssag frwea ; fire '. uf vareteatlag sirurt'es. leugi t ' i-" agwi a ry Ign tn ' ' al 4 the lasweefal areakea '! at fa. far sVfBkg I We lt!ve '.e. A aaeaa. aajd Wartrit j T rae ag raaaasax. aaavCikae g-aaa. aM r"W died ewn earty Uet tt-leg and the seteeaxw eg V annus ' rmiK tewtaabty att)r4e eeT or satar aaee. wUatn iaasrh r. ur.t- uae ead ready to ,s-t.g fatal rrta. eaewkfl eswrnsSy a aoat I lied mu Irteaee waa UW et:t e4a v by as tj t iffi rut rsfra t t ; T- aAJte. 04 (at AUanS v t Wrrnaa aUte Steew swaUStlaC tttwi reet k4l4 ha tVe tetrwr t-; trwBeLe la saae slaaaa) ct trwe wee raxf rCTad With tsste. as wiscrtkal s I at tas ewwOsaaa. 1 TV Frer aad lr.taisa, the t tWwaaaa. taavw saew tSerVai Or.3 Ae-a-B f,- wtetra Tbt !). threwteae ta the e-reei sotagi aad seee mt a g .iwarr tha a ta VatOe st IW Marwe Pt.e 'ewe k I Mug saao at " HH Vy ta Alaea, lejrt -ery eit ,) tve e-eseeeai ets e7 tie tat ini im aaears are Stad tw -itiU UaU at to stfTitia. f a -Uil S aaa , ewrwd b IW ' M la aaad. ts aw sty as 8 tag SiasiiUBa. St IS ea , are av Bn laias sax Vhe ; e ad ctat i atwehsniat asaaa 'kat f wtut asraesw f i ain 1 iji,: firwad thai tie fliassaas la re-- te redded re at BV'ligS I St CraSn LaWtW-lwB. agawMt TVe eew a few laiaati eotCatt-' e tudsy. itt Waaa angea ogavtsar w -a sweat t Us eaai Ssssia m ace-ras th ertaew WVri BaVr4 tV aiy eiagw eg tVe wag. Cegiin'm tbe daatlf enarVuse gwaas have tkt Oea f Us taeeata af yAs day, h th rweev rishtiavg was oaf al Sl It aa. rtf .ra-a was W'flg fwiaiMld teeftei j A Mn tea try eigisaiot, wtaatt ifttmi aa asae he a4 vb-Bm Btt4 take a Ceerrwaaj. natHSW. haS T f a awe..--r aa pew -. TVe Ue Stat, ikia tiaat twee a asga waa a teg te,r1t-e I raaat. as Batig theSJ ft ad nh ftsed tafaasCgi teaahe?w4 t of t)t mmir mf tbe UewVes. t short ajad rajad rnane tleey avletastead ittawty i lag lr a astg late Saaklag aaestaer da i tf rrte-a yaroa Fr isa the Uaan tenttea rasa ta tfc BaaTJ g the m tu'e g-tteea i T- ktrs.g Beadier awTVd s-has 4 J aarg ave tttey eaed t ura Maa leC wTth T-aa tnaVWBlaaAeel lb itaa Flaartf isaass) w be r aaateatet uf the rtgWasat rwsxbrad a4 ! teste atasvd-dr YtTt ea.ror ta I TV is waa aaJy eae a an sag swae ib acta ge? on4 e3stVa-Et,e d W Si

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