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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 16

New York, New York
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Sunday, July 1, 1900
Page 16
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w ' - ;v THE NEW YORK TIMES. SUNDAY, JULY 1. 1900. 5: r. fc i ) i uo7ne jcappene'rie?s With beat and the Fourth Of July combined, town become aa till from a social land point. Th happening hare can b dismlased la ffw ward. There are ar-rival from Europe and people passing through en rout ' to various watering pUcee. The treat number of boua parties haa absolutely depleted the club. At tnoet of theae people are Invited over Wedne-day. thus giving tlowxt a week of holiday., The polo game kept a number In the vicinity of town, last week; and the. golf at Garden City will prolong the season hear Hempstead .and . In the Meadow Brook neighborhood. Already there are . defections In that locality, and within the last two weeks many of the country places have been dosed. At Roalyn. near the Sound, some of the residents will remain the entire Bummer. Mr. and sirs. Frederick lieach will keep open bouse, and will only go to Newport for a short season. Mr. and Mrs. C. Albert at evens will not leave Roa-lyn until very 4a te, and then only for a few weeks' stav at Southampton, where: Mr. and Mrs. James L. Kernochan are also going. Mr. and Mrs. W. Uutler Duncan nave taken the Glbert villa at Newport, and the Misses Glbert go to Murray hay for the Bummer. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Have meyer, Jr., have just rented a cottar e at Newport, and Mr. and Mr. Marry Payne Whitney will open their Newport nous on V " ' Until after the Fourth tker is ttl gaytty at any of the watering' places. People are Just beginning to get settled.' and. In the first few weeks of their sojourn try th sea or to the mountain they go In with great enthusiasm for all ' the recreations and; sport of rural Ufa, live in, th open, and thoroughly enjoy themselves. But to society everything Is a toy, and th pleasures of tn country soon begin to pall. Then th . boom ' of cannon -and the", racket of the National holiday awake them, and they fall back Into arranging dance and dinner, and the, .same round of amusement which' delighted them In th Winter again become a necessity. The fact that these had been ' discarded for a little while make them all th more acceptable. When Mullaly tune up at th Casino, when Mrs. As tor arrive at Beech wood, and on hear again of Mm Stata" 4lmm mA ... .1 . .4h,M 6! ilna novel, be It a bam dance or a mas querade party; when Mr. Hermann Oel-lich open her new house and th dat of the automobile parade 1 fixed, then Newport will gradually become gayer and gayer until tennis and horse . show weeks, and the climax Is reached. . - .r " .."! . - Th other watering place take their cue from Newport. Some tf them have soma Individuality. From present Indication. It would look as If wedding and automobile and sailing parties would be the prim factors In "the NtvDort season. Bar Harbor ( will have golf and two visits from different Neets. Southampton will have its dinner and dances at the two clubs, its golf and its horse show. Richfield, which. Is. looking up as a Summer cottage colony, will have hunting and coaching, and Lenox, which is a bit sleepy until the Berkshire Hill first show th coming of Autumn, will content itself with driving, with the automobile, with golf, and with card for the cool evenings. . ... But not one of theae resorts, evan those which are . absolutely cottage colonies, will hold Its Bummer . population . for a ' long time. People now go Only for a few weeks at beat to 'Summer towns. Th American : has succeeded the Englishman, and, as in most things, has gone him on better, and has become an absolute globe trotter.' He Is at. home In his country place or at his town house. For the rest of the time you may find him anywhere, from Cape Nome to South Africa. -The multi-millionaire of to-day realizes the Mont. Criito of. Du ; mas. He ha a habitation in almost every , Quarter of the globe, and where he has not i one he ean hire it, furnished. With servants : and all. ready for immediate occupancy at a few hours' notice. i.V ' e,e 4 I There la no doubt but that th majority f of th wealthier class of Americans have not as yet visited th Paris Exposition. i Many of them are waiting until the Au-f tumni others, again, went to Pari In th I Spring, as has been their custom for many , year; without th special object' of enjoy- -1 Ing the exposition Itself. There hare been I some exceptions to this rule. Mr. and Mrs. C Oliver- Iselin took a house, and have I been studying the exposition quietly, day by day. The Misses Iselin are with them. . u and this week, the schools being closed, 5 Mrs. Thomaa Garner, the mother of. the i . Mr.. C. Oliver Iselin, took over the o hoys for tne rest or tne summer, a mbr of young men have been sent by eir parents in charge of tutor for this uly great object lesson, which I an edu-.tlon In Itself. Wbitelaw Reld'e son. Oge en Mills Reld. returned last week, i Reg-, nald Vanderbllt sails on Wednesday. August Belmont had arranged to - have hi oldest son go over with a tutor for a stay of several weeks. Mr. and Mr. Francis H. Leggett took a house In Paris for the entire season, with the same object i Mrs. Legfrett's son. Holllater Sturgia, has been a student at Princeton, and there la a house lull or. young people. Those who went simply to enjoy themselves made the usual round. They sailed ftsn-ly In the season, had a few weeks on the Riviera and at . Rome, and , reached Parts for the month of Mav. From U I -until July they have participated In all the social gayeues ot tne capital. macn amp now returning brings -a long list of passengers, who are ready for their Newport, their Bar Harbor, their Southampton, or their Summer In th mountains or by the 3 seaanore, a tn case may be. There Is evidently much more Interest taken In aquatics than for several years. More cruises for th Summer are being ar-ranged, and nearly all the great yachts are In commission. Those who go abroad are following the Une of perpetual 'Winter, and ' the favorite midsummer trip Is to th l:nortttera mut of Vmm uit w found In various partlea this Summer Mr. nd Mrs. John R. Prexet, Mr. and Mrs. An-any Drf xel. Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Widener. nry Walters of Baltimore. Mr." and Pembroke Jones and Dr. and Mrs. -VewU Rutberfurd Morris.- 'Mr. and Mrs. Ftandj Burton Harrison are to be in Nor-" and Sweden. It was In this part of rld that Frank Harrison always Tien on previous vacations, so that r- new fad with him. The Valiant. . lurmahai. the May. the Rhadna, the via, and other yachts ar-XlitUng from jtnt to point, through the . Sound - and along the coast. - .'. i ' . .The Summer plana of the Goulds are of general interest. Every yeaj; one . hears that the George Goulds will take Newport by storm. Bo far. they nave not made the effort. AVlth the large fashionable acquaintance now of the Goulds, th storm-in of Newport which readily capitulates to a good dinner and to generous entertain-nr -would not be a matter of great difficulty. But. according to late announcements, Mr. and Mrs. George Gould wUU after waiting for th finish of the gprlng polo, go abroad, and poevtbly be In England ,or Cowe week. The Edwin Goulds nd the Howard Gould are each going .their way. Miss Helen Gould to making an almoet royai progreo through the B,V?- .an?JL" M muc n the public eye m"im,r1 Pr was a few month ago. .aswv. wnen i the occupies her Newport 'cottage, she, will entertain the set there, la till a matter of pleaaaat conjecture, . , - - .- , ( r (.' . The;, polo games at Prospect Park; were the only amusements last week near town. They were quit well attended on th first day, but the many thunderstorm and th very-hot -weather rather discouraged all but the moat enthusiastic On Thursday there waa a good sprinkling of Westchester PP'-n the last day again brought out iheMeadow Brook force. There waa not ry large attendance from New Tork U the racee at New London, and. strange ZVLaZ!7 rcM- The Electra, Okrh had a party of college boys on board. Jie gueets of Peter Goelet GerW. wiVThi moat conaplououa. New London this week in Sood Soceh has subHtdedS nftt III tumid t rottage colony is it.mtin. ttit ..m to and to bridge whist. T , The week" brought a number of rv taJ tereetlng arrivals from ahr-rA -urm nitJ rd Irvln reached New Tork on Wednesday. DM oen abroad for several months, and a part of that Urn she jbas been the? ut of Mrs. Robert Goelet. Mr. Irvloi Z"l fy a number of vtnlta Oil Summer. iPn'oo Eastwick Is th first woman "''" uro" a roacn from London to Paris, fcne and her aister gave a coaching party, the same day that the regular XarteLani V a race down the Iover Road be-i"fn h two vehlclea. After the anil fcrosa th channel. Mis East wick drove her coach through Normandy and so up to Paris, where she arrived a little Later than the other. . j ; -! e.e' - v.". ' Mention has-been mad of the arrival of Dr. and Mr. W, Seward Webb with their party, la ' which j waa Included Mis Betty Metcau. the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oeorg Bird. Th Webb started from New Tork In the lata Spring. They have passed the STCSter nut nf thmt llm. In a of th Part KxposlUon. They go to Shel- uum r arms tonne remainder of the Bummer. Dr. Webb will take a trip through the Adirondack, aa haa been hi habit for aom year. .. . , :. Mr. and Mrs.' Orme Wilson and their children arrived yesterday. They went abroad with Mrs. Richard T. Wilson and Mr. Cornelius Vanderbllt, Jr., in April. They have left Mr. As tor In Paris. Mrs. Aator goes to London for a short visit before returninjr home. She la booked tn sail on Saturday next. , . v-.i.-'.q-. ' t Among the announced sailings are those of Mr. and Mrs. CourtUndt Bishop, who go for a Summer on th Continent. Louis Keller eall on Tuesday for a stay In London and Paris. Mr. and Mrs. Stanford White sailed on Thursday, and also Bourke Cockran. During the next fortnight Mrs. Elliott Sbepard, Who ha not been atu-najt. mm. vmm T?11 9.9YW ,or. ehort trip. Her daughter. wrs. rvuiuun jay Bcnieiieun. arrived this week from her European visit and is now at Scarborough on the Hudson, where she will remain until her mother returns from Bilt-tnore. She will then go. a soon aa Mr. Sbepard sail, for the rest of th Summer to Bar Harbor, i ... - ... i .-.r Mrs. George Bchleffelln, who went abroad about a month ago to visit her daughter. Mra. Bruce Xamey. will return and join her husband and family this week. Th Bchleffelln are at Southampton. Mrs. Joseph Marie and the Misses Marie will also go to Southampton for the Summer. , ' : - - . . . e.e ' Ielip Is quite gay, and all th cottage are occupied. Mr. and Mrs. Lucius Wil-merdlng will return early this month. Mr. and Mrs. Bradiah - Johnson.. Mr. and Mrs. Holllater, Mr. and Mra. Lester del Garcia are all at their cottages. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ralston Crosby . are at Babylon, where they have taken a house for the Summer.. .. i . , .., -. - -. -. ' ! e.e; . .. The laying of the cornerstone of W. A. Clark's residence, to be built at the corner of Seventy-seventh Street and Fifth Avenue, on Wednesday last and wnlch was announced In this column on Tuesday, seemed vto attract much ' attention- Mrs. r Lewis Rutherford Morris was the only member of the Clark family present, and Dr. Morris accompanied her. The copper box which was laid In th cornerstone foundation contained a copy of each of the New Tork dailies of June 27, a specimen of every United State ooln In use to-day; a cony of Mr. Clark's speech of defense in the United States Senate to the tardiness of whose arrival her the- delaying of the laying of the cornerstone from Tuesday to Wednesday waa due a photograph of each ber of the Clark family, and a brief history of the Clark famUyto date. . :. . , ; . ' ' ' Mr. and Mrs. George. Jay Gould and Mrs. Klngdon, who arrived yesterday on the 8t Louis, leave their town house on upper Fifth Avenue to-day for the Catsldlla. As already announced In this , column ; the Goulds will sail for Europe on the St. Paul on July 18. and will be accompanied by Mrs. William Hamilton, a cousin of Mrs. Gould and who was Miss BrummelL' They will be absent until some time in September. Mrs. Hamilton's - mother. Mrs. Brum- melL returned on Saturday with Mra King- aon. ner sister. Mrs. uouia returns to New York on Wednesday next, and will go at once to Newport, where she will probably spend three days as Mrs. Stuyveeant Fish's guest. She will then come back to New York, going from here to the Cat skills, and win. proDaoiy remain mere until July 18. when the family are due at their town house, and will complete their final preparations for their European trip, on which they will start two days later. . The London season, although advanced and almost near Its finish, has been an off one. The visit the past week of the Khe dive has been the excuse for some Court functions. There . have not ' been a great many large dances, a there 1 a scarcity of men. But the dinners have been numerous; there Is a great deal of muslo and many week-end house parties, which are very Jolly Indeed. Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Martin have at last got Into their house and are giving some dinners. The Duchess of Marlborough is not entertaining. At Blenheim there have only been family house parties. The most conspicuous people in London society known to New Yorkers are Sir Edward and Lady Colebrooke, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Letch, and Mra Mackav. Both ah and William Waldorf As tor have entertained at concerts this week, at which there was a number of royalties and a fair sprinkling of nobility and not a few Americans. Mra Ronald' concert are an insti tution. It is said that this year will go on record as being a " river season." The .villas on both banks of, the Thames are taken and water partlea are all the rage. The Duchess of Manchester Is near Windsor, Sir Philip and Lady Gray-Egerton are at Old Windsor, and Sir Arthur Sullivan la at River Bank. ' u ) ' ' - '. Sir Thomas Upton haa taken Inverary Castle, the property of the late Duke of Argyle. .This Is the first time the castle haa been let. It Is a princely property,' and around It for1 miles are shoo tiara and moors. ' Sir Thomas Upton will entertain there thia Summer after Cowe In splendid style. Among the guests .who will visit him are Mr. and Mrs. C. Oliver Iselin and possibly th Prince of Wale. There are a j number of patriotic ' enter tainment, concert. . and charity basaars which will take place during the next three weeks. " Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cboat will give the regular Fourth of July reception at the American Embassy, on Wednesday. There will also be on the sam day a patri otic concert for the benefit of the widow and orphans of those killed In South Africa belonging to tn Highland regiments. Mrs. Ronalds and several other American women are interested in it. 7 ... - - But South Africa dee not alone claim th attention of the American wtvea of English men In London. Mrs. Dudley .Leigh, who. as Baby Beckwlth. waa a great belle In New Tork, haa taken charge of the Ind!a Famine Fund. Lady Jersey Is Interested tn It with her,. A novel plan haa been ar ranged for getting money from th public Ail ma great saownouse m ixmaon are to be opened on certain days and during cer tain hours, ana tne public can inspect utn on the payment of a small fee, which will go to aid the charity. Lady Groavenor ha been among the first to allow her house to be vial ted. and the Duchesa of Devonshire is to follow her example. The old custom of allowing country houses te be shown will be revived, but It will not be the housekeeper, but tb India Famine Fund, which will be the gainer. Even the STraanlca Eng lish servant, with a conservative relish for fee, will be patriotic, a it la th fashion. - . ! ' .. ,e r ' - In and about London . there - are many Americans to be met. Mrs. Reginald Ward and Miss In graham have taken a i nouae In as been "toa Street. E.. Stacey Clark In LeamLna-ten and last week waa at the Windham Club. He goes U Pariaj o July 7. Mrs. Ocdan Villa did nob rt on th cruise with br husband and daughter She Is In London with Mr. Cvenlfb-Ben- tinck, Hlghcltff. which Cavendlah-j ittnek naa taken Iron Major " feldta-' Wortley. was left to Maior U. Stuart- Utr Loulae. Lady Waterford. who bad nheiited tne eatat from ber mother. -Mr. nd Mra, CavendUh-Bertlnck will shortly ntertaln tne ranee of Wale at Highcllff. ha already ben announced. It his fact on of tne most beautiful place on the leat. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Carnegie jar now settled at Bklbo CaaUe, Butherl andY forth Summer . and Autumn. Mr, Carnegie la to visit several colleges an deliver diplomas. Dunlra House, which William Waldorf Aator has taLen In' Pert! isblre. Is near Comrte. and ts quite an old mansion. ji i tn seat or sir cUdney ; Lmntdaa, and waa the favorite residence of' his ancestor. th first Viscount Melville. It hsis of Ute years been occupied by the Dowager Count- ea u-airna : The season at Homburg haa the visit there of the German Em Empress and their children has witn muca eclat. There are y Americans registered, and a: Mr. and Mrs. James "L. Harrtman. The Hombur authorities Insist that the Prince of Wale will be there In Auguai and by that time the place will be crowded with me Americana wno are suu aocoaa ana who, for the most part, are now 1: 1 Parts. : " -V; Quite an Interesting couple will 1 oda visit th United States en route ' to Canada. They are the Prince and Princei Alexis Dalgourlkl. who are so prominent In London society. The Prlnceae- waa a rr-mt En. Ilh heireas. not exactly In her first youth. out very nandsome and always a great belle. The Prince 1 about her a :.,-. They were married last year, and their wedding wa a splendid affair. It 1 not certain whether they will arrive la tlm 1 for the Newport season. Mr. Letter has left Paris and ha gone to London. She haa taken possession of the town . resiaence or ner - son-in-ia w, ixra Cunton, and last week gave a large dance there, which has been one of the kucoeaaea of the season. Her daughter. Miss Daisy Letter, is with her. - 1 ' V: .,'.; I Th recent fad In London Is dlnmg out of doors. . This fashion, which has been tried thia Summer, with some sucoess at th terrace built by Sherry, ha been fcaken up con amor In the British metropolis, and there are a number of places -where you can have a meal al fresco in the) town Itself and listen to the band concealed behind real livtna- bushes. - The mania for dlnlna- in restaurants continues, and thlsTseem to D tne most popular form of entertainment. : ',. : r -:.! ' The Parts season Is almost over. "'. There are not many of the Americans of the very smart set left In the city. Mr. land Mrs. John Munroe and 'Mrs. Griswold 3ray and Gen. and Mrs. Wlnslow and Mrs. 1 'lus More are still in Paria . The Britten r seaside watering place are now nearly r ady, and there will be shortly a general rui a for th sacaa or zor lea eaux. - . Morriatown ha been very gay la Its way. There was a dance at the Golf Club dur ing the week, and there win be another there on Tuesday evening, v Mm. Albert H. Vernam and Miss Elliot Bmita received the guests at the .last dance. There will be a number of entertainment: for the National holiday. Mr. Alfred! Ruta-era Whitney has cards out for a danee on that evening at Glimpsewood Manor. Mrs. Rob- en a. uannis win nave a large house party, ana mere wui ne a numDen or small er affair. The wedding of Mis May H. Catlin. th daughter of Mrs. juiiu-x;at lln. And a sister of Mrs. Trenor L. Park, llwiukee and Otto Rhelnhart Hanson Of will take place In the middle of July. Mrs. Frederick Gebhard, who went to has en- Baltimore to visit her : father. gaged rooms for the Bummer at Narra- sransett. Frederick Gebhard mav ko abroad, for the Summer. ' The Gebhard resiaence' at Wtstbury Is closed. Frederick Gebhard has Men stopping at the Holland House. - Seatrlkht and the cottages" on the Rum-; son Road are having- a very nice time thetfs days; Mr. and Mra Wllber Blood good ar at Faerie Lea, and until this 4t la Daisy Plerson has been stepping Bloodgood. She went to Newport at the end of the week to join her mother. Mra J. F. Htrson. Jir. and Mrs. wuiiam Callender save a very enjoyable Thomas's. " the Rumaon Inn." bne even ing- last week. Among their guests were air. ana . mra. JKawara layman qnort. Mr. and Mra ' " Jack Duer. Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Field, and Mr. and Mra. Wllber Bloodgood. At one of Mra Wllber Blood-rood 'a recent house parties atherei were An drew . Bibby, Mrs. Ballard Smith, Mlsa Daisy - Plerson, and Messrs. ' Crosby, n-monda, and Munsig. . I , Martin El Greene and McAllister Greet)) were among the passengers on the LuTila yesterday. .They will remaid -. several months abroad. I , Mrs. Aator, who sails next week for New Tork. has given . several - very I handsome dinners In Paris. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Samson Stevens have been giving a number of dinners also, and Mrs. lngraham haa been having coacmng parties. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Van 'Rensselaer and Mr. and Mrs. Caasatt have left Nt. London In their yacht May, aad yester dav were at PouahkeeDSle ad the boat races. Col. and Mra John Jakob Astfr were at the races also, as were Mr. and Mrs. Bvans R. Dick of Philadelphia, and William K. Vanderbllt. There were few well-known pec pie among those who came In on the St. Lo lis yesterday. The steamer docked' at "4 o'clock In the afternoon. Among the passe lgers were Mr. and Mrs. Orme Wilson and their two sons, Orme Wilson. Jr.. and Thotntoo WD son; Egerton L- Wlnthrop. Mr. I and Mra. Cass Canfleld and the Misses L. tH. and M. n nanfieid. Mr. and Mra Augustus Thom as. Mrs. Caroline H. Washburn bf Boston, Oliver Chichester, the Hon, AJ A. Adee, Mr. and Mrs.' P. F. Kobbe. CPC C. H. Miaa H. P. Stoke. Mr. King- Ann mntt Ytr alater. Mra. - BruntmelL and Mr. and Mra, Edward Wharton! Mr. and Mra. Georae Gould went down to) th wharf tomeet Mr. Gould' mother, Mr. King- Ann Althmirh it wu cabled that J. J, Van Alen and hia daughter and Mra Rich ard GambrlU were to sail on thai St. Louis, they were not on board. I , i SOCIETY- NOTES. I A prettyi June wedding cburred - on Wednesday afternoon, June 27, at X o'clock. Chauncey Adam were married at th residence of the bridegroom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jed E. Adams. Jr., 122 Weat One Hundred and Xnirty-nrai oireei. 1 u n. r Rittine. naatbr of Mount Mortis Baptist Church on Fifth Avenue, performed the cer emony. A weaamg supper wee pmwi Allowing the reception. The groom 1 the second of flv on in the Adam ftimily, and th first to marry, but he will be followed by hi elder brother in th FalL fTh couple will probably make their home in Harlem after spending the Summer wltfa Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Adams at Schroon Lake, in the Adirondack. Only th Immediate relatives were at th wedding. . They Included Mr. William M. Adams. Mrs. Lucy (EL Adams, Miss Eioise Aaams. ar. ana ssrs. uuonj . . ... - . I 1. . If 1 M. mm , f . v a A m all of Rmnklvn: Mlas Mary Mar- a-arum. th fiance ef Mr. Elihu F, XI T UM IT. Rtrrl Urt . Adama, of Adelaide Crist. 'Mr. and M rs. M fj. Bloomer, the Rev. Dr. and Mr. tV. C- Bitting, Mr. Mr. Fred Knight. Mr. and-Mrs. fed E. Ad- T . Vr . itM, Arthur and Kenneth A A- mit.. Vnl.lit MVT an lira Samuel P. White, Jr.. and Mr. Carlton NEWPORT. NEWPORT. R. U June St Admiral George Dewey, who has been tn (attendance noon the m tings of the Nadal General Board at the War College during the week. haa been the recipient xtt many Invitations from the cottagers, but none the functions Intended for of these for the the present Admiral week could be accepted, aa and Mra Dewey have been eijoylng te gather the Admiral' spare time) at Narra- ganaett Pier. ' ..': During the Fourth of July pkrade It is beLrun, and ieror and launched It St a few none , them reported that Admiral JJewey vrlU take a prominent part, and then Mr. Dewey and her mother, Mra. McLean, win com from th Pier with a party of gueets to witn th display. . - During th week .Newport has been watching the appearance npesj tb high ay . and during! the driving hour, e- pedally along Bellente Avenue, of two engaged, couple. T. Bhaw Baf . and Mis Harriett' Ives OammeL and It O. Have-meyer, Jr..' and Mis Charlotte -Whiting. They ar constantly seen together, and the twe couples are the centre of attraction, s . Mr. Safe haa a distinguished appearance and a military bearing.' He Is tall and quite fair and very good-looking. Lord and Lady Pauncefote, with tneir three daughters, the Honorable Maud, Sybil, and Audrey Pauncefote, have arrived at the De Rham villa for the season, where some very brilliant social functions win be given. .-. The attaches of the embassy, Messrs. Gerard Lowther. W. G. Max Muller. Herman Norman, and C. Crackanthorpe, will take a cottage for the Summer bare. t It U rumored that Mra. Hermann Oelrich is losing heart regarding the unfinished condition of ber new villa and th ability of th .contractors to complete a portion at ia hiw Miiaiin thia season. II it shotrfd come to pass that the place Cannot be occupied in part before the end of July. Mrs. Oelrlehs and her I am 11 y wiu npny pack up and sail for Europe. Certainly their departure would be regretted, for without Hermann Oelrich here to help In . I.,.. Maamira tn keen the social ball rolling among th members of th Reading ,j Room, mat tars socially there would , be quite dull. 1 . . . . ' The cottagers residing In the dutrict of Ochre Point, Ocean Avenue, and about Bailey's Beach were made extremely happy during the week by the announcement that mounted police would be placed on duty in those locations, a matter the eottagera hay vainly tried for since 1886. - - - Newport ha had a number of prominent arrivals during the week. Including Admiral Dewey, Mr. and Mra. Henry Ctow. Mis Elsie Clw. Max Muller of the British Embassy. Mr. and Mrs. Clement C. Moore, Mr. Charles H. Berry man, who Is ar the James Brown Potter cottage with Mr.- and - Mra. Caatmlr D Rham for the season; Mr. and Mra. Benjamin Thaw, Mr. and Mra Herman B. Duryee, who ar paying a visit to Mr. and Mrs. H. Mortimer Brooks .until their own horn Is ready: Mrs. Frederick Nellson. who will occupy- the Muenchlnger cottage for the Summer; Mra. Ogden Goelet and Miss Goelet. and Mr. and Mrs. William H. Bands, . who are at TEterUUn'raents at ;the Newport" Goif Club have indeed been very numerous during the week, while the golfers hav been greatly In evidence every day. . At Bailey's Beach bathing has been enjoyed largely, and at Hazards Beach, where a large number bf new bathhouses have been erected., there haa been a constant swarm of bathers. Hazard a Beach in a year hence will have more bathhouses than those now In use at Bailey Beach. At the latter beach th tennis courts hav been In constant use , morning and afternoon. "i ' . , : . Commodore and Mrs. Gerry have Issued cards for a luncheon and sail on the yacht Electra for the Fourth of July, and fully eighty cards have already been delivered. A sail up the bay, with a delightful luncheon with music, has been an annual feature with the Commodore and Mrs. Gerry for a number of year, and th function has always been one of the most enjoyable ones llMf The recent reference In this correspond-; enoe regarding tne music ai ane ,am but for. three nights each week, haa been commented . upon considerably. - On one side of the argument is heard the reasoning that Any . more music at night would , not Firove a paying investment, while one hears hat .tniiain should, ba enioved every even- L ing save on the nlghU of the Casino dances. It is clatmea inai were music 10 w o in the Casino every night th grillroom would be th most popular place in New- Sort for tho cottagers, as it is during the ay; but unless music ean be had during meals, - which are eaten . outside of the cottages, -thero 1 not the same attraction In the meal, no matter how well it may be cooked. Next week the grillrooms open for the season, and a week later Mullaly and his band of clever musician will begin their season of concerts. . " - The double-veil fad, which was introduced here some three seasons ago by Mrs. Ogden Mills, has come Into fashion again. Walking or driving along the avenue, one finds the great majority of. the ladles using these double VetuC the outer one usually being brown, and there has been considera-ble difficulty experienced la recognizing the features of those beneath.. . w - mlnii, will eertainlV hava a .Jolly Fouatb of July here, aa the events for tne nay, oesiaas 1110 io.rn --.- . . . the afternoon, with the cutter race in the Morning for the one-hundred-dollar prise offered by Mr. W, K. VanderbilWr.. and other ceremonies added to the first clambake of the Clambake Club, will give them abundant entertainment for that day. - A large number of the cottagers will glyo evening entertalnmenta. with a display Ot fireworks end dinners ss well, and already cards are cut lor these events. - - -- The automobile hansoms are doing a large business here among, the cottagers, and especially the ladies, who are using these vehicles for their shopping tours, and these big carriages 'doting along narrow little Thomaa 8treet make one imagine that a circus parade 'Is' about Starting.. While the Automobile Company Is enjoying a l.r. .mAim) nt ttualneaa with this class Of carriages, the ' cabmen who make their entire years' living during . the Summer months on the avenue, are feeling -very blue over the outlook for their trade this Summer. These chaps have Just put out thatp amarteat trans for their trade, and up to the present time a number have de elded to give up doing .business , on the. avenue. -- - - Me. and Mra. Benlamln Thaw have ar rived at their pretty villa near Bailey's Beach, and certainly the architecture of the cottage is sung in high praise by those who pass the pretty structure.. On a small hill at the foot of Bellevue Avenue and close to Bailey's Beach with a 'commanding position looking . out upon - tne Atlantic and above the city as well, this Colonial style place 1 certainly one of th handsomest places here- Mr., and Mra. Thaw are delightful people, and, their entertainments in the past have been in accordance with their Deauuxui nome. root iar irora the Thaws place one can see the magnifi cent Summer home of Mr. and Mrs. Stuy- vesant Fish, which faces the. Atlantic aa well, and few,' cottages Here are more elaborately furnished than Crosaways. which has been completed for a mite over a year, - and, still Mrs. Fish, who has ex-aulslte ' taste, has not completed its fur nishings as yet. It Is there that some of the most brilliant entertalnmenta were held last season, and there again many others will occur. and? ere Ions;, too. for few other villas afford better facilities for entertain ing than are offered at Crosswsya. - Then Mrs. Fish knows 'how to entertain so clev erlv. and it is a fact that Mrs. Fish haa had fewer i regret follow her Invitation than anv other of the Newport cot tare ra. Her entertainments have . already be run. and a large dinner-dance la one of the future events at Crosaways. . i There haa been nothing done as regards the annual parade of the Coachlna Club as yet. and matters, regarding that event will be left' In the hands of Prescott Lawrence, Jwho will shortly return to Newport . from! Europe, and until he returns nothing will be known definitely about the parade hf re. - Matters connected with the Newport Horse -Show are going along in a very satisfactory- manner, and from what can be learned of the event the outlook is very encouraging. The majority of the' boxes have been disposed of, and the entry list has; more than come up to the expectations or th Executive Committee, and cer tainly the prise ar most liberal and plentiful. The arrangement for -the protection of the patrons and th exhibitor from the un byi the use of large sheets of canvas will be "welcomed by every on who attends the exhibition thia FalL . 8 pouting . Rock Beach Is now In full swing.. 'and the ladies, who have been decidedly4 backward In beginning their bathing thia season are taking te the sea more than ever. i The pretty spot I very largely visited 1y the cottagers during the morning, and with the tennis courts tn perfect? condition, the playing 1 being indulged in even mojre than during, last season, when tennis was first Introduced there. Mr. John Whipple i, a iMuas- the general manager, and is doing good servlo for the association. , . i r i Mrs. Ogden Goelet, ' accompanied by her daughter. Miss May Goelet, has arrived at the Goelet villa en tne Cliffs, after an extended visit In Europe, V and It I very likely that th villa will be kept open throughout! the season and lira Goelet will resume ber place In the social World a soon aa her aon recover entirety-, from the Injuries received recently In Boston while ridina hi horse. It Is hardly Ukfcly Mrs. Goelet will entertain until then, iaa he Is devoting all her attention to her son, who Is under the physicians' ca relet the Goelet villa. . Miss May Goelet Has grown into a beautiful woman since leaving here, end besides. Mlas Goelet is a perfect whip and a charming pereonaVe. who is attracting: more than ordinary attention. - . , . 1 Since the fir occurred which destreyjbd the Wella villa there has been considerable fire-fighting apparatus purchased by the cottager and drllllna of their servaiits for the handling ot the apparatus as we-lL Fire escape of a portable make are belng Installed, and th money already expended is Quite a lArg inai u cottagers determined to hav everything at hand t nni iires who unui in city equ. us a permanent company in th location ml the ! cottage colony. - . a very largely attended social function waa held thia afternoon at the cottag of Mr. and Mrs. A. Livingston Mason., on Halidon Hill, where many of th cottaa-er 1 and th army and navy contingency at-j iraava me uimMan lea in 00 nor ot tneir twenty-fifth wedding annlveraery. The lawa of the place wa prettily decorated for the occaalon, a was the cottage. In the design tf the place, Mra. Oelrich has. shown her excellent taste, and here some of the prettiest social functions of the season will occur. Pretty Hasard' Beach la one of the. much-frequented place In th. morning-, and the bath bouses ar about all la se for the season, and If th demand Increase additional house will be constructed next Summer. It is really surprising to see bow strong th demand ha been for house there,-and with Bailey's Beach so near by, too. Some of the cottagers strongly prefer Hasard's to Bailey' Beach, because of the unusual excluaiveness of the latter, and It is oniy a matter or time before there will be more bathers at Hasard's than at the other place. just wnen Mr. ana Mrs. w. Btorrs wells will begin - to nave anether new eettage erected on the alte of the one destroyed by fire is not definitely known. Besides, it la known that nothing aa to plana ha been decided upon, and both Mr. and Mr. Wella nave , been annoyed .with the architects sending plans for them to look over. While nothing definite can be gleaned about the hew home. It is known that the orooertv adjoining and known as the Freeman estate naa become tne new addition to the Wells estate, and give the owner th additional room ior av laraer su-uciure wey naa long nopea tor ana - wnicn wnii Francis r. Freeman lived it waa impossible to secure. Before Mrs. Wella and her daua-hter start for Europe, which will be during the coming month, something definite will be done regarding jbe plans and ether details of tne new cottage, which will be one or the Unrest In Newnort. Mrs. Richard Gam- brill will do nothing regarding: the construc tion 01 ner new vuia on tne tveene estate until she returns from Europe, and here as well as In New York architects are anxious ly waiting for the return of Mrs. Gam brill to shew their exclusive design. - Ouita a number ot the Summer reaidenta. Including Jamea J. Van Alen. Mr. and Mrs. Stuyveeant Fish, Mr. and Mrs. Ellsha Dyer, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Thaw, and other cottagers who have constructed cottages here with plans from local architects state there la not the slightest, necessity tor arcing elsewhere for plana Certainly those of the cottagers who have employed local architects, have had their places constructed on time and on most satis factory condi tion a. . Mr. and Mrs. Heber R.'BlshoD of "New Tork have arrived at the Havemeyer villa for the season, and with such a prominent family there some very large social functions mav be looked for. It is Mrs. Bishop who nas the handsomest gold service In this country.-and this will be used at tne large functions. No better adapted place for so cial gatherings Is to be found in Newport than Fleidheim. a tact both Mr. and Mrs. Bishop were familiar with when they were looking for a cottage. v - - t James De Wolf Cutting, one of the beat all-round athletes of the smart set. has It set in his mind to swim from Narragansett Pier to Newport, with James Brett Stokes following . snd looking after , his interests. De Wdlf Cutting ts one of the best of swimmers, -a fact he demonstrated two Summers ago when he swam from the Pier against W. A. M. Burden- and won the contest. Mr. Cutting this time will simply swim the distance to lower his former record of seven hours, which he should accomplish without difficulty. He is being trained by James Brett Stokes, who is . also a splendid athlete. - - - . Miss Leary is again at her pretty cot-, taare on - MUr Street, where some of the most brilliant social functions bavs occurred In the past, and now that Miss iary is out of mourning; some of the former social functions will occur there again this sea son. -. - '.'-.; It was Cornelius Vanderbllt, Jr.. who begun the season ot entertaining among .the fleet of the, seventy-footers, by giving a luncheon oq the Rainbow last Sunday afternoon.-'' ' -- Wakehurst-ts all In readiness for the reception of - James J. Van Alen and his family,- who are expected there to-morrow for the season. The wedding of Mis Charlotte Whltlnr and H. O. Havemeyer, . Jr.. which will take place at Swanhurst On th morning of July 11, promise fair to be a .very large function, aa over a thousand card hav been Issued. A number of novel and original features are promised for the break? last room, which will be under a tent on the lawn, in the line of floral decoration. Following the"- breakfast the place will be cleared tor the young people to dance. The young couple, will. leave durlnf the early part of the afternoon for an east-brund train, -and from Swanhurst to the care their conveyance will be an automobile, . ; ' , LENOX. LENOX. June 80. The Lenox Summer seasdn la now In full Swing, and all the cottages are 'decupled and the hotel filled with guests. There Is much four-in-hand driving, automobiles are about, the streets dally,, and many people playing golf - and otherwise enjoying; . the- delightful , June weather at this quiet resort. . ; ' ; There- have been several Interesting so-' clal- events the , past week. One of the largest and most delightful being the afternoon reception given by Mr. and Mrs. George , Folsom at Snnnyridgei for Lieut, and Mrs.' Charles Sidney Height, previous to his return to Manila, which takes place on Tuesday next. Mrs. Height will remain with her parents in Lenox during: her husband's absence. ' Among those at the reception were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Aator Bris-ted, Mr. and Mrs. 'George Turhure. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Alexandre. Mr., and Mra W. D. Sloane. the Misses Sloane, Mrs. Anson. Phelps Stokes, the Misses Stokes, Mr, and Mrs. Morris K. Jesup, Mr. and Mra Carlos de Heredia, Mrs. John Sloane', Mr. Richard. Goodman, the Misses Goodman, and John E. Parsons and the Misses Parsons.. .,-.--,..,,- ...... . Another recent event of Interest was the thirtieth wedding' anniversary of Dr. and Mrs. Richard. C. Greenleaf, Which they celebrated by giving a reception to many of their- Intimate 'friends at their country place, Windyside. A unique feature of the affair' was that Mra Greenleaf wore her wedding gown and veil And carried a bouquet of bride rosea. Prof. Hart played tne wedding march aa Mr. and Mrs. Greenleaf entered the room. Mr. and Mrs. Fol-somr Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Frothlnghanv the Misses Goodman,- Mr. Richard Goodman', Mrs. W. B. Bacon, Mrs. - Mackay, Miss Mackay. and many of th old Lenox set were among those present; ' Miss Anna Shaw gave a dinner of. a dosen - covers on Wednesday' evening. - Mrs.' Cot tenet and Miss Fanny Cottenet of New -York have arrived at Roadside Cottage tor the season. - ; : Mrs. George W. Weetlngheuse arrived Monday, coming on her .special car from Washington. ' Mrs. W. D.' Bloane'haa been among the leading -dinner givers this week, giving one of a dosen covers on Thursday' and a larger one Saturday. . - . -fi Joseph W. Burden, F. Augustus Bcber-merhorn. "and Capt. "John 8. ' Barnes returned this week from-their fishing trip in Canada. They had remarkably tin luck and brought horn with thm some excellent specimens of their skill. - i- Mr. and Mrs. Cortlandt Bishop sailed today for Europe, where they will make quite en extended tour. They will meet Mrs. D.W. Bishop and Mr. David Bishop in Paris. Mrs. Bishop . and her son, - David Wolfe Bishop, will soon retuan to this country and occupy Interiakea, their country place here, for the remainder of the Bummer. , - - , i Mr. and Mra. Morris K. Jesup will go to Bar Harbor next week for their annual visit, returning to Lenox early in tb Autumn. . , . .. . , Anson Phelps 8tokes, Jr.. will soon come up to ooaoow orooa. wnere ne will spend part of his vacation. He recently officiated at the chrtstenlnsT of hia voune nenhaa, am. of Mr. and Mrs. John Sherman Hoyt, who waa nmniwi iwn DOtmus xlOVt. jr. . - J. W. Webb la visiting Joseph W. Burden, and spend cooaid arable time at the golf link. . . G. Wlckerahaw is the guest of William A. Read at FalrUwn.- . Severl members of the Btokea family wU.LU7. n".t 1J.or their annual vlait to the Adirondack.. They will occupy their shooting box there for several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. John Bhermta Hoyt. who have .p Shadowbrook, have returned, to Th first regular golf tournament of the season will take place at the link on Jury 4. when a match for suitable prise will be played, for which many ot the Uadlna golfers wig enter. - .. - .- -... Among New York people at the hotel this week were Mrs. Floyd Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Robison, Miss . Margaret RobUon. Mlas Frances Oden, and Henry W. Deitrand. Mr. and Mr. Edward Bok of Philadelphia hav .also, been among; . visitors to Lenox thl week. . V- l N A R R AGA N 8 ETT, . ! NARRAGANSETT PIER, B. L. June SO. There has been more Ute in evidence la Narragansett Pier the past weak aad the arrival of Admiral aad Mrs. George Dewey baa stimulated things here socially, and th season may now, be considered fully inaugurated. '.. , ..." - Admiral aad Mrs. Dewey arrrved from Waahingtoa oa Monday evening, aad straightway were driven to the Emmet Cottag on Ocean Road, th Bummer villa of Mrs. Washington McLean, where the Admiral and bis wife will be guests dartng stay at Naxraganse-tt. Th Admiral mad a visit t Newport oa Tuesday, sail-tns over on th torpedo boat Porter with Lieut Caldwell, who was In charge of the torpedo craft. At Newport - tb Admiral presided aa Oialrman at a meeting of the Naval Board of the War College, which was tn secret session. He returned on the Porter to Narragansett in the evening and will doubt-lea make hi headquarters here for a week to 00 roe. On several ot the bright morning ot .tatf AdmlrJ and Mrs. Dewey hav availed themselves of th opportunity to go driving, and they have been seen riding Jong over th smooth boulevards. The annual election of officers of th Point Judith Country Club took place Mon-2.7. tonwon at the clubhouse at WUd-fleld Farm. Philip & P. Randolph waa re-elected President f th club for the ensuing year and Edward Conner ot Philadelphia wa elected Secretary and Treasurer. Th. Board of Governor was re-elected and comprisee the following William C. Marrow. P. a P. Randolph. Edward Conner. Granville Kane. Henry De Coppet, F. " W. Moulton. R. P. Ely. A. H. Watson. H. B. Kane. P. M. Pre-cott, C. L. Binnlnger, H. M. Judge. D. T. L. Robinson. J. W. Cooke, William A. Hasard. Edward Gray. Dr. Charles Hitchcock, Gerald Gray, R. G. Dun, Dr. Joseph Leidy. W. P. Ward. Edward Mitchell, Charles Mc-Veagh. and C. E. Garrett. The -club haa expended several thousand dollars since last season In Improving the polo field and golf links and la enlarging the golf links, There Is every Indication at present that the present Summer will be the moatpro-perou yet enjoyed by th Country Club. At the Imperial are the following New Yorkers: Mr. and Mrs. Perdval Kuhne, Mrs. Valentin Blacque. Mr. Frederick Gebhard. Mis A. R. Colgate, J. B. Morris, and E. P. Campbell. . - At the Rockingham are C. C Goffe. Jr., Edwin V. Marvin. Mra. Mary D. Brine, Miss C. L. Brine, J. A. Wood.'C 8. Hlne, G. W. Bates and wife. J. Marion Pollock, Gen. F. A. Starring and wife. D. 8. Dillen-beck, and L. J. Rodier, New York. At the Mafhewson are Dr. and Mrs. J. J. , Lawrence, Mrs. Lawrence Kip. O. H. Keep and wife. Mr. and Mra Charles Hendricks, and Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Cotton. BAR HARBOR. 111' :. BAR HARBOR. Me.. June M. With the first weekly handicap golf towrnameat od the 'Kebo; Valley links this afternoon, the season' of outdoor activity at Bar Harbor may be said literally to have arrived. With the formal Opening of the new Kebo Valley Club house on July 4. the social season will receive Its Initial Impulse. Both events are Important happenings In." the estimation of the Summer residents, each typifying a phase of ths season's life. : :- The handicap will continue weekly until the second Saturday ln-September. Several cup have already been promised as awards for competition. Mr. A. Howard Hinkle of Cincinnati has offered a eup. aa la years past,: thus Insuring the Hinkle Cup tourna ment, ; which j has come to be the golfing event 01 tne season at Bar Harbor. To the winner of the greatest number of weekly handicaps Mr. T. G. Condon of New York has promised a cup. A cup tor the ladle will be given. by Miss Draper, and Mrs. T. O. Condon, one of the best woman golfers in the country, will give a cup for the scratch players among the ladies. - , The new Kebo- Valley Club house Is how practically computed and. will be formally opened July 4, with a tea, to which invita tion a hav been Issued by th Board of Gov ernor to those of th Summer people who are already- her. Th committee having the arrangementa In : charge consists of Messrs, Edmund Pendleton. .A. Howard Hinkle of Cincinnati, Dr. Robert Amory of Boston." T. G. Condon of- New York, ' and. Waidroa Bate of Boston.) Charles Rilev of Philadelphia, who ba catered at' Kebo for twelve years, will have charge of the buildings and service-. -. ; . . - The opening of .the new clubhouse will mark the beginning of a series of private luncheons and supper parties for which the old Kebo Valley Club wa tU-tltted. Mra. G. Montgomery Bears. Mrs. Robert Amory. and . Mrs. Condon have already announced their Intention to give eeveral small aupper partlea at th clubhouse, and ether society leader will undoubtedly follow. Th pres ent sis ot to ciuo room win umit oancing to parties of forty or fifty. Such ntertain-menta aa are given this Bummer will, accordingly, be of a much more exclusive na ture than those which characterised the old. Kebo Club. At the present clubhouse everything' Is In acuviiy. james isougisss, tn scotcn professional, is on hand, having Just returned from Garden City, L. I., where he has been enxajred sine early Serin-. Last Winter Douglass had charge of - the Palm- Beach links. Many of Douglass's former, pupils have returned and are renewing their lessons of last year. There Is also a large number ot novices. Th regular golfera oa the links have received many additions during the week. Their figures can be seen every morning and afternoon on the smootn lawns and putting greens. Prominent among the new golfing arrivals are Count Tarnowski. secretary to the Austro-Hun-gartan Ministry at Washington: Mr. George 8. Bobbins of New York, Douglas N. Coch ran or jraiiaaeipnia, Martin van Buren of Flshklll-on-the-Hudson. Mr. Frank Ellis of Washington, D. C, Mrs. 'Joseph Tilton Bowea ana two sons of Chicago, ill., Mr. Richard Thorndike of Boston, J. C. Mercer Biddle of Philadelphia,, Eugene J. Beales of New York, and hi sister-in-law. Miss Au-ruaUnl. and the Misses Willing of Philadelphia. - - Count Tarnowski Is a regular player at Kebo Valley. , He drives, a multi-colored runabout or rides a wheel, and In c la Vins on the links generally wears a white can vas naj witn upturned onm, wnicn makes him a conspicuous figure on the areens. He often plays tn singles with Miss Seely of Cincinnati, or Miss Edmonie Alexander, daughter of Col. Charles T. Alexander of the United States Army. Baron von Hen. gelmtller" and Baroness von HengelmUler nave vuitea tne units, nut -nave not yet begun to Play. Of the prominent e-olfera now getting lato form for the Summer com petition, air. x. u. tjonaon 01 Mew Tork. Mr. George 8. Robbln of New York, Mr. Martin Van Buren, and Mr.- Henry, Land Eno of New York, have succeeded la mak- in the best scores. -. Am one th ladle Mrs. T. G. Condon Is at present the best player, although some of the younger play ers, including suss jdinaie. Miss Helen Seely. and Miss Sharswood give evidence or promising dexterity witn the clubs. The yachtina- season at Bar Harbor will be ushered in Saturday with the first of a series of race between rival IS-foot knock. s bouts, several of which ar owned here. During the past Winter, Lawlcy. of South Boston, haa built a number of such boats for Bar Harbor residents, all made from the same model, but witn different rutin e-a. The necessity of finding the relative speed of these boats has led to the plan of weekly race during th Summer, tor which a cud la -offered by the yacht club, and another dv Bar Harbor mercnant. two knockabout ar already here, one owned by Mr. Edgar T. Scott of Philadelphia, anchored en nis curt cottage, uevuiionc. me 1 ond to the property of Mr. Antonio . K. Stewart ef Philadelphia. The prospective visit of th North Atlantic Squadron ha been made a certain ty by a letter Just received from a navy official While It wul be tmpoaalbl for th ouadron to Include Bar Harbor In it Itin erary of the first wee of August, when It goee to Portland and Rockland. It te probable that about Aug. 20 the warship will pay a visit to Frenchman's Bay and accept the - hospitality of the citizens of Bar Harbor. About two weeks later Admiral Bedford of th British fleet, now sta tioned at Halifax, expect to pay Bar Harbor a visit, and th round of festivities will be renewed. '- . - The Bar Harbor Horse Show and 'Fan la now an assured success. CoL Edwai-d H Morrell of Philadelphia ts at the head-of the undertaking, ana many other- prominent cottaaers are Interested. Mr. A. How ard Hinkle ot Cincinnati to a liberal sub scriber. The committee named by CoL Morrell include many prominent New York and Philadelphia aodety people.- On th Committee on Horse for Pleasure ana Business ar Mr. E. O. Fabbri ef New Tork ana J. . Mercer Biddi of Philadelphia. A. Howard Hlnkl ot Cincinnati is chairman or tne committee on nmnca Col. Morrell. who married Miss Drexel or FMladelpnia, baa a number of fine blooded horses already In Bar Harbor. mA expects to bring; others on for th Horse nnowt Anions; the many high a tenner a which ar seen en th village streets or Ocean Driv none.- however, attracts more attention or excite more envy among lovers of horseflesh and fine equlperea than the turnout a 01 air. v. v. m auun 01 ntw 1 ore Mr. Fabbri' stable, near his cottars. CortriaM Edert Street, la a marvel of neatness.- It Is in coarve 01 an Italian, Mano Boleatrl. whom iix. Fabbri brought with LUa from. Italy. Maav of th turnout ar ale across th watar. In the Fabbri ataxia r there are at -present eleven horse, snd -about the asm number c,f urrtiM 1 aa former are, a a whole, aa haadaots a eoliectfcm a can be eea outside cf Nw York. Maav of them are dtfad for honors at th Horn enow.- They are In th best of condition. There I a pair cf cheat- . nut alnaeet perfectly ssaicbed. wblch ar im Mion a pna,ot or onaiuDtxa. i Bar. aa tnalr ftf fcawa a n.1. a &,iH - - truart bay mare aaedae a sad a-e bore by tffw L' V. k. -J Jk . , . .. . , ' horse. A handsome big black horse Is used . m Huran bui s py ssr. Aieaanaer eaoori, d le noted aa a burdjep and luttar. Th ' pet of the stable as a black pony named -. Tom. which, waa brought from Italy by Mr. Fabbri. Torn Is a Oa. Intelligent animal ut ' hltrh anlrltV . II la hanumi, 'Hm, Inw Mr. Fabbri In a catchy " exercto cart . that waa also brought across the water. Besides -th vehicle already nennorv4 ' tb Fabbri come time drive tn-a double- seated .buckboard or a very " modish :" surrey. ' Bar Harbor golfers are hoping to eewr arre VarnM a . w . a . . , K a . k ,ha Va 11-v rluK . 1,1 1 iw, .. -- - . " ..uv. . , ftvwuva wm ua links will. It ts thought, stimulate greatly ; " uiwni 404 tne m ,'uf IIW . . strengthen th playing qualities of thoea wbo taaaH baan Manltba ,n M.a Am good score. , To ge or not te go by autosaobtle-4 the question at preeent agitating th Summer residents. Bevaral ce-ttagers have brought with them their own motor carriages. (, " ' ere wiu to UN to puotic motor Veaici, v - ww,w aB wcvwoiiuj un io street wt .waaka aA - n, . m - rlagaa. buckboard a. and " cut under pre- . teat, and threaten to call a town meeting te fnKM aka. af b. . t-l-V a. rT awa aaA 1UW aU VI IIICB TVCUCi-M. MJB .tUOH mr lmli4x dlfrifTulUM btaUkepL At m town - liaat'wa aarlw la . . - , - M I . W fVl, S . not to allow motor vehicle th right te high road about. Bar Harbor. But as 'no ' danger seemed to threaten the liverymen -from the new Inventions, aaother special meeting was called, which repealed the for- r , a oar nuwr i liutnn the prtvllegs of riding about towa tn motor carriage. Aa enterprising local maaufaet- -' Urar at ma Mtatul.kl ...kll. . v. i - .a automobile, and th trouol began. At iwiuiiia ana owners ot Subtle eerrUge ar at k-aeasad upota - peclal town meeting to settle the matter. - . . "ft """fl"i w rnva tnie ' week from Boston, after a week paddle and sail by aea. hav attracted conat-lera . able attention from Summer residents, ' They were Hamilton Rlc and N. O. Hor- -ton, both of Beaton. Hamilton Rice, .of - - Htm ' aa Tnl- w-. v. . rVr'vtdirom. Harvard In th claa of The folklng year he spent abroad, and In Chlpa. where b had aom marv-sV- " ruu Mttururw. xi oaa aiway seen of a wander-ltivtng disposition, and his travels "' carried him to meet parts of th world. H is a brother of Arthur H. Rlo i Harvard. 1M. who waa Captain ef Mar. wT . IL , " year, and a mn- Pr of the class committee. Young Hortot T-, r; "i ot Mr tier Dor, -and his perilous fta with paddle-. aai eano ar still told about th atreet c4 , WharVSS. Mra. HortOO la a Mtulu Bm-anaa : I visitor. . , . . . . ... i On of th most conspicuous of Bar Har- - - bnr"a Kaantiful aa... -1 .1 . . r 5?ort.. BauaPt the Summer bom of Mr. Waltal- a tliiraaa V.. Vw 'Ph., house was built la at that Ume being j tbe moat expensive villa m, the town, lu - view of Frenchman' Bay to on of the i finest to- be had along th shore. t- , During tbe past Winter and Spring ex- -.' '' teneiv change and improve Vent on tho ' ' building and grounds hav been made, t - oremost among these l a winding covered ' walk, or colonnade, about 850 feetiong, ex- i ' tendiog from a flight f iiep whica lead t from th porch, to a rustle arbor at the- ' bindery line of the premise. Half way y,'-down th walk, on a high cliff. vriookln : . wf l,,r' 14 Plctureaqu summer house. - 4 furnished with comfortable seats, an in vie-- -1 Ing nook for a siesta. . r . , - : Another addition to a sun parlor oa the- , sea front of the house, commanding a fine -view of the water. On the south side, at, v i th main entrance, to a beautiful alas-.' -. covered porte cocheiw. Th novel feature -'.' " of th improvements, however, to a roof.'-garden, over the servants' quarter. Out on th rrounda, a short distance from th 'A main building, a hothouse haa been added. aa ha also a am all building eaiUd the . artclon. house.- Here. In Mr. Uuraee's spa- ' " clou and weU-qulpped greenhouse are-cultlvat-d all th fruits , and vegetables-used by th famUy during the bummer. Consplcuoua In thia Indoor orchard are the -peach and apricot tree, - bearing quanu-'. - - ties of fruit . -, . Jr . Robentofrar famoua . tea hou, on "' foaan Drive, 1 now open, and to proving ' -Wiom boon to the djtv-lovlag Sar Blra,. r realdanta The tea oua to -ope ef Bag X Harbors best-known InstltuUoncVT ; Pr. W. B. Bchley, son of Admiral Schley,. ! U spending the season with the Ledde-atf '-Elalnore, Hugh McMillaa'a beautiful nlaa on the halghta, near Oi-eea Mouataio.T. Maldron Bate of Boston, .the Traasuree -' ' Of the Kebo Valley, ClubTto whoaiacUv -exertions the erection of the present puUd- , ifraly due. has toft for a three, -weeka fishing trip In Canada, ea lbVuo- sl' Per water of th 8aunay. TT . 'f i Th Jordan Pond ilouae. favorite reaor . ' aJlke ef the angler andthe xZlvJTSi plsturesqu, to j&l scnry. to opeX foe- the,- . season. Th first wk arrivato lnolude -Mra. Chart CarroU Jackaoq f Near York, who drove over by ihtBtalf enlarged. .. . , J,. . Although the mountain paths are tfre- quenuy nooded, several utlm havw waiked over th route to the Jordan Pond '" Houe, by Eagle Lake and BubbUPond. ' returning by the summit of Greea Mount- ' jw 't Mcnvalne Luauer t' '"-j" HuZ T.?rk hr' na opened Eagle : " ' Cliff, their Summer home, for the eeaeSn. A r anowa ja Bar iiarbor' a mot xclualv circle. - " WilU"T1,t?)rK0t C-rMge. daughter of. ' S1?' . L Thayer of the Harvard Law School, arrived this week. She will Zasa ' the Summer at her father's oottaeeT Theodore Bjorkaten of New York arrived ' J"dy. nd will pas th eaaon at llm-thabo? overlooking-': - Casper M. ;' Morris of PhHadelphla' hag been in Bar irbor f or several dayVgt the hadhaif'K HorrU rrlrd- fremMoVse-nead, where he haa enjoyed several weeks ftohing. h left thl week for Norinlaat ' Harir, where he wUl pass tb SummerT, 1 flna.Ld Johnson. Harvard. 'WTat pre- . - into iiHt7.w rfRS tnis week at Villa Mary, ao Eden Street i Jenoe of his perentADrandMra, fThT; Hr aad Mrs. B. Franklin BhaxtJese of PhlladelphU have arrived at th7ft!renu. Stoumm WhlCh WW have arrived at the Payne cot tira. a CiefUton Road. . " r -im.tnf JU wk rrlvals were ' Mrs. Mllee B Carpenter and Miss Carpenter l Hautcrive, their handsome residence on Eden Street. The OuniersTaraWeSu -known entertainers. - , ' rmf. . cfwY0 " ,n? UlB h Knowlton. il; of New fork cam to Lyaam's this week. , wpontb rrt,r, of Mfa. Knowlton and.' .nonUr.Veet ' tor th eeaaon ar Mr. John BarcUyTr " $&5tt. RantS' Mlarf tonT1 iLX't&ZrZZ rerft'2 hom.nateio$r" T , lin'M.Amorr Da family .af . i ZSSZb t-.h .0PBxi Greea Iedge. -on Amory Lane, for the aeaann --aH -- The Misses Milling aid Mla?HaT erpt,n. ' ' adeiphia. who hava kT1 f1' orphn- Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. BeaiivfVa-. York, with Mr. Bealees sistn ?,C K?WJ - Augustinl. hav arrivld IrtUl nrZkfXt ' ; Summer at th King tu7c KtiiL! iJyMcf "pUphT. "har.&i'j tg? ' port foe several daya ' Wm York' hVve iom. Ldaf. t cottag on Mount Deaert Sut At ' ' reason. Th BrldghamThav w! from an extensive pleaui-e trin iTi4 il$t.V2 w whiuT-Kh bTZ. her i?S. , deYpmraa.-r ' hav opened Blde-a-Whlla on thV.v ' Mr7.nd Mra. Ketterllnus J2 icUv.aat dety leader In Bar Harbor cuv e- . Twe beautiful new cot Urea K,,tii on Mount Desert BtrSJ-trertvJ of the firm of Roberto Brothers. fauSi.K era. Mr. Robert- s own core la a of tasteful architecture. 1 J sieT1 tare., next him, is to b renl04 Mrs. Burton Harrison of h.rwVorV la" pending a tew days wuh tx 7 !j . 1 V A -

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