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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
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Thursday, January 5, 1893
Page 3
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i f PASSED BY BOTH HOUSES tux revised coysTirunosr bill J SXST TO THE GOVERNOR, . L Alt ABRWDMnKTS FROMPTLT YOTBD tOWX A PARTIAL MrOKT BT TBI ' TAX LAW BITtSlOB COMMITTER .- ITS TIM Of 8SRYJCB BX- , TKVBSDRRCIBS TJRTIL VOX DAT. - iom, J ml. A Th btu which imtw IMbw latrdaeed yesterday te defer the tin Of BH1BK tee VtMUMBtUl CMTIIItMl ITOm Ur. to May. 1894, and th eleetloa et algnt from aest Bprtag U Fail. passed the Boasts sad the Boom to-day tta erlglaal. fni brJ wss mi v1a Th Ra yiMlMuUteakouM attempted -U bm( It by propoeUg that th delegate shoald be cbeeea by Assembly rather ttu by Senatorial district, nrglng, that ft aamber of rnatoriel distrlcte embraced mere than Are conation, and, a tt bill aliowe ealr feerdelegate to ft dietriet. Ma ef the couatte weald be unrep-iwwUt The Democratic majority both ktuat. kntnr. nmrnnUr and ateedily TOUd every aanendmeat down. Tw Republican senators, OTmum of Broome and ErwU of Bt Lawreneo, while ex Treating the opinion tsst the bUl lntorsd In- wedlmoratlereprseaUtlouin the coa-reBtloa. alee declared that It wa fair sneesur. Tba bill paaaod the Senate by a Tota of 24 to 3. MeseT. Hunter aad Mallla Rp. end MeMahea. (Dm.) Tba Tola la taa Hons wae 113 to 8, Adam af Cayuga, Bnak of Stoa.hea, Chamber of Reaaeeleer, Conkllng of Turn, Griffia of Delaware, Hobble of Waah-tngtoa. Hough of Wayne, aad Presoott of Her- Thebm pro ride that at tha aext general election, bald aa tha first Tuesday aftar tba Urn Moaday of November. 1893. 166 delegatea ahall bo ohoaaa to meet la ooaTaatloa and rarlso tba Confutation. Obo hundred and twenty-eight Selegatee ahall ba aboaea from tha thirty-1 wo Tba remaining thirty-tight delegate ahall be elected from tha Bute at lares. Erery elector aaUttod to rota far a aiambar of Assembly It also oatlCod to rota for four dlitriet dalagate aad alxtaaa dalaf atea at large. Tba foor per-aoaa reeairlaa: tba hi ghee t aoiabar of rote la aaeh distrtet aaall ba choaaa. Tha thlrty-fout peraoaa reeeiTlng tha highest nam bar of rote la tha State aa delegate at larjta shall ba elected. Tba remaining four delegate at large ahall be dlTided eremly between the labor men aad tba women aaffraarlsta. Tba delegate ahall bo aominated undor the law roTerntac tha nomination of tension, aad taa bailota ahall ba printed nader the aet regit? laUnar tha printing of tba ballot la a Senate district. Any eitlxea above the as of twenty aaa year I eligible a a delegate. Vaoanele are to be fl Ued in the same manner a a vacancy la tae omoe oi a eiate senator, in THiuor aaaaed by the death of a delegate at large may bo filled by a majority rote af the convention. Tba convention shall aasemble la the Assem bly Chamber of the Capitol at Albany on the aeeead Tuesday of May. 1894. at 11A.M. A, ' President, a beeretary. and three Assistant See-retarte shall b elected by ballot. The com-pemeatiea allotted to delegates la flxed at 10 per day for every day from tbe first ta the last. The doty of opening tbe convention devolves m u W UmMtv f a I. wh.i Mill K ruu aad administer tne oatna. labile omoers; board, aid eommiasions are required to fur-alsk the convention with all tha Information, aioa If called for. The proceeding of the ouu-Teatlea hall be kept and printed from day to dav. At final adioarn men L. the reeard and tkn - ameadaieata to the Constitution or tha Constitution agreed to by the oonventlon shall be filed rn the offlae of the Secretary of State. A majority of the convention ahall constitute a qua rum. 1 be delegate are to be placed upon tbe same equality aa member of the Legislature during tha aeealoa. They shall be privileged from arrest oa civil process, and they shall not be que' tloned la any other place for speech or debate. The convention anaii bave power to expel anr Btoanhor for disorderly behavior or punish him by Imprisonment noon the renort of a commit tee of investigation. Tbe amendments or the revised Constitution shall be submitted to the jiOTtus ivr euopuou or rejection at tue next general election hold la November. 1894. and hall w vwwru myvu mm m wuviv ui i u auou separate preposlUoas aa the oonventlon may decide.' rae new constitution, if adopted, la to go Into-oneet Dee. 31. 1MH4, unless the oonventlon ahair preeerlbe some other time. The paaaage of yesterday' bill will save the taxpayer the cost of a special election, estimated at $bOO.OOo. It alao extend tbe lease of -life of the present State Committee from this fprlng to tbe r ail, and tha Insure the selection of delegate to next Fall' oonventlon. known us inenojy to tue Dossea. iiaa tne election for delegates been heldthla Spring, as laat year's law provided, a new State Committee would bare beea formed, and It 1 absolutely certain that many of the districts now controlled by the bsssss would have been thrown over to their rival. By these means many delegate an-tagoaiatie to the bosses would hare beea elected, to tbe State Convention, whleh will mut uit roptembar to nominate tttate oflioers, except wvwBvr uu ueatenaot unrsrnoL The Joint eonunlttee appointed on tha part of the Legislature to prepare memorial rrice tor Gen. J. W. Hosted conalau of the following:; Cm (As fmri tl (As Smutt. Messrs. If cClelland Of Westeaeeier. Boeseh et New-York. Erwls of tit . wm ui lateness, ana u'Coanor ot , ' J Pmrt mf (As ffsuse. Messrs.- Webster of Kew-Terk. BbleMaof Kings, Martin of New-York. - Kyder ot Westebester. Bulls of Mew-York. Oueatb- of r. U.I.. J u. r x:.w . aad Lje ot Droome. Speaker Bnlzer announced the following as the Committee on Privilege and Kleetloo: halHvaa at Mew-York. Cooaey of Kings. Tbomaa yinnecaa of Eoeklaad. Caaaln of banaselaer. valker of New-York. Haley of Oneida. Buck of ejeobea. Coacdoa ot Allegany, and Uennlaton af Jioaroa TO SXBTRICT nrifir.iiTinv Xa the Aaaambly Mr. Alnsworth, (Eap., Oa-. Wecoj latrodaeed lk lollowlag: J27? 1 P1" disease of cholera ha reap-. Osared la the Xnropean elUe from which It was traaeailtted te thle counur during the past eeaaoai JZt?f: K ta eonseasns of all medical opinion that tat ills ease has aever appeared ia ihu countrr axoept aa it has been brengbt te ear aiters by lsiml-crauea. aad that lu reappearance abroad reader lis traaaajtsssso te this eoontry during the com tne saa-. asm alaxMt esrtala unless Immlgrauua ahall b mora eaeatively ragolated and reeUleied: and Bfaereas. The approacolng Vinmblaa World' r cialserattea would be serlousiy leopardlzed aaeolaT eholera appear In this eoontry during the ""war of latf 3, and tbe importance of this eater-rlaete the iaiersatsef this Satloa demaada tha aV oare to lnaar 1U success; therefore, be it ? ier (if the teenateeeaesr.) That the Bepre- t all i mt Kw- rk rathe Oongresa t the United seraeeuy requested Ut enact at the present "J" l 0oTfe aoate meaaar which ahall r. . . . . "ii ot uBBBiarrawoB ntost aaoiy ie anng teear abere tills diaeaae; and Te establish a aatloaal aad nalform yum MoaraaUa. anpiieahle alike to tha eatlre aatloaal snail silee aad axelaalwaiT n ih. Vaitod sMatoa, ' W W I1..M..II . -. . B . ... tv - mmmmv. umanimoua eoaaeBt IBht immediate consideration. Mr. Sul- , , . , . - WM RiTVB VMS. IU : aia ajJaoiatodT ta proper oom ml tie. TAX-LAW KZVISIOX. T of the committee appointed br the laat XgialaXare to eoaalder the revision of the tx ' reeelved. and the eommntao waa t74 "rty daya farther time la which to empiete it labor i, Meaart. M.lby and Alna-orth Ware appointed member of the oommlir ' P ot Meaara. OUtord aad Straaahaa. t?.???,1"" th. Houaa. The report "Tbl OosastittM after s.. It, f!f.?Ll,?tto" to thi and the methods iTr ! rTZ r. "Zrrl lJW ncovuled r?L2r. J?, Uwt b. though brofuselr " - ii- . ' . . -f psoas. most n still Sj!gf"f T19 y tareraavsiy demaad a r. v J!!'?! .. Pfo if aot ia iKlaeim ' JL aiaiHise has met with saanr 41 tmrwm viaars lVVl.ur1' eUtoh a bow! JjW Avwied Uto tort pVtl grV riZ, lJiikrfV'hich sea tor lAievtBtoatiir! ; theaailS"-,41 V eawraie pTopert? Sf5!5,lI. " U the pabUc ueZ tsas 2TfUl w he adrbeate of til, view la tpfuu1 ": betlJ; tnZ- . be borne Uy real aad tor. ' - tuTsSl2la,,Ulr ' toxatioo. They ehagi, and tecfto!!!: property which 1 sub- , -JlaLto to Maii fT-- lx eniort ,! ul ' ttsCsTr?:, t'lM gr the atvocatoa of ""si tJ??S r u o nwrtgages aad -.i taTTr. bvUl: Trl u ' - wf mm fswiwii. aaree that tbe taxatloe af per. W ' 2laUJ-al 'a. -"mmmu mjU ...rTT "sssw mm real properly i f"lrur2 li"?u'1r Ifilurlou te tbe aeeeral cale ettaTr. .', lhey loclads lbs adve. f 1W I? prepertr from aarseats wTuT t?iT0t' her, goaerally UJn. fc, rh. r7T r tooderat view r.ts. yae eaaian ilr?i"y eompniag Una greau. y is TaTSr lar ty efcould he suS-? ywwwl!!!! tea. aad who arotNM 2riat5iJJaia alvlagteeacB aoaa, vfeoarty mLZTJUl?? Prepertwa whleh aaeh alas ai. .-"TMU u tha ...(ui...... diraot oaetatlea of an Ut brt aet eery pereeasl ro party but a well all haproraaiaaM to tha really, .hi la kaewa a tba etagle-tax system. vu emmiuea baa a yet beea aaabla to mat aametoat exaakiaatloa of these rartooa propeelUeaa aad t hear tee ertdeaea la support ef them tone. aMe It to report eeaoiasloas as being reaobed after aa ! aeana ot thetr kerarai advetatea. Un eoaalaaioa wo have beea able to arrtra at aaaa tntoaely. which, while It wlU be a radical t"eaUoa 1 the ayatoex ut taxation to be tnlew4 ta oar fttato, Will at th aaaa time afford a aeaerat and geoerea meaanr ef relief to the very heavy bardrn at f resent borne by real eetola, asd avoid tba laeuaallusa eoatlna-eoaty aruiac betweea the ratio as eouatles la raising tat fee Mate parpoeoe. aad at tha aaaa Mm will be hailed- as a desired re form by every Interest at prseeat ahartag th bardea ef taxation. W recommead the raising ef auSiolent revenae by a tpeeta tax for Bttourpsss;ealy. which will abolish the levylag of all taxes for State parpoeee by tee several eoaatlea. The ehaanel trees -wttieh this rereaa mar be raised are rations, aad the naming and dlrlatoa et thsa year committee re-eerre anta Ito Bnal report, j Ft . A63EM1ILY BILL8 XTRODCCKXX Arnoac th bill iatrodaeoA la th AhMaV bly ware th following : f If By Mr. Coakllng. (Ben., Warren.) making It ami, demeaaert solicit eoatribationa fur poil Ileal par. pee (rem persons holding the office:' of Judge or justice. : a . By Mr. Webster. (Dem.. Kew.Yerk.) Mmltlag to on year the Una ia whleh aetlea may be brought against a aaalcipat eerporatloa for eatery or wage. Also Branding tkat tha probata ef a will ahall be forever bladlag and eoacloalve If ao persoa Interested ehalleoatost tie validity wlUiia two years after tta R robot a. To mlaore or aereona of aaaoaad miad. aavtoeaed er aheaat from th Btot th right te bnag aetioa te exteaded to th aame period after their dlsabllliiea are remered. Also, prortdtag that art stadeata. oo prists, and schools shall a admitted free to tbe Metropolitan Maeeem of Arte la Mew. York City eat the tw pay days eaoh week. Alee providing that tne Amertcaa Moaeam ef Natoral History la New. York may beeleeed twedaya la tha weak, or that a4mlsln fee may be charged oa two daya Alao providing that where a marring 1 celebrated ta this State without tbe services of a minister er magistrate a certificate shall be filed with the Conntr Clerk or the Hnreaa ot Vital St. tiattea. stating the nam, residence, and age of eon-traeteata aad the time the marriage was celebrated, together with the aamea at Wl teas sea. The aet doe no I apply te tha Quaker. Both boa adjourned to Monday alfht at 8 o'eioek.i i : i i 1 9 A DEBS WAR IS ST. LOUIS. THE TRUST CCTS THE .; PRICKS ! TO HALF TBI C8UALR4TIS.j Sr. Locis. Jan, 4. A beer war baa beea declared by the Bt Louis Brewing Atsodatloa against it aevea rival, and the amber bererag i oa sal to-day at S 4 per barret. Whea aa EnglUb syndicate bought Oat all the browarle la Bt Loui exoept the Aahener.emp, and Obert Institutions they obligated the beer barons aot to oncao la the buslneas ot brewing In Bt, Loola for a term of twenty year. Kethlng- waa aid about the aoaa of the old brewer going Into buslnes aa tbay grew up. :: Within three year the three brewara outolde of th syndicate have been Joined la the field by the Home, the American, tha KatlonaL aad the Columbia Breweries, all home capital enterprises. These new enterprlaea, aa well aa th old ones, have cut steadily Into the syndicate's business. During the month ot November alone the tale of beer . fell off 14,86 keg, tkiniethtng bad to ba dona, and the prico of beer haa now ben eat from $8 per barrel, with '25 per cent, dlsooont, to $4 a barrel net. j " The price of anti-syndicate beer will hare to come down at onco Inside of forty-eight hours." said a prominent, saloon man. "Ko saloon 1 going to jump at once, but after two er three day they will unless the anti-syndicate beer is reduced." It 1 hollered that the actlre owner of the four new breweries are alao large stockholders in the trust. The cat, therefore; will injure them both war. Tbey will be giren a "double cross." so to speak. The Anheuaer-Busch people, wbo hare never been in the trust, will meet this ent at once, and It ia very certain that tha other breweries wllL A. Grieaedleek of the National Brewery said tbe war 'Was caused primarily by the loss of bunlnes by tbe syndicate breweries. There has been a " kick " from London because of a depreciation la bond and htre of a.took in London and felt Louis: : hence the war. Local manager of - the ayndioate bare made the boast that th British beer baron had a aaroctency of money to bankrupt tha opposition crowd la St. Louis. Btueb, Lemp. and other ay they are men of peace, bat they will make the war a war to the knife, and tha knife to the hilt. City of Mexiou. Mexloo, Jan, 4. James Neter, a prominent' finaneUr of New-York City, 1 here for the purpose ot eeoarlng concessions from th Mexican Government for the establishment Of extensive breweries in tbe princl- Sal oltles of tbe republic. Mr. Naaer states that e baa negotiated for .English capitalists within the paat year for tha purchase of breweries in San Franoiaco. Denver. Baltimore, ' Detroit, Rochester. Portsmouth. N. U.. and Newark, th purchase lnrolvlna an etpendlture of oror S,(XX.(XK). He I t alao Vice President and a Director of the Mtxioaa Quarry Company of Sew-Yorkv A XJtlF LIXE TO H0S0LTJLV. THE BAWAIIAX GOVERNMENT TQ GRANT A $500,000 ; MONTHLY SUBSIDY. TitoMs Washington, Jan. 4. W. E. Simpson I back frqm Uonolula, where he had breakfast with the 4ueea and met tha Ministry and other oftlcera In charge of the kingdom. Tbe valuation of the kingdom la new placed at $36,&OQ,OOa Tbe merohants of the United State own $26,500,000, and because of this rested Interest everybody In authority assured Mr. Simpson that tbe first duty of the Hawaiian Government would always be to preteot the American Investors, Acting In part upon this assurance, Mr. Simp-eon, aa the representative of a Paget Sound steamship ; company, agreed to establish a new steamship line. and. to show tbe Ministry' appreciation of American enterprise, tha Legislature In session appropriated a flre-hundred-thouaand-doUar monthly subsidy. From the Vjueen. the Ministry, Consuls, and other Mr. f Simpson learned that while many natives fatored the annexation ot the Sandwich Islands to the Lulled States, It waa the policy of the Harrlaou Administration not to take charge of these islands unleaa pressed to do ao by the failure of eeU-governoieat and for the purpose of protecting the Interest ot It oltltena. This policy I satisfactory to the praaent Ministry, which 1 oompoaed mostly ot successful business meu. However, discontented politioiana, abetted by EnglUbmeu. are trying to convince the native that It would be beneath their dignity to become subjects of the United Mates. The Kng-lleb wish the natives to understand that It would be humiliating to lose their monarchical form of government and be placed under the Kepabllc ot the United suu. but natives own leas than 5 per cent of the total valuation ef the Islands, and, as Id from creating dlaaenalon and revolution. It la evident that under tne preaent Ministry the meddlesome tngllah eoald accomplish nothing. The Interference ot the Kngllsu i pernlelou aa regard the granting of Pearl Harbor to the United Bute a a coaling station. P&lt&tDZXTlAL APPOINTEES. tt. i MR. HAREIJOS' QBATlTL'DB TO EX-SENATOR flERCB OP NORTn DAKOTA. WAaHixotox, Jan. 4 Tbe President to-day aent to the Senate the following nominations: Mlalator Beeldeat aad Consul Uenaral to Portu. gal-iiimsiii a. fisacK of Minnesota. Associate Joatloe auprem curtof Utah Gxouog W.-BsATCJL! Gilbert AsherUle Pierce, aominated as Minuter to Portugal, waa one ot the nrt Senators from Morth Dakota, and la at preaent proprietor of the Minneapolis Iributu, a paper that waa one of Mr. Harriaon' most loyal supporters in th Northwest, both before and after the nomination. Mr. fierce l a native ot New-York, and. while in Indiana, enliaied at the first call for troops, winning the star of a- Colonel before tbe War wa over. Alter holding various public othres he eutered the newspaper business, hia Oral coanectlon beinc that ol editorial writer oa the Chicago -(tr tjcrui,. in lnei be wa appointed Governor ef North Dakota, In which capacity bo sorted for two yearn, being unanimously nominated by the Kepubik-ans tor Lulled b tabes Senator In .November, lrHH. It le understood that Mr. Pldrce haa beea troubled lately wltbieu afleetloa of the throat and was advised by a New-Vork phyaiclau this Winter to aeek a ebaage of climate tut some months. Tbe Pa trim Club. The meetjng of the Pa trie Club on Jan. 13 promise Id U t brilliant one. Tbe theme or tha ovenlm will bo "Tue American Constitution." and t e speakers will be Jobn llandolph Tueaer of irtinia, Presldeatof tbe Aiiieritaa Jiar AasoctsAlon; Maruu W. ; Cooke of ilioches-ter, furmerMr Atloruey tieneral of this .-Slate, aad Jadge feoger A. Pryor of this city, it It expected that ex President CleveUud aud Mr. Cleveland will be among tbe curat of tue evening, fifty IneiBbera have boen added to the dob ftinee it last mee ung. i Oerlatuu aa lo Prlniera Iu'lc."' Judge Laoomb lu the United state Circuit Court yestayday denied the motion and yacated the stay ia the salt brought by George V. lluw-ell against Postmaster Van Cbtt to recover from the latter .lr7.fb, which the plalatlft said he bad lea obliged to pay for postage apon bis pobtlvatioa. t-ritiUr't im,k. ta sxaaas ef what be weald bare paid bad hia paper beea seat through the mails a eceaeVie mailer. f MAS KxcnAsax. X J FaAKowocv a-Drafta filgot. SS, tele. !, ne - TO CONTROL IMMIGRATION rOUIt V CLASSES Of 1 JtX- Cl UDXD t tXRSOXS PROPOSED, ' . Xmw BILL tCBMITTED BT BRATOS CHAVDLIB AS A RESTRICTITE It I At ORE CERTIFICATES TO BE GIYEK T OCS COBIDU ABROAD MORI KPACR rOH EM1GRABTS OR SHIPS. Wa HnroToa, Jaa. A. omo tttao ago Beaator Cbaa ler. (Bop,, K. U. Chairman ot tba baaata Coma itttoo oa Immigration, bad a bill reported from tla committee providing tor tba la a ef maal eta to tossoU . saUiajt f or taa United Bute , te framed a to guard agalaat tba ad-Baloali ia to thla eouatry of aadattrabla Immigrant l Tba Houae Committee baa a yet doae aothlig with the! bilL ao taa Beaator to-day Intro need another bill eetabllshiag additional ragoJj ttoaa ooneornrar lmmlgratloa . to tha Ualto 1 BUtea. Tbla latter bill la In leaded to sapplmeatthe flmblU.lf It ahould paaa, bat may lao stand alone aa aa off eo tire plooa'of reatrl :tlr legislation. The feature of the aw toeaaare are tba daalgi atlon ot tear now o)s of exeladed pr-aon. a requlremant for a deelaraUoa by erery Immti rant of narat, place ot depsrtara, former reside: set, and other Information, tba Issue ot eertlfl sate by United Bute Consols apon roW natar r application of Immigrants, a requirement ot mora cable space for Immigrant aboar I Toaaela aad batter renUlation. aad, lastly a aew naturalize, tloa clause requiring sixty lays' notloe of tba appiieatioa before the hearing ' S - The excluded elaasos abora mantionad are addltlbaal to those person exoluded by the preeeatUw, and area foUow: . "L AU persons ohyeloally capable aad over twelve yeare ef ag who eaanot road aad write with rsasea abl faotlivy their owe language) exeepi that aa aged person aot ee able te read aad writ, who is the parens or grandparent ot aa admissible Itamlgraat, mar accompany or be cent tor by such immigrant. 9. (All persons aot provided. In addition to mean at reaching their anal deatlaatlon. with sufficient meaeyi of their wa or of th head of their f ami Has, for their comfortable support for two month after their arrival, the amount to bo required aot to exceed f 10O for eaoh alucle person or head of a family, and j6 for each member ot a family accompany lag or sent for by such head of a family. - S. Persons bUnd or crippled, or otherwise physio, ally Imperfect, eo that they are wholly or partially disabled from manual labor, unless It Is aitlrmatlveiy and aatlaf actorily ebowa oa special laqalry that saeh person are sure of aa abaadaat aapport aad aot likely to become a publio charge. " 4. Per soas tMloaglng to societies whloh favor or justltr the onlawful aad criminal deetruetioa of properjty er life." The I section of the bill reUtlng to apace oa blpbSard prescribes a minimum air apace oa the main deck, or the deck next below, of 200 feet lor each paaaenger carried, (double tbe present requirement.) and on tbe seoond deck of 25a oubio tost Instead of 120 feet as at present, Ko paaaenger ahall be carried oa deck more than five feet below the water line, berth are required to be placed fore and aft, aad a large addition ia required in tbe clbeet aeeom-modaSlon and rentilatlng tube. In the House to-day KepresenUtire Warner (Dem.1 X. Y.,1 presented a memorial of tbe New-York Chamber of Commerce la favor of a national quarantine. Representative O'Neill (Hep., Penn. J presented a similar memorial from the Philadelphia Board of Trade. COXOBE6S RESUMES WORK. Eenate reaamed business to-day. at the The close if Its holiday recess, with a fair show of Industry and an attendance of a few more than a quoifum. Mr. Allison (Bap., Iowa.) made bis first appearance tbla sesaioa, having been ab sent hitherto as a delegate to tbe International Monetary Conference, and bad aa opportunity of add ng to hia knowledge on tbe subjeot of gold a id Urer by listening to a apeeoh of Mr. Stewa t (Rep., Nor..) in opposition to th bill introd loed by Mr. MePberaon (Dem., N. J.,) to uspeau tue pureaaao oi surer Damon nnder the Sherman Bin. : ttoint progres was mad on the Anti-Option hill, aid Mr. Sherman (Rep., Ohio.) took occasion id state bt view on th subjeot of that measure, whleh war, la brief, that, although he waa personally neutral lu regard to it. and had aome double both aa to the constitutional power of Conarres In the matter and aa to whether the bill. If ill became a law, would aeoompliah what was eipeeted of It, he would rote for it, la deference) to the wiaue ot farmers' associations and Individual farmers who believed that, with the suppression of dealings In futures, which Mr. Sherman characterized aa gambling, not ao fair aaiwbat took place around the faro table, the prlcea of their produeta would be governed by thai lew of supply and demand. An amendment odered by Mr. White. (Dem.. La..) including flour among the artlole to which the bill I to apply, wa agreed to after aome dieountion: and another one. offered by the same Senator, to strike oat the proviso to the seoond section, was about being voted on when an interruption came In tbe shape of a motion to proSeed to exeoutire business. Th two bill relating to quarantine and immigration were made peolal order for Friday and Saturday next. J Aa was expected, the Boots met after the bolldar recess without a auoraxu. A tew meae ores which were unimportant and of merely local significance were paused, and then the House Iproceeded to the calendar of nnflniahed business, whloh Is oompoaed of private pension bills; but a disposition waa ahown to prevent the inicreaee of the pension lists by special legislation. One bill had the good fortune to paaa through tbe ordeal, and then the House adJourSed for want of a quorum to tranaaet business. EW LEGISLATION PROPOSED. Mr. C tl (Populist. Kan..) offered In the House to-day 1 1 bill creating a Department of Transportation i nd providing for th construction of a Kioarai ua ship canal The department Is to bare gi neral uperrlslon of th carrying trad ot the a nttre country, and to exerela all the power of the Inter-State Commro Commission, w ilea u abollstied. On bl i appointment, the Beeretary of Trana-poruti oa is to name a oommiaaloa of three persons, oi i from the Atlantlo slope, on from tbe Mlaelet ppi Valley, and ona from tba Paelao slope, t be knowa aa the " Nicaragua Canal Cemmli sion," whose duty it la mad to proceed to Cent "al America and Inspect tbe work performed by the Maritime Canal Company, aad report 1 rhat treaties, dta. are neceaaary to give the United U tales control of that waterway. Mr. Wataon iDem., Oa.,) doe not favor the further iaaue of bond under the acta of 1875 and 181 9, and to-day he Introduced in lb Hone a bill p: 'onlbltlng uch Issue a A blU Introduced ia tbe House by Mr. Martin (Dem., nd.,) provide that the term of all persons appointed to ofOoea nnder tbe United BUtea shall be four year, whether under civil service or otherwise, and no person la to be eligible to bold ottlo tor more than eight yeara, aad all persons baring bald office for tbla length or time or longer are not to ba eligible to bold office after July 4, 183. W OMAN SUFFRAGE QUESTION. Pen latbr Warren. '(Rep.. Wyoming.) from the Select dommittee oa Woman buffrage. to-day reported to the SenaU a Joint resolution to amend the Constitution, extending the right ot suffrage- to women. : It provide that tha right of oitizdnship shall not be denied or abridged by the U nlked b tales or by any SUU on aooount of aer that Congreae shall have the power. by appropriate legislation, to enforce this pro Vialou. beu nator Vance (Dem.. N. C .) submitted a rat norlty r bport. whleh suted that in tbe first ses- sion of port wi ine J- orly-serenlb t'ougre a similar re- moaa uy mi romasittee, accompanied by the lews ot dlaaentiL-K members, aud tbe tuino uritfr ieiiere that It t annot do better than to readop tbe tatter's idea. Tbe report referred t'J Was ajuliuiltted by senator Ueorg ua Juae 5, ISsf d i seta lortn tuat tue matter in question tbe rignu ot Htaloa aad should be loft to deUrmlae. involves for ibeta DIRECTED At THE PlXKERTOXB. Senatiir Chandler (Uep.. N. II.,) think that he haa 1 it upon a perfecUy-iogltimaU mean for stop ilng further operations by the Pinker-ton, aul to-day be introduced la the tienate a short bl 1 with this and in view. Th bill would, if enfon ed, destroy the aoinl-mllltary Anarchist organ u tious. 1 be bill la as loilowa: "Auaito prohibit unlawful military erganiza-tlous. - That it snail be unlawful for any b idy ot men number, ig lau or more any of whom are subject to nuiutliut ui as a part uf the uiilltla ef any Minis oi tbe L utieit - iaus lo asseinbls or drill or bear arms as a military s jnat. reiufaur. iiaitalioa, or oilier military or lUisalina, unless they are ctlled forth by auiueciv i oi iuil:ury edluer lawfully authorised to make ui li call. "oh.'--i ..v U. It shall be tbe duty ef the President to iliibau il and djara any such urgaulzstloa aud every pn -sob aerviug as a member thereof shall eis. be subjei t to a bus aat exceeding Sl.Ooo, er to lln-priauuuit ut uut exoeiBg oat sar. ut to bota auca .nsad lopriaoBoteat." BaCTERIA ON BANK NOTES. Rpr entative Outhwaita (Dem., Ob1o,r baa Ukaa aj w aad, ta rlew af th danger 6f cholera invasloi , will press tigorooaly at Uls ssislon oi Congies i a propoaiUoa tor the froqnent si-ebaoge i f soiled psper money for now aoUa Aa tors tttgatioa mad at bis saggeatiea ba ebowa that old graeabackt aad bank aotos MBtala tha rsrms of dlaaaaa ta aa anasaal aa. irraa, and tkat tbsrs Is rsasoa for apprsbsastaa ae a proaoeer at diaeaae. :.r lla rlew ot tha Beeeaslty far taa atatast pra. sanUoas sgsiast Us spread et tholsra Uthis ountry aaxt Samater, Mr. OaUwalto has latro-duoed a bUl direetlng the Secretary at the Traae-mL noeeesary ragalattoaa to a. ITi I'.fiJi'Sl?' wq" redempUoa at MlT- L fceuit PP aorreaey and all aa HeL!!Lk.mot wsoBia eoiled. '"P ". or otaerwlae aaflt for aaa, Ia fSlVii -sot aotleetaaa flOOi fJ? Pntloa aad laeue of aew VmW&zarjzxzi-. wS'tiVuM'' bactoriologl! at BUrUag TfSlP?' WM aaked to mak aa laraatl- rt -s VSH bi,UL ndo'i blU ef the -2J?5 tirLli! J klBd" ot bacteria, 5Sn I?"? of l8 two kinds, two twe-ihriUtl,' 5n, series one bacterlata k?. .,d oUr bill, eartes at 1886L wo seaJ' u w,r" nil moab worn aai Iiik,,i?lttltBr showed fcLSTSi-lLi?" taattaere wae aaaataerot baetorla eoloalee wbleb might aome Aay. aader tamuuSt' dorelop oaaraj aiaVb to tS?SiTiii",? rstom. For lnstonee, M".r!.p?rt. Wi thai aaa of tba bilU vti "Jf two kind of baatorla. Sieatil ffViiS!' U? various mierobeet aa-pulna daiJ! 00to M CAUSE OF BROOKLYN TIME LOSSES. IHUt Dirmi MADB TO TBI TARUP AS80aATI0X, CBABOtf, . Tha soafereaos betweea tba oommltteo of taa larlir Asaoolatloa aad Mayor Boody ot Brook, lyn, la refereaoe to the charge made agalaat tbe Brooklyn Fire tpartataat laetdbat to the ralalag ot tba rate oa Brooklya riska. begaa yesterday moralag andlaated trattt aftoraooa ta tba Common Couaoll room la tba City wq There were preaent, betides tba Mayor aad taa Corporation Counsel, rira Commlasloaar tri.eix Cnlat Nerlna, and a lot of minor official af taa Fire Department, wbo beard themaelrea se-Torely aoored without a word of protect. Several business men Us toned U the talk. Mayor Boody made a poor showing before tba eommlttaa. ae tba lasaraaee mea bad their charge -pat," Soa It ttSm.W" oomPiUnKl -VjUUm- IJi99A7 CorporaUoa OobbmI Jeaka, ft"?? by ttstloaa written oa sllpe ot paper L whom tbe charges wen dJrictod, PTopoaaded questions whloh bad ao weight, "J ahowed ao thing for the depart-meat, Taa Mayor bad a Hal ot typewritten H'HP-0 taTsonferT of SilrlrrScy: to vif L?1?" th nfereaoo Mayor Boody re-."T? the eaaoo tor th mee tin, aad naked i' J-?"1?' the Home Inauraaee Company to toll him u at aay time the TarlaTAaao-tJi!?0," complained of the condition of tbe 'r IJepartment to it officere or to tbe other city oruolala, Mr. Waahburno replied that he bad no knowledge ot suon actloa oa th part of bis aseoslatlou. Th only remedy was in taking sammary action in the association. He thought the actloa ot the Tariff Association would ultimately be of the greatest beaeut to Brooklyn. The bualaea of Insurance eoia- Saaiee waa to make money, and with the alarm-ic lnoreaaa of dlsaatroa Area la tha city, they haxl to take aome action to protect themaelrea or else slop writing policies on Brooklyn risks, whloh some companies had don. Some months ago Mr. H ashburn aaid hia owa company can-eeled and redaeed polio les, paying back f 10,000 In premloma. It thereby eared U40.0O0, on Area which bare lnoe oeonrred. Then Mr. Waahbora aoored tbe department. He begaa by pointing to the fact that Brooklya, with aa great aa area aa New-York, undertook to corer it with half the number of engine that thla city employed. Brooklyn baa thirty engiaea. The fire-alarm boxes are ot primitive pattern, the keys being placed la stores, whleh, when most needed, are closed, aad some time elapse before tbe keys are obtained. This, Mr. Waaburne said, was tb eaoee of Urea getting great headway. Be aald experteaoe haa shown that small de-partmeau are more omeieat under perfect discipline than, larger departmenta under lax discipline. The Brooklyn Fire Department, be declared, ia lax la dlaclplln. He bad read la the Brooklya newspapers of the show trial of firemen tor lounging la atroeta, going Into saloons provided with fire alarms; ot fireman assaulting their foremen aad being aent back to the department not diacbarged. Ho bad read alsoot firemen claiming that they eaaaot be dleeaarged because of a "pall," of Bremen borrowing aa axe from a neighboring hone to eat down a partition or door at a nre. et neglect to examine hydrants which are frozen, and other offense Indicative of looee discipline. " Tbe Tariff AssoeUtioa ha no polities,' aald Mr. Washburn, -and tha Brooklyn Fire Department ought to have none. Yt it Is no secret aad ao slander to aay that roar Fire Commisa toner waa appointed for political reaeou and aot because be baa aay special at-neea lor the position. 1 know Chief Nerlae only by reputation, and I believe he baa beea a good fireman, but he haa grown too old and too rteb to bold hia poaltloB with credit. " ilia Winters be apanda la Florida oa bis plantation. Ia Summer he en)oya hi yacht, He oannoi be' aa efficient as a man wbo giro bis Whole time to the department. I hare heard rumor, but hare no positive knowledge, that there are dishonest praotloee la the purchaaintof equipments aad the etnploy-meut of Bremen oa outaide work. The thine ahould be Investigated. Reeulta are what we look to, not rumor or charge. We will malo-Uln our ratea until the Brooklyn Fire Department 1 a efficient as aay la tbe country." Mr. Waahborne .took bis seat and Mayor Boody aaked If he would reduce the charge to writing. Mr. Waahburno said he would. In what way." asked the Mayor, ' may w reach aa investigation aad tba result be satisfactory to business men t " At thla the Inaaraaoe mea am4 broadly aad Mr. Waahburne aald bluntly: " Put the urea out and sere property. Wo don't oar how yoa do It" The Mayer looked aoaplused aad proceeded to point out the fact that Mr. Washburn bad Bot peeifled a atagle act or condition with which be waa pereoaally familiar, and aaked the arerage loaa at fire In New-York. "In be w-York 98 percent, of the, fire Is extinguished with rery trifling lose. Yeur Chief Nerlna aeeme to think that tbe main object le to confine a fire to the building la whleh tt exists, but I think It should be pat oat with the least lo." Alter aoms farther parlor It was decided that tb Tariff Association should formulate Its charge, and that tbay be iareetlgated by a Joint committee of tbe association and of business mea to be appointed by the Mayor. Republican dab NoaaUatatloaua. Tbe Committee oa Nemlaatioaa of the Republican Club ha reported ae aaadidato to ba balloted tor at tha oatalng elab elestloathe following: rrmttdtntJmhm 8, Smith. rtrH Vie jTsstoswt Arthur I Merries. fxeem, Vtmt Fmndt Jesses 8. I oh lasts g. rtr Flos Prittt Will Lam Leery. Mmtording BtcrtUr Fran da K. Lalmbeer. Corrupt, t esvrstery Henry B. John sea. MxmcMtin Osmmttlx Jam A. jUeaohard, Jeeepb Pool. Moaroe B. Bryant, Jesse W. nawee, aad Charles N, Tela tor. Ceasastttes ea MimtmrtkimTm eerv until Jan-nary, lass, John a West: to serve aettl Jaa nary, lh&d. Waiter a. Bald via. X. A. MeweU. aad Joseph IL Sutton. CoutmUUt fin Library a4 PMt(i-Jam L. Wandllng, Walter B, Tuft. WUllaa O. Beberta. Jared a. Baldwin. Jr. J. ti. Hart, Wullaxa a Pear-eon, Cephas Brslasrd. Jr William Jtrdmaa, aad William P. Heme a. CeotmUtoi eo ttnanm William H. Araoax. John O. Mett. Charles Oaspar, Brace Haroeo, aad Da Theodore It. TuthllL Fl re In tbe Deicsnssset' Heane. There waa a are early yestorday morning la the Deacon aes Home aad Training School of tba MethodUt Eplaoepal Church at S41 Weal Fourteenth Street, which happily did slight damage. Mls Isabella Keve. tba Super) n-tandent, and slxtaoa wemea wars la taa house, but tbey were all ap and dressed when at 6:45 lo the moralag tbe fire wa diaoovared la a closet lo a room oa Ue top floor ef tbe bona, in whieb donations for the poor were stored. There was about 9100 of damag a. AJtMT ASD If ATT, -Th P resident yesterday aest tt following aoav loatlaaa to the Beaetoi , ,tl .... Lleat. Cat. Theeaaa C, Sullivan, Aeeletant Osav mlasarr Usaeral. to be Oeloael aad AaaUtaat t-env mlaaary ("sasrai: Major William H. atoll. Cemniia-aary of aabalatoaea, to be Lteateaaat Oeloael aad A as latest Cemailasary Oeaaraii Cap! Chart's A. WeodraS to be Major aad Oommtasary of eubslst-eaceT Lleat Cl7 Wllilam B. Olbeoe, r-epaty Pay. ..LsTV.eiral. to aeOelooel aad Aaslstaat Pay- Flrsl Uent, W. D. Hot h to b Captala la Ksrsaae Cntter swrrle: eeotaa lseat, jtieaaaosr n. s-. Maiis te be Jret and inird l Lieut, hlchard O. Crtsp I be heooud Ltoatonaal la aame eerrtee, The poor water upply aa4 meagre sewer ge of msayrmr po-ts bas caused aiaraaomg army people, alaeb aickaeas hs resulted, Ubly at Kert Tr': i.. . u ..ii,m Manaeka. hi aw. York. i he latter nt expeneaeed aa eputeale of tyyaotd lever, reeuitlng. It Is bobeve.1. froi Its t-JkJry J caudittoa. nasi teretary tlklaa haa appetatod m mrrt onvr. with CaU Cnarlae O. Barttott t ; 5 , . . i. i . .T-?r mm PTosldeat. to tsoet al Madlaea Uarraeks and uasluer tb waoto aabjoet to aau-I srv ee" .1 1 ue o -" Urn poet U eoaaeettea with the re. JLZ ?l4-to and report to tb eetaryjehat measnres are aseeasarr to establish the borracaa nea avians 1 aisltary basts, eeaoctally la reepMt to th uppiy ef water. -Wnt Oammsase W. Msyasrd aM bora do. Uched from U eofanaaS of Ue PUIa sad entered to WMluaiMa to report U U Nary Dspert-oat -Asslstoat aareeea O. T. Hagg bad bwjfota-h tar letaaa aiavy Meal eneator Ueaerai: atajor uewrge iwmaH, . . to be Lieu teVaal toloael and Deptr Payaaatrr ; Jtoaeral, siecoad Meat. Cltarle. f7 MeAcUer end T. BeetUy Mett. rtrst Artillery, and tt. W. a. . iririh aruiierr. to ae iimuwnsw APPfiOYE OF 1IGR. SAT0I1I UEH0RUL TO TUE PAPAL ABLE. 0ATM SIOSED' ET PRIESTS. ' THT- IAT THRT ARR OLAD THAT Bl 18 Bttl ARB t UDOaUa B18 WORK BaU -M'SWRtaTT, ORB OF TBS 8IOVKR8, TALK! A0TJT ITA VA i v RIRTT OF tntrODRDRD RTJMORA, t '" '- " i ' ' --" - J - - - r About tea days ago, jast attar the rolastato-RMatof taaBoT. Dv MoOlyaa. a aambor at riosts la tba Arehdlooeee ef NTrk drwnp meBserial to Mgr. BaioUi, th Papal abUgats, MaaTatalating Rim am his work dsaa ta theia-terestef CataaUalty la UU eeoatry. Among haaaee elated to thU doeaaaeat were tboee af tba Bar. Dr. Blobard Lalor BurSeoU ef Boa out. Father Corrigaa at Hobokea, Dr. Bernard MoSweeayef Bt Brlgid's Cbareh ta tbla oity, Tatbar Malaaa ef . WllUamsburg. aad aereral prteato U th dloeeee of BUhop Wiggec Blaee shea ether name hare beea added. Tkaro are about rea of tba prtoeU ta Nw-Trk waa bare algaed tba saamotial, bat tbalr an r aoaiA aot be leaned last atgat, f The signature to tha auertU that War the aiwatast valght la this elty ta that ot th Bar. Dt Bernar4 Moflvaaa, raster at Bt BrUid's CbnreJk aa Araaoa B, oppoalt Tompkias Bqaara. . Dr- MeSweeay Uoaeet the Board of Dloeeaaa Examlaer,' Ha Is aa able theologian aad aaa the reputaUea ef belag rery eonaerra-tlra, Ri BrlgbTa Chureh waa aaaaeeratodsaaay Fon ago, aad Bomaa CathoUe ebarab aaa only beeoaaeerated aftar tt Is declared entirely oat af debt j . c " Dr.Mo8waaayla oa af tba few trremorahla rastora la tba olty. . Ha aaa eaUhlUhed a flour-bihlng parochial eeheoL aad tba Lyeeum aad other elab. to wbleb tba youag atea of tba parish belong, niade a aredltable ahowUg la tba Catbello parade at tba time af tba Colomboa taaunua. AJUeagb ' ooaaerrattre. Dr. M Bweeay U oatopokaa ta bl eoarleUoaa, aad bo baa always beea knowa as trUad af Dr. Me piyan. It waa at bis eharch that Dr. Baruall took refuge whoa aa wae drlrea from . taa Chureh of taa Epiphany oa Seoond Arenue. A Tmaa reporur called aa Da MeSweeay yoaterday and aaked aim a boat tbe memorial. "Yes." said tha pastor of St Brlgid's. -it to tree. I aaw the paper about taa daya ago aad algned It, and I kaow that aereral other priests la the dioeeee bare alao pat their aame to it, iuaimpty a atemorlal coagratnlatlng Mgr. BatoUl apoa bl estabiuhtag la thla eouatry a oourt where priest eoald go aad settle llttl dlffereaeee that might aria, la tbie manner aonr ,agly eeotoalaatleal aeaadala eaa bo avoided, aad the weak a well as the strong hare a beartag. Wa also eongratalated aim oa tba conciliatory position h had Uka la regard to tao school qaesUoa. and on Ua great and tha good work Uat he had already dona walla ba bad beea with aa -That le the fiat at tba paper. It 1 aet a pro teat, aad I will aay bare that II le aot meant n aay maaaer to re fleet agalaat oar Archbishop. There U nothing In It that I eaa aee that eoald poeslbly offend. If there had beea. I would hare beea tba last maa to alga It. All thee newspaper etoriee recently are purely sensational, and there 1 little or ao foundation for them. We are all glad la New-York that Dr. MoOlyaa la restored to bl function, and we are glad that Mgr. f atoUl baa, by doiag tbla, topped a aoandal aad healed all dlffereaeee that might bare exlated. Beta U tbla eouatry. be eaa eee the need aad want of American prleata. aad tha bo la perfect touoa with .America sentiment and Amerloaa character-Isties," The stories setting forth that Archbishop Corrigaa 1 dlasatufied at tbe actloa of Mgr. Satolil do aot eeera to bare muoh feaadatlea. Ia tao whole eoatrererey aelther person most lati oeted la It ba spokea. Dr. MoOlyaa ha alao beea dlaereetly aileat alace his relnsUtontonk He baa not talked aboat Arehblahep Corrigaa aorha hoerttleleed. aa waa hto wont, either him er aay dignitary of the Church wbo deee aot happea to agr with him la hi oplalona Archbishop Corrigaa ba only aald that be la glad that Dr. MoOlyaa ba beea restored to tha priesthood, aad BUhop Me Donne 11 of Brooklyn, the aeareet friend ot Arehbtahop Corrigaa. baa promptly aad eheertaUy glrea Da, MoOlyaa permiaaloa to aay at ass Thar la aa lmpreeelea among aome ardeat Catholiee la tbie elty that Arehblahep Corrigaa to th vie Urn of a ellque working agalaat aim at Washington, but the matter does aet aeem to be bellered la by tha cooler aeada. There has beea maeh said, too, about b presumed insult to Mgr. SatolH by Ue Archbishop, who Is credited with aot barlnc accorded him proper honors oa hia arrival bore aad of having giren him aa iaalgalnoant position oa tbe re-rlawlng a toad oa tbe day of the Columbus parade. Whatever the truth or falsehood of thee aaaertlon maybe, it la fully understood by Cathelloa la thla elty Uat Mgr. Satolil baa come here a tb accredited repreeeaUtlve of Ue Pope, aad Uat whaurer be doea will reeelre auotloa at Rome, and. generally, it is bold Uat Aronblehop Corrlgan Is too sensible a man to attempt to make aay raaltunce to bis authority. BAD JOB SENATOR PADDOCK, POPULISTS ARD DEMOCRATS COMBINIKO TO DRFRAT HIM. Lwcolx, Neb.. Jan. 4. The DemocraU and Populism completed Ue organisation of tbe House to-day by electing Edward J. Hall (Dem.) Assistant Clark, W. O. Dung an (Fepullst) Bergeaat at Arms, aad dl riding th remaining offioee equally betweea Ue two parti. The Republican did aot pertieipeto la tba eleo tion, and the offleer war elected byaealama-tlon. At tha afternoon aeealoa the Hen bearaa buslneas. but waa snddealy called to a dead halt Lieut Got. Major came erar from tba Beaate Chamber, aad, TMtMag that the House was already dleenaalng aa appro-priatloa meaaare, walked ap aad whispered a few words in speaker Oaffla's ear. Tbe Speaker Uaghed, aad rapplag Ue House ta order, aald Uat the CooatltuUoB provided Uat after ercaaUatioa was com pie tod ao buaiaee ahould bo doae until the .Bute rote wae eaa-r eased and U result declared. The debate eeaaed, and a the ttoaaU 1 aot yst organised the Heaee edtoaraed aattl to-morrow. The Republican aeored a pelat la Ue BeoaU tbla nsornlag by electing tba Beeretary. Thla wa bronghi aboat by Ue PopaUeu refralnlag from roOag. Tb Beaate Uaa bseams lavetvea la a dead-leek over Ue oleetloa ot Prealdeat pro Unv The Popallet eaadldata received 14 vol, the Republican 14. aad - the Deaaoeratle 5. Three balloU were takea and tbe ttoaato adjoaraed, Tbla will ere veal the Inauguration of Ooveraer-elecl Crouaxe to morrow, aad will delay Ue oleetloa at Beaator until next week. . Tbe House proceeding to-day clearly fore-ebadew a eembleatlea ef Pepellata aad Deanaw rat oa Ue eleetloa ef Beaator, aad lnaar tba defeat of beaator Paddock. aiButlelasi Char lee L. attaRal JPoaa. Bichbomd, Va, Jaa. A Chartee L. B legal obo of Ue beat-knowa mostoian In Ylrglala, died here to-day. He wae neted aa a maetoal director aad oboma leader. No maa erar lired. la Ue oommnalty wbo did mere to dereUp the mnsleal Uat ef the people. Ha eoald perform ob almost aayaBaaieal iaatruataat, write 4ewa from memory aay ordlaary eompoelttoa after bearlac It a single time, aad waa a gealae la the matter ot training eaeraaee aad dlreetlac. For a long while be waa the director of the O'eaahg Verta Virginia. He tralaed aad directed tba chorus af 850 Yoicos Uat snag at Ue laying et the earner surfs of Ue Yerktowa Monument bad aa eaa occaeloa, whea Theodore Thome was bare, that great moatoUa paid aim tbe high eem aliment of aUewiaghlm to direct the orebeatra, remartiag Uat ha waa oae af Ue nnet director h had erer seen. . .. Blegel was far many years propria tor ef Eaeagor Han, ue wa a satire oi Bavaria. 1 rilllatn Sbaaae Xrill. ' The win of WHUam Sckaas was filed for two-bate yesurdey ta the BarrogaU'e efflee. ; It wae executed Ner. 10, 1882, aad aamea the daughter WUhelmlne Keaaard as executrix, aad L. Laflla Kellogg aa execator. Tbe family reeelree Ue eatlre acuta. Tract fund at S50.000 aaeh are ocUbllabed for th beaetll at tostetora daughter Mabel aad hi soa W 11 helm Ueorge Bebau. Th realdas et tao eat a to 1 to b divided lata three parte for toe beaeut of the daughters, Aaaie Waltoa Brtakmana, Margaret U, Kosblsr, aad Wllbelmiaa Ceaaard, - Tba Lord Earthly Footprtata. -George D. Macksy begins a two weeks eoarse of Ue tares oa Earthly FootprlaU af Oar Rjeea Lerd." lllnstrated by 500 colered sUreop tieon rlew. at Central MUdUt Eplaeopal Church, Seventh Avenue, below Foxrtrealb Btreet. Meaday ereaiag. Jaa, i. at 8 e'vleak, TlekeU are glrea away upon apalteatiea at tbe eharch: alee al the cbareh of at Joba tba JCraagalUt, Warerley Plaoe aad West KleveaU BUwea, - - . I OflSeUI Vote of rea-oaw : Balkm, Orsgaa, Jaa. 4.Taa afBelal eaaTass yet the ret tt this Stata at the meat eleetloa, made yssUrdsy. shews Ue foflowing raanltst HarrisoB. X)i; Clereland. 14,243! Weaver. V b,b76 i Bid well, t-2Sl PUree. (Dem.. Pap-altot siieour.) bb.813, ; - .,!-,.... WILL SS.. CLOSSLT SCSUTIS1IZD. VOTMVCa TRTJIT PUT IV TBI MIX If A U Xtt SICTCLS BICOftBf. Zt wa reparted yesterday mors tag that aereral saeyeto taetac aaaa bad kreeea sate ot She naaeer rimaa, roSasUg tbe half to ltlS. tbe mile to l.aa. aaa Are moot to 1898 AeV Tbe heated ar J. A Jahnaso, wb already bae a repata. tloa Ureagh elatoi be pat to to rldlag the aUU U staa hmi kiftvehaped track wlU twaaugaane as fismakort at Oltbeaa, aad Ballard af Chicago, It has Soea kaewa tor m tlate U efholal trel ut the Lsaga ef Amsnsaa Waeolmea tba a toaaa af mea bad beea stwarcd by a Saaa aaaaed A W. g to MUwaakee. Wa, aad adoaror te break tbe roeerd aa a eertata make et wheal (or adrerttetsff pnryssi.-Mr. Kok'a reaatain to aot el tbe beat ka waeettag etrctoe. ewlag to au eeaaecttea wttb tbe eix )dy May el eoataste he has eaglsssrsi ta .kalf of meaafaetarere la aot viewed wita li". ?, 'r""qr to aar aay roeacd at4 J?" partyaeeepto wttaowt eaosUea. JD!.imfSmm Ue Bao ag neara wee eeea by tvIT?". yeatorday after ta regard to the fwbnbllity of these reeards belag aeeaptod by tbe HrmmJ aaa4Utoee4 o view wlU favor the records a rsaonsit, that be Thle Mr. Johi to ee. aa ta beswa kss. ba always beea supposed heretofore that "a mwm m we pur ijaateara, pal BIS 00-neetlBg hhaaeU wlU the Xck eeattngeai dees aot argae rery streorlr U that SlreettoaTltoear mar aew sooxpsstit dally from MUwaakee, ea the work ba rtoottr bogna. It will, however, he cantor to BaAe taesa thaa to have taen eeeeete by the hoss Board, n I, vaeat that th laws. to ef thla party af cetera reeora-hreahat la well kaewa tota toe bora ef the Haetag Boar, aad tbey will rlew aekaal aay claims that aaay b pot U by Uoaa. ... V T0EV1XLE BELLS ILL. V SOFFBRMO FROM AIT ATTACK OF FHIU- MOVIA AT TBR ORATRSRRB TRACK. : ' Richard Orekar, who late year go to tor twatag for th Brst tlm. aaa aws wttt a bts ef bard tack at the vary eatoet ef his career a aa ewaar efthor-ougkbred. Whea tbe Rare! atabto of bereee waa acid ho waa tbe pxebnoeroTerkrtl. Belle, who wastba beet threo-year-d any ot berag. Wttb the ether horses thai he bswgmt al the same rnt she wa takea to the stool of MV F. Dryvr, at tbe reoMta track, wber she haV doae wViaptea wk sm. v The the any. tor whleh Mr. Croker aald 834,000, caught a alliat eetdT aad atosaiitoie aha basfbeea a rery etok aalmaL T-rJf2w.riU LShM" lwf we far the bettor, and H'-?rf he has beea carmg tor th Ally. wo,u4 reoerer Iroaa the MmrnYm W"7T eeg t make tt totaloarly to the woek If ah weald ever get veil The aator o Jthedlaeaaa. aad, tadoee, the fal e( thTilleeae! m.TTm.'mnSui1'"" " ' bra evoa the train ere aboat the track, bat to has anally teaked eat that the mare he. had peaauTlt tolTto a.I ehaaoes are that YerkrlUe Boll may be ef UttS ao racing perpaeee aaxt a. tor the wlad a generally aaocMd by saeh at lacks, aa at aU create th animal's ahaaeee of tandiag a rre timialga are materuUlr loaaenad. This Viu v. . JZZTJTSzSlZ Ma croker. who had eon a tod soa her aa the star ef S ae daubt that aa weald be abl RESULTS GLOTJCE8TKB. FIRST BACK. Six - aad t a ana nor farloaaa. - . w. w" .uiiss. aa.wisf BACA Five furlongs. Hattriek iaj. li Mattay, ; Bean, eanva Tlme-liUS Other ranner West, Oei Sdeaoe, aad Dew Drop. THIRD MACK.- rear aed a half rartoags. Hobsm Toes. i, wilS . r?,1- S.lia-o:5V Other raAnereMera- Otoverdale. S: eUward V a lime lil OUar -- ynepia. brevier, i-eie, Lm, larrarklB Sdln. Bjaa, Aeystoae, and Lite. FIFTH HACK. A TiTV:?s. ZT'&IL9?- ail SI XTH RA.OK.-mx fmrtoage, Tom HayeeTll Verbena. S, Mlnnera. S. Tla.iaothirTmai aer Oreaadier. Balph, Japltor. Jadg MltehelT DeldahlBasiBkstto KSTRIKS FOR TOO AT, : . aaeh. Msbli, r.l.. 1..M..rT "T" .2?, 000 i'siTS-. r5"'' iJrU- .. baVOOND BACK. Mix and a anartee f .Lam m Uiu n. pound i Plevmar, J. d, IX, Magee. 0 tarter Petti a. gtuTaad Roataa, 10A eaclL THIRD JSAa? One mile. Usasral Uerdoa. US pomade; eieaajTaad realr aadat. Feu. 10S eeeh. VXlUstXH KACxT- inrieagB, uttte Ifhll. lOO i OSMWlto l-.l2l ButraiiOSatm? 1 - - jj - . vwnw, firm aacE.oas ill. BLatoleb-.loa w I... T a . JTr lOUand ltIdiM,6a IXTHC0aVFaa7S B halt funoaga. Cltisaa. El.ri u. atuaaalL Afu-raiatJi Jl. " w.7 f f.'0'.0-4 -feV1 . Pnae oachi 001001! ;ei vupnta, J. e. xtaaiy, KtariUL and Herxbr' ISIS each. Mlae Aloa aPrZicT its aobr. BACISO AT GLTTKjrBRRQ. FIRST klCI.-tlniTbM r.ii ..'tlnl. pepper, S; Deoelttal. a. Tlme-l:l. other rmZ asrs1-aji is, eel KIM, Florin, J0 oalL and Krifclari78weUread, trpriac HewareTjs. Tlme-ltOA other ronTHanibal, THarry Irt lead, Bhotorer. aad Zephyraa. TOIaA-x and a bajf farioag. kiay er Fay, li RlghuwavSi Bpot, RTIme-1 iat, otter ruaerajf.Viy, ahd . Cooo. FOURTH BACB.-Thre feJtongs! Brier eelt, li Fagaa, 1 Blae aad Whit. A 0:37. trtberrnaaiVe-LunV skgesdili; 1 aiSSr Olotho. liAlrplaat. a Ttato-liOW other raa! aer Dux Jeha aad Tom Karl SIXTH BACK. oa 1 am. oiMtiator, li Motile Davis, Si Vaa wart, A Other runner Iran cy geldlag. . ' kKTBJX FOB TO-DAT." ' ' wmvmi j si y, sieaauioa any aaa -ssnsasa 101 Oaohaif atlm, Kut Buy. led peondaV jenaJ W lOSt Blaaaad White. l66t FeliSv W. ST? TodJ BmlU aad Aaato O. BUr, S each? TH I M i RACJL Oae mUe aad nolghth. Olealeehy. llSpeeadat Harry AUaso, 111, Bmssell loei rredlil lo7t BallOaoh, Vaa lyha7 and 100 each, aad Magrtt 1 rOVcnSIm: alx farloaga. Logan aad Berwya. 100 monads eaehi Klrklna aod MeUlc, 1 OO eeeh : BlaeAoeA IJ L certainty and Aaa Rllaaboah. SO ee.ee4 Vuto Man, iX FIFTH RACaWrive raitiag.UtoZ cismm: tr airiri tFaniarsh Jaaaa anaaaattauaw 1 01 7Z - Woodehepper. lxl eech't Sir doarge. beataar, aad aaririara,iuaMSMWawKsiB,UA . ROBERT MOBEOOB CHAJTOU B Alt DC LgxciOTCUt. Ky, Jaa. A-Rebbrt MeOreger. M, baabeeaeeM by Joba X. Maddest aad W.X. Bator George H. Ketohnm. Telede. Ohto. tor a airt oa. - Be la aa al tb LsiIiuiii.?il1.h'" .lie, ah ehasteet ent. w . Mlae kaatla, by Bap. Sean ton haa hsJ2a b. Jeha K. Maddaa to ureea B. ItoBi mm a ana -- . t , A BOWLS O ASSOC LATIOVB - FLAJTR. Aa Bdjoaraed meetlsg ef the Msadto 1 mmtm t...M.,m . vis-, Tfrtsl Msgtlbstaaih Mat eronlag. Vice Freaideat J. D. Make at the MetreaeUtaa Bowiag Ctnb ptsslrti The taOew, tag ercaalsarioB ware twnteaeatodt . Atolaaat Clah, MatrepeUtaa Rowing Ctab, JTew-Tark totto Otab. Dsaatltss Baas -- si Clah. Xauttla Boat aaa, Trttoa Beat d ah wb Beat aah, raaatie Boat CUb, Arthar XaU BewUg TbeTraasBrer ahowlag a snsll bataaaa eat haasL of the Iaetltato Beat Clah eg 2Ce work. X. J, Herotofer. the aaeontatlea baa msstlag ta April, aad the saiist 1 bald tto eehedala of rests. sc come rery late, aad to lew till the htalt two aaneadmenie to the eaasiliaUa were "ws B.wssa avowtOHl WaannawaBBBjaVBB BB TsAMI fftaaffsf. JV af The pnmtt ehaagee will bring the aaaaal saoewn TTyiT.tTl?' Jhr. and aeTsahle the eeaaoi togm7 mTl wm.'T: Fwmae aoioi Aeeordlag te U soasUtoUosk thirty dtyr aetlea mast be glrea before aaeedateato eaa be rotodoa. Whea tb dolegatee altoara4 It waa to mosTVeb! IA At abet aUu .-- - ee. sr- . ZiTf Tl' V.Vr. TTTT T nor aaa ereaiag. FOTJJfTAnt OC CLUB 8HOOT, i ; The Twaatala Oaa Clab dM aot aar as aed aa attondaaee as aaaa! et the BMataly ebeelef the elab Weedlawa Park, Laag Itlsa. rMtordar. Tba elab aheet 1 ta tweeUeeea. rlHil Harttaa-basa rnlot: Clae A. S8 aad SO rare, aad Ctoaa M. as a 87 yarda, . j. . . Commedere Fardy wea the medal to Clae A. Rla total aoero U three ahoeto I at straight, wttbeaS eouailag what be killed U Ua sheet at Heahotm eweepeiakes afterward, aad made bl total ler Ue day us straight Tb medal ia Unas at wa wea br . Grace, beers t th day , i w . Clas A. Ot. ahalia, 10: A. Fardy. I81 B Weeaa. Ui & Carlo. i laTaAwarAX 8"' ' wfJaTS- 0r' baavaaa, Tt B. Tf. THB TIAMILTOS'S BOfXDfO BOUTS. The Ceaay laiaad AUtotle Clab has nhsdalsS 11 Bghtlag diU fb Jaaaarr. leariag a etoar geld lor the BamUtea AtUeUe Clab's ssoetol being taraay at tb Ctormeal Areaao Rlak, Arooklya, Meaday alght. Jaa, 11 Three beau, two ot eight- roaaas nan eo mi six rooaaa. wtu be pat eat the betweea Waiter C .vapaetL the ' merer Fhtta4Tlila boxer, aad Blur kresi, u areoilyi Teyetoaiei kaht. sr,wb . aa a Whg Usl t ksauk-eau ZimmU Fraak btoeie ef ttoetea aad I tiaire of BreekbS will BgblalS rouaeeatlSS eeaadaLeea. ard to eaatbe raahiag fighter, while tieltostoa maa I reohoaed aee el Ue eieveat atea le hat aiaeVT Mike htalrey aaa AAHte La bet. wb hav Bl w Ustee without a '-fT J aU TtwTIiy be mmiJSllmUm lareof. It vlU be ressessore4 that wheTTs, tbe ropers ler ale elata tar te late tl Sajmrm9 Tm to him by to ttoetag xtoara so aar ms tm, MMKt. a . a SO ha llllMIII haa as.sis Ttoa for the Meaal la CUa A A. Fardy. 81 B Weeds, t Dr. Shell.- ' oeeselaae. ytraBard,- Clab Kaadtoapt W. R4-waroa, tia. l-ord t( lr. aheils. , M. bfeee, 4, w. BttrutouV8!l,:4Vr,-,: w- hats eftt roo""'i lint in st: r l ofeoereuieey. a ug bey wiU ss lit at -j-..i this km. : a semper" earrtoea, tbe jockey, wa refero u botue, SI ' I AMoya the wnrcLMcx, T; . T kUsebeth Whsefee bad thew aaJ bm. tf as eteotia mt fuer oa 1 uy ..- A e4 t f itowlsg wereehoeeBf Freelieat Jeee L r'i Ytoa I'rMl'leat Albert a Kln eerfrr-ie . BeeeeU; rental A. F. Ca klnai 1 'esure A. h. Lokessi Fire Ltoatonaat-oeorve 11. lereyi e. ewd I teats at a. . lrti erresrat 1. if. Lo. Farlaodi Clor bearer-W. Kawyri hmmt-t e( Treeioae-Kdward A. iaalka C. C. MsBrtoe, P. C fttlbert, Aiaa X. Lsaaa, aad Oeerg C 1-anae.l. FJoMwrtaary arraegi waate bar beea see for a 1ea SIMaaii team to ruut Kaslaad la eeao s 1 OeaiBoto WHS aeea of the erae. f tnat oenni t. F. K. esr of Chtoar aad Praoh of c. Vorata wm be as tb Amevioaaa pest a T of tweety-tear hosus tor a eapwul bo U ehtof attraeUea. -M . . jrZifJ! J-' Citf cyei Club be beea Ffoeldeal K. F. Meek! Vlr Fri4et-ll. H. Jeooe, heeretory-X. u. Beaelwdi Traerr-i. J. lagliai Car! T. F. immmmi -n'r U Boetnger end is. Fsppeabar : ; ""J sJHf . XharW"hm SW trtokuller erkl- bgra br W. H. Barter aad WU tsaa ahrWthTe.G7 WM. It wa toaraed' br a bei aad by WUltaea H. atogera. 1 he Ltolwlbsea wa7byli near. .. : ; ( ' - - Tao etoa of Albaar. Tv bewsotobeos eoavaa. , teal f 11 a OS i. Jf. j tosliTldaase aad ef SThaar Tufc, - - a.s S,,,, Jn! S faroVi" frli" a . Atatoata WheolmoB Kewar. W. , etoetod tarty aow msmktis at their loot r niiss aad aew hare the large U la wjr. 4 l-Jsskr sadJCiaelaaatl were rtrajg for C.S Ohto Divtatoa meet far mo year, la tornter . eared tt by a reto e as to tT T T : A aaeottar ef th ymsit, is n wen t fftbColBaasIs Metot. Fhilsrteiphi, aatarr. "A j HISTORIC MINE IN' COURT. i ' " - 1- a . j;. r i TAAVABLB- FR0P1RTT -j; IV V MEXICO I , ?f.ATWan if s www. v w . Dcraxoo, Mexiee. Jaa, 4 Tba trial of one t tbe meet lmaortaas sntrt Me af balel ta Mexico wae beama bora te-day bofora tba PlatrioS Jadga. Tba CaadelarU mlati at BTjlBtas. row fa poaeeeeloa ef the Caada. Una Mexleaa Conaolldaud; Mlalaif Com Ronyj ' (taoorporatod aader ' taa lewe of CsaUoraiaj aad aald to hare predaeed la the, last three! years between 83)00,000 aa4RA,0O0,00O worth of ore, are aow alaiatod by Mark iBaramghaaa ot bow-York, who neat aer ral men Ua last year la Damage aad tba City 2l.".xtot!.nUr ttw rtfl eepieeet tltlee te hia Uteroau He .baa aew broaxhs enit to reeoTor the miaabie praperue. Tbeee atln or eahrtd la htatary. Bader tbe Baaaleb rale, aa u mlae that gar Beam, brajboeoeso B0.00(W)00 aad were mainly ta eoarco ot baildiag ap Daraago, as Uaa time m ataU town, to a elty of AO.OOO people, fee. l"f. JUdln hlmaelf a pel la Durance that stul ataada ea one of the aneanmant mt hi 8rtoalU,eoeaDringkalf abioekand rraaw- Uf as three etraata The palaoa is aew owned by Ue State ef Darango aad ts aeeaptod far (severs meat porpooea. th lower part for a eoatoat baaaa aad tk. -w. 5 JbatoChamaer. dee. Tbe prirnto gar- ,7 . "? psMe m now aaaa lor a pablle park, with tta winding walk, fenetaiaa. ga treea, aad eadlea variety of Bower. Back at th aalaoa ataada BsssihMa. ,k .T : wMW",wFnbItoeperaasaa.. m Oa the oaal able of tbe prlrate. gardaa a toad assBmss1, MiMi..k.-.i i oatbodral. - It wa aeed a a nine ta ohrlas. hie ehlldrea. Bllver wae eo plenty with fcoam- aad tb walk betweea the rhereb aad the palaoa wae made of eUreralab. waieh vats etored tW - t - - ro w ota ana epsniei 00-TfiS ? stored away aa-JT?"i,d-J. r?iI ' tb aaaa I tok4 lAraAM Ink BFlta BnaBbsaK masnanansa .... e.arl.S m eum tRVeivwTrT" A DISSATISFIED.' COSTXaCTmL ' "Ss4IMID ; SUIT AQAUttT COL. AIL. ' f'm,rlK "'j, TH "aOIWRRRA,. J---- tweeathe War Dooartmant and th . axwaars who hid tor tha ' lmpreremear al wwwamaa ssr, uuz nnn no ssa. u taraaoat, wlU the formal award af an trt t tbe latoraatloaal I Cwaxraetlna : Oaamav' mt Bew Vork City. : i - ; .-. 1 Bear aaw thraafaaa a mi SFIS?- S" OUUerta. the enxlaeor offloar SlaUaaal la Raavrk rif c .1 f W"S!UT,te4 by C1- uinespu far dredglag to Bay Kldga Channel. Red Hook Channel and "wwsmo vtwea vaaaaet. Among the btddera wr , aaa r iBtornatlaal . CoatraeUac Com-ffrLl b bid, waa tba towwet. and ibo tfcst. Beard Dredgta Compaay. alao 1 Bow-Tork. who btd wae next la aaaoaaa The fermr eoaoara had nrr aadartakaa aar aaeh work a waa welled for la tha speoiSe- eeir taa uewaaua Bay lmproremoat, and the Beard Compaay ratoed tb poms that It oom pell tor ware aot reepoaatbla btddera. U eo tar a tbey lacked axperleaae aad ware aot eaaJppad with a plant, - Bknh -STklaR fttoasllsstl - r 1 . Company prtof 18 ipted by OoL QUleepto at tba nto per eabto yard, bot when be Baally aettl ed at the War prtooof 19 7-10 tao naatter 1 Cobmiv or leiais nn sil a ik. a . . . . w -. bids ware retooled aad tba work lwadrartiaad. There was ao wary great dlfloreaee la aay at VBAnb RhlsV m aV n s 'wsw awwawwsem naamunwti waaap FBBsanoBB.fn, anBaiL. VXtMPB that et the lateraattoaal Coatraotiac CoraBaar. Fard, mt oeatale thaa tbe prersooa bid. ; I.lsarBio af" Inlsraatlsasl a a--- .r a- n. CaocAOo, Jan. A,acjor M, P. BAady aayart si iiaewa so ania taa aaxt aaa lawne t the laUraaUeaal Leasrae of Praaa dab an 1 Paid May 18. 19. W sa Theae dates bare aolooUdla erdor that tba delegate may partial pto ta the Free Canareee at CAlaatca aunag the week of May 22. Thy will lear New-York la a rpeeJal trata mmmr Ik, V.WW -w I . - si, Frty. wm retmra to ChtoeT na tbe. way homo aa the alght at Mar 2L. Thar wm diaper aft r"-rrar ti t ht nmpsas if- " i j aa . - - , XSe. Wan g TT 1 Jit w. m i watwrrurt. Coasv. Jam. A Dr. Walter : BnBlhae,haTadaateef the BarrarA Madlaal awaoo; aaa Tsrmsrty r uo firm at Flat ah raaimt bto erwalnjr. brongkt t hy ovwrwork aad lea efreat. fU or threw aimaalf trosa the oowoaa eaawy wraoow Ot al SBaSk. Ha 1 : . . - - i ass is 1 sn to bo -wo.s:: r- 1 ' u YaaWSOTOB. Jan. A. Mr. Slain laeowaaMSe'eook this awalna- a naiad earlier la the day. Dr. Jthasssy Ma pkyalalaa. tays taat taara ts aa partlewJar 1 or thoohaago aad tha aavd kondodol ea ether relapee. aaaaaissmi sw , a trine sossiortaMa taMeraaUaa; was lash tUB. walttagaurtedler Waablagaaa est Monday last, aad got aa far ae Ttotreix. whaw a wa takaa 111. aad bad U twtara Taoeday. He fihurSsi. are roeeveriag. ..- '"''aanwaaaaaaa'B Z.OMMMM -MT FXBK, '-. -"- ' -t ' Wimtm, V.. m . . . at U. B Prtoa greoer. Of Eaet WtaTtoA agtaraoa lamsUthe 3r et the store laoreoesaXea; e Bre w luea Jbaraed the eallar aad Bret atorr ml Tbe lose will bitia.000! I Beared la th Oaatlaoatoi of reeaaylvaalaaad Fberau ot Hartrerd, Ameeg the hoarier baser are C A. Araold, velar, u k" Prat a, grveer, aad PhUlp FraaXeateeOaaer. SUraaaMaaA. Jaa. A-Jk Inre hrtok btork "7" as, it. eat J-nsnaLg new. vrae yood by am Uto aseraia. The baildiag was ee-oaal be I. V i-- . , . r . : Jto,rtasat ef Byroa Neye. ahoe bssshetorr, p. B. Currtor. bacor bet auantaotory. and ib br.'a bowoolag deeytoaont ef R. F. Dertg ek Co. ot J - rtor-t btl tocUrir7, ? Tf to C"" WoacarTta. Mae. Jaa. A-The maa frees th e Charlee Bekera baildiag aaa brat tsesu. Sb aVbllnbaalma FKsKtaLsu SB a. asr - l?TTa,tr !'S,J. '""T " taaeod f LSoOi O. F. DorUag. Xbula.TIa w al eo.7 arwaa w .rvwi . si m - j raiaa. finffl nram dh I aUaafa. tV..H.. a t7m snam The I A Uaojaaee atea are aow adlaatUg th aaaa. BBW?tLaVnTWitsT faaannt lam al A. StoBS sav ' .L CWlAaTah Ihlm - aflsB ah 1 fwt T . baildiag aad ttoeealoaav TVs roeess ot toe Ye sir atsae raeaiat. with tte ralnaMe Bbmry. wore . VcTTV?r- J J- .-Tb hotel end stable hepl by ieha rVenlag wa baraed early taia wllrZ Ug. AR U eenpaat af toe BOtoT madaTTr t?-1 '"f atweerty waa ewaed by Mr. larg eaaauty af hay. Tb listok aad wsees . " naaiagiei v.oeaky. - z jaa. a tbo cxekto Ortot M UL waod ly ta. ry a. , ed aTisTe. 11,77 . oe oeeuey er Br sm aMLuk, !,. Se.tKiO laaaraa ao seoartoiao. : -Jk beet aad she aa faraishltr rei ef Carar liajaUtoa aad Ue groa, .cJrTef v , Fag,e boooad blrV A Usee, were destroyed lr br las night, Las. SA4Ki isaros liat. leaiariaiur'- ve reassai to ra astges' HBFPa .i-te - - - tAam ha

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