The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1946
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 1940 CountiesArrange Extra Primaries Action Follows Ruling By Supreme Court on Validity of Act 107. LITTLE ROCK, At*,, June 23. ;UP)— Practically all county officials In congressional districts In Arkansas having contested races Ijave - indicated they will hold one or two separate federal primary elections this summer as provided by state law. ..Their decision followed ncUou ot t(ie State Supreme Court Wednesday In holding the controversial act 107 of the 1915 legislature ns constitutional. • Harvey Combs of Little Rock, secretary of the . Democratic State Committee,-has instructed all counties to comply with the law. In a few counties, .quorum courts have made appropriations". In others, officials said balances hi their trens- u'ries could be used to finance (he extra primaries. Congressional primaries will be held in tlie Fifth and Seventh Dis- 'ricts July 18 where races arc contested by three candidates., ' Fifth District Congressman Brooks Hays of Little Rock'is op- riossd'by Parker Parker of Uavrtn- nellc and Homer F. Berry of May,flower. Seventh District Coiigrc.s'i- niaii Oren Harris of El Dorado Is opposed uy Bruce Bennett nrirt T'aiil Gercn. both of El Dorado. In iliese two districts, runoff primaries :iiny be necessary on August G when the race between Fourth District Congressman Fadjo Cravens and L,ee Whittaker of Fort Smith will be decided. Congressmen in the state';: fom other districts have no opposition In the primaries, and only token elections appear to be necessary to Confesses Babies Slain; Father to Face Murder Charge REDWOOD CITY, Cdlll., June 28. (UI 1 )—Former Coast Ounrdcninn Vorhe.s Newton, lield (or the bru- tnl muriier'of his two' baby daughters and the beating of his wire, said Uxlny "1 must have done It." [ can't remember killing ihe:n."i he said, "but nobody else coul'J have done it. I must have done it. ' i Newton, 24, a Glitzier, said his I "mine! went blank" wHllc riding] with IMS wife !ind children. Autl'oi- lti?s plnnnrd to resume que.stlonint; today in hope.s of gettlnj; 11 com- ] plel« confession. 'I he fondles of Bnrnnru Anne, 23 months, and Caroline Lcc. seven months, ^cre found Tuesday after- neon in a lonely canyon n(ar the nipped Sun Matco County const line in « clump of wce'ds nrul wild lilies. Whdlicr the accused father mv'ices mi additional "confession" loduy, he will be inken to Half Mciini Day for arraignment on two ch»rf!<3 ol murder and one of attempted murder. . tills wife l-onilti?, 23, remained In » critical condition in Community lio.spltiil with n depressed skull li ic'lurc. Doctors have nlveii her ft M-SU cliance for recovery. Authorities have refrained from further (liicslioiiing of the niother, who w»s round wanderini; duxcdly near the plruie wliciv her children's bodies were discovered. Bill Hart Dies Richard n. Thomas, 42, shown in Phoenix County Jail after lie liutl confessed the kidnnp-slay!n^ ol Su/anne IXgnan in Chicago. (NBA Tcleplioto.) qualify their names for the general election ballot In November. r^usband Keeps House Georgian in Bid for Woman Golfers Crown DES MOINES, la., June 28. (UP) •—Youngster Suggs of Llthla Springs, Ga., challenged par-blasting Mrs. George (Babe) Zaharias' bid for her thin! strnhjlil title today in the feature match of the Women's Western Open Golf Tourney semi-Iinals. The Babe .still ranked the favorite after she turned In unolhci par-breaking round yesterday- for the third straight day In ousting Iwo-tlmo national title holder Betty Jameson of San Antonio, Te.\. ii nnd 11. Hut. the 22-year-old Georgia miss was .set to iilve no ciuafter in (he scmi-linals today. Observers l:e!tcved that if anyone can whip Mrs. Zaharias. It will be little ] I -jiilse. Minor Leagues Urged to Help Spokane Club DURHAM, N. C.. June S3. 'UP) |—Minor lengue baseball officially j was asked to lend (ill assistance . possible today to the Spokane, j wash., club which suffered tha loss I of vii tuaily Us entire roster when I nine players were killed and five others injured in a bus crash. Judge William G. Bramham, commissioner of the minor league baseball. In an official statement urged all clubs to send any players they could spare to the Western Intcv- imtlonnl League team. He also said thai baseball regulations would -bo waived to permit otlu-f clubs in that league to assign players to Spokane conditionally until the :,ca, son ends. On Unit basis, Spokane .would be able to keep the players Ion loan until the end of the season, after which it may pick up an op( lion on them. i "Spokane Is making a valltint effort to carry on in the face of this I tragedy," he said. "My appeal io William S. Hart, first of the two- the membership of the National A.s- [jun screen heroes, ilied In the' .soclation cannot lie made too strong. Uallfornlu Lulhernn hospital in'Any club which can help should Los Angeles late Sunday night immediately contact the Spokane ufter ft brief illues:;. He wds s;t,clul)." years old. (NKA T'eleplioto. t 'Gir! Who . Hart, Jr., Fails to Share In Big Estate Cotton Duster Pilot Killed In Mississippi TUPELO. Miss., .nine 28. (UP1-— Bnyliss Brooks, 28, of Salttllo, Telin.. wn.i killed yesterday when his plane hit a 23,000-vo]t power line and burned near Florence, Ala., it wns reported hero. Brooks wns 'cotton 'duster pilot for (he Tennessee Valley Authority. Science Informs us "llinl an ob- cct \vhich weights ISO pounds at in co.ii!itor will weigh 191 pounds t cither pole. HOLLYWOOD, June 28. (UP) — William S. Hart, Jr., 24. angrily barricaded himself behind lacked doors today nnd refused to discuss his father's will, which cut htm off without a cent and loll almost $1.000.000 to found memorial paiks In the late cowboy's naim. Terms of the iTocument. filed yesterday hi probate court, obviously came «•> a i;reat surprise t:> the young government worker, who only lust week lost a court ba«tl': ior custody of his father's forluno. Witnesses at the heai'in = ' said young Hurt never except to ask for money. The tremendous estate, built up | when the famous western star wr.s tracking- clown badmcn and Indians on the moyleland ranye for a fabulous $10.000 a week, went largely to Los Angeles county on the condition it • be maintained in Hart's memory. Hart. Jr.'s name was conspicuous Slayer of Two Sought By Pine Bluff Officers PINE Bl.UFP, Ark., .lime W. (UP) — Pine Bind and state Police were on the 'alert today following reports that Fuller Gibson, 37-year- old negro wanted In conncctioi: with the deaths of two persons lasc week, had Ijeen scon In the vlcln- IIv of Ifison, Ark. Gibson is alleged to have shot John B. Lnwson, Pine B'uft night watchman; John Jackson, negro preacher, and woiuiocci his own wife, Thclmn. Lnwson and Jacksoi; died instantly. •MHf Tornado Makes Second Visit In Detroit Area , i DETROIT. June 21). (UP)—Detroit surveyed (he, diinUKC toddy f^'fJin its iiecond' tornado in two wctkf, a threj-minute twister thai, whipped across the river from Windsor, Out., and lipped into buildings In a four-block area, demolishing 1:1 automobile^ and injuring nine persons. n.iglit porsons were Injured i» Detroit nnd uiv; in Canada. None were injured seriously. The tornado, which the weather UMTIIU said lasted about three !>>'Jnules, fcllosrd n Lhutulrrstorm. Trade value of a wolf .skin fn Montana t>0 years ago was cups of sugar, and n beaver skin was.worth onlv half a cup. Our Flo-Hum Department scout 1 on the Hollywood front reports i another "Girl who . . ." election.) This time it's A<lelo Jet-gens, I Columbia starlet, who Is sup-1 poser! to hnvc been selected by "i the Trapeze Artists of America its the Hirl with whom "We'd most like to swing through the air with the srcatest of ca^c." SKtmks arp conllncd to the United States a:W Mexico. mm When scorcliini; wcatlicr liila with lical rnsli. p:ick-iy l.oat. chnfo irrilu- troijs ;u,.l itch of ininur Bkin trouljloj winch Ijt-foEiLo v.-orse :is U'liiiK'niliiris rwcs. counl on Muxsann. Tliisfl.,o(h- iiiB mnlinitrtl nowclcr |ji|rj|;» rixiling relief for I'lieh fckin mi.-icne*. Com.-* little. (Jreutcr f=:ivi!!.-is in Inryo alxea. Open 7; Starts 7:30 p.m AIR CONDITIONED THE BEAUTY CLINIC Margaret !>een Smith. Owner lugram Bide. Phone 3274 wrote his father i wiu - Ilc ' lniuic i of money gifts by its absence on the list of b?- eiucsts. He was mentioned only once—when the late nctor explained why ho was cutting him off. "I provided for him amply during my lifetime," he said in tha o specific mention ])rcscntcd 'his son during his lifeliinc. Where Your Flowers Are — You Are! One call to us will arrange to have your remembrances sent, not just once, but month after month. Ask about Una plan. Skin Sufferers! Stop Scratching! — Try This l>lsli-o»M ot HKly iilinplrB. rnslios. c-liliiK. bnriilili! skfi, <ll!iiiril«rH n-- George M. itidole Jr., Warren, Ohio, shows Ills wife, the former Siulle Jo Carroll, Houston, Tcxns, the pic he made while wntting for her If return from office. Mndole, husky 24-yenr-olrt ex-OI, atlniitlcd lie enjoyed the luxury of doing nothing but housework ntid plnying gol while she "slaved at the office." It wns the only way he could bi with her. Mrs. Mndole, employed by the Stnte Department, was allowed to bring her dependent husband to Berlin, where the Army foun: them this apartment. Seems like the dog npprccmtes George's cookinj, also, as he begs for a bite. (NBA Telepholo.) Insulate Your Home NOW with PARTEMP FIRESTONE'S Home Insulation PARTEMP will keep your house COOI.KK in the summer and WARMER in the winter. PARTEMP is n new type of home Insulation sold exclusively by Firestone. t PARTEMP Is genuine staple cotton. PARTEMP is light. It weighs less Ihnn 10:;. as much as some Insulation materials. PARTEMP Is easy nnd safe to install. It will not harm skin or clothing. PARTEMF Is Government inspected and approved. PARTEMP Is Fire-resistant. Not even tha flames ot a blow torch will ignite it. PARTEMP'is vermln-repcllant. Come in or Call Us Today Regarding The Amazing New PAUTKMP FREE ESTIMATES <-M. mill li'rltntluiiH iuh:klv- relieved by hi* siniplo Innsni-iislvc tiviumoiil. t.' l t u sniiUl Imltlo of MOOIIC'H ' ...... '"Ill Oil ill [he! noiirOHt .Irni; Imv. I -so us .llivc'locl for 10 clilys. ullsfjirlion |niav;intc.-«l ui- money iu-k; — SUillik-sa — C! roilat'lcna. iVm-d's I)ni K Sturc— Clly Drug Co. For Your Stanley's Household Cleaning Chemicals, Fnrnilnre Cleaner, \VhnIow Cleaner, Woodwork Cleaner Call MRS. AOIA SCHEBEa Residence Phone 839 $10,000 HOME WANTED Will I'ay Around St 0,000 for a Dcsiriihly l.otiiletl Conveniently ArranK*-'<t Modern five «i- six- Jtooni Residence, Or. Will Consider iloiise in Good Location which Can Ho Remodeled. Phono 2<i50. *.i'JI. Berrlce We licllvcr Anywhere Ph. 4*1 Mn. j. M. (Mac) WiltUnn, ow.-fr Gleccoe Bid I. Bob Klcele, Syd S;iylor Kt-rlal: "Juiifilc Uaiili'rs" Also Shorts Saturday Midnight Show STAIITS 10:lri it.ui. The Shadow Returns' Kane Richmond Also Shorts Sunday and Monday 'kiss and Tel!' Shirley Templr Jcronu- CnurtlancL Wnllcr Aliul Linimmint News Also Shorts Phone 2597 Evans Grocery & Market Charlie L. Evans Prop. Successor To Speck & Sons 211 So. First St. Free Delivery Anywhere in City Specials for Saturday, June 22 & Monday, June 24 MOR Canned Lunch Meats Vaal, Lamb Pork Beef Can HEW! Wa!*rni<lan PHth I Irr.CE MC.IJ cr. t ,<, > riirtr»i<> I Ncxl lima you're la Me be fare to visit MILK Swift's MUFFETS SOAP I'alrnolive l!;i Hi room Sixc liar PARK PiC'ilC RESERVATIOXS H*w N/. H£u;h 7-IMI SALAD DRESS. HI no late Pint 27 BEAKS Great Northern Pound 15 PEAR JUICE Lihliys Pint 15 rR o t h r o c k DRUGS v Free Delivery Phone 451 FRUIT JAR Pints Doz. WHITE POTA7GES TOMATOES Krcsh No. 1'nmul CUCUMBERS Fresh Green Pound O.<O. HARDAWAY MKKW 2101 Wm. H. PKASK 207 West Main Street Yes We Have Plenty of Serve! Refrigerators Record Players RADIOS GAS STOVES Electric Toasters EliKtric-Irons' s And Many Other Wanted Hard-to- Get Items SERVICE STATION Approved Af\A Station Highway 61 at Holland — W* Miles North'bf State Line All Brands of Cigarettes $1-33 per carton Tax Paid. Radio Repair All Makes — All Models. All Work Guaranteed CARROTS Hunch S GRAPEFRUIT 80 Size Ksieh Choice Cuts — Round Steak T-Bone Steak, Loin Steak Roast, Gr. Beef, Stew Meat COTTAGE CHEESE 19 LUNCH TONGUE '"""M, 49 CLEANSER GLG-COAT Light House (Jold Dust. Can Johnson's '/> Onl TEA liliic riale. Old Judi-'c, .lack Sprat. '/, l,h. KAFFEE HAG 1 Pound Jar VINEGAR Hcin/. White Gallon 51 VINEGAR lied Gallon JAR CAPS Self Seal Doz. 23? LETTUCE Kresh Firm lle;ids Each 12 CELERY Hunch 13 CANTALOUPES 24 C BELL PEPPERS Pound 15 C CABBAGE Pou nil FRYERS Live or Dressed BEEF LIVER Pound 32 C SALAMI Potind 35 C

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