The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1951 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1951
Page 14
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PAGE BLI IMEVfLLS (AfcK.) OOflJRIER Congressman Urges Cut, Not Pay Raise For U.S. Lawmakers WASHINGTON. Sept, VI. (AP) — A congressman with no pocket* In hte pant* yesterday advocated a salary cut for the nation's lawmakers, rather than a raise. It's not that Rep. Clare E. Hoffman (R-Mlch) couldn't find » place for extra money — he does have pocket* in his coat. He argued, however, that the senators and representatives would b« doing the country a real service if (hey themselves took the first step toward getting back to what he called a "rational" price level. Members of both houses now get $12,500 a year plus a $2,500 Ux-fre* expense allowance. With Inflation, there has been considerable moaning in the cloakrooms that the $15,000 total isn't enough. Increase Was Asked Rep. John W. McCormack of Massachusetts, the Democratic leader, has come out openly for an increase of S25.000 a year. But Hoffman advocated: "Cut us to 510.000." After bleeding the first economy dollars personally, he counseled, >,he congressmen should start whacking away at other expenses of government. Including the pay of its civil service employes. The goal, he told a reporter, should be to get the cost of living wttMfi rtaeh of every tn dividual BailntH "Won't Do" "Thi£ busfnew of raising wagee and then raising them again won't do it," he said. Hoffman said he U drawing twice u many dollars now for lawmik- Ing as h« did when he came here !n 1935, and 1« worse off financially. "And," he added, "I don't gamble smoke, drink, or patron!?^ the race tracks, and have virtually no social activities. I try to live the old fash toned way." The slender, sharp featured lawyer from Allegan, Mich. Is confident there would be plenty of competition for seats In the House and Senate even at cut rates. "Nobody Drafted Me" "Nobody drafted me." he recalled. Further, he doesn't think that $25.000 a year would hire better lawmakers. "All sorts of motives bring people here." he said. "I think the profit motive is the very least of all." Oh. yes, about Hoffman's pocket- less pants. He's worn them many years, ancl explains: "Pants pocket, 1 ! nre kind of like the new deal—a catch-all for all sort* of damn fool Junk." ST. LOUI8. Sept. 27. (API—Here's tip for housewives with bachache —copy the posture of • man drink- ng beer at a bar. Dr. Earl D. McBrlde, Oklahoma jlly orthopedic surgeon, says they wild do much better that way than .landing like a soldier at attention. :'s the brass rail, he Bays, that' makes the difference. The rail helps you relax," he reported Ln a paper before the Southwestern Surgical Congress here. Miss Payton Says It's Definite; Shell Marry Franchot Tone CHICAGO, Sept. 27. W>—Blond Barbara Payton, central figure In Hollywood's latest brawl, paused en route to her home town by plane yesterday to repeat that "I'm definitely going to marry Fratichot Tone." Tone was on the receiving end of punches thrown by actor Tom Neal in a fight in Barbara's yard Sept. 14. He has recovered sufficiently to see her off at th« Los Angeles Airport «arly today. Miss Payton, dressed In s mink coat and neat grey suit, changed planes «t Chicago en route to Duluth, Minn. From DuUlth she will go to her home town of Oloquet, near DuLuth. for a short rest. Although she said ahe was definite about marrying Actor Tone, she wouldn't say where or when. Asked U it might be at Cloquet, she said she couldn't say. She was asked by newsmen whether there was a possibility that Nesl, Tone's rival for her affection*, might follow her to Cloquet. She at first Mid she'd rather not it and then added: "No, there's no possibility whatsoever." She Indicated she wanted to ge away from Hollywood .where affairs Keve become somewhat Ungled. "I want to be among my relatives." she said. 'Cloquet may be small (population between 7,000 and 8.000) but It wil look very good to mo." she said. She said she will be there a week or 10 days and will visit two aunts Misses Murel and Faye RetUielrt Her parents now live at Odessa, Tex. but she was born at Cloquet. Author Dale Carnegie, 'F riendt and People,' To Be father at 63 ROME, Sept. 27. UP) —Author- lecturer Dale Carnegie yesterday disclosed that he Is going to be come » father at the age of 63. Camlegte, who wrote "How to Win Prlends and Influence People" and other successful books, old hi* wife expecU • child in Tip for Housewives: Copy Bar *osture of Drinker to Relax "What happena when yoy put one foot on It? Why, your ip[ne curves forward Into & restful position. "That's why I tell housewives lo put one foot on a little stool while they are Ironing." Typists, he added, should keep their knees bent and lean forward slightly and truck drivers ihould take their left elbow off the window sill, move the seat forward and maybe put a pillow at the small of the back. 3'Conor Tells Senate He Is Against Any 'DeaT to Get Oatis from Czechs WASHINGTON, Sept. 27. if?) ~ Senator O'Conor iD-Md> spoke out In the Senate yesterday again-st making any "deal" with Communist Czechoslovakia to free William Oa:Ls, Associated Press correspondent iicltl in a Czech prison. O'Conor said his remark* were prompted by reports thai the Czech ambassador, Vladimir Prochazka, lad hlnled such a bargain might be possible. "I express the hope that our government will not 'bargain' or 'deal' n such a righteous cause," O'Conor said. "Principle can not be compromised. Decency i£ not the subject of barter- justice and fair play are not saleable commodities to be offered on the auction block." OatLs was sentenced to 10 years In prison last July on charges that his news reports amounted to spy- Ing. O'Conor said the charges were "trumped-up," At a news conference yesterday Ambassador Procha/ka held cut the possibility that Oatis' release might be negotiated. He linked this with a sharp attack on American trade restrictions against Czechoslovakia Oatis in Prison But Treated Well, Ex-Red Believes FRANKFURT, Germany. Sept, 27.1 ( AP)— A former official of the Com-! munist Czechoslovak government said yesterday he believes William N. Oatis, imprisoned AP bureau chief at Prague. Is not being mistreated physically, "although he must be suffering much mentally." "They wouldn't dare hurt Oatis," said MaxmilJan Jiri Lorn, u p ho made daring flight to freedom from Czechoslovakia, with his wile, Ger- tn. and daughter, Helen, nged four. "I think that the Czech government would free Oatis If they could trade him for something valuable, and I must apologize for the word 'trade'". Lorn told a news conference. "For example, there are Czech orders pending In the U.S. for heavy machinery." Oatis was sentenced in Prague only 4 to 10 years on charges of spying, Throughout the free world the trial was denounced &s a sham. Coming Up! Size J4D Shoe For a Yankee ST. LOUTS. Sept. 27. (AP> — A note to Pvt. John A. Burns in Ko rea: They've found a pair of shoe to fit you and they're on the way But it took the family a week find the size, 14D. A shoemak- agreed to stitch on buckles at 'h top to make them look like regu lar army combat boots. Roots have been * problem fo Burns since he entered the Arm last March. For the first two month he had to wear his civilian oxford. Finally, the Army hustled up tw pair of boots for him, His parents. Mr. and Mrs. Job J. Burns of St. Louis, began th search for new boots when Johr wrote that both pairs were near! worn out and the Army hadn't bee able to find him any others. The Lithuanian language belongs to the Baltic branch of the Indo- European family. December. His wife is the former Dorothy Price Vanderpool of Tulsa, Okla., whom Carnegie married In 1944. She Is In her mid-thirties and has a daughter by a previous marriage, Read Courier News OlaEsified Ad M T*m 2* WOllD't tAKOIST tllllt A? lOt US ROYAL 'Presentslbdays Greatest Advance in lira life and Safely! ^— M^^^^P^^B"*^^ -— ^B* % *MS ran occur ... cvrn P'otxt. lh. t| r , I,,.,, . (ring, .of.ry „ 11 o r ''- Join ' *!"> I he U. S. Roy,] MssK-r („ "'• lit. ond , 0) .^, „„, b«fori>. Inner and Outer Tire Life and Safety beyond all previous standards! Th* mfltagB (opacity «nd al1-y»*r trvctlon latefy of the U. S. Royal Master—now combined with the Inner nylon *tr«nfttti of U. S. Royal Lifn-tubcs— . .. 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"Tocoma" nor-wiH collars need no starch, always look fresh and neat. Choose from handsome white or soft solid shades, Ln all men's sizes. © Save now on fhes* fin« Sanforized broadcloth pajamas. Cut for cofnfort and smart appearance, in vat-dyed cofori with rrrm pfprng or wide stripe patterm. Coat or middy style. Men's suet A-B-C-D; ft. FIRST ANNIVERSARY SALE Celebrating tht First Anniversary of the now famous Youngslown Kitchens Jet-Tower Dishwasher! TAKE YOUR CHOICE for a limited time only *//9so .,. when you buy a new JET-TOWER DISHWASHER •Not installed. Slightly htghtr tn the Wat. • 'Where uee not contrary to current loaJ ordLninoa at lUtt lim- Come in soon . . . Sw th> 3 Youngstown Kitchens ELECTRIC SINK Features famous Jet-Tower Dishwashing! Fifty-eight jets of piping-hot, booster- heated water shear off all food soil in less than 10 minutes. Vigorous, top-to- holtom Hydro-Brush Action. Tovnpstewn KfittxrH FocJ Worn Dnpoicr «w?y fctfofltd TWO MODUS: Tivn^lovm liliKin U* ilnMi Shit wd Ywiflilflwfl V' J»M«w»r DUInmbtr Youngstown Kitchens Food Waste Disposer Banishes garbage forever. The Yonngslown Kitchens Food Wn poscr lets you keep your kitchen clean as you go.and it is 3 ways best: STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK CO. Walnut at First Walnut at Broadway I • Tettts (Mttawn 2 Self- *> • (iMfl'lM. **• [wiser lilt, Adams Appliance Co., Inc. Sales 206-208 West Main J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. Service Phone 2071

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