The New York Times from New York, New York on May 12, 1921 · Page 17
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 17

New York, New York
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Thursday, May 12, 1921
Page 17
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: i -- i ADELBERT G. VOLCK ' TAKES BRIDE OF 17 Sen of M"1- Cama, Wif of grtziiian Ambassador, wd Miss Edna M. Alexander. CEREMONY- IN MOfJTCLAIR ,.i Pair Jo!n AnrtMtfoP Kir. Cama ,n 1"-M' ! Ihlrte Carter Wede C L. FunnelL of Mlsa Kdna Mm Alea- arventeen-r ear-old daughter of, .Jb& -iirt. Vernon Cecil AUwMtr of moA. Jamarla. nd Adeibert George Si ion of iH , l", Gem, now Brasilia Aro-Cor to Cireat Britain and for nine to the United SUJe. eUr4 at 8 o'clock Ut evening at the Li of nd Mr- ,w,eP'1 tirucm "fV t Mr Mountain Avenue. Mont- t J . rj. I. Va ItrUi'l .liif " m The ceremony " performed by Jjr. Joba ,L WU'y Cf Mnt d'T' . u.- wn attendinc school In ,.Vdty asd making; ber home with Mr. j Brure. Recently ehe ha been tiaa at the Pennsylvania Hotel with. mother, oct 1 . ,: uny ami wore a gown of white draped with crystal.- Her veil of ,,,ng an4 caught with a Mlar of oranae blossoms, bh carried Iw orAUa, ,Uli of the valley and TfvoHt. who dv en"ln5f r-JLa1 LuJi of this city iui hl beat CtoT reremony u followed by a , d JanTe? Mr. and Mrs. Vole fXw on Saturday for England, and tirthe Amoas-ador and Mme. da Sifta Iontflore goiag to V"rls, fc years after the death of Mr. rlki father hla mother married the I, irthui Hearn. aon of the late James rtara Much of Arthur Hearn e il., was left to hta widow, who in Kirri" Mr. de Uama U the home i? jlTal Mr, Klbert Gary In tfai FuaaeU barter. The tnarrlaae of Mis 8Wrtey Vlr, jinl Carter, daughter of Mra. Vaulx ftrttf of 1 mcKa street- Brooklyn. taJ 0r! Ioml Funnell, son of Kr jjra. Walter S. Funnel of Rock-rfiit Centre. L. I., took place at noon rterday In the chantry of Grace Omrch In thla city. The ceremony wa reformed by the Rev. Dr. Charles itttery. The brtd who la ft granudaughter of It. Halter B. Moore of Brooklyn and t at cf Maior Gen. Ayilltam IU Carter WMhlnHon, D. C. wa attended by Irr sifr. Mra. Roger Baldwin Colton. J Miae Ruth Montfiomery of Mont- ' UJFuV Grumman of Huntington. U. L arted aa beat man for Mr. Funnell. b la a graduate of Cornell, daaa of ns, and aerved during the war a an iffUer in the Naval Aviation Corpa. Th luhfra were Major Roger Baldwin C4ton and C Uuaell Irwin of Hunting-. kUl. - Farlaag MeHeTew. Tkt marriage of Mlsa JulU, Miriam Xtilorrow, daughter of Mra. Catharine kJCorrow of 283 Weat Seventieth Itnct, and Harry Joaeplt Furlur.g, aon illra. John Furlon oflfi Eaat 120th twt wua aolemnlsed at 8:30 o'clock TucwUy afternoon at the Church of the Seemed Sacrament at Broadway and .rtiiv.flrt Ktrw. The reremonv waa ilpe-rvjmiea ny ine nev. ratner nyan. Tmy-evenin iJiviiion. lie via mcb and utxn their return expect to m.L- . I i I. 1 tUI. fltt.- Thurbr,Tagoart Engagement. Sr. end. Mrs. Samuel Wood Thurber f J04 East Thirty-ninth Street have an lounced the engagement of their daugh- w. Louise Wood Thurber. to Wil 'itt Va Loan Tagrart. Mr. Taggart 1 the son of Mrs. W'llllam G. Taggart 4 X' V ami will K md. Ud from Tale In June. No date has tea set for the wedding. 5lSAVfAT6l5ST AlS 1 NEW YORK 11 Hni Sos o aniaic SPORTS APPAREL INTENSIFIES THE KEEN ANTICIPATION OF THE CALL OF THE GREAT OUTDOORS : . . . for the links or We Cross Country Ramble COUNTRY SUITS JfORTS COATS and CAPES-SMART RIDING CLOTHES SWEATERS. SPORT BLOUSES COUNTRV UAX1 St i i 1 5CARFS and ACCES- j Priced u accordance wkh the I range of cosU now in ef-I t throughout our entire. e- hi SOCIAL NOTES '- - V : xjw Tieah. : Mr. aivl Mn. lifving Brokaw have one to thir country; pUc at Mill Keck. U I., where they will rmaln intll tee rnlddle of June. When they will mill tpr .urp. , . I Mr. and Mra. Allen iB. Forbea hVe w f ram GreWiwlch.; Conn., ajid re aUylng at the riasa. t . i . Irfcn1 1Ir- Andrew Fletcher" Jr. U 101 Eat f-entr. fourth Street are receiving- congratulation on the 'blrtJ of a daughter, Marjbrt on May . Thi :la their aecond child. The first. Andrew Metcher d. waa born in November. 1919. Mra. Fletcher waa formerly Mlae El. Uojr-othe Crop. Mr. Fletcher-a father 1 1 reidr nt ta the American LiocomoUve Compacy. . . j Mra. Thoma "tValnh and Mra. J. A. Paujfherty have come from WaahlngUwi. t. C., and e-re at the RlU-Carlton, prior to eallinc on Saturday on the OS.ymnto t'tr Kurojp. . . 1. ., p . ; llr. and MrfcljUrotd R. Tallwt bf Florham Park. 'Madleon. N. J., have taAm a ilao at! Flnhera Ialand. N. for the bomraer aeaaon. j The laat eaaio$ or the Pall MaJl supper dancea will i be held on B&urday evening at the Hotel Lorraine. A group of dinner parttea l to precede the dance, and H. fetcott I'aton will irlveia tatr dinner for hl new bachelor committee. Theae da not a are to be placed unrlr the supervision of the -dlaabled aoldir relUf movement. j MUa Laura HOwell Mabon. daughter of Mr. and Mra. James Brown Mabon of 4'J Fark Avenue; and Harvey Ch.lda d of Pituburgti will be married thla afternoon at Uie Coilegiate Church of fit. Nleholae. A rectptlon will follow In the ballroom at the Colony Club. i Mr. and Mr. Richard T. Wilson wfll give a I arse reeeption thla afternxm at their home. 15 ICaat Fifty-aeventli Street, which Henry Clay Pierce Just vac-Uedi Mra. Jesse Hoyt, Mra, Daniel T. Wor-den and Mra. William H. Sanda are among those aaJHng today for Europe.; - Mr. and Mra. Walter O. O aim an returned from Europe on the Olympic after spending the Winter in France. They wia be at the St Regla for tvernJ day before opening their country house at fsilp. L. I. j . .. j Dancing will foltew Mias Ruth Draper's recital thl evening at the Rits-Curltori, given for the benefit ' of the Tiiillpvun Iloapital Occupational Work of th Njw Ywk VUitlcg Committee, 1 Frank A. Munaev la at hla csmn kt ElizabeUitown In the Adlrondacka f Prince Albert of Monaco, who la eaJl-ng today for Curooe. entertnlned at luncheon yesterday at the Ritx-Cirlton. Amoni his K-ueabs were Oaeton I.-lebt-rt. the French Cunaul General, and Miss lie pert. Toieaaor ana Mrs. II. FeJrfleid Osborn, Mr. and Mra. Paul Fullor and Vf. Aitjtig carrel. MISS ANNE SEWARD, BANKER -! I Society Girl in Charge of Parle Bureau of Park Union Corporation. In the wake of many society women going- into business comea the announce ment that Mlsa jAnne Led del I Sewarji. daughter of George W. Seward, for many yeara United State Ambassador to China, and a grandniece of William H. Seward, who was Secretary of State In the Lincoln Cabinet, has taken charge of a new bureau established In Pants by the Park Union Foreign . BjinkJag Corporation of 86 Wall Street. j Mlsa Seward ha a DacKgrouna 01 technical and financial training. During the war she waa associated with Wil liam Harding a ad Fred 1. Kent, Vlfe President or tne Banners Trust t;o., in the work of the Federal Reserve Board, as head of the , Research Department, Division of Foreign Exchange. . The bureau of which Mis Seward is in charge In at 1 Rue Taltbout. Paris, and she will look after all matvra relating to letters of credit and f oreldm exchange, J FIGHT OVER PLANT FEES $16,000,000 Shrinkage In Value pf Estate Reported. ; : - Sparta! fe Tne "Sm Y9rk Jiw.ja. vvw T romnM Pnnn.. Mst 11. In , . 1 II .V fc . . u . . , . ; j the Probate Court at Oroton u legal battle is cheduled to atari tomorrow involving soma of the mllllona of tie ifnrtnn V. Plant estate. If necessary. one of the attorneys says, the fight Will be carried to tne tsupreme vcun 1 thla Ktate. I A near 3 ha been divulged, thiiee of the five executors who were namjed by Mr. Plant in his, will, the Unleed Ktatea Trust Company of New York. Attnmev tieorae L. Shearers and Fran cis D. Sullivan, have put In a. claim against the estate for their nervines from the time of their appointment up to last November, and this ia contested hv the other two executors. Mrs wiU Uam Hayward. who was Mr. Plant's aecond wife, and Henry B. Plant, the son of his flret marnaee, they making no claim for services. . It Is said that, the estate if Mr. Plint has shrunk from 33,0i0.000 to I;17.0U0. (MM) durlnar the last two and a half years. lroteeta are to pe presented, it 1 undpr-stood, asfiinst qartaln allowances roiide to counsel for' the estate and other disbursements made by the executors.1 Mra. Havward has retained a couiwel Judge Walter d Noye. formerly of thl city, now a Judge of the United. Stages Court In New York. He has retained; as associate counsel the law firm of Hall, Mcttulre 4 Hull. " - i At tli time the will was admitted; to Erooaie law us iirm u sievan, m h.. ro Nht Vork and f'hu rlpa (H Whlttleaey -of this city, repreaeoted the estate. C. L. Arery, now a Judg of the Superior Court, waa appointed at that time guardian I for Philip Manwaring-Plant, aon of Mrs. . Hayward by aer marriage prior fo that to Mr. Plant and wno was later negauy aaopiea oy ir. Plant. ... KOOPMAN ART SALE, $40,777. i f F. A. Vanderllp Paye $660 for glx Hepplewhltc Armchairs. Returns for the third afternoon of the Henry Koopmah sale at the Atneridan Art Galleries yesterday afternocn wire 913,010, making! a grand total to date of 140. TT7. Among the purchaaea bring ing- the highest price Mo. &8S. a pair; of Inlaid tulipwood table. Louis Xyl. style, sold to Mrs. Seward for 2G0 No, 584. a pair of walnut tapestry benches. Louis XIII.: period, went j to Arthur James for for No. 688, lan Inlaid tulipwood commode of the Lojuls XVI. period, ix u. .iwn paia it No. 590 and 10X, two similar Inlaid auneoM caoineu. cns-nsn, aoout 4oov, A set of two arm and eight side carved mahogany chairs. Sheraton style Ka. aiA. was bought by C. C Auchln- clos for (600. and for No. 023. jilx carved oa. cnairs, uueni Anne uonpa, uaid SMO. An eighteenth cen tury English inlaid - iaahoaany sids-twurt. Ko. rje.l waa bought by J. W. Croaa for $390 i F. A. Vanderllp gave V16U for No. 63T. six mahogaay arm Ira McnTMlwiilta st'le. and No. fU8, a mahogany extension dining table of tne late ueorgian periuo aota w Hromn fox t3tXJ . '; There will be jmany lnterestlnir piece of furniture in the closing sale today. Gloria Caruao la Junior Art Patron Little Gloria Caruot daughter of Mr. and Mra. Enrico Caruao. has bcom a member of the Junior Art Patrons America. It was announced yesterday) at tv wa Art Rullillna-. In West Fifty seventh Street, whcre! the onrtuigatjion a hnidinr it inaugural exhibition. Miss Gloria is the youngest member, the next on in age betner CUv Bosson. ag4 . son of Mr, and ; Mr. Alfred Bowwn, 8yracuee Alumnae Club Luncheon. The Syracuse University Alumnae miu .hi. itv will hold its annua- Sprin i...k. u lh lf-alrln Hotel on Sat urday.- The speakers will be WnltWell Wilson. New York representauyu vi n, t Tteilv Kwa and Dr. William, H Mace, Professor Emeritus "or History from S-racue University. Then will be a reception for Dr. Mace at 1 clock, prior to the luncheon, i The gaUring la in irr wnmiii who has attended the university, GREET HARDIHGS IH OF AMERICAS ,000 Attejncj Reception to President and Wife Given by Diplomats of Republics. TOUR 1 HALL OF FLAGS Secretary of State, and Mra. Hughes and Chief Justice and Mrs. Whlta Head ih Receivlna tine. Special fo fk if no York Timea. WASHINGTON. May ll.-One thou sand 1 med and women, representing every phase of Washington society at its beat, made! their w to the Pan-American Building tonight for a reception in hono of the President and Mra. Harding with the Ambassadors. Mlnls- tera and Charge d'Affairea of the Amer ican Republlca as hosts. The guests; entered by different doors designated by the color of cards of ad mission, and ascending the staircase neared the door, reached the hall of the Americas after being greeted by a group of hosts and hostesses at the head of the grand stairway. The receiving tine on the souta was headed by the Am bassador oft; Chile and Mme. Math leu, and that on the north by the Cuban Minister and, Mme. de Cespedee. ' The patio. with Its tropical foliage. playing fountain and gay tropical birds, was still further decorated in Dorothy Perklna roses, which served aa the key note of the elaborate decoration through out all the halls an In tne supper room of the Presidential party, which was opened at 11:30. The Hall iofi Flags, onto which the Hall of the f Americas opens, was converted into t aa arbor-like apartment, where the chiefs of mission and the ladle accompanying them were seated, while In the aiall of the Americas some forty or fifty seats were arranged at the aouth end of the room, near where President and Mra. Harding and Vice President Coolldge bad seat. Th Marine Band, sixty strong, in nni llant scarlet : uniforms, occupied a raised nlatform midway between the north and south entrance. A wcu-seiectea prr-a-ram of i-la-mlcal and DODUlar music oc cupied the time during the assembling of the ruesU. who were Invited for 0 :3'J. Tha President and Mrs. Harding, who were due at 0 ;,.0, entered the main door. wnere mey were met uy me iour Ambassadors of American republics and Dr. Rowe, the Director General of the Pan American Union. They were conduct! to a special fcloakroom by the elevator. and a few minutes later were greeted by the same Ambassadors with tne lauies of the receiving party who had pre-vimialv welcomed the larsrer coimiulHV ut the head of the stairs. This group cf dignitaries. ;headed by President arm Mrs. Harding and preceded bv Dr. Rowe and the President's military aid. Colonel Sherrill, made a short tour of the south Sallery andt the Hall of Flags. Tha Iplomatlc - j-epresentatlves and their ladies fell in line as the President and his wife passed by and entered the Hall or the American In a crancl marcn. . The Assistant Director of -the Pan- American Union. Dr. Yannes. announced the arrival of the President aa the latter entered the 't hall where silk cords of red. white and blue, ana yeuow ana e-reen formed I an enclosure through Which the party passed to the reserved seats. Here the oiommaia previously seated in the Hall of Flags stood to the right of the President, while tne Marine Band played The Star Spangled Banner.". Aa the last notes or tne anmem aiea away the silken corae were removed and a line formed to greet the guests of honer. Thiss waa headed by the Secretary of State and Mrs. Hughe and h f"hlf Justice of the Supremo Court and Mra. White, who occupied reserved seats at the jPrestaent s leit. Following these offciais came cabinet officers and f Justices with the ladies accompanying Hhcm. the Speaker -of the House and Mr. Glllett. and certain officers of the Army and Navy. While these guests i were being receivea me remaining hundreds formed in line and passed before jthe President and Mrs. Harding, thence into the Hall of Flags and later tf the large supper room on the first floor,! to tne earaen or to me patio. fi The reception by the' President lasted less than an hour, and at 11:30 he and Mrs. Harding wero eecortea to tne supper room ai,linlnK tne HaH of the Americas. ln addition to the hosts and their wives, tne company joining the President at supper included practically the 8 entire group of officials previously geaAea in tne nau oi inc Americas, jj i The same 5 formality that marked the reception of the President and his wife on their arrival was repeated when they retired. The special committee of men and women;-first escorting them to the cloakroom In :the southeast corner of the building and later standing in the patio to see them leave by the great central door. 1 In addition to all Am bassadors, i Ministers and Charges d'Affalres end their families, the invitation list1 Included the Supreme Court circle and the Cabinet families; the entire Senate and the Chairman and ranking minority, members of the House, with the ladies or tneir respective xamiiies. There were: also about 200 non-official guests, personal friends of the different host. Pi The' special f committee in charge of the arrangement conalsted of the Ambassador of Peru, the Minister of Cuba and the cnarge a Allaire or muni. 10,000 ANIMALS TREATED. i " ' Maeterlinck and Irene Cattle Helped , Women' League. The annual report of the' New York Women's League for Animals, and tha Free Hospital and Dispensary for Animals, at 350 Lafayette Street, for 1820, has been Issued. It waa prepared by Mrs. James Speyer, the founder and president, who died In February. More than 10.000 animals were treated in the Ieague ' clinics and at tne . Hospital. Two hundred of these were horses and nearly all suffered from some form of foot disease. The owners of treated animals deposited more than 11,000 in the Loague s contribution box.' Eighteen ; lectures on the humane treatment of animals given under the direction of: Mrs. Henry Clay Preston to 1501) public school teachers and pupils, and the distribution of 7.500 pamphlets, were features of the year's work, ''ft The league abstained from publlo appeals for funds for its work during the war and for two years following, and many expenses were eliminated. Among the sources of Income was the lecture given by Maurice Matarllnck at th residence of Mr. and Mrs. James Speyer in January, 1820. on " The Souls of J Animals," ' which realised nearly $4,000. Mrs, Irene Castle turned oved the proceeds from the sale of her auto graphed photograph. TAILER ESTATE GOES TO SON Divorce of; Hie Mother From Jamea B. Taller Disclosed. The will of Mr. Clara W. M. Taller. who died on April 20 at her home, 17S East Seventr-fifth Street, filed yester- tay, leaves iier enure estate to her son. James B. Taller Jr. The boy's father. James B. Taller, applied yesterday for the probate or the win in behalf or hla aon. and stated that the decedent divorced him last year In this State. The value of thee estate was not disclosed. The tact that the divorce was obtained was not made known generally last f ar. Mrs. Taller was Clara W. Moss Her husband was graduated from Yale JM'S ana is a memner or tne in ion, Vnlckarbocker. Racauet and Tennla Rrodk. Turf and Field. Links and Gar den City Golf Clubs and the National Golf Llnka. j : l i n i .11.. ' - Widow Geta Silas H, Pat ne'e Estate. GLENS FALLS. N. Y.. May 11. The will of Silas H. Paine of Silver Bay ha bten filed in the Warren County Surrogate's Court. ;The estate, valued at between S2OO.0O0 and 300.0iX. la left to hla widow, Mrs. Mary S. Pain. ' Mr. Paine was for many years associated with the Standard Oil Company and was a Director of the Silver Bay Association at Lake Oeorga. j - THE.NEVy YORK TIMES. IRVING GRINNELL DIES AT NETHERYQOD AT 81 wee Cmnoicre cf hew York Yacht Club Was a Cfini Nephew of Washington Irving. Irving grandnechew of Wash- Ington Irving and the oldest living mem- oer oi tne New Torlc Yacht Club, of which he was at one tine the Commodore, died yesterday at Ihls home, Neth- crwood, New Hamburgh-on-Hudson. after a long illness. He waa born an Aug. 8. 1839. a descendant of Mathew Grenelle, a French Huguenot who set tled in Rhode Island In JU38. His father. juose nicsi unnncii, was one Of the leading citizens of New York during the middle period of the Ut century, serving in Congress, as Collector of the Port of New York, aid a President of the Chamber of Commerce and of the Union Club. j j i The aon received hla education at Columbia, aliere he was; one of the ln-augurators of row ins and ' himself trekel one of the f hioous crews. He continued In after life his interest In water sports and gave ;the pennant for aa international championship In Ice yachting. i .For several years after college he worked In his father's shipping firm, but on his marriage to Joanna How land he bought the estate of his wife's family In Dutchess County and lived there for most of the remainder of his life. devotinsr himself to the welfare of the community. The library of Wapplnsrer rails was tne joint girt ,oi Air. and Mrs. Grinnell in 1SK8. MrfJ Grinnell died in llMw and there werino children. SIQNORA GIOLITTI DEAD. '. h "'!' Italian Premier's Wife Wag Essen- tially a Woman of the Home. IlOME, May . JL Announcement has been made of the death) of Slgnora Gio vanni Giolittl. wife of the Italian Premier. The' Premier was 'not present at the death of his wife. He heard Tues day that her condition waa critical, and Said he was anxious to reach, her bed aide. M j" I am leaving Wednesday- to visit hr." said Signor Giolittl. , " We have been married fifty-two years. We were married, when I was 26 and she 18. Our life together has been Simple, but full of happiness. I am going to leave the cares of State and the responsibilities of the elections and visit Her." Klanora Giolittl was never much in the nubile eye. She was essentially woman of the home. She did not even take part In social events. She was the mother of two sons and two daugnters. all of them married. : The eldest son, Vederli-o. has been for a Ions: time in the United States, where he( is encaged in engineering work with ode of the great steel concerns. -' The Premier and family are leaving Immediately for Torrei Pelllce. in the Province of Turin, to attend the funeral iTiday. , t Bishop Harris's Funeral Impressive TOKIO. . May 11. The funeral of Bishop Merriman Colbert Harris, who died May 8 at Asyama College, was held today with Impressive eremonles. The Emperor sent a gift of; money; in honor of the Bishop Emeritus (of Japan and Korea, to which offlc Bishop Harris was apoointea in lvio, anat rremwr Hera and - Foreign i. Minister ; Viscount Uchida sent messages ffj condolence. Several of tne newspapers maqe sym pathetic comment editorially, referring tii Blshon Harris as ajreat American n hd a exeat friend of Japan and express lng the nope mat mere wouia oe more like him. j Maalstratea to Be at Barlow Bier, n order that all the jClty Magistrates may be able to attend l the funeral aer vices of former Magistrate Peter T, Barlow at Grace Church at 3:30 this afternoon, the morning session of all police courts today will be : extended until half pest one. when the courts will- adjourn tor tne aay. Tne juagis tratea will assemble a Police Head cjiiarters at 2:30, and ileave there In a bodv for tnis cnurcn. jmei ALagisu-at Tiiiiim MoAdim vestcrdav i sent to Skmucl L. M. Barlow a letter of eulogy ot his father, with whom ne naa Deen associated for many years. ' . i I Robert N. ,Peck. Robert N. Peck of New! Britain, Conn died yesterday at the Roosevelt Hospital. after a brief illness, at the age of 4 For the last ten yeara he had been Vice President of the Stanley jRule and Level Company, which he had served since lfesi. For a generation ;he was nroml nent In the life of New Britain, where he was a Director of the rsew liritaln Nt tlnnsl -Rank, a Warden! of St- Mark'i Kplacopal Church and V'ioe President of the Young Men s christian Association. Hla wife, two daughters and a eon. Dr, Eugene, survive. Dr. Charles H. Peck of 30 West Fiftieth Street is a brother. Theodore De Cue Palmer. 'Theodore De Cue Palmer, who died veste.rd&v moraine at his residence, in East Orange, at the age of 02. waa for many years a resident or Syracuse, ana until hi retirement In 1813, President of the U. S. Hoffman Machine Manufac taring Company. He waa always greatly Interested in helping boys. and. while in Syracuse, donated and largely endowed the Palmer Farm for newsboys. Lurlng the war he was an executive of the Y. M. C. A. in France and had two sons In the service oversea. His wife and three children aurvlve.. ; I Obituary Notes. lllth Street, son of Nicholas J. Hayes. Commissioner of Water Supply, Gas and Elec tricity, died of pneumonia yeaieraay ai ni hKm. . VT. waa a dark In ! the City Clerk' office, attached to the I marriage license bureau. Ha sraduata from FoHham in 1914. and in the war served with the First Aviation Squadron of the Marine Corps. if-.nt.ln TOWARD ELJBHA SAKNEMAN ntirrf maatar of clipper' ships of the old Black Ball Line sailing from Brooklyn, died Monday at the as of 7B at hta home. M Pineapple Street, Brooklya. He made a dosen trips around the Horn and crossed the sous tor eignty-ieur iimea. - Chief IRON LIGHTNING .an Indian sub-ehlef Who fought under Chiaf Sitting Bull at the battle of the IJttle Big Horn when Omtnl Custer and his men were wiped out. died at bis homt on the Chsyenne Rlvar Ra. rvatlon In Boutn uaum oaiuraay, Tha rhiaf was 76 n old. 'BENJAMIN B. B0WLB?, a coal operator af Cannel City. ny.. wna nriirau a irw k a lad Tuesday at the home tils sob. lr. Herbert Bowlby. 4,8o8 Hamilton Parkway. Brooklyn, where he had baan liv ing recently. Ha was w years oia ana thirty-second degree Mason, . Miss FRANCES G. MORRISON, a former resident of Greene Avenue. Brooklyn, at one time secretary to ex-Governor Od)l when he was Acting President of the Aetna Ezplos-Itm Company, died recently at her home In Inalewood. Cel. ; MATjfJaRET SCHABEHORN. widow ot the R-vW Aolph Schabehora of this city and mother of William H. 8chabehorn a realty operator In Queens, died Tuesday night Tt her home In Forest Hills. L. I., at the aa-e of TO. ! ! t JOHN S. RAYMOND f Jersey City, 3 years old. manager for the Bradley-Smith Brush Company of this city, died last night in North Plainfleld at th home of hla niece. j WILLIAM E. FEE. attorney and buslness manacer of John Wiley A Son. publishers of -riant trie books. Is dttd t bis home, 2U9 Westminster Road, Brooklyn, ewd 68. I t AMTR3 B McGIFFERT.' clerk of all th An. r-riiintr courts, 'died yesterday nne-imonla at tha age of . fit at Newburg, N. X. ' , Mrs. MARY A. BROPRY of S28 Eighth tn-L Brooalyn. wire oi t-onca i apiaj WUliam Brvptay. retired dla Twasday her home. ; i - .-. i 1-4 nwKN A. IOOB of Tarrytowa. N. Y died Tuesday night In the hospital thei after a long Illness, agee u. 1 i A. MILTON MINNELYi for tw-nty-frve years Chief of l-olica of North -Tarotowa. died tnere yesieruay aaf 01. t . I JOHN F. FLANAGAN of 1.632 Qravesend Avaaue. for - thirty-three years , a Custom inspect, eiee atoosajr. , THURSDAY. MAY "TUBBS OF SOHQ" DEAD, London Maker of Bows Waa Famoua In the Violin World. ; LONDON. May U.-The recent an- nouncerdent of th death of James Tubba of Hoho conveyed little to the average citizen, out it meant mucn to players of violins. Tubba waa a oast master In the art of violin bow-making and numbered among hie clients such celebrities as Krelsler, Botieslni. Gomperts and the Strausse. In fact, every one in the violin world knew "Tubba of Bono,' who toiled In hla small hun in th heart of that district of Ijondon. Some years ago Tubbs retired and was succeeded by his son. but the latter died. and Tubba emerged attain to hi l-ow- making, at which be worked to the time of his death. KEJLX.EY BOUU.U- Mr. Robert Bonrnr Bowler of Cincinnati and Bar Harbor announce the engagement of taer daughter. Alice, to Mr. Harper Kslley ot Bhl-byvllla. IH. SAMUEL GLjtSEH Mr. and Mra. Harry 8. (ilaser of ill Wast v.d Et. announce th anirsgenient of their daughter, Ruth, to Theodora It. Samuels, son of Mr. ana Mrs. d. fiamusla et at. Louis, Ma. HAMILTON-TOWXSENTJ Mrs. Anna Cole Towasend of New fork City announces the marrtata ot her dauirhier, Cauitne, to Mr. Wilson Rllhu Hamilton, at Fr. naml. Ohio. Tuesday. May 10, 1981. ! ALLERS Entered Into rest on Msndav. V S. 1S31. rranara H. Allars. nea Patera, widow of tha late Frederick All' beloved sister of Mrs. August Brandes la her Slit year. Relative and lrtr,si also the Ladies' Aid Society of the Zlon Lutheran Church, are Invited to attand the funeral from her- laie rnddenca, 5I 11th St., Brooklyn, Thursday, at P, M. Interment at Lutheran Cemetery. BARIXIW Judge. Funeral Grace Church. Thursday at 9:so o cioca. BELlTharlM William. n Tuestfcy. May 10. lliSl. beloved husband et Ida AOcle Bell. Funeral services at Ms late residence, 417 East 23th 8t.. Thursday evenine. 8:15 o'elook. Interment private. Greenwood Cemetery. BERLIN .'t his home, on Monday, May , 13.1. Henry Clay Berlin, in me sui th year at 1:30 of hla aaa. Funarsl s-rvlces P. M. Thursday at 375 Park Av. Inter ment private. Please .omit iiowers. BOYD Helen J. Campbell Funeral Church, Broadway, Kflth St., Friday. 11 . m. BRAISTED May 0. 1HS1. Charles 8tewart, husband of LHra , Kncx israisiea. ru-neral services at his late resldenoe. Hotel Annex, New York city, inursoay aiier-noon. at 4:"0. Interment private. BROWN On May II, Hallle Brown, beloved wire or Maurice tirown. r unermi irem funeral chapel. 1.212 Broadway, near Van Buren St.. Brooklyn. Friday, 10:30 A. M. CARD Ellen, wife of George. May 10, at Hotel Harding. 203 west o-im at. rnerai servloes at the Funeral Church. Broadway, at ottth St., Saturday, May 14. at 11 A. M. CASSEBEER On Wednesaay, May 11, 1921, Julia, beloved wile of rienry A. casae-beer and mother of Mrs. Rem sen T. Williams, Paul H- and Herman C. 8chmldt, Mrs. Fred T. Sletnway, Dr. H. A. Casse-beer. Theodore C. and Edwin W. Casse-beer and a'ter of Henry Zlegler. In her 68th year, at her residence, l.Cto Steln-way Av., Btelnway, Long Island. Funeral services will be held at the residence on Friday afternoon. May 13, at 2 o'clock. Interment following- services la Greenwood Cemetery. CHARLKS May It. 1HB1, at the home of her frandnlece, Marian Gillespie, mo west 25th St., Elizabeth Charles, aired 7 years. Funeral services at. St. Mary's Church, 101 Lawrence St, bn Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. OOBCRN On Tuesday, May 10, 1921. Zlrllna A., widow of the late James fc.. uonurn. Funeral services at her late residence, 455 1st gt.. Brooklyn, on Friday, May 13, at 10 A. M. Interment Greenwood, , 1 DOBLE Edmund C. beloved husband of LJlllan G. Dome.. -unerai services on Saturday morning. May 14. at 10 o'clock at his late residence. bOO Ocean Av., Brooklyn. - DOBLE Edmund C. Ancient Lodge No, 724, F. and A. M., Brethren: it is wun oeep regret that you are Informed of the death of our beloved Past Master. Edmund C. Doble. Masonic services will be held on Saturday morning. May 14. at 10 o'clock at BOO Ocean Av., Brooklyn. HKNRY WACKER. Master. 8TP.PHEN H. WHEELER. Sec. srMANl-ELe-On Wednesday. May 11, 1921. at her residence. 130 Fort ureene i-iace. Brooklyn, Margaret W. Emanuol, daughter of the late John N. and Elizabeth f-'ayre and beloved wife of John H. l'n,an,l Fiinnrftl tirivate. ETTEL.L, In France, on Sept. 27. 1018, Pri vate lain .uell jr.. uumpanv c. iwu Engineers, beloved son of I'aul and the late Elisabeth Euell. Funeral from parlors of J. F. McOowen, 1.879 Amsterdam Av., on Saturday. Requiem mass 11 o'clock. St. Catherine's Church. 13ad St.. nar Amsterdam Av. Interment Wood- lawn Cemetery. Automobile cortege. FAGAN On Monday, May e. at his residence. 1,000 Hudson St.. Hoboken, N. J., Tawrenre. beloved husband ot Mary A. Fasan. Funeral from his late residence on Thursday. May 18. at 10:30 A. M-. and thence to the Church of Our Lady of Grace. Willow Av. and 4th 6t., Hoboken. tprysivtMriVS Emmett W.. at Moate Vista, Col., on May A. beloved husband of Ellen FtUslmmons nee rniggan). he loved son - Ami., and the late John FttJislmmons. brother of Norman J. and Vincent members of Company B, Twenty-secono Reri-n?nt. New York Infantry, Spanish-American War Veterans, member of United K,.anlah War Veterans. Funeral from 1..M.1W, f hla mother at 420 East 141st St.. thence to Church of the Immaculate r'...iin, i.vith tt. and Melrose A v. (requiem mas at 10 A. M.) Friday. Inter ment Calvary. AUto cortege. GREENE On May 1 10. 1B21. Isabel W, Rrawater Greene, a Bed 67 years. Fu neral service at her late residence. 425 " West 23d St., Thursday. May 12. 1:30 p. M. Hartford, Conn., and Springfield, Afnaa n&nara nleaaa CODV. GRINNELL On May 11. at his residence. Netherwood. New HamDurir-on-Huoson. N. Y.. Irving Grinnell. In hla Kid year, Funeral on Saturday, May 14. at Zion Church, Wapphigers Falls, N. Y-. on ar-rival 0 train leaving Grand Central Ter minal at B:B0 A. M. (daylight saving timet. HAIGH On Tuesday. May 10, 1921. at the residence of her brother. William Hatch. 412 West 147th St.. Caroline A., daughter of the late Hartley and Caroline uaign. Funeral private HARRIS Einllv. In her Kth year, after Hn,.rl lllnaaa. nn MlV 11. Funeral from her late residence. l.OtVT East 13th Kt timnklvn nn Friday at 10 o clock. HAYES On Tuesday. May 10. after a brief Illness, Daniel O' Sullivan Hayes, beloved son of Nicholas J. and Mary u. Hayes. Funeral from his late residence. 164 East lllth St.. New York, on Friday. May IB. at 10 A. M ; thence to the Church of St. Cecilia, East 106th St.. where a solemn mass of requiem will be said for the repose of his soul. It ia kindly re-auested that no flowers be sent. Auto mobile cortege. HAY iCH Ford ham University. Class of 1914 Former members this clas are Invited to attend funeral service of their late classmate, Daniel O 'Sullivan Hayes, at tha Church of 8t. Cecilia. East lOAth tit., near Lazlngtoa Av.. on Friday. May 13. at 10 A. M. HAYES Former members of the First Aviation Sauadron. U. 8. Marine Corps, are Invited to attend funeral services of our . late comrade. Daniel o Sullivan Hayes, at the Church of St. Cecilia. East lOAth St., near Lexington Av., on Friday. May 13. at 10 A. M. HATES Daniel O'Sulllvan, oa Tuesday, May 10. Funeral from bis late residence. 164 Eaat lllth St.. thence to ft. Cecelia's Friday, May 13, at 10 A. M. Members '. et the Pocasset Club and Democratic County Committee, Eighteenth Assembly District, requested to attend. HELFEN3TEIN On May 9. IPSi, Robert Morris, son of tha late Robert C. Helfen-steln and Cornelia Morris. Funeral from the chantry of Grace Church, Thursday, May at :so A. M. HOUGHTON William Atweod. husband et Lavinia Wilson. May 13. 2:30 P. M at tha Funeral Church, Broadway at 66th Ft. Interment woodiawn. HOWE Oa Mar 11. 1921. Emma Gertrude. . beloved daughter of Mary and the late I 'at rick Howe. Funeral Saturday, 9:15 A. at., rrom ner laie-resiaence, 4ad west 130th Bt. Requiem mass 10 o'clock. St. Catherine's Church, l&3d St., near Amsterdam Av. Interment Bt. Rajrmood i emetery. Auxomoone cortege. ISELIN at Genets, Franc, en May 6, 1921. Henry George, eiaest son or. Henry a I sella, - JACOBS Oa Tuesday, May 10. Charlotte Jacobs.' In her sAth year, widow of th late Louis and dearly beloved asd devoted mother of Rachel Butt. Jennie Harris, Bessie Hotsch, Robert J. Jacobs and Bally Hamberger. Funeral services Thursday. May 12. at 1 :SO P. M. sharp at W Plne- hurst Av. Boston, Chicago. Colombia (Oa.) and Saa Franclsoo papers please KELLY On May 10. at Jam St.. Far Rockaway. J. J. Kelly. 47 year, husband " , of Martha Lud wig. Funeral Friday. :W A. In- neqwera at iniuncB or UN Bea. interment Et. John. Mlridievlllaxe KITANO Ichiro. Campbell Funeral Church. i-sroanway, wun w., inarsaay, T P. M IKVIMHV on May 11. ni her rath year. Esther, widow of the late Abraham and devoted mother of Samuel. Hattla Cohan: Lsuls, Phoebe Englaader and Audrey Ls- - vine. Funeral rrom aer lata residence. 601 West list gt. a Oa aewveuisncs . ot tn ramus'. 12. j 1921. LEVY Louis, tn his &;ih vaar. beloved hus r Lira band of Eva toe Merer), ud devoted broiler of Hsnaafe and 1, at hla bom. - 11 iWeat ICfcih St. Funeral ervlcs Taiiraday morning. Uaj' It at 10 e'rlork at Temple B'nal Jeshuiun. 1ST West bwh ft. i Relatives Drees and En tn be re f Oe-nsTragaitea B'nal Jeehurua, Caatenalal - Lode Ne. 7S.V F and A. M. ; itorr. efoare ldg. k. Tit, K. oi P.; Manhate tas Loda No. 111. I. o. F. 8. of L felurituia Club and gnuthera Tri veiers . Anauclatloa are requested to attend. LEVY Louis. Brethren f 9iak. spear Lpdgr, 274. K. at r, are hereby miuested ta attend the funeral services of ur lata bpotter. Louis Levy, a veteran member, on Thursday niomtng, May IS. at 10 Vtnr at Congregafton M'aal Jeshurun, 3. I West Setb Kt., New Vers. , I WILLIAM AitRAMS. I '. Chaneellar Commander. ; MICHAEL H.-VARKS. K. of R. and a. LEVY Congregation B'nal Jeahurun; Members! and seat holders are respectfully r- - guested to attend the funeral service of Loul Lar-v. a member a our ronaTCga- UoB. m Thnrsday. May It. 1S1. at 10 A. St., at the synagogue, 2M West hath; St. LOUIS BAL MAN, President. LEVY 'B aal Jeshuran 8tsterhood are ra-' spectfully request ta attend tha funeral ' eervWs of lxmls Ivy, the husband of our Vic President, oa Thursday, May II, 1V21i at 10 A. M., at the synagogue. K1 West fMth 8u Heeling for Thiirsday, May 12, eriu be postponed. Mra. SIMON 8ARNOFF, Preaideat, LEVY-31sters of the B'nal Jesbunm AOx- lllary ar rv spectfully requested le attend, tha funeral aervlcea of Ituls Lew. the husband of our Directress, on Thure- dy.! May IS. ll'il. at 10 A. M. at ta aynaa-naue, 2ST West tath St. Mr. JACOB SCHWAR2, Prealdanl. LEVY-iHfbrew Bisters of Charity annouace with; regret th death -of luls Levy, husband of our esteemed -Vlc President. Mrsj Eva Levy. Funeral will take piao Thursday at 10 A. M. from B'nal Jeaku- run. 857 West gfrth St. , I Mrs. A. FRKMBERO, Preaideat. Mrs. TILUB HUBER, Secretary. i IWISe-Moses A., devoted son of Esther and . beloved brother of Kva Kondali. Funeral frors'hls late residence. Cedar-hurst. L. I., n Thursday. May 1L at 11 A. M. Inter ment Union Field. MoGlFFERT t Newburg. N. Y.. oa Wedne-dayi May 11. 1A21. Jamea D. McOtftert. Clerk of tha Supreme CeMirt of Orange County, In bt bid year. Funeral from his ilate realdenrn. 51 Dubois St.. Nw birg. at 3 P. M- Friday, lie ondt flowers. MARL.KT Charle 8.. huahand of the Ut . - Mary Altken Young, on Monday, May . arter a snort lunaas rinerai private MARTIN At Klngsbridge, N. Y. C. on Wednesday. May 11. 1821. Mary Martin, mother of Alderman Thomas W. and Jamea L. Martin. Funeral serviraa will be held at the residence of her son. Lr, Thomas W. Martin. H.072 Bailey Av. . KinBsbrldge; on Saturday. May 14, at 10 , A. M. Interment Woodiawn cemetery. MENDELSTAM Mrs. Bertha, dear mother of Annie Barend and late Isadora Mendei-atam. Funeral Friday. 10:30 A. M.. 219 Audubon At. MURRAY On May 10, 1P21. Nellie Murray tne cauanan), Deiovea wiie j wu xitieeav Pimeral from her late resi dent. 504 West 168t St.. Friday. 8:15 A. IM. Requiem mass. Church of St. Rnan of T.lma. IfUVth St.. near Amsterdam Av.l 10 A. M. Interment Bt. Raymond s Cerdetery. Automobile cortege. !TEUTiS Miv 10. 1921. John W. D., beloved hnahanrt nf Man J. Meld a aged ?i years Funeral services at his late renldence. 2O0 Hudson St.. Friday afternoon, x.ju. mu adelphia iPa.) .papers please copy. O'BRIEN Elisabeth Anne, at Mount Me- Greeror. Mar 11: private runeraij uo flowers. v PALMAR At East Orange N. J.. entered Intd rest, on May li, jvzi. inewm, v. Cuei Palmer, husband of Josephine Dean I'almer. Funeral services at his home. Washington St.. Thursday evening. May 12. at 8 o'clock. Interment at Rural Oemeterv. Albany, r. l .. may i. fJ'' cus. Albany and Jaeksonvllie (Fla.) pa per pleas copy. i Trrr-K-J.Hohart N.:'of New Britain. Conn., , In his j.Vth year, beloved nusDana oi noira rirtls Peck and father of Dr. Eugene, t anH Uirnrrt Peck. Tuesday. May 10, iat Roosevelt Hospital, after a brief Illness. Funeral;, services at Trinity : Church. Newtown. Conn., on Friday, May 13. kt 2 P. M.. standard time. PEPEft Frederick Henry., beloved husband icmilia minkak. on May 10. after nmlnnre1 lllnaas. rn hi 5bth year. Ser vice at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of he Holv Trinity. 65th St. and Central K. i. n,-.rf Thnralav evenlna. Mav 12, 9 b'clock. ' Interment private. Kindly omit flowers. , - . , , . i RICE-iBertha, after a lingering Illness, on , May JO, dearly Beloved wire or ' r .nii nnth., ofJamma. Sidney. Seymour. Blanche, Marvin and deceased daughter Vartnle. Funeral from her residence, 230 Fiat with St.. Friday, at 1 P. M. Rela tlves, friends and members of Henrietta Verein, Sarah sewing cireie. iaaies u-. lllarr Society. I. O. B. B.. Maternity Aid . Society ar respectfully Invited to attena. RICH-eOn May 11, Carrie (ne Lang), be- wiH wife of Charles 8. Jtlch an mother of Mrs. Belle Flshbeln. Mrs. Tee-slei Berliner, Mrs. Jennie Lang. Harrq anil tMward. Funeral service at her late residence. 154 Lenox Av.. Friday Mav 13. at 10 A. M Di-u ia-Tjnntc nn Tuesday. . May ' 10. ln21 widow of the Rev. Adolph u.i-'..i.., h.r Tlat war. Funeral wt4icaira-((us lis a . services at her late home. Queens Boule vard .and rortsmouin x-iace. ruio-i. . :T . nn PHitv Maw 13. at 11 A. M Intirrnent Oak Hill Cemetery. Nyack, N. !Y.. at 3 P. M. rvrrrirA 1 West 12th St.. New York rtiti, William Edward Smith. late Petrograd. Ruwla, aged 63 yeara neral private. Fu mvriTT'Suddenly. In Hongkong. - China. Melvlll S. Toplits ot Ssn Francisco, Cal ' In his 49th year. TREDWELL-On Wednesday, May i 11 1 H.J , Alansou. eon x-t,w . the) late Wesley 8. Tredwell. In his 12th year Funeral service Friday, Id, at 2 V. !M.. at his 1st residence. 309 Hancock St.f Brooklyn. . WIRStJM MT 1- 1921 Henry, aon of Caro-lln Wlnrnrn. aged 44 years. Services at Funeral Chapel. rl Amsterdam Av., near lOCii St.. May 13. at 11 A. M. ! MDEL'L Annl. tn her 63th year, beloved mother of Sadie Smith. Bessie Nlchthau-aerl William and Helen Zldell. Remains at Meyer's Funeral Parlor. 228 Lenox At. . Notice of funeral hereafter. j 3n iiJfmorlam. BAINBRIDGE In loving memory of tny dear husband, wuuant wmnw. S years ago today. May 12. 1918. BROWN-e-Morrla In aad and loving memory of tour dear husband and father. Morris Brawa, who passed away one year ago today. May 12. 1920. KELSEY In sad and loving memory of Ida R. Kelsey. who departed thU llf May 12, 1920. , We! who loved you sadly mis you. , la It dawns another year. . In kh lonely hours of thinking thoughts kit you are ever near. - j MOTHER AND SISTERS. LEVT.-4-In loving remembrance of my beloved husband and our dear father, Leopold Levi, who passed away May 12. 1820. THERESA LEVI, Daughter and Bona. McALEENAN In loving memory of Arthur McAleenan Jr.. anniversary mas on Saturday, May 14. at 8 A. M.. Church Blessed Sacrament. West list St. TYLER In loving memory of Charles B. Tyler and Mary E.. his wife, formerly of !Nw York and Jersey City, who died in i Nee-port New, Va., Mr. Tyler on May 12, 1904, and Mrs. Tyler on Dec 3 sarin 16. 13S2. MAROOLTN Th unveiling of the monument erected In memory of my beloved wife and outj dear rnother, will tak place oa Sunday afternoon. May l!Uh, at S o'clock sharp, at Washington Cemetery, at Kur-land Burial Ground. Ia case of rata poaxponed for following Sunday. ABRAHAM MARGOLIN AND FAMILY. Aaouneea,te Oca (As and BlrfAs e iwssrlftm 4 f'k New lorle Twae may k (eicBAemad ard idt4eM t Bryant 1000, WlereYer ToB'May Be f Taere ia oar RcrreaenUtive Call -CoJombus 200" , FRANK K. CAVPBFLL THE FUNERAL CHUICH,7Iac. (Mox-ecctariaa) 1 1970 Brwadwayat 6SUk St. De.eWe. Office. 134 M. at Av. JACOB HERRUCH-S SONS : FUMIRAL DIRgCTOftS CHArCL ' 332 East 66th St. Unox 6652. I.4J Cart. Sear I7tta. Tel. 22t Trssnat Cb CHAS. A. BENEDICT, Waf U (H. THE WOODt-AU'N CEMETERY 2331 St. By Harlam Train and by Trolley. Of flee, 20 Bast 2 VI 6L. New York. 1 Lots of small alas -for sal. . SLOOM1NGDALK FLORIST SHOP, Hta Bt. and Lexington At. Artlatl fleral eaigaa, i ana wp; epea evazuaga ut eara iTalapaoa Paa IH4. . ADtxRYiKT We Welcome to America. !o the nme of ikelr executive inJ employ, s, the Ftdi-ra Luminous Mitt riil Chemical Corporation of New come to America Madame Curie, the emln(ui&hed rrench scientist. . i i . i The bisie American industry of riJiurn rrouction,! for (heripeiitlc purposes and . aa laa a material, would never nave her Indefatigable labors and research, v hEVYDW. ...... Will Place on Custom TaUored Over two hundred nigh class style in tvvrj and ihre piece "-effects- hand embroidered hand beaded anril novelty' effects. : ; ' : ' ; , Formerly $195 to $295 at n25 $175 95p Ultra-Smart Tailor-made Suits Formerly $ 1 25 to $200 f at '96595125 1 EDISON QUESTIONS Quickly Answered by ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA Mr. Edison, by the way, owns a set. Whether you are a college graduate or whether you are not!, you can answer these Questions and all other questions, and you man or woman BritannicaJ if you , Then not' even an Edison can "stump" you If you are interested call at our oeiow: , . ; . , . To the '.. ".-v.' , Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc 288 Fourth Avenue, . ' Nef York City. Please send me information Encyclopaedia Britannica. . Name , Address KMox'. - 'yyyyy - y,yyy. CONCLUDING SESSION THIS (THURS.) AFTERNOON IAT 2:15 At The American Art I Galleries ;- jMacEson Scftiare South, New York c; . j ' TO BE SOLD AT UNRESTRICTED PUBLIC SALE TO CLOSE THE ESTATE OF THE WIDELY KNOWN . ANTIQUARIAN v- HENRY KOOPMAN THE BEAUTIFUL ANTIQUE FURNITURE The Sale Will Be Conducted and his aeslstanta. ML OTTO AMERICAN ART ASSOCIATION, Managers Madliaw Beiaajw Beath. statraae 0 K. tad Bt. New Yarfca, t IJWWJPMJ 'A ' i,iiip,i,.ii,l));iii y yyyyyyyyy vs, ... mmmmm AD VKKTtiEME3iT. The Wednesday Graphic The Saturday Graphic of the New York Evening Post has earned a reputation for pic torial quality unique among gravure supp ements. . The new Wednesday Graphic, first . t J '! It t.o dc issuea wun aikeaiiioni .3 on May1 18th will maintain tjhis quality and, in addition, print in gravure pictures ol news events that happened upj to Monday morning: . lne price of the Wednesday edition remains at three cents. New York Evenbg Post 17 - vrrrtT. Madame Ctirie Corporation ltd tar.' RUio! Yerk tad Orange, we!- for Undark radium luminous! a . a a.aTaL a a a : rcsuitett, eaa it noi oen ior Sale Costume Suits Anyone Who Owns the can be a1 well-informed own the Encyclopaedia office or fill out theMnrruirv blank , . : . j ! about the Cambridge jEdition ol tha .K a - , 'yyyyyy,--y,y. hj Mr. THOMAS E. KIRBY BEKXKT aad MB. U. H. ITAKU RESERVATIONS now beiag raad 1 fee- the sununrr rseasoa at $42 a p Tdday BewsjassaB , r-w l m mm- O week for one person, $56 for two, and up. oa the Eoropeaa plat with reason- ' ably priced restaurant serviee; aad from $112 op, for, two, on the Aawsrv- ' caa plan, '' j . ; Tha coolest spot within commuting die- Usee of New YmV. Ai$oluUly ftrtprof. LONG BEACH L.E. Boaktn- erfk ope at Batol, rhaa Loog BeacS la( ; Cooper-Carlton Hotel-Clucagb 3rel Strwet aatal Hyd fmwUblwd. VM TUB SrtOCS 0TJLAKS MIOQGAK) 'vNClY 12 jTORY; TEZ&ROOF BUILDING i - Finmt Ut thm Middle Wnt 4O0 Roomsaoo PrivaU Baths (Exclusive Batb for Each Room) Every modern appedntrnent for luxury and convenience. This hotel gives more for the money than any other hotel in the country.. ; - ' i Illinois Central R. R. Station one block from, hotel 10 minute Pea servicer to dotowa, fficc, ahoppina auut tbeatr district. 20 aninntea to etode-7Ut AUMkh. CenL. IIL CenL and "Eli-i-Trains stop at 53rd SL Station, one block torn hoteL Check baggage to 53rd St. Station and save time. . , j tVROrEASiOO CP wrff ar ! sj j! ' a X I I! i 4 . 5 -I, s s i . n

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