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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Saturday, February 10, 1872
Page 4
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- - ; . . -:: i L , -.-.-i. ;. -.-- . " - ... .-:..;. . i- t- - I -V' ot : OtJS H4 W4 .1 b . TIIS CATTATJI The Ceaal AmuIihi' AoS-Pel else . iikurMa eT nsra.Ji---t if " Several days ataee we teak occasioai to ley befota oojr laavdere aad the mMia at largeH nm taete la respect te an act piiiin 10 1979. conferring additional sad ex'treardi nary powers upon the Board of CanatAp pntoerm; Amid tbe multiplied instaneeeof the law-making authority perverted in tbe I ateretU ot tbe rational Klnga organised for tbe plunder of tbe State, tbia waa mittff that bad eeeaped observation. Indeed, tbe circumstances bad only eome to our knowl-' edge quite recently, and we knew that tbe public wee ae ignorant on tbe subject as we bad ooxwItm been, np to tbe time oar information was received. We therefore made do delay in preferring onr exposition, and ia calling- upon tbe Legislature to apply tbe proper remedy. I We bare noticed tbat Mr. Fort, tbe Cbair- ; ( man ef I be Canal Committee in the Assembly, eome two Weeke since, introduced a bill - i tn that body to repeal the acta of 1SJ0 and 1871. Tbe bill was referred to Street Com-rniUee, bat it slnrabers. la.'; our opinion the ease was one which demanded, and would ! Justify the speediest action on tbe part of ' r tbe Legislature. We have no distrust of Mr. Fort. We hare no reason to. doubt that be la an earnest Reformer, and tbat be will distinguish himself as such in tbe courite ef the i ; present session." But we feel impatient about this measare of repeal, awl should re-. j Joice to aee the Legislature roused np to a , dueaonaeof its responsibility in the prera-ieea. To. expunge the laws in question, so -r liable to be applied to bad purposes, -.- from tbe statute book. would be a week of merit in Itself, and would furnish aatlsf artory evidence that this Legislature -v mlgbl be relied on to Inaugurate tbe era of. iwrcation and reform. j The charges that we bare made touching tbe extent to which the Canal Appraisers are Involving tbe State derive corroboration j from later intelligence from Albany. We 11 astounded to learn that deficiencies liavo been ascertained, for which prorision . is to be made, in addition to the ordinary ; tiril list, of over six million 9 dollars f We ; are not surprised to find tbat the sum needed to pay p the awards for claim a adjusted by :r;; ibe Canal Appraisers and the Canal Board ',-N'anients to seem kvaaYea tkomtani doilar$ j 40Q,000 for tbe former and $300,000 for tbe cj Utter. It does not yet appear what portion "? ; ol tbe latter consists ot awards that have len appealed from the Appraisers to the Canal Board. Perhaps they do oat change ' 'Character by t tbe transfer. I ; Can ear readers can the lawyers engaged Jn the lucrative practice of prosecuting ob-aolete and abandoned canal claims before the Appraiaers, en shares, inform as bow it happens that, at this late period, this enor- "inona mass of claims should lie against tbe State at all I Is there to be no period of . time, no millemal dar, when, tbe State! shall a? have aettled np, paid up, and cleared off that entire class of liabilities, which tbe Board of Appraisers was created to adjust f Why.- it would appear not. On the contrary, instead of coming to an end, and showing a balanced account in this department ef the State adminstration. these claims, notwith- atanding tbe most vigorous efforts to sweep them away and extinguish them forever, awell annually into more colossal dimen-aiona. Each Tecnrring fiscal year reveals Mother Pelion behind an Ossa, rearing its ''crest heavenward, and frowning upon the , binds below, who ere only regarded as fit ta subjects' for taxation and extortion. , a, But it is not entirely with this matter of Trait a deficiency of onr, hundred ihoutand dollar m that we have to deal at present. Former! Legialatares have been endeavoring to keep '.V,.sPo with these frightful outgoes by Eberal - appropnatioDs to meet them as they sc- I V CTued.- Chapter 709 of the laws of 1870 ap-' - proariates an unexpended balance of some -'previous appropriation for other porpoeea, . for, the payment of awards made by tbe Canal Appraisers. We stop to marvel ."that 1 there should have been an unexpended balance in tbe Treasury of any deeciiDtian. bat d. it ia plain to see why it waa passed ewer to I -tbe Canal Appraiaers. It . went where ' w t it A was most wanted, and . where it ! '"wtu sure not. to remain an unex- year, provides for the levy of a State tax of aeven-eigbtbs of a mill upon the real and I 1 A 1 C . A A. . . . . fond oat of which tbeee awards are to be it, r,.'paid, ' What sum is tbns prodnced, we bave tr'. ., aa yet no aaeana of knowing. It was doubt- leaa lateoded to be productive enough to j ne6aJldomanJagBiuit it, legitlmato and ' Illegitimate, under the general and sweeping V 4 not eX 1970. , For tbe payment of Celt si Ap-: praissrs awards in 16C8. the sum of $37S,S6o 9i waa approprliited ; and for 18C9, a like ap propriation of over $531,000 waa made to w9.aeet the awards of tbe Canal Appzaisera ad the Canal Hoard. And now it turns r i oat thai tbertfla a deficiency to be provided 5 for, for' tbeee pnrposea, of serea snasVeU titou- - mnJ dot are more f .'These figures are overwhelming! Tbey tnore than justify the worst apprehensions ' tbat we expressed when An this topic the 7,, a other day. Tbey caQ loudly for the most stringent measures of reform that tbe Lsgia- ' latura can devise, and tbey cry for prompt -iaotiee. . -i-.: Sis. aiillions of deficiencies at tbej State capital tella a sad story of tbe operations and depredationa of tbe Canal "King," and of tbe laxity of legislation by tbe partners and auxiliaries of that newl,r-engendered power -la tbe Stste holding seats in the Senate and Assembly. , For "seven or eight Tears, at least, this stupendous system of pillage and 4, - spoliation baa been progressing in our midst. " -1 Tammany Hall and tbe Canal Bings," in -i? fta unholy alliance, bave sacked tbe public ' treasuries of the City and State more ef- bave done. In the commercial Metropolis ' the populace " can ' ' poinf , out t i the ..individuals, aa they roll along in their eost- , becocne millionaires by robbin g tbe City cof- eat 'fore 4y forgeries and frauds and crimes of 4 every degree. " In tbe interior, along tbe line ' of tbe canal, the dupUcated millioaaires, ,made such by claim allowances and stolen t. . . benefiis ander canal oontraeta. favorably of ';." " orruptly constraed, are as easily and iiarly designated. .Under the malign influ-;y eneea Mos infeerins: the whole atmosphere "w - and 4inderm tiling tbe public morels, eorrnp-V t4ea has found its way into a hundred minor T'.t 4 and anbordinat cbanneU. Tbe helders of fnablko treats on all aklea torn np derelict. Statesmanship is baffled by the number, tbe : n rasainoatioosa the turpitude ot the dehn- Oasaetes diarloaed.. latelUgent and reflect-teg see begin to . whisper to each ether in s'aaxtoOo tnqairieat "Is the repabliean' srs-e f-tesa failerer- -Ia tbe theory-of popular f' sovereigaty adehtsieaT ' rn ' ' In answer, .we are prepared to sxelalia - with the beeaie Lawskxck : Doat give op the sblptlt aserganlse reform with the r-.i.i VIara reaolnrion not to surrender, not to be .,s!aiouTged.;and eel U U timttd. "Wo .Tlisvs there is'a way ont of tbe labyrinth, ia which we find oarselvee iavolved,aud we m i to find it. All men are not corrupted. nor la aoctety ao toorongniy oemorauaea that we cannot, under the new inspiration which tbe onsecgoncy demands, eanunon the peoplototbo reseaoot tbeir imperiled isv terests end institution. : ' ' THE WATSR-KXTEB JOB. fir. Hmrmrrm ClaUan sa aSe latftsl aetM a m av SBM.Bsais . A U VIWH U. m mm i i fH9JKX aUegeS tens doe tress the; City for 4SM watac-aastees fmrnlaSos ay the I eempeny of Wkloh be M tke rmiawl, mt er waiea f Boas" is said te he tbe rallmr spirit, baa aamia niraeiad euenttoe te the water-Job. and eome ourtoua faeu bave been broecbt to llsbt in this eoooeottoo. At tbe meiinr or tae Heara 01 aw di( ioSay. tae foUawing wUl be laid before Uia tojr wo. s Waal TmnOTWT, I Kif Von cm, a. 17. I 7 IK Bmmrttmt Awdt of th ttt of Nnt-Ywrtt, or whom H may emnnwrn t " ptoner.-1. Jaiin cocasjuta. eltta- aad Ur-tanr, a konby aoloaulr awaar aad proteat affalaid a elatai la faror of Joa W Navasbo for braaa watM-nMra for Mj sum o I1iUi, mad I krct7 torlxd Uto Kriaont ot tkat oUba oa Lb grouixU : rm. of lads la tbe trtala aad proMtrtaa- of tha eootract i acmd.of xhopoUnmomm aulillnot tbe materiala ot wbicb UMtaoiora are eonMrunted ; tbirS, of tbe oost. wbMrb ia at:lMia three llmea tbat a better meter eaa be furntabod tar: toertb. tbat Ike only trials bad were la secret. 7. JAblKH COCUltAKK. Tbe reason of tbts aetioa on tbe part of Mr. CoeiiBaHB la tbat tbe adoption ef tbia meter by tbe CommianiDner of Fnblio Worka waa u a warranted, and tkat the claim aot op la net therefore a tuat one. Tbe whole story in tbe esao is here given, although a portion ot it has before been alluded to in tbe Tim its. Io 1870 tbe Legislature passed an mrt n Tin if Tweed, aa Cooioj!elooer ol I'oblie Worka. tae power ot aelortioa; water-nietera to be piaeod on all buildiasa wbere Urotoin water was need except dwelling houaes. Aecerdingly, Twkkd advertlaed for all -inventora of meters to send them to the pipe-yard at the foot of Kast Twemy-fourln atreet. wbere an alleged teat of tbedifferenttoetera submitted took place, lasting from day to day from the 3d of October to tbe d of November. For tbe purpose of the teat Twkbd caused te be erected two tank a bold-mgsiiout 10.000 araJlona eaob. with eostly pipes nud otberttxturea. TbeuDOerataodiiir waa tuat tbe test waa to be srnrtly Impartial for the sole purpose of aaeenaJnin tbe best meter, yet. it Is alleaed, no fair Inula were held, and tbat tbe re-ault waa not made public aa promiaed. Mr. CuCHBAba asserts tbat tbe meter patented by bint was manipulated, sod it waa ao buug-linRly done aa to at once rove Ibe facr. It was placed, on Saturday DistU. in a room euppoMed to be locaed and kept closed duriug tbe proicreea of the tests, aud ou Monday, wben it was examined, tbe register marked 2.000 gallons of water aa having paased tbrougu it, more tiiau tbe actual quantity of water to be measured . thus conclusively showing that tbe macbine had been tampered witb. Oocurak. U aeenia, protested against such sn sbsurdity being plsoed upon r coord, aud showed tbe Impossibility of tbe performance of anch a feet. J. John-sum, tbe engineer In charge, reiuetantly allowed a second trial, add this time it is elaimed tbe metre registered witb exactness, furnishing lur-tber proof tbat it bad been manipulated, and that tbe teats were not made in good faitb. Johnsob then, it la aaid. wisbod to have ibe record of both teata aot aside, and give tbe metre another trial at a future day. but the owner of it inaisted apon tbe preservation ot the record. Tbe entire is ul-Vwd. was a verv. superficial one, and in no war calculated to determine anything ant lslwcfory of tbe merits of tbe reepoctivoiueiera. Two essential Qualities of a good meter are accuracy of measurement and durability, aud a cursory trial of one dar. io which many of tbe inetere preaented were aubieeted, ia not aumcieut to decide either of tbeee points. Tbe trials were represented te he publie. and yet. during e portion of tbe tune vbey were iu progress, a notice waa conspicuously posted requesting gentlemen taking uotee of tue experiments not to make them public. At tbe close uf the testa no omcinl record of lb em waa given to tbe public, and none ot tbe meter tried were adopted; but abortly after a meter called the Moore meter waa submitted to a private nominal teat, aud immediately approved by Twttu. under clrcuiustaucea which load to the supposition tbat tbe knowledge gained In tbe legitimate testing waa useful to the maker of thisjneter. From tbe com plicated aud delicate u)chuiani of these metres, tbey are uot likely toendure practical! use, besides which they cost 70 each, nearly four tiroes tbe cost of other meters. (The Ring meter, besiaee, la made wholly ot ibraaa, which ia dangerous to bealto on account of tbe poisonous eolations thereby introduced into tbe water. It is charged tbat none ot toe meters were tested to measure water aa slowly aa one gallon per hour, tbe first essential of a practical meter, and it is aaid by experts that none yet invented een measure at this ratio Iter the wear of a single year, i Tbe contraot for supplying tbe meter, against paying for wbieb Mr. Cochbahb protearn. waa made between Tweed aud Mr. Navauko. as owner of the patent.. Ten thousand were to be fl Dialled at S70 each, prupertv-owners paying the coats, and a Ilea on the property securing payment. Until recently, it is understood, they were manufactured by tbe Hydraulic. Machine Company at the rate of about one buudred a day. Only 4.060 have thus far been delivered. Tbe contract with Navakbo ia on tile 10 tbe pepartment of Fublie Works. It is dated Aug. S3. 1871. and requires 10.000 water-tnetere to be furnisned-on or before July 1. 1873. The contract waa " signed in presence of Albx. Fkkar," and approved by Kowabu H. Tract. Chief Kugineer. Tbe fate ot tbts King job will be watched with interest. - ' THE CRESSKIXL. MURDER. The maaeat VeMeNar-Th Watch . Pa wwed ay Avery Msanaed aa the Maraereat )It-Tk Verdict aaa CeaaaBtttal ef tae Prise at er. . Tbe inquest upon tbe bod of Jacob Erb. who was killed at Cresaklil. N. J.. on Tuesday morning, was held yesterday at tbe depot of tbe Northern Reilroad of New Jersey! at CresskUI. Coroner Wkstkkvblt conducted tbe investigation. The excitement growing out of the reports of tbe murder drew a large crowd of people to tbe depot and tbe orooeedmgs befnte tbe Coroner were watched with deep interest. '! --TESTUIOaT Or MBS. EBB. Tbe first witness called was Matilda Err, the wtfs ef the deceased. Her testimony related principally to tbe watch owned by tbe deceased, wbieb bad beea pawned by tbe prisoner, Av-bbt, in New-York, and apon tbe identification of wbieb depeoded ia a great degree tbe proof of rullt against Avebt. She said : My, bostand exchanged watches some time ago with another man, wben he got tbe wateb found tn New-York; I have worn it and am able to swear to it aa tae watch owned by my husband : about one. year ago be bad It repaired Is New-York; I recog nise the chain also ; I saw my husband take tbe watch and chain when he went to tbe barn on Tuesday morning. Tbe witness described minutely tbe swivel attached to tbeebatn. TXSTMOHT OF CO !t STABLE VAKOEBBECK. . John B. VasdebbbCk, eoustsble of ngle wood, testified that be and Officer Dcnn arrested John Avkbt ia New-York ; the prisoner went ahead with Officer Xubm ; be dropped a ten-cent a lamp which he picked up ; he then dropped a email piece of paper : I picked i that np and showed it to Mr. Hilj. ; be aaid it waa a pawn ticket i I saw Avebt drop it ; we took him to the 8tatioBbouae ; wai.e we were on tbe way be was all tbe time feeling la his pocket ; I gave tbe pawn-ticket to Mr. Hill at the Station-. bo use. ; . TEsriifosT or detbcttvb hill. : William H. it ill. a detective ef Knslewood. who waa the principal officer concerned in tracing AVEBT aad seenrtag bis arrest. testiBed : I took the pawn-tieket dropped by Avebt and took it to tbe pawnbroker whose name was oo it ; be said there was til is One upon it; he said he could identify Ibe man wbe left it there on tba day preceding; tbe pawnbroker's name Is Moses 1.EV1 1 I told Officer DtruM to take him np te tbe Btarieo-bonae te aee if be eoaM toentlfy Avbbv ; t then went ta Mr. Class's store, end apon returning to tbe Station boase roaed tbat Lkvt bad positively entitled tbe anaoaer aa tbe man who left his wateb at his plaee; Mr. Clabk. ideatifled tbe watch aa tae oae worn by tbe deceased. .. L: ; ; ' - TEsnaoinr ov james w. clabk. James W. Clabk, nephew of Ebb's employer, deposed : I toaad ib leaning on bis arm at tbe stable-window ; I said, Jacob, who baa done this t" be said. lt me see : let me see;" Isaw drops of blood on tbe floor of the stable and en tbe front aide ef the stable in the passage-way i I saw the clnb and the bar of iroa : tbe elub was standi d( la tha passage-way j tbe bar was lying 00 the floors I did not at tbe time see marks of blood oa the iron ; I think Eaa waa aot hurt in tbe arable : I did aot aee Kaa make any mutton when I asked him if Be was hart by tbeboraes; 1 told him, " Matilda is holding you ; be aeemed to knew what I said, bat be aoade ao reply; I do not knew that ear bad feelrag existed between Kaa and A van I ; X never knew tbe horse to sick. - .- - ' - - ; , Ttrnmorr or xa. Treason axb othxks.- - The teettaaoay of Xr. Pibbsos. who attended tbe weuaeed aaaa. was read te tbe Jury. Toe doctor's statement, wbieb waa made before tbe Coroner, oa Tweed ay. ia aa follows I toaad see bona ef tae nose frac tared ; on removing the aealp I feerad a qaaataty at blood under It ; I alee looed a fraetare at tae skull three inches ta learta i tbe weaad was evidently caused by a blunt lastrament i X ae aot tbiok that it eouid have reaalted front a kick by a Borse ; the weead aUghsaave beea lnflieted by aa iroa bar similar te the eee that was shewn to nae; I have examined ibe bar aad have xoand what 1 believe to be bleed apeu iu - - Dr. Jobs J. Uabiso tesUflsd i rfevBd pools of blood ea the floor ef tbe stable a Meod-atatned: hat waa lying a 'tee floor ; tbe bleed a pea tae bat and npoa t ie Boor seemed to be freeh. ,- Johx C Bin A. a eonstabla of CreeakilL took the boot wbieb Avaav were wberrtarree ted .and eo in pared them with tbe footprints ta the snow neartthe tarn aad ea the war to the depot. They were toaad tossrrsapanaevaetlrv A - Xa ease was grs a UaSjiCU aad aXta flfteea aaraatea' dellberatioa a veraioi wan pw-turned as follows: . . --, -. '-THB TEBDtCT. '! - We,' the Jnrere Impaneled la the eaae of Jacob Eaa deeeaaed. o eay. npoo onr oetba. tbat tbe aaid Jacob Kkb came to. bis deata ea tbe eta day of Febraary. ISTl. Io tbe township at Paliaaae. ta tba Coaaty of Bergea. aod toy a blew or Mews oa tae neao iw TrTl k teat la oar epinloa aaid blows were fltd7 aa iron bar by John Avebt. late of the town- M hUa. tKn Bead and faee, ana ablp af Palisade.- i Tbe prisoner Avbbv was ordered to be eon-aaltsed te the County Jsil at Hackene-k to await tbe actio of tbe Oraad Jary of the Coort of Oyer and Terminer, wbieb meets next. Tbe trial, if aa Indictment is found. wiU take plaee before Jadge Bedlb. i Coroner Wbotkbvelv. for aome rtoo. r'y to eall a man who- is said to be an tmoortant witness ta the esse. This man is ike village blacksmith, from whom, it la reported. Avbbv beagbt the bar of Iran with wamh be committed tbe mardar. ; OTJB V1TAI. STATISTICS. A system of registration ot births, deaths and marriages, similar to that la fores tn England and Ireland, ia the only effectual remedy for securing a correct record of our vital statistics ; and tbia record should net be confined to New-York City, but should extend to the whole Bute. If It le desirable to obtainJt proper registration for this Citr. it is equally desirable for tbe other cities, towns snd rursl districts within the State. The otter failure of our present ays-tern of registration as regards births and marriages is admitted by tbe authorities themselves, and any plan which wonid' he an improvement on our defective system should receive careful consideration, with a view to its adoption. Wheo tbe bill for the registration of births, deatba and marriages wa4 before the House of Commons in 1861 and 1863. much discussion took place as to who should be selected for carrying out tbe provisions, of the act. and also as to the number of distncts'inio which the country should be divided. Sir KOBkbt PfcEL, tbeu Chief Secretary for Ireland, brought m a bill making each Police station a registrar's district, and appointing each sub-'iiisnector a superintendent registrar. Ilia plan was violently opposed by tbe medical profession and by the lush Poor-law Clerks, and Sir Rohkkt Peel eventually withdrew the bill, snd the following aession.m 153, be Introduced another bill, dividing the country into 163 superintendent districts, corresponding to the Poor-law Unions in Ireland, and' making each dispensary district a registrar's district. The clerks of the respective Poor-law Unions were io be the superintendent registrars, snd the" medical officers of the respective dippensaries. the registrars. If they declined tbe office, the-Poor law Board bad tbe power to appoint a proper person. This bill passed into law, and on the 1st of January, last, tbe Registration act went into forceln Ireland, which aot, in all its essential pomts. Is exactly similar to the aot In force In Eu&iud. Tbe system in Ireland, in brief, is as follows:. A central or head office tn Dublin, 163 superintendents' districts and 719 registrars' distrirts, averaging nearly five to each superintendent's district. All births, deaths and Kotnan Catholic roarriages,(a separate registration of Protestant marriages had been in force since 145.) occurring in the registrar's district, are reg.stered by bini In books specially provined for tuat i tir-pose. Hutne one present at tbe birth, or the fathor or tbe ' child, is bound i to attend at tbe regiatrar'a office, who, afu-r recording the necessary particulars, requires the informant to hiku tne register. A similar plan is adopted ae regards deaths, no me one present at de.itli, tbe occupier of tbe house, or, failing these, any one haviag u knowledge of toe. cin-unitancea, bviiig required to atteud at the reirixirar's office. As regards marriages, blank certificates are supplied to the ' ltoiuaii Catholic cierR-ymeu. aud tliM iiiiHuatid is lialilo to a penalty of 10 for tailing to seud a cei-tiflcale of his marriage to the. registrar. Births cannot bo registered by the registrar, if tbe child tie over three months oid at tbe. tiute of registration, except the defaulter makes a declaration of the facts befoie the superintendent registrar; and if such declaration be uot niatlo within six months Iroui the date of birt h, no registration cau take piaee at all. There is no liuiir. ol tinie for registering deaths or marriages. Four time a yejr, at the expiration ot every quarter, tha legi:-trar traasmits to tue superintendent registrar ot bis district a tiue copy of all entries for the previous quarter, duly verified. The superintendent compares the copies with the original, corrects, if necessary, aud then tranamiM them to the KetfiHtrar-Uenerul's office, in Dublin, where tbey are carefully examined aud preserved. Kaeh regiat ration-book is made to contain 6io entries, aud when it is tilksd the registrar de iveis it to tbe superintendent, who uiakcs an nlphalM.'tical index to the various, entries, and deposits the books In a Ore-proof closet, where they are kept for future reference. Tbe registrar is paid from the loon I rate, one shilling for each birtn and death, and sixreuce for each marriage registered by him, and tbe superintendent registrar is paid by tbe Htate. twopence for each entry iu tbe registration book. He la al9i entitled to fees for ccrtiticates. Dublin is divided into seven registration districts, aud as the births, deaths and' marriages do not average more than ao.ooil annually, the registrars' lees do not exceed X JOO or St.suo yearly. This sum. it must be admitted, is not excessive, considering the importance of tbe m-foruiawon secured by its outlay. The registrars being paid officers of tbe Board, the additional fees from the Registration act fully compensate them lor the increased labor, as only a few bouis each day are occupied in the perlormaoce of iheouffcs; Why could not a similar plan be put io force here t Why not divide tbe City Into registration districts, either by waros or Police, districts. Tne Police precincts, or rather tbe Polioe gurgeoos districts, seeui the most desirable, as tbe Station-houses could be used tor registration offices, without any mcreatied expense for rent to the City, aud the Police3ur-geous, already paid officers of the City, with good salaries and sioeouie positions, would find no lioubie Id performing the duties or reeis-trars, receiving, of course, a fee foneach entry. The details of ibis plan need not be elaborated here, the beads of tue Department in Mott-street being quite capable of devising proper rule for putting such a plan into execution. ; The total annual number of births, deaths and niarri.tges in the Utry may be estimated at 70,ooo. in round Humbert, and a proper system ot registration, such we bave suggested, should not cost more tban 35.000 per annum. Thecompulsory vaccination materially assists tbe registration of births in Ireland, especially as a large per centage' of tbe population are -vaccinated by tbe registrars. Wben tbe birth of a child is registered tbe registrar hands a notioe to tbe informant, requiring hiiu or ber to have tbe child vaccinated before it is six months old. placing at the same time a number on tbe face of the notice corresponding to that opposite tbe child's name on tbe register of births. The informant ia requested to preserve tbe notioe and to bring or send it back when tbe child comes to be vaccinated, if. then, an infant is produced for vaccination without - the person ia charge of it having tbe vaccination notice, tbe probability la tuat the birth of tbe child baa not been registered, and and It sneh be tbe esse, steps are at once taken to remedy it. Again, if tbe child be raecmated by a med;cal practitioner otber than tbe registrar, the person vacclnanng is required to send a certificate if tbe vaccination be successful, to tbe registrar, who on its receipt la able to aee whether the -Child had been registered, and if not, he at once notifies the parent or parents to attend - at bis office to register the birth. The registrargeneraliy bas a good local knowledge, and by summoning defaulters, negligent persons bave been taught tbat tbey cannot evade tbe law. and the result is, tbat ia most districts in Ireland, vety lew cases escape registration. Tbete are some dia-tric la, of course, wbere owlug to tbe carelessness of tbe registrar, a large number of births, deaths aod mainages are not registered, but on the whole It ha majority of the people here sea the importance ot the system, and they willingly comply with the law.- Owing to the opposition of seme Roman Catbelle eierrymen the reg-lsttation of marriage Is not as effectual as it should be io eoma of tbe rural districts. Tbe suggestions aad information contained tn this arucle and la the one which appeared in tbe Times ot the sd Inst- may possibly be of some use in assisting the Registertof Kocordt la devising some more efleotaal legist ration system tha a tbe aoe which exists at present. ' iss i ' Aa E a-Rebel Oeacral Aseaalted by Caav. . Caadawier. .j Tbe "Davis scsndai," which created gucb a aeasatien at Lbs time of Its publication, was un pleasantly revived tbe other day. j The Bash--villa (reaaj Sanntr aarrate the, incident: Gen. Dab xt U. SCaust, well known as a Confederate eemmander during the late war, got aboard the Hun t jy ille-bou n d train at Chattanooga, and at- first lateoded - to - take a berta ia the r atespiag-eeaca, hot after ascertaiaanar that it waa . la tbe charge of Coadaetor Tbucb. who had made tbe atatemeaa wbieb - aoco promised Mr. Davis moral standing ao senousiy. several weeks age he went Into the ladies' coach. Hot far from Huntavill Gee.' at soar e a tared the aleeptag-ear, approached Tbicb aad asked aim U be was tbe man who originated ' those damnable lies about air. Da via.' Tbice replied, tn substance, that be was the mnn who had told the truth aboat tbe agalr." Gee. Maitby taeo deaoeoeed bios as a bar, wharenson Tbicb seised a poker, knocked him dewa, aad boat bins so badly tbat it waa at erst supposed be waa fatally Injured. a.1 last accounts, uowever, Oea. lltcir waa do ing well, aad waa aot cotiatoered ta aays danger. - We state the eireoBtataaeae ae tbey f were stetaiied ta as. aad do aet. veuea loc taeu satire LEGISLATIVE ; INQUIRY. Four Ctntrtssiouil and Issfinblj Comatittees of InTttUgiUoD. ! Tbe Grdjom-Hense, tbe 8arpf4ntes4eat Miner, fbs Senator Weed aod the Pacific Hall KxanUBatJoBS la Prerrens rirat Day's Sessioa of tbe Lal- ter ComaiUee THE CUSTOK-HOUSS. Two" Wllswm Exsmlsss Westerdmy AUrared Cawarraalahls fSeinare at ' Bk-Th Aaaraiaer'a Mete. Tbe Senate Committee on Hetrenchment resumed its labors yesterday morning st the Fifth-avenue Hotel precisely st 10 o'clock. Senator Buckingham presiding. Wm. Whiteside,' of the firm of Wbitesidb Bbos., importers and' manufacturers of linen, aaid : We baviTbeen in business sinoe 1SSS. Oo one occasion jrar bouse had to suffer from tbe seizure of its books and papers here and ia Orange County, tbe officers being Lewis ' J. Dent, D. J. Cbowlbv and ethers. The parties who came from the Custom-house acted in a theatrical 'and offensive manner, nud stuffed all tbe books and papers Into tbetr pockets without giving any receipt for tbeia. I gave up the books under protest, and warned them that I would take legal proceedings for tbe outrage. The seizure was made by Deputy Collect or Clahkk on an affidavit of Lewis Jones. I waa at a loss to uuderxtauJ bow they uiado out a charge against me, though Mr. Clarkk. in an insolent air, said my affairs were all wroug. I ascertained from two of my neighbors who were similarly treated tbat they paid two sums of $600 aud 3.000 at bribes to Jons Kadski. with the knowledge of Mr. Kirk, and they bad no doubt but with tbe cognizance of Deputy Collector Clakkk also. The money was paid in greenbacks to Kauski. I consider that I suffered injury to tbe amount ot Sioo.000 by tbe seizure of my hooks. Prior to the seizure I had no opportunity to explain any discrepancies, and I would bave given sn explanation if the Collector intimated it was desirable. I never had any trouble in mv business before or atoce. To Senator Bayard I had a conversation witb the Collector, aud be informed me it was a very hard case on me. Sinoe then my lawyer gave me to understand the suit would be disooti-tlniied. liven if Mr. Clarkk'b charges of undervaluation were true, the lois to tbe Govern meut would be about ri74. I got no opportunity of explanation, but was sued for $100,000. although in reality my invoices showed I overpaid instead of underpaid. I don't like to mention the uames of tbe merchants I bave referred to. aa the statement was made In cor.fl lence, aod Its disclosure would subject them to great annoyance iu their business.' Senator Casecrly A system of terrorism like this should be exposed and the names given. Senator Howe I think so; but I watuyou, the case will not siop there. Senator Casserir Considering you are In tbe majority of lour and I am id tbe tuiuorlty of two, that menace id wholly gratuitous and uncalled for. Wituess continued My private papers and correspondence weie carried off. Tbey went all through my sates, and made a clean sweep. My papers weie never returned. To tbe Chairman I consider no rules or treatment too severe ,iu case of fraud, but I think great precaution should be taken before charging a respectable merchant with being a forger, 10 the first place, a amuggler in tbe second place and a perjurer in tbe thiid place. To Senator Caeserly A fraudu'.eut Importer would be very likely to desbroy the evidence of bis guilt. Woeu tbn papers of tin honest merchant are seized it is practically treating mm as a smuggler and a rogue. The Collector told tue be bad desired the District-Attorney to stop the proceedings in tuy case. To (Senator Pratt Our business was almost entirely suspended white our goods were seize 1. They did uot leave us even a record of the prices of goods, so that it was difficult for as to sell. dtoiiRi B. Schafeb testified : Some eighteen months age. when I was Special Airaot of the Treasury. I-ailcd at the public storo to see tbe goods auctioned oil under tbe Appraiser's sale. I was retdsedHy-ruisslou to see the goods. and telegraphed tq Secretary Boctwkll, wbea tbe order was immediately given to admit me. The goods were so piled up tbat tbe public eould not ascertain what their character was. Some boxes supposed to contain different descriptions of goods were tilled witb straw, aud others contained more valuable goods than the catalogue indicated. I reported to Secretary Biit'TWKtL tbat the goods were not as described in iho catalogue. The opportunities tor fraud under this pystetn were abuudant acdeay,but I dou'wknow if any improvemeu: has since taken ptaeT To Senator Howe The publio can enter the stores two days bexore the sale and inspect tbe goods.-r If a liquor-dealer asked to bave the quality of a cask tested, it is probaole it would ue doue. I am not prepared to say the pubiic are refused an opportunity of Inspection by the officers. evknino session. Several communications were read by the Secretary from meicnauts and importers in regard to tbe evidence of witnesses given during the investigation. Among others, a lengthened correspondence between CoT. Howe and District-Attorney Davis, in relation to tbe allegation said to have been made by Mr. Hon that Mr. How a ottered to settle tbe charge made against Mr. Coopeb for a consideration of $1,000. An animated discussion ensued. Messrs. CasserlT and Batabo contending that there was a misaoprehension ot tbe tacts stated by Mr. Hoyt. Finally, tbe subject dropped, the Committee seeming satisfied that nothing was proved or said agaioat tae probity of Col. Qovk. On motibn of Mr. Batabo tbe Committee adjourned, to meet at Washington ou Monday week. THE INSURANCE BUREAU. rearth JDay's Sessiea af tba Legislative f asaraaee Conaanttte'e .Tlarked Relate-'. taaiee at I sasrs.M O Barer a te Xeetify JL. Kcsaarkssla Bill ta the aaepa Ala-taal Ce nap any. The fourth day's session of the Legislative ln-uranee Investigation was held yesterday. Hon. F. W. Tobby, the Chairman, and Houb. J. n. Babcock and D. C Are ess. the other members of the Subcommittee, after a brief consul-tat ion, decided hereafter to hold tbe sessions la Underwriter's Hall, on Broadway. MB. EZRA WHITE RECALLED. The session opened by recalling and re-examining Mr. Ezra White, one of tbe Trustees of tbe North British and Mercantile Insurance Company. Be stated that the testimonial to Mr. Miller was not signed by any of the English companies, aim ply because it was not preaented to them. Witness would bave signed it if he bad been given an opportunity to do so. TESTIMONT OB MR. C J. MARTIN. Mr. Charles J. Martin, President of the Home Fire Insurance Company, was examined by Mr. Miller, and said that they had an examination , and paid $330 for it. This was subsequent to the great Chicago fire. Mr. El-Dbedgk assisted Mr. Miller In this examination, for which no charge was ever made, but the Company expected that a bill for tbe same would be rendereu. lie had been In tbe business thirty-nine years. The second examination of tbe company took place under Mr. Miller, at the witness' reonest aod by advice of tbe witness' counsel. He knew of bo reason why any sound company should in any degree fear Mr. Miller. The testimonial was brought to htm long after the exposure of the Tammany frauds, and he signed it without any fear of the result. ; TKST1MOMT OV MR. OEORCE ELLIOT. Mr. George Elliot, late President of the Asbury Llie Insurance Company, aaid that this company was examined by Messrs. Sooth-wick snd Eujbedoe, and $600 was paal fur it by check, of which ibis u a copy : Office or the ASBrRT XJFE iNBtlBANCB CO NT AST, t WO. S41 BaOAOWAT. KBW-YOBS. 2MB AprL, L47L National Shoe and Ieetber Bank, pay to tbe order of Ave hundred os-hm . deuars. $wo - SA.iL. BAMUa, Preeldsat. GBO. ELLIOTT, Secretary. ... .... IMomnsnemenAI ' Tbe cheek was banded to Mr. Soctmwiob. just in tbat condition ; witness never drew such a check before? be did aot remember If Mr. SotrnrwicK aaked htm to have It drawn -In that way ; at toe time tbey. had aa Impairment of capital, aboat tlM09; he consider the charge exorbitant, and thought tso weald have beea enengh. bat never eotnplaiaed of it te Mr. Mills a. aa be was told that tae beet ae eould e. about it was t pay it, - His ectaary fleet spoke te htm aboat wha should be paid, aad said tbat Mr. Southwkk told him that $$00 waa the uaaal earn far aacs ser-vme; be was net poetuv afreet tae examination occupying oxuy six days ; Be- womld net swear it did aot oeeapy lees thsa six weeks or a xeoata; be should think it eoald be be done ra -three -days ; witness was net aa actuary, aot tnuos ' ot aa aeeoaatant. aad never made np any estimate, or ratio, or mortality taal, Ao.; ba only judged from what, be saw aecnanes da; be didn't know that the -books were all written np when the examiners came ; witosas was surprised wbea be saw the eaeck j was paid wUheut say Indorsemeol : be did aot understand that, for be never thought sA was ta cuioui via tr&ks i U suaa S te see bin sane thfci OBBiBBattes kins be aad a eabaesee for witness ta attend t tbeee never -was eay otber cheek drawn for Mr. Sotrrawtcav 4 -! 5 " . TBSTTntOBT DR. LAMBS BT. "' Dr. T. B. aVambbbt. President aC the American Papular- Life Insurance Company, aaid tbat tbia Company waa examined la Mar. IsTI. by Mr. ldb anon t be wea there- about aevea days. Ounng the ordinary baaiaeea banra; tbey paid ttetaing. never were aaked aaythinar, aad there were ao ex pen sea charged; tbey never, knew what charge was nsaal. bat on asking Mr. Bar an, be aaid it aboold cost the expenses aoeae $10 er so. ajcroaa-examrned by Mr.MrLLan We bave been attacked by several inaaranoe papers, and bave bad several insurance editors attempt to extort money from us ; I know tbe person present who is known tinder too name ot Kkoubh ; I wish to state to the Committee tbat tbe person who served the subposna npon me. told me tbat taia Ekolish took the Deputy Serreaul-al arms into a room and demanded and aaorrtalned the name of; tbe peraoae who were to be aub-posaaed. . .... .4 ; 1 TAatrBBtwo wmt wmrwii. Mr. Mtllbb Mr. Chairman, this is not the first instance of tbe kind. I am credibly informed tbat Mr. Babnbs hat prevented subpoenas that bad been Issued by this Company from being served. While I concede to Mr. Babnbs all tbe privileges of a counsel to this Committee. I want to know whether be has any authority pr right to countermand the orders of tbe Committee without their direction. I am ready , to put a witness 00 tbe stand te anew tbeee facta this minute. Mr. Babbes I also bave beard that some of the Important wttneanea for whom aubpeenaa have beeu Issued have gone out of town, aud out of tbe&tate; and it seems aa though, all .at once, when these rentlemeo are about to be notified, tbey suddenly bave urgent business oise-wnere. But I respectfully submit, that as roan-set of tbia committee, f have a ngt.t to know who the witnesses are. Thk Chairman Let it be moat dmtmrtlv -understood tbat every subpeeoa must and shall be served, and I warn any and everyone that tne Sergeant-at-Arms cannot be Interfered with. We prooowe to call any and every person that is likely to tfbow anything about this matter; we'll summon the whole City, if nec weary, to atft this matter thoroughly. Det this be plainly understood, now, bv everybody. Heruafter, Mr. Barnes will nave the sole charge ot Lssuiug subpoenas. Mr. J. J. Berne, Superintendent of tbe Andes Fire Insurance Company, impatiently said that he did not know why be was called upon, for he had nothing to testify be never koew anything against Mr. Miller; only knew that be had examined the Compasy last November; be heard that a Mr. Sick lis was the Commissioner who assisted in the examination, snd was told by the oflicers of the Company tbat $300 was paid to Mr. SiCK.Lf:a ; 'be bad never seeo Mr. Sickles nor Mr. Miller, excepting the latter, at this examination : he believed in the policy of examining the companies, and thought that tue actual expenses should be paid, ' AUSEk'T WITMaseBs. : A recess waa taken at this stage of the proceedings. The Chairman remarked In reference to the absence of ' certain witnesses that t bo Committee should not. and would not be baffled by any such mauosuvrea on thai part or insurance mon, and. tbat if neeeasary, absent or recusant witnesses would be arrested aud taken' to Albany and their caaea submitted to the pleasure of tbe Legislature. j a remarkable bill., Among the documents in the possession of tbe Comm. uoe is a copy of the bill rendered by David Rowland to Mr. IIbnbt A. Jokes, f res-dent of the Hope Mutual Late Insurance Company. Mr. Jones acknowledged that It was substantially a 00 r reel copy, but hesitated and apoeared to be exceedingly uneasy under the euauing eroas-exAmination. His memory was so poor tbat he eould uot recolleot namca not even tbe name of but own company's Secretary. Tbe Committee directed bim to refresh bis memory and Und the original bill and seud it in. The following it the copy ot tne bill: Hjenbv A Jones, of the Hope Mutual Life .Insurance company. To David Rowland, Dr. To rash paid R. A. Southwick, for examination of Company $1,000 To cash paid Quo. W. Muler. in person, for aid in pa ms ge of his bill 600 Te cash paid dlsb rsomenta m and about emend- muut) to charter and passage of bill S40 a To services rendered too $LW0 No witnesses were tn attendance in the afternoon, and the Committee, after waiting until 3 o'clock, adjourned to meet In Underwriters' Halt, No. 156 Broadway, at 10 o'clock this morn- ,UK" THE PACIFIC MAIL COMPANY. The Chara-eelABaiaef Mr. fStackwell. the President of tae Cenaaaay la veetiga ties Befere tbe CaannaUteei ef She Assembly. The Assembly Committee appointed to Investigate tbe ebarges of misconduct aod illegal practices made against the Pajtflo MslI Steam-ship Company, held their first session this morning, at the St. Nicholas Hotel. The Committee Is composed of Messrs. F. A. Albebgeb, Chairman ; Thomas C Green,' L-W. Judd, John F. Snyder, Conrad Geib, T. Campbell, and Oeo. C Bennett. The investigation is made upon a petition presented to the Legislature by Newtox Laymen, a stockholder 10 tbe Company, wbe charges as lollows: THE PETTTIOW. That yonr petitioner ftllje believes and stands ready to prove to the antlftfaeuoa of yoar honorable body er of any committee tbat yon niay charge with the duty of making due Investigation, that ths aud A. B. t-.TOCS.WELU tbe President of tbe Paeifle klad tMeam-stup Company, By virtue of bis opportunities aud advantages aa President,' and In derogation ot the rights et tbia petitioner and other stockholders, - ta engaged In peculations upon the stock of the Company, and that for purposes of sneh speculations be ts making aa improDer use of tbe funds of aaid Company. That your petitioner tally believes and eaa prove that tn fnnhennoe of these epeealatioaa, (be aaid A. B. bTOcc purchased, and is in tbe habit ef par-rhssins; tbe stuck ot tbia Conipaoy thxwaarh dlgerent brvAsrs. and tba by eotinstoa with these brokers be lends them tbe Company's funds to an amount within Bts (r. t per cent, of the market valne of the stocks so purchased, taking these stocks aa collateral; ana. that your petitioner verily believes, from tbe Information ta bis power, that there have been transactions of this nature to the amount of several millions of money. That your petitioner regards this action as endanaermg tbe rights of tne etockholoers. aud potUaa in peril tbe property of the Company, and that unless Immediate and tborongb action ia taken, incalculable loss and damage may befall the property of the Company; snd your petitioner respectially prays that a committee be ami to New. York to Investigate tbe facts herein specified, to tbe end that Justice may be dooe ta him and the otber atoeaJtoldara of tbe Comnany. V TESTIMONT OF MB. 10CKWOOD. The first witness examined wss Mr. Le Gravd LoctwooD, who testified that be ia a banker and stock and share dealer doing business In Wall-street, and ia also a director in tbe Paeino Mail Steam-ship Company, and also Chairman of tbe Executive Committee. Mr. Aldem B. Stockwell Is tbe President of the Company. Witness -stated that but firm bad been la tbe habit of buying and selling stocks for Mr. Stock-well,' and bsve bought and sold Pacific Mail stock for bim amee November last. It Is customary for tbeir Arm to opeaate. buy and sell stock for customers, npon margins. Tbe firm have no special arrangement with Mr. Stockwell tn reference to holding stocks. Their bouse bas recently bad large transactions in stocks for Mr. StocKWil Witness said that perhaps be bad bought or sold for him about oue thousand shares of Facine Mali stock. He bad not been in the habit ot dealing in Pacific Mail stock for Mr. Stock-well prior to his becoming President of tbe Company. Mr. Stockwell bad operated for a rise in tbe stock, and bad left the stock with htm as collateral. He knew nothing of Mr. Latmen, except that $08 shares were transferred to bim ou the books of the Company siortly previous to the ebarges made by aim. Tbe stock baa not been reduced in value since L. ATM KB bought. He did not know of any. combination between the Directors of tbe Company to enhance or depreciate tbe value of the stock-Does not know of the Company's lands being need in stock operations. Mr. Stockwell has bought stock ou speculation purely. His management of the -Company has eabanced tae value of tbe stock oa tbe market. ( TESTLMOXT OT MB. SMITH. James D. Smith, a banker and broker, testified ,that ne is a Director of tbe 1 Pacific Mail Steam-ship Company, and ta a member of the Executive Committee ; tbeCotupapy held about one and a quarter millions of United 8tatos Brock when tae present Directors took possession ; about bait a million of this stock was sold ; I bave bought sod sold Psdflo Mail stock on aooount of Mr. Stockwbll; tba stock bought for Mr. 8tocewsll waa oa tae usual terms ; no special arrangement waa made ; tbe Company now bold 17 .000 shares wbieb bave never been leaned. Deducing tba capital bv $3,000 JaM : I nave bought stock vl tha Paeiflo Mail since I have been director ; I think ITjwo shares are bow ta my name : there was a combination formed to buy aback the Company before the election t I do not know of any eoaabiaauoa of tbe directors to depreciate tbe value of the Pacific Mail stock sinoe November; Mr. Stock will has greatly enhanced the value ef the stock by his operations j never heara of Mr. IiiTBti, sad do not know bim; we borrowed at one time $100,000 of tae Pacific Mail Company, w hie a waa repaid, and ea another oeeaaion we Borrowed fcl,u0 1 tne security waa LakSBaore stock.. . v t ... . ... ..-.4 -- -" TESTLMOBT OF MB. OSBOBJIB r t''C.J. OSbgbba wss next examined. In answer e Mr. ALBBROEB S questions, be stated that he as a broker, a member of a firm doing business in this City. He w also a Director ha tbe Pacine Mail Steam-ship Compsny. He bought aad sold stock on aooount ot Mt Stockwbll for toree years.- He eould aot say hew mueh otoes be bought since tbe 1st ot November, probably some thousands " ef Shares. - He bought them In precisely ' the - aanae ' way 4 that be doss lor ether fc customers. - lie bad 1 borrows. j; 'atoas tt Jpj a'aoUe alAU btcaae akla Ombbmt. different aaa eaa ta a different times, and apea tbe sameeoodiUoes aa wbe oh a beet owed aaooey of ether eorporatiooa. Tbe aaaoanta borrowed were aeeared apoa collaterals Paeifle Mail atocks eon stunted part of tapes collaterals He owed the Comaaay money at present, some asofLOoa or $600.000. He was stv balding, atoek lor Mr. SrocawxiA-UsitodV States bonds owned bv tbe Company ware sole by tke direeUoo af Mr. Btoctwtu. It waa deemed tor tba Interest of the Company to . aeU - tbe boade. . There has never beea at aay - tune' t an understanding' ansoag the directors to buy np tba stock. He never bought or sold any of tbe stack for tbe Company. He waa told tbat the assets of tbe Company bad iBoreased af nee the present Board eame into offlee. He had operated ia tbe atoek for himself, bat does not bold aay ef the atoek at present. To Mr. Judd I do aot know of any eombt nation among the directors or shareholders to put tbe stocks down Map; I do not know Mr. Lit-etBMaaO never beard of him: tbe stock bsa had a better reputatloa since oar Board bas had charge of aaalra. aad the affairs af the Company Bave been) in better eoaditioa i tae former President of the Compsny received a large salary, but Mr. SxoraiwKLt. does not receive aay. aad gives a gToat deal of hia ume to the affairs af the Compsny. -The Committee then adjourned onUl II o'clock tbia msrping. . , ; I " ' ' Tba W IsroMitaUsn-Twrei A-ia ' Bsisr thve Coanaetttae Jay CtoaUsl aunsl nsak Snillh Kxaauaea. Tbe Senate Committee appointed to investigate tbe charges against Senator James Wood, resumed their inquiries yesterday morning at the St. Nieholaa Hotel with closed doors. Wm. M. Twkbd was again examined during the morning session. J at Oould and "Him" Smith were befere tbe Committee and important testimony was elicited. Ne afternoon aessioa waa bold for tbe reason tbat the witnesses summoned were unable to attend. Tbe testimony thus far that baa been taken tn this CUv m very important. Today Messrs. Ljbbt aud Chamberlain will be examined upon tbe behalf of Senator Wood. This afternoon the Committee will ndjourn to Albany, and con u oue tbeir investigation there. A number of witnesses sre yet to be summoned from Xavlngtou County. TUB STATE X.EQISLATLTEE. SEN ATE... -Albabt. Friday, Feb. . Petitions were presented from the Brooklyn Committee of Fifty asking for the s Dotation ot the Water Board of that city; from the owners and captsins of coastwise vessels in relation to pilotage ; also from certain merhinies In relation to the non-euforcement ot the Eight-boor law. ; BEPOBIED. A bill to regulate tbe practice of pharmacy and the sale of pmsons in tbe City of New-York was reported. 1 BILLS INTRODUCED. Among The bllla introduced was one to Incorporate tbe. United States and Canada Bridge Compsny to build a bridge across the St, Lawrence Kiver. at or .near Clayton : . one to incorporate the Manhattan Railroad Company, (original enterprise ;) to incorporate tbe New-York City Depreased Railroad Company. Also, to amend tbe charter of the New-York Health and Accidental Insurance Company. Also, to authorise the New-York Loan and lo-demity Company to accent and to regulate pno-oe salons in New-York City. 1 I ' TOWAGE. A bin to authorise the Introduction of the European system of steam towage upon the canals of ths State was ordered to a third reading. SUtTLEMXHTART BOARD Ol" AUDIT BILL. A but waa passed te amend the aot of this session to provide for paying salaries and de- flcieaoes in tbe City of New-York. Tbia ia tue supplementary Board of Audit bill, and makes plain the provisions of the original bill. Adjourned till Monday eveniug. . 1 ASSEMBLY. - . "J j FIFTEENTH AMENDMENT. i Mr. Blair, wbe was unavoidably absent last evening, requested that bis arote be recorded against tbe Fifteenth Amendment resolutions, which was granted. . 1 BILLS BEPOBTED, Bills were reported : By Mr. Alvord, against tbe bill to improve Tacondaga Kiver. wbica was agreed to: by Mr. Carroll, favorably to regulate tbe management of insurance companies, also, regulating dividends of life insurance companies. By Mr. Hawkins, authorising the. City of Rochester to borrow money to pay debts ; . two otber bills, autbortxing tbe City of Syracuse to pay money borrowed for the sufferers by tbe Chicago fire: to legalise the payment of obligations incurred by tbe City of Brooklyn ; slso, repealing the aot extending the term of the Board ef Aldermen of tbe City of New-York. By Mr. West, regelating tbe manufacture of gas; by Mr. Pautca, to regulate tbe number of Judges in Brooklyn; by Mr. D. B. HilL, making provision for challenges of Jurors la criminal oases. Mr. Stbahan. from the Committee on Privileges and Elections, submitted tbe nepers and teeti-monv ia tbe contested seat eaae of Kiluan versus Fit bar. The Committee's conclusion will he submitted in a few days. , passed. - - The bills passed were: To provide for the speedy construction of sewers tn South Brooklyn; regulating the New-York and Long Island Ferrv Company ; authorising tbe Union Home and School for Children of Deceased Soldiers to bold real estate: incorporating tbe Onondaga County Milk Association ; and authorising the Oeneral Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of New-Yorx to hold real estate to the extent of $1,500,000. BILLS INTRODUCED. Among tbe bills Introduced were those tneor-pcrating the Hadson Kiver Agncaltnral and Horticultural Society ; for the petter protection of the public health t providing additional causes for divorce in hereditary insanity, absolute deeertiOB of wife, and Imprisonment for felony; to create a Commercial Distries for tha Port of New-York, with a 3ommisaoa to ba named and e rested thereafter. The bill te not complete, but la intended to give the City and shipmasters Joint control over the harbor privileges. To protect physicians aod Burgeons in eases of malpractice; maciDg farther provision for the government of New-York, which provides for repealing tbe aot requiring water-works te be used ia the City, and others. f BBSOLCTlONS. , Mr. Mackbt introduced a resolution for railway reform, which was laid on tbe table. Mr. Font's reeolBUOB to refer tbe sppertiooment of Congressional districts to a select committee, consisting ot two from each Judicial die trie t and one at large, waa adopted. Mr. Hawkins asked consent that tbe Senate bill amending ths New-York Board ef Audit act, Jast passed bv that body, be now put on Ita dual passage, which waa granted, and the bill paased. It detlnes the provisions of the original bill. Mr. Moselt moved tbat wheo the House adjourn on tbe 16th, it be until tbe 96th. at 1H P. M. Laid ever under tbe rules. Ou motion ef Mr. Jacobs tbe Hoase adjourned until 7)s P. Mon Monday, i - - . an . ; ' Vi f . , , The Beadeat aaid Osweae Bailreaal Cobb As many rumors bave been current in tbe community and in tbe papers during the past tew days in reference to the financial oondition of tbe Rondo at and Oswego Railroad Company, apd as most ot them are calculated to Injure the credit and depreciate tbe securities ef ' a solvent and worthy corporation, we take pleasure ta publishing tbe facta la the ease. ' ' '' ; ' 'During the past' two years, owing to local jealousies existing la Ulster and other counties, the management ot the road bas fallen into diets vor. and recently tbe Board ot Directors bare rwiserr concluded to avoid all trouble tn the future by leasing the road rot ten years to tne contractors. John A. Gaxxx aad Joax Sattxb-lee, npon terms 'that will secure tae prompt completioa ot the work, and give to the bends and stock a greatly anhaaced value. : : The lessees guarantee tbe interest on'' the mortgage bonds from the data of 'the lease, aad dividends os the stock after the first two years the last three years of the lease tba stockholders to receive seven per eenu per an nam. . Tae lessees have executed heavy bonda to tha company for tbe faithful perforautnoe af their covenants in tbe lease. . We regard this acttoa an tbe part of the directors as eminently Judicious, and will very boob result la opening ap ana af tae nebeet agncBlinraJ regions ia tbe State,- besides forming another link la a great trunk line troav tha lakes to tide-w aier, and abarteamg tae distance about thirty miles over aay otber rente,-- ---t - Tbe suit broagst recently againat tba read by the Attorney-General ta the name ef tbe people, and the Injunction granted bv tbe County Jadge sf Ulster County ia a atockbolders seat, ware both tbe results ef tbe local Jealousies referred to. aad intended toxletest tae lease I taey were however, unsuccessful, aad have served tneir mlsstee. - - - - - " ! : Tue credit ef tbe eevporattoa. aad the valne af Its securities, are rather beaedced taaa otaec w ise ey each proceedings. -- -1 ; - - ' mmmr ' -" S i '. i gearney ta Baptist Chare bee af M attsa. ' ' ... ; 1 - IVewt fAs Portland AdtxrUotr. , I', By tbe will of tba lata Btkok Guxsocghi of this citr. a legacy . wllch. ta the flnal result, will is thought, to a$ least $3SJ0O, was bequest bed to the 'Mates Baptise Mtssienary Couvsottoa, aa orgaaisalsea tbat has re -charge t ba interests of the feeble obnrebes af tbe State-This gift, by tae sodden death of tbe testator's widow, has -new- become- available, aad will swell tbe peraaaesat taada of tae CeaveaUee ta 1 nnwaxd ai aiujwa, 4 r- . TILE fiUSFSSDED HJLUZA. ' i if ' j- tl . l 'Xka BaMttea avftjsa ksaaikwTba. G ata atsasslisis Xbe ataasansat s4 nsasarsMrt baSaalialsaV Tba Market Bavinga Bank fflee are to . a ta esnseaaenee a gy natal mi ml waa observed taaade tbe bank building day.' Tba President waa not via Ms eartag tea day, tbe recent application of tba nrimu,,, to tbe Oraad Jary probably having eessatbwg to de witb it. , The statement af Mr. Moa-rsT of Oreea TaieJ Lsmg lalaad. pubUaned m taa Ttmbs af ' Buodsy last, has beea 'taa means af .eaastug , eouaUerable , seoMsoUea among the bsak officers and' their' fneada. l aptte of tbe efforts af a morning mrnaltssnlj tradiet it. It will be renumbered tnu TT statement ehanres Mr. Tab Nam a the president af the M arket Sa viaga Bank, wi th ha viagseaeal t certain depositors resieing la Ureea Vale. -- xsisaa. ta oa 11 laXarmed ef tbe expected eelUoas ef tbe bank, la order tbat tbey aright tbeir aaooelU before it was too lata, j Yesterday, at $, seven gentleman reejoW near Oreea Vale. Long Island, called M. IS Chairman of the Danositors' I a vent igaUaOeaa- un. anu ihin am oey ow cosas frees Lsug Island gfor the ex ureas rimini ' of vertfyiog Mr. MontvobiVs sUteaiser ; aed rmt ntmrmm th.l . A a . - 1- -- v, ami vale -: Is a substantial fact la spite of Mr. Hasan bility to flnd It 00 bis map. Tne ebarges against Mr. Vas Namb contained la Mr. MoKTroRTB Btatentent tbey affirm to be true Ja every par-tloular. aad fnrtbermore aey are praparedto make afBdavtt that a number of people besides . those mentioned by Mr. Moni fobt were le taa same manner intaraaad of tae ceotliuoa of tea bank, aad in a bke manner a vailed taeataelvat ef Ibe Information aud withdrew their deposits witb-n at least twenty-four bears et tae ttisss niin of the bank. Tiiese seven gentlemen gave tbeir names aad addresses, snd stated that tbey themselves see victimised deposit rs of this bank, and Jointly represent debts to tbe amount of $100 .oOu. Tney further stale tbat in view of tbe crluiinal ore. -ceedings about to be taken against the Prest-deutand Trustees of the Msrket Bank, the came to New-Yet-k with tbe hope snd expectsAua thut tbey migbt be sum mooes before tee Orsnd ' Jury, wbeu they would testify to all ths above ricLwaodtomauyotners wbieb bave net yet beea brought before ibe public. Frem eonverssUoa) " with these gentlemen it was learaed taat taer. : in omiiuiAu with many others, re-adenta of Long -Island, bad been iu the babit of doing bastaeat ; wiU Mr. Van Namb bufore be had arrived at ' the dicuity of President of a savings institalioa. Some rears ago Van Namb wss proprtetor ot s ' restaurant known aa tbe Live and Let Live, ' uuder Bornum'sold Mus'nm, where Xho Uerold -buiMiug now stauds. While here, Mr. Tab Namb dealt to a considerable extent wits Small -gurmeraon Long Island, and Slatna lalaad, and cseatei a very tsvoraoie reputauou among tass. ' It was owing to Una that so many ot these -bard-working people Invested tbeir money ia ' hebankot wbieb Mr. Van Namb became Pans-' ideut. The suftenng iiuoiii thesu peopie is very severe, aud the locredulouauess with. which taa ' news of the collapse was first received makes tbeir present condition only seem tbe saurs paintuL Mm. lunruuK v. ill. urffV91K'l V, IUH 11.11, Will be held at 3 V. M. on MonJiy. 10 tbe First Die-triot Court-bodse. It is expected that business of importaooe will be transacted, sad deposit ors are euroestiy reuuested to assomnle. ' Mr. John O. Swain, a well-kuown resldeot ef Staten island, bas comtaeoeed a suit agaisst tbe President for too recovery ol $3,100 waiuS as had placed tn bis charge tue dy before tas failure. He says tbat . wben hi went to ths bank be asked Van Namb if the bank was is sound oondition. and waa tutor med tuat it waa it The Stay vesaat Dsak-Slsraty Ateetiaa of gfCBsestore. Another meeting of tbe doponitors of the defuuet Stuyve&aut Bank took place at ths obatnber of Mr. Dwioht. Begiater In Bank-, ru ptcy, at 1 P. M. yesterday. The oojeov of las meeting waa to allow depositors to' prove' their claims and elect a trustee - or assignee In bankruptcy. The meettag waa a very turbulent one. party feeling ruumog very high oa tbe claims of Mr. Archbb, ' tbe receiver, as trustee, an I Mr. Pratt ss ss-slgnea. Mr. Archer is evidently tbe choice ef a large majority of tbe depositors, who appose ' the claims or Mr. Pratt aa being a numinnesf Mr. John Mack, woo threw this hank into bankruptcy. Tbe friends o? Mr. Mack claim that Mr. ABCHka is a member of tbe Erie King, aad ' assert tuat with bts counsel, Mr. Daviu Duouty Field, Jr.. be is acting in tbe interests of Kns and not of tbe depositors. A noisy debate tank . place between Mr. Tract. Mr. Msca'a eoas-sel. and Mr. Fikli. wbioh was ioiar-: runted by Mr. Abchkb, who wanted te apeak in defense of his cuarat-ier. Mr. Dwwbv reproved all three of tne gentlemen and d-eisre that he would allow no such unseemly quarreling in bis ofhoe. Mr. Dwioht fiually uecOeS Is adjourn the meettag uut it tbe nth mat., at t f. M. He also stated that up to yesterday osty ooe-tUird of the depositors hud proved their claims, and It was neoesaary tuat two-tblras st tbe creditors iu nuinbei-s aud auioifbtef debt should prove tbeir claims and recordjheir vow for trustee before any actioo eould belakram tbe Court of Bankruptcy. It was proved that 3M0 of the depositors had uot beeu uoiIQikI jf taa consequence uf some itreganniy is tbe Marshal's departmnat. : Tha Gaardtaai Savisiwa Bsak. , A meeting of tba depositors of tbe iiuar-dian Savings Bank will be ueld at IS A. M. ss Monday, tbe 131b Inst, at the, banking hoass No. 184 Chatham-street. Tbe meeting is ea'M by Mrv Q din lab, for tbe purpose of presenting to toe creditors a compi'ie siateninst of the flosnotal conditio of the "batik. It ts also expected that Mr.' J,aisL- yi then aaoounoe the date on whiru ni' nrt dt dead will be paid. Tue dividend i co Ji tnnur expected to be a large oue, as it 1 sa. 1 ins assets of tbe bank have been fully vmr ii. AH depositors who bsve not yet sal ..v jh! written up. are advised to do a .L,va. do-la. . , - Inatisua mt m rVatlawal Aeseetattea f Bell ffleKsirskCtBirers. - ' Tbe nut and maebine bolt manuf-tHbrera of tbe United States mef at th Astor nas on Wednesday, and effected a porrnanent or-ganltatloQ, aud transacts J muea basinoM ef Interest to the hardware trade ia genetaL A committee, appointed for tbe pnrpoe;. reportsd In favor of tbe name of " Tbe Associattoa af Bolt and Nut Manufacturers of the Duties States:" and for permanent otttcers the foilewing: President. J. H. STEBNaKaoH. sf Beading. Penn.; Secretary snJi Xroasarer. li. B- Newhall. of New-York. lue report waa concurred in by the Cuuveuuoo.- Te-s committees were appointed to ax a ataadsr seals of pnoes, oae on nuts aad washeie. aad tbe ether on bolts, who reported a scale st ss . adjourned mestiug. which, wss approved, aad tbe secretary was directed to have tha asms printed aad circulated among tha trade. These eeaunluees represented the manufacturer of Cleveland. Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Providence, Ksw-York, Buflalo, LowelC Mass.. Pawtseket, Untonville.Coao, aod Yosngstown. Ohio SL. H. Plomb, of Buffalo ; H. B. Scwgiix, ef New-York 1 A. a. Upson, ot UulonviU-, Coua K. H. Hour er. of Pailadelpbia ; and Fbase B. WiLLLAMa, of Youagstewa, Ohio.wers apeoinisd a committee te prepare a constitution aud bylaw a. The standard scale ef prices agreed apes will takarffeet ea ths 1st of March. Prevaatt to tbe adjournment E. H. Bot'ut, of Clerv-Isad. Ai. At. Uoorii, of Pbiiadeipnia, aad J- L Amthont. of Provldeoce, ware eaotd , Vms- : Prasideats of the national orgsnitstuiu, . ...-'-.." . -.-i . XTiseaasia Repaktlcaai Slate Ceaveattea . Tba epublicaa State Central Couujuittea ol vTmcoosi a bas called a Delegate State Con vea tioa. to be held in Madison, oa Wednesday. March IS. te nominate Preside axial eiec tors aad select delegstes re tae National Coavenuoa. The Milwaukee Seniuul. In publishing t3e call, says: Wi have every reasoa to believe .that tas delegates ta this Cenveation wiltibe earefally eooeen to represent the desire of tbe Keoeb.teaa voters of tbe State, and that tbe delegates tbess shall select will properly observe the same wm literally translated. And so websve as . aeav taacy' In aropbssvipg that President Obant will receive toe solid vote ef the Wieooneia dear gation m the NsUonalCoaveBUoa.'-" . aaterBial ; Beveaaa Raaelata ta tba B1 1 rat .. -.- Csaostucal DtetrssU '-.- J! ' ; Joa tht Hartford Courant. -' ?, Tb following statements, complied, froht tbe Commiastenef's re pert far tba year eadlaf Junsto. lOT. will show "some of tbe sources sf , iwvamaav aad the aggregate amsaat saV lectad In this district, composing Maxtfsrf and ToUsnd Counties f The aet ajawast af tax. direct sad Indirect, collected ' ea da wilid spirits of - which eider-brandy it1 sl.m OS, and dealers' speeisi tax s.fT! --taausaslTT; fermented liqaora, M at; gars and toeaoee. f!4.m SS ; banks aa bankenv spaetal taxes, ats.ass s f gross reesrats. laeaf-ance and railroad. SW.tJ SS I sales, aealert. t" aey sSf teeome. divideaas af beaks aad rnstrtations. IMMl SO : le gnoses sad snsiuni " tM.trlei. Total acrregafereeefpts lev the ra' asA5,M elf total aagregamreeeliNa tor whole State. glM XiS IA It will taas be sees that forty-five per seat, ef IBS-esUWcaes of snare State are m4 la tbe Kirt Dtstne. Tf following table shows the reeelpte ts tats aar Total rseelpts for the year ISfX.. trt-Jj; Toe tiisyss 4.................. JMJf I yor tbsysar !.. ................. "JiJJIJ rot to year 1 i ti"S i-"?5 er to yes "" V'n. Mtf IML . v as re tas yesr 1.. toe tue year !.,,.. Sac ttfsyssr a;!... I i -'. ' fflTJf WSla ts?" BiSM T 1, 1 PPH1U" J - ssTl Iilawba '8 H' 1 -

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