The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1950 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 4, 1950
Page 14
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PAGE fOUBTEEN (AKK.J AfKIL 4, 1U6V US: Business Moves Several Ways; Labor Trends Shift Upward By Sam Dawson H NEW/YORK,'April 4. Wl ; — A handful of governmental and business agencies are out with reports today on trends. A number of them offer explanations and opinions on the question "that always preoccupies them: 'Whither are*egoing?" Looking them all over, it would seem the answer is: In several directions. Take the job picture ns reported by the census bureau and interpreted by Commerce Secretary Sawyer. The bureau believes, from such reporU as it gathers, that unemployment dropjjcd 561,000 in March, while employment increased 598,000. The labor force grows steadily, as the nation grows, and that Is one of the reasons the gain in employment and the drop In unemployment are never exactly the same, Sawyer Is Enrouraped Secretary SJiw'yer is enconraged by the gain of employment lo 57.551,000 and the drop in the number of Jobless to 4.123,000. He says this trend away from rising unemployment came sooner ttian he had expected, but he admits much of U may be due to the settlement of the coal strike a'ricl normal pick-up In seasonal industries. But there's still another factor the secretary doesn't mention. Productivity Is rising, too. New machines and methods mean that more goods are being produced wilh fewer man hours. That factor and the growing number in the labor force puts the problem ' to industry to find more and more jobs, through making;' and selling more and more goods.,Otherwise.' unemployment will start rising again. Installment Buying Up Less encouraging than the drop In unemployment are some other governm ent repor Is today. In stall- men t buying continues -to rise. The federal reserve board says It's now *10-S;billlon; a gain of $?.5 billion In a year. People now owe $3.2 billion on their . automobiles alone, Some people say the national income can easily swing this much buying on-the 'cuff, and that the: proportion of credit to total sales is far from, idangerous. But others say that Income and individual "liquid •ssets" • are stabilized while installment buying goes on rising, and that can lead to'danger. .-",*• The Securities and Exchange Commission reports that liquid savings last year came to $43 billion, unchanged from the year before. The SEC'raises .an eyebrow, how- e\er> at the fact that "the average American*' saved only fcwo per cent of his net income in 1949, while in i 1949 he was putting away six per cent; .Liquid savings include cash and bank .deposits,-in vestments in savings and loan assocJatidns. Insurance and securities; ' •Bank Statements Shed I. Iff hi Bank statements out today in New York may throw some.light on this trend. Most of them show • drop m deposits Income tax payments could account for a large part, of that. Department store- sales In New York • are reported today 2.5 per cent lower this March than last, but for the nation as a whole the federal'reserve board reports sales running neck and neck with last year Weather conditions have a lot to do with the variations. And department store sales anrt total retail sales are two different things. COMMUNIST Continued from Page 1 could undertake Its own investigation of each of about 90 cases where McCarthy has supplied names, but added that would be expensive and might take a !ong time. One of (he persons mentioned by McCarthy, Ambassador - flt - Large Philip Jcssup, added yesterday to hi-s previous denial 1 ; of what the senator has had to say. Je.'vmp .said It was a "imsslate- ment, of fact" for McCarthy to have said that Jessup was In charge of the American Council of the Institute of Pacific Relations when the organization received donations described by the senator as Communist in origin. McCarthy had demanded that Jessup explain the acceptance of S3.500 donations In 1942 and 1943 from Frederick, Vanderbilt Field, whom lie called a Communist. Jas- sup said the chairman of the council in those years was Dr. Robert Gordon Sproul, president of the University of California. Jessup said the men of the council ''would never have accepted payments from Mr. field or anyone for '.selling the Communist Party line.' Neither would I, II I had been in control." leaders Turn Thumbs Down With the subcommittee's inquiry courses seemingly blocked, administration leaders turned thumbs down on a proposal by Senator Lodge <R-Mass) Ui transfer the investigation to a 12-member nonpartisan commission appointed by .the senate, the House and the President. Tydings, Connally; and Senator Lucas of Illinois, the Democratic leader, said they think it would be impractical to shut up shop on the committee's Inquiry now and turn the matter over to a commission. "I think Senator Lodge should have made that proposal when the matter first was up In the senate— not when we are half, way through the Investigation," Tydings said. McCarthy backed the lodge proposal, despite the fact that Lodge told the Senate yesterday In making it that thus far there had been no proof of any of McCarthy's charges. This apparently included the accusations against Lattimore, ou which McCarthy has safd he is willing to let his whole case stand or fall. ; * Recovering from a sinus operation at Bcthesda, Md., naval hospital, McCarthy told-a reporter via his secretary: "Anything would be better than the committee we now have." Obituaries Hylett Robertson, Manila Farmer/ Dies at His Home MANILA, Ark., April 4.—Funeral services for Hylett Graves Robertson, 56-year-old farmer, were conducted Sunday st the Manila Church of Christ by the nev. Erri- mett Smith, pastor ol the Church of Christ at Paragould, and assisted by the Rev. C. D. Crouch of Malila. Burial was in Manila Ceme- ery. Mr. Robertson, who had been nanager of the I!. B. Perkins farms near Manila for the past 13 years, died at his home last Friday after brief illness. He was born June 4, 1893. in'Water Valley, Miss. He isd been in Arkansas only .since 936, corning to Manila from Mississippi. He was a veteran of World ,Var I and a member of the Church if Christ. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Mildred Robertson; a son. Carl Eugene Robertson; a daughter, Mrs. •Savin JolltfT, all of Manila; three jrothers. Eugene Robertson of Jackson. Miss., Curttss Robertson of ,yon, Miss., DeWilt Robertson of Abilene, Tex.: and a .sister, Mrs, Maudlc Boatncr of Big Creek, Miss, Howard Funeral Home of Manila was In charge. Mrs. Floyd Alford Dies at Gosnell Funeral services for Mrs. Elizabeth Alford, wife of Floyd Alford, Cornell farmer, will be conducted at 2 p.m. tomorrow at Cobb Funeral Home Chapel by the Rov. Leroy Henry, pastor of the Yarbro Methodist, church. Burial will be in Dogwood Ridge Cemetery, . Mrs. Alford, 57. died at 8 o'clock last night at her home. She was born in Curve, Term., but had lived in this Area since 1921.' Survivors Include a -son, 'James Alford of St. Louis, Mo.; two .daughters, Mrs. Pauline Stevenson and Mrs. Nettie Mae Brasfield, both of Bernle, Mo.; and a brother, Ernest Meacham of Curve, Tenn. Gas production more than doubled from U.S. public lands between 193 Sand 1MB. Two Addresses Launch Negro Health Week Two addresses on health were featured yesterday at the Harrison High School, as Activities (or National Negro Health week got underway. Mrs. H. W. Wylie, a member or the Blythevitle School Board, spoke to the students on the subject of safety in the home and on the street, and Dr. K. H. Nunn. Negro dentist, pointed out tile importance of proper diet, proper cleaning and regular dental checks t<' prevent With the Courts Chancery Opal Naomi' Taylor Prlngle vs. Odie Prlngle, suit for divorce. Circuit .Johns Produce Company vs. Railway Express Agency, suit fo collect $192.10 for damages to poultry during shipment. ' Harold Hlnson vs. Service Fire Insurance Company, appeal from the common pleas court, suit io collect 4489.56 on policy -covering automobile collision. Herbert Wilson, ex parte petition to change name lo Willard Hendrlx Pease, J. B. Allen et nl, vs. Joe Young with Mississippi County as garnl- shee, suit to collect (330.67 owed on a.former Judgment. Common Plea* Ben Boren, Sr., Bon Boren. Jr, doing business as Boren Blcyc1< company vs. William Fraser, suit ti collect $f>0fi.fi9 on * note. decay. Mrs. Wyiin-spoke for Mrs. C. G Redman, .executive secretary foi the Mississippi County Tubcrculosi: Association, who was scheduled tc speak to the student 11 ; yesterday. Speakers, films and dcmonstra tlons on health are scheduled fo the rest of this week. Two films were shown 'yesterday following Mrs. Wylle's address. FRIGIDAIRE Electric Range A completely n«w idea and an- o«W Frigldoir* firstl A bfggw, mart inabk thrifty <rrr* — m • nine* *O« tok«» J4 l*« krtd«»i •pocel Breofh-tokiog styling by Raymond Loewyl F«ohjf» ahw Uatvr* of caitlieit ran^* modetv including Frigidaira's MW, mot* •ffkiont RodrantutM Wot* Urn* I All at m MMM- rioool tow prkel Come in —»•• rim startling new-comtr among »t«ctric rangml • \f« compact I • Ifi thrifty I • Wt You Can't Match a Frigldolm B«ctric tang*l , ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc 206-208 We»t Main J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. Briton Accuses King Christian Of Trying to 'Bust' tfie Bust LONDON, April 4. <AW> —A * British corselmaker vehemently accused fashion king Christian Dior today of trying to do awiy with the feminine bust. '. He got a prompt denial from a spokesman for Dior in Paris, who said it wasn't true at all, ; Manufacturer Alexander Campbell Wal.son III into the Paris dress designer In an open letter published in the Corselry and Underwear Journal. Said Watson: "Now—oh shades of Venus! you (Dior) attempt to thrust your legions of feminine slaves back towards the darkest and most depressing age In all history—that of the bleak, stark, ugly, unsexed I920's. "You. from lofty and, till now, unquestioned heights, would burn the bust line to make a Christian holiday. Away with grace, beauty, health and charm! Away with women's natural inheritance —Dior must,have his wayl" But In Paris Mme. Collette Be- lidoi.s, press representative for Dior, said that although vertical lines dominate ill his 1950 models, everything In them is designed to enhance the waist, make hips rounder and underline the bust. "Either M. Watson hns never seen Dior's collection or saw It from too far to have a fair Idea of It," she added. Russia tp Continue Boycott of United . Nations Over China MOSCOW, April 4. (/P)—The Communist Parly newspaper Pravda made it clear today that Russia has no Intention of ending her U.N boycott as long as Chinese Kuo- mlntang (Nationalist) representatives continue to sit in the United Nations. . • The newspaper. In a dispatch from New York, declared the United Nations was In ,a state of "paralysis and desolation." 1 It blamed the stalemate on the "Anglo-American bloc." Foreign observers here said they saw nothing In the lengthy review of U.N. activities to indicate the slightest change In Soviet tactics Mrs. Caraway Improves WASHINGTON, April 4. <|T>>— Mrs. Hattie Caraway, former U. S senator from Arkansas who suffered a stroke of paralysis last January, is improving slowly at Walter Her condition Is good, they added Reed Hospital attaches said today There was no indication how long she might remain at the hospital Some prehistoric burial mounds n Effigy Mounds National Monu- nent, Iowa .are In the forms of birds and animals. Trovlllion Private Press of Herrin, 111., Is probably the oldest private press now operating In this country. Hal W. Trovlllion, its proprietor, has just turned out the press 1 fortieth book. Sen. Toft Lashes Truman Proposal On NLRB Change WASHINGTON, April 4. </P) — Senator Taft today Quoted Herbert Hoover as saying the Hoover Commission never recommended wiping out the independent -status of the National Labor Relations Board general counsel. The Ohio Republican Senator contend. 1 } President Truman's proposed plan to reorganize the NLRB goes far beyond recommendations of the Hoover Commission for revamping the executive branch of the government, Tatt lashed out at the • Truman proposal, calling it "political" and designed to "nullify 1 * the Taft- Hartley labor IAW, of which Taft was a co-sponsor. Taft read the committee a telegram Jrom former-President Hoover saying he had no recollection of the subject being discussed by the reorganization commission Hoover headed. , - , "There is no 'recommendation in the commission reports to Congress," Hoover's telegram said. Taft said the Truman plan would abolish the present office of Robert N. Denham, NRLB general counsel, and transfer his powers to NRLB Chairman, Paul Herzog. Bednasek Trial to Jury IOWA CITY, la,, April 4. W)—f jury of four women and eight mei at 10:02 a.m. today began its deliberations on the fate of Robert E. Bednasek who Is accused ol strangling a pretty University of Iowa coed. Deveze Quits Peace Attempt Over Leopold BRUSSELS, Belgium, April 4: («•) —Premier-Designate Albert Deveze today gave up attempts to fown > government after trying for nine days to solve Ihe Belgian political crisis by rinding a compromise between pro and antl-Leopoldists. A communique from the palace of (he Regent Prince Charles »aid Deveze had asked the regent lo be relieved of his mission, and the regent accepted his resignation. The Liberay leader's resignation came one day after King Leopold reiterated to Dcveze in Geneva his decision to leave it up to the Belgian parliament to decide whether or not he should return to the throne. In last month's plebiscite the king won 57.6 per cent of the vote on the question of his reas- sumlng the throne. The king can return from exile only with approval of parliament. Anti-Leopold forces, sparked by the Socialists, want Leopold to abdicate in favor of his son, Prince Baudouln. Agriculturists say grass is Ihe only crop that can be grown In most of the land in mid Utah. . RASTER FLOWERS BLYTHEVILLE ' FLOWER MART Memphis Hiwaj Phone 6MZ Officials Thwart Plot to Kill Nehru BOMBAY, India, April 4. (*>— Government officials Indicated today they hid smashed a plot to assassinate Prime Minister Jawah- aral Nehru with the arrest of 14 leaders of Hindu extremist organizations. Some of those arrested had been held In the investigation of the slaying In IMS of Mohandas Gandhi, India's man of peace and dot* associate of Nehru. The plot was believed 10 have been conceived out of extremist exasperation at Nehru's refusal to heed demands for war ajainft neighboring Paldstan because of fr ported mistreatment of Hindus Pakistan's east Bengal section. The Stale Financial Responsibility LAW Is Very Strict! Before you have an accident, call 3361 for automobile Insurance protection. For small premium, we include $10,000 Personal Liability. W. M. BURNS Insurance Agency Phone 207! TILT YOUR HEAD... GUDr EN YOUR SPIRIT... UPLIFT YOUR MOOD , Her* it your new suit, impeccably tailored with painstaking care . . . tor you to wear proudly on faster Sunday. 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