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The New York Times from New York, New York • Page 19

The New York Times from New York, New York • Page 19

New York, New York
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THE NEW YORK TDIES. SUNDAY. NOVEMBER 12. 1905. 11 Fl IP Fl AP'S SCANT WIN IN THE STAKE HANDICAP Handspring Captured the Oaidale by a Short Head.

BEDOUIN TOOK THE EDGEMERE Port Favorite Plrst In Four Aqueduct Rataa Sailor Boy at 15 to 1 i Boat Ivan tho Tarrlbla. QjaMr asl oMUtttty both ftfurod prom-loenUr to the racln- e.t the Aqueduct track jreaterdajr, when tbo proanamnM of MTia tmti brought out the beat claaa boraaa that ara toft to tha racing of th lata Fall and Induced an attendance of boot 10,000 visitors. In spite of the chilly weather, feat time wu a feature of the afternovn'a aport, and the radii produced a full ahara of sensation, with fairly satisfactory results, aa four poet favorltea manased to get to the Judaea first in well-comes ted finishes. Two atakee atood out aa the chief rent, and both of these were won by the favorltea. though In each caae the winner waa ridden out.

Flip Flap taking the OakdeJe Handicap and Bedouin capturing the Rdgemere, at for age, after a a harp battle with Eugenia Burch. Tbe OakdaJe waa one of the beat races of the Autumn, and though much favored In tbe weights Flip Flap'a performance waa one that seemed to Justify the rating that the Handspring filly had aa one of the cholcea for the Futurity. Xlno two-year-olds ran over a ix furlongs course. Flip Flap, with 100 pounds, always being the favorite and starting at 8 to 6, after being backed down from 6 to 2, with Hooray tha second choice. Of the Paget entry In tbe race, four horses, two were scratched, and tha two that ran carried the colors of new owners, Klnleydale, the top weight, running for the Canadian turfman, N.

Dyroent, and Watergraaa running for A. J. Joyner. who trained brr for Mr. Paget.

Tbe start was delayed by the mlaoehavlor of the sour-tempered Father Catchetn, which first Jumoed the fence on the back atretch. and then after being brought back to the track refused to Join his field. Father Catchem's tantrums cauaed him to be left at the post finally, as he refused to break, after UngUng up the other horses, with the result that Flip Flap. Jostled at the start, broke laat. and In the first three furlongs of the race looked to be out of the contest.

Hooray, which led off, going away at a fast pace, attended by Zlenap, with Klnleydale third. The order waa the same to the head of the stretch. Flip Flap closing on the field gradually, and on the last turn being with the crowd In tho rear, though ah still appeared to have no chance to win, so far away from her were Hooray, F.lenap, and Klnleydale. On the straight Xlenap began to atop, and Watergrasa went up to the leaders and joined in t' fight, passing the laat quarter I abreast of Hooray and Klnleydale. Whjj Flip Flap at that point waa fourth and closing with a strength that gave her hackers new hope.

In the next furlong Flln Flan went un to the leaders and. liard ridden, passed Watersraas first, then disposed of Klnleydale, whlctl hung when the fight began, leaving the finish between Hooray, still In front, and Flip Flap, at his hips. In the final eighth of a mile FUp Flap drove Hooray to the and still coming on resolutely, wore down the leader in the last strides and neat him a short head on the post. Klnleydale finishing third, two iengtha further bank. Scratches reduced the field for the Kdgemere titake at one mile and a furlong by one-half, but the race suffered nothing by the withdrawals, as the three horses that appeared to be tbe real contenders were left In.

Bedouin starting as favorite at a shade better than even money, while Eugenia Burch went to the post 2 to 1 and Alwln at 13 to 5. Al-wln. ridden by Martin, and with the out-Hlde (million at the post, waa first away, anil went on to make the running, carrying fast pare, while Bedouin dropped into second place, and galloped there under restraint, with Eugenia Burch close up. The order remained the aame to the turn Into the long stretch, where the race seemed aa much In doubt as at the start. Alwln still galloping out In front In easy-style, while Bedouin and Eugenia Burch still were waiting.

When the horsea straightened out for the run home. Bedouin made his move and with little effort went to Alwln, which was tiring. Jledouin taking command Just Inside the last quarter pole, and there seeming to have the race won. Alwln had not been more than deposed of. however, before Xuaenia Burch challenged and went to Bedouin with a rush that drove Shaw on the favorite to his best efforts, the gelding and mare hanging together to the last furlong pole, where Bedouin drew away a bit and sent O'Neil on Eugenia Burch to the whip.

From that point Bedouin held his advxntage, but whs ridden out to win by a half length, while Eugenia Burch beat Alwln, nway off for the place. Jsadai.i)', out In front nturlv all the way, and first In ran style from a field of eighteen maidens, and Quadrille, at a prohibitive price, were tho other winning lavorltes of the day. In the three events for which favorites were beaten, the finishes were clote and exciting. Bailor Bov and Missa each win-King by a head. Bailor Boy, at 1.1 to 1.

from the stable of V. Dtlv. furnished the sensation of the afternoon when he won the mile handicap from Ivan Tho Terrible, In much the sime style that the sme Daly horse best Broomstick at Bel-tnont Park, nummary: FIRST RACE. -For three-year-olds; six fur-lenss QuadrllK 11:1. J.

Jones, 1-10. out 2 hen, IiiA. Horner, l.VI, o-n I 5 2 Hannibal Bay. 113. Hhaw.

KM. S-5. ..8 4 ln.n. 111. By sr.

(MM. 5-1 4 3 4 Start good. Won eullv; plere riving Winner b. 8 years, by FUllo- sun owner and trainer. R.

il. Wat-. kins. JJBTONb three-year-olds and upward; on rolls. fv jje 1ArUls 90.

Sillier. 8-1. 7-10 2 2 1' risuwn, I. B. Smith, 8-1.

even 1 2 Th.lle jot Burns, 40-1. 4 8rlne. ltU. he ell, a-B. out 1 8 4 Jo.

Lt Uo. J. Matin. 40-t. 6 Tlme-l 41.

atari good. Won easily; place isanw. Winner b. three roars, by owner T. D.

eullivaa. Trainer, J. UisloirooDs. t'HIRD RACE. The Oakdale Handicap, for two-year-olds; six fur tuns a.

Flip Flap, KM, Rmnanslll, 8-8, 4 1 lhiursy, 116. Miller. 4-1. 7-8 1 1 K'sleydele. 120.

Khaw, 5-1, 8-6 5 2 fi-oap. Iti, Kow.ll. SO-1, 7-t 2 a 4 Watergrasa, Ho, J. Jones. 13-1, 4-1.

...8 6 6 "now. 104. smith. 12-1, 4-1 7 Hector. W2.

McDanlel, 20-1 a-1 4 7 7 U. Hnilth. 12-1. 4-1 a Catchers. 112.

Bell, Vl. at Poet, 1:14 2-5. Start poor; won driving. Were same Winner eh. 2 years, by Hand-Prlns-Alvaretts.

Owner. J. A. Bennett. Ttatner.

A. J. CtolrUborouga. FOCRTH Edgemere, for all fas; ens mils and a furlong. 5oln.

11.1, Khaw. 8-B. 2-5 2 1 i' Katrmia Rurrh. 123, O'Nsll. 2-1.

8 2 2 aita. 11. J. Martin, 1-, 7-10 1 Kurt fair. Won driving: place Winner b.

8 years, by Msddler-Ussie Montrnsa, ttsrner. E. W. JewetC Trainer. Joa Husclns.

MTH RACK. Vor ntaldens tare years old. uibj; mm furl on (a. JfVlalsy MeDanlel. 5-1, 2-1 ft 1' Bud.

WN. Notter. lo-l. 0 2 2- liTTr Oamsr. 16-1.

4 8 S'S lOi McIJonsJd. a-1, 5 josar. ItiTV. rischer. a-1.

4 a sicintyre, S-L. I T-i'i 8. amlta. 40-1. 8 8 7 JSTT- RemanellL 12-1, 10 2 "Uaa.

Sn, Mrm. wl. a a 10 10 II. ecnaeitner. ou-i.

su (rn Millar, 1M. "aty Dumpty as, I Smith. U-l. PerrVneV 14 Is aeweiTa-i. i-i tat jVateedla 107.

Burns, eo-1. 18 1 jper Pod. PS. Homer. (SO-1.

SO-1 11 IT IT ae-i. ie-i ttaia aa Heart Won liddea ewti VL.1?r,v,nr Winner b. g. 2 years, by "horne-TId Bit. Owner.

Mrs. K. W. Trainer. W.

Oleeson. LXTH RACK. Foe all ages; haadtoap; oae Jr" "eT. 87. Notter.

15-1. 8-t Terrible. 13M, Margin, 11-. I.T Vst, MeDaniet. 8-1.

e-en 4 8 8 Waddell. lit. J. Jeajee, g-l. a-l.

4) 4 Xoreaa, 104. Miller. 6-1, 6-6 ....2 6 6 Tada. foe. gewell.

le-6. 6-6 a Time 1 40 -a. Htart gwd- Wee drtrtns; plans same. Winner ca. threeyeara, by The Halter Prlaee-Flasa.

Owner, W. C. Daly. Trainer. D.

Carter. aCYKXTH TtACTC-For Uree-year-otds and apward. selling; one mlla. B. r.

Massa, SO. Horner, 7-2. 7-6 8 1 A Muebodar. ML McUanleL 10-1. 2 1 2 Jaaeta, t.

Miller. 4-1. 8-6 4 1 i Andrew Mack. Ml. Bewail.

8-1. .11 4 .4 Coronal. 1M Notter. 13-1. A-1 10 6 6 tasvta C.

M. Bcheeffner. S-l. 8-1 7 7 0 Vlar aVa Marie. Se.

B. fmlth, S-l. 1ST KoUneka. WK Oarner, ao-1. 20-1 8 8 8 B-adley'a Pat.

91. Mrtntyre, 50-1, 20-1 6 Foxy. 96, Hmilh, 20-L -l 8 K)10 BenUla. 06. Taylor.

10O-1. SO-l. a II 11 Tlro 1:41 l-O. Utart pnor. Won rtrlvins.

Winner ch. 2 years, by Maaetto-Hatlafae-tlon. Owner, H. T. umrin.

IL T. Otlffla. Gentlaman Rldara In Baltimora Raeaa. BALTIMORE. Nov 11.

Tbe Assateor Cup lor gentlemen riders to-day was won by Rath-owen, a to'l shot, with Trapeslst. at the 4 me odds, second. Tbe favorite. Monsoon, was hi tbe money, sr.d Do Rosey. winner of the event last year, taa outclassed.

Tbe Stewards of tbe Maryland Jockey Club moating after the rueea sent an official order te gecretary Witltaii P. Rlsss reeomnMndlnc the refusal of tbe further entries of the borse Pat BuUrer. also all entries by J. I Thompson and V. S.

Wishard. Pat BulRer started In day, and his condition was not good. Jockey Wishard waa set down for the balance of the meetlns. Jockey Kuhn was suspended indefinitely for pulling up Caper Sauce in the stxtb race. PAGET HORSES SOLD WELL Kinltydale, at $11,600, Brought Top Prica of Auction Offering.

A remarkably successful sale of race horses in training, consigned by the racing stable of Hydney Paget, to reduce that establishment and make room for coming two-year-olds, waa held by the Faslg-Tlpton Company at the -Aqueduct track yesterday before tbe races began. Tbe horses sold Included a number of winners of Important stakes, Jacobite, a two-year-old winner of more than $20,000, and Ormonde's Rlxht, winner of tbe Carter Handicap, being anions the number. Good prices were realised straight through the offering, the top price of the sale being paid by the Canadian turfman, N. Dyment. for the promising colt Klnleydale, which went for I11.6U0.

Jacobite was sold for .00 to E. R. Thomas, while Ormonde's Right wrat to Alex Shields for 63. BOO. The best prices of the sals were as follows: Ormonde's Right, eh.

4 years, by Ormonde-Right, by Onondaga; Alex Shields $3,600 Belle Btrome. br. 8. by Ben Strome-The Humber. by Bread Knife; M.

Hayman 2.500 Zeals, br. by Watercress-Zealandla, ny Clr Modred: w. U. fowers L.0UO Floral I a. b.

8, by Watercress-Flrensl, by Cllenslg; W. Powsrs 4.000 Elevation, cb. 2. by IJIeudonne-Bcotcb Fir. by Scot 1 1 ah Chief; J.

O. Lyman 1.7S0 Jacobite, b. 2. by Oolden Oarter-Flora Mac by Falsetto; E. R.

Thomas. 8,000 Lord Provost, ch. 2. by Bathampton-Heart of Midlothian, by Midlothian; J. H.

pyne 1.050 Klnleydale. b. c. 2. by Kin ley Mack- Berrledale, by Dmoru; N.

Dyment. .11,000 Waterwlng, ch. 2. by Watercress-Hlarllght. by Onondaga; M.

L. Hayman 4,000 Watergrasa, ch. 2. by Watercress-Miss Clsy. by Hindoo; A.

J. Joyner 6.000 Water Fax. br. 2. by Watercress-Baby, by Exnlng; J.

O. Lyman L600 Water Dog, b. by Watercress-La Primers, by Jos Hooker; M. L. Hayman 8,100 ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL English Sailor Defeat Columbla'a Team by Four Goala to One.

An International Association football game between America, represented by the Columbia University team, and England, represented by the eleven from H. M. B. Bedford, champions of the visiting Kngllah fleet, was played at American League Park yesterday afternoon. Columbia held her own In the first half, which ended In a tie at 1 to 1.

but the college men seemed to tire In the second period and the Englishmen scored three guals. winning the game by the score of 4 to 1. In dribbling the ball snd checking their opponent, the sailors ahowed up well. Although their team play was no better than Columbla'a In the first half, they warmed up to the game In the second and kept the play In Columbia's territory most of the time. A small crowd, most of whom displayed tbe English colors, was present.

Line-up: H. 8. Bedford. 4. Tryell Hall Position.

Ooal Columbia 1. Kbiins Spencer Dickson Htern Jacobs Furch Campbell Stern Bllllnssley Evans Pocock Back Back Half back Halfback Halfback Outside left Inside left Centre Inside right Outside right Heron Moure Hey ward Nichols Cunllffe Myers Severs Ptrreon Bacon Ooale Rvans, cuniine Plerson, Myers. Umpire Mr. Logan. Llneamen Mr.

Von Ber-nuih and Mr. Chapman. Tims of game Fort v-flvo minute halves. 8taten Island defeated a team from the British warship Cornwall by the score of 3 to The play throughout waa brilliant and entirely free from fouls. For Btaten Island Sparks, Kllllck.

and Humble found the opposing nets, snd Smith and Foster tallied for the man-of-war team. The outside right of the local eleven. Sparks and Whttelaw, played a fine combination game, and were well backed up by rimlth and Mundt. Taylor, the centre half back of the Cornwall team, played the best game of the day. and was everywhere In evidence, both on the attack and defense.

The Une-up: Btatrn Island Van der Zee. Mundt Cook Kmlth Roes Van Laar Sparks Whltelaw Kllllck Humble Bousfleld 3. Position. CprawU. 2 Dual MrDougal back Left back half Centre half bark light right tre forward left left Horswell Bennett Heferee H.

Manly. Staten Island Linesmen r-nm nrnvea and Rutherford. Goals Sta-rka. Kllllck Humble, Smith, Foster. Time of game Two halves of forty-five minutes.

The Hollywood Inn team yesterday defeated the Caledonians at Tonkers In ths third round of the Metropolitan Association Football League championship by the score of 8 goals to 1. The Caledonians played their usual good game, but the forward line failed to connect at opportune times. The home defense of the visitors was at Its best. For ths winners Martin Hill, Mason, and lnglls played a capital game. Tait and Taylor were seen to advantage on the Caledonians.

The line-up: Hollywood Inn, 8. Position. Caledonians, 1. McArdle Goal Nesblt Martin Right back Mackle Geekle back McKlnlay Hill Right half back Reed Ovens Centre Taylor Left half Gordon Inglta Outalde tle-hl Talt Ciyatal Inside right Faull Ferguson Centre forward Smith Mason Inside left Mac Don aid Braid Outside left Stark Referee Mr. Robertson.

Linesmen Mr. Wsrburton for Caledonisns. Mr. Mathlson for Hollywood Inn. Goals Crystal.

Hill. Martin, Smith. Time of halves Forty-five minutes. The Metropolitan League championship game, between the Bronx Rangers and the Brooklyn Thistles, on the grounds of the former yesterday, resulted la a draw, each side scoring one goaL The visitors tallied la the first half en a penalty kick. Bronx tied the score toward the snd of the second half, after which neither side could gain any advantage.

The line-up: Bronx R-, 1. Position. Brooklyn 1. Goal Laffsrty CaldwsU Right back Kerr Taylor Left beck Murray Molr Right half back Greava Harper Centre half back Sherwood Thompson Left half back. Thompson Grant Outside right Halllday Heuatoa right Fletcher Martin forward J.

Nellaon Inside left W. Nellaon MrGrscur Outside left Gillette Goals J. Neilson. McOrecur. Referee G.

Scott. Cameron's. Linesmen Messrs. Blair and CaldwelL Times of halves Forty-Ore minutes. The New Tork Thistles yesterday won from tbe Camerons la a championship game by the score of 0 goals a.

For the winners Craig and CorrlUe each scored 'twloe la the first half, while Dudgeon and Farquhar added the other two ta tha second. Tbe Camerons failed tn score ta the first half, but outplayed their opponents, and tallied (oar times) la quick soe oeesloa la tbe Ust half. The Une-up: N. T. Thistles, g.

Posltloo. Camerons. 4. Goal Hayes Right back Shaw Left beck. half beck.

ereoa Centre half Slater Fsrqubar. Lsft half Craig Inside Pollard ma Col vl lie. Outride left Cbarleewoa ta Colville. Dudgeon. Far nhar.

Goodman. 2: saenders, Pratt. Kefsrse cai -W. B. Minnie.

A. H. Tisne of gams Farty-flve mlaato neuvea, A. J. JOYNER TRAINED SIXTY-EIGHT WINNERS Horseman Holds Season's Record for Number of Victories.

EARNINGS OF TWO STABLES Horsea of Paget Eatabliahment Won $132,000 and of Belmont Estab- -llshment $67,000. The most businesslike racing stable of the American turf will end Its racing sea- son witn tne last aay or Aqueduct on Wednesday of tbts week, when the busiest trainer of race horsea In America, Andrew Jackson Joyner, sends his establishment to Winter quarters. The collect-ire stable, under Trainer Joyner care, win end the season with at least one record, that for the largest number of Individual winning horses. The big Joyner string has been excelled In gross earnings by both the James R. Keene and the Ilarry Payne Whitney stables.

Trainer Joyner also has trained the greatest number of horses that any horseman has handled In this country through the season of 195. and though his season naa own conrinea to racing in New York nas sent OUl Winners Of SlXty-eight piled up stable earnings of score of to 1 goala Vom Saal. the for the Bydney Paget string and bla University swimmer, was the player on (45.HJU for the horses he hundled for Au- all-collegiate team to score against tbe New gust Belmont. forks. It was the first time that they have With his record of having trained more acored against In many months.

The line-Individual winner then any other turf- up summary: man of the season. Trainer Joyner also I N. T. A. C.

a. Position. All-college. 1 has the record for haviug sold more win- Rteea Right Xae thing. Tale ners, a gr at number of the smart selling TZbenbon goal Bissell.

Celum. class two-year -oidK, and some few stake 2n iiiJtom2i inn.n wn Hesser. Klgnt Vom BaaL Col ...1.1.. i-.

iicuj. II I uwu inruugu mo mm ot iiiu corner training stable, for the policy ol the kaggln-Paget alliance is to sell when fair orices are to 1 .1 1. 1 III Handicap-Won by Dr. i v. v.

4 IUIJWNIUI6 UMaB have been set for him on occasions, be has showed most satisfactory results. A rotable Instance of the difficult problems he has been asked to -solve is furnished in the case of the horse Goldsmith, which came Into Trainer Joyner'a bands after having been retired to the stud as hopelessly wind-oroken and beyond the chance of training again. Goldsmith came back to the races under his management, however, and, though he, Uo, later was sold out of the Paget string. Goldsmith, though now oniy the shadow of the stout two-year-old he was when owned by the Whitney stable, has figured prominently In races through the year. With the Paget and Haggln horses Joyner to date has won tomeihtng In excess of while with the Belmont horses he has won a trifle more than H0.0OO, Beldame's winnings In hnolher trainer hands and the winnings of Belmont horses at the smaller meetings having swelled the tclal of the Belmont a stable earnings to about $07,000.

The most notable winner fr Tr-tlner Joyner'a stable thla season Is the three-year-old Cairngorm, which colt, racing In the Paget cc.ors, is second enly to Sysonby among the leading three-year-olds. Under Joyner'a shrewd and careful management. Cairngorm began his racing campaign In April, ar.d was kept fresh and strong on to the Utter part of the year, meeting all-comers In the Important stakes, and, though It was settled early that Sysonby was much the better horae. Cairngorm under judicious management won eight- races and a total of I43.0GO. The great filly Tradition wits another star of the Paget stable, earning 818.000, while the popular race mare Hamburg Belle won and the stake-winning two-year-old Jacobite S22.4IA to the stable'a winnings.

Belle Strome was another stake winner for the Paget establishment, while Klnleydale, vhTcl came into Joyner'a hands late, aside from being a stake winner, gives every oromlse of making a high- class tnree-year-oia. AMHERST, DARTMOUTH, 0. Special to Thi Srw York Tim. AMHERST. Nor.

11. In one of the most closely contested and stubbornly fought games played on Pratt Field this year, Amherst and Dartmouth football teams tied to-day at nothing to nothing. The Hanover men out-welgned their opponents, but in spite of this they were clearly outplayed and outgeneialed from the start. At no time did Dartmouth get within the purple and white twenty-five-yard line, and throughout the game the ball remained mostly In the centra of the field and in Dartmouth territory. Tbe Une-up: Amherst, 0.

Chunih KUburn yant Ollderaleeve. Oabom Connell Priddy Lewis Shatturk F. "roke Hubbard Position. Left Left tackle Left guard Centre Right guard Right tackle Dartmouth, 0. Banks Banks Blake Griffin Oage Lang R.

Olaze, Pritchard J. Ulaxe Right end Quarterback Left half back half back Full back Main Rlx Greenwood Umpire Mr. Darmun. Worcester. Refer Mr c-nrhln.

Yale. Linesmen Mr. Powell or Amherst and Mr. Strong of Dartmouth. Tim of game Twenty-five and twenty minute halves.

RUTGERS, 8TEVENS, 0. In a hard-fought match Rutgers defeated the football eleven of Stevens Institute yesterday by 5 points to on the St. George Cricket Club field. Hoboken, N. J.

Line-up: Rutgers, B. Green Position. Stevens. 0. Left end Wilson Left tackle Cowenhoven Broeger Blsck Ftelnke Morris Wymen McNiell.

Murray Thorp J. Baker Edwards Left guard Centre Right guard Lewis Hartfo d. Right tackle Right end Quarterback Full back Left half back Thayer Roberts Pratt Van Sickle. Heues Matthews Umpire Mr. Right half back Referee Mr.

St win. O. A. C. Wallace.

Time Twenty-flve-mlnute halves. N. Y. 17; RENSSELAER, 2. The New Tork University eleven defeated Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's team at Ohio Field yesterdsy by a score of 17 to 2.

Tbe local mtn outplayed the Troy team from the start but N. T. offense was very loose. The play was characterised by much fumbling and off-side play. New Tork scored two touchdowns In the first half and one in the second.

In the second half R. P. punted over New fork's goal Una. where Connell fell on the ball for a safety. No scoring waa done after thla Tbs Une-up: IT.

Position. Rensselaer. 2. Harden Left Africa Jennings Left Sternle Bchroeder. Smith.

guard Oetgher Rabenold Centre Wtlhelm Kelfer Right guard Cragln, Van Horn. Right tackle Wylle Right end Cary Rust, Wilson Quarter back Wood Frlelburg Left half back Jones Dougherty Right half back Scrafford naklav. Cennell Full back Referee Mr. Klndgen. Columbia Umpire- Mr McDowell.

New York. Toucnaowns tjra-gin. (2.) Dougherty. Safety Connell. Goals from touchdowns Rust, Connell.

Times of halves Twenty-five minutes each. F0RDHAM, 22; 8T. FRANCIS, 0. The St. Francis Collage eleven' of Brooklyn was defeated yesterday afternoon on Ford ham Field by Ford ham University team In a onesided contest, tbe final score being '22 to 0.

All the scoring was done tn tho first half by the good work of Glennon. Miller, and White. Line-up: Fordhara. Position. St.

Francis. Cooes a Left end Carroll White Left tackle Kale her Lsft guard. Centre Newsonovlo Barry Right guard Eaplna Glennon tackle McArdle Slaklnd Right end Klely Gargaa. back. Murphy.

half Ballon Miller Right hair back ana berry MoCabe back MoUoy Referee Mr. McGee, Fordham. Umpire Mr. Barry. Fordham.

Head linesman Mr. Baker. Fordham. Touchdowns Glennon. Miller.

White, (J.) Goals Gaxgaa. Times of halves Fifteen minutes. Football Player May Die. Iowa, Nov. IL Randall MeLsod.

left end of the Hampton High School football team, waa probably fatally Injured to-day tn a game with Marshall town Hlxh School. His Intestines were ruptured daring a Egnar Laada Newark Golfera. Ksrman J. Egner won tbe members' handi cap yesterday ea the Baas of the Newark OoU Club. His soar waa 72 net from 18 handles and bis gross soars of 87 tied with Henry 1 chrlatl for the beet gross aeare record of the I day.

enrtsu nee te nanaicap ana uea at tt i net for card waa 82, X5-I7. ADAMS'S RECORD PLUNGE. iSKaaaBBaSBBBsaasaSBSBBawaas N. Y. A.

Swimmer Goea 69 Feet Homt Team Won Water Swhamers began the Indoor season by creatine. a aew bbi record for the plunge last night at tbe meeting of tbe Kew York Athletic Club. E. H. Adams of tbe Mercury Foot athletes, scored aa even 06 feet in tbe big tank of the clubhouse.

Fifty-ninth Street and Central Park Booth. With O. P. Cooke of Adams was tbe Joint holder of tbe record that be bettered. Tbe old distance was aa evaa 08 feet.

This performance waav tbe first of the programme, and It was a red-letter night In the swimming pool of the New York Athletlo Club at that. Tbe entry Ust tncluded all of the best men from the borne club. Tale and Columbia Universities. Horace Mann School, and tbe Dublin Swimming Club of Dublin. Ireland.

wars represented with a number of other or- ganlsatlona It was the biggest meet that has ever been held In the pool, and Indicated tbe increasing Interest la the sport. One of the most Important races of tbe card was that ta which M. Daniels of the New York Athletic Club eompeted la dears tor the first tfass since his Europe a a swimming triumphs. Daniels wae the scratch man in the 250-yard swim, and although he used a crawl stroke effectively, be came In second by half a yard to C. IX Trubenbach, bis club mate, whe waa the re cipient of IS seconds handicap.

The loo-yard race brought out a large field. and waa won ny J. w. Lawrence, New xora Athletic Club. In a close finish with L.

H. Crane, another wearer or the Mercury Foot emblem. J. H. Dougherty of Tale wen the fifty-yard novice race, using a strong and fast crawl stroke.

Following the races there waa a water polo match In which tbe New Tork Athletic Club teem defeated an team he Ih, i i II.IIUI. nurfd Half ha-k "cs'wtn, 8: Handley. Vnn. r.i i Bherman. Tale Hesser, actual piunge os reel incnas; is.

21. Afluu, EST CJZZXeV nU-erStrlia fesctual nTuns. MtZ I Inches, third. 10O-Yard Swim. Handicap.

Won by J. W. Lawrence, New Tork A. C-, 6 seconds;) L. 8.

Cnne, New Tork A (ft seconds.) second; E. E. Wenck, New Tork A C. (8 seconds.) third. Time 1 :08 2-6.

i SO-Yard Swim. Novice. Won by J. H. Dourh- ertr.

Tale Swimming Club: A. W. 1 New Tork A second; John Brsden, West I Side Branch T. M. C.

third. Tims 01 1-6. riaaeuaee Wen Dnnl MaH ww. i William H. Clearwater, ex-National champion, last night defeated Grant Eby by the score of A0 balls to 331 In their three night's pool match which wss brought to an end at the Knickerbocker Academy.

Brooklyn. In the final night of play Clearwater continued to overwhelm Eby, and bis combination shots were remarkable. During the play Clearwater made bla first scratches of the match, four being recorded against htm, while Eby scratched six times. It was announced that Clearwater would challenge De Oro for the world's pool championship at an early date. Andover Overwhelms Exeter.

EXETER, N. II-, Nov. 11. In the twenty-fourth annual contest between the two preparatory schools. Phillips Andover and Phillips Exeter, played hers this afternoon Andover won by a score of 28 to 0.

Tha winner scored In both halves, on four touchdowns mads by straight football and once on a difficult place kick from the forty-yard line by Bartholomew. Exeter gained consistently only twice during the game. In the first half the ball was rushed to Andover" two-yard line, where time was called. 8corea of Other Games. At Hartford.

Conn. Trinity. Rhode Island Stats College, 12. At Exeter, N. H.

Andover. 28: Exeter. 0. At Washington. D.

University of Virginia, 50: George Washington. 0. At Cambridge, Masa Harvard Freshmen, 12; Cunning Academy, 0. At Belief onte, Penn. State College, 78; Geneva, 0, At Syracuse, N.

T. Syracuse, lfl; 'Holy Cross. 4. At Rochester, N. T.

Rochester. 16; Union, 0. At Hamilton. X. T.

Colgate, 17; Hamilton. 13. At Pittsburg. Penn. Western University of Pennsylvania, 11; Washington and Jeirerson.

o. At Carlisle, Penn. Dickinson. 18; Lehigh, 0. At Medford.

Mass. Tufts. 12; University of Maine, 0. At Mlddlebury, VL Mlddlebury. Norwich, tt.

At Peeksklil. N. T. New Tork Military Academy. 36; Peeksklil.

At Essex Fells, N. J. Klngsley School, Newman Academy, 0. Klngsley School, 17; Montclalr Academy. 0.

At Tarry town. N. T. Mackensle Echooi or Dobba Ferry. 89: Hackley School.

S. At Lewlston. Me. Bowdoln. Bates.

0. At Orange. N. J. Olymplo Athletlo Club, 17; Forrest Hill Athletic Club, 0.

At Blacksburg, Va Virginia Polytechnic Institute. IS; Washington and Lee. 0. At Raleigh, N. A.

and H. College, University of Pennsylvania, 0. At Richmond. Va Richmond College, 23; William and Mary. 0.

At Danville. Va Danville Military Institute. 11; Randolph Macon Academy. 11. At Asbeviile, N.

Bingham, South Carolina. 0. At Geneva. X. T.

Hobart, 18; Alfred. 0. At Springfield, Mass. Springfield Training School. ZJ; Worcester roiytecnnio institute, o.

At Annapolis, Md. Navy, 84; BucknelL 0. At Baltimore Mount Washington, 17; Gallau-det College, 0. At Prospect Park West Slds Branch T. M.

C. A. 2U: Prospect Park Branch T. M. C.

u. I At Atlanta. Ga. Georgia IS; University of the South. 18.

At Baltimore. Md Johns Hopkins, 22; Haver-ford. 5. At New Haven, Conn. Tale Freshmen.

IS; Princeton. 0. At Ann Arbor, Mich. Michigan. 40; Ohio State University, 0.

At Minneapolis, Minn. Minnesota, 81; South Dakota, 0. At Chicago Chicago, 10; Purdue. 0. At Cincinnati Cincinnati, 24; Ohio Wesley-an, 0.

At Madison. Wla Wisconsin. 44; Beloit. 0. At Marietta, Ohio Kenyon.

Marietta, 6. At Lincoln. Neb. Nebraska University, 18; Colorado University, 0. At Stanford University.

Cal Stanford, 12; University of California, ft. At Topeka. Kan. Kansas University, IS; Washburn College. IL Racorda of Football Tea ma.

COLUMBIA. 23 Union 21 Baton Hall 0 Wesleyan 11 Williams 10 Amherst 0 Princeton 0-Tale CORNELL. 8 Hamilton 12 Colgate 11 28 Hobart 0 6 28 Bucknell 0 .10 80 Western Psnna. 0 19' as i Swarthmore ....14 I Princeton so; 104 HARVARD. 0 12 Williams 0 10 Bowdoln I.

0 22 Mains 0 84 Betas 0 12 prlngflald 41 TALE. 27 Wesleyan 10 Syracuse 2s Springfield T. 80 Holy Cross 12 Penn State SO West Point 55 Columbia 11 Brown 0 0 0 a 8. west point 01 10 Brown 0 Ol 23 Indians .11 6 Pennsylvania .12 188 41 Villa Nova 25 Wash, and Jeff. 84 Qemgetown 2 Lehigh 48 Bucknell 23 Lafayette 13 Columbia 0 Dartmouth 16 Cornell 141 29 I PENXSTLVANTA.

Ol S3 Lehigh 0 IS Uettyaburg 0 11 Swarthmore 4 0 39 Frank at Marsh- 0 0 17 North Carolina-. 0 4 8aTJrslnue 0 8 Brown 0 8 8 Indiana a 8 Lafayette 12 Harvard S2 WE8T POINT. 18 Tufts Is Courate 22.1SS 28 ANNAPOLIS. SO vs. 0 88t.

John a. 0 a Dickinson 0 Ss-WesC 88 North 0 18 Maryland 0 8 Cwarthcaore IS U. 8. a Missouri. 11 Penn.

State 84 BocansU a Va PolrtacnnicKH a-Tale 'M a Harvard 8 Carlisle Indians. 8) 47 a a 71 Col. T. M. C.

A 88 Villa i i laCTTlOAN. aa Ohio 47 Susquehanna. Ol 80 Case 11 Penn. 0 S3 Ohio 18 Vtrsiala Ol la VanderhUt 81 Nebraska. Peawaylvama i talMoa 11 Harvard 4 Drake a-West Point.

Si 83 Illinois a -su-Onto Btate WORLD'S PACING RECORD BY DAN PATCH IN 1:58 Champion Lowers Star Pointer's Time at the Memphis Track. WITHOUT THE WIND SHIELD Great Pacer'a Only Aid Wag a. Galloping Horae Beaida Him to Give En -couragement In Record Trial. Special to Tki rw York Times. MEMPHIS, Nov.

II. Dan Patch, for four years champion of tbe pacing, turf, finally achieved a triumph to-day lit his long series of efforts to lower Star Pointer's world's pacing record of 1:594, try going a mile In harness without a wind shield or pacemaker, and aided only by a galloping horse at his sulky wheel. In 1:68 flat. The record made to-day Is one that Dan Patch has been striving after for two years, or ever since he first paced behind a wind shield in time faster than the Star Pointer record, only to have his mark rejected because of the wind shield. More than a month ago Dan Patch renewed his trials against time on the Memphis Driving Park course, where he has paced against time now for the third season, and In the past three weeks he has made repeated attacks on Star Pointer's long-standing mark, but until to-day he failed each time to beat the time against which he was sent.

In his trial to-day Dan Patch fulfilled all the requirements of the National Trotting Association and the National Board of Review regarding the conditions under he paced, and the pacing champion's new mark made to-day, turfmen are agreed, will be accepted without the chance of dispute by the guardians of American Ibrht-harnesS records Thoiurh Dan Patch In earlier efforts had rone thn cord he waa sent aain8t When Pacin Wln.1 ahleltl or with a galloping horse just before hirr him to break tbe wind as he moved around the course, his performance to-day is regarded as much the best that he ever has achieved, as be had no help, his galloping companion only serving to encour age him by keeping close by his side. when he nevntlHted hl mlln in 1 i.t The fractional time was 0:30. 0:59. and 1:58. Billings Park track never appeared In etter condition and climatic conditions were Dcrreci.

not a nrearn at air m-aa stirring to Interefere with the effort and the weather was warm. Harry C. Hersey, who has driven Dan Patch in all of his attacks against time for two years, also timed, and caught He rated the champion to-day, and he was accompanied at the side by Charley Dean, a Orand Circuit driver who handled a runner hitched to sulky. R. E.

Nash followed behind with a second runner, also hooked to sulky. The second quarter was negotiated In 0:29, and wan the fastest part of the route. Dan Patch now holds all records from a half mile to two miles. The triumphant effort to-day was the fourth that Dan Patch has made under fairly favorable conditions here this Fall, he and Audubon Boy each having paced miles close to the Star Pointer record, but until to-day Stur Pointer'a mark held good under trotting rules, which regard a horse as having failed when he goea against a stated time and does no more than equal it. The world's pacing record was claimed for Dan Patch when he paced his first mile behind a wind shield In time faster than Star Pointer's mark, but his wind shield mark was not accepted as regular, but was noted as having been done with a wind shield under the rule that Derated the wind shield records of Lou Dillon and Major Delmar from regular trotting records.

Parkway Driving Club'a Matinee. Many well-known amateur drivers of Brooklyn took part In the harness racing at tbs Parkway Driving Club's track yesterday and enjoyed good sport. E. O'Hara'a Grey Boy won the second event for trotters and pacers in straight beats. Summary: Class A.

For trotters and pacers; mile heats, 'two In three. Helen Hill, ch. (W. J. Reddy) 8 11 Airline, ch.

(C. Moncriefl. 18 2 Nettie Direct, b. (W. M.

Halstead). 2 2 8 Time 2:17: Class B. For trotters and pacers; two In three heats. G-ey Boy. g.

(E. 1 1 Impatience, b. (F. F. Marquard) 2 2 Bia-ht Light, blk.

(J. Bensinger) 4 8 Lady Francea, br. F. Jacobus) 8 4 Time Class' For trotters and pacers; two In three heats. Evelyn ch.

(W. M. Halstead) 1 1 Lord Belgrsve, br. (F. Jacobus) 8 2 Tommy Allen, ch.

E. T. 2 8 Time 2:23. Clss For trotters snd pacers; ons mils. Monday Wilkes, b.

(C. Moncrlef) 1 Mildred Wallace, b. (W. M. 2 Time 225.

Stanford Wlna at New Stadium. STANFORD VNIVER8ITT. Nov. IL The magnificent new stadium just completed at a cost of $18,000 wss dedicated this afternoon by the fifteenth annual football game between Stanford University and the University of Calif to la, Tbe local eleven won by 12 to 5. BROOKLYN ADVERTISEMENT.

fAAMMMAAM eewaea mteem000ok Sale of Steel Ribbed Ash Cans for Hi At these prices we will deliver these cans to homes. On: purchaser last week bought 0, but they were for flats- These can ar- ma best gauge ejalvanutd ateel, with iron alata and angle iron bottom that will outlast tbe fiinga ol an army of white wings." When these cans strike the cart, it's the cart that takes the dent made to sell for twice the price. A limited number at these prices Monday. Baaomeavt. 15 inch can $1.7517 inch can l.VB TT TT 25 And 3,500 Rugs, Oriental arid Domestic Await your choice Monday, with a round up of rernnnts (a limited quantity, for, which please bring sze of rom, as there wll a ihrong the On Nov.

15 Carpets and Rugs must way to a $50,000 stock of Toys that means hustle end it means that the stock goes without reference to profic It cannot be helped, because no man can make two objects occupy the identical spot at one time. CARPETS UNHEARD OF LOW PRICES. 79c. and 90c. Brussels, 59c, 66c, 69c, 74c $M0 wool Velvet, 59c, 75c, 89c 75c and 90c all wool 49c, 69c 300 Rolls Matting, 0a Cloth: 35c trade-, 30c Imported Inlaid Lmoleum, fogular $K75 Grade; 98c; IJVaseasaSaeMeSsaaeaAsa i CRESCENTS AT THE TRAPS.

Brooklyn Club Men ava Good Sport Tarjetg Bay Ridga. A strong contingent mt tbe Crescent Athletlo Club trap shooters appeared at the Bay Ridge grounds yesterday and competed In one of the most Interesting programmes of the season. Eleven events la all were decided. Including the third shoot for the stake' the final monthly cap corapetltJoo, a team shoot for two valuable caps that will laat throughout the season, and sight contests for club trophies. Tbe weather could not have keen more favorable for excellent execution, but still a few of the competitors woe Id have been better suited with the typical Crescent weather "the at-raosuriere hovering around sere and a wind of Um hurricane order.

For the stake trophy A. O. Soutnworth. ooe of tbe scratch men who competed, finished in the lead wtth a score of 23 out of a possible 24. The previous winners ware Dr.

J. J. Kaysa and J. K. Teeter.

Frank B. Stephenson missed but one target out of the twenty-five required for the first contest for the November Cup. with L. M. Palmer.

second with twenty-three. Three teams participated In the team shoot, two men to a team, but Messrs. Palmer and Hopkins made a runaway race, leading by a score' of forty-eight to thirty-seven and thirty-three for the other tsama Mr. Palmer shot in the best form that he has shown this year, missing but one target out of his allotment of twenty-five. In the regular trophy shoots C.

K. Foster was first three times. L. Hopkins twice, and W. J.

Connlll. A. O. South worth, and la-Palmer. once each.

Tbe scores: STAKE TROPHT 29 TARGETS. H. T.l H. T. n.

w. b. T. 1 L. M.

Palmer. Jr.O 21 Dr. J. J. i Zi Stephenson.

.0 21 L. C. Hopkins 8 IS 31 w- 10 O. C. Qrlnnell.

Jr.l 2UH. B. Vanderveer.3 8 NOVEMBER CCP-Z5 TARGETS. H. T.l it f.

B. 24lrl C. 21 L. M. Palmer.

Jr. 23 W. W. Marshall. .3 10 A.

O. Sputhworth.O 22, W. C. Damson, "a 1 Dr. J.

22 O. C. Grinnell, Jr 1 is W.J. 22l TEAM BHOOT-28 TARGETS. H.

T. H. T. I M. Palmer.

Jr. L. C. Hopkins. 0 24lF.

B. Stenhenann it 3 2lO. Grinnell. Jr.l IS Total 4s i A. G.

South worth. 0 22 W. W. 3 IS Total 33 Total 371 TROPHT SHOOT 18 TARGETS. H.

n. W. J. 15 L. C.

Hopkins 1 E. T. Foster 0 18 L. M. Palmer.

Jr. 0 A. G. Bnuth 0 12 W. W.

Mai shall, a W. C. 12H. B. Vanderveer.l Dr.


V. I. roaicr.t.lA, IB L. C. Hopkins 1 14 L.

M. Palmer. Jr. .0 18 A. G.

F. B. Stephenson. .0 1- w. c.

Damron 1 W. W. 2 W. J. McConvtU.

.2 H. B. Vanderveer.l O. Grinnell. Jr.O TROPHT SHOOT 10 TARGETS.

H. T.l L. Hopkins 1 18 E. T. 0 F.

B. 0 18 A. O. Southworth. L.

M. Palmer. 14; W. W. 2 T.

18 12 11 j. stctjon viii HiW. j. Uanuon 1 enuot-oii t. u.

Hopkins, 14; F. B. Stephenson, 13. TROPHT SHOOT 15 TAROETS. H.

T.T n. T. L. M. Palmer.

Jr.O 14, L. C. Hopkins. 1 13 A. G.

Southworth .0 14 W. W. 9 1 O. C. Grinnell.

Jr.O 14 W. C. Damron 1 10 (J. e. x.

Lr. j. J. 0 0 Shoot-off A. G.

Southworth. 13; L. M. Palmer. 12; O.

C. Grinnell, It. TROPHT SHOOT-15 TAROETS. H. T.r TT.

C. E. T. 0 14 L. M.

Palmer. 11 L. C. Hopkins 1 14 W. W.

a lo O. C. Grinnell, Jr.O 13 W. 1 Damron. ...1 8 A.

O. Southworth. 13 Dr. J. J.

..0 8 Shoot-off C. E. T. Foster. 14: L.

C. Hon- klns, 14. Second shoot-offC. E. T.

Foster. 13; L. C. Hopkins. 12.


M. Palmer. Jr.O 13C. E. T.

Foster. ...0 12 L. C. Hopkins 1 13 Dr. J.

J. II O. C. Grinnell, Jr.O lt'A. G.

Southworth. 0 0 W. W. Maranau. .3 iz w.

J. uamron 1 9 Shoot-off L. M. Palmer, 14; L. C.

Hopkins, 13: O. C. Grinnell. 14. Second shoot-off L.

M. Palmer. 12; O. C. Grinnell.


C. E. T. Foster 0 14(Dr. J.

J. 0 10 L. M. Palmer. 14.W.

W. Marshall. .2 8 A. O. Southworth.O 12IW.

C. Damron 1 8 L. C. Hopkins 1 12W. J.

McConvtU. .2 F. B. Stephenson. Shoot-off C.

E. T. Foster. 14; L. M.


T. L. C. 14 L. M.

Palmer. Jr. .0 II C. E. T.

Foster 0 14 W. W. 8 A. G. Southworth.O 13jW.

C. 7 O. C. Grinnell. Jr.o Shoot -off L.

Hopkins. 13; C. E. T. Foster.

IL Automobile Notea of Interest. The Directors of the New Tork M)tor Club have Just appointed a dominating Committee to prepare a ticket for election at the annual meeting of the club on. Deo. 14. It is under stood that President Charles H.

Hyde will de cline a renomlnatlon. The Entertainment Com' mlttee ta arranging for a smoker to be held within two weeks In the new quarters In the Hotel Cumberland. Broadway and Fifty-fourth Htraet. A number of automoblllats prominent In the trade will sail for Europe within the next two or three weeks tor tne purpose or attending the big automobile salon In Paris In December. Some of the new models of foreign cars will be brought to this city after that show for ths two Dig exniDits nere in January.

President Martin of the Cadillac Company of Nsw York announces that he has disposed of nearly nis entire allotment or uie lwm forty-horse power Cadillac cars. Among well-known purchasers are Col. John Jacob Astor, who now owns eight Cadillac automobiles; Mrs. Jacob Litt, Alfred Sellgman, E. A.

Tate, James B. Baker, and Edward R. Wharton. BROOKLYH ADVERTIBEMEWT. i eWWkaMAMMeWWWkeaaWaawailMWWaaaMeMMAAAMMMMeWMMi iles of Carpets $125 BigeTow and Alex.

Smith's Axminster, 89c. and 98c $L75 Savonnerte 98c. and $1.10 $1.75 Wilton. 98c. and $1.10 $2-00 Wflton Filling, all shades.

98c. and $1.25 All 6radesRcg. 30c, to 50c, for 21c 19c 1 35c I 50c. an JOc ZC I 63c gnu 90c grm seasaeASMMeaMASaAvajeeeve NEW RECORDS MADE BY ARMY ATHLETES Cohn Sets New American Indoor Mark for Half-Mile Run. HILLMAN WINS TWO EVENTS Company Takes Point Trophy Cup Handily In 13th Regiment Sporta Big Crowd Applauds Wlnnartv Harry Cohn.

Harry L. ntllman. "arid Robertson contributed to make the art-nual Fall indoor games of the Twelfth Regiment Athletlo Association unuauaXty Interesting last night. The etwtoenary-enthuslastlo crowd assembled la tho big. armory of the popular Brooklyn regiment and witnessed a splendidly contested set of gameev Several armory records wero broken, but the most notable achievement waa that of Cohn In tbe half -mHo run.

Starting rrom scratch, he won by barely a yard in a sensational finish. Ilia Unto waa 2 minutes, which, besides breaking tha old armory record of 2:00 3-V establishes a new. Indoor American amatear record, the old time blng 1-5, held by a C-Hollander The record breaking of the night began In the three-legged, open Invitation race for fifty and sixty yards respectively. Only teams from the Thirteenth Regiment were entered, however, and It proved a bandy victory for Ilarry HUlmaa and I. Robertson, who established new world's records at both Tltey ran tho fifty yards In breaking tho old record 00 2-8, held by Busae and Mor re 11 of the Sevt-nth Regiment.

Tho sixty yards waa finished in breaking the previous record of 0:07 2-5 held by 8ayles and Elwood of the Twenty-eecood Regiment. The one-mile proved tho net record breaker. The Twenty-third Regiment four, Sedley, and Valentine, won with ease in 89, one second better than, their previous world'a record. Company won the point trophy wtth a total of ftj points. Company coming second with 24, and Company having 13.

Laat year the cup was won by Company K. The summary: lon-Tard Run. Regimental Otaniptoaehlp. Won by L. Robeitson.

Company El W. T. Groene. Company K. seeond; J.

H. Tsevan. Company E. third. Time 10 3-1, equaling recoru held by lllllman and Koberisoev One-Mile Relay.

Won by Twenty-third Regf- metit team, C. Bacon. II. A. Sedley.

Jr 8. C. Northrldge. and H. V.

Valentine; Twenty second Regiment Engineers, second, team, D. -Frsnk. O. Ludera. M.

ITlnateln. and O. F. Smith. Time 3:2, breaking former world's recoid of Quarter-Mile Handicap.

Won br ft R1UV man, Company E. (scratch;) P. L. Watts, Company E. (14 yards.) second; J.

Woodruff. Company E. (20yarda third. Time :1 1-ft. 220-Yaid Novice.

Won by R. Cook. Company H. S. Manning.

Company seooodl C. L. Peltlnato, Cjwnpany third. Time 4-5, breaking foinier record of 220-Tard Handicap. Won by W.

O. Tenter. Comny (13 II. A. Walnwright, Cjiniany (17 yards, eocond: G.

B. hall. Company (14 yards.) third. Time 0:23 3-A. 78-Tard Run.

Handicap. Won by R. Wain-wrtght. Company IC. (id ards;) C.

Toole, Company D. (13 yards,) second; J. H. Tee-van. Company (7 yards.) third.

Time 50 and 60 Tard Three-Leggnd Race. Open. In-vita tlon. Won by Kobertson and H. L.

Hillman, Thirteenth Regiment: J. and J. E. Hal), Thirteenth Reel-ment, second. Time for So yards 0:00.

Time for BO yards 0:07 1-0. Breaking pre-' vtoua records of 0.O8 3-5 and 0KT 2-5, rsapeot-Ively. One-Mile Run, Handicap. Won by at. Spring, Company.

E. 85 yarda:) W. Van Thun, Company 75 yards.) second; H. W. Cohn.

Company E. (scratch.) third. Time 4:27 8-8, One-Mile Bicycle Race. Handicap. Won by O.

Becker. Company A. (30 yards;) O. J. Devlne, Company M.

aerate second; Karkella, Company E. (U0 yards,) third. Time 2:20, 220-lsrd Obstacle Race, Scratch. Won by H. Dens, Company G.

Catuna. Company M. second; W. Sypher, Company third. Time 1:04 8-5.

75-Yard Hurdle, Handicap. Won by J. West. Company. (12 feet;) H.

L. Hillman. Company. E. (scratch.) second F.

J. Saddlngton, Company K. (0 feet.) Time 1-5. New distance for armory record set at OMt 3-5 by H.

L. Hillman. Half-Mile Handicap. Won by Harvey Cohn. Company K.

(scratch:) J. A Stack." Company dO yarda) second; J. J. FarrelL Company (28 yards.) third. Time X.O0.

Making new American Indoor record. Running High Jump, Handicap. Won by T. Halllnga, Company P. (S Inches.) actual lump feet inches; O.

Beyer, Company (8 inches.) sscond. actual jump feet; L. Robertson, tympany (scratch,) -third, actual Jump 5 feet 7 Inches. Two-Mile Bicycle Raoe, Handicap. Won by O.

J. Devlne. Company (acratch;) u. Perden. Company (30 yards,) second: Karkslla.

Company E. (154 yards,) third. Time H)0 4 5. Half-mile Run. Novice.

Won by W. Smith; J. B. Maloney, Co. second; J.

Rooney, Co. C. third. Time 2:14 4-5. Half-mile Inter-Co-npany Relay Rare.

Wow by Company Company second; Company third. Time 1:35 73-Yard Equipment Race. Won by C. L. Zbn- mer.

Co. T. Cumneff, Co. K. second; Fred Hooper.

Co. third. BROOKLTif ADVERTISEMENT. rVweKeww Coal, Oil and Gas Heaters Bird" cylinder Stove, largo, quara base, sliding door, nickel ornament. No- 8.

Si. 98 No. No. 10, $4.79 Square aelf-fe-ding Parlor Stoves, regularly I 0.98. 18.98 Perfect Coal aquara ovens ana nre dox, caomet Da aix-hole top, guaranteed a perfect baker.

No. 7 $10.98 No. 8, apedal I13.7S Axrniiuter Rugs. 2763. rg.

S2. 0, 36s71. teg. $4.50, fcw. MS 6 0x9 J0, ttg.

$2X00. JxiO.r g.f25 00.fcr........18 98 9XzUJ.rce.S30.0). 18.98 Royal Witon Rugs. 27 63 rg. 10.

for. $2.4 8 reg. $SJ $4.48 60x90. rea $2U)0 for S.7xM.o,rec. 9-OzlXO, ng.

H7JD0, for. 8 9e I 70' i 1 fdt 4 I 0.

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