The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1936
Page 6
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' .PAGE SIX Meet Tonight; Season Ends For at Least Three Clubs. By J. P. FRIKN'D If Jupiter I'luvius shuts off the water supply in time (It was raining, hard wlwi this wns written), four teams will wind up their 21 games in (he Commercial Softball League tonight nnd stnrt packing away their monkey suits 'for another season, with the possible exception of (he "Chevvie.s," who arc lied for Ihp loop lead with Pastime Billiard Parlor nnd may have to play an exlra series to decide the liag winner. The pairings for the double header arc: Chevrolet versus Famous Store, in the first game; Phillips Motor Co. versus East 'Arkansas, in the finnlp. The first encounter will start at 8 p.m. t'lmrolrl, Ford 'Favorites On the basts of season's play Dick Potter & Co,, and (he "flivver" crew will likely rule as favorites, Under the capable leadership of Potter, who. Incidentally, has been selling nn Ideal ex- amulc by leading the league hi hilling with a due .379 average,and burring • accidents probably will succeed Wllloughby Hcmphil'l "Tiny" Glover, Paslimc pilot nnd leader for two years, as the swnt chnmp. In two previous meetings Chevrolet, under 1 the banner of Hoblnson Drug, defeated Joseph Peterpiper Applebaum's orange Jerseycd tads by scores of 5-0, nnd 7-0. Marshall Ulncknrd, cx-Fa- mousilc wielded the kalsomlne brush In the first game, and (he last was n forfeited contest, Until Umpire Browning declared the Kamc n forfeit, Robinson was leading, c-3. with two out and one on in the fifth. In (cam hilling Chevrolet is nhcnd, .3-14 (o .284. Fords 1111 Snag Afler riding the crest of a winning streak, Phillips Motor Company has fallen In a prolonged slump (bat (hrcnlcns to overshadow their fine spurt. They have dropped their last four decisions. Prom the way Ihe East Arkansas Bulldeis have been coming they may have a hard way lo go lo bieak Ihe jinx tonight. 'However, Ihev hold two decisions over Bilbo Gilbert's cellar crew, 10-5 anil 10-8. Tlie Builders went on n rear nnd (car with HID willow last week against McMullin. blasting oul [hilly hit., f or twenty-eight urns, ;iic season's highest score for a single team. Phillips holds n Ihiily-four point club batting edge''over the •Builders, 284 to By Harry Gray son Soon the ballyhoo drums again boat, (his lime lo summon -keep him on his lieels ns much as possible. The trouble In this cose Li that Ettoro Is u swinger, ami the negro figures to punch ciny swinger off— niul out. Ettore's Wggest handclap in going against the Urowii Bomber is his entire luck of wallop. No one is go- Ing to repel I-ouls who can't hurl him, and pone mediocre opponents [he limit with Ktlore »jji uv.ii, u.ia LIJIIC lu aimmiuji *..«>i. 51/111- mtr mull Wllil Ihe paying guests lo Joe Louis' i with inonolonoiis regularity. !5-rom>d meeting with Al Ellorc! Ettore received loo nnicli crcd- In Philadcl|)hia, Sept, 22. | It for thrice repulsing Haynes. Indeed, Mike Jacobs. Hie old T '>ls was brought out In Haynes' Broadway ticket scalper wlio pro- • second edition with Camera, motes nil 1,011 Is productions, nl-j Hayiies lucked It where you car- ready lins sounded Ihe keynote. >. v your pocket handkerchief. "I had to mutch Louis with Et- Strictly n front runner, he before," explains Jacobs. "The fans j <-'«»H' stampeded when Hie durable were nol sallsfled .with Louis' 1 "" 1 courageous Ettore kept on .knockout of Jack Slmrkcy be- 1 ' 0 !' °f I'lm. |cause Srmrkcy wasn't n real lest.! • • « I They've jjul (o be shown thai Joe. Trllmlo lo I.only Dniwhif; 1'owcr I Mill has nil Ills stuff In spite of 1 his knockout by Max Schmellng. I count on Kllorc lo put him through Hie mill. I might ns well know now wlmt my option on I.ouls Is worth. I can't afford lo put nil my lime in on him if lie doesn't stand up in the ring." When Jacobs' bnllylioo bureau finishes with llml, Kttore will he irhig liner from whom Louis will be extremely fortunate lo CK- cnpo alive. Aller what they did wilh Hie broken down Bhnrkcy, imnEino wlmt Ihe publicity purveyors will do with n lint like Ktlore who has three decisions over Lcro.v Iluynu; lo hLi credit. of his clnss 111 Inckl Philadelphia Kalian lo go more than rounds. . r Ouusldc of the Haynes cngAge- mcnts, (he less said about Ettore's Ambitious Al RotKlalf curly Clevetaiul. He lost man twice. Larry P.llore Will Wade In Unafraid Nevertheless, slir up more Ettore figures lo trouble for Louis record Ihe bcllcr. was knocked out I'oiiml by Charley ,. last year, and outgalloped by the and honorable Tommy and by- Eddie Slriiins in lo Abe Peld- , Johnson, and Ghruley Miisscrn In 1834, nnd was held even by Arthur Ilultlck nnd Unknown Win.slon. Hut those bouts will be blue- penciled by the ballyhoo boys who will stress how far Ettoi'c hnx come along since. Jacobs made a point (o land control of Eltore'.s licak ' , Mich III nthing fo, a j^BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER 'NEWS"" DEFUT PILOmUESDM Al Kellcy Winning Hurler in One-Siclecl Victory at Osceola. on balls gave the Indians three more runs in the sixth. Manager Wlckel went to the firing line after Biannon's double Hint scored two, nnd forced Ballard to pop out, Osceola foun'd Wickel "duck soup," collecting four hits each In the last two making eighteen In a ll off the innings three fllngcrs. WEDNESDAY, 'SEPTEMBER 2 , 193(5 Kellcy pitched scoreless .ball throe Innings, yielding & 0 lllu> , but when his mates began tolL mount Ihe score he eased up Ca ilhcrsville's offensive table show Wives Cheaper Among Arabs in Palestine JERUSALEM (UP)—One of the strangest insults of ttie Arab "strike" in Palestine is a fall I in the price of wives, i'rlces once ranged from »45 to age, size Die for $25 ?' nccoroin 6 to """ olller Now " iey . « 25 the of .«. dropped flnj a to vlllc Pilots, winners of game, Injured To offset the six left hand hlt- l baseman Wlckel ith for a home run with the owan brothers on base and i"g for the vlsl- . A'alked three and live. Al Signalgo led the Indians In hilling wllh four singles. Bran- mum of M50. 1ms Interrupted the'normal work Valley In Nebraska two decades ago and has been feeding fancy] beeves ever since then. He prefers the big white-faced Hcreforils. ' most popular beef cattle. .Atlebery has established n rep-' utatlon with the big cattle buyers In the Chicago market. They know what to expect and, there-! fore, bid high for h'ls stock lo undergo the 'anxiety of " Ing out" his present reprieve uJ til the last moment f.A The governor plans a ,.,,.,„,,, study of the trial records In which Gates was sentenced lo j llm fo . the slaying of Paul A. R«,d federal prohibition agent, ' - — — j Although lie has no set ration °" c Brltlsh transport plane and -- '- •-'- ' • ' one American clipper will begin operation between Bermuda and New York City this fall. ^o.. ,, v IIl[0 Mu ht ,^ rauoii here Is his basic one for producing the best beefsteaks: 50 per S" t l? e i'.'.' Obsseii beet P«1P. and the second k-rs In 'the Indian bnlC" oil T I !T 1lTa , d , a s " 1B ' e ' '» ""dllion ™ l*lnrr „„,.!„ ,„<„,„, ...... ... - . ""!> 01<llr >!hi.s double and irlplc, making sev- doesn'l figure, n nm . | ow m ., half dozen sirnuss will do newspaper story. The tight figures fo draw $200 (.00 in the vast Philadelphia Mii- thaii did Prime liecf Cnrnera. the frightened Kins Levinsky nnd Max liner, (he bnltercd Pnullno (Iiin, the chiim-chlnned Charley ItclxJnir. and Shnrkcy, (lie hollosv shell of 1036. Ettore Is young for one llilng and lucks lumghmlion. which Is n i;nod nunllly In a flghlcr inns- much As It keeps him from drnw- h)B menial pictures of contracting n permanent rc.stn rash. Fcnr never eulcrcd the head of Lew Tcmllcr's boy. Ettore knows only one wny . lo wade In with both n.sls flying. That Is Ihe correct wny to combat the murderous punching Louis .250. ami us a whole till the bull much harder. Probable ballcrlcs: First game, - nicipal Stadium. Although Ettore, nn industrious mauler, if nothing else, Is considerable of an altrnc- tlon In Qunkerlown. Ihe anticipated nllendnncc and gnte Is anoth- bucks office Wlckel sent his ,,..„, Willie Speer, to .Ihe .,.„„„„ ,„ start Ihe game. Al Slgnnlgo grcet- ecl him with n hard snmsh through Ihe box, striking him in the groin. Aflcr a slight rest Spccr continued and got by without beliiK scored on during Die Inning will! one out Glenn Burns, Indlnii first i,.,, baseman, dragged n bunt down i' Ihe nrst base line. In' the 'second canto and went to second when T. McOownn threw to rlghtflcld. Hr: stole third and scored on a wild pilch. The iv-xl two wenl oul In order. Stgnulgo was the nrst hitter to face Speer in the third and smacked another one back lo the hiirlcr. Speer was nimble to get oui of the wny again and received a similar blow A hurried call to the bench sent Tlkwlck warming up. Speer tried his last two games. In four runs. J Mc- Oowan, Pilot cenlcrflclder had three one base hits. Grady Mills, . s Tom Mabry. Riicker, Burns and Kellcy, of Ihe Indians, nnd T Mc- nnd Tom Turner of the ' ••-* to*"" 1 *, ChevroIcl-Kcrmll Copelaml nnd n Olck Potter; Famous Stoic—John Hollnnd nnd Hnrold "Trigger" Wall. Second game, Phillips— .Jlmmic Sinotlierman nnd Pete liurnhnm; East Arkansas—Aubrey Clnrcs and Jlmmic Tipton. tribute lo Louts' mngnetlsm. They'd him shadow box. pay to sec British Service Men To Speak Japanese SINGAPORE (UP)—More British officers of Ihe army, navy nil- force nnd police must learn Japanese, authorities here have decided. In the pnst these services have depended upon Japanese subjects lo net n.s Interpreters, and on the fncl Hint n large number of Jnp- ' anosc speak English niiently. Alllioiigh more than 4.000 Japanese are living In Singapore, ami a special department of the police Is responsible for llielr good conduct, there is only one police officer in the cily who speaks Japanese. A shift of Japanese interpreters is also employed. . gamely lo slay'In but after walk- Ing Paul Ruckcr, and Otis Brannon's triple. Tlkwlck relieved him ami retired the side without further .scoring. But. the Tribe fell on him In the fourth for three hits and two rims. Cut lo Wlckel Three more safeties and n base Wrecker Service - Gu OPEN ALL NIGHT PHILLIPS SXKVlCij; CENTER Phones' TJ7 - «;a worklng In the fields and bringing eggs nnd Vegetables to thertown for sale, and marriages, therefore are being postponed. Another reason Is that Ihe strike has caused n lack of purchasing power among the Arabs. oats, cottonseed mea1 ' bo " e - W a ' ELECTRIC & ACKTYI.KNK Ciiriithersville clan, collected a ^"ckinan envies. i. Mills brought the gnme to a fine close with a circus catch of Wickel's long drive ' cf The Indians play hi Jonesboroi si Wednesday night, and wind up the season against the Cardinals, here Sunday. C'lherevllle 000 201 300— 6 13 4 Oseoln ... 013 203 Six—IS 18 ' Speer, Tlkwlck. Wickel and T McGowan; Kelley and Rucker Stockman Tops Cattle Market for Four Years • MITCHELL, Neb. (UP)—A tall, thin man who fallens caltle for eastern consumption has established a record over the past four years llmt almost every western Oil and gas gauges should be checked regularly. Fred M. Altebery Is his name. His cattle have topped the Chicago livestock market 10 succes- Ive times and he still had 1? more carload • shipments to make Newport 1 wiicn he lmd se< - "">t record. In 1932 eleven loads topped the market; in '1933, ail but three- In 1934, 16 out of 16, and in. 1035 15 out of 19. , • In one of New York's leading hotels "Attebery beef" is served Attebery came to this rolling country of Ihe upper Norlh Plalte LUMBER FOR SALE Plant Clos«d Down Permanently Cheap Prices All kinds rough DRY LUMBER Chicago Mill & Lumber Company Blylheville, Ark. Phone 800 OWN A FARM Save your money liy puitl,ii"lt |,i „ p, nrm . Yol , c(m a I cash or port cash and t i lc balance yearly. Land values In this vullcy nre gradually Increasing )n°Jn lVC a ,/ eVV fal ,T (0 '1 cl1 " S1 °'' ll!> '":' ">y fnr m land Ic sell, or II you wish to Imy a farm, i '.&. Phones MJ and 1«G G. G. CAUDILL Blythevtlle, Advance Reprieve Granted Convict His Mind : I1ELEHA, Mont. <UP)-Willlam Clarence Gates,, convicted slaver now Incarcerated in the county jail at Mlssoula, won't have o worry about what is '•gotn-' to Impiicn when Jiis seventh", ie' prieve. . expires : Scut. 8. •< • • He 'has., been notlFied already' tliat he will be granted aii eighth' The annoiinccnienl was made bj' Gov. Elmer Holt so that the condemned man would not have Before You Boy Any Outboard - See tbc NEPTUNE Z II. P. . Sinjle CyL (Other Sizes to 16 H. P.) HUBI5ARD TIRE & HATTERY CO. WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE 19 LEAF WORMS Fjnklea Bros. Cotton Dusting Corp. Now has airplanes for poisoning stationed fit tfic ni.vfhcville Airport. Call .••COTTON DUSTERS Call 5G3 Immediate Service Make tlie *ST.CHARLES Mew C/tlnani home Tastefully furnished rooms Beautyrest mattresses Simmons beds Comfortable chairs Restful bed lights Well lighted bathrooms These comforts are yours whether you occupy an expensive suite or a minimum priced room. And the same friendly and efficient service goes to EVERY guest. Direction DINKIER HOTELS CO INCORPORATE!) CARtINC DINKIER r«!SIDEHTAMOGEI/EHALJ««AGEPI The Ansley ATLANTA The St.Charles NEW ORLEANS The Savannah SAVANNAH The Tutwiler BIRMINGHAM Jefferson Davis MONTGOMERY AndrewJackson NASHVILLE ARMY THE ST. CHARLES, MEW ORLEANS HERE r** - — «_ '' ' '*• : • ' '' ' " '' ^^ ^••IM^^H ^i See Us For The Lowest Prices Available . . ...." • ^~^^^*^^*^* ^^^^*^^^^^iAr ^^^^ DIFFERENT APPROVED POISON MIXTURE CALCIUM ARSENATES MANGANAR LEAD ARSENATE HARDAWAY'S ARSENATE LEAD MIXTURE We can supply any quantity needed and you'll find our prices are really the lowest available— PROTECT YOUR COTTON-KILL WORMS NOW! ROOT SADDLE DUSTERS HAND DUSTERS HUDSON SPRAYERS You Can Call Us For Finklea Airplane Dusting 0. O. HARDAWAY & CO. Blytheville, Ark- 1 Phone 289-L. D. 1808

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